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Deep Cherry Lipstick

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When Penny came in, announced she had dumped her boyfriend, then stripped down to her new lingerie and said she was going to be my “breakfast” I wish I could tell you that I made love to her slowly and gently for hours.

The truth is that in five seconds my cock was out, hard and thrusting into her athletic little body like a jack-hammer.

I didn’t even wait for her to slip off those lace panties. I just pulled her to the floor and yanked the gusset to one side, exposing her crotch to my rampant hard-on and slamming it in deep. Like a man lost in the desert for a week finding a perfect palm-fringed oasis, my cock dived into the sweet wet paradise of Penny’s pretty cunt.

And now here she is, bra half off, feet in the air and thighs spread wide, mewling with each thrust as I shove her beautiful ass across the rug.

“Aw fuck me, Mister H!” she whimpers.

My cock gorges on the warm sour-sweet of her pussy. I revel in the feel of her hips under me and the pressure of her erect tits against my chest as I drive into her up to the hilt again and again. Her eyes widen. Her lips part. Her legs hook round my ass and pull me deeper. Thrust after hungry thrust my cock thrills to the sharp electric pleasure of fucking her.

Then she slips her tongue up into my mouth and that’s it, I just cum: spurt, spurt, spurt, a torrent of semen into Penny’s wet depths.

I roll off her and laugh with the release. It can’t always be about self-control….

“So you like the new underwear, I’m guessing?” She grins her cute lop-sided grin and gets to her feet, straightening her bra and smoothing those pretty panties back into place across her moist, cum-filled cunt.

“You could say that!”

“Tell me more!”

“I can’t. The sight of you like that would leave any man speechless.”

“You think so? Because you’re not speechless. I can distinctly hear words.”

“OK… Penny, you are beautiful. More than beautiful. Incredible.”

“You got a mirror? I got something else I think you’ll like.” She walks into the bathroom.

“Help yourself.”

“Yeah, that certainly seems to be how you do things around here,'” she says,

Still dazed from my orgasm I pull on my robe and wander into the kitchen, and pour coffee for us both. Then through the open door I watch the movement of Penny’s lithe body in the new lingerie. Black lace cups her tits. It stretches tight over her buttocks. It plunges down between her legs and hugs her salt-and-honey cunt. She uncaps a lipstick and as she leans over the sink she feels my eyes on her. Leaving her ass jutting out she parts her legs a little and looks back over her shoulder.

“So you’ve got to tell me honestly, Mr H…” she says, pouting at the mirror as she puts on the lipstick, “now you’ve tried both, where do you like it most? In my pussy?…. Or in my ass?”

I should explain. Twelve hours ago this girl had simply been my neighbour’s sweet, wholesome baby-sitter who occasionally did some housework for me. And now… I remember last night’s seduction, maybe mine of her or maybe hers of me, as we sat watching late-night hard-core together.

I remember the nice, polite girl on my sofa. I remember the caressing that turned to fondling, and the fondling that turned to sucking. Then her reluctance to fuck because of her boyfriend. Then twenty minutes of graphic on-screen anal later how she implored me to take her ass instead.

I remember the lubed-up thrill of breaching Penny’s tight little anus, how my cock reamed her as she knelt in front of me on the rug, and the slow velvet grip as I penetrated her adorable asshole. And then how she straddled my lap and impaled her ass a second time on my cock and slipped a vibrator up her pussy, then fucked herself and me to the sweetest, tightest dam-burst of cum imaginable.

And now this morning, this… My cock noses its way enthusiastically out of my robe as in my mind I compare the pleasures of Penny’s cunt and ass.

“It’s too early to tell for sure,” I say, “‘I’m going to have to try them both a few more times, get a better cross-sample.”

“Well I guess that makes sense. In the interest of scientific enquiry. At least I’ve got a free weekend.”

Penny turns towards me and I get my first look at the dark red of her lips.

“Oh. Wow!”

“It’s called “Cherry Deep.” You like?”

She pouts and puts one hand behind her head in a pantomime version of a porn starlet.

“It’s amazing.”

“I wanted a color with a message, you know?”

“A message?”

“Yes. I thought this color kind of said, “Kiss me”. Don’t you think?”

“Now you mention it….”

She walks to me, puts her arms around my neck and her crimson lips part to meet mine. We kiss long and deep. Then she pulls her head away. “Oh, and Mr H? This lipstick has a sweet little subtext too. Did you get it?”


She puts those lips to my ear and whispers, “It says…. I want your cock in here.” Placing her hands on my shoulders Penny looks up at me with her mischievous half-grin. She pouts, pushing forward her lower lip and the glistening tip of her tongue runs from left to right and back again across the red bow of her lipstick. Then with a little gasp she opens her mouth, and the full moist lips part as if in readiness for cock. She closes her eyes and gently nods her head forward and back, fellating the invisible shaft. “Can you imagine it?” she says.

All I can muster is “Just about!”

“How does it feel, your cock in my red, red mouth?”

“It feels fantastic.”

“Is it hot?”


“Picture how that thick cock looks sliding into this mouth?”

“It looks beautiful.”

“Want to see it for real?”

“Oh baby, yes!”



“Nice manners will get you a long way with me.”

Penny kneels on the floor in front of me. She parts my robe. In front of her pretty face my cock swings forwards and bumps her chin. She moves back a little and kisses the shaft and then as it rises to meet her mouth she parts those perfect red lips and her tongue darts out and laps at the tip, then swirls around the dome, still smeared with the juices of our earlier urgent fucking. There’s a little drop of pre-cum there, and she delicately curls the tip of her tongue to lick it off. A silver strand momentarily links my cock to her tongue and then she opens her mouth wide to engulf my dick in the gorgeous pout of her slippery crimson lips.

I start to fuck her mouth.

“Oh Penny. You are incredible!”




She looks up at me and takes my cock from her mouth. “So you think I look cute?”

“Penny, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“It probably helps that I’m sucking your cock. But let’s get more comfortable.”

She kisses my shaft lightly and stands, then taking a mug of coffee from the counter she steps nimbly to the sofa. I follow, and then she turns to me, slips off my robe and sits me down, kneeling beside me on the cushions and leaning forwards giving me the full beauty of that pretty cleavage if I could just take my eyes off that mouth for one moment. But I can’t. My erect cock strains up to those lips like a compass needle finding North. It needs to be back between the red lips. Fucking them deeply. Unconsciously I thrust my hips up towards her face.

“Patience!” she says.

Penny takes a deep gulp of coffee, swallows, then takes another.

“That’s better.” And she bends her head once more to my yearning cock. The red lips part. The tongue darts across my dome, her breath caresses my crotch, and then she pauses, like a diver waiting for her moment. My desire is almost painful. I want those lips. My cock twitches in the open air.

Then she plunges her head on to me and I feel heat. Her coffee-hot mouth is a moist furnace. She holds me static in her lips and we both are lost in the intensity of the feeling. Her short brown hair frames her slim jaw, gaping wide with my girth. And the perfect lips ring me in a lewd O as I feel the delicate pressure of a hot, playful tongue respond to the eager throbs of my iron-stiff erection. I want to stay like this forever, the head of my cock lodged in that sweet slutty mouth.

“Suck me, baby!”

She looks up at me. Then those beautiful lips start to slide down, inching along my dick. Then she releases me, gives a little flick of her tongue against the cock head, and takes another swig of coffee. Then she engulfs me in the heat of those pretty lips. Down. Up. Down. Up. Another tease of tongue, another hot gulp, and more of the hot oral heaven.

And now her head bobs faster, sucking, sliding, salivating until I throb with pleasure, then as I feel the stirrings of my second cum of the morning build in my balls I groan and grab her short hair and pull her down into my crotch and she answers my excitement with a faster rhythm, gorging on cock, gaping, gagging, guzzling until a slick of saliva and lipstick smears the entire length of the shaft and I know at any second this beautiful slut will get another load of spurting cum, this time between her skilful red lips.

There’s a knock at the door.

“Leave it.”

With an obscene slurp she lets me go. “It might be important.”

“Leave it!”

“No! I don’t want you to cum just yet” She jumps to her feet, leaving my stiff wet cock swaying in empty space. “I’ll get it. I’m not sure you are fit to be seen. Besides I want to see if my lingerie can leave anyone else speechless,” she says.

Penny walks briskly through the living room to the front door. I watch the muscles of her ass beneath the thin fabric of the underwear and relish the thought that while she’s answering the door to a stranger my cum is trickling from her cunt and smearing the gusset of the elegant panties.

She opens the door. From where I’m sitting I see her side on, but can only hear the guy on the step.

“Hi! I’m Bob and I’m here to tell you about some wonderful… Oh. Pardon me. I….”

“Hi Bob.” Penny leans against the side of the door.

“Hi… some wonderful opportunities… Jeez. I’m sorry.”

Penny looks concerned. “What?”

“It’s very difficult to… It’s just with you like that…”

“Like this?”

“Yes. It’s hard….”

“It’s hard?”

“I mean… hard to… speak actually. Only, I work for… shall I just…”

“Ok, Bob you seem very sweet but I’m actually in the middle of something right now, so how about if you come another time?”

“Oh… um… Sure thing! Have a good one!”

“Thank you!”

She shuts the door and skips through to the room giggling.

“So you’re kind of a tease?”

“Naw. Well, maybe a bit. I wanted to see if the underwear worked like you said it would.”

“It certainly sounded like it worked on Bob.”

“He was kind of sweet. I hope he wasn’t embarrassed.”

“Maybe you were one of his wonderful opportunities.”

“Hah!” Penny gulps down more coffee. “Well, I think I need to take a shower. Then I want to show you something….”

Penny grabs her bag and races up stairs, and the next thing I hear is the shower running. My cock waves like a flag at a parade, pointing the way up the stairs after her. I drain the last of my coffee and make my way up.

Penny looks cute in the shower of course. Water running over her tits and in between the perfect globes of her ass, water coursing into the pretty thatch of hair over her coral-pink cunt. I watch her and it does nothing to calm the ache in my frustrated cock but I can’t take my eyes off her. Then she turns off the shower and steps out, droplets spattered over her shoulders, her short hair swept back, her whole sweet body slick with warm water.

“You watched me shower!”

“Hard to resist.”

“Did you like it?”

“Very much.”

She poses for me, parting her legs, pushing her tits forward and her head back and then running her hands down her body as if she were still showering.

“Oooooh. I’m a slutty porn stat. Look at me shower!”

“You are a little bit of a show off.”

“And you are a voyeur…. Can you throw me a towel?”

I do, and she wraps it around her midriff but it’s a small enough towel that it barely reaches the top of her thighs and achieves the effect of somehow making her more naked than before. Then as she slips past me towards the bedroom she gives my cock an affectionate pull.

“Come on, Mr H. You’ve got work to do.” Penny makes her way over to the bed and lies across it, half propped against the pillows. She loosens the towel and then puts out her arms to draw me to her.

“I don’t think you’ve kissed me enough.”

But she can’t have all the teasing going her way. So I reply, “Well, I don’t know about that, Penny.”

“What? Why not?”

“Where’s your lipstick? I don’t even know where I’m meant to kiss you.”

“I can’t help it if you wiped it all off with your big dumb cock!”

“Well, I can’t kiss you without it.”


She jumps off the bed again, letting her towel fall to the ground. She rummages through her bag. “Got it!”

And then Penny sits back on the bed and makes herself comfortable, takes the lid from the little black lipstick tube, puckers her lips sulkily as she extends the deep red tip, then looking me straight in the eyes she spreads her legs to reveal the pouting cleft of her pussy. Slowly and luxuriously she rims her swollen labia with a thick circle of deep red lipstick.

Now her cunt pouts up at me, the expectant lips parted, her clit nudging up towards me like the tip of a lewd and glistening tongue. Deep cherry red.

“There, Mr H. Remember what the lipstick says.”

I kneel on the bed between her spread thighs. I kiss each knee, then each thigh in turn, then I drop down lower and feel the warmth of her swollen crotch near my cheeks. And I incline my lips towards her lipstick-smeared quim. I stop just before contact.

Penny whimpers with impatience and spreads her thighs wider, offers her cunt up for my hungry mouth. I love the tense expectancy of her arousal and keep her waiting a few delicious moments.

“Kiss?” she whispers. “Please.”

And I dip my head and kiss gently. Then harder and longer. Penny groans and spreads her thighs wider so her labia part to take my open-mouthed wet kisses.

“Ohhhhhh. You like that lipstick, Mr H?”

And now I lap the length of her slit until the tip of my tongue makes contact with her glistening clit. I flutter my tongue against it and she wriggles.


And then I plunge into her and French kiss her deep and long, tongue-fucking the moist haven between the sticky lips.

When I sucked penny yesterday she tasted of salt and honey. Now her recently-fucked-and-showered cunt has overtones of soap and the sour trace of my own cum alongside her sweet musk. And now on top of that wet, slippery savour there’s the sticky cosmetic smack of the lipstick as I push my mouth against her gorgeous debauched crotch.

Then, “Lie back!” says Penny, and manoeuvres herself so that now she’s straddling my face and I’m staring up at that sopping crimson-rimmed pussy, and then once again my lips meet her labia and we kiss. I look up at her and she smiles down between her pretty tits. “You like that?” she murmurs, “You like kissing me there?”


“Look! My pussy is kissing you back.”

Penny makes little crotch thrusts against my mouth and my tongue stretches up to get as deep inside her as I can while her little jolts of pleasure get firmer and quicker and I think she’s close to coming.

“Nnnnnnot yet!” she moans. And she pulls away. “Mustn’t forget the lipstick’s hidden message…”

Penny slides down my body, her golden thighs straddling my torso and every few inches she presses her vulva down on to me so her gaping wet quim touches my chest. She leaves a trail of love-juice and lipstick as she cunt-kisses her way slowly, so slowly towards my yearning cock.

Then the gentle pressure of her sopping pussy finds the tip. The cock-head nudges at the soft entrance. She gives me that grin.

“I want your cock in here.”

And she impales that slick tight sheath on me with a deep sigh and engulfs it to the hilt. We lock eyes. She sits back on me, then gently she starts to rise and fall and once again I’m in ecstasy with this beautiful nice-girl slut.

I watch Penny fuck me. She smoothly rides my cock, posting up and down on the rock-hard shaft. Her round and pretty tits bounce and her face is locked in concentration as she takes he full length of my cock over and over.

And now her eyes are half closed as she watches me between her lashes, and her neat little hand finds her left nipple and rhythmically rolls and pinches, and now the other hand steals between her legs and the fingers play against her clit as she begins the final ascent to orgasm.

“Look at me Mr H…. I want you to watch me…. Watch me fucking you….”

“Oh baby you are beautiful.”

“You like your cock in me?”

“Oh yes!”

Her tits shake as she thrusts down and I shove up to meet her.

“You like pushing that fat cock up into me?”


Her cunt plunges deeper. “Oh baby!”

Her fingers work faster on her wet clit.

“Watch me cum Mr H. Watch me cum on your cock. Oh! Oh! Oh! Ffffffffuck!”

And she shudders hard, her cunt spasming around me as waves of pleasure crash between her splayed thighs, over and over until she drops forward on to my chest.

“Fuck. Oh fuck. That was amazing!” she murmurs. Then she rolls off me and lies prone on the bed, her legs parted, her tits with a light sheen of sweat rise and fall in the afterglow of her orgasm.

I lie next to her and watch Penny’s breathing slow. Minutes pass. Outside blue-jays call, kids holler, balls bounce on driveways. All the noises of a typical suburban Saturday lunch-time wash over us. Nobody out there is having as good a time as us right now.

Penny props herself up on her elbows and her eyes fall on my-still erect cock, swaying above my crotch like the mast of a boat in a light swell.

“Your friend looks like he has some unfinished business…” she says.

“A little like Bob!”

“Think he has the same thing on his mind?” she laughs.

“It’s hard to think of anything else with you in the room.”

“Yeah. Bob certainly seemed to find me distracting…. I’m not so used to guys looking at me like that.”

“Well, I guess that’s the first time you’ve answered the door in just your bra and panties.”

“It absolutely is.”

“Up until now you’ve been Penny the nice girl.”

“Ha! Just for that, you can go and get me a sandwich. And tell your friend not to worry. We’re not done yet.”

I put on my robe and head down to the kitchen. It’s hard to think straight with Penny sprawled upstairs in the afterglow of her orgasm and my unsatisfied cock juts out of my robe ridiculously while I prepare a hurried lunch. But I want our playing to last as long as possible and there’s a perverse pleasure in putting off the moment where get to empty my load deep inside her wanton body.

Five minutes later carrying a tray with a couple of sandwiches, some chips and two bottles of cold beer I climb the stairs. Penny is sitting up on the bed now smiling her best girl-next-door smile. It suggests an innocence belied by the fact that her she is naked but for a pair of patterned black stockings and a lace garter-belt. Beneath the tray my cock twitches upright.

“I thought you’d enjoy my other new outfit…”

“Oh I do.”

“Man I am hungry!”

I stand at the foot of the bed and eat a few bites while she devours her food and glugs on her bottle, then Penny leans back against the headboard and brushes a few crumbs from her tits. I drink a long pull of cold beer, enjoying the sight of her and anticipate the fucking to come.

“I know you think I’m a “nice girl” Mr H.”

“Well, you were. I think maybe you’ve moved on in the last twenty-four hours.”

“Hmmm… I kind of wanted to tell you something.”

She looks suddenly awkward. Blushing even. I sit at the end of the bed.

“Earlier on…. That wasn’t the first time I’ve used your shower.”

This isn’t such a surprise, as Penny has had my keys for a while for whenever she looks after my place if I’m away.

“I don’t mind.” In fact, the idea that Penny’s been taking secret showers in my house long before last night’s seduction was just another turn on.

“That’s not really what I wanted to tell you.”

“Go on…”

“So about six weeks ago… I was on the Greyhound heading back from visiting my folks. It was the red-eye. And it was just the worst trip ever. The aircon wasn’t working and it was hot and I couldn’t sleep and I was just dying when the guy next to me offered me some water and then just got talking….” Penny looks down at her hands and pauses. “Sorry. This is kind of an embarrassing story. But I just… I want you to know I was never totally the “nice girl”. So….” She glugs her beer again.


“So he was a very cute guy. Dan he was called. He was maybe thirty? And kind of rugged. And I just liked him. I liked talking to him. He was kind. And funny. He was a musician. And he was really interested in me and we just talked through the night. Not flirting. Just talking. He had this fiancée he was going to see, and he told me about her, and I was with Anthony so….”

“I don’t know how this is proving you aren’t a nice girl.”

“Anyhow, we were just coming into the bus-station and he just looked at me and said, “If I wasn’t marrying someone else I’d kiss you now.” And I said I’d kiss him back if I didn’t have a boyfriend. And we just looked at each other and it was really…. Just, there was something…

“So there we were, six in the morning and it was too early for Dan to go to his fiancée’s place and nowhere is open and we’re all hot and smelly from the bus and I knew you were away so I said I had somewhere he could have a shower and we could have coffee.”

“So you came here. And you made out?”

“No…. He didn’t touch me. We had coffee. He took a shower.”

Penny pauses. “And that was it?” I ask, with a hint of frustration because right now Penny ought to be getting fucked, either in real life or in her story. “Well he was crazy not to make love to you, but as long as you washed the towel I’m really OK with all of this.”

“I watched him.”


“I watched him shower. He left the door open and I couldn’t stop myself and I just watched him.”

“Did he see you?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Did he do anything?”


There’s a long and interesting silence.

Finally Penny says, “He showed me.”

“He showed you?”

“He saw I was watching him. And he showed me his body. While he washed himself. And I watched him, and he watched me back, and Mr H he got so… he got so hard. And his… his dick was so big. And it was just from me watching him and I wanted to see what he’d do next and I undid my dress and I took off my bra and I let him see my body. I showed him my tits.” Penny lifts a hand to her breast and brushes her finger-tips against her nipple. “I touched them for him.”

“And then?”

“Then he had his hand on his dick, and he looked at me. And he started just, you know, pumping it… and I put my fingers in my panties and we just looked at each-other being so turned on and it was….” Penny’s legs gently run against each-other and then she stops and looks up.

“It was what?”

Penny has a kind off defiance in her eyes now: “Just… exciting. And I wanted to be closer to him and I opened the shower door. And I knew he wasn’t going to touch me because of his fiancée but he was so close to me and his dick was so big and so hard and he was just looking at my face and my tits and I was fingering myself and I just knelt down in front of him in your shower and we still didn’t touch each-other but I just opened my mouth and let him shoot his cum right in it.”

Silence for a moment. I can almost hear the blood surging into my cock.

Penny smiles shyly and says, “So you see… I was always a little bit dirty.”

“I guess so.”

“I feel bad about it.”


“I swallowed it. Do you think it makes me kind of a tramp?”

“Maybe a little. Tramps are fun though.”

“I just wanted to tell you.”


“To show you I’m maybe dirtier than you think.” Her fingers idly trail across her breasts. “Do you mind?”

“I just think you like an adventure.”

“If you forgive me you should come over here.”

I lie down next to her on the bed.

“You haven’t said anything about my stockings.”

“I like them.”

“And the suspender belt?”

“It’s cute.”

“I like how it frames my ass… Wanna look?” Penny grabs a pillow and rolls over on top of it, wedging it under her hips. Now she lies face down on the bed with her bottom raised and her thighs gently parted. “See?” And she pushes her buttocks up gently offering themselves for my inspection. I stroke the cheeks of her ass, framed by the stockings below, the suspenders each side and the black lace of the suspender belt.

“Well I don’t know much about art but I know what I like.”

She makes a little grunt of satisfaction.

“You’re beautiful Penny. All of you is beautiful, but this may be my favourite bit.”

“Yeah? You like it?”


“Well then. There’s a finishing touch left to add….”

Penny crooks a knee, splaying her buttocks slightly and lazily she stretches her hand back to the cleft of her ass and suddenly in her fingers I see the little black tube of lipstick. With the protruding tip she circles the rose of her anus. Deep cherry pink.

“So…” she says.

The lipstick says “Kiss me!” and I need no more encouraging. I kiss each of her ass cheeks, then part them gently and kiss the dark pink anal star. Once. Twice. Three times.

“Yes!” she whispers.

And on the third kiss I press the tip of my tongue into the opening of her cute little asshole.

Penny’s eyes are closed now, and she breathes heavily as my tongue probes her, French kisses her, reaming her anus with gentle moist thrusts. Her sphincter relaxes to welcome the invading tongue and she greets each wet kiss with a whine of pleasure.

“Uhnnn… Do you think I’m dirty Mr H? Uhnnnn…. You want me to be your dirty tramp?…. Uhnnn… ”

I continue the tongue thrusts while my hands caress her flanks, her thighs, her raised ass, and my cock throbs with increasing urgency after every kiss.

“Uhnn… Mr H. You like my lip-stick ass?”


Minutes pass as she gives herself over to the caressing, the stroking, the gentle rhythm of my tonguing. She almost seems asleep until her hand reaches under the pillow and she whispers, “Do it, Mr H. Do what the lipstick says.” And she softly slips a tube of lube into my hand.

My cock is hot and heavy, almost aching with long-postponed lust. I smear it with the cool lube and gently manoeuvre myself so that my mouth is replaced by my cock against the deep cherry lips of Penny’s asshole. Then I let the pressure of my cock-head speak for me.

“Yes. Please…” she whispers.

I lower my hips gently down and my cock stretches her wide. Penny whimpers, then cautiously she presses her ass up towards my hips and I feel the ring of her lipstick-rimmed anus slip over my broad cock-head and engulf the tip of my shaft. I am inside her.

“Go ahead,” she murmurs, “use my slutty ass.”

And I inch forwards deep into the velvet grip of her hot tight bum.

This time feels so different from yesterday’s debauched ass-fucking. Penny is relaxed, totally abandoned and gives herself over completely to the inroads of my cock. I lie there on top of her, filling her surrendered ass to the hilt and hold her body against me. She lies there scarcely moving, eyes closed in relaxed concentration, a faint smile on her parted lips as she accommodates my shaft with more filthy intimacy than the deepest fellatio, and in the stillness I feel every little pulse in her rectum, and respond with the throbs of my eager cock.

“We’re pretty filthy, aren’t we?” she drawls. Then she clenches her buttocks and a jolt of lewd pleasure travels up through my loins.

“I think so.”

“So very dirty!” Penny shoves back against me, wedging the final half-inch of my cock into her ass: “Just… I want you to use it!”

We change tempo. My hand finds her nipple and her lazy fingers stray to her sopping cunt and I push my hips down, grinding into her and pushing her down onto the pillow, then I pull back, slipping almost out of her and thrust home again.

“Oh!! Yes. Do it!”

She gives herself over to it completely, lying there submissively while I thrust again and again up her slick lipstick-smeared ass. I plow into her and she submits, splaying herself wide for me, giving her tits over to my rough grasping, moaning with every thrust, her asshole passively abandoned to my ravenous plundering, her only movement the play of her slippery fingers across her swollen clit.

I fuck her ass hard. Thrust after thrust. Length after length and she grunts as my cock slides home hard and fast. Then the familiar sour tension as the long-postponed flood of cum starts to surge inside me. I hold back, relishing the tipping point, Penny’s mewls of desperate pleasure, the acid thrill of the moments before ejaculation.

Then beneath me she starts to climax, loud and long, her thighs opening and closing around her wet and swollen labia as her fingers work her spasming cunt, and an orgasmic shudder spreads across her loins and all through the length of her cock-filled rectum.

And that does it. That lewd anal clench along my shaft sucks the semen from me with an electric jolt, and at last I release a torrent of cum deep inside her, pump, after pump of hot sticky sperm deep into the intimacy of Penny’s surrendered asshole.

Then stillness. We lie there like ships wrecked on the shore after the storm has passed. She breathes out long and slow. My cock slides from her anus leaving a smear of lube, cum and deep cherry lipstick.

“Hey Mr H,” she whispers, “you should take a picture.”


“Yeah. Then I can show it you if you ever call me a nice girl again….”

I kiss her neck. She sighs and shoves her ass against my sated cock.

Then as an afterthought she adds, “… or maybe show it to someone else.”

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