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Humiliation Fantasy

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“I’ve always been intrigued by Aliza’s erotic fascination for power. Although in daily life I normally have quite a dominant character, from the moment of our first fuck she acquainted me with the magnetizing pleasures of submissive sex. And today I just love to be coerced into serving her lusts any way she wants. She’s like a spider, bringing me under her control and then greedily consuming my sexual energies with a plundering animal hunger.

And I love it.

But this time she had a different idea.

Spent and drained by her last orgasm she lied upon me, panting and wetting my loins with my seed still leaking from her sopping cunt,.

Finally she untied the blindfold around my head. “How would you like it?” she whispered, looking at me with those beautiful irresistible eyes, “if someone else made love to me?”

For a moment I was taken off balance. “Someone else?”


“A man?”

“Yes,” she smiled, “a man.”

I hesitated. “You kind of… eh… fed up with me?” There was a tremor of uncertainty in my voice.

“No idiot…. of course not… you know how much I love you… didn’t I just prove that to you… as I always do?”

“But why someone else?”

She just smiled.

“Why someone else?” I repeated.

“I would like to feel someone else’s prick in my cunt.” She almost innocently cast down those beautiful eyes and with a charming movement wiped my haunches with a slip of our bed sheet.

“Any one particular in mind?” Apprehension seeped from my heart.

Aliza saw it and calmed me down.

“No idiot,” she said again, “I wouldn’t know who.”


“Well,” she said, “It just think it would make me feel very kinky.” She paused a minute, looked at me with that sexy smile of hers and added: “And you always like it when I feel kinky, don’t you?”

I had to agree to that. “So what is it you propose?” I said.

“We could place an ad, couldn’t we…?”


And thus we did.

Within days we were flooded with letters, photographs of men (and women) and some ludicrous erotic advertising folders. We had a lot of fun reading it all, and then made separate selections.

In the end, we compared notes. To our surprise, we ended up with the same candidate. A certain guy, named Dan.


When invited for dinner, he appeared to be a reasonably good looking man, well dressed and a bit younger than myself. Lots of dark curly hair. Kind eyes and a nice baritone voice. Works in electronics. Might even help us with our internet problems.

After he left, Aliza, while washing up the coffee cups in our kitchen, looked at me with questioning eyes.


“Well?” I bounced back, “What do you think?”

“I think he’s likable, endearing even, I would say. Very nice eyes, beautiful big hands, quite sensual mouth.”


“And I think he is really strong.”


“Nice muscular body. I think I’ll like it.” She watched me intently. “So, what do you think?”

I didn’t respond.

“I know what you think,” she said smiling. “You think he’s big hung.”

“How would I know that?” I asked, playing the innocent.

“I’m sure you noticed.”


“Didn’t you see that bulge in his pants? Looks to me his piece is a lot bigger than yours.”

“Maybe he had an erection.”

Aliza laughed, “Seems to me you’re having one.”

So we fucked on it.

And took the decision.


The first time Dan came over to lay Aliza, I was told by her to stay away from our bedroom. I love her enough to concede that if she felt like it, she should try out her fantasy in private.

In bed in our spare room I tried to listen to any possible sound of their lovemaking. But all remained silent. Their room, our bedroom, is in a separate part of the house. My imagination soon ran away with me, and, suppressing the urge to go listen at their door, I had to relieve myself with my hands to finally manage dozing off.

The next morning I woke from Aliza entering the room where I slept. She was dressed in her morning coat, eyes still sleepy, her hair in disorder and without any make up. The way I like.

She remained standing in the doorway.

“Good morning lover,” she said.

“Good morning to you… how was it…?”

“Lovely, really lovely. D’you think you could bring us a cup of tea?”

I felt a pang of dismay and went down the stairs muttering about who should serve who after tonight. Once in the kitchen, however, I swallowed my pride and decided to surprise them.

When I came up in my housecoat with a full breakfast for two on a tray, I found Dan and Aliza smug together in our matrimonial bed.

“Oh, how nice of you!” Aliza exclaimed with bright eyes, seeing the loaded tray. And Dan smiled appreciatingly.

I seated myself on Aliza’s side of the bed and asked how she felt, and if the night had been satisfying.

“Oh Alex, it was so great, Dan is such a good lover.”

“Good,” I said, looking at him.

He nodded. “Yes, it was very good,” he said in his low relaxed voice. “You have a nice wife. We enjoyed ourselves greatly. I ravaged her.”

Aliza giggled like a shy girl. “He’s really voracious,” she said, her eyes bright and shining.

Dan smiled and thanked her for the compliment, mumbling something into her ear, then bent over to kiss her on her mouth. It made Aliza giggle again.

“He’s nice, Alex… and he’s so big… you don’t believe it… we should wash the sheets.”

I smiled at the two of them, content as always when she is happy.


It didn’t take long before Dan became a regular visitor to my martial bed, became the lover of my wife. Of course I had my reservations. But I told Aliza that since I loved her dearly, I didn’t really mind. Rather than losing her, I’d share her with another man. And indeed Aliza didn’t neglect me at all. We still fucked each other often.

Although admittedly, not as often as I would have wished.

And certainly not as wild as before.

I supposed she did that now with Dan.

And so the unavoidable happened. I saw it coming. Dan moved in, and I resigned myself to it. Thus the spare room became my own. The cupboards in what used to be our common bedroom, were now filled with Dan’s stuff, my clothes being transferred to a closet in the hallway downstairs. But we kept using the same bathroom and shower. And on the glass-shelf over the wash-stand my shaving gear remained brotherly together with Dan’s.

It wasn’t really that bad. Aliza kept visiting me in my small bed to amuse herself, clenching my thirsting lust for her body. She seemed perfectly happy to keep me, her husband, as a separate lover. Separate and apart.

Until that too changed.

I woke up in the middle of the night. Someone had knocked on the door of what now was my bedroom.

It was Aliza.

And she was nude.

Surprised and happy, I thought she had chosen to join me for the night.

But she didn’t. In stead, she just smiled and said in a soft voice, “Come Alex, I want you in our bed.”

My heart skipped a beat.

I got out, put on my housecoat, and barefoot followed her to our bedroom.

It was almost dark. Only dim light from an outside street lantern penetrated the window.

I could discern Dan lying naked in the bed, his hairy chest uncovered by our quilted down.

Walking over to the other side, I opened the cover to let Aliza slip in. She immediately snuggled herself cozily with her back against Dan. Having shrugged off my house coat, I joined them in bed, and carefully bent over to kiss Aliza’s breasts.

It was a strange experience to kiss my wife while her delicate body was curled up against her lover.

Dan did not speak.

Suddenly there was Aliza’s hand on my member. Slowly and tenderly she caressed me, slowly massaging my balls. I got hard and erect within seconds, breathing faster.

Hesitantly I began to make love to her, first carefully, then more bold.

In the darkness Dan watched us. That strangely heated my lust. It was like I wanted him to look on. To see me as the other bull, the rival one. And so I showed off, going down on Aliza, bringing her to a twisting frenzy, and finally reducing her to thrashing mindless flesh. Which of course I then fucked with ultimate pleasure. Until, finally, we erupted in wild explosive fireworks, that kept us locked in a fierce embrace that lasted for a long time.

It was like we had made love for the first time.

In a sense it was.

After it is was over and we rolled back, perspiring and out of breath, Dan broke the silence.

“That was quite a performance Alex…”

And Aliza, still panting, purred in agreement, “Yes thank you Alex, that was real good.”

For a long time a quiet stillness enveloped the room.

Slowly Aliza freed herself from my embrace. She moved herself back to Dan, who took her into his arms and kissed her. And I heard her whisper softly:

“Did we get you horny, poor little Danny?”

There was a brief silence. Then Dan whispered back.

“You bet you did!”

Suddenly the bed jumped and creaked as if in an earthquake. In the dark I discerned the black contour of Dan’s big body, arching high over my wife. He did indeed have a king sized shaft, and his huge balls in their large languid sack swung close to Aliza’s face.

She briefly smiled at me. “Good-bye Alex, love,” she said, “I must be fed.” She turned her head and opened her mouth…


He drove it in with great force!

In and out and in, his balls slapping her face.

It was mesmerizing…

As he came, grunting loudly, she made gurgling noises.

Afterwards the two of them lied panting beside me. Again nobody spoke for a long time.

When finally their breathing had become more regular I heard Aliza’s voice again. It sounded glutinous.



“Please kiss me, I want your tongue. He almost drowned me.”

It was a shocking request. Appalled I didn’t move.

“Why don’t you clean her as she asks, Alex? Or should I force you?” That was Dan’s dark baritone voice. His big male hands suddenly ruffled through my hair and gripped it by its roots at the back of my head.

It was a command. I had no nerve to defy.

With a faint mind I placed my lips on Aliza’s. She opened her mouth for my hesitant tongue. It was warm and drenched with Dan’s seed. Touching it filled me with revulsion. And, although it did not taste as bad as I had feared, rather slimy and kind of sweet, I dared not really take it down.

“Swallow it!”

I did.

“Thank you Alex,” Aliza whispered when I lifted my face from hers. I had lapped Dan’s lukewarm muck from her mouth as best as could, swallowing it without too much retching.

“That was lovely,” Aliza sighed, as she let her pretty face sink back into the softness of her cushions.

“My pleasure,” I answered, although I was still a bit nauseous. Then, to my chagrin and surprise, I realized in shame that I had again become steeply aroused. Apparently Aliza had trained me very well.


Since then I was asked to visit them in bed rather frequently. But more often than not it seemed my body was just there to serve them. True, most of the time it gave me pleasure too. In the end they always allowed me gratification. And I was happy with that. However, I was mainly there to amuse them. They used me to enhance their own pleasures while they fucked each other. And I always had to clean Aliza with my tongue when Dan had filled her with his seed, in whatever orifice.

Strangely enough it gave me an odd pleasure to have found this new way of serving Aliza’s happiness. I never came to like the aroma of Dan’s spunk, but I got used to it and it didn’t nauseate me that much anymore. But Aliza seemed to do well with the arrangement. She looked better than ever, radiating bliss to such an extent that our friends and acquaintances noticed the change. Then things accelerated….

It started rather routinely. I had joined them in bed, Dan and Aliza had their way with each other, and I had obligingly cleaned her, mouthing Dan’s seed from the softness of her well used cleft. And after that, Aliza had given me my reward, grabbing my balls and kneading them until I came.

Content I dozed off, and I must have slept a while before being woken by Dan grabbing my hair.

Aliza, in radiant nakedness, stood next to the bed, holding a small video camera.

Filming the two of us…

Suddenly a darkness moved before my eyes and Dan’s enormous erect manhood swayed before my eyes…

“Open your mouth!”

“NO!! I cant’s do that!”

“Open your mouth!”

“Nooo….! Aliza…! Dan, please I can’t… I’ll do anything but not….not that!”

But my head was pulled backward by my hair, then slung forward, my face forced against his throbbing flagpole…, the pungent scent of his male meat overwhelming me.


I couldn’t. Panic…! I heard myself blabber incomprehensibly, begging for mercy.

Suddenly the bed creaked and there was Aliza’s soft voice, whispering very close to my ear: “Alex…, you don’t want to refuse… don’t you?”

I still didn’t dare open my mouth… not even to answer her…


But I was frightened out of my wits.

Aliza watched the fear in my eyes, and kissed me upon my sealed mouth. “… Alex, my love…” she whispered, “I want it so much… and you don’t want to be a bad boy, don’t you?”

She was right of course.

Then she breathed in my ear: “I want you to be afraid… it makes me so wet… so ready for Danny to fuck me…”

That broke me. I became hugely aroused. Fear for the beast in her has always been a strong aphrodisiac. To both of us.

She smiled, satisfied by my physical reaction, and rose to her feet, winking me an eye. And retaking her camera in hand, calmly said: “Well Danny, now show me how you fuck his face…”

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

And was gagged immediately!

A wave of nausea hit me as he impaled me. He entered my throat so far that my nose was pushed into his pubic hair. I retched… he choked me, evoking terror in my mind. All I could do was to salivate from the corners of my mouth

Suddenly he withdrew himself. But it was only to allow me some air. Then he pushed himself in again.

And so on! And on! And on…!!

I felt like crying.

Suddenly he cramped his hands around my head, pushed even deeper into my throat and did not withdraw, his flesh blocking off all air… I struggled and tried to fight his iron grip, but he did not let go… not until he suddenly emptied himself, jerking his hips, discharging his seed straight into my throat … forcing me to swallow his spurts in big sickening gulps.

When I came to my senses, lying on bed, gasping and coughing, his thick jism leaking from my lips, I heard Aliza, happy as a child who has been given a present: “Oh Danny… Danny… you did it, you did it!!!”

“Yeah,” Dan answered, a little out-of-breath, “I surprised myself.”

I was so shaken that I could barely stand up. The two of them had to support me into the shower.

And as usual, Aliza was very kind in that special way of hers. It’s why I love her so much. Together with me she went naked under a hot shower, spoke soft words of comfort, and soothingly kissed me all over. Then she began to caress me under the steamy water, moving her soft breasts and hips against me, until finally she wrapped her thighs around me, hoisting herself up, and let me spurt inside her.

After that, we soaped one another thoroughly, and dried each other’s bodies with big towels. As we used to do in the old days. Then Aliza had me rinse my mouth with cold water. But still some nausea lingered, and she had to give me a stiff drink before it really left.

Back in the bedroom, Dan sat on the edge of our bed and watched the small digital screen of Aliza’s camera.

“Nice movie,” he said, “you got it all,”

Aliza smiled happily and embraced him. “You did wonderful'” she said. They kissed long and intensely, gently stroking each other’s hair, as only lovers do. “You’re so sweet,” he finally spoke, “I do love you so very much.” They kept embracing for a long time… and I noticed that his manhood came back to life.

Slowly they sank down together onto their soft bed, hugging and kissing each other hungrily. And, with half a gesture of her hand, Aliza signaled me they wanted now to be alone.


Barely a week later…

We had a rather late dinner. After I cleared the remains of the meal, I left them alone to brew some fresh coffee. When I re-entered with a tray of filled cups there was tension in the air. Aliza’s face was flushed. While sipping our coffee, she remained curiously silent and I noticed that Dan glanced at me in a strange way.

It felt uneasy… something was going on between them… I didn’t know what to expect.

Then it happened… Dan told me to undress.

I was confused. “Where… Here…?”

“Yes,” He said calmly.

I hesitated. Of course they’d often seen me naked, but with last week’s event still fresh in my mind, I feared something unusual was cooking.

“Well…?” He frowned.

Aliza looked at me intensely, her face still flushed.

So I decided to go along. Maybe this time something special would be in it for me, something more than fucking Aliza in a hot shower. Anyway, from the looks of her it was clear that she begged for my obedience. And since she was the Aliza that I loved, how could I refuse? What choice did I have?

They looked on while I opened my shirt and lowered my pants.

When I stepped out of my slip, the weird situation made my skin crawl. I noticed Dan’s eyes twitch.

When I finally stood completely naked before them, Aliza looked at Dan in a strange questioning way, as if her lover had never seen me nude before.

That should have been a sign.

I shivered.

“Turn around, Alex, love.” That was Aliza. Her voice had become hoarse.

It was a weird command, but I obliged and rotated myself…, showing them my backside and then back to frontal view. Aliza’s tongue slowly licked her lips as her eyes grazed my body… There was sexual electricity in the air. It made the skin of my balls crawl and woke my member.

“Look Danny, he’s getting in the mood…,” Aliza laughed. “He always gets hot when I look at his pecker,” she said, “even if it’s only to heat me up for you.”

The sexual humiliation fiercely woke my submissive lusts, and my manhood came to full to attention.

“I know,” Dan answered, watching my helpless arousal with amusement. “I like it when he fires himself up like that. It makes you nice and juicy.” And without waiting he turned to me. “Alex, if you don’t mind,” he said, “get that naked body of yours upstairs, and take that stupid prick with you… quick!!” He pushed me to the door.

They followed behind.

“Lie down on the bed please, Alex.” It was Aliza who asked.

She sat down on the mattress next to me and started to caress me softly.

Incensed with arousal, I reached out to draw her close. But she resisted.

“Your hands…” is all she said. And I understood. It was one of those old commands of her, so often used in the past.

In lustful heat I pushed myself up on my knees, and she tied my wrists behind me. She then moved some cushions away and pushed me over on my stomach, my head sideways on the flat mattress. It was a bit uncomfortable. I could not see what they were doing behind my back.

But I could hear the sound of falling clothes, and Aliza sigh: “Oh Dan…”

The mattress pressed down besides me. And I smelled Aliza’s warm naked body near me.

Suddenly wetness tingled my skin. I was being oiled and kneaded. I recognized Aliza’s loving fingers, stroking, caressing and then suddenly entering me.

I yelped. To be so well oiled and lubricated with my hands tied behind me, brought very pleasant memories. She used to do it often in the past.

I became rock hard, and began floating in that priceless sexual arousal only Aliza could elicit.

But then she left…

And without warning, the full weight of Dan’s naked body fell upon me…. almost suffocating me.

He quickly clambered up and seated himself astride my calves.

Then there were hands gripping my hair, pressing the side of my face imprisoned into the mattress. They were Aliza’s.

My arms were powerless. I could do nothing to resist.

It was humiliating beyond belief. But I burned with lust, knowing how much my losing this battle exited Aliza.

Suddenly she cried: “Now Danny! Go for it!!”

I barely had time to wonder what that meant. But when I understood, all alarm bells went off in my head.


I fought, but could do nothing to avoid him lifting my haunches…. opening me!

Holding me tight, he pushed… I panicked…! His huge lance was much too big for my tight ass-ring. I struggled… But I was no match against his power.

Suddenly there was a flash of pain… He broke in…, entering me, well oiled as I was…, shoving his manhood in… pushing… pushing… all the way… impaling my writhing body.

I screamed in protest, jerking and thrashing below him.

In vain.

He started fucking me!

Horrified I heard Aliza cheer in ecstasy:


And screaming to me:


Dan finally stiffened… it all happened fast… His fingers, nails and all, dug into my sides… and he gunned his seed with long throbbing spurts deep inside me, howling as if scoring a victory….

Above it all came Aliza’s delirious cry: “My God… Oh my God… I’m coming… COMIIIINNNNGG!!!!,”

Dan’s panting body collapsed across my back, flattening me and pressing me heavily into the mattress. And shaking me like the aftershocks of an earthquake, he kept pulsating for a while, still spurting short jets into me.

That’s when my mind, losing all rationality, finally surrendered, and in a huge orgasm my balls contracted and I squirted my seed uncontrollably, soaking the sheets below me…”



“Liked it?” I asked, putting down the papers.

There was a very long silence before Aliza spoke.

“That’s quite a fantasy,” she said. Her flushed face showed how much my story had excited her.

“Yes, it is…”

“I… eh” Aliza began, “I… eh… I didn’t know…”

“You didn’t know what?”

“That you had gay feelings.”

“I have not.”

“Well… it looks like you have…”

“No, I don’t, but you see, writing this story was kind of a challenge.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s about sexual anxiety. I hate the idea of being fucked by a man. I don’t want to think of it. It makes me puke. But the idea that you might enjoy having me abuse like that… it gives me a kick… You know how fear feeds my sexual urges.”

I watched her flushed face. “Looks like it works on you too… It’s quite obvious.”

“Well… yes… sure… you got me horny like a beast…” She said and was quiet for a long while. Then she said dreamily, almost as if talking more to herself than to me, “I… eh… I do like the idea… having you fucked by a big strong man… yes… I have to admit…. especially if he does it to amuse me. You certainly got me there. But….”


“It’s just a fantasy… is it?” Now there was a big question mark all over her face.

I laughed. “…Aliza, my love, we both know that when you get in a really foul mood, I’ll do anything to please you…”

“Yes, I do know, Alex, but this… this is different. Would you really go that far for me? Would you really want to be… like eh… like kind of a sex slave… my sex slave?”

“Well…. We’ve never tried.”

“Even if I’d have a lover?” she asked in a hoarse voice. “Even if I… if I… would want him to fuck you?”

I smiled, recognizing she was becoming as horny as I was. “You’d like to try… wouldn’t you…?”

“You’re so yummy, Alex, you make me wet all over… we better go upstairs… before you too cream your pants…!”

She tore me off my chair…


That night, she used me unconditionally. When she finally finished, and her muscular cunt had milked me dry to my very bones, I whispered endless words of gratitude, love and devotion into her ears.

She stared at me for a very, very long time.

In the end she said, “How could we go about this… this idea of yours? I don’t have a lover.”

With a smile I looked back up at her, then answered softly.

“We could place an ad, couldn’t we…?”

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