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Price for a Piece of Heaven

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In high school, I was one of the premier jocks in our school. I dated the cheerleaders, popular girls, and even the less popular girls in other clicks. I was, by most standards, large. At 6’6″, 225 lbs (then, not now), and thank you god, blessed to be hung like a horse, I have filled lots of tight pussies. An athlete of state honors level for football, basketball, and even baseball, college scholarships abounded. I accepted a full ride to a Div I college for football as a quarterback.

College during the early 70’s only expanded my sexual appetite. Free love, college stud, girls flocked to our team. Parties, sex, more parties, and always more sex. Habit forming to say the least. Graduation came, I got tryouts with the pros, but an appendectomy 3-weeks before camp slowed my opportunities. I got my walking papers. Oh well, always graduate school. So I went to the University Southern California. More girls, beach living, and more and more sex.

I started my career, found a mate that I could not live without, and got married. This change only slowed down my access to new females in my home town. I traveled extensively with my work, so I met new women 40-50 weeks a year in some state or another.

As I grew older, my body did its’ natural stuff. The mid section grew slightly larger, softer, the muscle tone I had from years of athletics grew less defined. My body was aging. The mind remained young, the thoughts of sex grew bolder, the desires seemed to grow more intense.

Luckily for me, my life had been full of sexual adventures. Yes, I was married, I had the family, I was an honorarium college professor, and in mid-life, quit teaching to become a business owner. But I had always, always, had tendencies to be the prowler. Hungry for sex, females were always available. I conquered many coeds, co-workers, and female friends. Hell, I had screwed half the neighborhood wives over the past 10-years. Working from home gave me access to plenty of women near our home. And coaching my kids in all kinds of sports, I met many more moms through practice times. Being available during the day was the best scenario ever!

And believe it or not, my sex life with the spouse has slowed. She had less interest as we got into our 50’s. This only made me more aware of opportunities to satisfy my monster. Was I addicted? Hell yes! But the monster must be fed. So I started using the personals in cities where I had projects. And boy have I been successful.

I am doing to do a 2-year project in one of the northern, Midwestern states. I bought a townhome in the community, established residency, and travel at minimum, every couple of weeks to complete the requirements for building my new project. I stay for a couple of weeks at a time, and fly home for a long weekend during the life of the project. I need to be in the new community for my project as it kicked off. So, I jumped on the personals page, entered the zip code, and within minutes, had a list of eligible women that may have an interest in a single guy in their community.

I entered my profile, gave my new residency as my home, single of course, stated a conservative but handsome income, and let it take a life on its’ own. I stressed the spontaneity requirements for world wide travel, dinners on the spur of the moment, and more. I was fair, looking for ladies in my age range. But tall, the ladies should be tall. For several weeks, I got updates on available women, even a couple of contacts from my profile. I sent emails, and made arrangement to get coffee, have dinner, or go to the movies several times with the various women. Nothing forced, but per usual, I bedded a couple of them over the first couple of months of my project.

And then came Lynnette.

Out of the blue, I had a tickle from a younger female. I had to do a double take of this young lady. Her profile indicated she was 25 years old. The age of my oldest daughter. Divorced, with kids. Seeking a mature man, stable, able to carry on a conversation. I read between the lines. Seeking a mature man that wants a young, kept woman for your pleasures. Treat me nice, I will fuck your brains out. Help me cover expenses, I will fuck your brains out. Granddad with liberties, I will fuck your brains out. While I love kids to death, I did not want the relationship with the kids. I looked at her picture. Tall, lithe, pretty, I had to pursue this new opportunity. I figured the score. No young, pretty lady would really settle for an older, wiser, poor old guy.

I sent an email through the personals service, adding my contact information. It was several days, but we started trading emails. I got introduced to her, gave her more information on me. We traded messenger names, and then started late evening discussions via the messenger. I began to look forward to our conversations. She was level headed, fairly bright, but I learned quickly that the ex had been somewhat abusive, always out of work, and of course, not paying his alimony as ordered by the courts. She struggled to make ends meet, but was getting by. Family was not much help. Now, there it was. What can you do mister? Can you help me? I will fuck your brains out!

After about 10-emails over several days, we scheduled our first in person meeting. Coffee and breakfast on a Saturday morning. Her work, my work conflicted otherwise. It was a perfect morning, a cool morning for July, but sunny, a light breeze. We had traded pictures, so it was easy to attract her attention when she arrived. On the patio, I saw her approach, waving to get her attention. And boy did she get mine. Dressed in a pair of short shorts, a tight, sky blue tube type top, hair up, sun glasses resting on her head, and raised sandals, she drew attention. More than one head turned to watch her walk through the interior tables to the patio. At 6′ tall, she was all leg. Lithe, her D-cup breasts stretched the tube top pleasantly. And her smile lit up my world.

I stood, pulled back her chair, and reached to take her hand as she approached. She stood close, smiling softly. Without expectation, she leaned to me, kissing my cheek, hesitating perfectly for me to kiss her, and caress her shoulder in response. She pulled back, grinned sheepishly, and moved to sit down. I assisted, pushing her chair back to the table, moving to sit in my place to her left. Damn she was good! I swear, my cock chubbed. Its’ little mind was already pushing through her soft, moist lips into her velvety, warm, wet cunt.

The waiter came quickly, bringing our coffee. We ordered. Small talk, me mostly listening to her husky voice, watching her lips form the words, her eyes twinkle as she watched me in return. Sparks flew. She knew! I knew! Our dance was taking place, but we both anticipated the drive to my place, the morning spent sharing our bodies. My cock grew even harder. I watched as she slowly, deliberately, crossed her legs, the shorts riding high, her tanned, muscular thighs quivering slightly. Her tongue touched the corner of her mouth as she watched my gaze, from her lips down her body. I reached to touch her thigh, stroking softly, my nails leaving a trail of fire as I moved up her thigh toward her hip. My fingertips dipped just slightly under her shorts, slid down the side. Moving toward her knee, I trailed my nails softly along her taut skin again. Her breathing hesitated slightly.

Leaning back in my chair, turning slightly to face her, stretching my feet beyond her chair, pushing my hips forward, I relaxed while crossing my legs at my ankles. A noticeable bulge ran down my left thigh. She definitely noticed, glancing around the patio. Her hand dropped to my knee, her palm flat against my leg as she pushed upwards. Her fingers danced up my leg, approaching the cuff of my shorts. Stealing a quick glance up to my face, she pushed her fingers underneath my shorts, her fingertips feeling the covered head of my semi rigid cock. One finger circled the head, her nail scratching my underwear. Her eyes closed softly for just an instant as she pulled her hand back, slapping my inner thigh playfully.

“We have all day ahead of us,” Lynnette volunteered. “But I want to get it started now,” she whispered huskily. My cock lurched in my shorts, growing even harder. I knew what I was getting into, but my little brain took control. Her large, firm breasts lifted as she pulled her shoulders back, stretching her arms high over her head, then reaching back as far as she could. As she arched, her midsection jumped into view. Her abdomen almost rippled, the firmness of her flesh visible. No signs of kids. I wanted to caress her stomach, to kiss my way down over her firm flesh, to feel the hardness of her mound, the taut skin stretching over her hip bones, her mound tight. I tried to imagine the point of her mound as it dropped between her legs, her slit, her lips starting, covered by downy soft hair. My tongue reacted in my mouth, my mind playing with me. I could almost taste her, her engorged clit mostly hidden, but her lips spread just enough to let her most private sex poke through. My tongue would dance over that piece of flesh as my lips moved to capture it, to pull it into my mouth for my teeth to grab. My tongue would thrash it back and forth, holding it firmly clenched in my teeth as her hips bucked upwards, her thighs splayed wide, her cunt lifting to me. I would feel her wetness; see me reaching to spread her lips wide, pinching each lip between my thumb and index finger, tugging softly, then leaning, licking down her cunt to probe her hole with my tongue.

I motioned to our waiter to pick up the check. Time moved slowly, seemingly at a snails’ pace. I watched her as her hand caressed her inner thigh, pulling the hem of her shorts up higher on her thigh. I could see the outline of her undergarment. Was it a thong? Panties? Her fingers pulled the material aside just slightly. She wore bright white material against her tanned flesh. Satin? Cotton? I continued to observe and wait. Finally, the check was cleared, I stood to pull her chair back. As she stood, she moved to me, her hand sliding up my stomach, up my chest. As her hand caressed my cheek, she tilted her head upwards, moved closer to me, and kissed me lightly on the lips. A lingering kiss, a soft kiss that drives the imagination, followed by a quick peck as she turned, hesitating before she moved away from me. My hand traversed around her side, landing lightly on the small of her back. Dropping slightly, my hand found the curvature of her enticing ass. I almost could not breathe. I pictured her ass, her naked ass in front of me. I could see her standing on her raised heels, naked, her long legs spread just slightly more than shoulder width apart, her body bend at the waist, her globes framing her succulent cunt, peeking at me through a light shining in front of her. I could see the lips framed by the light, fuzzy hair poking every which way below here lips as she bent hard, grabbed leg just above the ankles. Glancing around her legs to stare at me, she rocked her body back and forth, swaying with such grace that I had to swallow hard. I had to reach and adjust my cock.

Exiting the restaurant, I directed her to the right, telling her the blue pickup in the next row. As we reached her passenger door, she turned to me, leaned against the door. With one hand on my chest, she pulled me slowly forward, pressing my body against hers. Her lips parted, her tongue washed over her lips as she raised up to capture my lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth, a kiss so sweet that I lost thought, feeling her probing my mouth. My arms gently encompassed her, leaning to her, my rigid cock pressing firmly against her hip. She adjusted her stance, aligning our crotches, my cock now directly against her mound. I felt her hips tilt, grinding her sex to me, crushing my cock between our bodies. I groaned into her mouth as her tongue reached deep into my mouth, playing a sensuous dance with mine. Her hand slid between us, her fingers wrapping around my hardness, pumping down the shaft slowly, tantalizing me. Her mouth open, her eyes blazed into mine.

“Oh my,” she whispered softly. Her hand slid down the full length of my cock. “Oh my God,” she again whispered as she absorbed the full length and girth of my cock. I pushed back slightly, giving her room to feel me. She dropped down, leaning quickly to my leg, she opened her mouth wide, biting the head of my cock through my shorts. A split second later, she had freed my monster, pulled it free of the cloth prison, and had the head in her mouth. Her teeth clamped down on the backside of the crown, biting firmly, pulling my cock forward in her mouth. My knees buckled slightly as she plunged her head deep into my crotch, my cock sliding quickly down her throat. As she hit the base, a groan erupted from deep inside her body, vibrating over my cock into my balls. Lights flashed, I almost panicked. I looked in every direction at once, trying to look nonchalant as she plunged her face against me, pulled back with the suction the best vacuum available, pulled my balls, rolling them up to the shaft in her mouth, while reaching around me to pull my ass hard against her face. I slammed her face with abandon. Both hands dropped to the sides of her head. Grabbing her, I began to fuck this vixen hard, driving my cock so deep into her beautiful face that I was not sure she could breathe. Within a couple minutes, my balls ignited. I felt the boiling long before I reached orgasm. Splaying my legs slightly, I humped her face. No longer concerned who might see, I thrust my rigid cock into her petite face, shoved it down her throat, and forced my cock so deep I would spit cum directly into her stomach. With each thrust, she growled around my cock, urging me, begging me to fill her mouth with my cum. I am sure my head threw back, chin up, teeth clenched, eyes slammed shut, as I reached my orgasm. The body tensed, movement stopped as she crammed my cock balls deep into her mouth. Spurt after spurt erupted from me, each gobbled, swallowed. Finally, as my orgasm washed over me, I was able to focus. My cock grew softer, more sensitive as she chewed on my deflating cock.

“Shit man! That was fucking good!” floated into my ears. Glancing to my left at the back of the pickup was a young man in his late 20’s early 30’s. “Fucking unbelievable,” he continued. Lynnette stopped, pulled my clothes back down, tucking the monster under cover. Standing, looking directly at the younger man, her finger touched the corner of her mouth, pushing a small glob of cum back into her mouth. She winked at the younger man. Turning, she grabbed the door, opened it and climbed into the cab.

“Let’s go honey,” she instructed. I moved quickly to my side, climbing in. I was numb as I entered the cab. Lynnette was laughing hysterically. Tears were running down her cheeks. I glanced at her, not believing what had just occurred. And that should have been the first hint at what was to come over the next couple of months.

“Do you have a garage at your place?” she asked.

“Ah, yes,” I responded wondering why such a weird question was asked while she could not control her laughing.

“Good!” she grunted, reaching quickly to open her shorts, and pull off her shorts and panties. Well, I was not entirely sure they were panties, but what did I care? Her naked cunt, completely tanned, was for my viewing. “Here,” she exclaimed as she reached for my hand. “Touch me, feel what you have made me do!” she growled. With her assistance, I felt her mound, topped with a wisp of soft hair. Her lips were wet. I let my fingers slide down between her legs. I could feel her swollen clit, extruding from between her lips. I love big clits, more to suck into my mouth. I rolled my finger over the exposed nub, slipping between her labia, into the reaches of her pink flesh, soaked with her juices. She was soaked. Now my finger was as well. Using my middle finger, I carefully drove and thrashed her clit back and forth as we moved through traffic toward my place. Her hips bounced, thrust, and ground against my hand. She had clamped her hands around my wrist, moving my hand where she wanted touched next. A look of the demon etched her face as she would steal glances my way, then clench her face into a contorted mass of ecstasy, her mouth dropped wide open, her tongue licked her lips. Her body approached orgasm quickly. Several blocks from my place, her body exploded into an orgasm, her voice echoing off the walls of the cab as she screamed endlessly. I had been with screamers before, but this nearly ripped the skin off my cock, growing so hard so quickly, I thought I would burst. She humped and humped my fingers as I dipped them into her hole as best I could from this angle and distance. Turning, her foot rested on the top of my seat against the head rest, the other on the dash. I pounded her open, wet cunt hard, slamming two, then three fingers deep into her cunt.

I slowed my penetrations as I turned into my driveway. Pressing the door opener, the door slowly opened. I wanted in before the neighbors saw me hand fucking my new playmate in the driveway. We got in safely. Closing the door, I jumped out of the cab, literally ran to her side, throwing the door open wide. Fisting my cock, she spun to me, slid her ass to the edge of the seat. Standing on the running board, I pulled my cock up and down her soaked slit, felt the head nuzzle her hole, and pushed forward slowly. My cock slid almost effortlessly into her body as her breath escaped her. With several thrusts, withdrawals, I was able to bury my cock completely into her body. We made love slowly, allowing each inch to pass over her exposed clit, each inch to stretch her lips as I pulled back. I watched our bodies, my cock disappearing into hers, her cunt pulling so hard to keep me deep in her body. I reached to her, pushing the tube top up, off her firm, young tits. Glorious is the only description I could muster to describe their beauty. Large, round, firm, and topped with a pencil rubber nipple, the stood proud over her lithe body. Rolling the nipples between my fingers, I started fucking her hard, driving every inch of my cock deep, our flesh slapping in the process. I am sure the noise of our fucking was penetrating the building floors, doors, walls, and outside for everyone to hear. As Lynnette approached her orgasm, she began to get very loud. Grabbing her hips, I slammed my cock harder with each muffled scream. I myself, was beyond caring, my orgasm building with hers. We fucked like demons possessed, our bodies becoming one, our sexes demanding fulfillment. Suddenly, her orgasm erupted, her body convulsing on my cock. I followed instantly, my body tensing, spitting my baby juices into her receptive body. I ground our bodies together, melding our flesh as one.

As our orgasms passed, our breathing began returning to normal. With each breath, I muttered, groaned, and growled as I tugged softly on her nipples. I wanted her. I wanted to taste her, to make her cum on my mouth. I wanted to praise each tit, to lavish kisses, licks, sucks on each firm nipple as I slowly brought her to a mind numbing orgasm. But these pleasures would have to wait. As my cock deflated, I pulled back from her. Almost laughing, she pulled her legs together. “Wasn’t sure if I would ever get them back together,” she laughed. “How fucking big are you,” she asked, lifting her head to look at my flaccid cock.

“Oh, about 5-inches at the moment” I quipped laughing, flopping the soft meat back and forth. Leaning forward, I slapped the dangling monster on her wet lips one more time. “Ready,” I asked, grinning from ear to ear, smearing the head between her wet lips. “Join me for a shower?” I asked. Lynnette shook her head yes, tugging my cock up and down playfully.

I stepped down from the running board, reaching to assist her. We both bent to pull our clothes together, opting to walk somewhat naked into the townhome. I grabbed the hand towel, tossed it too her as we passed through the kitchen. She expertly stuffed it between her legs, wanting to keep from dripping our mixed juices along our path. I appreciated that!

I led her up the stairs, heading toward my bedroom. I threw my shorts and underwear on the bed, pulled off my polo shirt. I removed my tennis shoes as she got her sandals off. Standing naked, I waited for her to remove her tube top. Turning, I moved into the bathroom, stepping to the shower. A nice hot shower would feel great. As I stepped in, Lynnette followed quickly. I began to note her body. Without her heels, she was approximately chin high to me. Her body was completely tanned, inferring either nude sunbathing, or some form of tanning booth experiences. Her breasts were absolutely magnificent. Large, firm, the toned body held them high, the nipples pertly adorned the tanned flesh, pointing upwards perfectly. The curve of her body was pronounced by the widening of her hips. Wide hips, very little ass showed an athletic build. Her legs were well defined, either a dancer or strong runner gives the type of definition she displayed. As we slowly danced around the shower head, we laughed, soaped each other, and washed private parts of the other. I took my time washing her tits, soaping, rinsing, licking, sucking, soaping, and repeating. I paid close attention to her crotch, washing her completely, even aiming the spray hose deep into her hole. I wanted her clean for my planned lunch.

As she bent to wash her legs, I saddled up to her backside, nudging my cock between her cheeks playfully. She wiggled against me, adding more pleasure to our play. I soaped her backside carefully, washing deep between her cheeks, running my hand down over her puckered hole, swirling my fingers to clean her body. I rinsed carefully, cleansing her flesh. I washed her hair, massaging the scalp thoroughly. By time I got done with her, she was a limp rag for my next adventure. I pushed her out of the shower, moving to dry her gently. Once dry, I led her to the bed, pulling back the covers. She placed her knee on the bed, leaned to smell my pillow in a couple different places. Growling, she sprawled in the middle.

“I love the smell of a man,” she said, rolling over, opening her arms to me. “Come to me,” she whispered. I moved forward quickly, moving to stretch out beside her. I moved her to place one arm under her head, pulling her to me. I kissed her softly, my lips lingering on hers. Our tongues danced a slow dance, softly, knowing this time we could take our time, please each other, enjoy each other. Kiss after kiss, a soft caress, my hand on her cheek, fingers intertwined in her hair, lifting her head slowly to me. My hand traversed her body, sliding slowly over her chest. I slipped my kisses to the nape of her neck, my tongue tracing over the soft flesh. She groaned with each nip, lick, kiss. I used my thumb to push her nipple upwards against my index finger, rolling it back and forth. Cupping her flesh, I probed each tit softly. I pulled her right tit to my mouth, my tongue flicking her hardening nipple quickly back and forth, grabbing it with my teeth. The hard nub held firm against my tongue mashing it back and forth against the inside of my teeth. Lynnette arched her back, forcing her tit firmly against my mouth, wanting, demanding more. Her flesh was so firm, so taut, so tanned, I sucked gingerly, savoring every minute it takes me to worship this female form. I traced kisses from one nipple to the other repeatedly. Crawling over her, I spread her legs, kneeled between them, and started my traverse down her body, leaving her tits saliva covered as I blew cool air across them. The nipples hardened even more. Her chest heaved, her pecs flexing, her tits bouncing.

With her hands on my shoulders, she pushed me gently, but forcibly down. My kisses became more sucking as I neared her mound. My tongue reached, touched, probed her flesh. Her breathing changed with anticipation. I pushed her legs up, placing her feet flat on the bed. I pushed her knees wide, shoving my hands under her ass. As I approached her, her hips lifted up, her knees down as she opened her cunt to me. “Please,” she asked. I did not hesitate. I moved to her, watching her as I stuck my tongue into the top of her slit, probing, sliding between her lips. Moving slightly lower, I found her engorged clit, wet with her juices. My tongue rolled around her clit, pushing it back and forth. Pulling my hands up, I took each swollen lip, spread it softly, exposing her entire pink flesh. I sucked her clit into my mouth quickly, my teeth grabbing, holding her clit firmly. My tongue thrashed her clit hard, eliciting her body to jump upwards as an involuntary muscle reaction. She groaned deeply. “Yes!” she growled.

“God you taste good,” I whispered as I sucked Lynnette’s clit back into my mouth. I probed her hole with my first two fingers. Slipping between her flooded lips, I shoved my fingers slowly into her hole. Lynnette arched high, her ass flexing, lifting up above the bed. As I penetrated her, she groaned loud, hissing as her breath rushed from her body. Grinding her hips, she humped my invading digits, raising her hips upwards, thrusting down to shove them deep. Her hips exploded on my mouth, thrusting her cunt up and down my mouth, my tongue probing quickly, thrashing her clit. Instantly, her orgasm erupted from deep in her body, sending convulsions through her frame. Her legs clamped firmly over my ears, squeezing as her cunt squirted juices out, lubricating my fingers. Thrusting firmly, I jammed them in and out of her pussy. Lynnette grunted, muffling her screams as I thrashed her wet hole. I shoved my arms under her ass, pulled her cunt to my mouth, sucking her clit savagely into my mouth, ripping the flesh, thrashing my tongue back and forth, pounding her senseless. Her body quickly absorbed the tongue thrashing, erupting into a second, smaller orgasm. Her body grew limp under my mouth. She pushed me away for the time being, her clit very sensitive to the lick, the nip, refusing to allow me to suck her clit into my mouth.

My cock is rigid. “Up, on the edge of the bed,” I instructed. She knew what I wanted. She moved quickly, her ass high in the air, her chest flat on the blankets. I stepped against her, fisting my cock into the crack of her ass. Reaching under her, I coated my fingers with her wetness, spreading a thin layer of juice over my monster. I shoved it to her hole, rotating it around to coat the head. Grabbing each hip, I pulled back firmly. The head exploded through her ring, clamping down over the crown. Hesitating, I absorbed the feeling, feeling her walls clench me, as she pulled away slightly. Suddenly, she slammed back against me, forcing more cock into her waiting sheath. I pulled hard on her hips, shoving more cock into her yielding cunt. Again, we repeated our pull out, thrust to bury more cock into her body. Quickly, my cock penetrated her, my pubic region resting comfortably against her soft ass. My cock was soaked. I watched as her lips stretched to hold me, slipping over the wetness, disappearing as I speared her, pushing deep again. Lust took over, grabbing her hips, I slammed forward, pulled back, and slammed her again. My hips slapped against her, our flesh filling the room with slap after slap. I increased the pace, humping her, slamming my cock deep into her cunt. Within pure seconds, my balls exploded again, shooting cum up my shaft, filling her with each spurt. My orgasm racked my body. Thought lost, I hammered her, pounding her flesh hard with my rigid cock. Within a minute, my cock began to deflate. I ground my crotch against her ass, wanting to keep my cock buried in her wet cunt.

“Oh my god woman,” I grunted out loudly.

“Yes,” Lynnette whispered, collapsing on the bed. Crawling forward, she beckoned me. I moved to lie beside her, my cock spent. Nuzzling close, she dropped to my flaccid cock and balls. Softly, expertly, she sucked my cock back into her mouth. Sucking hard, she drained my cock of any remaining fluids. With a quick kiss, she laid down beside me as well.

“What is the best thing to come out of a cock?” she asked, slowly licking her lips. Her eyes twinkled, staring deep into mine. Without hesitating for me to answer, she growled “The wrinkles!!”

I pulled her close, wrapping my arms firmly around her. I wondered what this piece of heaven was going to cost me?

We drifted off to a restful nap.

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