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Crossing the Forbidden

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I took off my shirt and sat in a chair that faced the bed like I was told. David then went to the nightstand and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and soon I heard the click of the cold metal as he snapped them on my wrists behind me. It was my birthday. I expected the handcuffs. It was what happened next that I didn’t expect.

David and Dena had become close friends of my wife, Julie and I. David was a police officer, so I wondered if the handcuffs were department issue. He worked out at the gym my wife and I run and would often bring Dena along. I don’t know if he saw me eyeing his wife first or whether he couldn’t keep his eyes off Julie that started it. Either way, we soon found that David and Dena had been swingers in the past and had considered swinging again if the right couple came along.

Julie and I were a little reluctant at first but it was more out of fear of what the other might feel, I think. Julie couldn’t hide the fact that she liked watching David workout. He had tight muscles, firm biceps and she couldn’t even speak when he’d come to the counter dripping with sweat. She’d fall all over herself to get him a fresh towel. Julie liked that type of man. That’s why she married me. I was a professional trainer and won my share of amateur bodybuilding competitions.

Julie told me she had fantasized about muscle men like us at her mercy. And she always accepted the fact that I had to help well toned women that worked out at our place and didn’t seem to mind me being around scantily clad women all the time. But when David and Dena became friends and revealed their past we had deeper discussions about things.

Our wives hit it off from the beginning. Both were blonde, well toned and tanned. You’d have thought they were twins. And they’d giggle when David and I were just out of hearing distance.

So we learned that they had been with a couple or two but it had not been “intense” enough to keep the relationships going, whatever that meant. So Julie and I had given it a try.

Over the past few months we had gone from just light petting in front of each other to swapping partners out of each other’s sight using separate bedrooms. Julie and I had the best sex after telling each other about our sexual adventures with David and Dena. Soon we were fucking each other’s spouse in the same room and it was incredibly exciting.

Julie and I were suddenly discussing things more openly than ever before and actually felt closer to each other. Naturally we felt very close to David and Dena as well. We learned that they had stopped swinging because they never could find a couple that was willing to intensify the relationship, experiment and push the excitement. Once they swapped spouses, that was it and no one was willing to take another step or leap for that matter; whatever that meant.

We enjoyed the sex over the next few months. Julie and I talked alot more. I saw Dena and Julie giggle in the corner often. And soon we wanted to know what they had in mind because we were game. What was this next level all about? Next thing I know, it’s my birthday, my shirt is off, I’m handcuffed and sitting in a chair.

I felt like I was the only one that didn’t know what was going on. Dena and Julie seemed real happy and started to strip off their clothes. I was told that to take the experience to the next level, I had to do everything I was told and just enjoy. I agreed.

David told the girls to start the show. Julie then leaned over and kissed Dena. I had seen them naked. I had fucked both of them. But they never really touched each other during the past few months. I had to admit this was exciting.

The two naked blondes writhed on the bed. Their legs entwined and their tongues danced within each other’s mouth. It was an incredible sight, seeing my wife in the arms of another woman. My dick bulged against my pants.

Suddenly everything went dark. David had placed a hood over my head which startled me at first. But I heard the women still humming and slurping at each other’s tongues. The sound was soothing and although we had never done any bondage sort of thing, the darkness seemed to intensify the experience.

I felt my pants being slid off along with my underwear. It didn’t really bother me that David had taken off my clothes but I suddenly felt helpless. Handcuffed, hooded and naked; I could only hear the sounds of sex just a few feet in front of me. I could hear David unsnapping his clothes beside of me then sensed him moving toward the women.

“Oh, David you’re so hard.” I heard my wife say. I then heard more slurping and bodies entwining. There were occasional moans and a lot of movement on the bed.

“Stick your dick in her David. Fuck her.” Dena said.

I imagined David fucking my wife; plunging his dick inside her shaved pussy like I had seen him before. Only I was always able to relieve myself by fucking his wife. Dena had somewhat smaller breasts than Julie but they were very perky and she moaned much louder than Julie when we fucked.

I could feel my erection straining for relief as I heard the sounds of sex. The bed squeaked some but soon stopped. I then felt hands on my thighs and long hair brush my testicles. Then another set of hands. “Do you want to see what you’re missing?” Dena asked. Naturally I did.

From behind David lifted the hood just enough for me to see Dena positioning herself over my dick. She spread her legs and lowered herself slowly. But as soon as the tip of my dick touched her pussy the hood went back over my head and I heard everyone pile back on the bed.

The kissing sounds continued. More wet sounds. More moans.

“Oh, Julie. Lick my pussy.” Dena said.

“David. Damn your dick is big.” Julie responded.

I could only imagine what they were doing. There were groans and breathless pleas for more. My erection continued to strain. My heart pounded.

“The women are making love to each other.” David said. “They’re beautiful.”

Soon the moans stopped and again I sensed movement. Then the hood went up again.

“Maybe you’d like your own wife. How about that?” Dena said. David held the hood up just enough so I could see Julie lowering herself over my dick with Dena guiding my erection toward her dripping pussy. As soon as it barely touched her wetness everything went dark again.

The threesome had more sex. Then back to me. More sex and back to me. They’d sometime touch my dick. Other times they’d let me peek just enough to see one of the girls lips kissing my erection briefly or teasing me with their pussy which was dripping from their threesome sex.

My heart pounded. My dick strained. The air in the hood grew thicker.

“You want some? Do you want to join us?” They would taunt.

Once the hood went up, David was holding my dick and aimed it at my wife’s mouth. I lifted my hips straining for my erection to reach her moist lips. I yearned for relief. Even David’s warm hand felt good and I begged for a pussy to plunge it into or even for David to jack me off at least. But the hood went back on leaving me with the sounds of sex and an aching hardness.

I don’t know how long this went on but it seemed like an eternity. I could feel the pulse in my dick. I felt as if I would faint and my breathing was rapid. My dick strained toward the sounds of sex knowing relief was so near but so far. The sounds stopped again. I had now begun to dread the moments of silence before the hood went up.

“You want it, don’t you?” Dena’s voice was silky.

“Yes.” I said.

“You’ve heard us fuck each other haven’t you?” Julie’s voice had the same hypnotic tone.


“Will you do anything to relieve your desire?” Dena said.

“Yes.” My heart pounded. I heard soft music they had turned on which was lustful and hypnotic. The smell of incense met my nostrils.

“Stand.” Dena Commanded.

I heard the sounds of slurping already on the bed and my wife moaning softly. I sensed Dena next to me as she guided me to the edge of the bed and began rubbing lotion on my throbbing dick. My hands were still bound and my head still hooded so I still felt quite helpless hearing only the sounds of my wife squirming on the bed before me to the monotonous beat of soft music droning in the background.

“Do it honey. Let’s do it. Oh, this is so wicked.” I heard my wife gasp.

I sensed Dena move closer to me. Her lips pressed against my ear; her hand still lubricating my dick which ached for relief.

“You want to be wicked?” she whispered.

“Yes.” I breathed.

“Then show us you can be wicked.” She snarled pulling the hood from my head.

My heart jumped. My wife lay on her back on the bed in front of me. Between her legs knelt David slurping softly at her pussy, his ass up in the air just inches from my dick. Dena reached her hand out and inserted a finger in her husband’s ass. David moaned. Slowly she worked it in and out.

With her other hand she grabbed the handcuffs behind my back and pushed me toward her husband. My dick bumped his ass. She grabbed it and aimed my dick at his puckered hole then looked at me with a sultry look.

My wife was moaning with pleasure. David spread his legs slightly in anticipation. Dena studied my face. A strange feeling washed over me. I wanted sex. I wanted sex from this couple. And suddenly nothing mattered but the sex.

Lust filled my loins and I arched my hips toward David. I never imagined having any desire to fuck a man before. But his sex didn’t matter. As I strained to reach his ass, Dena smiled and guided my dick to his opening.

She rubbed my dick round and round the puckering of his ass smoothing out the lubricant. David moaned. My wife moaned. My heart nearly leapt from my chest with desire. I pushed forward.

My dick pierced the sphincter of David’s ass; the head disappearing inside. Slowly I pushed forward and watched as my dick snaked its way inside this man who was still enjoying the wetness of my wife. I pulled back slightly then pushed forward again, lubricating the inside of his ass with the lube on my dick. The lube spread and his ass relaxed now accustomed to my intrusion. Soon my dick was sliding freely and methodically in and out.

Dena reached behind me and unlocked the handcuffs. Instinctively I grabbed the hips of my lover and began to fuck him. Dena then climbed on the bed to watch after briefly kissing my wife.

So this was it. No couple could take it before. David and Dena wanted to not only walk on the wild side, they craved the forbidden. So Julie and I were taking the journey with them. And Julie seemed to like it. And I’ll admit, having crossed into the forbidden; I was enjoying it as well.

David moaned as I fucked him. My dick slid smoothly in and out of his ass. He could no longer concentrate on my wife’s pussy so she slid beside him and started jacking him off as we fucked. I was so hot I knew I wouldn’t last long.

The vision was incredible; my naked wife jacking David off and Dena fingering herself nearby. While I grasped the hips of a muscular man, his hips and ass suddenly voluptuous to me; attractive even. I always wanted my wife; I most recently wanted Lisa and the experience she and David offered. Now I wanted it all. The whole wicked experience and ride that was to come.

I fucked his lovely ass. Julie pumped his dick while rubbing her own pussy still wet from his tongue and Dena masturbated feverishly next to us. My dick glistened with lube as it emerged from his ass then was sucked back within.

His ass puckered and squeezed my dick. He was tighter than any pussy. His sphincter seemed to swallow me again and again. His warmth engulfed my dick. My head began to spin and my heart raced.

“David. I’m going to cum. Damn, I’m going to cum inside of you.”

“Fuck him honey. Let me see you cum.” Julie begged.

Dena started to gasp; her fingers working vigorously on her pussy. David moaned louder.

I felt it. It was like a wave crashing over me. My balls tightened. My body was no longer my own.

“I’m cumming…Oh, Fuck…I’m…” My voice gave way to inhuman grunts. My body spasmed and the cheeks of my ass tightened. I gripped David’s hips for dear life and jerked involuntarily. I felt streams of cum gushing from my dick and flooding his bowels.

David’s ass twitched and I heard something splatter on the bed below us through the groans. With Julie still pumping his dick, David was spraying stream after stream of pearly fluid onto the bed. Dena arched her back against her hand and Julie started fingering her own pussy more vigorously until they both were moaning with pleasure as well.

Cum started leaking from David’s ass with the final throes of pleasure we squeezed from those last few strokes. David had grabbed his own dick when Julie released it and finished relieving himself. He then collapsed on the bed and I on top of him, my dick still impaled within his quivering ass.

I was oblivious of the girls as I kissed the back of David’s neck. My hips eased in and out once more trying to squeeze another ounce of pleasure from his ass. He spread his legs to accept the attempt but we were both spent.

My cum oozed from David’s ass as I withdrew my dick. It spilled onto the bed to mix with his sticky fluid. The girls recovered and showered us with kisses of their own. We were silent for a while. But slowly we realized this was just the beginning.

Many may be repulsed by our behavior. Some may say it was just a fling. But you really had to be there. Sure we were teased over an imaginary line that others will not cross but when we crossed it we realized; it was imaginary the whole time and of our own creation. And we have been more free as a result.

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