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Dish Of The Day

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“Where the hell is he?” Zil muttered to herself as she looked around the crowded bar for her friend John. He’d been gone for ages, last seen fighting his way through the tightly packed throng ten minutes ago to get them both another drink, and still not yet returned.

Zil sighed, and swivelled around on her stool looking at the people about her all laughing and chatting loudly. It was fun just watching people, like being a fly on the wall.

Suddenly something interesting caught her eye. There, almost right beside her among a crowd of young men was a girl, a tall, rather good looking blonde girl with short hair and in her late twenties. She was talking away to the men but was engaged in something that tickled Zil’s fancy or rather more importantly her fanny, in fact something akin to what Zil liked to do herself. Fascinated, she watched as the girl had her hand right inside the open trousers of one of the young men. From what Zil could see, the girl was playing with one lucky man as she held a conversation with the rest of the crowd.

No one else seemed to notice what was going on in the tight crush, and the sight of it made Zil give a little shudder and squeeze her legs tightly together, crossing them and then uncrossing them as she felt a excited quiver run through her neatly trimmed little quim. Just as it looked like the man would cum to the blonde’s slow but purposeful endeavours, she suddenly realised she was being watched and turning towards Zil, she stared straight at her and gave a smile and a slow knowing wink.

Zil blushed red with surprise at being caught watching and went even redder when the girl nodded towards the bar door where the ladies was, and slipping her hand out of the man’s pants, slowly walked by and disappeared into the crowd.

For several seconds Zil sat there wondering what to do. Eventually the intrigue of it got the better of her and she got up and made her way to the ladies. On entering through the second door the girl was seen standing by the wash basins looking into the mirrors, watching Zil as she shyly came in.

“Come on in, there’s no one here, just us.” The blonde turned around and gave Zil another knowing smile. “Hi, I’m Kirsty. Don’t worry I wont eat you,” she paused for a moment, then added, “Not unless that is, you’d like me to!” She laughed sexily at the suggestion and Zil suddenly felt just a bit scared.

“Hello.” Zil replied, still keeping her distance from this unexpectedly found friend. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, and stare at you doing what you were … you know, doing in there.”

“Wanking my friend off, you mean?”

“Right.” Zil nodded.

“Did it shock you?”

“No, no, not in the slightest, I mean, I have sometimes done it myself in public places. Kind of adds to the danger and the excitement. The fact that you might get caught red handed so to speak.”

“More like spunky handed!” The girl laughed again, dirtily this time. Just then the outer door was heard to open and close and two girls came into the toilets talking loudly about their men.

“Let’s go outside for a minute, there’s something I want to show you.” Kirsty told Zil, leading her out by the arm. They stood in the pub car park and felt the warm sun fall soft on the skin as it shone low across a cloudless evening summer sky.

“See that old horse box over there?” Kirsty pointed to the white coloured wagon parked down by the bottom end of the car park.

“Yes,” Zil said.

“Well it belongs to my boy friend Jake. He and I have formed this mobile shag club. We call ourselves The Randy Rovers.”

“Oh right!” Zil replied, wondering quite what the hell it all had to do with her and where this was all leading.

“We go out to different busy pubs each week and find a likely female to be ‘the dish of the day’. Are you with me?”

“I’m with you.” Zil told her, “But why are you telling me all this?”

“Well My Lucky Lovely, surprise, surprise, we have picked you to be our fuck of the day!”

Zil looked at her for one long moment then burst out laughing “You’re mad, you really are raving mad. You don’t even know me, I mean I may not even like fucking, and besides I’m here with a friend.”

“It would only take half an hour.” Kirsty pointed out.

“I don’t care how long it takes; I said I’m with someone.”

“You know you’ve always wanted to be part of an orgy, haven’t you? Go on admit it.” Kirsty pressed her.

“Well, I … oh I don’t know!” Zil threw her hands up in the air totally confused.

“Deep down you’re gagging for it. I can tell just by looking at you. It would be your fuck of a lifetime. Just think about it, all those lovely hard cocks. Come on, say yes, and have some real fun.”

“I’d be too scared.” Zil blurted out, feeling a thrill suddenly running through her cunt as her wildest fantasy just flashed into her mind’s eye. Beautiful cocks everywhere and her horny hole over flowing with hot delicious spunk. Fucked to a standstill, legless and yet wanting it never to end. Just like living out her fantasy of being a lucky mascot for a rugby club and travelling to away games in the team bus only to be passed around from one player to another on the way home. Thoroughly fucked by everyone, with even the bus driver having her too when they have a ‘pee stop’ by the side of the road.

“I’ll be in there with you, I’ll hold your hand, no worries there, nothing nasty will happen to you I promise you.” Kirsty went on.

Zil stood there all confused and feeling both frightened and ever so dirty all at the same time, her mind racing like a train. She was being won over; her cunt was starting to rule her mind.

“Nothing nasty you said, and I can stop anytime I want to, just walk away?”

“Yes of course you can.”

“No longer than twenty minutes then, before I’m missed?”

“A deal!”

“Okay but I need a pee first. My name is Zil by the way.” She went back into the pub, and Kirsty called out “I know… see you down at the horsebox.”

A few minutes later a voice called from the small side door in the horsebox, “Come on in, don’t be shy.” Zil entered it slowly still not too sure about it all. Inside it was very light, having a roof similar to a removal van with the whole roof an opaque plastic. There in the middle of the floor was a table all padded and on what seemed to be some kind of adjustable legs. There were a couple of folding chairs up against one wall and a large cupboard running the full width at the front of the box. Kirsty smiled at Zil and started to strip off her clothes and throw them onto a chair. “Come on girl get ’em off.”

Zil slipped her tee shirt off and next her jeans and then her shoes and socks, under wear was not her style on dates. She stood there completely naked, not quite sure what to do with her hands so she folded them across her breasts.

“Oh yes, nice tits!” Kirsty told her as she patted the table and asked her how she’d like to have it, on her back or kneeling doggy style.

Zil laid on her back and was shown how there were two foot rests that pulled out on each side of the table allowing her to spread her legs wide and be comfortable at the same time. Kirsty stood in between Zil’s open legs and checked the height of the table by adjusting it up a little with a hydraulic foot pump. She told her that this was their ‘mounting block’ and each man could have her at exactly the right height and angle of tilt for comfortable fucking with out having to bend their knees and suffer a dreaded ‘knee trembler.’

She couldn’t resist stroking Zil’s trimmed little cunt and inserting a finger to check on just how wet she was. “Oh yes, very drooly! Don’t think we’ll need any lube in there Sweetie.”

Zil smiled up at her and felt beautifully open and totally wanton lying there awaiting her first fuck. Suddenly she was becoming all relaxed and just wanted the feel of a lovely hard cock up her.

“Ready” Kristy called out, and the side door opened and the first man came in. “Hi, I’m David,” he said politely, dropping his pants and letting his fully engorged cock spring out to say ‘Hi’ too. Zil said “Hello” and closed her eyes as she licked her lips and felt her cunt being opened up as her first man pushed home hard, all the way up her. She gasped aloud as she almost came with the wonderful realisation that she was being such a dirty slut and being stuffed by a complete stranger at the same time.

Kirsty had grabbed a camcorder from the cupboard and was darting around the table zooming in on cock in cunt. Her firm taut little breasts and bobbed blonde hair were all bobbing about as she encouraged Zil to give it her best.

It wasn’t a long fuck, more like short and sweet and soon the first man was groaning and Zil could feel him about to cum. She cried out “Oh yes!” as she felt that first splash of hot seed hit the back of her horny hole and her cunt crashed down and squeezed the cumming cock for all it was worth, making it pulsate in orgasmic spurts of spunk.

She was still panting when the next man was there before her with his cock at the ready. No hello this time, he just thrust it into her and started to fuck her hard and fast. Kirsty told the man, in his late twenties to give it to Zil really hard as she needed it badly.

Zil moaned some more and watched the man looking determinedly into her eyes as he really did fuck her hard. Holding onto her hips with both hands as his nails dug into her flesh. Kirsty zoomed in on Zil’s face and filmed her expression as she enjoyed the rough treatment. Then he shot his load and slid out of her gasping and dripping sperm from the end of his cock onto the wagon floor.

There was a fourth and then a fifth man who plundered Zil’s cunt for all they were worth, and by now Zil was almost drunk with spunk. She was feeling very light headed and had cum so many times she had long lost count. “This is Jake,” she heard Kirsty tell her as another man asked how it was going.

“Fine, she’s loving it.” Kirsty remarked smiling down at Zil.

“What about second helpings?” the man asked, “Is she up to it?”

“Well maybe not this first time, she’s taken quite a fucking; maybe I’d better do the second sittings for those that want them.”

“Okay Kirst, lets have her up on her knees, so I can stick my cock up her too. There’s only one more to come after me.”

They helped Zil roll over onto her stomach and get her legs under her and up onto her knees. There was a gushing sound and spunk ran out of her cunt and down her legs in vast amounts as she knelt for Jake on the table. He lowered the ‘mounting block’ so as to bring Zil’s open hole to perfect fucking height as it pouted at him all flushed red from between her splayed legs, then he plunged into it making her jump and gasp loudly at the pure size of his cock. Again Kirsty was filming it and telling her man to give it his all.

“Let’s hear her squeal Jake! Make the horny bitch squeal for you.” Zil did in fact squeal a lot and smack her lips together loudly as she felt so totally fucked rotten by her filthy adventure.

“Play with her Kirst, rub her clit for me.” Jake ordered.

Kirsty put the camcorder down and slid a hand down between Zil’s open legs and frigged her clitty for her with one hand and squeezed her right tit with the other, and then pulling her nipple hard. Zil moaned her approval at the double attention and started to cum beautifully, but was not aloud to savoir it for a moment as Jake kept right on fucking her faster and harder and Zil knew he really only wanted to spunk her, to shoot her full of his hot seed. Get his needy release all into her cunt. Just as she was climbing up that slippery slope for the final big one, Jake suddenly pulled out of her with a great shloosh. Zil gasped in shock and disappointment and knelt there trembling as her cunt twitched nervously, dripping cum down the inside of her legs.

“Let’s have her double fucked.” Jake said, moving to the side door and telling the last man to come in.

Zil only saw a fleeting movement as the last man brushed past her. A few seconds later she felt cold hands on her bum and as she opened her mouth to say something Jake thrust his prick down her throat, totally gagging her. Her cunt was being felt with two then three fingers all the way up to their knuckles exploring her before she felt a cock start to enter her. It plunged several times right to the hilt and then right out of her. Stabbing her hole, lunging at it she was so wide open.

Then as Jake held her head by her hair tightly, she heard him say “Go on then, why not? Fuck that little arse of hers.”

Kirsty cried out too”Oh yes, fuck her tight little ass!”

Zil felt a probing finger, covered in her juices. The cock still up her cunt but now a finger up her bum too. It was opening her up for an arse fucking, relaxing her for a mind blowing finale. She moaned as Jake kept tight hold of her head in both hands, and continued to slowly fuck her face.

Now the cock up her cunt was withdrawn along with the finger up her bum and she held her breath as she felt a knob nestling at her tight little sphincter. She wiggled her arse to try and entice it, to try and bite hold of it and suck it in, but she couldn’t move backwards as Jake had hold of her ever so tightly. Then she groaned as she felt that wonderful sudden plop, as her resistance had given way and the throbbing head of a cock had popped inside her arse.

Now she was held tightly by the bum and that cock was being pushed ever so slowly up and up till she felt pubes brushing her soft fleshy bum and balls slapping the back of her legs. She was being totally stuffed from both ends at once.

“She loves it, she loves it!” Kirsty shrieked out in excitement as she captured it on the on her camcorder. Zil was in ecstasy as she got herself double fucked. She just knew she had to hang on and only cum with her two lovers. All three of them orgasm together in one massive mind blowing climax that would most likely make her faint with the sheer force of it.

She was moaning loudly now and trembling as she fought hard to keep her cunt from cumming. She was taking Jakes’ cock all the way down her throat as he fucked her with ever increasing rapidity. His hands tightening on her hair and holding her head as rock solid as his cock with in her.

The hands on her bum were digging into her flesh as she felt the urgency starting to get ever greater as the man up her arse was quickly approaching spunking her. She knew it was all happening, she felt it all cumming together as she waited for those final last thrusts into her pleading body.

“Fuck her Jake, oh fuck her!” Kirsty yelled, as Jake gasped “Yes Baby, yes!” and shoot his hot salty load all into Zil’s gasping wide open mouth. And the rear gunner came too, bang on queue, making Zil really freak out as he erupted into her with such force as he lifted her right up off the table, so powerful was his climax.

“Brilliant, just brilliant!” Kirsty kept shouting as she danced around the table still filming the last throws of quivering flesh and ever diminishing orgasmic after shocks.

“Good girl!” the man told Zil as he slipped out of her, and patted her backside tenderly.

Zil froze ridged with shock.

“John?” she spluttered, her mouth still full of spunk, “John, is that you?” she asked, now trying to turn around to see who it really was behind her.

“Hello my gorgeous girl, do you cum here often?”

“You bastard John, you utter bastard! You set me up for all this!”

“Well, only with a little help from my friend here.” He nodded at Kirsty.

“Yes, I wondered how she knew my name.” Zil held out her hand and he helped her down off the table.

“Well, did you enjoy yourself?” John asked her as she clung to him quite unsteady on her feet.

“What do you think?” she giggled. “It was really quite fantastic. The only question now, is have I got the strength to do the second helpings?”

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