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Ellie’s Awakening

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Everyone who knows Ellie, knows that she is a really nice girl. Born and raised in a small Midwestern town by strict and very religious parents, Ellie was the perfect daughter. She was a shy, polite, and religious girl who caused absolutely no problems for her parents.

Ellie went to a small private high school and then to a small fundamentalist college where she met her future husband, Tim.

Ellie and Tim were very much alike, both personally and physically. Ellie was a very pretty petite blonde, about 5’4″ and 110 pounds. Tim was only slightly taller and heavier. Most people thought they made the perfect couple.

Ellie and Tim went together for three years before getting married shortly after graduation. Ellie was a virgin when they got married and looked forward to her wedding night when she and Tim could finally consummate their relationship. Ellie’s mom had told her before her wedding that a woman needed to be there physically for her husband, but that sex was very serious and should not be used as recreation. It was designed for procreation. It was a necessary function for marriage, but that was all.

Ellie knew very little about sex. She and her college friends rarely discussed it as that wasn’t what “nice” girls did. The fundamentalist college she went to did not offer any information about sex, as it was viewed as un-Christian to teach it. Ellie had never seen an adult male nude and the only male to see her nude prior to her wedding was her doctor. Ellie started taking birth control pills prior to her wedding mainly to help regulate her menstrual cycle. Her mother reluctantly approved but cautioned Ellie not to use this as an excuse to abuse sexual relations with her husband.

On her wedding night, she and Tim finally consummated their relationship. It only took Tim a few minutes to finish and Ellie was disappointed. She had read some magazines where women talked about how fantastic sex was but this wasn’t what she had expected. Oh sure, it had felt nice, but it wasn’t the mind blowing experience she had read about. Tim had said it was very nice, but he enjoyed just cuddling with Ellie just as much.

Once they were married, Ellie and Tim moved to Southern California. Tim got a job in international shipping and Ellie got a job as a medical equipment sales representative which put to use her degree in biology. She and Tim were happy. They had sex every Saturday evening and that seemed to satisfy both of them.

Ellie’s life changed forever on a Friday morning. Tim had left for work and Ellie had just gotten out of the shower and put her bathrobe on. She heard the bedroom door open and went to ask Tim if he had forgotten something. Ellie was grabbed by a large, masked man who told her to be quiet and to do what he said or she would get hurt. Ellie was terrified. The man moved Ellie over to the bed and took her bathrobe off, leaving her naked. The man had Ellie sit on the edge of the bed and then had her lay back, with her legs hanging over the bed. He told her that she was very pretty and that he especially liked her blonde pubic hair. He complained that most women shave their pussy and he liked hairy women. He said he was going to take his time fucking her. Ellie was stunned, but kept quiet and did not resist.

The man put a pillow under Ellie’s head and said she was going to like was he was going to do to her. When he took his pants and under ware off, Ellie saw his erect penis and was shocked. The only erect penis Ellie had ever seen was her husband’s, and it was nothing like this man’s. His penis must have been at least 6-8 inches long. Tim’s penis was only slightly larger than her middle finger. She was scared that the man would hurt her if he put this inside her.

The mad told her to relax and took a tube of KY jelly from his pocket. He told her that this would make it nice for her. He spread her pussy lips and applied the jelly to her vaginal opening, and then to head of his cock. He raised Ellie’s legs and told her to look at him. When Ellie made eye contact with him, he slowly pushed his cock into her pussy.

Ellie’s eyes opened wide and she took in a large breath. The mad laughed and said the best part of raping a woman was seeing the look on their face when he pushed his cock in. Ellie was stunned, but not like she thought she would be.

Ellie had thought that the man’s penis would hurt going in. Instead, Ellie was stunned to find that she was experiencing intense pleasure. The man’s cock was stretching her pussy and giving her a feeling she had never experienced before. Ellie didn’t know that such physical pleasure existed or was possible. Every thrust of the man’s cock into her felt fantastic, and better than the one before. The feeling of pleasure was increasing in her pussy, and then it happened. Ellie felt a surge and then an explosion of pleasure in her pussy that spread to her whole body. She felt like an electric current was going through her body and she actually saw stars. After a few seconds, her body collapsed and she felt a surge of euphoria she had never felt before.

The man laughed and said that was a good one and now it was his turn. He told her he was going to fill her pussy with cum and grabbed her shoulders and shoved his cock as far into Ellie’s pussy as he could and held it there. Ellie could feel the man’s cock throbbing inside her and knew he was squirting sperm into her pussy, but that there was nothing she could do to stop him.

When the man quit cumming, he kept his cock in her and told her what he want her to do. She was to take a shower for at least 10 minutes and not to tell anyone what had just happened. He told her that if she said anything to the police, he would find out and come back and fuck her again, only next time he wouldn’t be as nice.

He put his pants on and told Ellie to go into the bathroom. When Ellie got up, huge globs of the man’s cum began to drip out of her pussy. Ellie couldn’t believe how much sperm the man had squirted into her. When Tim came, it was a very small amount that she could easily clean up with a tissue. This man had squirted at least 10 times the amount that Tim did.

Ellie took her shower and when she got out, she made sure the doors were locked and she put her bathrobe on and lay on top of the bed. She called work and told them she needed a sick day, and then began to go over what had just happened.

Ellie had been raped and had just experienced the first orgasm in her life. She never knew such physical pleasure existed and it had come at the cock of a rapist. She had lots of questions. Was this man exceptionally large or was Tim exceptionally small? Was this the normal amount of sperm a man produces? Are women’s orgasms supposed to be this intense? She thought about these questions repeatedly throughout the day.

Ellie did not tell Tim what had happened. She told him that she became ill and had stayed home. He said he was sorry.

The next evening was their normal Saturday sex night. Ellie was anxious to compare this sex with the rape she had experienced yesterday. Tim entered Ellie and she immediately was disappointed. Tim’s cock did not stretch her pussy like the man had and his thrusts into her only gave her a mild level of pleasure. Tim came and when Ellie went to clean up, there was only a little dribble of his sperm that came out. Ellie also looked at Tim’s cock and noticed that it was really tiny compared to her rapist.

The next week was full of soul searching for Ellie. She loved Tim but wondered if the sex she had with her rapist was what it was supposed to be like. If it was, would she ever experience such pleasure again?

Part of Ellie’s job required she go out on sales trips. Normally, this was one day a week and she would stay at a hotel near where she made her sales calls. Ellie thought long and hard and decided that she had to find out if sex was really as good as her rapist made it. She loved her husband, but knew that she had to do this.

Ellie went to a nice hotel near where she was staying and ordered a drink in the bar. After about 20 minutes, a nicely built and attractive man in his 30’s sat at the table next to her. After some polite conversation, he asked if he could buy her a drink. Ellie and the man had a couple drinks and talked for about an hour. Then the man discreetly asked Ellie if she would like to come up to his room. Ellie was very nervous at what was about to happen, but said yes.

Once in the man’s room, he kissed Ellie and began to undress her. Ellie was glad she had a couple drinks to hide her nervousness. The man laid Ellie on the bed and when he began to pull her panties down, Ellie saw a look of excitement and lust on the man’s face. Ellie was surprised at how much this aroused her. She could hardly wait for the man to put his cock in her. It didn’t take the man long. When he took off his under ware, Ellie saw that his erect cock was at least as big as her rapist. The man wet his fingers and rubbed them on Ellie’s pussy and then slowly entered Ellie.

Ellie thought “THERE IT IS, THAT SAME FANTASTIC FEELING!” The man took his time fucking Ellie much to Ellie’s delight. She wanted this feeling to last forever, but soon she felt the pleasure building and then the explosion of pleasure shook her body. She lay on the bed knowing that she would never be able to live without orgasms and that fucking someone other than her husband would happen again.

The man asked kindly if he could cum inside her. Ellie said yes. She wanted him to cum to see how much sperm a man should have. The man came and Ellie enjoyed the feeling of his throbbing cock and the growing wetness between her legs. When they finished and she went into the bathroom, she sat on the toilet and heard to splash of his cum as it slowly dripped out of her pussy. He had left a huge deposit of sperm in her and Ellie decided she like the feeling of a wet pussy.

Ellie left and went back to her hotel. She thought about Tim and felt bad for cheating on him, but knew that she could never live without the kind of sex she just had. She was already planning where she would go next week to find a man to fuck her.

So that became Ellie’s mission. She stayed at different hotels and never fucked the same man twice. Her sex education also expanded. She found out early that she liked having a man lick her pussy and that having a cock in her mouth was a turn on. The more she fucked, the more her desire grew. She was regularly having two orgasms and liked it when the man was able to fuck her more than once.

Over the next few months, Ellie fucked 17 different men. Sex was all she thought about. When she and Tim would walk around the mall, she looked at all the different men wondering how big their cocks were and what it would feel like to have it in her. Tim and her still fucked every Saturday night, but Ellie took little pleasure in it. She now knew that Tim was abnormally small, squirted very little sperm, and had a low sex drive.

Ellie couldn’t seem to get enough sex. She told her boss she needed to be out selling more and began to spend at least two days a week on the road. One week, she was out three days and fucked each night. Another week when she was only gone one night, she fucked a man and went back to her hotel. She showered and changed, and went to another hotel where she was fucked again.

But the real turning point for Ellie was when she missed a week because of work in her office and her period. She went out the following week almost in a sexual frenzy. She had not fucked or cum in two weeks and wanted it very bad.

Ellie was in the bar of a hotel looking for opportunities when two men in their 30’s came in a sat at the table next to her. They were nicely dressed and built, and said they were sales reps also. They bought Ellie a couple drinks and asked her if she want to come up to their room. Ellie had never had sex with more than one man at a time, but she was exceptionally horny and decided to give it a try.

When they got to the room, they quickly undressed Ellie and began taking turns fucking her. Ellie was in heaven. One man would fuck her for a while, then the other would take over. They had Ellie get on her hands and knees and while one fucked her doggy style, the other had his cock in Ellie’s mouth. Both men said they had taken Viagra and they managed to stay hard, even after they came in Ellie’s pussy and mouth. Ellie had already had two massive orgasms when the men said it was time to make a sandwich. Ellie didn’t know what it meant, but didn’t care if it meant more fucking.

One man laid on the bed and told Ellie to get on top, facing him. When he got his cock in Ellie’s pussy, he reached around and spread her butt cheeks. The other man put some lube on his finger and then found Ellie’s anus. Ellie had never had anal sex and told them she was not up for this. The men said it would be just fine and to relax. Ellie felt the man behind her and then his cock pushing against her anus. Before she could object again, the man pushed the head of his cock into her butt. Ellie felt a searing flash of pain as the man pushed his cock all the way in her butt. The men told her to relax and it would feel OK. Ellie relaxed and found that the pain quickly went away. She also found this new sensation strangely pleasurable.

The men began to fuck Ellie in unison. Ellie felt more sexually alive than ever. She could feel both cocks insider her and began to feel an intense arousal as they continued to fuck her. Ellie was concentrating on the feeling in her butt. The longer she was fucked in the butt, the more she liked it. Soon she was pushing back to get as much cock up her butt as she could. The men were talking and coordinating when they would cum. They told Ellie they wanted to cum at the same time so she could feel two cocks going off at once. This excited Ellie even more. The men managed to cum at almost the same time. Ellie felt both cocks throbbing and that was enough of a turn on that she came as well.

When they were through, Ellie got up and went in the bathroom. She had cum in her pussy, mouth, and now her butt. It was the most awesome sex she had ever had.

The men said they would be back in two weeks and Ellie agreed to meet them here. For the next two weeks all Ellie could think about was being gang fucked again. Fucking two men at the same time was as good as it gets she thought.

Ellie was home one morning thinking about her upcoming gang bang when she heard a familiar voice. The man who had first raped her was in her bedroom again. He told Ellie that he had missed her and wanted to fuck her again. Ellie acted scared, but in reality couldn’t believe her good luck. She obediently lay down on the bed and spread her legs. When the man entered her, Ellie thought that this is when it had all started. The man told Ellie that she had one of the tightest pussies he had ever been in and what a good fuck she was. Ellie was secretly enjoying the fuck when she had a brainstorm. She timidly pleaded with him not to cum inside her as she was afraid of getting pregnant. The man said he needed to cum and would give her a choice; cum in her pussy or cum in her butt. Ellie smiled to herself that it had worked. She told the man to cum in her butt. The man said OK and turned her over on her stomach. He put some lube on her butt and then shoved his cock up Ellie’s butt. Ellie enjoyed the flash of pain and the feel of his cock. As her was fucking her, Ellie rubbed her clit on the sheet and soon had a tremendous orgasm. The man came shortly after and told Ellie not to say anything to anyone. He left and Ellie went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. The man’s cum seemed to take forever to drip out, but Ellie enjoyed every minute of it.

Two weeks passed and Ellie went to the hotel bar and saw that the men were waiting for her. They had a couple drinks and then went up to their room. The quickly undressed and began taking turns fucking Ellie. She was being fucked doggy style in her pussy when she asked the man to fuck her butt. The man got some lube, put it on her anus, and then shoved his cock in her butt. Ellie felt the flash of pain, but it only served to turn her on. As the man was fucking her butt, Ellie decided that she like this just as much as pussy sex.

There was a knock on the door and soon another man was in the room. They introduced the man to Ellie and he quickly undressed. The man that was fucking Ellie’s butt came and pulled his cock out. The new man said he like anal sex and then pushed his cock into Ellie’s butt. Ellie was being fucked in the butt again and was in heaven. A cock found its way into her mouth and soon she had a mouthful of cum also.

The men took turns fucking Ellie in every opening for over an hour. When they were done, Ellie went into the bathroom. She had two loads of cum in her pussy, her mouth, and her butt. Cum dripped from everywhere. Ellie had cum three times and was sure she would have cum again had they continued fucking her.

Ellie went back to her hotel room and thought about her life. She lived for sex and now wanted to be gang banged. She had agreed to meet the three of them again in two week for more group sex. Ellie finally admitted to herself that she had become a nymphomaniac. She needed professional help. She would find a psychiatrist to help her.

Little did she know what an adventure that would become.

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