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Daughter’s BF becomes Father’s FB

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Terry Smith had been friends with Sandy Garner since they were six years old. They were similar in every way, enjoyed the same sports and hobbies and told each other nearly everything. The one thing Terry held back was the biggest secret of all, one that Sarah could never know. When she turned 18, she started a relationship with a man. An older man. Sandy’s father.

It started shortly after Terry’s 18th birthday. It was the summer time, and like many summer days, Terry was spending the afternoon at Sandy’s house. They preferred to spend the night at Sandy’s house because since their parents got divorced a year ago, they could usually count on the house being empty. Sandy’s mom had moved to another city and her dad often worked late.

The Garner’s had a great house, with a pool in the backyard and a hot tub. Terry and Sandy had spent the entire afternoon by the pool, sunning and swimming. The two were still in the pool late in the afternoon, when Sandy’s dad came home around 7 pm. He walked out to the pool with a beer in his hand, looking tired. Terry had always liked him, she felt comfortable enough around him to call him Mr. G.

“Hey girls,” he said with a smile. “Nice day for a swim?”

Terry spoke up first. “Hey, Mr. G, how’s it goin? You mind if I slum over here tonight?”

Tom Garner laughed. “Anytime Terry, you know you’re welcome.”

Terry had noticed that in the past year, Mr. G. had not been as happy and fun to be around as he once was. He seemed to be distracted and depressed. She figured it was the divorce. Being the cheerful sort, she was always looking to pick people up.

“Thanks Mr. G., YOU ARE the man,” she said with a flirty smile.

Tom was used to his daughter’s friends flirting with him, he found it amusing. He was obviously old enough to be their father, but he looked younger than his age and was still fit and attractive.

“I’ll order some pizza,” he said as he turned to walk back inside. “I’m sure you’re hungry.”

The girls cheered and went back to swimming and splashing around. After a little while, Terry decided she’d had enough and went in to take a shower.

Meanwhile, Tom had ordered the pizza and was going to take a quick run around the block before it got there. He had pulled on his running shorts, plugged his ipod into his ears and was looking for his favorite running shirt when it happened. It was purely innocent, accidental. He thought Terry was still in the pool, and had no idea that she was in the shower. The music in his ears blocked out the sound of the water running. He had nearly walked through the partially opened bathroom door before he looked up with a start.

In the mirror, through the glass door, he saw her, standing in the shower. He knew she had a cute figure from seeing her in a swimsuit, but nothing could prepare him for the vision he saw in the mirror. Her back was arched, her hands were up in her hair. She was massaging shampoo into her hair, which meant her eyes, thankfully, were closed. Initially Tom was too stunned to look away, then too stunned to move. Her body was incredible, the pose she held was magnificent. But the thing that had Tom totally stunned was her breasts. They were, in a word, perfect. Round and firm, with just the right lift, perfectly shaped within stark tan lines. Her nipples were adorable. Tom was transfixed, looking into the mirror for what seemed like hours. He could not take his eyes off of those incredible breasts, gently swaying underneath the soapy water.

At some point, Tom’s eyes moved up from her breasts and he realized with a shudder that Terry had rinsed the shampoo out and her eyes were open, looking at the mirror, right toward him. Because of the angle, he couldn’t tell if she could see him, and he feared that if he moved she would see the movement. So he stood there, and looked at her, watching her eyes, trying to see if she knew he was there. At some point it occurred to him that if she did know he was there, she wasn’t freaking out about it, so he was guessing she wasn’t looking at him.

After a while, she looked down, seemed to smile just a bit, and then turned slowly away from him. He took the opportunity to back up and then walk quickly out of the room. He went straight to his room, closed the door and sat down on his bed in a cold sweat. A million thoughts ran through his head, about half of them related to guilt, the other half wondering if she had seen him. He was horrified and embarrassed at what had happened, and scared of what might happen next.

Surprisingly, nothing happened. The pizza came, the three of them ate together. If Terry had seen Tom, she wasn’t letting on in any way. It was as if it had never happened and Tom tried to convince himself that it didn’t happen. After dinner, Tom locked himself in his room and thought about what might happen if Terry told Sandy, or her parents, or anyone, about him seeing her naked in the shower. It was a sleepless night.

It was still on his mind the next morning, as he drank his morning coffee and tried to read the paper. He didn’t expect the girls to be up for several hours, so he was taken by surprise when Terry walked into the kitchen.

“Morning Mr. G,” she said with a smile. “I have to take off early, I have to help my mom with some shopping.”

Tom stood and nodded, thought briefly about explaining the previous day’s accident, and then thought better. “Well, it was good to see you,” he said. He immediately wished he could take the words back.

“Thanks for having me,” smiled Terry. She moved quickly over to where Tom was standing, leaned in and gave him a quick, warm hug, and then was gone out the door.

Over the next days and weeks, Tom tortured himself over the episode. On the one hand he was wracked with guilt, but on the other hand he couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful Terry was in the shower. Occasionally he would find his mind wandering, thinking of watching her eyes, watching him, while he watched her. One night he even dreamed about it, except that in the dream she beckoned him to join her with an index finger, and he moved in slow motion, sliding his shorts off and joining her under the hot water. He was just about to kiss her when he woke up, sporting a huge boner and a cold sweat. He staggered into the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face, but it was still a long time before his arousal faded.

Whenever Terry came over, he made an effort to avoid too much contact with her. She was naturally warm and outgoing, so it was not awkward that she would give him a hug when she saw him, she did that with everyone. Much as he tried, he couldn’t keep himself from lingering close to her, sometimes giving her a quick peck on the cheek, sometimes letting his hand stay on her waist for just a bit longer than usual.

Then he would go to his room, pour cold water on his face, remind himself she was too young, he was too old. Unfortunately, his second floor bedroom overlooked the backyard and the pool, so he found himself looking down at Terry, laying out or swimming in the pool in her bikini. He would watch her for hours, seeing the gentle sway of those breasts that he remembered all too well.

It was especially torturous when Terry spent the night. Tom would lay awake for hours, listening for noises, imagining that he heard someone walking around the house. Sometimes he would get up and go downstairs to the kitchen, walk by the bedroom where the girls were sleeping, imagine Terry coming out dressed in some silky pajamas, coming toward him in the darkness….

Then it was off to the bathroom, for more cold water. That girl was killing his water bill.

Thankfully, the summer came to an end and the girls were back in school, so Terry rarely came by and Tom could get her off his mind, at least part of the time. When she did come over, Tom could always look forward to a nice hug, and enough distance had passed since the shower episode so that he didn’t feel weird about it. He had to admit to himself that he lusted after her, but it was an abstract, not a reality based, lust. He couldn’t help but notice though, that whenever his daughter Sandy was in another room or outside, the hugs that he got from Terry lasted a little longer, and seemed a lot friendlier. Sometimes he wondered what the hug would be like if Sandy wasn’t there. It was late in the spring before he found out.

Tom was home by himself on a warm afternoon when the doorbell rang and Terry was standing outside. He hadn’t seen her in a while, and she had aged very well. She had on shorts and a tank top, and of course the usual big smile.

“Hey Mr. G, how’s it goin’?” she said, stepping inside and giving him a hug.

While Terry had grown up to be a beauty, she was still on the short side. Her head came up to Tom’s chest, and the smell of her hair intoxicated him. Tom relished the moment, letting his hands grip the small of her back and then letting them glide over her waist as he reluctantly let go.

“I’m better now,” he said with a playful wink. He shut the door behind her.

Terry laughed. “I’m here to pick up some old clothes from Sandy, is she around?”

Sandy always seemed to be a size larger than Terry, so she was always passing on old clothes.

“She’s actually not, she’s visiting her mother this weekend,” said Tom.

“Oh,” said Terry, with a mix of disappointment and something like curiosity. “So you’re all by your lonesome this weekend, eh?”

Tom mocked a sad frown. “Yes, all by my lonesome.”

“Ahhh,” said Terry in mock sympathy. “I should’ve given you a bigger hug…”

Tom felt his stomach jolt just a bit, and had to remind himself that she was still too young.

“I think I know where Sandy left the clothes,” he said, hoping to change the subject. He led her back to Sandy’s room, where a large box of clothes sat on the bed.

“Oh wow,” said Terry, flipping through the pile of clothes. “I’m never going to be able to take all of these.”

As usual, Tom obsessively followed Terry’s every movement, stealing glances at her beautiful body but all the while being careful not to let her notice. She turned quickly toward him and grabbed his arm, her bright green eyes shiny with an idea.

“Would you mind if I tried some of them on here, to see how they look?” she said.

“Absolutely,” said Tom, both happy and nervous at the idea of her staying for awhile. “Make yourself at home, I’ll be in the den.”

Tom felt his heart beating as he walked out of the room and pulled the door partially shut behind him. He walked out and sat in the den, trying to watch television and ignore the fact that the object of many of his fantasies was changing in and out of clothes just down the hall.

It wasn’t long before she reminded him. She came sashaying down the hall in a pair of shorts and a tight top, looking like a million bucks.

“How do you like this?” she said, twirling in front of him.

Tom immediately became aware that he no longer had to steal glances at her beautiful body, she was offering full license for him to gaze in adoration. He took full advantage.

“Wow, you look…it looks great on you,” he stammered out.

She gave him a final twirl, and looked back at him over her shoulder. “In that case, it’s a keeper!”

For the next half hour, Tom was treated to a continuing fashion show that had his cock rock hard and his mind sweating bullets. She had to know what she was doing to him, especially since many of the outfits were quite revealing, and she wasn’t hesitant to strike some sexy poses right in front of him. It was unlikely that Tom could remember any of what the clothes looked like — he pretty much told her they all looked awesome, and after a few costume changes he gave up the pretenses and was telling her how awesome SHE looked, and how she would probably be incredible wearing anything. She beamed her approval and headed back for another change.

Tom sat quietly in the den, his mouth salivating, thinking about what she would be modeling next. About the time he was expecting her to come out, he heard her voice, asking him for some help.

He stood slowly, adjusting his hard cock so it didn’t stick out, and walked back to the bedroom. As he entered the room he had a premonition that she would be on the bed naked, and he wondered what he’d do. She was on the bed, but she was sitting down facing away from him, and asked him for help zipping up the dress.

Once again, he stood close enough to smell her hair, and he took his time gently zipping up the back of the dress. It was abundantly clear she had no bra on. When he was finished he stepped back away so she could stand up and model for him.

Terry was wearing what is commonly knows as a little black dress, and it was a little tight and very little. She looked quite stunning in it, her toned legs exposed all the way to mid thigh, and the low cut showing off just the right amount of cleavage. The waning sunlight gave the room a soft glow, and Terry knew the dress looked hot. She really hammed it up, pulling the dress up higher on her thigh, parading back and forth. Tom was beyond overwhelmed, and just stood there for a long time nodding his very strong approval, until he found the need to ease down into a chair. If the tension wasn’t already high enough for Tom, Terry took a slow walk all the way around his chair, giving him ample time to check her out.

Tom couldn’t help but give her a slow clap.

“Awesome,” he said. “But I think you already know that!”

Terry laughed. “Maybe, but its always good to hear.”

Terry walked back over to the clothing box and started pulling out other items, holding them up and asking Tom what he thought of them. Tom sat with his hands on his knees, his mouth going dry, trying to articulate responses. She was toying with him, making him hot. She even held up some lacy bras, laughing and joking about them, but Tom felt like if he asked her to try them on, she would. He didn’t dare.

After a while, Terry settled on another outift she wanted to try on, and she walked back over to Tom to get him to unzip the dress she had on. She turned in front of him, settling in between his legs. The situation was almost too much for Tom to bear, and he couldn’t get the zipper to come down. Sensing that he was having some difficulty, Terry laughed and adjusted her position lower to make it easier for him. She kneeled down in front of him so that his hands were level with the zipper, facing away from him with her elbows on his legs to steady herself. Tom took his time, easing the zipper down slowly and revealing in the intoxicating smell from her perfume and the beauty of her naked back.

When he finally got the zipper down, she stood slowly and walked away from him, and Tom realized she was going to change right there in front of him. Her back to him, she let the dress fall away, and Tom realized with a mixture of disappointment and relief that while she wasn’t wearing a bra, she did have shorts on underneath. Taking care to face away from him, she pulled on a red silk button down shirt and buttoned it up, and then pulled on a tight tan skirt before turning to face him again. The shirt was buttoned down just far enough to show a hint of cleavage.

She stuck out a hip in an exaggerated sexy pose. “How do you like this?” she laughed.

Tom couldn’t help himself. “You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful in everything!”

Terry giggled and gave him the thumbs up. She walked back over to the clothes box, picking up a few other items.

“Is there anything else you’d like to see me in?” she asked.

In what can only be described as an out of body experience, Tom heard himself say in a clear, steely voice.

“I’d like to see you in the nude.”

Terry turned to him in shock surprise, her mouth open slightly, her face blushing. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence.

“Ha ha,” she said. “I’ll bet you would.”

There was a sudden nervous tension in the room, as they both evaluated the situation. Terry was trying to play it off as a joke, leaving Tom an out to just laugh it off. Tom was on the edge, he could laugh it off, or ask again.

“I…I’m sorry…I just think you are so beautiful Terry,” he said nervously. “You have an incredible body, I would just love to see you…”

His voice trailed off, his mouth dry, his head in a blur. Another quiet, awkward moment passed.

“I don’t know,” she said slowly. “I don’t think I’d better.”

Tom sensed her feigned reluctance. He became less nervous, more emboldened.

“I won’t even touch you,” Tom said. “I just want to see you nude. I just think you are so incredibly beautiful.”

Terry stood quietly for a moment, one hand fidgeting with a button on her blouse, looking down nervously. Finally, she spoke.

“Ok, but just for a second,” she said.

Tom inhaled deeply, wondering if this was really happening, or if it was just a fabulous dream. Meanwhile, Terry was slowly undoing the buttons on her blouse, and then untucking it from the skirt. Gradually, almost painfully for Tom, the blouse fell open, exposing the breasts that had only gotten fuller and more beautiful than the last time he had seen them. Terry kept her eyes down, avoiding eye contact, as she slowly wiggled out of the skirt and let it fall to the floor. She didn’t waste any time with the shorts, sliding them off and standing before him now with just the silk blouse hanging off her shoulders. She pushed the sleeves off her shoulders and the blouse slipped away, and she stood before him, beautifully naked in the waning dusk.

Tom quietly drank in the stunning vision before him, unable to breath or speak. He watched her intently as her hand came up to push the hair out of her face, and she turned her head and body slightly to give him another view. Her eyes continued to avoid contact with Tom, allowing him to look her up and down with reckless abandon.

Terry was perfectly shaped, with trim toned legs leading up to shapely hips and a flat torso. She kept her bush trimmed neatly, and it looked soft and inviting. Her breasts were the perfect shape and size, her chest and shoulders in perfect, smooth proportion. Her skin was almost unnaturally beautiful, just the right tan, and her golden brown hair set softly over her shoulders.

Suddenly he heard her voice break the silence, and realized that her green eyes were now looking at him. She had broken the silence with a simple, direct word, framed as a question.

“Well?” she asked, with a coy smile.

Tom’s brain slowly came to the realization that she was asking him what he thought.

“Terry, you are incredibly beautiful,” he managed.

She smiled and twirled a piece of hair. “Do you really think so?”

“I think you are the most beautiful vision I have ever seen in my life,” he said, and he meant ever word.

She blushed a bit, but Tom was still amazed at how comfortable she was standing in front of him nude. Feeling even more comfortable after his compliment, she gave Tom a bit more of a show, turning ninety degrees at a time, showing all the angles of her gorgeous body, intermittently running her hands through her hair. She used the bedposts as props, leaning up against them, or holding onto them with one of both hands.

Tom’s dick had gotten so hard it threatened to tear his shorts in half. His head was on fire, his brain adrift. He was heading toward another state of consciousness, watching Terry complete her little circle turn, when the phone rang, breaking the silence.

Tom didn’t budge, listening to the phone ring twice, three times, it could’ve been a hundred for all he knew, then the answering machine picked up, and he was stunned back to reality by the voice of his daughter Sandy.

He jumped up and ran into the other room and picked up the phone, shocked quickly back into the role of father. Sandy had gotten into a fight with her mother, and was coming back a day early, would be there in about a half hour. Tom went back into a cold sweat, thinking about what might have happened. If she hadn’t called, she might be walking in to the house in a half hour and finding her father screwing her best friend.

As he hung up the phone, Terry came out, holding a bag of clothes and fully dressed. She walked up to Tom and gave him a lingering hug. She pulled back but left her hand on Tom’s chest.

“I’d better get on out of here,” she said with a smile.

Tom nodded, trying to clear his head.

“That was fun though,” Terry added, turning away to leave. “Tell Sandy thanks for the clothes.”

Then she was gone. Tom went upstairs to his bathroom turned on a dead cold shower and stood in it for twenty straight minutes. When he got out, his dick was still hard.


Terry had never expected or planned to end up posing naked for Sandy’s dad, it was almost like she had an out of body experience. The whole fashion show had started innocently enough, she thought it would be a fun way to cheer him up, but as she was picking out clothes to wear it became more about what would look the sexiest. At some point she began to feel really sexy posing for him, and as he complemented her, she started to become more aroused by what she was doing to him. When he put his hands on her to undo the zipper on the little black dress she felt electrified by his touch, and when she took it off in front of him, albeit facing the other direction and wearing shorts, she knew his eyes were on her, and it made her very hot.

When Mr. G. asked her to pose naked for him, it was a shock, and though she felt compelled to put him off, she ached for him to ask again. She ached to be naked in front of him, to see his adoring eyes upon her.

It was probably a good thing Sandy had called when she did, because Terry was also aching to feel his adoring hands on her, and that was scary for a lot of reasons. As she drove home, she resolved to avoid being with him alone, but when she climbed into bed later that night, being along with him was all she thought about.

Over the next few months she lived a rich fantasy life. Her favorite was one where she was standing naked in front of him in the darkening room, her hands holding on to the wooden bed posts. He would come over to her, naked and hard, and he would lift her tiny frame up into the air, and then slowly slide her down his body until her legs were wrapped around behind him and his cock was warm and hard inside her.

But she knew that had to be a fantasy. He was too old to be interested in her, it would ruin her friendship with Sandy, and if her parents or anyone found out, it would be trouble for everyone. While all those things should have deterred her, they actually made the allure much greater.

Terry managed to avoid the temptation, only going over to Sandy’s when she was there. Oddly enough she felt even more comfortable with Mr G., and they often had moments where they would give each other a wink when no one was looking, sort of an acknowledgment of the little secret they held. She took advantage of every appropriate moment to give him a hug, and occasionally they would find themselves in private, and the hugs would be warmer and longer lasting. She could feel him become aroused during the longer embraces, and she had gotten in the habit of letting her hand drift down his chest and stomach when they parted. He was more than a head taller than she was, so by the time her hand had come down to a normal level she was pretty close to his waist. Over time, her hand would linger there, and she would give him a quiet wink and then turn away.

But it was a year later before the passion finally erupted. As is often the case, Tequila was involved.

It was a hot summer day, and Sandy had invited Terry to come by for an afternoon swim in the pool. Mr. G was not around, and the girls got a wild hair and decided to make some margaritas, using Tequila from the bar. Sandy said she didn’t expect her dad home until late, so they figured they could clean up before he got home.

But the day was hot, so the drinks were going down fast, and Mr. G came home earlier than expected. Much earlier. The girls were laughing hysterically by the pool when Mr. G walked up in his work clothes.

Initially Terry expected Mr. G to freak out about them drinking, but he just rolled his eyes and laughed.

“Hey Mr. G., why don’t you join us?” said Terry.

It was a smoldering afternoon, and Mr. G. didn’t need another invitation. Terry watched him go inside, and in her buzzed state she got a little excited about seeing Mr. G in his swim suit. She’d have to keep her head with Sandy there.

As she expected, Mr. G did look good in a swimsuit. He was fit and tan, with broad shoulders and really nice legs. She had to restrain herself from wolf whistling. He poured himself a drink from the margarita pitcher, walked to the diving board and jumped in.

The three of them splashed and swam for a while, with Terry and Mr. G being careful to keep distance in front of Sandy. After a while all three went to lay out on some pool side chairs to catch some rays, and Sandy, riding a healthy buzz, dropped off into a nap.

Terry chatted with Mr. G for a while and then got up to pour them another drink, but as she reached for the pitcher her hand clipped the wooden table and she picked up a nasty splinter. Mr. G. took one look at it and told her to come inside and they would get it taken care of.

It was cool and comfortable in the kitchen but Terry felt quite warm standing close to Mr. G as he was examining her finger. She loved how her hand felt as he held and caressed it. He was very gentle with her, which was nice, because the splinter was in there good and was painful.

“This might hurt, I’m going to have to dig it out,” said Mr. G, looking into Terry’s green eyes.

“I’m not very good with pain,” she said with a pouty frown.

Tom chuckled, then got an idea. He poured her a shot of Tequila and handed it to her.

“This should help,” he said.

Terry took the shot and downed it, and Mr. G. got set once again to work on the splinter. He was about to go in when he stopped, poured himself a shot, and downed it quickly.

“Doctor’s need courage too,” he said.

As much as it hurt to dig the splinter out, Terry was loving standing so close to Mr. G, with both of them still dressed in their bathing suits. It was hard to avoid frequently brushing up against his legs, and with Sandy outside asleep, neither tried to avoid it.

“I think I got it out,” Mr G. said, looking closely at her finger. Terry was glad it was out, but sorry to lose the excuse to be so close to him, and she didn’t back away.

“I think it still hurts,” she said, with that pretty little pout she had mastered.

“Oh, I think you’ll be ok,” Mr G. said with a smile. “Here, maybe this will make it feel better.”

Terry watched him as he lifted her finger up to his lips and gave it a kiss. The effect was electric.

“Mmmm, that does make it feel better,” she cooed softly, and she moved just a little closer. The tequila was just starting to hit her.

“If it makes you feel any better, that was as painful for me as it was for you,” he said.

“Awww, poor baby,” Terry said. “Maybe this will make it feel better.”

Terry leaned forward and planted a soft, wet kiss on Mr. G’s chest. The boundary had been crossed.

“Yes, that does help,” he stammered out.

She leaned over and kissed the other side of his chest, lingering longer this time. “How about that? she said.

“Mmmm,” was all Mr. G could get out.

She kneeled down slightly and kissed one side of his abdomen, then the other. “I’ll bet that makes it feel better,” she said.

Mr. G was obviously in ecstasy, and she hesitated from her kneeling position to catch his eyes. She wanted him so badly she had lost all control.

“Is there anywhere else you’d like me to make feel better?” she asked quietly.

Mr. G. hesitated for just a moment, experiencing his own surrender, before boldly unfastening his swimsuit and dropping it to the floor.

Terry went all the way down to her knees, still looking up at his eyes.

“Here?” she asked, kissing one side of his rock hard cock.

She moved to the other side, gave it a warm, wet kiss. “Here?”

Mr. G’s hands came up to either side of her head, lightly touched her hair, and said “yes” over and over and over again.

She took his cock into her mouth with a passion, licking, kissing and sucking him with a hunger created from multiple fantasies. It wasn’t long before she felt him stiffen, felt his hips jerk just slightly, felt his cock grow larger and larger in her mouth and then he was in full release, and she felt his hot liquid pouring into her mouth, faster and more than she had ever experienced. She nearly gagged, lost some of him onto her face and chest, then gained some control and was able to swallow it all. It seemed like his orgasm lasted for five minutes and she loved it that she had made him feel so good. As his erection slowly eased, she stood up and held him close to her.

“I’ve been thinking about doing that for a very long time,” she said. “I hope that was ok.”

She felt Mr. G.’s strong arms pulling her closer. “It was better than ok,” he said. “It was incredible.”

They stood holding each other in the silence of the kitchen for a few more minutes before she pulled slowly away from him.

“I think I need to hop in the pool to get cleaned up before Sandy wakes up,” she said, turning to leave. “Thanks for getting that out for me.”

Mr. G. gave her a puzzled look.

“The splinter,” she smiled. “Thanks for getting it out.”

As Tom watched Terry walking back down to the pool, he had a flood of thoughts, mostly dominated by the idea that the most beautiful creature he had ever seen had just given him an unbelievable blow job. He stood, leaning back against the countertop, his cock still semi erect. He could hardly believe that they had gotten away with it, without his daughter catching them in the act. His position in the kitchen had allowed him to see Sandy at the pool, and she hadn’t moved the entire time.

He pulled his shorts back on, took another shot of tequila and went and took a shower. A long shower. By the time he got out, Terry had gone and Sandy had regained consciousness and was sitting on the couch watching tv.

For the next several weeks, Tom lived in a fantasy world that involved he and Terry having sex constantly. He woke up thinking about it, daydreamed about it all day, went to sleep with his cock hard and had dreams about the two of them at night.

He still felt guilty about being with one of his daughter’s friends, both for hiding it from her and for the simple age difference, but it had become apparent that he wasn’t coercing her, she wanted to do it. His saving thought was that within a few weeks, both girls would be going off to college, several hours away, so the drama of being with a beautiful girl half his age was coming to an end.

A few days before they were slated to hit the highway to college, Terry came over to hang out with Sandy and the three of them ended up having dinner together. Tom loved being around Terry, even if it couldn’t be sexual, she was just fun to be around. The best thing was that whenever Sandy was around, she was really cool and not doing anything that would raise suspicion. Sometimes the way they sat close together without any kind of acknowledgment or touching was arousing in itself.

After dinner, Sandy got a phone call from a boy she had the hots for, so she took her phone and left the room, giving Tom and Terry a few moments together. Tom took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts.

“Terry, I have really, really enjoyed getting to know you, you’ve been a great friend for Sandy, and …” he hesitated, looking for words. “…you’ve been a very special friend for me as well.”

Terry smiled in the way that always made him feel warm inside. “Ahh, Mr. G, you’ve been awesome too.”

They sat for a moment just enjoying looking at each other.

“I am really going to miss you when you go off to college,” Tom said.

Terry gave a wry smile. “Well, I guess you haven’t heard yet,” she said.

Tom gave her a questioning look.

Actually, I am not going off to college,” she said. “Actually, I decided to stay here and go to the local college, I guess you didn’t hear.”

Tom’s mind began to buzz as he felt Terry’s foot come up and stroke his lower leg under the table.

“Actually, I don’t plan on missing you,” she said. “Actually, I have already made plans to come by next week and try on some clothes that Sandy is leaving for me.”

Tom felt his cock growing hard at the very thought of it. He watched Terry stand up and walk over behind him, letting a hand drift down onto his shoulder.

“I’m hoping,” she said in a soft, sultry voice. “That you’ll be here to watch.”

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