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Curing the Break Up Blues

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A break up is always a hard thing to go through especially if you’re the breakee and not the breaker. That’s the position I recently found myself in as my girlfriend of the last 3 years decided to call it quits. I cant say I was wholly surprised when she told me, we hadn’t been getting along for weeks, but as the reality of the situation set in, the depression came along with it.

I spent the next few weeks immersing myself in work in order to keep my mind off of things. I was crashing at a buddy’s apartment until I could find my own place, which only helped to add insult to injury. I was in pretty rough shape.

Then, one fateful Friday night, I decided it was time to stop living like a hermit and get out of the house for a while in an attempt to enjoy myself. I decided to go alone because I wasn’t in the mood for the “long time, no see” harassment I was sure to get if I had met up with friends. I chose a local bar that has cheap Guinness and a solid jukebox. Good beer and good music always helps any situation, right? I saddled up next to the bar, ordered my drink, put $5 in the jukebox, and tried to pull myself together. It had been 3 weeks since the break up, but I had kept myself so busy I hadn’t yet had to deal with the full scope of the situation, and it was high time I got things in my head and in my life back on the right track.

After of an hour of keeping to myself, and several pints of brew, I was actually starting to feel quite optimistic about life once again. It was then that I looked up and noticed two very attractive, slightly older women sitting about 10 feet from me.

“Don’t worry, whether its here or somewhere else, we’re gonna get some dick tonight,” the slender blonde said to her beautiful redhead friend. I’ve always had a thing for redheads.

The comment caught my attention, but didn’t do much to stir my libido, which had been lying dormant for the past several weeks. I just kind of shrugged it off, smiled to myself, and headed for the men’s room. It was about time for a liquid evacuation.

As I made my way back to my stool in the corner of the bar, I walked right past the two ladies and apparently drew their attention.

“Oh, wow, you’re cute. How long have you been sitting over there?” the outgoing blonde inquired in my direction.

“Long enough to hear what it is you’re looking for this evening,” I replied with a sly grin.

My comment drew a blush of embarrassment from the redhead, whose cheeks immediately turned the same color as her hair, and a slightly devilish look from the blonde.

“What’s your name?” asked the blonde.

“Aidan. And you are…?”

“My name is Christine, and this lovely shy woman here is named Kendra.”

Hmmm, I thought to myself, a redhead named Kendra. Sounds very appealing. I felt the first stirrings of my libido in weeks.

Christine continued, “Why don’t you come sit a little closer so I can buy you a drink?”

“Now that sounds like an offer I cant refuse,” I replied in my best mock Marlon Brando voice.

As I stood up to move closer, I felt two pairs of eyes suddenly scroll up and down my body before the two ladies shared a quick glance. I could sense some non-verbal communication going on. As the ladies ordered me a drink, we exchanged small talk about jobs, our day, and what brought each of us out tonight. I gave them the condensed version of why I was out tonight, not wanting to dwell too long on the depressing situation I’d been in and inadvertently bring myself back down again.

My sob story worked apparently because I was showered by a chorus of “Aww’s” and given a sympathetic, yet slightly sexual, rub on the thigh by the outgoing Christine. I was beginning to pick up on the dynamics of these two women. Christine was obviously more adventuresome and perhaps even a little wild, while it appeared that Kendra was much more reserved. Being a redhead though, I knew there was probably a personality just as fiery as her hair color lying just below the surface. It was now my intention to try to unleash that side of her.

We continued to talk, mostly between Christine and myself, but as I turned on the charm, Kendra seemed to warm to the situation. Ok, I’m giving myself lots of credit here; it probably had more to do with the vodka tonics she was nursing at a healthy rate. The point is, however, she seemed to relax and became more a part of the conversation.

This point was made evident as Christine excused herself to the ladies’ room and as she walked away, Kendra piped up, “She has the sexiest ass, doesn’t she? She’s 42 and has the ass of a 25 year old. I wish mine still looked like that.”

With that, I saw an opening. “Well, why not let a 25 year old judge how nice your ass is? Stand up and turn around for me.”

Kendra raised her eyebrows and gave me a sideways glance, I guess somewhat surprised by my forwardness. However, her lips quickly curled into a wry smile and she sipped her drink as she stood and made her way to the ladies’ room. As she walked away, she glanced over her shoulder to see if she had my attention, and I made sure to make it clear exactly where my attention was focused. When she saw my eyes had tractor beam vision aimed directly at her ass, another smile crossed her lips as she turned away headed for the restroom.

I quickly asked for a tab, paying for everyone’s drinks and quickly called my buddy, Mark, whose place I had crashing at to see if he was sleeping at home or at his girlfriend’s house tonight.

“I hadn’t given it much thought. Why do you ask?” came Mark’s reply.

“There’s a chance I might be bringing over some company and it would be nice to have a little privacy, if that’s not too much to ask.”

A chuckle rang out on the other end of the phone. “Way to get back on the wagon, buddy, you need it. I’ll see tomorrow morning, but not too early.”

I always liked Mark. He’s a stand up guy.

Our quick phone call was barely over before Christine and Kendra simultaneously emerged from the restroom. They both wore devilish grins on their faces, and I immediately began to wonder what discussion went on in the ladies’ room. Women’s bathrooms are like the corporate boardroom of the one night stand world. All important decisions about whether or not to close a deal are decided in that room.

Christine came over and stood next to me as she put her arm around my neck. She leaned in close and for the first time, I noticed how incredibly intoxicating her scent was. Her lips drew very close to my ear as she spoke.

“What do you say we get out of here and find some place a little more…comfortable where we can all get to know each other a little better?” There was a distinct difference in her voice, a sultry difference that made sure my libido was not only no longer dormant, but up and running and firing on all cylinders.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea. Do you have a specific place in mind or shall I be a gentleman and offer mine?”

“I always liked a gentleman.”

“Then you’ll love to hear about this,” Kendra chimed in, I’d almost forgotten about her, “he’s already paid our tab.”

They both looked at me with knowing glances and Christine giggled and said, “I guess you were anticipating that this would be time to leave?”

“Call it intuition, if you will,” I replied as I stood, offered up an arm to each lady, and made a beeline for the front door.

I gave them a brief description of how to get to the apartment to help make it easier to follow me and quickly hopped in my car. Once in the car, I paused momentarily to allow the moment to soak in. Was I really about to take home 2 gorgeous women? I gave myself a huge shit-eating grin as I started the car and headed home.

We couldn’t get to the apartment quickly enough and all three of us quickly disappeared inside.

“Which room is yours?” Kendra asked. I pointed in the appropriate direction as she moved closer and began to unbutton my shirt. “Well why don’t you go lie down on the bed and lose some of these clothes while Christine and I freshen up a bit in your restroom?”

Well, what could I say to that? I escorted them to my bathroom and kicked off my socks and shoes in record time. My pants and shirt became a heap in the corner of the room, leaving me in only my boxers as I grabbed the stereo remote and fired up some Bob Marley. It’s always good to be lead by a soundtrack of Bob Marley when you’re fucking two older women, I decided for myself. To cap off the moment, I reach in the nightstand, pulled out one of the joints I always have readily available and fired it up.

Life is fucking good, I thought to myself.

As I exhaled the first drag, the ladies emerged from the restroom, blouses mostly unbuttoned, stockings missing, and as I would come to soon find out, other articles of underwear as well. I passed the joint to Christine as Kendra pushed me onto my back on the bed and straddled me. She worked her hands over my chest and stomach and I began to pitch a tent in my boxers.

“Mmmm, Christy, you have to come feel this. He has the sexiest muscles in his chest.”

I felt my ego begin to swell and for the first time in weeks, I actually felt a huge surge in confidence. My hands made their way to Kendra’s ass and I gave it a healthy squeeze.

“You were right, this isn’t the ass of a 25 year old,” I teased, “It feels more like 22 or 23.”

My compliments had the desired effect because moments later her lips were kissing their way down my chest, across my stomach and to the tops of my boxers. By this time, I was willing to do anything just to feel this incredibly sexy woman touch my cock. I feel ready to explode. Three weeks of sexual dormancy were ready to be unleashed upon these two women.

Two women, oh right. Amid all the excitement, I’d momentarily forgotten Christine. I glanced over to see her sprawled out at the head of the bed, puffing away on my joint as she stared intently at the scene unfolding before her. A solitary hand had disappeared inside the front of black lace panties, and in the dim light, I thought for sure I noticed a small wet spot.

Kendra quickly regained my attention as her hands gripped my semi-rigid rod through my boxers. She grabbed two handfuls of material and quickly made my boxers an afterthought.

“Oh wow, Christy, we really struck gold with this one. He’s not even completely hard yet and he’s already bigger than Bill.” Kendra’s comments served to swell my ego even more before a thought quickly passed through my mind; who the fuck is Bill? Some douche bag who’s not as lucky as you are right now, came the reply from my internal dialogue.

Christine sat up and took notice. “Well, get him fully ready. Lets see how much more that thing can grow.”

With that, Kendra plunged her head down on my cock, taking me into her warm, wet mouth. It had been months since I had a proper blowjob and having a woman as sexy as Kendra remind me of how much I had been missing them was a total delight. The fiery personality inside Kendra has apparently been awakened because she worked my cock like her life depended on it. She tossed her head from side to side, repeatedly taking me into her throat as she simultaneously worked me over with her hand. She got her entire body into it, thrashing about as her head bobbed up and down on my cock.

(Which leads me to a quick aside: Ladies, if you want to please your man, keep him happy and honest, and make sure you’re the only woman he wants, put some effort into your fellatio. Get a little crazy, roll up your sleeves and put a little elbow grease into it. If you make it seem like you enjoy sucking his cock as much as he enjoys having his cock sucked, he’s yours. End of story. But I digress..)

As my eyes rolled into the back of my head, Kendra began making these guttural noises as the head of my cock repeatedly his the back of her throat. It reverberated throughout her mouth and the vibrations felt delightful. At that moment, God could have struck me down, and cast me into the depths of hell, and I would’ve considered it to be worth it. I couldn’t keep my hips on the bed. I began thrusting into her mouth, and it only served to inspire Kendra even further. She doubled her efforts, gripping my shaft with her hand even harder, sucking my cock with more intensity and vigor. This woman was going crazy on my cock and it was only a matter of time before I exploded.

“I….I…mpphh….gunna…cuuuu…” I couldn’t even get the last of the word out of my mouth before I unleashed 3 weeks worth of semen into Kendra’s mouth. My entire body arched off the bed and I lost all contact with the outside world as I involuntarily grabbed the back of her head and pumped shot after shot of cum into her mouth.

As my orgasm subsided, and I took a few seconds to regain my senses, I looked down to see Christine also between my legs engaged in a passionate kiss with Christine. Small rivulets of my cum seeped out of the corners of their mouths as their tongues intertwined and pass my semen back and forth. It was the single most erotic sight I’d ever laid eyes on, and I knew it wouldn’t take long for my libido to rebound for Round Two.

I don’t know how long I lay there staring, but eventually those two gorgeous women looked up at me and noticed me wide-eyed and slack jawed and giggled to themselves.

“I guess he liked the show,” Christine commented, “I know I did. That was the sexiest blowjob I’ve ever seen.” I couldn’t do much aside from nod in agreement and count my lucky stars. “Uh oh, we need to do something about this though,” she commented as she grabbed my deflated cock. “Got any ideas?’

“I think I have a few,” Kendra said as she tackled Christine to the floor eliciting squeals from both parties. It didn’t take more than a few seconds before Kendra’s face was planted firmly between Christine’s legs as her tongue worked over the blonde woman’s pussy. Again, I found myself staring for an unknown period of time until Kendra looked up at me and said, “Are you just going to stare all day or are you going to get down here and help me?”

I got the hint and immediately got to work attacking Christine’s perfect tear-drop shaped breasts. Between the dual attentions, it didn’t take long before Christine was writhing on the floor, arching her back, and gasping in pleasure. I could only assume from her reactions that this was not the first time Kendra had eaten pussy. It wasn’t but moments later when Christine was grabbing handfuls of hair from the back of my head and screaming out in ecstasy as her climax ripped through her body. For the second time that night, I witnessed an erotic scene like I had never seen before and probably never will see again. Watching a gorgeous blonde woman shake and quiver in orgasmic delight as an equally gorgeous redhead eats her pussy is something every man needs to witness firsthand.

Not coincidentally, I looked down to notice I was now officially ready for Round Two. I looked at Kendra who had now orally satisfied two people but had yet to receive any attention herself. I scooped her up in my arms and tossed her on the bed causing more squeals and giggles. I dove face first between her legs and attacked her pussy like I hadn’t eaten in days. I plunged my tongue into her wet hole and swirled it around in circles, trying to taste as much of her as possible. I glanced up briefly from my task to notice Christine had fully recovered from her orgasm and was not paying attention to Kendra’s upper half.

I dragged my tongue slowly out of Kendra’s pussy and licked my way up her labia. My hands rubbed up and down her thighs and I made sure to pay careful attention not to touch her clit right away. After a few minutes of feeling my fingers, tongue, and warm breath touch every single inch of skin between her legs, Kendra bucking her hips towards my face and begging for me to suck her clit. I slid two digits into her tight pussy and began to gently work over her G-spot. Her hips kept bucking and as I felt begin to fall into a trance from my rhythmic finger fucking, I leaned in and quickly sucked her clit into my mouth. A cry sprang forth from her lips as her torso came almost completely off the bed. I rolled her clit between my lips and flicked it with the tip of my tongue as my fingers kept their steady pace working in and out of her pussy, constantly rubbing that secret spot inside. Normally when orally pleasuring a woman, I like to stop and pay attention to her breasts or plant kisses across her stomach to prolong the pleasure and heighten the anticipation, but with Christine taking care of that problem for me, I focused solely on my steady rhythm of clit sucking and finger fucking. I felt thigh being wrapped around my ears and hands pulling my head further into her pussy and I figured she must be close. I gradually begin to increase my pace, as my tongue was moving back and forth across her clit at a record speed. Kendra’s breathing became ragged, and she was mumbling something in a language that probably only made sense to her. When the final major gasp of air became audible as her body went rigid, I knew she had reached the Promised Land. She was alternately gasping in short spurts and squealing as she bucked her hips and rode out her orgasm. Finally, she went limp and I looked up to see Christine smiling at me broadly.

Her eyes moved from mine down to my cock and upon discovering that it was hard, she pounced on me, sending me sprawling across the bed. Before I even had time to figure out what was going on, I felt the head of my cock being pushed into the clutches of an incredibly hot, wet pussy. We both moaned in mutual approval as the first few inches stretched out her hungry cunt. She leaned forward on my body, grasping my wrists in the process, I guess in an attempt to pin me down. Inch by inch, she slowly eased more of my length into the depths of heavenly pussy. I was out of my mind with lust and this torturously slow endeavor into Christine’s cunt only made things worse for me. I wanted to be buried completely inside of her. After what seemed like half of an eternity, I felt Christine’s ass on my hips as I was finally completely inside of her. She just sat there momentarily allowing both of us to enjoy the sensations. She then began to grind her hips front to back and rhythmically clench my cock with her vaginal muscles. Goddamn, this woman was talented. My involuntary groans of pleasure let her know the enjoyment I was getting from her ministrations.

She then leaned forward slightly on my body and began rocking hips back and forth across my cock, taking my deeply inside of her with every stroke. As if this weren’t heavenly enough, I looked up to see Kendra pressed up behind Christine, caressing Christine’s breasts as she rode me, and gently nibbling on her neck. Both women were rocking back and forth in unison and there was no place on earth I would have rather been at that moment. I enjoyed the show as Kendra continued to kiss and grope her blonde friend while my cock was treated to the wonderful sensations of being taken balls deep inside Christine while she rhythmically clenched my member with her very talented vaginal muscles. I laid back and held on tight, trying my hardest to hold back for as long as possible. Thankfully, my first orgasm had provided me with some staying power.

As Christine’s orgasm grew closer, she stopped her rocking motions and began bouncing up and down on my cock at a quicker rate. As my cock hit bottom inside her exquisite pussy on each stroke, she would quickly grind her hips, providing her clit with stimulation. Kendra quickly picked up on this and I watched as the gorgeous redhead reached around and slipped her finger inside her friend’s pussy next to my cock, coating it with pussy juices, and pulled it out to rub the other woman’s clit. I was out of my mind with lust. I wanted nothing more then to fuck the hell out of these two sexual goddesses.

Christine’s pussy was driving me insane. Between the grinding motions and the deep, bouncing strokes, her very hot, very wet cunt was stimulating every square inch of my cock. I wanted to hold out until she reached her climax, I figured it would be the gentlemanly thing to do, but my cock wasn’t going to be able much more of this treatment before I unloaded another large round of cum. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long. I suppose the multiple sensations of feeling one person beneath her, driving a hard 8 inch cock into her, and having another person behind her, rubbing her clit and nibbling on her neck provided her with enough to reach her zenith. Again, I heard short, gasping breaths and rhythmic cries of “YES! YES! YES!” every time I hit bottom, and before long, I felt her pussy clamp down hard on me. She clenched me so tight that on the down strokes, my cock almost bent. My cock felt like it was pushing its way through a pinhole every time I drove inside of her, and that was all I could take. I felt fingernails digging into the flesh of my chest as Christine reached her climax and suddenly my cock was twitching as it unleashed its second round of cum for the night.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I began driving my hips up into the air, trying to ride out my orgasm. Our bodies crashed together repeatedly as shot after shot of cum exploded inside of the blonde vixen that was riding my cock.

This is where things get blurry. Either Christine fucked me so hard that the space-time continuum leapt forward a few minutes or I passed out from pleasure. Either way, the next thing I remember when my eyes finally readjusted and I re-gathered my senses, was seeing a mass of red hair buried in between two well-toned creamy thighs. I stared blankly for a few moments, trying to make sure I was actually seeing what I was seeing. Sure enough, Kendra was eating my cum from inside Christine’s pussy.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Where the hell had these women been all of my life? Was all of this actually happening or did someone put something in my drink at the bar making all of this just some very realistic hallucination? I rubbed my eyes and reached out a solitary hand to grab Kendra’s ass. It felt firm and yet soft at the same time. Yes, this was definitely happening.

Not only was this actually happening, but also I looked down to notice that my cock was half-hard again and picking up steam. Never before or since have I been so proud of him.

I didn’t waste any time. I still had one pussy left to fuck and I wasn’t going to let this night end without experiencing all Kendra had to offer. I positioned myself behind the redhead as she continued to eat her friend’s pussy and pulled her hips into the air and lined up my cock for penetration. As the head of my cock touched her lips, I looked up to see two sets of eyes gazing at me with lust and anticipation. I knew I was really going to enjoy this.

Now, I suppose the kind, thoughtful thing to do would be to slowly insert my cock and allow both of us to enjoy the sensations, but I wasn’t really thinking about kindness or thoughtfulness at this point. All I was thinking about was fucking the living hell out of this woman. I quickly shoved everything I have inside of Kendra and heard a yelp as her hips involuntarily moved forward. I wasn’t having any of that. I grabbed her hips and held them in place, and just as quickly as I had entered her, I pulled out leaving just the head in before plunging it back inside to the hilt. I was going to fuck this woman and I was going to fuck her hard. I had a feeling she could handle all I could give her. I began pounding my hips against her ass and very quickly realized that although she didn’t quite have the control of her vaginal muscles that Christine did, her pussy gripped my cock much more tightly. I was in heaven. I reached forward and grabbed Kendra’s shoulders and began pulling her entire body back against me as I thrust my hips forward. Our bodies were colliding together so loudly, it even muffled the sounds of our mutual cries and groans. I loved the feeling of my cock stretching her cunt open. I could feel her pussy being pushed open by the head of my cock with each forward thrust. She was even tighter than most of the coeds I fucked in college and was taking a hard fucking much better than any of them. Before long, I didn’t have to pull her back against me, once I had set the rhythm, she took over and thrust her hips back at me without any further encouragement. I looked down at her perfect apple-shaped ass and enjoyed the wonderful sight of my cock disappearing inside of her. As a matter of fact, her ass was so nice to look at, as it rippled slightly from the force of our mutual thrusts, that I just had to give it some extra attention.

I raised a hand up and brought it crashing down across her right cheek. I heard a squeal that quickly turned into a lusty, guttural groan as her pussy involuntarily gave me a quick squeeze from the surprise smack. Not wanting to leave anyone out, I gave her pussy a few more thrusts before bringing my palm down across her left cheek. Again, a squeal and a groan but she didn’t miss a beat. Her backward thrusts against my hips stayed in perfect rhythm. I was completely falling in lust with this woman.

I grabbed her hips and continued plowing my way into her tight pussy as fast and as hard as I could while I closed my eyes and let the sensations consume me. I got completely lost in my own little dream world for a few moments where nothing but the sensations of a tight, wet pussy firmly gripping my cock even existed. I was brought back to reality sometime later when I felt a hand on my face, wiping the sweat from my brow, and I opened my eyes to see Christine smiling at me. Each one of these women was commanding so much of my attention individually, I was repeatedly forgetting about one while I was interacting with the other. After wiping the sweat from my forehead, Christine spoke up.

“You shouldn’t stop smacking her ass. She loves it when her ass is spanked until it’s as red as her hair.”

And with that, Christine brought an open palm down across Kendra’s ass that again caught the redhead off guard and made her pussy momentarily clamp down upon me involuntarily. The sensation surprised me as well, and I had to quickly regain my composure, as I wasn’t quite ready to release my third, and most likely, final orgasm of the night. As more of Christine’s smacks landed on Kendra’s ass, it seemed to drive the redhead crazy. I guess she did like to have her ass spanked as much as Christine said.

Kendra reached her hands out and grabbed two fists full of sheets as she groaned loudly between clenched teeth. Her backwards thrusts began coming at me so fast I just stopped and let her do all the work. It appeared her orgasm was approaching rapidly and Christine quickly laid down on her back, inched her way under her friends body and stuck out her tongue so that on every forward and backward thrust, Kendra’s clit would graze across the extended tip. I just watched in amazement as one beautiful woman fucked me, taking my cock balls deep on every thrust, while her blonde friend stimulated her clit with her tongue.

At this point, I felt the familiar feelings of an approaching orgasm and since Kendra’s was arriving very soon, I didn’t fight the urge. A few strokes later and I was unloading another round of cum inside of another pussy. My orgasm reached me just moments before Kendra’s apparently because she began howling as her pussy clenched my cock even tighter than before. I felt my entire body become weak and I had to lean forward and support myself on the bed with my arms as Kendra rode out the last of her orgasm. When her thrusts stopped, I collapsed backwards in total exhaustion. Oh, and I guess total satisfaction as well. The last thing I felt before drifting off to sleep was a soft, warm body curling up next to me as I drifted off to sleep.

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