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Do You Trust Me

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy sex, the feeling of a cock inside me just makes me feel amazing. Unfortunately, I am completely addicted to sex, and can’t get enough.

I have a very understanding boyfriend, who I love to bits, and who has a lovely cock, but nature being what it is, he can fuck me beautifully, but not for several hours every day.

He is very happy for me to get my physical pleasure from gang bangs, of which I regularly partake, and then come home for a really loving fuck with him.

He knows what I like, and seems to get great pleasure from providing people who can satisfy my needs. I rarely fuck other men on a one to one, that would seem wrong to David, my boyfriend, although occasionally I do ‘slip up’, but we often attend sexy parties or adult clubs as a couple.

One night I was curled up in bed with David. My pussy was full of his cum, my hand wrapped around his cock trying to encourage it to recover for a second fuck. I still had the itch between my legs, and knew I needed his cock or a large vibrator to make me cum again.

“Do you trust me” David asked. The question came completely out of the blue and surprised me. I squeezed his cock and looked into his face “I would trust you with anything David, why?” “Just asking” he replied, and his hand slipped down to my pussy. I felt a movement in his cock, and knew I was going to get the fuck I wanted, and his strange question disappeared from mind.

A few days later there was a knock at the door, a same day delivery for me. I signed for it and sat on the settee to open the box. It was from David, who had only left me about three hours earlier. There was a letter on the top with the words ‘Do you trust me’ written on the outside. Intrigued, I read the letter.

‘Dearest Charly, ‘Well, do you trust me? I have booked room 69 (like the number) at the Lawns Hotel. I will be arriving there at 4pm. When I arrive I want you lying on the bed wearing these items. You should be spread eagled with you legs and feet tied to the corner posts of the bed. You won’t be able to tighten them; I will do that when I arrive. Make sure you are wearing the mask. Love David XX’

I looked at the items in the box. There was a very skimpy short pink top, with matching pink crotch less panties that tied at the side with pretty bows. A mask, and 4 pink ropes with straps on each end.

My mind was racing, trying to guess what he was planning. He knew my needs, and I was sure there would be more than just David there, but how many, why the blindfold? I cut feel the inevitable itch between my legs, the itch that told me I needed a good fuck. I had a long soak in the bath, which needless to say, included a considerable playtime with my pussy. I couldn’t wait for 4 o’clock to arrive to see what was in store for me

At 3.50 I was spread out on the bed. I was wearing the pink top and pants, which left a big expanse of bare flesh in between. My legs were spread wide and secured to the bottom of the bed. I strapped both the hand restraints onto my wrists. I was feeling so wet I slipped a finger into my dripping hole and played with myself for a few minute. Feeling mischievous I carefully positioned the slit in the crotch so that on entering the room David would get a glimpse of my pussy. I put the mask in place, fitted the right hand to the bedpost and just laid my left hand in position as instructed.

I just waited, and waited. I didn’t hear a thing, but eventually felt someone take my left hand and secure it to the post. “David” I said. There was no reply. I felt the strap pull me tighter. “David, is that you” There was still no reply, but he went all around the bed tightening up all the ropes, until I was completely helpless, my arms and legs stretched wide.

A hand went underneath my back and lifted me, a pillow being stuffed underneath me. I tried to picture what I looked like, spread-eagled with my pussy pushed up into the air by the pillow. I heard footsteps walk away, then the door open and close.

I waited for something to happen, for him to touch me, but nothing.

“David” I called “Are you there?” I was getting so frustrated. I was sure I was going to get a really good seeing to, but didn’t want to wait, and I couldn’t even touch myself. The wait made me hotter and hotter. It must have been at least 10 minutes later, I felt the bottom of the bed sink as somebody sat between my legs, and I felt gentle kisses on my calf, first one leg then the other. This was repeated slowly up both legs, until the kisses were on my inner thighs. I felt a tongue run up my leg to the edge of my panties, and follow the line of the panties to and fro. The tongue briefly slipped into the slit in the crotch and touch my pussy, I pushed against it wanting more attention, but it was gone.

The tongue left my panties and continued up to my bare waist, working up my body. I felt the top pulled up and the kisses continued to my breasts, first one then the other being so gently kissed. They were wet from his kisses, and I could feel him blowing gently on them. My nipples were so hard as he grabbed them in his teeth that I gave a screech of delight. The tongue returned to my inner thigh, before making the short journey to my bum, a tongue being inserted into this hole.

“Oh David” I moaned, welcoming the attention. I felt a hand on each thigh pushing my legs apart, allowing more access as the tongue started to fuck my arse, and I pushed onto the lovely tongue.

I was starting to pant I was feeling so hot, when something was pushed into my partly open lips. It took only a split second for me to identify this as a cock, and suck it into my mouth. I knew this cock, this was definitely David’s. I had sucked it often enough to be sure, it was not only massive, 8 inches and thick, but had a very distinctive head which was more bulbous then any cock I had even seen, and I used to love closing my teeth over the head so he couldn’t pull away.

My hands were tied so I just had my tongue to use on his cock. I bought some saliva into my mouth and made his cock wet, as he started to fuck my mouth, it making a lovely slurping sound. The tongue between my legs had now found its way to my pussy, and was running up and down my slit, occasionally slipping inside then out again. I felt lips on my breasts. David was still gently fucking my mouth, his hands stroking my hair as he often did, so knew there were at least three men giving me attention.

The tongue between my legs started to get more urgent. I felt the panties being undone and pulled away, as two fingers slipped into my soaking cunt. God he knew what he was doing, he was running his tongue up and down my slit, teasing my clit, while two fingers were fucking me. His other hand was pressing down on my pussy. I erupted and bucked against him as I came, his tongue stopping there as if glued to my pussy as I came with a massive shudder.

This was obviously too much for David as his cock exploded into my mouth. I swallowed and sucked all I could, still aware of the attention my pussy was getting. I felt David start to go limp and pull out, and another cock took its place, which I started to suck on. The man between my legs had inserted several fingers into my pussy, and was pulling my lips apart. I felt a cock nudge against my pussy lips and start to push into me. Now I am used to big cocks, David’s 8″ feel quite snug, but this was massive. It gently eased into me, stretching my lips further and further apart. It made me wince as it went in, but he was very gentle.

It was hard to concentrate with my mouth full of cock. Very slowly at first, then gradually building up a rhythm, I was getting fucked by this enormous cock. The cock in my mouth twitched, then shot his cum into my mouth and over my face, something I really love, but i just couldn’t concentrate, with this cock now slipping in and out of me with a lovely rhythm. I knew it would be long before I orgasmed again. He was now really pounding me, and as always at this stage I lose control of my mouth. “Oh fuck me with that lovely cock, stretch my cunt, fuck me, fuck me, I’m going to cum all over your lovely cock, fuck me, FUCK ME”. I screamed. I felt a finger slip into my arse, and that was it, I screamed the room down with pleasure, as I came again and again, juices pouring from my slit.

The massive cock was withdrawn from my slit, and as he sat astride me I could feel his hardness lying on my belly. He started to work his way up my body, and I guessed this giant cock was about to invade my mouth. I felt the bed sink as he reached my head, and I opened my mouth expecting his cock. Two gentle hands held my face then I felt thighs on my cheeks, and I sensed his body being lowered to my mouth.

I stretched up as far as my restraints would allow to meet this cock, and found a wet slit, a sopping wet, dripping pussy. Before I could say or think anything at all the cunt was being ground into my face. I was so turned on I responded and started pushing my tongue up into her, enjoying the taste as she bought herself off on my tongue, all her juices running into my eager mouth. She tasted so wonderful, I couldn’t gert enough, stretching up to get every drop of her juices into my mouth. My mind was racing, I’ve just licked my first cunt, and loved it. Was it her between my legs licking me out, it certainly wasn’t her fucking me with a giant cock, or was it? I wanted to see her.

“Please take the blindfold off, I want to see her?” I begged. I felt two gentle hands fiddling with the mask before it was removed, and I was looking into the dark brown eyes of a very pretty brunette. Shoulder length hair, pretty face, breasts that stood firm with no support, and a beautiful shaved pussy, with her inner lips just peeping out, those lips that I had been sucking on just a few minutes previously. She leant forward and kissed me sweetly and passionately, her hands caressing my breast as she did so.

“I think it’s time we untied her” she said.

As I was untied I did a quick check of the room, there was this lovely girl, David, and another man I didn’t know. The girl laid me on my back across the bed, and climbed on top of me to the classic 69 position, her tongue going straight into my cunt, my wet, dripping, hungry cunt. I ground it into her face as my tongue opened up her slit. We had been happily licking away for quite a time when the other man appeared, his cock hard again. He slipped his cock between my mouth and her pussy, so I started to lick it and suck it.

“Put it in her cunt” he grunted, so I fed it into her pussy. As I guided it in I felt a cock go into my cunt, and guessed David was doing the same at the other end of my body. I watched in awe, just inches away as this cock slid in and out of the cunt I had been licking seconds before. I couldn’t resist, my tongue automatically going up to lick the shaft as it came in and out of her.

After a few moments he completely withdrew, and put his cock back in my mouth, fucking my mouth, I could taste her juices on his cock. Her cunt, my mouth, her cunt, I lost count how many times he swapped, but I loved every moment of it.

He went into a spasm and shot his lot into her pussy, as he pounded her some juices leaking out of her stuffed hole, as he withdrew I grabbed his cock and stuffed it into my mouth, sucking and licking every drop of his cum into my mouth. I licked my lips with pleasure, and the man disappeared.

My pussy was still getting both fucked by David and licked by the girl. I grabbed the girl round the arse and pulled her down onto my mouth, tasking the cum recently deposited there. David can go for ages on his second fuck, and I felt the orgasm building inside me. I ground my tongue into the girls pussy and held on tight as I came again, burying my tongue deep inside her to control myself.

As I relaxed David withdrew his cock, and I could guess it was in the girls mouth, as I could tell from the noise he was making he was about to shoot his lot. I wriggled into a position so I could see his cock filling her mouth, just in time for him to grab her head and pour his cum into her. He seemed to keep coming forever, but she wasn’t complaining, taking the lot into her mouth.

Once he was finished she looked at me with a glint in her, and pushed me back on the bed. Our lips were inches apart when she slowly opened hers, and David’s cum started dripping into my mouth, I eagerly sucked it in. She made this last for several minutes, before our lips met in a passionate, wet cum covered kiss. God, she was incredible, but although I had only just cum, I felt so horny again, that itch between my legs.

“God, I need another fuck” I murmured, but knew both cocks were out of action for a while. She just smiled and reached over the side of the bed, and picked up a massive strap on. I was about 12 inches and as thick as my wrist. I watched her intrigued as she put it on, there was a 6″ cock shaped protrusion that she slipped into her pussy, then tied the straps around her waist and thighs, she was now kneeling on the bed in front of me with this massive didlo waving about.

“That won’t go inside me” I gasped “it’s far too big

“It already has been darling” she laughed.

Two eager men gently laid me back on the bed, and spread my legs wide and back toward my shoulders. “I don’t think you need and lubrication, you’re dripping down there, she said, and eased the massive rubber cock into me. I watched in fascination as my pussy stretched over the silicone, until it was all inside me. She then started to fuck me again.

David was near my head, so I reached for his limp cock and shoved it in my mouth, my other hand finding the other man. I knew I was going to get a long hard silicone fuck, and who knows, maybe by the time she had finished the men would be hard again. Thank you David I murmured through my cock filled mouth as I pushed my cunt harder onto the dildo, Thank you.

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