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Dominating Annie

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You hear the normal story all the time. It could be a drunken romp where two blushing newbies try it out on a whim. Maybe it happens on a night of slow seduction, planned for months, when a long married couple try and reinvent their sex life with new penetration. This is not one of those stories.

Dominick and Annie were anal fiends. Every chance they got to play would start and end with hardcore ass fucking.

Like all couples who play with the tighter ring they had worked up to it over a period of months, and one thrust at a time had become addicted to the hot, tight and taboo world of anal sex.

Dom dialled in Annie’s number and waited for it to connect. He’d been waiting to make the call all day, and was already hard at the thought of of the special pumping he was going to give her tonight. The gamble he had taken on the gift he had got for her had paid off, and he was about to burst with the excitement of giving it to her.

She answered on the first ring. “Hey Dom!”

“Hey, how’s your week been?” He innocently asked, but she cut straight to the point.

“My place, half an hour. I’m so horny I’m about to fuck the bedpost!” She shot back quickly, her normally delicate voice husky with desire.

“And my week’s been boring, thanks.” She added with a laugh.

“Haha, great.” Dom smiled, glad she was in the same mood as him. “I’ll see you soon then, kitten.”

“Can’t fucking wait. Can you bring a drink with you?”

“Easy. Don’t start without me!” He threw a shirt on and jumped in the car.

It had been a long time since she had first suggested they try out anal; both of them had agreed that the idea of was incredibly hot. The first encounter had been quite a night, but that’s another story. Dom made a quick stop at the bottle shop for vodka and arrived at Annie’s apartment a little early, but dashed up the stairs anyway and let himself in.

Immediately he was hit by the smell of her incense burning, and his cock pricked up just a second later. After so many months of mind blowing sex he had come to associate that smell with fucking Annie’s tight, puckered ass hole. He glanced around the place to make sure her room mates weren’t home and headed to the bedroom where he knew Annie would be waiting.

But as soon as Dom entered the room it became clear that Annie couldn’t wait. He stopped in his tracks at the door and stared at the sight on the bed. Annie was on all fours, her ass pointing directly at the open bedroom door. Four or five different dildos and butt-plugs of different sizes were scattered around the double bed, and a vibrator hummed loudly, almost drowning out the girl’s desperate moans. She had her right hand reached back behind her, pounding her ass hole with a 9inch long, and very thick, black dong. Her long red hair had fallen down the side of her face and her round tits were swaying as Dom watched her fuck her gaping ass with the rubber cock.

The sight reminded of the first plug they had bought together; small and purple with a suction base. Annie had cum so hard she gushed as the tiny plug plopped into her virgin hole, prompting Dom to pump her with it and make his slut’s little hole gape like a chasm, just like it was now. They had fallen in love with the tight, taboo and filthy dirty world of anal fucking there and then.

Dom smiled as he remembered it, and smiled even wider watching his filthy gorgeous girl fuck herself on the bed. Each thrust she shoved the dong deeper into her well lubed ass and pulled it all the way out, giving Dom a perfect shot up the horny girl’s dark hole. After just a few more thrusts she was sliding the cock so far in she could hardly hold onto the stub that still hung out. Feeling loose enough now she gave the dildo one last push, and Dom watched from the doorway as her red ass ring closed slowly around the fully inserted dong.

She closed her eyes and moaned, feeling the full length of the dildo stretch her insides, and flopped onto her back, giving Dom a view of her shaved pussy. Finally she saw him, blushing a little as she realised the performance he’d seen for free. He moved over to the bed and took a swig of the spirit, offering the bottle to her. She nodded and took it from him, shaking a little as the dildo shifted deep inside her. After kissing him passionately she spoke, in that same husky whisper as before.

“I had to start without you, baby. My poor little ass hole needed to be fucked.” She batted her eyelids and they laughed together. “Maybe you’d help me out?”

Dom took another sip of the vodka before replying. “I’m glad you’re warmed up already, because that sexy ass of yours is really going to be put through its paces tonight. Now, get back on your hands and knees.” Her reply was more of a moan that speech. “Ohhhh thank God!”

He slapped her ass as she shuffled back up the bed. As she moved into position, he jumped off the bed and got the handcuffs she kept in bedside table. In a well rehearsed movement he cuffed her wrist and bent her forward to the bed head, attaching each hand to a different corner, forcing her to arch her back. To add a twist to their regular play he pulled the spreader bar out from under the bed and spaced it to maximum. Once attached to her ankles she couldn’t close her legs if she wanted to, not that she did, of course.

“Ah the spreader bar, you must have something devious on your mind baby,” she teased him.

“I do indeed, sexy, I got you a present and I don’t want you trying to wriggle out of it either. I know an anal whore like you can take it. But you remember the safe word just in case?”

“Just shut up and start already! I’m so close to cumming I’m going to explode!” She screamed back at him. He slapped her ass again as a playful reprimand, and turned his attention to her already full cavity.

Working his finger in her lubed-up hole he found the big dong had worked its way up a few more inches, giving him an idea.

“You ready to be double-stuffed? As a punishment for starting without me I’m going to fuck you with a butt-plug while that big black cock sits all the way in your ass. Nice and deep, hey?” She moaned a reply, already hazy with lust as he fingered her ass. “I don’t care, I just need to be fucked!”

He grabbed a medium sized plug her the collection and stuck it in her mouth, making it glisten with her saliva. She closed her eyes and moaned as she sucked the stumpy rubber plug. Taking it from her mouth, he positioned the head of it on her ass hole and began to push it in. She was so loose from fucking herself earlier that their was no resistance at all until the tip of the plug touched the end of the dong about 2inches into her ass.

Ignoring the new pressure Dom continued to push the plug in, watching her anal ring expand around the girth of the wide toy. The big dong deep inside her slowly moved further down her bowels. With a final little push Dom got the plug all the way in, making both of them moan. It was his favourite bit to watch; her ass hole contract around the smaller base of a large plug, knowing she was full to bursting on the inside. She gasped at the new sensation of being over-full.

“Holy fuck I’ve never had anything so deep before. Fuck Dom I can feel it all. So fucking deep.” She groaned and moved her hips as much as the spreader would allow, feeling the full size of the toys inside her.

Giving her a second to adjust to the full ass load he had shoved in, Dom hopped of the bed and stripped naked, taking his hard shaft in his hand. Moving around to her head he grabbed her chin and pushed his prick into her mouth, slowly fucking her face and finally her throat.

“Have you learned your lesson? Don’t start without me.” He asked with a stern look. She looked up at him and nodded as he fucked her mouth hard. “Good girl.”

After that first experience with a butt-plug all those months ago Annie had quickly stretched herself to take Dom’s fingers, and finally his cock. The first time they came together with Dom deep inside he shot such a large load it was still leaking out of her ass hours later. He loved to make her suck his cock clean after a hard ass fucking, and she loved to taste the combination of cum and her own pussy juice on his steel hard cock. Forcing her to blow him now was such a turn-on.

After pulling his cock out of her mouth with a quiet plop he went round to her exposed ass and began to work the plug out of her. Each tug on the toy stretched her ass hole wider and made Annie moan like a bitch on heat. As soon as the thickest point of the plug had moved through the red ring, Annie’s abused ass hole began to contract back to a normal width, that is until the head of the long black dong began to peek out. Inch by inch the massive rubber cock slowly slid out of the girl’s stretched ass hole, leaving her gaping and empty as she was bound to the bed.

After both toys were out and her hot, wet hole was gaping wide Dom shoved his own cock in, forcing yet another moan to escape her lips. The plug had stretched her ass so wide there was no resistance at all as he slid back and forth. Every thrust made the head of his cock rub the inside wall of her slut ass, tickling her closer to orgasm.

“You fucking stud, I’m dripping wet. Fucking pound me, fuck my gaping ass hole! Fuck me, FUCK ME, DOM!” She was crazy, wild with slut lust and on the brink of cumming. She squirm against her bondings, desperate to feel more of Dom’s throbbing cock in her well-used ass. Dom had other ideas, and pulled his cock out just as she was on the brink of exploding.

“Dom! Get your cock back in my ass! Please!” Her plea was ignored, and Dom slapped his cock on her abused ass to make the point. “Ha, baby you’ll cum when I’m ready. Until then your ass better be up for what I’m going to do to it, I’ve got a new toy to try on you.” Dom reached down and pulled out the latest dildo in their collection.

It was a full size rubber casting of his of hand, fingers gathered together to a point. They’d tried fisting before but Annie had never quite been able to take the full girth of Dom’s large hands. Tonight would be different. He unwrapped it and lubed it up, keeping it out of Annie’s limited line of vision.

“Don’t I get to see whatever it is your going to put in me?” She cooed, giving her ass a little wiggle against the spreader bar. Dom replied by sliding two of his fingers up her hole to open her up. After a few thrusts he grabbed the rubber hand by the wrist and poked her quivering rosebud with the first finger.

He started slow, working the first few inches in and slowly out again, forcing the huge fist deeper and deeper into the bound girl’s anal passage. Dom leant in close and licked at Annie’s stretched ring, adding his saliva to the juicy mix of lube and pussy.

Although her ass hole had been stretched loose by long months of anal fucking, this new toy was something else! She could feel each of the silicon fingers as Dom twisted more of the fist inside her, filling her in a way she had never been filled before. The rubber fist had a bit more flexibility than Dom’s own hands, and was already working its way deeper into her than his own fist had ever got.

The sight of Annie’s gorgeous ass hole stretched wider than ever had given Dom such a raging hard-on it hurt. Every single thrust back and forth of the giant dildo bought the rubber fingers closer and closer to being swallowed by the girl’s ravenous ass hole. Annie was breathing hard as she was being stretched. Nothing so big had ever worked its way into her dirty ass; even an anal whore like her was having doubts it would fit. She began to squirm under the pressure of the enormous dildo, but the bindings on her wrist kept her head down and ass up, and the spreader bar held her legs wide. There was nothing she could do but lay there and take the giant fisting.

As the fist reached the widest point she became frantic. “Fuck fuck fuck Dom I can’t. Oh my God Dom I can’t take it. It’s so fucking big! Oh Dom please!” But once again Dom ignored her pleadings. “I know you can take it, you anal slut. Your loose ass is going to get fucked hard by this fist and you’ll cum like a fucking freight train. Take it! Open that ass hole wide, slut!”

Dom started pumping harder now. The fist was at its largest point, keeping her ass stretched wider than it had ever been before. With a grunt he tightened his grip and shoved the remained width in her, making whole whole body wrack violently with pain, pleasure and total fulfilment.

None of the toys they had played with had ever made her feel like this before. She remembered being stuffed with a zucchini 10inches long, and when Dom and a mate of his double fucked her ass hole at the same time. She had always cum hard from anal, but the orgasm rumbling up from inside her now was going to be the biggest in her life.

As her ass hole claimed the dildo and slowly shrank around its thick wrist Annie shook and wriggled a bit, trying to adjust to the huge size of the toy inside her. Already her pussy was dripping, and her clit was about to explode but she knew Dom wouldn’t play with her cunt just yet. When her breathing had slowed down a little Dom moved back into position and gripped the wrist of the massive toy that impaled in Annie’s raw ass. He leaned right down to her ear where should could feel his warm breath as he whispered.

“Read for this, baby? I’m going to start pulling it out now, and then the real fucking begins.” He jiggled the rubber fist as he spoke, causing her to shudder as the giant toy shifted in her. The sensations inside her were driving her crazy. Dom slowly began to pull the dildo out of her swollen hole and felt the pressure of the massive toy against her ring.

Her ass wouldn’t give the toy back. The rubber fist had stretched her so wide and speared her so deep he had trouble starting to pull it out. Only after a sharp tug did Annie’s rectum slowly began to relent, as inch by inch the toy tapered wider, beginning the stretching all over again. Her moaning got louder and her pussy swelled with the hot dirtiness of it all. Her ass had already been stretched by the toy going in, so after the initial resistance the giant pole moved surprisingly easy and it slipped out of her, making her grunt like an animal.

Dom gave her no chance to relax, and rammed the huge fist straight back in her gaping slut hole. It took a fair shove from Dom but the fist slid it in without too much resistance. After one or two more slow thrusts in and out her ass hole gaped wider than he had thought possible. She was being fisted, pounded, slammed like an anal whore, and she loved it.

Every thrust of the giant dildo fucking her bowel made her grunt and moan. As the dong filled her more than she had ever been filled she felt like she was going to burst. The combination of lube and pussy juice ran down her legs and soaked the bed beneath her. Both Annie and Dom were going crazy with horny lust; Dom’s cock was so hard it almost burst at the sight of his slut’s ravaged ass hole. Shoving the fist back into her, Dom decided it was time for the finale.

He pushed the end of his rock hard cock against her swollen, juicy pussy, and without warning her, thrust himself into her trembling cunt. Annie gasped as he filled her pussy. She didn’t think she could possibly be more full than she had been with the fist, but Dom’s cock in her pussy drove her past the point of no return.

As he fucked her hard, pumping her sweet cunt she began to shake violently. She knew her orgasm was getting closer, and that when she came it would be Earth shaking. Dom couldn’t hold on much longer either, each stroke of her cunt around his cock brought his orgasm closer and closer. The two fucked in a frantic rhythm until suddenly they both began to cum.

Dom whipped his cock out of her and started to shot load after load of sticky juice all over her ass cheeks and pussy. His free hand never stopped frigging her clit, and the combination of forces in her ass and the feeling of hot cum hitting running down her ass drove Annie over the edge. She shuddered against the spreader bar with wave after wave of ecstasy, her pussy gushing girl cum and her ass contracting around the enormous fist embedded in it. She moaned and squirmed as her orgasm bought her to the brink of unconsciousness. Her whole existence focussed around the heat in her pussy and the fullness of her ass. It was bliss.

After they had both returned back to Earth Dom pulled out the fist, making Annie grunt like a beast one last time. She felt so empty after being filled to the rim like she had been. Without speaking Dom unbound her from the spreader, and then took the cuffs off her wrists. She flopped on her back immediately, pausing only for a swig of the drink that had been ignored on the bedside table. Absent-mindedly she sloshed her fingers around her abused ass hole and slick pussy, amazed at how loose both her holes still were.

“Dom, you are a genius, that was fucking incredible.” She whispered.

“You were the star, sexy. You were totally amazing.” He smiled back at her. “Ready to go again soon? Haha!”

“I think my poor little ass hole will never be the same again after that fucking! Give me a day or two, but fuck yeah I want more.” She unashamedly admitted.

In Dom and Annie’s next session things get even wilder, but that’s a story for another time.

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