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Double Dip

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Sitting under the awning next to her truck, Vanille looked down the street and decided that the fair was beginning to wind down. She breathed a sigh of relief both because the long day was over, and because she was going to turn a decent profit from working the small town street fair. Considering her name, she might very well have been destined to sell homemade ice cream from the back of a truck, but it certainly hadn’t been her plan.

A victim of the economic downturn, she was one of many cubicle dwellers suddenly out of a job. Unemployment wasn’t enough to pay the bills, and most of the available jobs weren’t much better. At twenty-eight, she was facing a dire future.

That’s when the idea came to her.

Her father had used the truck to dish out ice cream at family reunions and church socials, but Vanille had bigger plans. Working small events like the street fair meant a lot of work to make a few dollars, but it also meant that she could stay off the radar of the government, using the money to supplement her unemployment.

Now, she at least had enough money to pay the bills, if not live comfortably.

The crowd continued to thin, and she decided to start packing up. Smoothing back her red locks, she stood up and went to work. It took a while to put everything away and take down the awning, and she wanted to be ready to roll for home once the last potential customers vanished from the street.

Naturally, someone had to break her lucky streak. One of the last people to walk up finally uttered the phrase she’d successfully avoided all day, and had come to despise.

We all scream for ice cream.

Somehow, she smiled and let out a convincing laugh, even though all she wanted to do was scream. It had been cute the first couple of times, but it was really beginning to wear on her.

Just as she was about to close the door of the truck and call it a day, someone came walking her way. Not one to let even a single dollar escape, she put on a smile when the man approached and said, “Can I help you?”

“I might be able to help you, actually.” He reached into a pocket and pulled out a flyer. “We’re looking for vendors to work an event, if you’re interested.”

“Always,” Vanille said as she took the flyer and squinted at it in the dim light.

“The event is in two weeks, so I’ll need you to give me a call soon.”

She waved the flyer and said, “I’ll look it over and let you know tomorrow.”

“Looking forward to your call.”

It was only after he walked away that she realized he hadn’t even offered a name. Assuming it was on the flyer, she shrugged, and then yawned. Her bed was calling — and calling loudly. Vanille climbed in the cab, fired up the truck, and headed for home.


The next morning began the closest thing Vanille had to a day off. All that meant was that she was on the phone and the internet all day, trying to set up another event, rather than actually working one. She had to get far enough ahead during the summer season in order to make it through the winter and start the process all over again next year.

Sipping her second cup of coffee, she sat down at her computer, and then remembered the flyer. She pulled it out of her purse and took a look to see if it might be worth calling back about.

Her eyes went wide as she read the flyer. From what she was reading, there were no fees of any kind. Utilities were provided free of charge. A chit system meant that she wouldn’t even have to actually handle any money. It was everything she usually had to turn on the charm to get, provided up front. If the estimated attendance for the three day event was accurate, she stood to make some serious money.

Too good to be true, she thought, but she picked up the phone anyway.

The voice that answered sounded like the same man who had handed her the flyer, and identified himself by the name on the flyer — Matthew Gerrin. After explaining who she was, she launched into the questions.

“Yes, that’s exactly right,” he said in the end, confirming everything in the flyer. “So, you’re thinking, what’s the catch?”

“The thought had crossed my mind.”

Matt laughed. “Well, there is one, but I doubt it’s anything you would have expected. The event we’re hosting is a Nude Day gathering of several nudists groups. It starts on Nude Day and runs through Saturday. All of your customers are going to be naked for the three days of the event.”

“That is a bit of a catch,” Vanille said and chuckled. “I think it’s something I can deal with though.”

“Good to hear. Unfortunately, that’s not the only stipulation. In order for our visitors to feel comfortable, we require our vendors to be nude as well.”

Vanille’s mouth dropped open and she couldn’t find any words to respond to that.

He continued, “Keep in mind that there are passes to enter the property, and only those who have been invited will be allowed in. Once inside, no clothing is allowed beyond the parking area. Everyone who will be there is a nudist.”

“I… I don’t know.”

“I know it’s a shock, and I certainly don’t expect an immediate answer. Take some time to think it over. As long as you can confirm by next weekend, that’s fine. We’d really love to have you. I’ve been hunting for an ice cream vendor for the last two years, and having homemade ice cream is just a bonus.”

Surprise warred with the potential profit in her head, but neither was gaining any ground. “I’m definitely going to have to think about it.”

“Perfectly fine. I’ll be hoping to hear back from you.”

Vanille hung up the phone, her lips pursed and brow knitting. After a minute or so, she stood up and walked away from the computer. Even though she hadn’t done anything like it in several years, it wasn’t as if public nudity was entirely new to her. During college, she’d gone through a phase of exhibitionism, and even ended up in two Girls Gone Wild style videos.

That was college, though, and she was pushing thirty.

A tug of her shirt tail revealed her tummy. It certainly wasn’t as flat as it had been when she was in college, but not too bad. A few steps brought her to the bathroom, and she took a look in the mirror while pulling her shirt higher. Gravity wasn’t taking too much of a toll on her breasts, which was a miracle considering how blessed she was up top. She turned in profile and let out a noncommital hmm.

Pulling her top back down, she turned her back to the mirror and dropped her shorts. She had to admit that her butt still looked pretty good. A shake showed a bit more jiggle than she might have liked, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. When she turned around, the first real problem cropped up — or rather, needed cropping.

The constant struggle to keep income flowing meant that she didn’t have a whole lot of spare time, and one thing that had fallen to the wayside was trimming the nest of red curls between her legs. It wasn’t as if anyone was going to see that anyway, as sex was something else that had dropped off the radar. She could barely see her hood ring through the bramble patch, let alone anything else.

Trimming, shaving, and some crunches were in order, but altogether, she wasn’t falling apart too badly. A little of the show-off within her crept to the surface once more, and she cocked her hips, affecting a coquettish grin. The image smiling back at her caused her to laugh, and she pulled her shorts back up before walking away.

The money was too good to pass up. Barely ten minutes after hanging up the phone, she picked it up again to confirm that she was on board for the event.


Vanille pulled up behind a car waiting at the gate, her stomach full of butterflies. She’d been fine right up until turning onto the last gravel road, but now she felt as nervous as a virgin on prom night. The car ahead went through, and it was her turn. Here goes nothing.

The man in the booth — who was fully clothed — smiled when she pulled up. “I would guess that you’re Vanille Melhart?”

She nodded. “That’s me.”

“Give me a second to give Matthew a call. He’ll get you set up and going.”

The butterflies went into a positive frenzy while the gatekeeper talked on his cell. Vanille swallowed hard when he stepped out and lifted the gate.

“You’ll see the parking area just around that curve ahead. Matthew has his tent set up there, and he’s waiting for you.”

She didn’t have long to wait after turning the corner before the reality of what she was doing hit her. The first thing she saw besides the many cars parked on the gravel lot was a nude, middle-aged couple walking away from their car, farther into the wooded area. A second later, Matthew stepped out of his tent.

He looked completely at ease as he walked toward her truck, a cock of average length swinging with his steps. The only thing he wore was a necklace of colored beads, and he was carrying a similar one.

“Last chance to back out,” he said, and then laughed. “If you think you’re still up for it, you can go ahead and get undressed, and I’ll lead you to where you can set up.”

She’d come this far, and the potential to make enough money to conscience taking a real day off pushed her over the edge. “I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

His smile widened, and he held up the necklace. “Everything is priced on even half dollars or dollars. The white are fifty cents, red are a dollar, blue are five, and purple is ten. We can just take yours out when we pay you each day for how many you’ve collected. Wallets aren’t exactly convenient, considering the dress code.”

Her face a little red, Vanille accepted the necklace and said, “I guess not.” She put the truck in park, steeled her nerves, and opened the door.

“There are some screens set up over there. Everybody here is a nudist, but that doesn’t mean that they all like being watched while they undress. It’s a little difficult to understand for someone on the outside, I’m sure.”


“I’ll be here waiting.”

Thinking that the butterflies in her stomach were going to cause her to take flight with their flapping, Vanille walked over to the screens. There were benches set up within each section, in order to sit down while removing pants, she assumed. She chose one that was open, and pulled the curtain closed.

Thinking it best to treat the whole thing like cold water, taking the shock all at once, she started pulling off clothing, trying not to think about it. Once nude, she picked up her clothes and looked at the closed curtain. Do or die time.

With a tremendous surge of willpower, she pulled back the curtain and strode out into the sun in her birthday suit. A man passing by nodded to her, but otherwise acted as if absolutely nothing was unusual. Matthew was much the same, and though the experience was somewhat disconcerting, it was also comforting. Nobody was leering at her, and everyone was just as naked.

Matthew pointed off to a gravel road leading into the trees. “That’s the service road. Follow me, and I’ll show you where to set up.” He then started walking.

Vanille climbed into the truck, the sensation of her bare bottom on the vinyl seats novel, to say the least. She tossed her clothing in the passenger seat and put the truck in gear. The journey through the trees didn’t take long, even following Matthew as he walked, but there was more than enough foliage to shield what lay beyond from the parking area. Once in the sunlight once more, she couldn’t help a gasp.

A large clearing in the trees encircled a manicured lawn dotted with fruit trees and evergreens. A sparkling lake lay beyond, sporting a wide strip of beach. Everywhere she looked, there were naked people. Some were in the open showers, chatting as the cool water washed over them. The beach was well populated with people sunning themselves, while others swam or paddled in canoes.

Vanille got over her shock at the beauty of the place and followed Matthew’s waved instructions to pull up on a gravel pad with electrical and water hookups. She stopped, looking in the mirror to make sure the truck was lined up properly, and then shut the engine down.

“What do you think?” Matthew asked as he walked up next to the window.

“Wow. It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks. It’s taken a lot of years and a lot of money, but we’re rather proud of the place. I’ll leave you to open up for business. I’m sure you’ll be busy as soon as you hang your shingle, and it will only pick up once word of mouth gets around.”

Vanille climbed down out of the truck, and almost immediately saw the door of the trailer next to her open. A blonde woman in a long apron stepped out and waved. She then pulled off the apron, revealing that she was nude beneath.

“Elephant ears. Hot grease and naked skin don’t go well together. Looks like we’re neighbors.”

Vanille chuckled, both at the woman’s words and the absurdity of chatting while stark naked. “Looks like it.”



“What a beautiful name. First time?”

“Does it show?”

“A little. I actually got used to it before the first day was over a couple of years ago. The compliments are a little shocking at first, but they’re about the same as someone complimenting your outfit, and it doesn’t seem as strange after a while. Just relax, and I think you’ll find out it’s actually sort of fun.”

“So, you’re not a nudist?”

“I wasn’t when I started, but after the first year, I’m trending that way. It’s freeing. Where else can a forty-five-year-old woman be naked and not have people running for the hills?” She held out her hands to the side, framing a body holding up well for her age.

“How’s the business?” Vanille asked as she walked to the back of the truck to open the doors. Keeping her mind focused on work helped to dull the strangeness of what she was doing.

“Wonderful. I guess not having to buy clothes leaves you with a lot of spare money. I make out better here in three days than I do at two or three county fairs. Not as much competition for one thing, and you have a semi-captive audience.”

“That sounds promising,” Vanille remarked with genuine enthusiasm.

“My next batch should be ready for turning, so I’ll leave you to get set up. If you need anything, I’m right next door.”

Vanille returned her wave, and then concentrated on the task of setting up. The first customers arrived before she was completely ready, beginning a very busy day.


“Doesn’t she have the most perfect breasts, Harold? And that belly ring is simply darling.”

“Mmm hmm,” the woman’s pudgy husband responded, and then pointed at his bowl with the spoon. “This is really good.”

“Men. I swear,” the woman said, and then rolled her eyes as she deposited her beads in the pleasantly full container and led her husband back to the beach to watch the sunset.

Vanille was amazed at how relaxed she was with people not only seeing her naked, but actually commenting on everything from her complexion to her hood ring. If anything, she was finding it exciting. Nudity might not be about sex to her customers, but she was having a little difficulty divorcing the two in her own mind.

Not everyone inspired that reaction, but there were certainly a handful of men whom she had to take care not to stare at for long. With such a wide variety on open display, finding something that appealed to her was almost a certainty.

The first time her nipples had stiffened upon noticing a well-endowed man, she’d discovered just how difficult it was to hide while nude.

With the sun setting, many people were congregating around the tents that had sprung up near the trees all day long. The stream of customers was trickling to a stop, but not before giving Vanille a handsome profit for the day. If the next two days went as well, she might very well be able to take more than one day off, or even buy something nice for herself for once.

“Looks like you had a good day,” Karen remarked as she walked over from her trailer, pointing at the plastic jar full of beads.

“Well worth the trip.”

“And no tan lines.”

Vanille laughed, having grown fond of the older woman during chats between swarms of customers. “True.”

“So, are you staying, or leaving and coming back in the morning?”

She still hadn’t made up her mind upon arriving here, but the difficulty of packing up and the distance home had made the decision during the day. “Staying. I’ve got a tent in the truck.”

“I’m always up early. I could wake you up, so you can have a shower.”

“Sounds good.”

“I’ve got some wine, too. Interested?”


Karen grinned. “I’ll pull out some chairs and the citronella candles.” She then nodded toward the lake and twitched her eyebrows. “Looks like you’re not quite done for the day.”

Oh boy, Vanille thought. The two blond young men had visited her table at least five times during the day, far more than anyone else. They were in the minority, as she guessed that most everyone else was thirty or over. The pair walking up were in their early twenties at the most. Muscular bodies and ample endowments meant that she was in for another hard fought battle to hide the powerful reaction they inspired in her.

“I think we’re addicted,” the first of the two, who had identified himself as Greg, said as he unhooked the clasp of his necklace to retrieve beads.

“Good for me,” Vanille bantered, fighting the urge to look down at what was swinging between his legs while she dipped into the freezer to serve them.

“Never had anything like it,” the other, named Brian, added.

“It’s just homemade ice cream,” she protested.

“Probably going to go broke and get fat on it,” Brian said, as the pair deposited their beads.

Even though she knew that she shouldn’t, Vanille couldn’t help smiling and flirting a little. She leaned over and put her hands on the table, realizing only at the last second how much it was going to make her breasts sway and jiggle. “Should I cut you off?”

“No way,” Greg said, and then laughed as the pair turned to walk into the deepening darkness.

Vanille couldn’t hold back a quiet growl of arousal at the sight of two such perfect butts flexing.

“Me too.”

Having not even noticed Karen walking up, Vanille started and covered her eyes with her hand in embarrassment.

Karen chuckled. “Nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s all about admiring the beauty of the human body, and — mmm — that’s certainly beautiful.”

“You’re terrible.”

“I know. Let’s put up our tents and have some wine.”

Matthew arrived to exchange beads for cash shortly after the two women sat down to relax, further enhancing Vanille’s good mood. Knowing what the beads represented was one thing. Having the money inside the fire safe in the truck was another.

On top of everything, not a single person had uttered her favorite phrase.

The two women sat chatting, admiring a beautiful sunset. The wine flowed freely, and they continued to talk into the night, lit by the glow of flickering citronella candles to help ward off mosquitoes.

It was quiet at first, and almost unnoticeable. The sound intruded in the conversation only for moments, impossible to decipher, and always coming from different quarters. It nagged at the edge of Vanille’s consciousness, until one cry of higher volume finally registered.

When her eyes widened upon realizing that what she’d been hearing were sounds of passion, Karen noticed and laughed.

“Guess you finally heard, huh?”

“Well, yes,” Vanille answered in a quiet voice. “I thought it wasn’t about sex?”

“It isn’t, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. I suppose you can only be naked all the time for so long without things coming up.” She lifted a finger, miming an erect penis. “There’s sort of an unwritten rule that nothing happens while the sun is shining, or out in the open. Once the sun’s down and everyone’s in their tents…”

A warbling yelp, far louder than any of the sounds thus far split the night.

Karen gestured toward where the sound had originated.

“At least someone’s getting some,” Vanille mumbled, her voice full of mock jealousy. Of course, there was some real envy beneath the playfulness, as it had been several months since she’d been with anyone.

Karen yawned. “And on that note, I think I’m going to bed. A girl can only listen to that for so long before she starts getting depressed. You?”

Vanille swirled her cup of wine. “Think I’ll finish this.”

“I’ll see you in the morning, then. Good night.”

“Night,” Vanille responded.

It was almost surreal, sitting naked in a lawn chair with a cup of wine in hand, watching the moonlight sparkle on the lake. A couple of weeks ago, she couldn’t even have imagined she would ever be here — let alone feeling as comfortable as she did. Perhaps there was more to her streak in college than she’d thought.

Mellow from the wine, she dozed off, but only for a few minutes. When a bug flying close by her ear snapped her back into wakefulness, she stretched and opened her eyes, preparing to rise.

The sight of the two young men standing in front of her caused her to start. A split second later, she realized that she was sitting with her legs parted and her head leaned back, thrusting her breasts upward. Lit by a combination of moonlight and firelight, she was on full display for the pair in front of her.

The smiles on David’s and Greg’s faces hinted that they’d enjoyed the show.

Vanille drew her knees together, trying not to make the motion too obvious, in order to hide her embarrassment. “Little late for ice cream, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know. A double dip sounds really good about now,” David said. He then turned to his friend, and the grins on their faces grew wider.

“You’re lucky I’m such a sweet girl,” she said as she stood. Naturally, having such strapping younger men admiring her was the real reason. It felt good, and was more than worth the effort of dishing them up a couple of bowls before bed.

Vanille pulled back the tarp hanging around her awning, opened the back door of the truck and climbed in, her body once again responding to the pair. They followed her and stood in the doorway waiting while she retrieved bowls and spoons. Between the wine and her arousal, she felt the desire to show off a little. Rather than kneeling to reach into the cabinets, she bent over instead. Nerves kept her from peeking to see if they were looking, though she had the sensation of eyes upon her.

There was only a little left from the last batch, but it was enough for a couple of bowls. She opened the freezer and retrieved the container — once again bending over to stick out her butt. When she straightened and turned around, both men lifted their eyes slowly, making no effort to hide that her show hadn’t went without an audience.

David’s eyes roved down from her face for a moment. “Little cold, huh?”

“Well, it is a freezer,” she managed to say, a chill running up her spine from knowing that he was looking at her stiff nipples.

It was then that she noticed.

The two impressive cocks she’d been sneaking glances of all day were noticeably larger, and no longer dangling. Instead, they were steadily rising upward. The sight was almost mesmerizing. So much so that she didn’t realize how long she was openly staring.

“Getting a little warm out here,” Greg said, snapping her out of a trance and flooding her face with warmth.

Vanille’s heart beat fast. She might have been able to pass off the looks as some curious nudist admiration, but the erect cocks now bobbing only a couple of feet away spoke of something entirely different.

Are they actually turned on? Both of them?

Even her mini fantasies throughout the day had never dared to go there. She’d never been with more than one man at once, though it had always been an incredibly arousing thought. Still a little doubtful, she decided to play it safe, and handed over the bowls.

David dipped his spoon almost immediately, but rather than bringing it to his mouth, he asked, “Do you want a bite?”

The faint tingling she’d felt between her legs all day whenever the pair came around spiked into an electric pulse as wetness flooded her sex. The look on David’s face spoke very clearly of hunger — and not for ice cream. This was one fantasy in which she had indulged, and having a man feed her always set her on fire.

She smiled — hoping against hope that she wasn’t dreaming or imagining things. “Sure.”

David extended the spoon to her lips, and she parted them. The taste of vanilla awakened her taste buds, even as her flames of passion soared higher. He withdrew the spoon slowly, and she sucked it. A small kissing sound accompanied the spoon finally leaving her lips.

“How about another?” Greg asked, his spoon already moving toward her lips.

Vanille drew in a deep breath and nodded, repeating the sexy display. A little bit of ice cream clinging to the back of the spoon near the handle dribbled onto her chin.

“Whoops,” Greg said, and chuckled. He used the spoon to gather up the dollop, and with his eyes locked on hers, brought the spoon to his own lips.

She couldn’t suppress the shiver that vision inspired.

“One more?” David asked, not waiting for an answer either. As he moved the spoon toward her lips, he tipped it quite purposely, making no effort to hide what he was doing.

Vanille gasped as chilly vanilla cream spattered on her right breast and nipple.

His voice deep and full of seduction, David asked, “Want me to get that?” He gave his cock a squeeze at the same time.

“Oh yes,” she answered in a voice barely above a whisper.

He leaned in, his tongue curling around the stiff point of her nipple. Vanille sucked in a quavering breath, and then moaned when he closed his lips around her.

Greg guided her to look at him, and her eyelids fluttered open. “Don’t think I quite got all of that.”

She nearly swooned when he kissed her, but had enough presence of mind for her tongue to join in a dance with his. All the while, David continued to suck her nipple. Somehow, in the midst of the kiss, Greg managed to drip a full spoon of ice cream on her opposite nipple. A choked off yelp escaped her from the shock as his lips left hers to find the creamy bud.

Panting for breath, she twined her fingers into the hair of the two young studs worshiping her breasts. Then, in a near simultaneous motion, both men released her. She whimpered in disappointment, but the lusty looks the pair gave her indicated that the fun was hardly over.

One of Greg’s hands squeezed her butt while David took her hand, kneeling and tugging downward at the same time. Her legs feeling weak anyway, she sank down to the grass on her knees. Strong hands then guided her to lie down.

Her back arched as twin, heaped spoonfuls of ice cream dribbled over her breasts. Rivulets of the chilly cream ran down the globes, and the two finally put down their bowls. With them so close on opposite sides of her, she couldn’t resist any longer. She reached out, gliding her fingers over both erect phalluses.

“Oh my god,” Vanille whispered in a rush. They were both as hard as stone beneath her fingers, and felt even harder when she curled the digits around the throbbing shafts. She had only a brief moment to enjoy the sensation before both men pulled away to recline, leaning over her body.

Tongues swirled over her breasts, lapping up the cream. Lips closed over her stiff nipples, sucking hard and making her whimper. Again and again, the spoons rose over her, cascading the homemade confection over her skin. Cold cream and hot mouths teased and tantalized her, making her writhe on the grass.

Lost in a fog of pleasure, she wasn’t ready.

A sharp gasp escaped her when a spoonful of icy cream spattered over her wet heat. Her swollen clit throbbed as the cream meandered between her nether lips, mingling with the wetness already there. David lifted his mouth from her sticky breast, giving her a perfect view of Greg slipping between her legs.

“Oh please, yes,” Vanille murmured when the handsome young man hovered over her mound, looking into her eyes and smiling.

An inarticulate cry burst from her lips — stifled, but still loud enough to make her flush with embarrassment. His tongue traced the full length of her nether lips, gathering up the cream. Then, it wriggled between to the center of her pleasure.

She trembled as if from an inner earthquake, panting whimpers tumbling from her lips. Though sweat was beginning to bead on her forehead, chills ran all through her body. Young the man between her legs might be, but he was far from inexperienced. From the moment his tongue touched her, she was in a state of bliss.

David chuckled. “Looks like she likes that.”

“So good. Don’t stop,” Vanille enthusiastically confirmed.

Greg let out a chuckling moan between her legs, his tongue slipping beneath her hood at the same time.

Vanille yelped from the direct assault, her eyes popping wide open. David knee-walked past her, and she saw the spoon he held at the same time as Greg noticed it. An almost evil grin spread across his face as he lifted his mouth from her folds and used his thumb to pull back her hood.

“Oh no. No,” she whimpered as the spoon centered over her. Though she struggled against Greg’s muscular body holding her leg to the ground, her efforts were weak. Deep down, she wanted what she knew was about to happen.

A spoonful taken directly from the center of the bowl, still almost completely frozen, dropped directly onto her sensitive bud.

There was no holding back the yelp that escaped her, but the shock was sufficient to overwhelm any sense of shame. Breathless from the vocal explosion, she shivered, her mouth open in a silent scream. Before she could recover, Greg’s lips locked over her clit once more.

Rendered senseless to anything except the exquisite pleasure once again, her head lashed back and forth on the ground beyond her control. At her side, she could hear David offering amused encouragement to his friend, but she couldn’t make out a single word. A knot somewhere between a tingle and an itch built beneath her mound, the first hints of an approaching climax.

Greg’s tongue delved deep inside her, offering respite for her pleasure-fogged mind, and allowing her eyes to open. Finding control over her voice again, she looked down at the gorgeous man between her legs and said, “So good.”

“That’s some sweet pussy,” he responded before suckling her folds between his lips.

“You want something sweet, too?”

Vanille shifted her gaze toward David just as he dripped ice cream directly onto the head of his cock.

“Damn,” he exclaimed, and stiffened. After blowing out a hard breath, he knee-walked closer, his ice cream covered cock twitching next to her lips.

She didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

Vanille moaned around the big cock in her mouth, delighting in David’s grunts. A far different, tangier taste mingled with the sweet vanilla, evidencing a drop of pre-cum seeping from the tip into her eager mouth. She braced her elbows beneath her, lifting her body from the earth so she could take him deeper.

“Oh hell yeah. You know how to suck a dick. You like it, don’t you?”

“Mmm hmm,” she responded without slowing.

It was everything she could have imagined, and more. She had a hard young cock in her mouth, throbbing from her ministrations. An equally perfect man was between her legs, lapping her with the eager gusto of youth, but the skill of a man far older. Her pleasure mounted, and soon she had trouble concentrating on the hard organ between her lips.

An especially sharp jolt of pleasure caused her to cry out, David’s cock slipping from between her lips. Her elbows slipped from beneath her, and she fell to the grass once more. Her hands lifted to her breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples.

“Think you’re about to get her off,”

“Oh god yes. Please don’t stop,” Vanille begged.

“You gonna come?” David asked.

Her voice rising in both pitch and volume as she hovered at the cusp of oblivion, she answered, “I’m going to come so hard.”

Greg’s lips centered over her clit, drawing folds, hood, and the swollen nub between them. He sucked hard, his tongue teasing in what seemed to be everywhere at once, and she came.

Vanille had just enough presence of mind to slap a hand hard over her mouth, stifling the scream of ecstasy as she exploded in orgasm. Her body convulsed, clawed fingers digging into the earth. Her thighs snapped together, trapping Greg’s head between them, holding his mouth against her. She had never come so hard in her life, and thought for a moment that she was going to black out from the pleasure.

Previously tight muscles went limp as the first climactic wave released her, and Greg jerked his head from between her legs.

“Damn,” he chuckled after catching his breath.

Vanille jolted from the cooler air kissing her hot pussy, setting off another wave of pleasure. Untouched, she continued to come, panting for breath and whimpering for what felt like an eternity. At last, her orgasm settled into aftershocks.

She was dripping with sweat and still twitching when David said, “Eiffel Tower, dude,” and held out his hand over her.

Greg slapped his hand against his friend’s and laughed. “Your turn.”

Having barely come down from the most intense orgasm of her life, Vanille realized that it was only beginning.

She swallowed hard and pointed with a trembling hand toward the truck. “Water.”

“Sucked her dry, man,” Greg said, and then gave his friend a thumbs-up before rising to enter the truck.

David slipped an arm beneath her back and helped her sit up. He gave her breast a squeeze and said, “You’ve got great tits. I don’t know how I kept from having a raging hardon all day.”

Said erection was well within reach, and Vanille didn’t squander the opportunity. She wrapped her fingers around it, once again amazed by the girth and hardness. “God, you have a gorgeous cock. Both of you.”

“Hot as that mouth is, there’s somewhere I’d much rather put it.”

Vanille gasped, her body tensing and a fresh rush of wetness flooding her sex. “There’s somewhere I’d much rather have it.”

“Hell yeah,” Greg said as he emerged from the truck and handed over a cup of water.

Vanille drank, soothing her throat, and drained the glass dry. Her fingers never uncurled from around David’s throbbing erection.

He leaned in and whispered into her ear, “Ready to have that pussy stuffed?”

“Oh yes, I want it.”

Greg made a curious gesture, placing the heels of his hands together into an L shape. David nodded and reclined.

“Ride him and suck me?”

The thought of being filled from both ends by hard young cock was enough to steal her voice again. She nodded, moving to straddle David almost before she could form the thought. He wasn’t wasting any time either, and stood his cock straight up as soon as she was over it. Greg’s cock loomed in her peripheral vision, inches from her lips as she guided David inside her.

A deep, almost animalistic growl rumbled in the back of Vanille’s throat as she sank down on David’s big cock. She was soaking wet, and he slid easily inside her, filling her so full. Once every delightful inch was buried inside her, she started to move her hips in slow circles and turned toward Greg. He fed her his cock as soon as she parted her lips.

David bucked his hips up toward her as she stirred his cock inside her. Greg’s hand fisted in her hair, and he tugged her forward and back while she engulfed him in her mouth. She couldn’t handle more than half without gagging, but he seemed perfectly content with that. David helped hold her upright with one arm, while the other snaked over her thigh and found her clit.

Vanille whimpered and moaned around Greg’s cock, her excitement building rapidly. David’s fingers were every bit as talented as Greg’s tongue, and she was stuffed full of his cock at the same time. Both men were groaning, evidence that she wasn’t the only one thoroughly enjoying the experience. Greg’s fingers tightened in her hair, and he took over.

She’d never had anyone fuck her mouth before, and it startled her at first. As if on cue, David moved his hand from her clit to her ass, shifting his body at the same time. She moved in response to the pressure, and her eyes widened when he started thrusting up into her.

She was being taken, two cocks driven by muscular bodies having their way with her. Though the tip of Greg’s cock sometimes poked into her throat, causing her to croak, the feeling of being ravaged overcame any discomfort. It was as if the pair could read her mind, finding every fantasy she’d ever had, and fulfilling it to perfection.

The chilly itch of climax was beginning to swell when David’s butt dropped to the ground and he took several fast breaths. Vanille started grinding her pussy on him again, but the two men had other ideas.

Greg pulled his cock out of her mouth and said, “Doggy style.”

With great reluctance, she lifted her hips, letting David slip from her clinging sheath. An almost desperate moan escaped her as an aching void replaced the wonderful fullness, but it didn’t last long. David scooted from beneath her, and Greg grabbed her ass as soon as she spun to lower her hands to the ground.

“Now that’s an ass,” Greg said, and gave it a slap.

Vanille gasped and looked back over her shoulder to watch Greg move closer, the tip of his cock pressing against her nether lips. A moment later, she was full of hard cock again, and another filled her vision.

David’s cock glistened in the light as it moved closer. The thought of tasting herself on him caused her to hesitate for a moment, but when the mushroom tip tapped against her lips, they parted of their own volition. Surprisingly, the scent of her own arousal and the taste of her juices had the opposite effect she might have expected. After the first burst of flavor, she sucked enthusiastically for every delicious drop.

“Your pussy taste good?”

Vanille let him pop from her lips just long enough to say, “I love it,” before engulfing him in her mouth again.

“That’s fucking hot,” David growled, his hands coming to rest on the back of her head.

“Fuck, that pussy’s tight,” Greg growled as he pounded her. His balls slapped against her as his cock thrust deep, nearly to the entrance of her womb. “And that ass,” he added before spanking it again.

Greg mimicked David’s action, rubbing her clit as he fucked her. Already creeping toward climax, she soared from the power of his thrusts and his nimble fingers. Cries she couldn’t contain prevented her from keeping her lips locked around David’s cock, and he opted to squeeze her breasts, his hard, saliva-slick cock still twitching before her eyes.

Vanille’s toes began to curl as she drew ever closer to an explosion. Greg pounded her hard, rocking her body forward until her forehead was tapping against David’s cock. Before she could reach the point of no-return, Greg slowed. She could hear him breathing hard and cursing under his breath.

Desperate to come, Vanille begged, “Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop. So close.”

Greg growled when she squeezed her intimate muscles around him and pushed her butt back at him. “Hang on. Too close to busting a nut.”

“Please. Give it to me. Come inside me.”

“Ah, hell yeah,” Greg said, his voice full of excitement. His fingers dug into her hips and he drove his cock into her depths with full force once again.

Hearing how much it turned her young lover on, she continued to encourage him. “I want it. I want your cum. I’m going to come too. Fuck me hard.”

“You want that load up in you?” Greg asked, his voice tight.

Now mindless of how her voice might carry, she answered, “Give it to me!” The last word turned into a squeal as she teetered on the brink.

Greg’s cock invaded her depths a few more times, each accompanied by a grunt of effort, and then he let out an explosive growl. With his cock buried to the hilt inside her, pulsing as it pumped her full of cum, Vanille came as well.

Squeezed tight around him, she could feel every contour and throb of the big cock inside her. She let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a squeal as the waves of beautiful agony assaulted her.

“Shit. Still coming,” Greg grunted as his hips pumped haltingly.

Vanille came hard, every throb of his manhood setting her off again. Her arms turned to jelly, and she sank face down into the grass. Above her, she dimly heard David chuckle and say, “Damn.”

When she felt Greg jerking his cock free, she moaned the word, “No,” and then whimpered. Letting her knees slide apart, she lay down on the ground and curled up. Still within the grip of orgasm, she twitched from the pulses of ecstasy flowing through her.

“Holy shit. That was good. Guess you get real sloppy seconds this time,” Greg said, and then let out a weak chuckle.

Vanille rolled over on her back, feeling the mingled cream inside her already seeking an exit. She was greeted by the sight of David’s cock — rock hard and ready.

“You ready for some more?”

She shuddered and clamped her knees together for a moment — but only for a moment. “Oh god, give it to me,” she answered as she parted her legs wide.

Obviously as excited as his friend, David was moving before she even finished answering. Vanille groaned as his cock slid deep into her cream-filled pussy. “Oh, fill me up.”

“Fuck yeah,” he said as he started thrusting.

Though her face flushed from the flatulent sounds his cock made as it penetrated her, the thought of what caused them overcame any embarrassment. David was pumping his cock into her, already filled with Greg’s cum. Still twitching on the tail end of her previous orgasm, she felt another building rapidly.

“Want a taste?”

Greg held his half hard cock toward her lips, and Vanille answered by slipping a hand to his rock-hard butt and tugging him toward her. As soon as he was within reach, she teased his balls with her tongue, lapping up the dribbles of cum. David’s cock slammed into her, rocking her body and making it difficult, but she managed to lick and suck Greg’s member almost clean before he jerked away.

“Holy shit. Enough of that,” Greg gasped out.

David pushed her knees a little farther back, leaning over her as she licked her lips. Vanille yelped and cried out, “Ah, yeah,” as his hard young cock slipped along her clit. The angle was perfect for his hardness to tantalize the sensitive bud for almost the full length of every hard, fast stroke.

Her breasts bounced and her breathing quickened. The embers of approaching release she’d felt previously exploded into a bonfire, shocking her. Her eyes popped wide open as she realized that she was on the verge of coming so soon.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh god!”

“Mmm — fuck yeah,” David growled in response.

The words emerged in a breathless rush, barely above a whisper but a couple of octaves above normal. “Harder! Faster! Give it to me!”

David appeared to be up to the suggestion. His cock pounded into her, grunts of effort accompanying each thrust. Sweat beaded on his gorgeous, muscled body, matching hers, which already ran with rivulets. The mingled cum inside her spattered on both of their bodies.

It hit her without warning.

A full voiced scream she couldn’t contain in the slightest accompanied the first wave of orgasmic energy ripping through her. It continued, warbling as he ravaged her climaxing body. The beautiful agony claimed her mercilessly, spiking with each thrust of his hard cock.

Then she came again.

The first orgasm hadn’t even begun to dull when the second took her. It was no mere spike, but a second eruption. She’d heard of multiple orgasms, but she’d never thought to experience one. Her mind was a fog of almost painful pleasure that seemed to encompass every square inch of her. Her vision dimmed, going dark at the edges. Cries that she barely realized were her own burst from her lips, and she just kept coming.

David’s growl sounded as if it was echoing from inside a small empty room, but she heard it. “Gonna cum.”

The final thrust slammed into her depths, and she swore she could feel the jets of cum hitting her cervix. Every muscle in her body tightened. Her toes curled and her fingers turned into claws. David’s cock pulsed and throbbed in the vicelike grip of her pussy. Satiated beyond her wildest dreams, Vanille reveled in the aftershocks rippling through her body.

He finally jerked free when he couldn’t take it any more, strands of mingled cum spattering on his washboard abs. Vanille groaned in protest, her throat dry and scratchy from screaming as she came.

Filled with a double dip of cream — if not the iced kind — Vanille let out a languid chuckle as the words bubbled up in her head.

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