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Tasting a Man for the First Time

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I slip his boxers down and off and kneel down in between his legs dangling off the front of the couch. His semi hard cock was already a bit larger than mine. “I’ve never done this before.” I murmured. “Its ok.” he said. I lean closer to his shaft, tilt my head and slowly place a kiss on the sensitive area under his crown.

I move my head down to the base of his cock and place my tongue at the bottom, slowly sliding all the way up his shaft and pausing at the tip, looking him in the eyes. “I just want to play around a while and experiment if that’s ok…”

Before he can respond I gently envelope his head with my lips, slowly pulling him into my mouth with my tongue leading the way. He tilts his head back and lets out a deep breath. I take more and more of his cock into my mouth as slowly as I can, working up saliva between my tongue and his shaft. I only get about half way down on his rod when his head makes contact with the back of my throat. My lips sealed, I hold him in my mouth, tasting his warmth. For the first time in my life, a man’s thick cock is heating my tongue and lips. I can feel his hot tip pointing down my throat, his heartbeat is pumping blood through the veins in his shaft.

I grasp the remaining inches of his shaft with my right hand. I pull my mouth off his cock and run my tongue the length of his rod, making it twitch. Mouthing the under side of his cock with my tongue laying flat, I go back down to the base of my throat, but I don’t seal my lips, I just want to apply pressure with my tongue. I pull his cock out of my mouth. I watch him intently as I envelope his dick and go down just a little bit farther this time, still gripping his cock in my hand. I work my way back up slowly almost letting his head out of my mouth and then slowly slide it to the back of my throat. I start to work in rhythm, gyrating my hand opposite my mouth as I work him. Everything is in slow motion, I draw out each thrust into my mouth as my tongue works his head. I discover that if I make one smooth motion to the back of my throat his cock twitches and expands in my mouth.

I soon slide my left hand under behind his sack to feel the contractions. Again, I pull off to run my tongue the length of his shaft, making it twitch and pulse. I slowly squeeze my hand from the base of his cock to the tip and milk a drop of precum which I spread around his head with my tongue. I envelop him once again and he moves his hand to the back of my head and starts running his fingers through my hair. It’s so hot! He’s telling me to stay on his cock. He’s moaning and twitching more and more with each thrust. Deliriously absorbed in sucking his cock, I’m working just a little faster and everything is wet with saliva. His hips begin to move and his legs tense up. His cock is twitching randomly now. He takes his hand from behind my head and cups my chin to get me to slow my descent. “Baby if you keep that up, I’m going to cum!” Making eye contact, I pull up from his shaft and kiss the tip.

I smile and slide his cock back into my mouth, bottoming out on the back of my throat. I hold him there and begin to slide up and down even slower this time working my hand in tandem. Both of his hands are now running through my hair, pushing me down gently. I want it so bad as I try to keep as much of his cock in my mouth as I can. All of a sudden his shaft swells up bigger than before, his hips thrust forward, gagging me slightly. Moaning and grunting, his cock starts to pulsate in a rhythm. His warm cum starts to flow in a continuous torrent, filling the back of my mouth!

I pull up just slightly in a instinctive reaction but keep my lips sealed and continue to work my hand. His warm stream flowing over my tongue as he continues to convulse in my mouth, his rod throbbing and squirting. I can feel the waves cumming up the thick vein in his shaft and filling my mouth. His cum is so warm and thick! Moaning on his cock, I swirl it around his shaft, tasting his load, never pulling completely off.

I tighten my cheeks against his shaft and push down on him using his head to push cum to the back of my throat as I begin to gulp his load. I squeeze his rod with my hand and hold his sensitive head with my tongue long after he is done spasming.

Not only did I want to swallow his cum, but I wanted to keep him inside my mouth for a while after and caress him with my tongue. once I finally pulled off, I squeezed the last few drops of cum from his cock and kissed the tip, spreading it over my lips. He lay drained. It was so hot… I made him cum! I wanted him to go all the way, I wanted him to feel good. He rewarded me with a mouthful of his warm cum… perfect.


This is my first story ever! I made it up, I’ve never done this before but I would sure like to. I want to suck a guy slowly and sensually and have him fill my mouth with warm cum. You don’t even have to warn me or ask, the answer is YES! Just shoot when it feels good!

Do you guys let him cum in your mouth? What does it feel like? Is it warm? Do you like dribblers or spurters? Can you tell when he gets close? Does his cock pulse? Tell me about taking loads in your mouth, what do you like most about it?

BadFairGoodInterestingSuper Total 0 votes

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Curious wrote

Not bad it made me hard. I sucked my first dick when I was14. He was jacking off and I walked in the door. He grabbed my head and stuck it in my mouth and he came quick. He kept his dick in until he went soft. He came over to my house daily for a couple of days and mouth fucked me. Now I am looking for someone to have fun in my mouth again.

ปั้มไลค์ wrote

Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.