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Surviving in the Old West

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It was 1849 Martha Petersen was just turned 18. She was the only child of Swedish immigrants who were slain by Indians on the trek west. Martha had been raised by the Cooper family, a childless couple on the wagon train that Martha’s family had joined for the journey to a new life.

Martha was a beautiful natural blonde girl, with blue eyes and stood at 5ft 2in.

She was a stunning looking girl who had been turning men’s heads (not to mention giving these pious settlers impure thoughts) since she was 13-14 years old.

The town in which they had settled was a typical dusty, one horse prairie town. It was mainly populated with the peaceful and pacifist Quakers that had all arrived together on the adventure west, together with a few ungodly types who had opened a saloon.

On the fateful day which would change lives forever, Martha was in her special hiding place, where she used to go to be alone and to read etc, when the sound of hooves could be heard.

In no time at all the sound of gunfire filled the air, as 25 or so men rode in. At first the gunfire and raucous behaviour was due to high spirits and horseplay, but as whiskey went down the mood slowly changed and became dangerous.

Instinct and not perception or experience was what told Martha to remain hidden, until such a time as these strangers calmed down, or the townsmen told them off and made them behave more respectfully to other people.

As the day wore on the noises from the saloon sounded more and more angry and glass started to smash. The meek townsmen hurried along the streets and sidewalks, unarmed and unwilling for confrontation, everyone it seemed had gone indoors.

Some however, were to be unfortunate.

Annie Dunnell the wife of the man, who ran the town’s only store, was the first woman to fall victim to the rising mood. As she hurried along the sidewalk in an effort to get into the relative safety of her home, she had no option but to pass the saloon doors. She knew nothing about it when an arm shot from the doorway and violently dragged her inside.

There was only four of the gang present at the time, as others had begun wandering the town in search of ‘female company’, but also there were eight of the townsmen who were stood meekly looking at the ground, unarmed and being taunted mercilessly by their captors.

“Well lookee here, said one of the men sat at the whiskey covered table, ain’t you a pretty thing then? Why don’t you come sit here and we can get all acquainted like,” he laughed.

Annie struggled against the strong arms holding her, but she knew in her heart of hearts it would be to no avail. She began to expect to be taken somewhere to be violated, but what she didn’t expect, was Lyle who was holding her, to grab her dress and in one swift movement, tear it into shreds from the waist upwards.

Annie instinctively wrapped her arms across her breasts and screamed.

No one in the town paid it any mind, it was only one more scream in a town full of screams.

What Annie hadn’t expected was to be violated in front of the townsmen and when the rest of her dress was violently ripped from her body, Annie, trying desperately to cling to the shreds that covered her modesty and dignity, stood naked before the entire saloon.

Her mind and body were full of revulsion with what she knew was about to happen

Of the townsmen present, five of them were still bachelors and consistent with the times, this meant they had never actually seen a woman naked. The three married men had only ever seen their own woman naked and even then in true Quaker style, that was only ever fleetingly as the puritanical wives did not believe in ‘flaunting themselves’.

The saloon was suddenly silent, Annie’s arms were pulled from her breasts and from between her legs, and she was walked backwards towards an empty table. As she was pushed onto her back with her buttocks perched on the edge, her heavy pendulous breasts and her heavy pubic growth were exposed to all there.

Annie was a very pretty woman of 40, she had turned heads in the town for years and been secretly lusted after by many a townsman. Now here in the saloon, those men already sporting erections got to finally see her tits and her ‘cooch’.

Jake rose and walked to her side, wordlessly he put his hand between her legs and forced them apart. One man even gasped, as not only were they seeing her nakedness for the first time, but they were also enjoying seeing the opening of a woman’s vagina for the first time as it was spread wide, revealing it’s inner pink slit and her quite large intimate lips.

Jake rubbed Annie’s cunt crudely. His dirty, calloused fingers liberally rubbing her large lips, her clitoris and around her hole in a vulgar and lewd fashion. She couldn’t move and the first sign she had of the coming assault was a sound. As Jake unbuckled his gun belt and then his trouser belt, the seemingly innocuous clinking sound of the buckle, carried as much symbolism and innuendo to Annie’s as she could bear.

Jake didn’t care about his audience, he was proud of his cock and he also wanted to humiliate these ‘pussies’ of the town and rub their meek, silent and pacifist noses in the dirt.

Annie cringed with shame, she knew the view all the men in the saloon had of her intimate private parts.

That was the least of her worries, she couldn’t explain why, but for some reason she felt compelled to look down her body, just in time to see Jake position himself between her legs and nudge her vagina with an enormous cock. Jake’s liberal rubbing of her intimate parts had had the desired effect and against all Annie’s expectations, she was actually wet enough to take him.

Annie had only had one man before now and had never had conscious thoughts about men’s penises, it wasn’t the done thing. But now as her vaginal opening felt the blunt heavy pressure of his penis stretching her open and sliding into her, she couldn’t help but think about his size and what it would do to her.

The lack of sex education and ‘girl talk’ about sex, left the childless Annie totally ignorant of her vagina’s capacity and assumed he was about to inflict upon her some terrible injury.

Jake wasn’t interested in just violating her, he took his time inching in and out, pushing a little further each time, until such a time as Annie realised (along with a stunned naive audience) that Jake was buried fully inside her.

It didn’t hurt.

In fact to her horror, she realised it was extremely pleasurable, the feeling of fullness and the stimulation of not just her labia and clitoris but also of her internal walls as they gripped him was, even given the circumstances, intensely satisfying.

Amongst the backdrop of several men with bulges in their pants, (one even had the growing wet patch of semen, the ejaculation of which, had been induced by the sight of Annie’s naked body) Jake raped her.

Given the forced stimulation of her squelching vagina, to Annie’s eternal gratitude he didn’t last long enough to force a humiliating and very public orgasm on her.

Months without a woman, meant Jake was soon shooting a river of semen into her, grunting and thrusting as Annie’s body shook and her heavy breasts bounced in rhythm.

Spent, Jake withdrew and the watching men saw how her cunt remained gaping for just a second or two, before collapsing inwards and forcing all his hot thick cum to run from her.

Even the married men had never seen this sight before.

Wordlessly Jake pulled up his trousers over his still semi-hard huge cock and as Martha Petersen silently crawled underneath the houses towards the livery stable where her horse was kept, the other outlaws in the saloon fell on Annie.

She was fucked raw, sometimes the only sound in the saloon was the clinking of belt buckles as they thrust into her and her quiet sobs.

Those sobs (taken by the townsmen present to be a self-pitying cry) were the only way that Annie could disguise the pleasure that was being forced upon her. Her body, frustrated by the need for the all too infrequent orgasm, had no defence mechanism. Her vagina took over from her mind and pushed the pious, chaste and puritanical thoughts aside.

Annie came twice and to her own amazement managed to keep the shameful fact to herself.

Her husband watched silently with the rest.

As Martha made her way under the buildings, she could see women being literally dragged by their hair or even their ankles into various doors of the town. She did not need to be worldly wise to understand what was happening and how much in danger she was.

She reached the stable and quickly and quietly saddled her horse and was about to lead him out when a voice came from behind her.

“You need to let me give you a signal when it is clear, or you will walk out straight into them dear,” young Clem said.

“Oh Clem you scared me so, gasped Martha. I need to escape so badly, please help me,” she pleaded.

Clem had eyes in his head and he knew that if the outlaws captured her, then her life would be a terrible and violent one. He moved out into a position where he could see the entire street and when it was clear he motioned her to go.

As Martha led Toby her horse silently around the back of the stable and away from the town, the Cormack family were sat silently and nervously eating their meal. Ruth Cormack prayed to herself that they would be spared the bestial horrors that were going on around them. Her husband Wendell sat passive and silently eating what he could force down. Ruth had begged Wendell to find a gun and to be a man in protecting her and their children.

All to no avail, he was a dyed-in-the-wool Quaker and pacifist.

When the door burst open and three dirty, drunken outlaws burst into their house Ruth knew the worst. They approached the table and taking a piece of chicken from Wendell’s plate, Newt the leader said,

“Well ain’t this a pretty little picture, all you sat so nice here. What do you think about showing us a little womanly hospitality now lady?” he taunted.

With one last look at her husband, who was staring down at the floor, Ruth said to her children,

“Now you two eat all your dinner, you hear? I want you to stay down here and be good for momma, because she just has to show these gentlemen something upstairs. Don’t you be coming up those stairs now you hear?”

“Yes Momma, no Momma.” was the reply.

In an act to save her children the trauma, which Ruth knew would haunt them throughout their lives, she turned and hitching her dress to help her climb the stairs, she led the three outlaws upstairs and into her bedroom.

“Please take what you want and leave, she begged. I will be quiet and comply, just please leave my children alone.”

With that Ruth bent and fumbled under her skirts, she lowered her bloomers and made to get on the bed. She would make herself available by pulling her dress to her waist and opening her legs for them.

“Not so fast lady, said one man, the rest as well,” he gestured at her.

Ruth reached around her back and undid the laces on her dress. She lowered the dress from her shoulders and let everything just fall to the floor. Her breasts were very small, yet had incredibly large nipples. Just as some women seem to be ‘all nipple’ Ruth’s lack of breast tissue just seemed to make her hard dark buds stick out more prominently.

Her face burned with embarrassment and shame, not only was it the fact that only her husband had ever seen her like this, but the fact that the men who now gazed upon her nudity were common, filthy, unshaven, crude and disgusting outlaws and it burned her up inside.

But the real shame was that she was giving herself to them without a fight, yes she could justify it as defending and sparing her children but her life morals made her feel that she should somehow be resisting. She opened her legs and exposed her rapidly swelling, hairy mound to them and in the act of spreading her legs, she exposed her pink insides framed by very dark labia.

She simply wanted it over.

Wendell Cormack sat downstairs staring at the floor, he hadn’t even the guts to look at, or talk to, his children. They sat in a surreal silence wondering what was happening, until the squeak of the bedsprings started. Wendell witnessed the violation of his wife by the medium of sound. He knew exactly when each man had ejaculated inside his wife by the tone and pace of the bed’s movements and sounds.

If there was one saving grace for Ruth, it was that these men controlled the town, therefore there were plenty woman for them to rape for however long they stayed. Because of this Ruth wasn’t treated like she was the only woman in town, or like she was the only chance they would have for some cunt. At least they had no need to use her all night as she had feared.

All she needed to do was let them have her and leave.

So thanking heaven for small mercies, she lay back and simply let the men use her vagina as a dump.

After cursory sucks on her inch long nipples and a crude rubbing between the legs, Newt spread Ruth’s legs with his hands and gazed into her private, intimate parts.

“I hope this cunt is nice and tight lady, he taunted, I can’t see that pathetic husband of your having stretched you out much,” he grinned at his amigos.

He rubbed and ran his large cock head over and over her lips, wetting his fit-to-burst deprived cock along her dark labia. Ruth braced herself as she felt the pressure on the tight ring of her now glistening lips. Newt shifted his weight and slowly slid into her, groaning as he went. Ruth felt the familiar feeling of a mans ‘thing’ entering her until he was fully inside her, their pubic mounds enmeshed.

This feeling was familiar, but different. In an almost mirror image of what Annie Dunnell was enduring at the very same time, Ruth realised that for the first time that she was actually ‘full’ of a man. Ruth felt the large ‘thing’ moving her insides like never before, for once it wasn’t just her opening that was being battered by a penis, but her whole insides were being touched, the walls of her insides could actually feel the man pushing them apart, stretching and stimulating and exciting them.

Newt suddenly pushed into her, held himself and grunted.

Only the second man ever was ejaculating inside her, his hot powerful pent up cum flooded into her. Ruth felt her disgust at what was happening and felt relieved that at least the first man was done.

Or did she?

With feelings of total shame, she lay still and simply waited for the next man to violate her intimate hole. He climbed onto the bed, thrust into her and fucked her crudely and urgently and was soon making the familiar sound of a man cumming.

It was basic and crude, but it pushed Ruth further along a road she really did not want to travel.

When the third man pushed his dirty, rough and calloused fingers into her saying,

“Let’s get some of that shit outta there, I ain’t gonna fuck her in that state,” Ruth felt even more ashamed at his words rather than what was physically happening to her.

That done he clambered between her legs and Ruth looked down to see the third (and hopefully last) man’s penis that would ravish her. It was big like the others, but it was also a little thicker too. When George pushed into her Ruth gasped, all the feelings she had been experiencing with the first two were suddenly multiplied. Ruth knew instinctively, that the unwanted yet beautiful feeling that this shaft was forcing upon her, would make her reach a point she desperately didn’t want.

She was going to orgasm.

“How could you? She tried to reason with herself in an effort to repress the mounting climax by shaming herself. These are dirty, disgusting killers and rapists who are violating you, how can you take any pleasure through it?” she accused herself.

It didn’t help. As George drove his cock slowly but relentlessly into her, feelings she had never experienced before simply took over. Her delicate walls gripped his cock like a vice, her labia was pulled and pushed in the same rhythmical movement as her clitoris.

When the throbbing, twitching, pulsating electric shocks started, Ruth could no longer hold back.

Wendell sat and listened to his wife as she moaned, groaned then finally screamed her frustration and her orgasm to the world.

Grinning, George watched as the bitch let herself go, he wasn’t as crude as his partners, he had brought her off deliberately to humiliate her and her husband. Now objective achieved, he just used the old bag to violently pound his cum into.

A few minutes after he had heard the jangling of belts, buckles and spurs coming down the stairs and simply walking past him and out of the door, Wendell told the children to stay where they were and slowly mounted the stairs. With growing trepidation and even a little shame at his part in this, he entered the bedroom.

Once upon a time if this had happened, Ruth would have gathered up her clothes, hid her body and wept hysterically as she hid her shame from her husband.

But not now.

She wanted the gutless, pathetic, useless, excuse for a man to see what his ideas and principles had done for her.

Ruth watched Wendell approach the bottom of the bed, then wilfully, deliberately and even with a little malicious pleasure, she lay back naked and opened her legs.

Ruth Cormack presented to her husband a battered and ravished vagina, still gaping from the big cock it had been ploughed with and with a brilliant white line of semen still oozing from between her dark, raw lips.

Wendell gazed not just at his wife’s raped and battered cunny and the cum running from it, but also at the huge pool of semen that soaked the sheets between her legs.

“Take a good look at what three real men did to me Wendell, because it’s the last time you will ever see my cunt again.” said Ruth

Ruth was shocked herself that she had used the vulgar disgusting word that the rapists had, but it was worth lowering herself to that level to see the look on her soon to be ex-husband’s face.

Martha was miles away from the horror and it’s sounds as she strove to put as much distance between herself and the outlaws as possible. She was totally oblivious to the fact her situation had just taken a turn for the worst.

Artie Speight was the gang leader and he had been quietly drinking and watching as his men lost control.

“There was no hurry he thought, we have got days to take what we want.”

To this end he had been patient, but now he wanted some pussy. Art was a sadistic bastard, and he liked them young.

When he and three of his gang burst into the Durkan residence, Katherine feared the worst for herself. Her children gathered around her skirts for protection and clung to her in an act of defiance. Art walked over to Katherine, he stopped and looked at her then quite deftly reached forward and cupped a breast in his hand. For Katherine Durkan, the inference, the threat and the question did not need to be spoken aloud.

“It will happen in front of the children, he hissed, then who knows, maybe I’ll have the little bitch too,” he grinned looking down at her daughter.

Screaming hysterically for her daughter, Katherine used the only weapon she had.

“Leave her alone, she screamed, leave her alone. If you leave her alone I will show you where a girl of real beauty lives and you can take her instead.”

Intrigued, Art listened, he was in no rush, he could come back anytime and rip this little bitch’s pussy apart.

“Show me and for your sake you better not be lying to me,” he snarled.

Katherine led Art and his gang, down the street (and away from her daughter.) She stopped at the Cooper residence and Katherine pointed,

“There she lives, when you see her you will thank me I’m sure,” she said.

The Coopers were not surprised when their house was invaded by these men, they had been waiting for it since they arrived.

“Where is she? Spat Katherine becoming more and more desperate and vicious, where is the little bitch?”

“We don’t know, it’s as simple as that. You can do to us what you like, we are old, but that won’t make us know where she is.” replied Bert Cooper.

Art made towards the fireplace and picked up a sepia photograph of the Coopers and Martha at a recent fair.

Art was stunned,

“Is this who we are talking about?” he asked Katherine, showing her the picture.

“That’s her, she spat, wasn’t I right eh? wasn’t I right?” she said pleadingly.

Art decided he wanted this girl, he wanted her badly.

“Where does she keep her horse? asked the gang leader, take me there.” he demanded.

After a visit to the livery stable and after issuing the same threats to Clem the livery man as he had given to Katherine Durkan, namely the gang rape of his young daughter if he didn’t tell him what he wanted to know, Art had the information he wanted, he knew when she had left the town and which direction she was headed.

Katherine Durkan’s daughter, was saved that day from an experience that would have haunted her all her days. Martha Petersen however had just been sacrificed in her place. Mavis Connors the wife of the town mayor didn’t know it at the time, but her life too would change due to Katherine Durkan’s actions.

Artie Speight let Katherine take her daughter away, now without a specific target he had another idea.

“Where does the Mayor of this shit hole live?” he demanded to know.

Emmett Connors was the ideal target to choose, if humiliation was the aim.

That night Mavis Connors the wife of the town mayor, was taken to her marital bed by a rapist and murderer. Her husband sat passively as Mavis simply went upstairs with her rapist as she knew that the only alternative was death.

Art had bathed that day, ridding himself of the dirt and grime of weeks in the saddle, so Mavis was spared the ordeal of sleeping with a man in that condition.

As Mavis stood naked before the stranger, her heavy pear shaped breasts reaching forward enticingly and her curly black triangle hiding the treasure below, Art dropped his clothes to the floor. Mavis did all but gasp. He hung long, thick and heavy between his legs.

Mavis wanted this over with. She climbed onto the bed, her breasts swaying and bouncing. She lay back and opened her legs.

Art moved in on her, his foreskin slowly peeling back on the hardening length as it slowly began to rise upwards.

What Mavis didn’t know was that Art was experienced in the act of sex. His years of raping and whoring had taught him how to fuck, he wanted more than a quick bang.

Mavis was stunned when Art kissed her, it was a proper kiss, not forced and not aggressive, just simply a proper kiss. She allowed him to kiss her but that didn’t last long, Art moved down her body paying lingering attention to her breasts and nipples before it suddenly struck Mavis what he was going to do.

Art Speight gently kissed, caressed and stimulated Mavis Connors’ pussy.

Even at Mavis’s mature years she had never experienced a man making love to her between the legs as skilfully as Art now did. His knowledge of what he was doing started to drive Mavis on.

In a surreal moment where a violent, murdering rapist showed her tenderness, he treated her pussy like the most delicate thing in the world, he drew her rapidly swelling lips into his mouth and gently sucked on each one in turn. His tongue would flick at her clitoral hood then return to her lips and her swelling, flowering, dripping, opening. Art would then return to her exposed clitoris which now protruded from it’s covering and stood proud and visible, the hard pink little button seeming to pulse on it’s own.

When the electric shocks started, Mavis Connors knew she was going to have a violent orgasm, so she tried to retain some dignity and respect. She managed to contain the short sharp gasps that were coming faster and faster, but when her orgasm finally exploded bursting forth all over Art Speight’s mouth, tongue and face, Emmett Connors sat downstairs, was left in no doubt about his wife’s climax.

Art moved up her body, his huge, hard eager cock looking menacing to Mavis. In her dreamy post-orgasmic state, Mavis opened her legs a little further and purred as the biggest cock she would ever have slid effortlessly into her. Her sodden vagina in its relaxed and satisfied state dealt more easily with Art’s cock than she expected.

Mavis was a little disappointed when Art came inside her as quickly as he did, in her secret thoughts Mavis had wanted to orgasm again on this big manly length inside her.

There was time later.

When Art Speight slept, Mavis (without a thought of taking his gun or trying to escape, what would be the point?) deliberately cleaned herself up for him. She knew that he had not done with her and she wanted to be clean and fresh ‘down there’ for him when he wanted her again.

Mavis wondered about how she was acting with this rapist.

It was a very deliberate act of what? acceptance? submission? ownership? resignation to her fate? she didn’t know, but she did know that she would give him whatever he wanted.

Throughout the night Art fucked her and slept intermittently. He had noted that very early in the rape that Mavis had offered no more resistance, she gave him everything he wanted.

When Art shocked her by asking rather than demanding, that she suck his cock to get him hard again, Mavis did not hesitate for a second before sliding his huge yet soft cock into her mouth.

She did what was required of her to the best of her limited experience and ability, Art offering advice on how he liked it throughout her sucking him, Mavis willingly following instructions.

Women like Mavis usually lay under their husbands passively, allowing them their marital rights. Now Mavis, whilst on top of Art, sitting wide legged astride him, reached for him when he slipped out of her and guided him back inside herself.

Mavis Connors came time after time throughout the night. The biggest cock she would ever experience, stretching and opening her, forcing her labia and her tight hole to it’s limits. It seemed to stretch her sensitive inner walls to their utmost and the depth that Art plundered her with the long, heavy, throbbing length that he was violating her with, drove Mavis over the edge repeatedly.

She could not contain herself vocally, and her husband listened to every syllable that she groaned, moaned and screamed throughout her ‘ordeal’.

She slept with Art, cradled in the crook of his arm, only to be woken at regular intervals to be fucked.

In the early hours of the morning Art Speight was woken in a very unexpected manner, Mavis was gently sucking his cock. Art pretended to be still asleep and lay back enjoying the slow blow job that Mavis was giving him. He watched quietly as Mavis licked his length, swirled her tongue around his swelling helmet, and slid her moist lips over him, taking him as deep as she could. However Art took most pleasure from the way Mavis would take it from her mouth and simply look at it. Art knew that how she cradled it in her hand and looked longingly at his huge length that she was a changed woman.

Mavis worked his heavy, thick foreskin up and down his cock and over his huge head and back down again, she watched and marvelled at the menacing piece of meat in her hand and in her mouth. She was in awe of the thing that had given her so much pleasure and kissed and caressed it like a lover.

Art knew he couldn’t cum again for some time, yet his growing erection was making him interested again. When Mavis realised that he was now awake she unashamedly begged him,

“Oh God please, please fuck me some more.”

It enticed him into her cunt for one last time.

When Art had battered her pussy violently, failing to cum himself but driving Mavis into very vocal raptures he left her.

Art Speight did not turn Mavis Connors from a shy wife to a slut wife in one night of fucking, (although at the point of one of the several orgasms she had had, Mavis fantasized about being taken along by the gang and either being Art’s personal slut, or a whore for the whole gang, which duly sent her over the edge.) but what he did do, was to teach Mavis the absolute joy and ecstasy that could be had between a man and a woman.

Mavis realised that after laying under her man for her entire married life, that she now wanted more. What could be done in the marital bed and what pleasure could be achieved together, had shocked her and she wasn’t the only one that was going to be shocked by it.

Mavis had been forced to suddenly identify and recognize her needs as a woman, she had been taught desire, hunger and need. She would now have a voracious appetite for the ecstasy that adventurous and liberated sex could give her.

Emmett Connors, had had the indignity of hearing his wife repeatedly ‘raped’ throughout the night. Later that day when left alone, Emmett could not get the image of another man inside his wife out of his head.

Mavis gave him two choices.

“You can put this behind you just as I am determined to do and we can move on, Mavis said, (secretly knowing that her ‘ordeal’ had not been the trauma she expected.) or you can move out.”

“What do you expect of me?” asked Emmett.

Mavis knew, that although not equipped to service her needs like Art was, her husband was going to have to pleasure her regularly from now on and service her demands or she would find a man that would.

“Take me upstairs and I will show you.” Mavis whispered.

That night and on subsequent nights Emmett Connors was taught by his own wife how to fuck her. At first he thought she was a disgusting harlot, but after several nights of incredible sex he finally awoke to what his wife had awoken to several days before.

As the Mayor and wife of the town, in public Emmett & Mavis Connors retained the mantle of authority, and retained the pious, virtuous and puritanical persona their position demanded. Behind closed doors however, Emmett accepted his new role as his wife’s sexual servant. He obeyed orders in the bedroom and realised he was there simply to service his wife’s newly awoken sexual appetite.

And he loved it.

In the town the carnage continued into the night. Artie Speight had been sated by Mavis as she gave him everything he wanted in bed. But Martha Petersen’s picture had got into the mind of Speight and he had already given the order to be ready to ride in the morning.

They were going after Martha.

Martha had ridden constantly throughout the day and after only brief rests for her horse, she had continued through the night, in an effort to put as much distance between her the unthinkable. She had set of totally and utterly unprepared for such a journey, she had neither the clothing (an all important hat for example) for herself or the provisions for her horse. She was miles from town and beginning to realise her problems.

On the horizon Mat Payton watched her.

He had been watching her and steadily tracking her for hours.

Now was the time to move in, he could tell she was vulnerable.

Riding up to her slowly, he realised just how much trouble she was in. No hat, no food or water for either her or the horse. She was a sitting duck.

Martha saw his approaching and could do nothing to protect herself.

“Howdy Miss, can I help you any?” Mat asked.

In the next hour as they rode together, Martha, realising she had nothing to lose and also getting the sense that he wasn’t the danger she imagined him to be, simply told him everything. They made camp for a while, whilst Mat kitted Martha out with a spare hat he had and he fed and watered both them and the horses.

Mat sensed from what Martha had told him that maybe they would come after them. For a couple of days they followed the well known route towards the next big town, but he knew that would be too obvious a path to take. As they came across a quite rocky area that covered a few square miles, he veered off. Crossing rocky ground would be difficult to track, although he knew that when the gang didn’t pick up the trail when the terrain went soft again, that they would know that Mat and Martha had changed course.

Mat knew that he was only buying time.

Martha relaxed in Mat’s company, she learned that he himself was only young at 20, but had led a much different life to her. Orphaned at a young age Mat had lived by his own hand and had learned to survive on his wits. She had come to realise that her life was in this boys hands and she found that she trusted him completely.

Mat provided for Martha in the following days, he shot rabbits from what Martha thought would be too far away. He used a long rifle fitted with a strange device on the top. Martha was amazed by the strange sighting device, which Mat then explained to her had been invented in 1835, she looked through it and was promised by Mat that he would teach her how to use it.

Mat gained that trust even more when they came across a stream.

“Oh how I wish I could bathe and clean the dirt and grime from myself,” Martha said.

Mat pulled the horses up and simply said,

“Go on then.”

He settled himself down about 50 feet from the bank facing the other way, pulled his hat down and made to have a nap. Mat knew that if he disappeared, that Martha would suspect he was watching, hidden somewhere, so he stayed in full view and made no attempt whatsoever to ‘sneak a look’.

Martha quickly stripped and immersed herself in the cold refreshing water and when she was done she stepped from the stream onto the bank. Her already hard, firm breasts were solid with the cold, her pale pink, jutting nipples stood out like iron from her small areola, as the water fell in droplets from them. The icy water ran down Martha’s flat alabaster stomach into her sparse pure blonde pubic bush, matting it together into one single line of hair. She stood on the bank and wrung her blonde hair of water, shivering she pulled her dress over her head and lay out all her other clothes which she had also washed in the stream, to dry.

She called Mat to come and sit by her and talk to her, the innocent virgin totally at ease with being naked under her dress, alone in the wilderness, with this boy.

They talked and laughed the whole time, they were totally at ease with each other, they were falling for each other.

The following day as they gained height on the mountain they needed to cross, Martha’s world crashed again.

“I think they are following us,” Mat said suddenly. Spinning around, Martha looked desperately around to see.

“I can’t see anything,” she said.

“There on the valley floor, nearly on the horizon,” Mat said pointing into the distance. Martha could still see nothing, until Mat pointed into the distance and Martha saw the tiny plume of dust rising into the air.

“They are miles away, they will never catch us,” said Martha hopefully.

“They will catch us up by this time tomorrow,” Mat said to Martha’s dismay.

They continued to climb until the light gave way to the night. They made camp behind a large boulder to hide the light of their fire from their pursuers. Looking down onto the valley floor they could see that the outlaws had also made camp and Martha involuntarily shivered at the sight of so many flickering torches in the distance.

She knew that they were coming for her.

A couple of hours later Mat sat alone, Martha had disappeared somewhere and had been gone awhile making Mat worried. He was just about to go and look for her when she appeared again. Martha stood in the firelight and taking a long fearful look down the mountain, she worked her dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“Please make love to me,” she whispered.

As she had stared down the valley at the flickering torches Martha had made a decision.

“If I am to be violated by those men, then at least I can choose who holds my virginity for ever. For the rest of my life I want to remember the first man to ever have me, with affection. I don’t want him to be a violent rapist.”

Mat was stunned by her face and her body, his own experience was only of rolling on and off a couple of old whores after simply relieving himself into them. He had never ‘made love’ himself.

Martha’s body had a slight sheen of sweat from the warm evening, which glistened in the firelight. She walked across to Mat like a frightened rabbit and stood before him.

“God she is beautiful,” thought Mat as he bent to tentatively kiss her.

Martha gasped into his mouth when she felt his hand gently cup her breast and graze across her bullet-like nipple. She was being touched for the first time ever and she was extremely comfortable with it and a little excited that it was Mat that she was with.

They kissed for awhile until Mat surprised her by bending down and taking her nipple into his mouth, it was unexpected, but sent a tingle down her body into her lower stomach. Martha had no idea whatsoever what occurred during love making, which made each and everything he did so shocking and exciting.

Mat lowered himself further and gazed at Martha’s sparse blonde bush which concealed nothing. His erection was already painfully hard and the sight of her tight virginal slit, just made him fit to burst.

He leant forward and kissed her lips just once.

Martha was stunned,

“Did he just kiss me on my ‘thing’?” she thought.

Martha had no idea about lubricating and vaginal secretions, had she known she would have been well aware that her inner vagina was becoming increasingly wet and ready for the transition into womanhood.

Yet one more thing, (the most important probably) that she didn’t know, was what it was that a man had between his legs.

Instinct gave women of the age an idea of what a man had, but Martha had not had an upbringing that would encourage her to imagine men naked. She had never considered it at all. So when Mat stood before her, kicked off his boots, unbuckled his gun belt and trousers all together, took off his shirt revealing a hard muscular but youthful chest, Martha was beginning to tremble with nervous and excited trepidation.

Mat lowered his pants and Martha saw for the first time what she was willing to let enter her body. Mat had a good sized cock, neither huge nor small, but to a total innocent like Martha it looked enormous as it stood proud and hard.

The excitement temporarily turned to fear.

Mat kissed Martha again, his hot pulsing cock trapped between their bodies, Martha could feel the heat and the hardness and it felt as though it was alive as it throbbed against her body. Martha let herself be gently lowered onto the blankets, still kissing and caressing her breasts, Mat lay Martha down and slid his hand down across her stomach.

Martha felt butterflies in her stomach as she felt fingers so close to her intimate place and the realisation that he was about to touch her there. The fear, shock, trepidation, all seemed to evaporate in one go, as she felt the beautiful touch of gentle, loving and tender fingers slowly sliding across her rapidly swelling and moistening lips.

Mat let one finger slide between the lips parting them and allowing her virginal hole to be touched for the first time.

“I want you to be the first so badly,” whispered Martha.

Being two relatively innocent youths they would learn the art of foreplay in time to come, but for now it was simply a matter of Mat taking her as instinct led. He knelt between Martha’s legs, gazing first at her stunningly beautiful face, at her hard jutting youthful breasts and at her sparsely covered lips as they swelled and flowered revealing her tiny, pale pink, smooth little lips hidden between.

He opened her slightly and was surprised to see a layer of skin protecting her from invasion. It stretched across her opening, making her hole seem so very small. The memory of bar room vulgar talk, made him realise that this was normal and that this was ‘breaking her in’ as the crude talk had suggested.

Leaning forward, he held his rock hard eager length in his hand and placed it between her delicate lips and inched forward.

Martha felt the pressure on her ‘thing’ and was again worried that such a ‘huge and massive’ thing could fit inside her.

Mat pushed slightly harder each time, Martha’s hymen blanching when touched, until he locked his eyes with Martha’s and pushed hard.

Martha screamed into the night, her pelvis rising from the blanket, pushing up at him as her back arched up towards him. She had screamed at the sharp pain, she had screamed at the pleasure it brought her, she had screamed at being here with her lover and she had screamed at the point where she passed over into womanhood.

Mat stopped instantly and held himself still to allow the girl whom he suddenly realised he was so madly in love with, to adjust to her first ever cock.

With her arms locked around his neck, Martha kissed Mat and told his that she loved him, then begged,

“Oh yes Mat, push it in me again,” groaning with absolute pleasure as she felt the hard length slide against her hitherto untouched flesh.

The love making lasted no time at all. Mat so inexperienced himself was so turned on and excited by his new love, her beauty, her body and her giving herself to him, could contain himself no longer. Yet the few minutes that the lovers coupled for the first time had so much sensuality crammed into it, it was wonderful.

Those few minutes contained Martha Petersen’s first orgasm.

Not knowing what happened to a woman’s body during love making, Martha simply delighted in the feelings Mat’s penis was giving her. She assumed that this was the pleasure a woman got from the act. When the first tingle started deep inside her it scared her. Was something wrong? Had he damaged her? What was happening?

Her tiny pale pink lips gripped his cock as it slid into her, the soft tissue of the walls of her untouched virginal canal were sensitive to every part of the rock hard rod that claimed her virginity for ever. It grazed her hot depths, it forced open the resisting tight wet flesh and the frightening but exciting feeling that told Martha that something was about to happen to her started to rush through her.

Martha Petersen came as Mat Peyton slid in and out of her tight vagina. The strange feelings had built and built to the point where they seemed to explode inside her. Gasping. moaning, crying and trying not to scream, Martha felt the shock waves that ran through her vagina. It seemed to have a life of it’s own suddenly, throbbing, pulsating, and quivering it drove the newly deflowered virgin into raptures. Martha had absolutely no idea that physical feeling and pleasure such as this existed.

Mat could contain himself no longer, her tight vice-like tiny pussy was milking him for all it was worth. Martha had no idea what her clenching and squeezing in the throes of orgasm were doing to her lovers cock as it deflowered her.

Again Martha was slightly concerned when Mat started to groan and said,

“Oh God yes, oh yes, yes,” as the semen started it’s journey.

As Mat’s penis seemed to throb and grow even more inside her, Martha felt him push into her. She felt him so far inside her that he reached depths she had never considered before. When Mat shuddered, grunted, groaned and cried out, Martha was unsure what was happening to him, but she just knew that she was glad it was with her that it was happening.

Speechless and breathless Martha panted and writhed underneath Mat as the beautiful post-orgasmic satisfied feeling began to wash over her.

She was a woman and Mat was her lover.

Martha got yet another shock when Mat’s cock finally fell from her tiny pussy. Martha had no idea about semen or what physically happened at the end of love making. As Mat rolled from her, Martha could not resist looking down between both their legs. She was a little worried to see Mat’s ‘thing’ had blood all over it and assumed one of them was injured and even more shocked when she saw the huge river of brilliant white ‘water’ running from between her tiny little lips and into the crack of her bottom.

Mat had some explaining to do over the coming days.

The lovers were lucky, their impetuous lovemaking had been impulsive and more by luck than management Martha just happened to be in the unfertile part of her cycle.

Now was not the time to get pregnant.

They set off the next morning at first light. Pushing on as fast as they dare drive the horses, they made steady progress. However as the dust plume grew nearer and nearer they realised that all was lost. Within moments they would be caught. A little later they came across an old upturned wagon, which looked like it and its inhabitants had been victims to an attack. The wagon lay on its side and the contents of cases were strewn all around.

Mat heard the hooves as they thundered towards them. He made a decision, the only way he could hope to survive and help his new love was to escape. Looking Martha in the eye, he said nothing, just pulled his horse around and bolted up the hill away from the scene.

Martha was devastated, she thought that he loved her and what she had given him last night meant something special.

Now he had fled.

Martha stood rigid as the gang rode up to her.

Art Speight stopped directly in front of Martha and took her in.

“Fuck! she is stunning, thought Art. The long chase was going to be worth every minute.” He appraised Martha, already forming the plan to not just rape and kill her, but to take her for himself for the month’s even years to come.

But first he would have to let the whole gang have her, so that they stayed loyal to him.

Mat watched as Art dropped down from his mount to face her and spoke words he couldn’t hear. He looked through his rifle sight and saw a terrified Martha seemingly cringing at what ever was being said to her throughout their conversation. She tried to run and just about reached around the upturned wagon when Art caught her.

He spun her around to face him and again Martha stood frozen to the spot. Due to the heat and other practical reasons, Martha now only wore a dress and bloomers, the lack of undergarments revealed the shape of her young breasts. Art reached for her, his rough calloused hand reaching for the hard rigid nipple visible under her dress.

That’s when his head exploded in a burst of blood, tissue and sinew.

Artie Speight was dead before he hit the floor.

He fell towards Martha who fell behind the wagon. She had the presence of mind to grab Art’s gun as he lay dead. Martha scrambled fully behind the wagon and sat with her back against it and her knees up to her chest.

She was scared witless.

By the time the outlaws had registered what was happening two more fell. The others all scrambled for cover, some fortunate ones finding a safe haven behind rocks but for some, there had been no time to do anything other than crouch behind woefully inadequate cover.

Walt Cutrell was the nearest outlaw to the wagon when the carnage began, he waited for the sound of a shot, then sprinted for the wagon. Mat had no time to react and in a cloud of dust Cutrell slid behind the wagon where Martha was hiding. On reaching safety he looked up at Martha, only to find himself looking down the dark hole of Art Speight’s 45. The small red/black hole in Cutrell’s forehead was testament to Martha’s quick reactions.

Mat was placed at a distance out of range of the handguns of the outlaws. Using his powerful rifle and the telescopic sight he had shown Martha, he slowly and deliberately took aim. With maturity and calmness an unhurried Mat picked off the outlaws one by one. The men with inadequate cover, were picked off by Mat, until there was a stalemate. 12 men lay dead or dying in the hot sun, whilst the other 10 were safely hidden.

Mat knew that he couldn’t keep them pinned down forever, as soon as he made to move off they would break cover and take Martha and kill him. The outlaws knew that they couldn’t stay covered for ever either and that lack of water etc in the hot sun would force them to break cover too soon.

After awhile a white shirt held on the end of a twig appeared and a voice called for a ceasefire. Mat listened to what the voice proposed and agreed. Covering the men from his well concealed vantage point Mat watched them closely as they reclaimed their horses and slowly moved down the mountain.

They had no interest in dying for a whore, they had been reluctant to leave a town full of snatch, and to chase across the territory just so their leader could get himself some fancy pussy in the first place. When they reached the valley bottom they rode off and didn’t return.

Mat made his way back down to Martha who was so happy and relieved that not only had he saved her, but that she had been wrong about him when he rode off and instantly felt even more love for him.

The two young lovers went around and checked that all the outlaws were dead and to see if they could salvage anything from their possessions such as food and ammunition etc. It was while they gingerly trod amongst the carnage that they both started to feel safe somehow.

They returned to the upturned wagon in a different state.

The raw violence and the ultimate in destruction, the blood and the dead men from Mat’s own hand had spelled the end of their present dangers. Mat and Martha sat silently and felt the sensation of it all being over wash over them. It had only been a few days since all this had started for Martha, but yet it seemed as though it had lasted for weeks.

That wonderful feeling of being safe together at the end of all their troubles made Mat and Martha relax. They sat holding each other and Mat kissed Martha. He kissed her gently at first showing her his love, yet slowly the kiss became more and more urgent, Mat feeling the love and lust he had for this exceptional beauty and Martha wanting to show her love for her rescuer and her saviour.

Although they had made love already, now, right here in the wide open space of the prairie, Mat fucked her for the first time.

Mat tore Martha’s dress from her and violently dragged down her bloomers leaving her naked and shaking in the wide outdoors.

“Oh God Mat, yes, yes take me,” Martha gasped and begged, her vagina hot and dripping instantly. She needed him to have her, take her, use her, the release of all the pent up fear and worry being gone now seemed to give them some form of release. Martha found it was turning her on.

Mat was rock hard, the surge of adrenaline coursing through his veins and into his cock. Mat had once seen a man take a whore from behind and he now knew that’s how he wanted Martha.

He roughly dragged her to the floor turned her onto her knees and harshly pushed her upper body down towards the ground. Martha had seen dirty dogs ‘doing it’ once and immediately knew that this was how she wanted to be taken.

Forcing her legs apart, exposing and revealing her tiny pink lips, then prising her apart to open her recently virgin hole, Mat gazed at his prize. He wasted no time in thrusting into her.

He fucked her like a bitch.

Martha was driven crazy by the raw sex, by the fact he was taking her outdoors and by his big cock pounding her tiny vagina. But what drove her on most was the position she was in, it was dirty and she felt so incredibly dirty with it. As her hard jutting nipples pointed towards the floor Mat moved her slightly and he inadvertently made her hard buds touch the floor. As Martha’s body rocked back and forth with the force of the onslaught her pussy was taking, her nipples began to scrape the ground. The hard coarse sand on which they knelt began to scratch and scrape the hard nipples. Her delicate pale pink buds were being scuffed and chafed painfully and it was incredibly exciting.

For Mat the sight of his beautiful girl’s ass in his hands and the view he had of her tight pale pink lips stretched around his plunging cock, making it sodden with her juices was too much. He kept withdrawing from her, just so he could see inside her hot pink intimate hole and see the sweet crinkled walls of her tight pussy as they collapsed inwards and caressed each other. He watched as his cock forced her apart and her pussy acting like a vacuum as it greedily sucked, first his angry throbbing head, then the whole of his solid pulsating cock back inside her.

They came together Mat clawing Martha’s ass and Martha clawing handfuls of sand.

Martha knew from this moment on, that in the future for the most part they would make love, but when the raw passion took over them, then this was how she would want to be taken.

Mat pulled out of Martha but kept her held open with his hands. He wanted to look inside her, he wanted to see his cum deep inside her, and then when he let go and Martha rose onto her knees, Mat watched his cum run from her gorgeous lips and pool between her legs draining into the sand.

Martha put her hands on either side of her inner thighs and opened herself up. She watched in awe as strands of white sticky semen cling to her blonde pubic hair before stretching and finally falling to the ground between her legs.

Mat and Martha’s journey continued in an uneventful manner until they reached the outskirts of the large town. Martha stopped and reached into her meagre possessions and extracted a tiny little box. She took out the contents and slipped it onto her finger.

Wearing her mother’s wedding ring as her own, Mat and Martha Payton checked into the hotel.

By the time a bath had been prepared for Martha in order to get Art Speight’s stench from her, the owner of the hotel was in position. Martha was a stunner and he wasn’t going to miss the chance to see her naked. Hidden behind rough made walls which were ill fitting and had knot holes missing everywhere, ‘Curly’ Smith watched Martha undress and by the time her lily white body had submerged itself into the hot soapy water, his cum was already running down the wooden partition.

The ‘newlyweds’ went to bed that night full of nervous excitement. The first time had been over quickly and now they both knew they had a whole night in front of them, they worried about being able to recreate their sensual love-making.

“Would it be the same, they both thought independently, would it be different without the danger that had inspired it in the first place?”

The bedroom was only lit by the light from the buildings across the street, the window open and the net curtains fluttering in the breeze, when Martha stunned Mat.

“I want your cock to fuck my little cunt,” she whispered.

Mat was aghast, Martha having no idea what the proper names for such things were, had simply taken Art Speight’s words and assumed them to be normal everyday words. Mat would have to explain to her the lewd, crude and vulgar nature of what she had said,

But not yet.

The second thing that Martha said to shock Mat, came from the same incident with Art. Martha had had the image in her head and had had the concept of such a thing in her mind, since it was first put there by the vulgar outlaw.

It was all so new and unheard of by a girl such as she.

“I want to suck your cock,” she added.

“Oh God darling yes,” groaned Mat as he lay on his back. Martha moved down his body without having the first idea of what she was about to do. She took Mat’s straining, hard cock in her hand.

Mat looked down and saw the picture that would stay with him forever. Martha held his throbbing cock in her tiny fingers, the head of the cock an inch from her mouth as she looked back at him and held his gaze in hers. It was like a picture frozen in time of the last moments before this stunning girl took a cock into her mouth for the first time.

It was stunning in it’s simplicity.

On a truly trial and error basis and on the concept of ‘suck’ and ‘cock’ Martha followed her natural instinct, she licked her lips then tentatively opened her mouth and placed it over Mat’s angry purple head. She sucked him into her hot wet mouth and stopped.

Martha simply held Mats cock in her hand and bobbed her head up and down his shaft sucking at the head. As blow jobs go it was not the best in history, but to the two lovers involved it was the most exciting and new thing to share between them.

Martha was turned on by the naughty idea of actually having a man’s cock in her mouth, which was in turn making her more adventurous that her upbringing would normally have let her be. As Mat lay on his back, Martha reluctantly let (what she considered to be) his gorgeous cock slip from her lips. Still holding the base of it in her little hand, she shocked Mat by swinging her legs over him and sitting astride him.

Mat watched awestruck. His ‘shy little virgin’ bride, didn’t wait for her new husband to dictate, but placed his straining cock at her entrance herself. Mat watched as her sparse blonde curls were split in two and the small delicate pale lips of her pussy slid over the helmet. Martha was incredibly wet, the only resistance Mat felt was not a lack of lubrication but that of her still tight almost virginal opening and lips as they stretched themselves around his pulsating rod.

Sitting upright on him, both hands behind her head lifting the hair away from her face, her hard young breasts, glistening with a sheen of sweat from the hot night, jutting out at him from above, Martha slid herself onto him. Martha felt the young rod of iron spearing her delicate soft walls, time and again she rose and fell dictating her own pleasure.

Young girls were supposed to lay back and take what their man gave them, but not Martha. The unusual circumstances of her becoming a woman had made her different. She wanted this cock and she wanted it to do to her what it had done on the mountain.

Mat watched as this incredible beauty raised her hips, pulling his rampant cock from her dripping pussy, pausing, then making it disappear fully as she impaled herself again until every inch of him was buried deep inside her. The tightness of her was milking him and sending her into raptures.

Again the sexually charged Martha came first. Mat was inexperienced himself, he reached down to where they were joined, he just wanted to feel both their flesh at the point they caressed each other, he wanted to actually feel her pussy as his cock slid into it. He felt her lips as his cock slid between them and inadvertently touched the little button of her clitoris at the same time. The electric shock hit Martha, who groaned aloud.

“Oh my God Mat she pleaded, touch me there again.”

Mat used his thumb to rub where he could feel a little hard bit that was covered with a hood of pink flesh and Martha exploded. Her throbbing, pulsating, clenching, gripping and squeezing vagina took her into convulsions of pleasure as she opened her legs as wide as she could and took her man up inside her as far as he could possibly go.

Mat turned her panting, heaving and sweating body over, her legs opened for him automatically and he plunged into her. The tight hot flesh gripping him and milking him made the semen stat to rise in no time.

As the cum started it’s journey, Mat, aware of the danger of pregnancy, waited until the last moment before pulling from her vice like hole, took himself in hand and aimed his cum over her prone body.

Martha, not knowing what to expect lay gasping when the first powerful jet of semen flew from Mat’s pulsating head and hit Martha in the face, a small amount falling between her lips. The second jet hit her on the chin, then the following streams fell in weaker bursts between her tits and onto her stomach, the last falling amongst her little blonde bush.

Mat was immediately sorry that he had done that ‘disgusting thing’ and that a little of it had gone into her mouth. Rather than spit the foul substance out, Martha had been so sexually awoken of late, that she tasted a little of it before pushing it out between her lips.

The consistency, smell and taste were nowhere near as bad as she would have imagined just a few short days ago.

The following night as they again made love, Martha had made a decision. When she knew that Mat was ready to ‘shoot his stuff’ she took him into her mouth and lovingly sucked on his cock. Mat made to push her off,

“Didn’t she know he was about to cum?”

Martha resisted his efforts and gently kept sucking until she felt the first spurt of cum fill her mouth. Arching his back off the bed as though he was trying to push himself down her throat, Mat came jet after jet of hot, powerful, young cum into Martha’s mouth.

They both sat up Mat looked around to see where Martha had spit out the dirty cum and saw nothing. Martha giggled at him holding her fingers across her lips and he suddenly realised that it was still in her mouth.

Like two innocent kids they looked at each other, then Mat said,

“Jeez Mart, have you swallowed it all?”

Martha shook her head from side to side with a grin.

“Oh Martha don’t tell me you still have it in your mouth?”

Martha nodded, then like one child showing another a secret, she opened her mouth and showed him the huge, brilliant white load in her mouth.

Like a kid in a playground, Mat excitedly asked her questions,

“Oh Mart what’s it like? does it taste funny? it’s looks all strange being, you know, in there! What you gonna do with it Mart?”

He watched as Martha pursed her lips, then her throat worked a couple of times and giggling like a girl, Martha opened her mouth and showed him the empty space.

“Jesus Martha, you didn’t did you? he exclaimed, can you get pregnant getting it in that way? you ain’t gonna get poisoned like that are you?” Mat asked like a bewildered child.

The two young lovers thought that they had invented something new, because something like this had never occurred to them. The thought of a woman allowing a man to do that was shocking to them. They thought that they were the first people in the world to do this and no one else in the whole world had even thought of it, let alone done what Martha had just done.

Martha also knew that until they learned how to avoid pregnancy, or until they were settled and safe and he could make her pregnant, that Mat would have to cum in her mouth all the time.

A few days later as the two moved across the plain Mat detected the movement in the corner of his eye. Slowly approaching, with no hurry whatsoever were a tribe of Indians. they had walked right into them. For a few minutes as Mat and Martha’s horses slowly walked across the prairie two rows of Indians walked on either side.

Everyone of them transfixed with Martha.

Mat saw the future for Martha. Her life would be spent either as a sex slave for the chief, constantly pregnant with child after child, or she would be a whore for the tribe also constantly pregnant providing braves for the future. All her life she would be pregnant by unknown braves whose cum just happened to be the first to impregnate her, amongst the multitude of cum loads that would be always inside her.

He decided.

Gently easing back on the reins allowed Martha to move ahead of him and without hesitation, he pulled his gun and shot Martha through the back of the head. Before any Indian could react, he levelled his gun to his temple and as the hammer fell,

He woke up.

He sat up sharply resting back on his arms, sweating and panting he heard Martha say,

“It’s alright darling it was just a dream.”

She was running her hand up and down his arm to comfort him. She than sat up and a bead of sweat ran between her breasts, ran down her stomach and disappeared into her sparse blonde curls.

Mat looked at his ‘wife’ and her stunning innocent beauty and thought to himself,

“How the hell am I going to get this gorgeous girl from here to the city without losing her to rapists and murderers? How the hell am I going to protect her and keep her safe?”


The ten remaining outlaws had travelled the days retracing their steps. The new leader had decided to return to the small town where there were easy pickings, free whisky, free food and more importantly free pussy.

They rode into town slowly, their approach had been noticed and all but a few people scurried in the streets in a hurry to get home.

A young girl appeared several yards ahead of them, she looked young yet her womanly figure was made evident with the size of the mounds beneath her blouse. She coquettishly bit the knuckle of her index finger in a teasing fashion, giggled, then ran into the livery stable.

The men fell over themselves to follow her,

“This was gonna be fun.”

On entering the large livery stable, the girl was stood at the far end pushing her breasts out provocatively. They all moved towards her when the first rifle barrel emerged from the hay up on the surrounding lofts. One gun after another slowly emerged.

The men of the town had argued that,

“These men should have a proper trial and be subject to the law, otherwise was will just be as bad as them. We should arrest them and bring them to face the law.”

The women had laughed the pathetic men out of the room.

There was to be no discussion, no chance given to lose the advantage.

Living in a lawless land and times, the women of this town had been made painfully aware over their lives how a man died. It wasn’t pretty.

Giving no chance for these rapists and murderers to react and galvanise themselves into action (the women were well aware that these were professional gunmen) there was to be no dialogue. The carnage began and ten men were dropped to their knees and the floor. Ten men either dead as they fell or holding their ruptured stomachs.

In the silence, the heavy smell of cordite in the air, the women emerged. Some, as yet unaware of the fact, were already carrying the children of some of these men.

They left the stable, leaving ten men to die, some already dead, some whose internal organs were shutting down one by one and some bleeding to death.

“Let the men clean up the mess,” said Annie Dunnell as the women made their way home.

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