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Cold Feet

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Melody Foster was on her way home during a terrible snowstorm. She had to drive with caution if she didn’t want to end up in a horrible accident. On her way home, she saw a few nasty accidents with cars spinning out of control on the icy roads, crashing into one another. The snow was falling hard and the roads were completely buried under tons of feet of snow.

Melody was miles away from the city limits as she took a weekend ski trip up in the mountains with some friends on winter break.

“Oh Goddamnit,” cursed the 22-year-old college sophomore Melody. “I knew I should have borrowed my dad’s truck.”

As Melody was driving along, she saw someone hitchhiking. She thought the person must be crazy to be out in this terrible snowstorm. Trees and power lines were being blown down from the fierce wind of the storm. Since Christmas was just around the corner, Melody decided to pick up the hitchhiker and protect them from the violent snowstorm. She drove up to the person and rolled down the passenger window.

“Do you want a ride?” Melody asked.

“Yeah, thanks,” said the pleased hitchhiker.

Melody unlocked the door and the hitchhiker entered her car.

“Thank you,” said the manly voice of the hitchhiker.

Melody had no idea if the person was a male or female since he or she had on layers and layers of winter coats. The hitchhiker began to undress a little bit since it was pretty warm in Melody’s car. He took off his hat and facemask to reveal a handsome, dark haired man with the prettiest blue eyes Melody had ever seen.

“Thank you, ma’am, you saved my life,” the hitchhiker thanked Melody again.

“It’s cool. No pun intended,” Melody replied. “I just think that someone would have to be crazy to be out there in this storm. Perhaps I’m crazy too for driving in it. I just got back from a long ski trip weekend and had no idea what the city would be like.”

“My name is Riley by the way. I didn’t catch your name?” the hitchhiker said.


“Cute name.”

“Thank you. I like the name Riley, too. I might name my son Riley.”

“Can’t have enough Riley’s in the world now, can we?” Riley joked.

Melody gave off a cute giggle. Riley couldn’t help but notice that Melody didn’t have super model looks. She was on the borderline of being average. Melody had shoulder length blond-brownish hair and had gray eyes that were covered by thick-framed glasses. She also had an overbite and when she smiled, her gums would show entirely.

“Brrrrrrrrrr! It’s freezing out there,” Melody said as she carefully turned a corner.

“You’re telling me,” Riley said.

“Probably the coldest part of my body right now would be my feet,” Melody said. “Being the idiot that I am, I forgot my boots at home and I wore tennis shoes.”

“I think feet are the sexiest part of a women’s body, if you ask me,” Riley replied.

“Really?” Melody questioned.

“Yeah, I’m a feet lover. I have a foot fetish for women’s feet. I work at a shoe store just to get a chance to hold and look at beautiful women’s feet. Sometimes a woman’s feet can be jack up and disgusting. I hate helping them try on shoes,” Riley responded.

“I never had a guy touch my feet before. I have had people say that my feet are too big or really long. I wear a size 10 1/2 in women’s.”

“Damn! Those are some pretty big feet you have, Melody.”

As the two carried on a conversation about feet, the wheels on Melody’s car got stuck in a pothole filled with snow.

“Fuck!” Melody said angrily as she was trying to drive her way out.

“Put it in reverse,” Riley suggested.

Melody put the car in reverse and the results were the same. Her car was stuck in the snow, and Riley and her were trapped in perhaps the middle of nowhere. The snowstorm continued to hail down on Melody’s car. Smoke started coming out of the hood of Melody’s car. Her engine had died on her, now cutting off all the heat to the car.

“Damnit,” cursed Melody.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take a look at your engine to see if I can fix it,” Riley said.

“Oh thank you so much,” Melody said gratefully.

Riley got out of the car and Melody popped the hood up. A cloud of smoke rose from her engine as Riley started looking at it. He got back into the freezing car after five minutes.

“You’re engine is dead! We’re stuck out here until someone saves us,” Riley explained.

“I’m so cold,” Melody moaned.

“I heard the best way to keep warm is to cuddle up with someone. Why don’t we get into the back seat? If you have any blankets, they could be of some use,” Riley suggested.

Melody pulled down her backseat and grabbed a blanket out of the trunk. Riley and her got into the backseat and cuddled with each other inside the cozy, fuzzy blanket. Riley could hear the grinding of Melody’s teeth as it looked like she was practically freezing to death.

“I am so cold especially my feet. I didn’t even bother to wear any socks, I was in such a rush,” Melody said in between grinding her teeth.

“I’ll warm your feet up for you, Melody,” said Riley.

Melody was nearly pale in the face while looking at Riley with a shocked look. She pushed up against the door, resting her feet on Riley’s lap. Riley quickly untied Melody’s shoes, revealing her smooth, golden tan feet with the long toes, painted toenails, and wrinkled soles.

“Bbbrrrrrrrrr,” moaned Melody as her bare feet got a hard wind blown at them.

Riley lifted Melody’s big feet up by the arches and admired their curvy shapes, the smoothness of Melody’s arches and the many wrinkles on her soles. Riley felt his cock harden just by looking at Melody’s feet. He began to slowly rub the tops of Melody’s delicious feet, moving his thumb in circular motions around the tops. Melody had closed her eyes, enjoying Riley’s warm hands on her cold feet. She felt like she was going through an ecstasy fades.

Riley gripped Melody’s feet in both hands and started running his thumbs up and down the soles of her feet, lightly brushing over the wrinkles and the smooth arches. Riley could see the pleasure in Melody’s face and heard the moans escaping her full lips. Her breath could be seen in the cold air. Riley’s cock had fully taken up the front of his jeans. Riley lifted Melody’s feet up closer to his face and sniffed her blue and red toenail polish. He could smell the scent of strawberry on her toes. That made Riley’s desire for her feet even more powerful.

As Melody was giving off a series of moans, she felt a warmness covering her left foot. Nearly taking all the toes in one engulf, She looked down and saw Riley’s mouth covering her toes. She felt his thick wet tongue sliding over all 5 of her toes and in between. While he sucked on one foot, his hand rubbed the soles of the other. The sounds of Riley sucking her toes turned Melody on even more. Her panties started to become soaked with her wetness. Melody wiggled her long toes inside Riley’s mouth as he pressed his tongue up against them. It felt like Melody was walking on his tongue.

“You have the sexiest feet ever. I love the smell of your polish, the smoothness of your wonderful arches, and the feel of your soles pressing against my face,” Riley moaned as he buried his face in the soles of Melody’s feet, smelling the name brand lotion Melody had applied to her feet. The aroma was driving him crazy.

Riley started sliding his tongue up and down her soles, outlining the wrinkles on her soles. He moved his tongue over her creamy arches and then took an arch between his lips and sucked on it. He did the same to the other arch, repeatedly going back and forth between Melody’s arches.

Melody felt herself cumming as Riley continued to suck away at her luscious feet. Melody slipped her hands inside her panties and started rubbing her clitoris rapidly. All the heavy breathing and moans made Riley lick her soles faster and faster.

“Oohhhhhh, Riley!” moaned Melody as she used her fingers to penetrate her pussy hole.

Riley sat Melody’s feet down on his crotch. Melody started feeling out his large boner with her feet. Riley reached up and unwrapped the blanket off Melody’s hot body.

“Show me what you’re hiding underneath that hooded shirt,” Riley requested.

Melody lifted the hooded shirt up and over her head. Her ample breasts were lifted up and flopped back down to her shirt, still encased inside her sports bra and a white tank top over that.

“Mmmmm, Melody, you’re packing some voluptuous breasts. Please remove the sports bra but keep your tank top on. I want to watch them bounce and shake beneath your top.”

Melody slipped her hands under her tank top. She was having a little bit of trouble lifting the spandex off her breasts. Finally, she lifted the sports bra up and left it at the top of her tank top. Her massive breasts were swaying back and forth from her movements. They had natural sag to them but hung away from her body. Her top also hung from her body due to her enormous breasts sticking out from her chest.

“Those look so lovely and delicious. You got everything a man like me needs. Beautiful feet and big tits,” Riley moaned.

“All natural 32DDD’s,” Melody gloated.

She folded her arms against the sides of her huge breasts and ballooned them out for Riley to get a better look. Her hard nipples strained against the top. Melody’s tank top was see-thru so Riley could make out her medium size pink areolas. The cold air has hardened Melody’s big nipples into bullets. Riley felt his cock ready to explode from his jeans.

“Why don’t you show me what you’re packing between your legs?” suggested a very horny Melody.

Without moving her glistening feet, Riley unzipped his jeans and pulled out his long, thick 9-inch cock. It pointed directly at Melody.

“Mmmmm. Such a big fella, isn’t he?” Melody questioned.

Riley pulled his jeans all the way off his legs and was kneeling before Melody in just a shirt and his socks. Melody lifted her feet up and pressed them in Riley’s face. Riley kissed and licked Melody’s soles, sniffing at her strawberry scented toes. Melody watched Riley’s big dick as it was throbbing in pain while he sucked off her feet again this time including her smooth, crusty heels against his lips. He kissed and sucked on them while his nose was planted against her pink, wrinkled soles.

Melody started sliding her feet down Riley’s chest, wiggling the soft fabric of his shirt between her toes. She planted her feet up against Riley’s thighs with his big dick between her arches. The heels of her feet were rubbing against his heavy balls. Melody was already feeling a warm tingly feeling running through her body as she eagerly enclosed Riley’s thick cock between her creamy arches.

Riley lifted his shirt up and tossed it into the front seat. He took hold of Melody’s lovely, skinny ankles and started sliding his cock between her beautiful arches. The inside of the car was really heating up with both Riley and Melody sweating and flushing as he fucked her feet. Riley thought he would have never fucked feet that felt this good on his cock.

After a few minutes of thrusting between her arches, Melody dropped Riley’s pulsing cock from her feet and started rubbing the soles of her feet up and down his dick. He rapidly slid her sweaty, winkled soles up and down his big dick, bouncing his balls wildly underneath all the action.

Riley gripped onto the top of the front seat and the backseat, experiencing a powerful orgasm, surging through his body. Melody moved one of her feet down to Riley’s balls and started wiggling her wet toes on them. Her other foot kept Riley’s cock flat against his hairy stomach. Melody used her big toe and pressed down on his swollen cock head and then proceeded to rub his pee hole with her big shinny toe. Pre-cum oozed out onto Melody’s big toe.

“OOHHHHHH GOD, MELODY! Your feet are so fantastic. I could make love to your feet forever, Melody,” moaned Riley as he watched Melody pinch and tug away at her hard nipples through her sweaty top.

Melody moved her feet back around Riley’s hard dick and resumed jerking between her winkled, soft arches. Riley gripped Melody’s ankles tightly and fucked her feet faster and harder, pounding his balls against her pink soles. Melody’s toes gripped his cock and started massaging it. Her painted toes began to stroke Riley’s meaty shaft, bringing Riley to a climax. He began to ejaculate all over Melody’s toes, blasting thick layers of semen across her toes and against her soles. Riley emptied his balls all over Melody’s feet. The two watched as his gooey milk dripped down between her toes, winkled soles, her arches, and down her heels. The sensation of his cum dripping down her feet caused Melody to reach her climax and came once again inside her panties.

“Whoa!” Riley grunted while catching his breath.

“My toes look so cute with your cream all over them,” Melody told Riley as the two watched her wiggle her cum-covered toes.

Suddenly, a cell phone started to ring inside Riley’s jeans.

“What’s that?” Melody asked. “Sounds like a cell phone?” she questioned.

Riley looked down and reached into his pockets, pulling out his ringing cell phone.

“Oops! It’s my cell phone. I forgot I had it,” Riley said dumbfounded.

“Well let it ring and put it away. I’m having too much fun to want to be saved right now,” Melody suggested.

“I knew you would,” Riley said with a huge grin on his face.

Melody sucked Riley’s big dick to get him off again. Riley continued to fuck Melody’s feet for hours in what was a terrible snowstorm that has turned into a feet fucking and sucking feast for the both of them.

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