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Doing the Cleaner

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It’s Wednesday morning and I wake up early. It’s the one day of the week I stay home and look after our toddler. Carrie is working part time, keeping in touch with her job as an academic so she can take up full time work again in a couple of years. Our little one goes to crèche two and a half days a week and I (being a sensitive new age guy) take care of her on Wednesdays. That way Carrie gets three days a week at the university.

I see that there are still 20 minutes before the alarm goes off. Being early summer it is already light and I can hear birds in the garden. Carrie is breathing heavily, frizzy blond hair framing her pale face. I lean across and kiss her plump parted lips ever so lightly. She stirs a little and I burrow under the covers and shift her body so that I am lying between her thighs. I kiss the soft warm flesh and then nuzzle her lightly thatched quim.

She is waking and, as my tongue laps gently at her warm soft labia, she groans and reaches a hand down to where my head is rocking. ‘What you doing?’ she asks in a voice thick with sleep. I am too occupied to reply and after a minute she lets out a long sigh and churns her hips in pleasure. Her pussy is creaming a little and I slurp a bit as I eat her. Her juices are heavy and thick and, when I comment that she is ovulating, she just grunts and pushes herself back at me demandingly. She is always horny in the middle of her cycle.

She is palming her tits now and it doesn’t take long before she is bucking back hard to meet me, pressing her parts against my mouth. Things are pretty slippery now, her juices coating my lower face, my lips and tongue sliding and slipping over the puffy labia and slick clit. She cums, straining against my face, then rapidly bucking so that my upper lip knocks against her clitty. More cream oozes — not exactly a flood but certainly more than when she is not ovulating.

With one last panting groan she heaves onto her side then rolls on her front, head resting on her folded arms. Her firm buttocks are inches from my face and I get a waft of arse pong. I inhale deeply then admire the nice pear shape and firm creamy flesh, the patch of blond hairs in the small of her back that leads into her crack, the deep crease where her butt meets her thighs. I breathe in her scent again.

She is impatient. ‘Lick me!’ she says, voice muffled by her forearms. ‘Kiss my bummie.’ I put hands on cheeks and separate them, revealing that tight little anus, purple clenched muscle surrounded by a ring of damp dark hair. There is the odd fleck of brown in the creases and area has a sheen of sweat and buttery slick. God I love her arse like this!

I inhale deeply again then reach forward with my tongue lapping up the salty excretions and earthy residue, getting all the flavour, before washing round the rubbery flesh and probing at its taut centre. Carrie grunts and farts, her anus blossoming as it releases the night’s stale hoard. I rear back then slap her bum. She chuckles, not the least ashamed. ‘Sorry honey, just slipped out.’ I grunt that I’m going to fuck her before ‘anything else just slips out’ and spit several times on her rosebud.

Anal sex is something we mostly save for that time of the month when she is fertile. It’s not that we have an aversion to condoms — it’s just a thing that started when we first moved in together and I felt like I needed an excuse to screw her in the pooper.

She goes up onto her knees and wiggles her butt. I shrug off the bed covers and kneel between her spread thighs. My cock is pretty rigid and with a half dozen strokes I bring it to full hardness. I massage some spit round the head. Carrie reaches across to the bedside table and hands me back a tube of gel. I dab a little on her pucker and she looks back at me impatiently, her hips shifting from side to side. I put a hand on one cheek to hold her steady and line up my dick with her slick anus.

She sighs as I press inwards, her ring gradually giving way and my cock sliding into her rectum. ‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,’ she gasps. Her hand is urgently on my thigh, holding me back while she gets used to the invasion. Then, after a half minute or so, she sighs and puts her hand down. I lean steadily forward and my cock sinks steadily in, her inner heat enveloping me. I jag forward to bury the last inch and she throws her head back and swears.

Then I am fucking her, long and steady, hips thudding into her buttocks, sending quivering shock waves through the taut flesh. She reaches beneath and plays with her cunnie. Now she is getting close and tells me to fuck her harder. I hold her hips firmly and give it all I’ve got. Her hand is a blur between her thighs and then she is cumming again. She slumps forward and I ride her down. Her anus is clenching convulsively and I force my cock hard into it and cum, releasing my sperm deep in her bowels.

We lie there for long minutes, her panting sweaty body under mine. Then she looks at the clock and swears.

Within 30 minutes Carrie has showered, dressed and charged out the door, toast in one hand, briefcase in the other. I take my time getting up, read the paper, dress and feed little Emma. It is 12 noon when the door bell rings and I let in Helen, the cleaner.

Helen is in her early 40s and has been working for us once a week since Carrie returned to work. She is a single mother raising two boys now in their late teens. She is short and stocky, olive skinned with very dark hair framing a round pretty face, high cheek bones, big dark eyes and broad nose and mouth. She gives me a gap toothed smile as she steps in then unbuttons her oversized grey smock. Underneath she is wearing just a white sleeveless t-shirt stretched tight over her chest and tattered cut off denim shorts that are pulled tight in her wide crotch and ride high up her chunky thighs. She’s not wearing a bra and her large breasts hang heavily, sizeable nipples visible through the t-shirt pointing down and to the sides.

She gives me a lascivious smile then picks up Emma as she totters towards us. Snuggling the tot against her bust, cooing and swaying from side to side, she walks through to the kitchen. She feeds the little one some pap, walks her round the house as she tidies and before long Emma is sound asleep. Helen lays her down in the cot and quietly shuts the bedroom door.

Her eyes twinkle as she walks towards me, tongue running round her glossy lips. I lean against the kitchen table and let her unbutton my shirt. She kisses my chest and sucks my nipples while I reach up under her t-shirt and get hold of those big dugs. Her hands are on the waist of my track pants and she works them down, going to her knees as she does so. My cock swings free, already on the rise and she captures it between her lips and slides it into her mouth. She bobs back and forth a few times, hands on my butt, then pulls clear and looks up at me, saliva wet on her lips.

‘You had anal sex this morning, huh?’ she asks with a smile.

‘You betcha!’ I confirm.

‘You didn’t wash afterwards,’ she says giving me an accusing smile.

‘That’s what you’re for, Helen. You’re the cleaner.’

I shift my hips to get my cock back in her mouth. She sucks me steadily and I enjoy her efforts. She gives a pretty superior blow job, something I really appreciate. Carrie rarely sucks me and, when she does, it is only to get me hard so I can fuck her. My wife is a real penetration queen and, much as I love that, a guy does from time to time need a decent blow job. Helen sucks steadily for a few minutes, working her mouth in different tantalising ways, and brings me close. I am up on my toes ready to blast when she sits back on her haunches and smiles up, lips all wet.

‘Not so fast buster,’ she chuckles. ‘I want a bit of fun too, you know.’ She sees the disappointment in my face. ‘Well, you have already cum once this morning, and I want to be sure you go the distance.’ I protest that I’m perfectly able to get it up twice but she just smiles and assures me that if that’s the case I won’t miss out on my blowjob. She lifts her t-shirt over her head and tosses it on the floor. Then looking at me and running her tongue over her lips, she pulls her shoulders back, lifting those heavy tits a little, lightly thumbing the fat pulpy nubs. I know what she wants, but take my time, undressing fully and then stroking my hard cock as I look at her.

‘Come on,’ she says huskily. ‘Smack them!’

I oblige, though it pisses me off when the hired help starts telling me what to do. I give a crisp smack across one, then back hand the other. They sway and jiggle and Helen catches her breath. I give another couple of smart slaps then grab her nipples and twist them hard. Helen just groans and pulls her shoulders back even further. I pull one big dug high just by the nipple then smack all around it until she winces, then do the other one. Her eyes are almost closed with the intense pleasure and I know she is ready for more. I start a steady smacking back and forth, making sure the boobs get reddened on every square millimetre. The sound of the smacks, her occasional gasps and the slapping of her tits as they rock together under the impacts is making me really horny.

She is panting at the end of it and I step over her kneeling form and rub my very hard cock round her dry lips. Her tongue flickers out and licks me and I slowly push into her mouth filling it so she has to breathe through her nose. Once it is at the back of her throat I pinch her nose closed and grab a handful of her hair. She looks up at me, eyes a little apprehensive, mouth pale where it’s stretched round the base of my dick. ‘Now suck my fucking cock! Then clean my fucking house! And we’ll worry about your fucking tits later!’

I release her nose and hair and smile as she goes to sucking with a will. My cock is steel hard and she is bobbing back and forth with the kind of energy I like. Her hands are working my balls and I feel like it’s going to be a nice long blow job. Just in reach is the cutlery draw and I get out a long handled wooden spoon. I use it to smack her tits, especially the rigid fat nubs. I increase the tempo, enjoying the smacking sound of wood against flesh, till she is gasping round my cock. Christ I am getting a blast out of this! I ease off a bit and tell her to blow me properly.

She is almost feverish in her sucking now and I see she is trying to rub her pussy through the thick denim gusset. I smack her hand away with the spoon and tell her to focus on me. She behaves, going into a deep throating action that has my jizz rising. I give her the occasional hefty smack on the side of one tit or other, enjoying her mewling around my dick. And then I am cumming and Helen is slurping as her mouth fills with jizz.

I wait till she has cleaned me up and got her t-shirt back on, then go and wake Emma. After changing and feeding her and playing a little, it is time to take her to crèche for her half day. Two full days and one half day — Carrie thinks it will help her develop good social skills.

When I get back Helen, the slut, is vacuuming in just her t-shirt, which is tied in a knot under her swaying tits, and platform shoes that she must have had in her car. Her lush tummy wobbles and fat arse sways as she pushes the vacuum, the weighty flesh jiggling. She turns and I see she has trimmed her pubic hair, but it is still a dense thicket. She gives me her ‘hello, boss’ smile and shakes her shoulders, making her tits slop about. I shake my head, walk through to my study and turn on the computer.

I have got some porno on-screen when she comes in with a duster. She bends and dusts and I swat her arse a couple of times when it is in reach, making her giggle and coo. She stands behind me and runs her hands down my chest and squeezes my dick through my shorts as we watch a mature woman tied over a chair getting her backside whipped. I hear Helen’s breathing get a bit ragged. In a minute she has my cock out and is stroking it to hardness, blowing in my ear that she’s finished now. I tell her to do the bathroom and land a good swat on her rump as she minces off.

I stand, strip off my shirt and shorts, go to the laundry and get four of the strong wooden pegs we use to hang out the clothes. Helen is cleaning the bathroom sink when I come in and smiles sexily at me in the mirror. I press against her so my groin is against her crack, pinning her to the vanity. Then I untie the knot in her t-shirt and hitch it up above her breasts. Her mouth goes a little slack and she starts to breathe heavily. I pinch her nipples hard and then hold up the pegs. Her eyes go wide, then narrow in lust as I fit two to each nipple and give them a brief painful squeeze.

Helen yelps and I chuckle, then step back and slap that pushed out bum, admiring the way the flesh wobbles and begins to redden. My cock thickens a little and I think, yeah, today she’s gonna regret asking me to do her tits. Her t-shirt is bunched over her boobs, held up by the pegs. I tell her not to touch the pegs and to make sure she cleans the shower stall properly.

I’m back at the computer when she comes back through, watching a short haired slut eagerly sucking one cock while getting another hard and deep in her rectum — one of Carrie’s favourite movies.

‘Only the bedroom to go,’ says Helen standing beside me. Her t-shirt has slipped down and I pull it up again, then over her head as she raises her arms. I like the way her heavy tits rise and shift then fall. The nipples are purple under the pressure of the pegs and I play with them, making sure they’re properly attached still, then flick them. Helen’s bottom lip is between her teeth but, despite the pain — or because of it — I can smell the arousal in her snatch.

I have one of the pegs wide open and let it snap back right on the end of one purple slightly flattened teat. Helen yelps and her knees go wobbly. I can see she is about to cum and slide a couple of fingers into her sopping cunt. I snap the peg again, feeling her cunnie clench. She pants and puts a hand on my shoulder to support herself. I shift my fingers to her very fat clit and, rubbing it hard, snap the peg again twice in rapid succession.

Helen falls across my shoulder as she cums, making a shrill keening noise. I hold her up with one arm and frig her swampy puss, forcing my fingers through her clenching vaginal muscles. Her orgasm is intense and she can no longer stand. I ease her to the floor and squeeze her tits, making them bulge around the still in-place pegs. She is still heaving about a little but I see she is coming down. I squat over her face, looking down at her tits, and lower my butt to her mouth.

‘Eat my bum, slut,’ I command and grind against her lips till I feel them open and her tongue touch my brownie. It moves about hesitantly and I rock back and forth making sure she gets all the flavour from my humid crack. I stop moving and squeeze her tits. ‘Fucking’ eat it!’ I say with gritted teeth, digging fingers into her breasts to emphasize. Her tongue is working back and forth now and then centring on my anus. I bear down and grunt as it washes about. Her hands go on my buttocks, spread them and hold them steady as her tongue darts shallowly in and out of my prune.

‘Oh fuck! Nice!’ I grunt. One of her hands comes round and over my thigh and grabs my very hard cock. ‘Oh fuck!’ I grunt again as she squeezes hard then wanks it a couple of times. This is the first time I’ve made her lick my arse and — like with everything else I do to her — I’m pleased at how eagerly she responds.

I go back to work on her tits. Now not just the nipples are discoloured, but also her wide aureoles. I release the pegs, all four of them, and she moans as the blood rushes back into the crushed blue-black protrusions. I massage them gently and her moans soften and her tongue gets back into rhythm in my butt.

For a couple of minutes we stay like this. Her hands are gently massaging my cheeks and her tongue is getting a little more adventurous. Seems like ol’ Helen is finding a bit of brown to her liking.

I lean forward a bit and play with her snatch. Her labia are quite small and well hidden by the thick curls of her pubic hair. When I find them, they are so slick they are hard to grasp. I play with them a bit, feeling their puffiness and getting a strong whiff of her arousal as they part. Her tongue is now lazily circling my anus and I feel she is too much in a comfort zone.

I pick up the pegs from the floor and fit one on each of her labia, choosing the puffiest most swollen spot on each. She grunts as the serrated teeth bite and I grind my butt down on her mouth till she gets her tongue back in action. Her legs are shifting about as she tries to diminish the discomfort, so I massage her boobs until she quietens down.

Then I lean forward again and find her clit, isolate it in its fold and ever-so-gently fit a peg over it. As I ease off and let it grip, Helen starts to buck her hips and yelp into my bum. I open the peg then, after a few seconds, ease off. Again she bucks and yelps. I continue this for ages, giving her more and more pressure, smelling her flooding puss, telling her to yell all she likes.

My cock is unbelievably hard and I quietly hump it between and over her tits as I work her clit. Eventually, I think she has had all she can take. She is pretty much wailing into my butt hole and her thighs are shaking.

I detach the three pegs, swing round, kneel between her thighs, heft her legs high and line my cock up to her snatch. In one lunge I drive all the way in her very wet cunt. She screams and hands scrabble on my shoulders. In half a dozen power thrusts she is cumming, body bucking so hard she almost dislodges me. I put my hands on her shoulders and with all my weight hold her down.

Eventually she stops arcing and bucking and I start up my thrusting again, long and slow. Her eyes focus on me and she pulls my face down to hers. We rarely kiss but I accept her tongue in my mouth, today finding the taste of burnt tobacco a bit interesting tempered, as it is, with the taste of my bum.

‘Helen,’ I murmur, thrusting deep in her and swishing my hips. ‘Have you ever been butt-fucked?’

‘You’re kidding!’ she said with a laugh. ‘I’m Greek. I was butt fucked at least fifty times before I lost my virginity. Yeah, I like it that way.’ Her eyes are dancing and she gets into a nice hip rolling action as I fuck her. ‘Even after I was married it was our main form of contraception. Theo fucked me in the arse more than my cunny.’ Her eyes turned from joyful to angry. ‘That bastard…’

The last thing I want is to listen to some maudlin personal history and I cut her short by heaving back and sitting back on my haunches, my wet cock swinging high. I reach across to Carrie’s bedside table and take the KY out of the drawer. I hold it up and slap Helen on a meaty haunch. She smiles, turns and goes up on hands and knees. Again I marvel at her butt — big and meaty, but almost as taut as Carrie’s who is at least 10 years younger.

I push her cheeks apart and there is her shitter — brown with a large circle of brown skin around it, a slight lopsided gape and lots of damp black curls. Not very appetizing — certainly nothing like Carrie’s pink little balloon knot with its blond down and tight little crinkles.

So I wasn’t in the least bit tempted to use my tongue to get her ready. Rather I just slapped on a bit of gel, wiped a blob over the head of my dick, then got into position behind her, eyes on the prize.

As soon as my dick touched her prune, Helen pushed back and I slid steadily into her bowels, her sphincter easily opening to accommodate my girth and length. It sure is different to fucking Carrie’s arse and I’m a bit disappointed that Helen takes me so easily — I was hoping there would be a bit of squealing.

I give her a good bum fucking and she responds with lots of clenching anus and bucking hips. Having cum twice already, I’m in no hurry to finish. I roll her onto her side and steadily plug away, enjoying the smell of her open bum and the way she gasps each time I go deep. Then it’s back up on her hands and knees to finish off. In this position I can spank her and before long her cheeks are glowing pink. She grunts and goes down on her face, reaches back a hand and grabs my swaying balls. She squeezes, I fuck harder, she squeezes harder and in a minute I cum deep up in her gut.

I roll onto the bed panting, totally shagged out. Doubt I’ll be able to get it up again for a week.

Helen fusses about wiping me with a cloth then dressing and finishing her cleaning duties. I wash and dress, pay her with the usual tip and see her off.

A couple of hours later the phone rings. It is Carrie. She’s about to leave work and pick up Emma from crèche. Feels like a romantic evening. Wants to get Emma settled early and then fool around. I hang up the phone, fell my tender cock through my slacks and grimace…

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