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Dream lover

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Finally, he turned 22 and it coincided with his first book being released. Although it did well, he knew deep down that his first novel would only be a door opener, not something that would make him a millionaire overnight. However, he was afforded access to promote it and when he found out Kate was promoting her new album with a signing, he simply had to get her signature. At 35, she was stunning.

Waiting in the line for a signed copy of her new album, he finally reached the desk. Smiling, he thanked her for going to sign it, when she looked up smiling, then puzzled for a moment.

“Are you, are you a writer by any chance?” she asked him.

“Yes, I am actually” and blurted out his name, amazed when she nodded.

“I really enjoyed your book. Dominic, isn’t it?” she commented gracefully.

“I am honoured, I really am Kate” he said and almost shaking, he smiled again, walking off as Kate turned to the next fan walking forward from the line.

Wow! She actually knew who he was! A week later, during promotional work, he was visiting his publisher and went down to the small canteen to grab a cup of tea. Kate was in there, chatting with her PR person, who was rushing off to another meeting.

“Do you want a cup?” he asked, indicating the stand.

She smiled at him and nodded. This was probably the only chance he’d ever have to speak to someone he was a huge fan of and this time he was at least going to string a sentence together. Her PR person left and he sat down, opposite her.

“Forgive me, I hope I’m not intruding. But I wanted to say thanks, firstly for the signed copy. I’ve been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember and I’m honoured you even know who I am” he gushed.

“Well, I like quality and your writing betrayed a real quality. I think you might find more success quite easily you know” she answered, smiling again.

They talked for a bit and Kate confessed it was great to have an intellectual chat with someone, although she admitted she was impressed at his level of conversation for such a young man. When he asked for her number, Kate didn’t seem to mind and they agreed to keep in touch.

A few weeks later, he was going for a drive and called Kate, asking if she fancied a spin in the country. To his delight she agreed and he picked her up in the one thing he had spent money on, his sports coupe. They even found a small country pub, where they sat outside enjoying a bar lunch.

“Listen, I’m doing nothing later and to be honest, I’ve had such a lovely time today. Why don’t you stay for dinner?” she offered him.

“Only if you’re sure” he said, not daring to hope this was really happening.

“I do have my faculties you know” she replied and he wasn’t sure if he had offended her or if Kate was only joking so he agreed quickly.

Kate was surprised at herself too. She knew he was too young for her, but his conversation, his mannerisms, his personality was a delight and she enjoyed his company. They were merely friends and she wanted some company. Kate also felt she could trust him or he would never have been allowed back. After a pleasant meal, they continued the bottle of wine in the lounge.

Kate had to admit, she was really enjoying the evening. For his part, it was a bit like having the perfect dream, only he didn’t want to wake from this one. This gorgeous woman, whom he’d been a fan of since a child, was sitting laughing and enjoying an evening at her house with him. Part of him was wondering if, incredibly, this was leading somewhere, or whether it was just the wine and they were merely two friends enjoying one another’s company. Kate was wearing a pale yellow skirt, which came past her knees, worn loosely. Her lustrous dark hair hung down, curling around her youthful elfin face. He poured Kate another glass from the bottle and half sat on the sofa next to her. As he looked at her, their faces were mere inches apart and suddenly they were kissing. As it began to turn passionate, they both drew back and were pleasantly surprised that both felt so comfortable doing so. He filled his own glass and they went back to talking.

“Kate, if you don’t mind me saying, you have beautiful legs, well actually, you’re beautiful from head to toe” he said, the words tumbling out.

She giggled at his compliment and the talk soon turned a little bolder. Kate was surprising herself at her own boldness, even asking him what sexual experiences he’d had. He countered by asking what she enjoyed most.

“What do you think?” she offered back.

He thought about it, puzzled then eventually smiled back.

“Oral”? he offered.

She laughed at that.

“But specifically?” and he thought again.

“Receiving?” he offered and she nodded.

“Although it’s not something I get often” she mused.

Soon Kate was questioning him and was a little surprised as he added although so many things were fantastic with the right woman, he didn’t mind giving oral, but preferably if the woman really loved it. Kate didn’t respond directly, but they kissed again and they melted into the sofa.

Somehow, his arm ended up under her leg and as he planted kisses on her neck and cleavage, he began to slide down. Her skirt had also slid back and soon, only his arms remained on the sofa, while he sat on the floor. It only took a second of pause before he left a trail of wet kisses on her inner thighs. He couldn’t see Kate’s face for the bunched skirt, but as he planted a kiss on her crotch, he felt rather than heard her sigh. Throwing caution to the wind, he parted her knickers and brought his tongue to bear on her exposed pussy. Kate hadn’t expected today to turn out like this, but everything felt right. He had been gently exploring her with his mouth for several minutes now and if she had a wish, it would be that this went on for ages. He was cleverly letting his tongue enter her, while the back of his tongue brushed her clitoris. She had a mental image of sitting on his face and dismissed the thought. He probably wouldn’t let her do that; no, better to just live for the moment and enjoy his ministrations.

“I feel like I could do this for ages to you, if you let me” he said from below.

“Really? I didn’t dare hope that would be the case. It feels good having you down there. If I had my way” she finished.

“I’d like you to have your way. I can sense you love this” he said in between licks.

“Maybe later, if I’m lying in your bed and I’m looking up at you sitting on me, we’ll both know how much we’re enjoying it” he added then slowly licked downwards, until he was at the bottom of her slit.

Kate kept her excitement and surprise in check. Was this delightful young man a mind reader? She couldn’t wait to sit on his face later and maybe he would take part in a number of fantasies she had. Kate always came across as quiet and reserved but the slightly selfish aspect of being pleasured was something she adored.

Visions of resting her elbows on the table, while he knelt behind her licking selflessly had her excited. She was firmly resolved now that she did want to fuck him, but he seemed equally agreeable to giving her hours of bliss with his mouth and she intended on enjoying just that. With her thighs either side of his head, he concentrated on her responses. The way this stunning woman was enjoying his pleasuring was exciting him.

He really hoped she would let him fuck her later, but he could tell the way she enjoyed his efforts that she really did enjoy oral more than anything. He also harboured some fantasies in that respect, of Kate being a little demanding on his talents, not realising how realistic that scenario was. Soon however, Kate could no longer contain her excitement and as he responded by sucking on her clit, she yelled out loudly, her hands gripping his hair and clutching his face to her crotch. Even as she slumped back in a state of euphoria, he was still teasing her gently. She could feel his tongue dropping lower then she sensed him hesitate.

“Don’t stop” she said and he continued until he reached her ass.

Licking gently, his tongue found entry and Kate smiled to herself.

“I want to say something to you, it’s okay, you can do that and answer later. I’m really enjoying myself and I can see us doing this many times in future. And I feel, well I feel as if you give me the freedom to be myself. I want you in my bed tonight and I want you to fuck me. In every way. I mean with your cock and your tongue. And if you really meant about me having my way, well let’s just say I have lots of ideas there. So, how does that grab you?” she asked him excitedly.

“I’ll do this to you whenever you want, wherever you want and it will never be a lazy effort. I’d love to fuck you but I want you to feel you can do what you like when you like. You turn me on so much” he said then as her hand pressed on the back of his head, he resumed rimming her.

“Great. I’ve got so many ideas. You’d better not talk too much, you’ll need your jaw muscles tonight” Kate said lustfully, shivering with pleasure as his nose brushed her slit with his tongue entering her below.

Despite the age difference it just felt so right and she wondered, he would probably be amazing at fucking her later too. But at the moment, she was just enjoying the focus being solely on her needs and desires. She began to imagine waking up like this, or perhaps after a function, coming home to some stress relief.

“Up a bit now” she said and immediately, he trailed a wet lick up her slit and back down it again, before beginning to tongue fuck her pussy.

Gradually, he settled into a pleasant rhythm and she rested her head on one arm, while her other one descended down, hand entwined in his hair.

For the next hour, she encouraged him to work on both orifices until she simply couldn’t hold back her passion any longer and had an earth shattering orgasm. By this time, her skirt was lying on the ground and they rose and went to her bedroom.

“Fuck me” she said simply and he needed no 2nd invitation.

Divesting himself of clothes hurriedly, she removed her top and bra as he mounted her and began to piston in and out of her. His control was immense, despite his straining desire and she clawed at his back until turning over, he slid into her from behind.

“Kate, I’m going to cum” he shouted and pulled out of her.

He splashed onto her back and as she turned round, he lay down beside her on the bed. They didn’t say anything for quite some time, until she led him by the hand to the window, overlooking a moonlit garden.

“I want to do things with you in the garden, at this dresser, the breakfast table. You’ve awakened my passion and it will rarely be cooled” she whispered.

“I’d like that and perhaps if you want to tell me what to do, I love pleasing you” he said.

“You will loverboy, you will” she said and they returned to bed.

Although they slept for a while, he awoke in the morning to find something tickling his nose. As he focused his eyes, she looked down on him smiling.

“Next time, you wake me up okay?” she said and as he nodded, she lowered her pussy onto his mouth.

Her eager cunt welcomed his tongue as it slipped inside her.

“Mhhmm, are you enjoying that?” she asked him.

“Yes, I’d do this to you as often as you wish” he responded, continuing his efforts.

“That might be quite a lot” she responded, then slid forward until his tongue was caressing her arse again.

Before too long, she slipped backwards again, presenting her wet pussy to him once more. After that, she found that just by sliding forward while he rimmed her, it was delaying her orgasm and stopping her clitoris from being over stimulated too quickly. It was the realisation that she wanted to give her knees a rest and the sight of his handsome face focusing on her pleasure, that finally brought a powerful orgasm racing out of her.

As she slipped off his face, he was about to fuck her again, when suddenly she leapt up.

“Shit, I’m supposed to be visiting family today. Erm right, if I get started on packing; damn, you know I clean forgot it was today. I would have booked a taxi to the train station” she trailed off.

“Hey, why don’t I drive you? You can relax and well, how long are you there for?” he added.

“A week” she said, smiling.

“Well, I could pick you up from the station near by when you get back?” he offered.

She smiled at him again and stood up, stretching, then turned back to him.

“That would be good. Because I intend on using this and this and this” she said, putting her finger on his tongue, his cock and his nose.

Part of him was frustrated that he wouldn’t have time to fuck her for a week and part of him was still in awe of this wondrous woman who wanted him so fully. They rose together and she turned to him.

“Hey, are you frustrated?” she said to him.

“A little, but only because you’re so sexy” he added.

“Well, fuck me in the bathroom” she ordered and marched off.

He practically ran after her and she bent over the bath, letting him slip into her. This time, he came at the same time as her and spurted his seed inside her. They entered the shower together and washed, until she told him to kneel.

“Wash me” she said as he looked at her angel wings.

Most of his cum had seeped out and he held her open as she squeezed, making sure all of it was out. Then he delicately washed her. She let his skilful fingers gently probe her, until she really clean then lifted one leg up. He read her mind, helping her hook it over his shoulder as he tasted her again. This time, it was a quick orgasm, his tongue relentless in its passion as she held his face tightly against her.

“Oh fuck, that’s it, lick me just there, lick it all up” she groaned as he did just that.

He left the cubicle, swiftly drying and went to dress, leaving her to relax and freshen up, before the trip. They were soon ready and sat over the breakfast bar, eating cereal and banana. He had been admiring her figure again, this time in jeans and boots.

“What are you smiling at?” she asked him.

“You’re tastier than any banana” he said, as he had a bit of one in his cereal.

She smiled at him then.

“Maybe you should eat your banana a special way next time we have some” she added.

“What do you mean? Oh right, I’d like that. Maybe you’d let me eat a piece if I asked nicely” he quipped.

“Only if you ask very nicely” she shot back.

Once finished, she locked up the lovely house and he carried her bag out to the boot of the car. Soon they were speeding along; they didn’t say much on the way and he dropped her off just at the gates to the family house, with a promise to pick her up from the train station on her return.

The following week, he drove down to the station a little early, ready to pick her up. They hadn’t spoken on the phone except a text to confirm the train she would be on and he was excited. He was presumptuous, packing an overnight bag and had thrown himself into the new book with gusto while she had been away. Then the train arrived and she crossed to the car. He was wearing a cut shirt and jeans, admiring Kate’s dress sense as she smiled at him and hopped into the passenger seat. Her skirt was above the knee and although not tight, it wasn’t loose either. Her dark hair cascaded over the white blouse and he had to concentrate if he were to drive the car safely. Kate noticed him staring at her and smiled back.

“You like? Seeing as you like seeing me in a skirt and you ogle my legs so much, I thought I should oblige” she said cheerily.

“You look amazing” he simply said back.

“Drive”, she said and he didn’t need told twice.

As he went through the gears and settled into a comfortable speed for the journey back, Kate leaned over to talk into his ear.

“I’ve had some wonderful ideas for us all week. Are you going to indulge me?” she questioned him.

His cock already hard, stiffened even more at her words.

“Yes. Whatever you have in mind, I’m all yours” he said eagerly.

“Anything?” she continued, teasing him.

“You click your fingers, I react” he offered hopefully.

How he fancied her!

“I’m looking forward to getting my thighs over your shoulders again. A week is too long. But I have other ideas too” she offered teasingly.

“Oh, my shoulders are yours to use whenever you want. What other ideas?” he asked, noting they only had 15 minutes until her house.

“I want to push your boundaries, push our boundaries. I’m not going to let you fuck me the way you want to today. Don’t worry, I need sex regularly and you will be the only man giving it to me, but I want to indulge our senses. You are going to please me. You are going to be filled with desire for me every minute of every day. Tell me, you said before you wanted me to have my way but did you mean it?” she questioned him.

“Um, yes of course. I, well, I really enjoy giving if you know what I mean?” he said in response.

“Be a bit more specific” she pushed.

“I love giving you pleasure” he replied hopefully.

“I said specific lover. Surely a writer can be more specific with his words?” she teased, whispering it into his ear.

“Okay. I love giving orally. To you” he said hurriedly.

“That’s better. And you know what? You know what my favourite thing is? Orally receiving, as you so delicately put it. So can you guess what today is going to focus on?” she quizzed again.

“Pleasing you” he offered.

“Yes! And if we go on together, you are going to fall completely under my spell. Would you like that?” she offered.

“I would love that” he said back to her honestly.

She smiled and rubbed his crotch excitedly.

“So today, no fucking for you sadly. But I want you to know it will turn me on so much that tomorrow you will fuck me even better for having waited. I suppose you might not think it’s fair you are having to forego your pleasure but this is going to turn me on an awful lot. Oh and I forgot to mention, I’m not wearing knickers” she said as they pulled into her driveway.

Kate hopped out of the car as he followed with her suitcase and his holdall. They entered and he deposited the bags outside the lounge as Kate grabbed a glass of water and walked to the shorter sofa, reclining on it as he followed her. She gazed up at him smiling, then simply pointed at the floor in front of her. As soon as he was on his knees she confidently slipped her luscious thighs over his shoulders, her skirt falling back a little so that his face was visible to her from above.

“Don’t keep me waiting” she said lustfully and he fell to the task at hand.

His mouth sought each lip first, kissing them gently and drawing them into his mouth before his tongue delved inside. Kate smiled to herself as she felt it go in and rested her head on one arm. Her other hand lazily toyed with his hair while his face pressed into her crotch, as he began to tongue fuck her. She lay like this for a while, idly enjoying the slow, steady thrusts of that delightful tongue before she raised her head a little to watch him at work.

“I’m very wet but don’t let anything get on my sofa, okay?” she instructed him.

“Whatever you say” he responded, changing tack and taking broad sweeps of his tongue up to the top of her pussy before running down to her asscheeks and slowly back again.

Kate settled back again to enjoy this change in stimulation. A month ago, she would never have imagined this change in her life but she wasn’t going to let up in the progression of this amazing relationship. It was her lover’s fault. He fitted her true nature so well; she adored oral, well adored receiving oral she reflected. She had always wanted a man to please her needs selflessly and she wanted this dream lover to be attractive. In short, the young man on his knees was perfect for her. Many ideas had come to her during the week but having him focus solely on her needs at the expense of his own was something she repeatedly thought about. Later she would enjoy some serious ass kissing; she pictured herself not for the first time that week reclining at the waist while he worshipped her arse. But a slow orgasm was the perfect beginning to things. She smiled again at the sensation of his featherlite tongue taking delicate sweeps of her glistening fanny before changing tack and drifting from side to side then back to front again.

Down below, her lover worked slowly and adoringly. For his part, he was still overwhelmed by this sexy woman. Even though she had informed him he would not have any sexual relief, he was simply more turned on. The way she enjoyed being in control touched his own sexual desires in ways he hardly even realised himself. Watching her walk from the car to her house, he noted her absolutely perfect legs, the supple thighs, smooth calves and taut bumcheeks. Even despite his own desires, he knew he would probably do anything to please her. His hot tongue pushed into her cunt again. Lapping inside eagerly, he felt her hand tighten it’s grip in his hair.

Kate pushed down harder on his head. Despite her desire to last longer, she needed an orgasm. Both her hands came down to pull his head up to her engorged clit and his mouth responded.

“That’s it lover, suck me there. Don’t you dare waste my juices though, ah! I’m cuming!!!!!” she yelled, pulling his head this way and that while her thighs spasmed, tightening and loosening around his head while his mouth never once left her heat.

It was a full minute and a half later that she slowed and let out a long sigh. Gradually, he eyes focussed and she realised her was cleaning her juices with his tongue. Spreading her legs slightly, she let him continue, his tongue deftly covering both her cheeks before approaching her arse properly. By this point, she was slumped down on the sofa and her juices had ran down to her bum and past it. He hesitated for a split second then put his strong hands under her bum cheeks. Lifting her crotch off the sofa, his tongue found the back of her ass crack. Slowly and lewdly, he licked purposefully along her ass crack until her reached her sphincter. He lapped over it excitedly before continuing on to her pussy.

After slowly lapping at her tender sex, he delicately sucked drops of moisture from her pubes. Then he repeated this process again. Kate let him do so, then pushed his head away. She rose to her feet and in one smooth motion unzipped her skirt, letting it fall onto the floor.

“Are you okay? Did you enjoy that?” he said anxiously, still on his knees.

Kate stooped to kiss him, then stopped as she could smell her juices on his face. Instead she stood at full height again.

“Maybe in the past, I would have said it was wonderful. But you want to improve, don’t you? So let’s just say it was okay at best. Follow me” she said to him.

He did so, as she walked upstairs, towards her bedroom. Once inside, she walked to the window, resting her hands on the wide sill and looking out over her large garden.

“Kiss me” she said and he hurried over to approach.

His eyes took in her incredibly pert bum and almost intuitively he knelt. It was clear it wasn’t a proper kiss she wanted.

She didn’t react at all as he rained kisses down on both perfect globes but soon he approached her centre. His tongue trailed down the furrow again before approaching her sphincter again. This time, he didn’t hesitate to press against the tight opening. At first, there was no give but gradually she opened up and welcomed his tongue. He thrust as deeply as he could and she tightened her muscles around his tongue appreciatively before relaxing so he could continue.

“Slowly” she said curtly and he settled into a steady, insistent rhythm.

Kate leaned further forward, resting her elbows on the soft curtain while she enjoyed his ministrations.

“Do you enjoy receiving oral?” she said suddenly to him.

“Um, yes” he replied pulling out his tongue to answer before resuming rimming her again.

“It’s just that, well, I don’t really, well not giving it. A guy tried to force me once and it really put me off doing it. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I will sometimes but if I do, it won’t be very often. Does that bother you?” she enquired.

He had wondered about reciprocation and had hoped she would do so. It didn’t bother him that it wouldn’t be very often though, as long as he was able to fuck her regularly to make up for it.

“Um, I guess not. I really want to please you” he answered finally.

“Good. It’s not that I won’t do it. It’s just that, it won’t happen that often; I wanted to be honest with you because I think things are really amazing between us, you know?” she said.

“I’m glad you love pleasing me because it will be an important part of our sex life. A daily occurrence in fact. But it won’t be reciprocated daily, maybe at some point in the month depending on how carried away I get” she continued.

He felt better at her explanation. All he had to do was get her carried away and she might return oral favours! The thought had him rim her deeper than ever.

Above him, Kate enjoyed the enthusiasm behind her. She really didn’t relish a big thing in her mouth; her pussy loved it but not her mouth. Maybe half a dozen times a year would stop him from climbing the walls but he would have to keep her really happy in order for this to happen. It was much more pleasant to have a silky tongue doing things to her instead.

“I’ll aim to please you daily then” he promised then she felt his tongue again.

“I’m sure you will. However, one thing I won’t do is put my tongue inside your bum. I don’t like the idea of it at all. A man is all hairy there, you know? That doesn’t mean to say I don’t enjoy it being done to me. I insist on it” she said with matter of factly.

“Anyway, do you think it’s fair that you will be doing something regular to me that I will never do to you? Be honest” she urged him.

He thought about it and having never had it done to him, wasn’t sure how it would feel anyway.

“I’ve never had a girl do that, so I don’t know what I’m missing if I’m honest. I know you enjoy it and I will please you any way you want” he said at last.

Kate smiled to herself; what a perfect response.

“I’m happy to hear that. I like the feeling of your tongue back there, so therefore I WILL enjoy it. But think of it this way. We buy a cake and you tell me that you don’t like the cake. Should I only eat half of the cake?” she asked him.

He found the question odd but responded anyway.

“Um, no. I guess if I didn’t like it, you should have all of it” he said.

“That’s right. Hey, keep going while I talk to you, that’s better. Now then, the cake. The cake is my analogy for what you are doing to me now. I’m going to have all the cake so it doesn’t go to waste. In other words, I’m going to enjoy your tongue like this but you are going to forego it completely. So in some ways you might think it’s selfish, but in other ways it’s practical. I’m getting all of what I enjoy so you’re going to be doing this an awful lot” she finally concluded.

As she said so, she stood up to her full height and dislodged his tongue.

“Hop on the bed darling” she said and he hurried to obey.

Once on, she mounted his face, looking down at him as her arsecheeks covered his mouth again. When she descended, his nose was engulfed by her pussy as his tongue resumed it’s place inside her arse again.

“You turn me on so much, do you know that?” she said to him.

He didn’t respond as he couldn’t and she smiled down at him. His tongue pushed deep into her sphincter. The band squeezed back before spreading to let him into her. He licked and lapped in between thrusts, while she rocked gently on his nose. His body flexed and tensed trying to dig deeper. The reality of Dominic tongue fucking her arsehole was overwhelming. The juices ran down his chin and throat. His skin glistened with her love.

“I’m going to fuck you now, are you ready?” she asked him and heard what she thought sounded like a muffled yes.

Sliding back, she could almost feel the relief as his face was mashed by her pussy again. He held onto her hips as she began to rock back and forth on his tongue, her speed increasing as she mashed harder onto his face.

“Look at me!!” she moaned and squealed as her orgasm raced through her, gazing down through misty eyes at his own as they looked obediently up her body.

Much later, her vision cleared and she looked down at him.

“Your face was made to fit there, wasn’t it?” and he nodded, smiling.

“You know Dominic, it’s funny. Here you are with a name such as yours and yet I’m the one who acts Domme” she declared in great mirth.

Then she slumped off him and lay on the bed. She had already removed her blouse before mounting his face and guided his head to her breasts, enjoying his mouth on them. She didn’t talk for about 10 minutes, then she pushed his head a little. Understanding, he kissed over her stomach, her thighs already welcoming him as they slipped over his shoulders.

“Just kiss my bumcheeks for now, I need a breather” she said and felt his obedient lips move to do her bidding.

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