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The Fragile Passion

Category: Mature
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Slowly I moved over to the stereo and pushed play so one song would play on repeat. I turn to face him my pale blue eyes focusing on him as I suck in a slow breath as the song “the fragile” by nine inch nails begins to play. I wear only a pair of tight fitting jeans, thong panties and matching red lace bra. Slowly as I walk toward him my hips sway in a slow sensual motion as I let my mind get lost in the moment and the rhythm of the music. I take another slow breath as I stand before him looking down upon him as he sits in his chair with a smirk.

I swallow hard before slowly sliding into his lap straddling him. My fingers slowly draw down over his muscled chest and stomach memorizing every crease each muscle made. I listen to his breathing in beat to the music before my eyes slowly wonder up from where my hands play to meet with his gaze. I begin to chew on my lower lip as I watch him closely slowly leaning forward till my lips meet his. Feeling a spark ignite more than I thought it would I find myself leaning all the more into him pressing my bra covered chest against his as my arms slowly slip around his neck.

My fingers slide through his short hair as I gently press my hips to his. I can feel the burning heat of lust and passion burn between my thighs; a soft whimper of longing leaving my throat. Slowly tiling my head back I can feel his lips travel down my chin and throat another soft moan leaving my lips. My breathing short and jagged as I try to keep myself at a slow pace from just wanting my clothes torn off by his muscled arms and hands.

I feel his arms slid around my waist as one of his hands move up to slowly and gently unclasp my bra. I whimpered feeling him kiss my chest as he slowly slid my bra straps down my arms before pulling it completely and letting it drop down to the floor where my shirt laid. Slowly leaning back I felt his kisses move over my breasts before he began to suckle on my left nipple as his thumb teased my right. A shiver ran through my body as I moaned from the abuse that my nipples were being put through.

I continued to grind my hips gently into his feeling his growing erection. The heat between my thighs only growing stronger as the torment I left continue to tear through my body. I long for more of his torments as I feel him move his lips from one nipple to the next a moan of pleasure rippling through me. I continue to tremble enjoying the pleasure feeling him pinch my left nipple. A yelp escapes me from the sudden pain I feel only to shudder from the following pain.

Breathing heavily I gently drag my nails over the flesh of his back moaning deeply wanting to cause him pleasure and pain as he does to me. I feel him shiver as I smile and reluctantly pull away from him sliding off his lap slowly to stand upon my wobbly legs. I whimper softly as I feel my thong panties are soaked through and I gently unbutton my tight fitting jeans. My eyes stay focused on his dark mysterious eyes a long sigh leaves me as I get lost in them slowly sliding my pants to let them pull around my feet. Watching him stand he takes my hand and guides me over to the bed.

He instructs me to lay down and I comply laying down upon the bed turning my head to the side some so I can watch what he is up to. Watching him slowly move to rest his hand on my stomach he slowly slid it up my breasts and than circled over one than the other getting a soft moan to leave my full lips as I tilt my head back. Feeling his hand slide back down over my stomach he gently let his finger tips dance over the soaked fabric of my panties.

A moan of complete ecstasy leaves me as I squirm on the bed trying to hold as still as I can to allow the pleasures of his torture to continue. Feeling him grip my thong by the crotch I can feel him begin to pull them down my thick thighs. I suck in a quick breath and hold it till the panties are completely removed from my body. Now laying naked before him I wait for what is to come next. I stare at him with a longing gaze as he moves over me and leans down to slowly and gently kiss my lips. I return the kiss and slide my hand up to rest on his side before letting both of my hands slid down his body to his jeans were I gently play with the buckle of his belt.

I can feel his smirk against my lips as she finally get it undone than begin to unbutton his pants followed by slowly unzipping them. I shudder softly as my hand graces his hard cock with my finger tips.. Slowly I push his pants down to free him completely of their restrictive nature. Gently I wrap my fingers around the throbbing flesh as I whimper wanting so badly to feel it deep inside me. I gasp feeling his fingers tease my dripping pussy. I told my head back and moan deeply in pleasure as I squirm.

I can feel his hot breath watching over my skin as he sets my flesh ablaze from his touch and torments. I swallow hard and lift my head to look down upon him watching him as he moves his head between my legs. Another moan leaves my lips as she roll my head back when his hot breath washes over my neither lips. Trying to keep my breathing from being erratic I slowly part my legs more when the feeling of his hot wet tongue draws a long line over my sensitive swollen lips. I moan for him gripping the bedding tightly into the fists of my hands as she fight to keep from squirming away.

Feeling his tongue swirl over my swollen, erect clit I shudder and moan feeling wave after wave of pleasure crash through my body. I squirmed on the bed feeling his tongue push into my velvet tunnel another moan leaving my lips as I arched my back upwards feeling a strong powerful wave of pleasure tear through my nude form. Feeling him slowly with draw his tongue from me I pant heavily and looked around through my lust glazed eyes..

I watch him as he slowly climbs up my body placing light kisses over my stomach and between my breasts along the way. I breath in slowly feeling each kiss he leaves on my skin begin to tingle. My body feels like its on fire as a thin layer of sweat forms over my flesh. Releasing the bedding from my death grip on it I reach up and gently caress his face before he gently kisses my lips and I return the kiss with a soft smile. I can feel the head of his hard cock brushing against my neither lips as I whimper softly in longing waiting for him to impale me upon his hard shaft.

I shiver from the thought of his hard cock ramming into me without a second thought. Gently I wrap my legs around his waist a smile dancing over my lips. A soft long moan leaves my lips as I feel him slowly begin to push past my pussy lips and begin to enter me. A shudder tears through me as my nails press into his flesh biting the side of my full lower lip. I begin to tremble once I feel him slide completely inside of me.

Feeling him completely inside me I feel our union come more than just that. The passion that tears through my body as I feel him begin to slide out of him caused a moan of intense pleasure to leave my lips. Feeling each slow ridge of his throbbing hard cock only made me want more of him. Gently I drug my nails over his back causing thin red lines to form on his skin. Taking slow deep breaths I know he is taking his time to make this as pleasurable as possible. A moan leaves me as I feel him begin to push his way back into him till he filled me completely again grinding his hips into mind a shudder rippling through my body.

He begins to increase the speed causing me to arch my back upward and tilt my head back. Biting the side of my lower lip till it began to bleed. I whimper as you begin to place kisses and love nips across my throat. I moan softly shaking softly with long heated breaths that leave my lips my hands gripping his hand and keeping him close afraid he would run away if I let him go. Slowly I tilt my head upwards moving my lips to meet his in a fiery passionate kiss. Feeling his tongue invade my mouth I move my own to slide along his and explore his out mouth.

I begin to lift my hips against his in rhythm to him increasing the pleasure as he impaled me even further onto his hardness. I arched my back once more tilting my head back letting out a cry of pleasure. I feel his arm slip under my back to keep me close as he forces his way in and out of me. His trusts get stronger as my moan, cries, and purrs of pleasure only seem to get louder. He becomes rougher and grabs some of my hair pulling it, the action sending a tremor of pleasure to tear through my body.

I can feel it. The building pleasure of a release to come. I moan softly and beg to be released to leg go. I grind my hips up into his harder as he thrusts . Each movement more powerful than the one before it. I tremble violently as I fight to hang onto him afraid to let him go. I can feel his hot breath washing over my flesh as he moves his head down to rest near my neck. I whimper and moan feeling the hot orgasm continue to build waiting for it to reach its peak.

Crying out loudly I feel the rush of release wash over me as my body gives into the purely intense orgasm that rips me to pieces. I begin to shake in his arms as my body tenses tight and doesn’t wish to relax again. Riding out the orgasm I feel my pussy spasm around his cock as he continues to thrust deep into me pumping harder and going deeper than before. I wait for his climax wanting to feel him fill me. I moan softly as I am tired and running out of energy but I never want the feeling of pleasure to stop. I stare at him with a blissful gaze upon my features.

Feeling his cock twitch within my body I know it has come. He grunted softly as he thrust hard into me one last time as he released deep inside me. His seed filling me as I shudder and moan his name softly. I feel his soft lips press to mine and I smile returning the tender filled kiss. I whimper as I feel him slowly pull free from my velvet tunnel and lay next to me on the bed. I smile as I notice your arms wrap around me and pull me close to him. I turn towards him and snuggle into him yawning softly as I wish to slip into a blissful sleep that he has granted me.

One night of passion was all I had asked of him and he had granted it. But I will want more. More from him than just a night of pleasure and heated fucking. I want more than just that. Will it ever happen? I am not sure but I know I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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