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She came every week like clockwork. She always came in on the same day, same time and used the same confessional with the same priest to absolve her of her sins. It was like torture to him. He would pray every week after she left and learned that praying before he knew she would come, that it would give him strength and the power to resist the impure thoughts. To resist…her.

She was more than beautiful. She was heavenly, but in a very natural, sinful way. Her long beautiful, raven hair would hang softly around her shoulders like a black waterfall. Her icy blue eyes were soft, yet pierced right through you when she looked at you. Her ruby red lips were full and pouting, inviting when she smiled. Her skin was delicious, its milky white appearance was delectable and made your fingertips tingle with the want to feel how soft and silky her touch could be.

He wasn’t sure if she just felt comfortable with him or if she was truly the devil trying to tempt him. Either way, it wasn’t hard to give him the impure thoughts now. Anytime he saw her walk in, they started and he would feel shame. She started to notice his eye contact with her would lessen every time she walked in. He now began to immediately go to the confessional when he saw her walk in now. He was no longer friendly toward her when she arrived. He would no longer speak to her unless she was confessing. On this day, she noticed he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He was already in the confessional, waiting. This was strange to her and unsettling.

She walked down the aisle and knelt between the pews, made the sign of the cross and said a quick prayer. No one was in the confessional when she walked up to it and so she went in. She knelt once again as the window opened and she made the sign of the cross. “Forgive me, Father for I have sinned; it is one week since my last Confession. I accuse myself of the following sins: I continually have impure thoughts. They don’t stop. I have impure thoughts about strangers, people I know. People I work with. Sometimes I act on the thoughts. I do not feel shame for these things, but my faith tells me I should. I am confused and feel that if God didn’t want me to think or do these things he wouldn’t have given me the ability to know them, he wouldn’t have made my body the way it is and the ability to feel the beauty and passion of desire. And I don’t believe it is the devil testing my faith. God is the one who made my body, he gave me the abilities and the feelings my body has when I am touched.”

This was the first time he had heard such things from her. Yes, she always had the same confessions. Impure thoughts, desires, actions. He would absolve her and she would leave. This was different. And he never understood her until today. He could never understand why she would do these things over and over again and then come for absolution. Why not just stop? He questioned that because she made him question his vows every time. She would list her impure actions and thoughts, how many times and ask for forgiveness. And every time his body would react to her without him wanting it to. He would have to sit in the confessional after she left for several minutes as he prayed his impure thoughts and bodily actions away. Today with what he was hearing, he understood her. He now came to not only desire her, but to ache for her.

She heard him shift weight on the other side of the window and stopped talking. He said, “Are these all your sins, my child?”

“No.” She whispered. “I am having impure thoughts right now.”

This made him uncomfortable, but in a very exciting way. “Wash them from your mind, my child. God wants you to be pure.”

“But I don’t want to wash them away. I want to act on them. I want to make them more than thoughts. I want to make them a memory that I can look back on and touch myself, or know that I may act on again.”

He shifted again. Cleared his throat. “I don’t think…”

She had gotten up and opened the door. He listened and sat still. Suddenly the door on his side opened and he saw her standing there. Her blue eyes seemed to lighten up the dim booth. He stood suddenly and started to open his mouth to protest. She stepped into the confessional, closed the door behind her and put her finger to his lips to quiet him. “I have thought about this often. I know you desire me. I can always hear it in your voice. Feel it radiating from you. You are a very handsome man, and I know this isn’t acceptable to your faith…I only come here for you. Let me show you my God. My God who wants me to love in every way possible and not hold the touch of another human being over my head and tell me I can’t have it.”

He started to open his mouth again to protest, but she stopped him as her lips met his quickly, hungrily, passionately. His pants already were bulging from her confession and now were so tight against him it hurt. She felt it against her leg as she pressed herself against him while kissing him. At first he seemed too shocked to move, to kiss back, to push her away. Suddenly he was kissing her back. His mind continued to say no, but his body was not listening any longer. His heart was not hearing it.

She felt the shift in his thoughts course through her like a jolt. She continued to kiss him as she pressed him against the wall. Pressing her body so hard against him you’d think she was trying to become him. He kissed her hungrily as if he was starving, and the she realized he was. His heart and soul, his body was starving to be touched. Everything about him was so overwhelming.

The hardness against her inner thigh was pressing into her with such force she shivered against him. As she kept kissing him she took her hand and reached out for his. With her fingers intertwined in his, she led his hand up her skirt, sliding the fabric up her thigh, letting him feel her skin smoothly sliding under his fingertips. The higher up he got, the warmer her skin became. He could feel heat radiating from between her thighs…he felt moisture on the skin. He stopped letting her move his hand and pulled his face from her’s. She smiled at him softly and said, “Trust me. It’s okay.” She leaned her face towards his again and kissed him as she started moving his hand up her thigh again.

His fingertips felt her hairless, smooth skin around her lips…the moisture dripping from her like honey. As he was breathing her in, he couldn’t stop thinking about how he shouldn’t be doing this, but he was so enlightened by it.

She led his fingers up her lips, stroking them softly, up and up…until she pressing his finger tips into clit. She gasped loudly and deeply in his mouth. She whispered breathlessly, “Stroke it. Tiny circles. Feel the little bud grow and slide around under your fingers.” He began to do so as he felt her thrust her hips to him.

Her clit felt like a hot, little, wet button sliding between his fingers. He took his thumb and index finger and rolled it between them, pinching it. Feeling the desire and passion flow through her and into him, his cock pulsed and twitched. She began to grind herself against his hand and he felt the juices flow from her even more. She leaned into him and pressed her lips against his ear, breathing into it deeply, “Put your fingers inside me. Slide them in slowly at first…feel my body language. You’ll know what to do if you follow your instincts.”

He slide his fingers down her lips and spread them open. She was so wet, his fingers found the opening easily and slid in with ease. She tightened around his fingers and let out a long, deep sigh. He began exploring her with his fingers. Feeling her pulse and feeling the inside walls change. The texture in certain places, the movement. He was fascinated and desired her even more. He kissed her neck as her hair fell around his face. He smelled her. Her warmth. Her sex. Her sweet scent that he always smelled even from the other side of the window. He soaked her in. All of her. He never wanted the moment to end. Didn’t want to think about what this could mean, what wrong he could be doing against his vows, his church…his God. He shook off those thoughts and focused on her body again, on the feeling he had wrapped around his fingers. He began sliding them in and out of her, pumping his long, slim fingers in and out of her. He knew he was doing the right thing because he felt her body shake and her breath quicken. He saw the look on her face, her eyes rolling in the back of her head. Suddenly she clinched his fingers so tight, it almost hurt and he felt her body become stiff and her mouth open wide with a small moan flowing out. And then it came. The flood between her legs. Juices flooding in his palm and running down her legs. He was amazed and enthralled.

Once he felt her body relax she pulled away from him with excitement but relaxation in her eyes. She kissed him again and then slowly went to her knees. She looked up at him with a devious smile and said, “Forgive me Father, I am about to sin.” She reached up to his belt and began to undo it as he stood there with a shock on his face, but not stopping her. She pulled his pants to his ankles and then hooked her fingers into his underwear as she looked up at him again. He had that look of anticipation and wonder all over his face and she loved it. It was sexy. She could break him if she wanted to, but she wanted to teach him instead. Mold him into the perfect lover. It was so wrong, but so very right as she looked into his eyes.

She pulled down his underwear and slowly moved her eyes forward and saw his thick, hard, long cock spring from beneath the fabric and into her face. She smiled and opened her mouth for her tongue to slither out. She licked the tip, lapping up his precum into her mouth. Sweet, salty…delicious…just as she imagined many times. His cock twitched as she did this, bouncing and tapping at the tip of her tongue. A smile came over her eyes as she played with the head, flicking the underside of the head tip with her tongue. He moaned softly as she felt the head expand across her tongue. This caused her to lose control and she wrapped her lips around the head quickly and began sucking. Taking more of him in her mouth, little by little each moment. He thought he was going to pass out he was so excited. He felt pressure building in his cock, so much he felt impatient, desperate and urgent in a way. She began sliding him in and out of her mouth slowly, from the tip all the way down to the base of his shaft, her throat enclosing around his head as she swallowed him whole. He tongue worked the underside of his shaft, up and down as she fucked his cock with her mouth.

Without realizing it he had moved his hand to her head and grabbed a hand full of hair in his fingers to guide her speed and her rhythm. She was shocked by this, but enjoyed it immensely. She tightened her lips around him, sucking him with more hunger, feeling his cock pulse, expand and grow in her mouth and throat. She soon realized he was close and slowed down until she had stopped and kissed the head of his cock as she looked up at him. She stood back up quickly and kissed him deeply. He stood there looking at her with question and she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her breasts out of her bra for him to see and feel. He reached up and cupped them, sliding his thumbs over the nipples that were already hard and sensitive. She shivered as she pulled up her skirt around her waist and pulled him to her. She felt his beautiful, soft cock slide between her lefts and tickle her clit and lips. She kissed him again as she lifted one leg and wrapped it around him. She felt the tip of his head press against her opening. She kept kissing him as he held her leg up and then she lifted the other to wrap completely around him. He realized what she was doing and helped lift her weight and wrap her around him.

Looking into his eyes, she said, “Make love to me. Put yourself inside me and fill me up. I need to feel you inside me. Feel you become a part of me. It’s beautiful and nothing like it in this world. Take me…now.” He slowly lowered her onto his cock as he felt her warm, wet, beautiful pussy wrap around him. She helped him lift her weight up and down, both of them holding on for life. Never wanting to let go, never wanting to stop. She felt even more amazing, interesting and wonderful inside like this. He was in paradise. Ecstasy. He felt like this was where he belonged and had been missing for so long.

Her hair surrounded his face. Its soft, feathery tickle all over his face and neck. She let her head fall back as he took her breast in his mouth. Playing with the nipples with his teeth and tongue. Her skin was sweet and salty. He loved the rough feeling of her nipples on the tip of his tongue. He loved the taste of her skin.

She moaned softly in his ear as she tightened around his cock…feeling him pump in and out of her. The rhythm becoming more desperate and speeding up. The pressure building up inside of her and inside of him. Such an intense feeling he couldn’t stand it, but loved it all in one. Suddenly she tightened so hard at the base of his cock and sliding up as if to milk his cock and he felt it again. The flood of warm juices flowing down his cock and his legs. She was growling in his ear and it sent him over the edge as he felt the pressure explode and he came. His come spilling into her and hitting the back of her pussy with such force it made her come again. He fell back against the wall and almost dropped her and fell to his knees. He caught himself and she pulsed around him, milking him. He stood there for a moment, holding her up around him as they caught their breath and felt the orgasm subside. They kissed each other deeply as he slowly lifted her off of his cock and she dropped her legs for her feet to touch the ground.

They both straightened themselves up and kissed deeply again. After she pulled away he looked into her eyes and said, “God bless you…go in peace, my child.” She smiled, “Thank you, Father.” She made the sign of the cross and slowly walked out of the confessional, looking around as she opened the door. She walked away to the pews as if nothing just happened. Knelt down and said a prayer. Thanked God for her the Sacrament of Penance and walked out of the church.

She came back the following week, just like normal, until she got in the booth with the priest. This became her weekly confession. And he became her weekly penance.

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