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Connie & Becka: New Old Friends

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A few years ago, Connie worked as a bookkeeper for a small chain of home improvement stores in Pennsylvania. At the time, she had been married for about 8 years and had 2 small children. From time to time, the company would send her to accounting seminars. Connie was happy with her personal life, but she relished the trips.

Not only did she have time to herself, but also the company always booked her rooms in the nicest hotels and picked up the tab on all her expenses.

After kissing her husband and kids goodbye on a Tuesday morning, she drove to work and took care of a few last minutes things before driving to her destination about 3 hours away. The seminar started the next morning, but the organization holding the seminar always held a small get-together the night before. Upon arriving, she took her bag to her room. Opening the door, she was happy to see all the perks her suite offered. A small kitchenette was just inside the door with a small counter. A couch sat opposite a big screen TV, with a picture window to the right. A doorway led to the bedroom. Stepping through the doorway, Connie was surprised to see a queen-size bed right next to another picture window. A lovely Jacuzzi tub was situated next to the bed. Opposite of the Jacuzzi was a 2-sink countertop with mirrors lining the wall. At the other end of the counter was a glass-door shower and toilet.

Glancing at the window, Connie’s mind went to a naughty thought. How exciting it would be to come here with her husband. After an evening of wine, they could make love in the tub and on the bed with the curtains open. Glancing at her watch, she saw she had about an hour before the get-together would start. She filled the tub and turned on the water jets. Undressing in front of the mirrors, she tousled her light brown, shoulder length hair and looked at her reflection. The pale skin of her shoulders gave way to a pair of full breasts. She rubbed the strap marks from her 36B bra. Perhaps she could stop by the mall some evening and pick out a few new under things. The warm water circled around her naked skin as she got in. Closing her eyes, she let her fingertips trace over her curves. Connie’s hand settled between her legs and worked feverishly on her clitoris. Within a few minutes, her body shuddered in the waves of her orgasm. Relaxing in the tub for a little longer, she felt somewhat satisfied, but not completely. Again she wished she could come here with her husband and enjoy the room together.

Rising from the tub, she leaned to get a towel. Her eyes fell on the window. Through the sheer curtains, she could see other hotel windows. She made a mental note to check the view later. Maybe she’d get lucky and catch a glimpse of a fellow traveler through the curtains.

Dressing in black slacks and a green paisley blouse, Connie stepped into a pair of black, open toe kitten heels. Normally, she’d never wear such shoes, but since she was away from home, she could afford to dress a little sexier.

Entering the conference room, Connie saw a number of colleagues that she had met before. The next half hour was spent making small talk and sipping white wine. As she talked, she glanced toward the door. Entering the room was someone she hadn’t seen before. She appeared to be a little younger than Connie. Her short dark hair framed her light complexion. Her breasts pushed against the black camisole she was wearing. Dark jeans clung to the woman’s curvy hips. Strappy high heels adorned her pedicured feet. Connie was taken by the woman’s beauty. She had found other woman attractive before, but never like this. Feeling a little confused, she pushed the sexual thought from her mind. For the next 15 minutes, Connie couldn’t help stealing glances at the woman as she made her way around the room.

As Connie made small talk with one of the next day’s speakers, she casually looked around for the object of her attention. Not seeing her, Connie felt a little regret. Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her.

“Hi, my name’s Becka.”

Connie turned to find herself face to face with the dark haired beauty.

“You’re Connie, right?” the woman asked.

Immediately, Connie realized that she knew the voice.

“Becka from Standard Flooring?” Connie replied.

“Yes, it’s so nice to finally meet you” Becka smiled.

“My goodness. We’ve talked on the phone a million times. You’re nothing like I pictured you’ Connie said.

“Well, you’re exactly like I pictured you” Becka answered.

For the rest of the evening, the two women chatted like old friends. The conversation drifted from subject to subject. They talked about work, their bosses and their personal lives. At some point, Connie mentioned a spreadsheet that she had developed for work. When Becka showed interest, Connie told her to come to her suite sometime to get a copy from her laptop.

It’s almost 9:00PM, I should probably turn in” Becka said.

“Me, too” Connie sighed.

“How about if I just swing by your room, now, to get it? Becka asked.

“Sure, lets go” Connie smiled.

The women continued chatting on their way to Connie’s room. Stepping into Connie’s room, Becka glanced out the window.

“I can see my room from here. See, I can tell because it’s the one with my suitcase lid propped up against the window,” she giggled.

Connie looked out the window to see the open suitcase on the bed in a window across the courtyard. The room was two floors lower than her room. She noticed that she had almost a full view of the bed from the higher vantage point.

After copying the file onto her computer flash drive, Becka thanked Connie and told her goodnight. Connie was feeling a little buzz from the amount of wine she had. Undressing along the way, she climbed onto the bed, wearing only her “Hanes Her Way” cotton panties. Feeling the room spin a little, she turned on the TV at the end of the bed and surfed through the channels. Several of the channels offered “pay-per-view” movies. Making her way through the index, she stumbled upon the “adult” selections.

“Who comes up with this stuff” she wondered. “Naughty Schoolgirls, Mature Women, Hot Showers, Groups”

She lingered over the next selection. Against a pink background, the word “Lesbians” glowed in white letters on the screen. Feeling a little tingle, she quickly turned the television off. Connie rolled over and turned off the light. Glancing out the window, she noticed the glow from the other room’s windows. Dark shadows moved behind some of the sheer curtains. She thought she could make out the silhouette of a couple across the way. Looking down, she saw Becka’s room. The curtains were all the way open. The suitcase was still propped against the window. Closing her eyes, Connie tried to sleep, but within a few moments, curiosity got the best of her. She focused on the window again. This time, the suitcase was gone, but the curtains were still open. Suddenly, she saw her friend sit on the bed. Her back was to the window, but Connie could clearly see that Becka was naked. She appeared to be rubbing lotion on her arms. Becka lifted her left leg onto the bed, giving Connie an unexpected view of her profile. Connie couldn’t take her eyes away from what she was seeing.

Becka’s fingers moved along her legs in gentle stroking motions, working the lotion into her skin. Connie’s hand slipped between her legs. Lightly tickling the cotton fabric of her panties, she felt the desire glowing in her belly. Becka pulled herself onto the bed and lay down on her back. Tilting the lotion bottle over her body, white droplets spilled on her breasts. Slowly, she worked the lotion into her skin. Connie wondered if the dark nipples on Becka’s breasts were becoming harder. Her own nipples ached for the touch of a tongue. Becka’s hands continued their motions over her tummy, stopping only for a moment to apply more lotion. Connie’s head swam as she watched her friend’s hand move lower, until they were feverishly rubbing the dark patch between her legs. Becka straightened her legs and pointed her toes as she threw her head back. Then, her body went limp. Connie couldn’t help herself. She slipped several fingers into herself and pumped quickly, using her thumb against her clitoris. Closing her eyes, she relished the orgasmic release. Looking back to the window, she saw her friend roll over and turn off the light.

Connie awoke to the alarm the next morning. Rolling over, she realized she had fallen asleep with the light on. It took a moment for the memory of what happened the evening before to come back to her. Looking out the window, she could see that Becka’s curtains were still open, but the early morning sunlight prevented her from seeing anything in the room.

Connie showered and dressed. As she was gathering her laptop and purse, there was a light knock at her door. Peeking through the eyepiece, she saw Becka in the hallway.

“Hi, come in,” Connie said, opening the door.

“Good morning,” Becka said in a cheery voice. “I don’t know about you, but I slept well last night.”

“I bet you did,” Connie thought to herself, remembering the spectacle she had witnessed.

The women made more small talk as Connie finished getting ready.

“Oh, wow! You have a hot tub in your room,” Becka said. “You’re company must not pinch as many pennies as mine does.”

“That’s the advantage of doing the books. You can reward yourself without the boss knowing” Connie joked. “You’re welcome to use it later. I might go over to the mall when we’re done. You can have the tub to yourself, if you like.”

“I might just do that. Thanks,” Becka replied.

After a quick breakfast in the conference room, the women took seats next to each other at the seminar. The next 6 hours were spent discussing business procedures and laws. By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted.

“I sure could use that Jacuzzi” Becka said, rubbing her eyes.

“Here’s my extra key. Let yourself in whenever you want. I’ll be out of there in about 10 minutes.” Connie smiled. “Take however long you want.”

“You’re so sweet,” Becka said, hugging her friend. “Thanks again.”

Connie let herself into her room and set her laptop on the desk. Grabbing a pair of shorts from her bag, she slipped off her slacks. She looked at the hot tub and imagined what Becka would look like, relaxing in the warm, swirling water. Her mind drifted to what she and Becka would look like together in the tub. Her imagination must have gotten the better of her, because she was shaken from her daydream by the sound of the electronic key being inserted into the door lock. Quickly, pulling on her shorts, she turned to see Becka coming into the room.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were still here.” Becka apologized.

“No problem. I’m just heading out. Take your time and enjoy the tub.” Connie said, feeling her cheeks flush in embarrassment.

Rushing out the door, Connie took a deep breath to calm herself. Ashamed, she told herself she was acting silly.

“A married woman my age, acting like a school girl with a crush.” She thought.

She tried to push the thoughts out of her mind. However, from time to time, while she was shopping, wondered what Becka was doing in her room.

About two hours later, Connie returned to the hotel. The shopping trip had been somewhat successful. She bought herself several shirts and a handful of bras and panties. Tossing her bags on the counter by the door as she entered the room, she saw a bottle of wine, chilling in the ice bucket. On the table, there were two styrofoam containers with plastic silverware and napkins laid out.

“Hello?” she called.

Becka stepped from the bedroom door. She was dressed in a mid-length, turquoise silk robe, carrying two wine glasses.

“You were nice enough to let me use your hot tub, so I thought I’d treat you to dinner” Becka said.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Connie said, fighting to keep from blushing. “Thank you.”

“It was the least I could do,” Becka replied. “Wine?”

“Yes, please” Connie smiled.

Pouring each of them a glass, Becka told her friend of getting the idea for dinner after she had left.

“I ran down the street to the store and got the wine and glasses before getting into the tub. The delivery guy brought the food a little while ago. I was still in the tub when he came, so I haven’t had the chance to get dressed yet.” Becka explained.

“Don’t worry about it. Be comfortable.” Connie said, sipping her wine.

The women refilled their glasses again before sitting down to dinner. Connie’s eyes stole a glance at Becka’s crossed legs, peeking from under the robe. As they ate, it became apparent that Becka was wearing nothing under the robe. The silky material fell open several times, giving Connie a good view of her bare cleavage.

With the meal done, Becka leaned back in her chair. Her nipples made raised peaks on the robe’s material. Embarrassed, Connie rose from the table and poured herself another glass.

“Why don’t you enjoy the tub while I clean up,” Becka suggested, making her way to the tub and turning the water on. “Then, I’ll get out of your hair and you can have the evening to yourself.”

“I couldn’t do that. I’ll wait until later.” Connie replied.

“I insist,” Becka persisted.

Walking out of the bedroom, Becka closed the door behind her. Drinking down the rest of her glass, Connie leaned against the counter, pondering what to do. Was Becka just being nice or was she coming on to Connie? With the wine and the sexy robe, it certainly seemed that way. What should she do? The glowing warmth between her legs gradually took over her emotions and Connie decided to let what ever happens, happen. Pinning her hair up, Connie undressed and slipped into the swirling water. The heat of the tub caused the alcohol to take a better effect. Breathing deeply, she allowed herself to relax. She wasn’t sure how long it was before she heard a light tap at the door.

Peeking in, Becka whispered, “I’m sorry. I left my clothes in here. Is it ok if I get them?”

“Sure, come in,” Connie answered.

Becka entered the room and gathered her clothing. Holding out her hand, Connie motioned for Becka to come closer. With Becka sitting on the edge of the tub, Connie took her hand.

“Thank you for the wonderful surprise,” she said.

“I wanted to do something nice for you.” Becka replied, leaning closer.

Their eyes lingered on each other for a few moments. Becka leaned even closer and kissed Connie lightly on the lips. Connie answered her by kissing her back.

Without a word, Becka stood up and untied her robe. Letting it slip from her shoulders, she smiled.

“Is there room in there for two?” She whispered.

Nodding, Connie took her hand and helped her into the water. Kneeling down, Becka took her place in the tub, between Connie’s legs. Kissing and touching each other, the pair became more and more intimate. Fingertips brushed over nipples. Hungry mouths explored warm wet skin. The room filled with the sounds of water jets and moans of pleasure. As if they could read each other’s minds, the pair rose from the water and dried each other off. Kissing their way to the bed, they fell in a tangle of naked skin. Connie stretched her lover’s arms above her head and kissed from Becka’s wrists to her shoulders. Nibbling her neck, Connie delighted in the giggles that erupted from Becka’s throat. Circling Becka’s nipples with her tongue, Connie snaked her way down to Becka’s soft tummy. Urging Connie on with her sighs, Becka opened her legs wide to accept Connie’s explorations. Hooking her arms around her friend’s thighs, Connie focused on the prize in front of her. The heat of her lover’s sex radiated against Connie’s lips. Reaching out with the tip of her tongue, Connie felt Becka’s muscles tense against her hands. Connie licked and sucked at the swollen lips before her. Becka’s hands tangled in Connie’s soft hair. Pushing her head away, Becka pulled Connie to her mouth and kissed her deeply. The pair changed places and Connie closed her eyes to accept Becka’s explorations. Eventually, with Becka on top, the women settled into a slow, sensuous sixty-nine that lasted long exquisite minutes. Plunging her tongue into her lover, Connie gave way to the shudders of the most intense orgasm of her life.

Basking in the glow of their lovemaking, the women snuggled together.

“That was lovely,” Becka whispered. “Did you like it?”

Barely moaning a reply, Connie replied, “Yeah”

“Did you like it better than watching me last night?” Becka questioned.

Her eyes blinking wide open, Connie asked, “You knew I was watching you?”

“You don’t think I saw you looking at me at the get together last night? You were practically undressing me with your eyes. I found it to be a terrific turn-on.” Becka purred. “I knew if I showed you my room, you couldn’t help but watch me. I wanted you to watch.”

“You’re bad,” Connie giggled.

“You don’t know how bad I can be. Just you wait.” Becka whispered, taking her new old friend in her arms.

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