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Creampies and Marriage

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I can still remember the first time I asked her if I could do it. I had always had a fascination for tasting my own semen, you see.

My wife Megan had indulged me certain levels of satisfaction in this matter but refused to let me give her oral after sex.

She said it was “gross”.

I had licked it off her tits and she occasionally would kiss me after a blowjob, but that was the extent of it.

But then I had an idea. What if I fucked her with a condom on and then ate her immediately afterward. It might satisfy my craving.

So later that night, as we lay together in bed, I decided to spring my idea on her.

“Honey, can I ask you something?” I said innocently.

“Sure, anything,” she replied.

“I was wondering, if ugh, never mind.”

She seemed intrigued. “Ask me. What’s the matter? I’m your wife.”

“Well, I really want to taste you after we make love.”

She frowned and said, “You know how I feel on that matter, isn’t there anything else you want?”

I continued, “What if I wore a condom when we screw? Then we could pretend afterward.”

“What is your fascination with your cum? Most guys won’t go near the stuff and you want to gobble it up,” she said.

She made me feel awkward with that and I told her to forget about it.

“I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it. I think it tastes good,” she said.

It seemed that she began to consider my proposition. “Well, there couldn’t be any mess that way.”

“Would that make you happy?” she asked.

Instead of saying anything in response, I slid my head under the covers.

“I guess it will!” she laughed.

When I got to her panties, she slid down in the bed to relax and then spread her legs.

I could smell that she was getting aroused. I grasped the elastic waist band and she lifted her hips.

I slid the garment down her legs as Megan then threw the covers away.

“I want to watch this,” she said.

She was warming up to the idea fast.

I began by planting kisses all around her pussy lips. I licked slowly up and down. I could begin to taste her juices flow.

She reached down and spread herself open to my tongue. I buried my tongue in her pussy and she moaned.

“Fuck me with your tongue. That feels so good. Do I taste alright?” she asked.

Women are so self conscious of these things.

“You taste delicious.” I replied.

“I bet I could taste better though. I bet if I had a big wad of your cum in there, you might think so,” she teased.

My prick surged with excitement when she said that. I wanted to get her off quickly so I began licking her clit and then slid a finger deep inside of her.

Her pussy was hot and wet. It gripped my finger tightly, as I began fucking her with it.

“Oh yeah, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum,” she cried.

I felt her reach down and grab the back of my head, as the first of her spasms began. Her pussy clenched down on my finger as I sucked on her clit.

Slowly, her breathing slowed and I sat up and reached for the condom. I cut the package open with some scissors and rolled it on.

Megan was watching me.

“You didn’t need to stop, I could have cum again. That felt great,” she said.

“I need to fuck you,” I said.

She seemed frustrated and said, “Then hurry up.”

I wasted no time and placed my cock head at her moist opening. I pushed myself in and was surrounded by her warmth.

“You feel so good inside me. Now fuck me with that wonderful cock of yours!” she begged.

Her body is incredible and we fucked, I played with her ample tits.

“That feels good, too. Now put my legs up on your shoulders,” she instructed.

I watched as she swung each long leg upward, one at a time.

I was banging her at a nice slow pace, just the way she likes it. She began caressing the sides of my face with her feet.

I knew what she wanted.

She knows that I love her feet and this is a part of me that she embraced, early on in our relationship.

She takes very good care of them and makes sure their clean for me.

I turned and saw her pretty feet, painted red at the tips. I kissed her toes and heard her whisper, “suck on them”.

I sucked and licked them and then did the other foot.

“I’m so close baby, fuck me harder and fill me up with your hot cum. Then I want you to suck it out of me as I cum on your face!” she said.

She was excited beyond belief. She liked this fantasy of mine. The condom seemed to have gotten her past her hang up.

I was already near my bursting point. I grabbed her ankles and pounded her as hard as I could. My nuts began to boil and my cock was on fire.

“Fill me up! Come on and do it!” she cried.

“I’m gonna cum now, oh fuck!” I groaned.

“I feel you growing inside me. Now fill me up with your cum,” she implored.

“Oh fuck!!” I yelled with release. I came and came. It felt so good. Finally, I was through.

Megan seemed pleased. “Somehow I felt you explode in my pussy. It was a huge one, too. Now go down there and get it. I’m ready to cum again!”

Ordinarily, Megan would have cum with my cock because we would have stopped for the night. However, she knew that she was getting more head.

I slid out of her pussy and looked down. It was shiny and red and her clit was swollen and begging to be sucked again.

I slid between her thighs and noticed her fragrance had changed. She smelled like raw sex now. It was a mix between semen, sweat and pussy juice. It was like an ammonia inhalant to my senses.

I could see a white froth at her vaginal opening. It was a white bubbly mixture. Some thin milky cum began to leak down and join it.

I went to her pussy and sucked on it. I was living a fantasy.

“That feels so good on my sore pussy. It’s so sensitive from the pounding it just took.”

I licked and sucked some more on her hole.

“Suck all that cum from me. Does it taste good? I know it does. Now eat it all. It’s mixed with me, too!” she giggled.

Then I moved up to her clit and her breathing got ragged.

“I’m gonna cum again,” she cried out as if I didn’t know.

She gripped my head and held it still so I didn’t move away from her clit.

Then her explosion hit. It was wave after wave. However, the waves were like tsunamis.

“Nghhh! Suck my pussy, oh fuck!” she grunted.

Her back arched off the bed as her feet were planted firmly on the mattress. Both of her hands were now pulling me to her.

I couldn’t breathe but dared not move.

“Drink that cum, I’m cumming in your fucking mouth, bitch!”

I thought, “Wow, was she turned on!”

Soon she relaxed and I could breathe again.

I sat up and marveled in the glow of my satisfied wife and the salty taste in my mouth. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“That was the best sex I ever experienced. It felt so good having you eat me after sex. Actually, it feels good anytime! I’m sorry that I made you wear that rubber. Maybe one day,” she said.

I said, “That was so good.”

“You liked pretending, did you?” she said.

“Did you?” I asked back.

“I have to say that it felt real. When you came, it actually felt like I filled up with your stuff and when you sucked me afterward, it felt like it getting sucked back out. What kind of condom did you use?” she asked and looked down at my crotch.

Her expression turned blank.

She saw the rubber sheath on my cock. It was still shiny with pussy juice. It was rolled from the base of my cock to just below the exposed head.

“What the…” she mumbled.

She reached for the wrapper on the night stand and saw the scissors next to it. The end of the condom was lying next to it.

“You shit, you cut the end off and I never saw you do it. That means that you ate a wad of cum,” she said.

I started to apologize for tricking her but she cut me short.

“You don’t have to apologize. I’m sorry. I couldn’t see how much it excited you and as your wife, I should have been more open-minded. After all, it really felt good.”

“Do you mean that?” I asked.

“Yes I do. I’m over the mess part. If you don’t care than why should I? Now tell me about it. You finally got what you wanted,” she said.

“Well, I felt bad about having to deceive you.”

She interrupted, “Don’t apologize anymore. Tell me about the cum.”

“Well, once I came in you, I wasn’t sure I could do it. I lost my urge. But I knew I had just filled you with evidence and needed to clean you out quick.”

“Did it taste good to you? I love the way it feels in my mouth.” she said.

“Like candy!” I replied.

Megan began to squirm a little and I could tell she was getting hot.

“This is just like when I was a freshman in college and my girlfriends and me talked about swallowing cum,” she giggled.

“But I think you like it better than they did!” she laughed.

I started to blush and she picked up on it.

“Aw, does my baby want some more of his ball juice. Seriously,can you go again? No condom this time,” she said with a smile.

“What do you think,” I replied.

As I rolled off the old condom, my rapidly hardening cock sprang back to life at the sight of Megan lying on her back with her legs spread.

“Fuck me first and then you can eat me again,” she said.

I slid back in that familiar hole. It felt even better this time as my entire cock was being bathed in her juices, not just the tip.

After a while, I began to tire and she noticed. So she told me to lie on my back.

As I did, my cock was bouncing about in the air. Megan swooped down and sucked me into her mouth and then popped back off.

She said, “I love the way you taste after you’ve been in me.”

I never knew that. Something like that could come in handy later on I thought.

Next, Megan swung her leg over my torso and grasped my hard on. It felt really good in her hand but even better as she slid herself down over me.

She began to ride me slowly. Rising up and then slamming her body back down. Her eyes were closed, and as she played with her tits, her head would tilt back with an open mouth.

I knew I couldn’t hold out long watching this show. I told her I was gonna cum soon.

She looked down at me and said, “Then go ahead and do it. Fill me up with your sweet cum and then show me how much you like it!”

I couldn’t take any more and began spurting. I slammed my hips upward until I knew my balls were empty.

“Are you ready? I know I am!” she said.

I heard these words and looked up as she shifted forward and now had her pussy hovering over my face.

As she had done before with my cock, she now did with my mouth.

Somehow, I think she looked forward to my mouth more than she did with my cock.

She now had a leg on either side of my face and ever so slowly, she lowered her dripping hole onto my mouth.

I felt her heat and smelled her essence as she descended upon my mouth.

As her pussy made contact with my mouth, she sighed. It was as if she was settling into a comfortable chair for a while.

I looked up, as she again began massaging her tits again as I ate.

There was no vertical motion of her hips anymore. Her pussy was plastered to my mouth and she was going for a marathon ride.

As my semen poured into my mouth, I noticed its heat and texture. It’s taste was thick and tangy.

There was too much to swallow at first, as I’m sure she was still draining what I missed from before.

As she rode my face, she would ask me questions.

“Does it taste good? Your mouth feels wonderful. You can eat your cum any time you want, as long as I can ride your face like this afterward,” she purred.

After another fifteen minutes atop my mouth, she came and collapsed in a sweaty heap next to me.

We slept like corpses that night.

The next evening, as Megan sucked on my dick in anticipation of our new kink, she stopped and said, “You are leaking in my mouth and you should know that you taste sweet.”

She had been sucking me for nearly an hour. She would stop before I could cum and then start again. There was nothing I could do; I was tied to the bed.

You see, Megan confessed that one of her fantasies was to tie me up and tease me with her mouth.

I agreed and after an hour and fifteen minutes, I was going crazy.

She sat up and said, “Are you ready to fill me up?”

I said, “Yes, now suck me!”

“That’s not what I meant,” she said.

She swung her dripping pussy down on my aching pole.

“I’ll never last to get you off,” I said.

She just smiled and after a few strokes I told her I couldn’t hold back anymore.

Instead of stopping, she said, “I need your mouth on me, not your dick inside me right now. My pussy is on fire.”

She humped me wildly and brought me to orgasm.

The cum raced out of my body. I felt blast after blast paint her insides and then fill up her pussy.

“Your sperm is so hot; I can feel it filling me up. I can’t wait to feed it to you. I know you want it now, too.

You want to taste it, don’t you. Well you’re gonna and it’s gonna taste so sweet. I was such an idiot for not wanting this before.”

I must have cum a gallon in her with all of her dirty talk.

Then very routinely, she slid me out of her and moved forward to mount my mouth.

“Ah, that’s it. Now swallow my jizz. You gave it to me so that makes it mine. Now, I’m giving it back to you as a gift in a nice little box. Bon Appetite!”

It tasted like ten men had cum in Megan,not one, after all of her cock teasing.

I swallowed my cream as she used my mouth for her pleasure.

“Get ready, I’m gonna squeeze my pussy for you!” she laughed.

As she pushed out the thick sperm, my belly began to fill. She repeated this several times and then just concentrated on her pleasure.

She surprised me and even stayed on my mouth after her first orgasm and came two more times.

As it turns out,(Megan confided in me later), she has always loved cunnilingus above all else.

It’s because she can have several big orgasms in a row from it. But she never knew how to tell me.

She didn’t think that I could handle the truth, being a man.

She said, “Now I find out, that you love sucking me to multiple orgasms, even after and especially after we fuck!”

I smiled.

“We both get what we want and I don’t feel bad about expecting it. You are a dream come true! As a bonus, my pussy is even left squeaky clean in the process.”

I told her that I didn’t always have to eat her after we fucked, if she wasn’t into it.

“Oh no, I’m into it, don’t you worry! You started this and now this is what I need. I love how you make me feel.”

Wasn’t that a switch? Megan was now the one who demanding her creampie be eaten.

It’s good to be me and life is definately good!

That night changed a lot of things for us.

Not only were we communicating our fantasies to each other, but we realized how good we both felt as a result of it.

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