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Crawl My Kitten

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She was excited to see him, beyond eager as she stood waiting for him to answer the large wood door. She tried very hard to calm her breathing to slow her heart down and just relax. She concentrated on her breaths as she heard the footsteps moving towards the door. As the handle turned she held her breath, letting it out very slowly as she tugged the hem of her tight white dress down. She stood there frozen, she waited until he said hello before letting her eyes meet his.

He stood there calmly, dressed casually in black pants and a crisp white shirt. It was a moment before she could even muster a responsive greeting, he took her breath away.

“Hello,” she said. Her voice as shaky as her knees.

“Do I scare you, kitten? Please come in.” His voice was surprising soft and soothing.

“No; I am not scared of you, Sir. It’s just that when I get called for this sort of night, pardon me for saying this – but it is usually short bald bulbous men.” I said as I stepped through the door into the large grand foyer.

“Well I assume you will be a good kitten then since you are so pleased by my appearance.”

“Yes, Sir. I will be a purrfect kitten.” I said as I took my place at his feet. Lowering myself to my knees with my palms flat to the floor. I looked up at him as he looked down at me. His grey eyes were as silky smooth as his hand now stroking my soft curly auburn hair.

“Yes, thats a good kitten. Now follow me,” he said as he let his hand fall from my hair. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a leash made of rope. He quickly made a loop and slipped it around my neck. Pulling it loosely as he turned. I let of a soft mew, crawling after him as he headed into another room. I crawled along the cold wooden floor behind him.

The room was quaint, the walls were covered in bookshelves with a fireplace. He lead me to a blue leather chair that was directly in front of the fireplace. I took my place at his feet kneeling in front of him on the soft white rug. I rubbed my face against his shin softly, and his hand moved through my hair easily.

“I would like to watch you clean yourself my kitten,” he said as he slipped the rope from around my neck.

I crawled away from him and slowly centered myself on the rug before him as removed my clothing. I pulled the form fitting dress over my head and placed it on the floor. Looking into his eyes smiling as I unhooked my bra, pulling one strap off at a time as I held it to my chest. My heart was already starting to speed up as I saw him adjust him self in the chair crossing one leg over the other. I let the bra fall into my hand as I pulled my arm from my chest, his eyes moving to my breasts now decorated in the flickering flames silhouette. I dropped to my butt and pulled my legs out from under me and I took my panties and slowly started to pull them down. His eyes followed my panties all the way to the floor then back to me as I sat with my legs crossed in front of me.

I began licking my arm, starting at my elbow slowly making my way towards my wrist. After a few strokes of my tongue. I switched to my other arm, the goosebumps formed as I licked my arm clean despite sitting in front of the warm fireplace. I looked at my master as I licked the top of my hand rubbing it against my cheek softly. Doing the same to the other, but I let out a soft meow as I slowly rubbed the other side of my face.

“That’s a good kitten, but I want to see you clean everything. Spread your legs I want my kitty to be open for me to see.”

I followed his orders and spread my thighs like a good pet, opening them and feeling the heat rising in my blood as I heard the soft sigh leave his lips. I took one breast in my hand and began to slowly lick it, I couldn’t help but suck a little at my nipple too. Purring under my breath as I grabbed my other breast to do the same. Licking and sucking softly at it as I gazed at up at him.

“That’s a good little kitten, now let me see you clean that pretty pussy for me.”

I slipped two fingers into my mouth sucking softly as I slowly pulled them out. Gently I pet my pussy, frequently slipping my fingers back into my mouth to re-wet them and then back to my pussy. I could see him becoming more uncomfortable in the chair as I started to meow louder, my pussy becoming slick with my saliva and also beginning to become more wet with my juices. I stroked my pussy quickly as I rested on one elbow looking up at him. Purring loudly as I became very close to coming, his eyes piercing through me as he watched. My thighs began to shake and I begin to feeling dizzy as I heard his calm voice.

“That’s it cum for your master my beautiful little kitten. Let me see my pussy cum for me.”

I let out a soft meow as I looked directly into his eyes and said, “Yes, Master.”

I rubbed my clit fast and rough as I began to cum, I couldn’t help but to let out a loud moan as my juices came dripping from my pussy. Never taking my eyes off of him as I continued petting my soaked pussy until my orgasm passed.

“Remember kitten I want my pussy to be clean.”

“Yes, Master.”

I pulled my soaked fingers from my pussy and put them to my lips, slipping them inside, one by one, slowly drawing them out. Putting them back to my pussy and gathering my remaining wetness and sucking my fingers clean once more. Looking up at him with my thighs still spread wide waiting for his approval.

“Yes, that’s a pretty kitty. I bet you must be thirsty now, aren’t you my kitty.”

I let out a soft sad meow, “Yes Master.”

“Come my pretty, lets go to the kitchen and get you a bowl of nice warm milk. You will be a good kitty and follow me won’t you, or do I need to put this leash back on?”

I shook my head side to side as I hopped up on my knees, palms to the floor. I rubbed my cheek against my master’s leg, purring softly as he stood from the chair. Feeling his hand come to a rest on the top of my head, gently stroking.

“Come, Kitty… This way.”

A soft sound of agreement came from my lips as I shook my bottom in excitement. Rubbing my face against his leg before he walked out of the room. I crawled along the floor until I reached the kitchen. Peering around the door, I see him standing at the counter pouring milk into a shallow bowl.

“It’s okay kitty, come on. Come here, I have your milk for you,” He said as, he walked over to the table setting the bowl down on the floor next to a chair as he pulled it out.

I looked at my master as I crawled slowly into the kitchen. The black and white tiles were very cold against my heated skin. I mewed loudly as I crawled to him.

Looking up at him and back at the bowl on the floor in front of me.

“It’s okay kitty, it’s for you. Have a drink.”

I bent down and put my tongue to the warm liquid inside the bowl, slowly I began to lap a bit of milk. After a few dips into the bowl I sat back onto my heels quickly. I let out a long hiss of disapproval. Looking up at him with a frown on my face.

“What’s a matter kitty, don’t like your milk?”

“No, Master. This isn’t the warm milk I like,” I said softly before adding a string of short meows.

“And just what kind of warm milk does my pretty kitty like?”

“Yours,” I said as I moved in front of him pushing the bowl away from me.

“You want my milk kitty, is that what you need. Will that make my pretty kitty happy then?”

I looked up at him and shook my head in an expression indicating a yes.

“Well my kitty come get your milk then,” he said as he began to undo the belt that held his pants.

Slowly unzipping his pants, kneeling before him as I pulled his pants to his ankles, he kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his pants. My hands ran over his naked lower half before I pulled his underwear down, as I did his hard cock sprung out. I looked up at him with a smile, as I took his cockhead to my lips I helped him out of his underwear. With his clothes now removed I stroked both of my hands against his shaft as I licked his soft fat cockhead. I looked up at him, ‘could he tell how much I love his fat cockhead by the way I sucked it,’ I wondered.

His hands brushed away the hair that got in the way of his view. I could hear groaning start to escape his lips, as I sucked his length deep into my mouth. My soft lips went up and down on his cock as I thrust my mouth against him. He removed his shirt as I took his balls in my hand and began to stroke them soft and steady, I loved how heavy they felt in my hand. I curled my tongue around the back of his cock and licked him as I turned my head and hand around his shaft.

“Yes kitty, that’s a good kitty,” he said as I felt his hands stroking my head softly.

I stroked his salvia covered cock fast as I took his balls to my mouth and sucked them. He grabbed my head and held it tight, I sucked harder on his balls and I became very excited as he moaned. I loved watching him throw his head back when he moaned. I returned my warm mouth to his cock and held it tight as I stroked him. His fat cockhead throbbed in my mouth as drops of pre-cum dripped out. I sighed as the slickness hit my taste buds and sucked him faster, I wanted more of his cum.

“That’s enough kitty, you can’t have anymore just yet.”

He grabbed my arms and pulled me up to him, I stood before him as he took my face with both hands and pulled my mouth to his and kissed me lustfully. He wrapped his arms tight around my waist, he kissed me hard before he turned me around and bent me over the side of the kitchen table so my face touched the cold top. He spread my thighs very wide as he knelt between them. I felt dizzy as his wet tongue flicked at my clitoris, I moaned as two fingers dipped inside my pussy. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and rubbed my asshole with them, the flat of his tongue ran over my wet lips and slipped inside my pussy. He moaned softly as his tongue darted in and out, I held onto the table tightly afraid to fall over as his tongue moved to my asshole. He pushed it inside slow as I reached behind to spread my cheeks apart.

I cried out ‘Yes’ as his tongue began to thrust into my tight fuckhole. My thighs shook and I held onto the table tighter – ‘Fuck’ I cried as his tongue dipped hard and fast into my ass.

“Oh you like that huh; you like to have something in your ass don’t you, my dirty little kitty?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed excited.

He stood up and smacked my ass hard. “You want my cock inside you don’t you, you want to be my good kitty and let me fuck your ass; he said as he gave my ass another quick hard smack, you can think of nothing more than feeling my cock deep inside you?”

“I want your cock, I want you to fuck my ass so hard I can do nothing but scream. Yes, I want to be your good kitty!”

He slipped his cock into my pussy, as he lashed my ass again with his hand. He thrust hard as I moaned loud and pulled one leg up onto the top of the table. He pulled his cock out of my pussy with a sigh, and he began to rub it on my asshole. I could feel the ‘pop’ as his fat cockhead pushed inside my ass, I grabbed the sides of the table and held tight as I braced myself for the rest of his cock. He squeezed my ass cheeks hard as he pushed his cock further inside me. I let out a constant moan, I felt my ass stretch as he pushed his length completely inside. He grabbed my hair at its base again and pulled my head back to him, he grabbed my neck almost too tightly as he whispered in my ear…

“That’s my good kitty, is that what you wanted.”

“Yes. Harder please,” I said has he began to thrust his thick cock deep inside me.

I still clenched the table tight as I moved my other hand to my pussy, I pushed my wetness towards my ass and around his cock, as he thrusted slowly. His cock now wet with my slick juice I moved my fingers to my clitoris and rubbed it fast side to side. He grabbed my hips and held them tight, his cock thrust rapidly into my ass. I cried out.

“Fuck, oh fuck me, oh fuck that feels so good!”

He slowed the rhythm of his thrusts as he reached between my thighs to finger my pussy, he rubbed his fingers in my wetness as he pushed them to my clitoris and then back deep inside my pussy. His two fingers kept pace with his cock as he thrust them both deeper inside my shaking body. I cried out as my orgasm built, my thighs shook hard, too much to keep either firmly planted, I let my leg fall to the floor and braced my legs firmly as I began to thrust my ass back against him. I fingered my clit harder and faster as I pushed against the side of the table, slamming my ass against his waist. He breathed heavily as he took both hips in his hand and began to thrust harder. My body tingled as I cried out…

“I am cumming!”

My juices dripped to the floor as his balls smacked against my pussy hard, now wet with my cum each smack left a stinging pain in my swollen sensitive clit. As our bodies crashed into each other I held the side of the table as my orgasm flooded my vision and replaced it with nothing but a blur.

He grunted and groaned as he grabbed my hair by the base and pulled my head back, his hand found my neck and held tight as he arched my back. His cock pounded my ass as I tried to scream out from the intense pleasure, but all that came out was vibrations because he held my neck so uncomfortably tight.

But I found the pressure of his hand as he held my neck tight and his relentless thrusts deep in my ass, pushed me very close to yet another orgasm. I grabbed the hand that was on my neck and held it as my legs began to give way. I held my breath as I felt his cock engorge fully inside my ass, he loosened his grip on my neck but only slightly. My juices splashed against my bare feet as I cried out ‘FUCK’ repeatedly.

“Yes that’s my good Kitty!” He cried out as he growled loudly, slamming his cock into my ass, so hard I almost lost my balance.

He released my hair and neck and grabbed my waist as he turned his hips upward. He pulled my body against him and held it as he pounded my ass fast and hard. I held my tits as they smacked hard against my chest. I could hear his breath as it became more strained, he held on tight to my waist as he let out a long moan, his thrusts stopped as he emptied his balls inside my ass.

I could barely stand when he pulled his cock from my ass, I just fell to my knees and held the leg of the table as his cum dripped from my sore and stretched asshole.

“Oh you are a purrfect kitten, yes you are.”

I looked up at him with pain in my eyes as I sat crouched on the floor shaking still clinging to the leg of the table.

“Come on my kitty, you need a bath now,” he said as he scooped me up from the floor into his arms, picking me up and heading towards our bathroom.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my head on his shoulder kissing his neck, licking it very softly.

“Aww, my love you don’t have to pretend to be my kitty anymore, you can just be the beautiful woman I love so much.”

“My darling, I love you and I will always be your kitten! No pretending!”

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