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Coming on Melanie

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“Yes! Yes! Give it to me!” Melanie Taylor urged the man sprawled on top of her as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy. “Make me come! Make me come!”

Jeff Hood was in no hurry to reach that point, admirable though it was. To do what she wanted, he would have to keep fucking Mellie until she was close to an orgasm and he was also ready to come. Then, at the right instant, he would yank his cock from her pussy and finish by stroking it with his hand until he sprayed his semen on her face.

That would bring her to the climax she wanted but he loved fucking Melanie, a tall red-haired beauty with a complexion that was creamy white except for a few prettily scattered freckles. For her pleasure and for his own, he wanted to make their coupling last for as long as he was able to delay that moment.

Bill Hood, the younger brother of Jeff, was the only one who really wanted them to hurry up and come and that was because it would then be his turn with the sexy redhead. Once Jeff had covered Mel’s face with his sticky cum, in fact even while he was still pumping his semen onto her, Bill would be plunging his cock in and out of her gorgeous pussy.

“C’mon, Jeff, he urged his brother. “You heard what the lady wants. Give it to her good. Make her come”

“Don’t worry; you’ll get your turn. This pussy is just too damn good for me to hurry it.”

Although that was true, Melanie’s pussy was also too good – tight and hot and wet – for him to delay his climax much longer. Less than five minutes later, he felt a fountain of pleasure well up within him, seeming to come from his entire body, including even his toes and fingers. It was time.

“Here it comes,” he announced before pulling his cock out of the lovely pink hole and scurrying up to kneel straddling her face.

The Titian-haired beauty heard him and felt his cock being pulled from her and saw Jeff moving up her body, holding his cock in one hand. At almost the same time, she felt his younger brother start to take his place kneeling between her widely spread legs. Her pussy was very wet and she felt the younger man rubbing the tip of his cock in the oily fluid to spread her natural lubricant.

But she was much more interested in what was happening inches from her face. Jeff stroked his cock rapidly and Melanie saw his white semen start to bubble out, just before the first big burst gushed out to splash all over one of her freckled cheeks. That was the last thing she saw because, much as she loved having her entire visage covered, Mel wanted to keep the salty cum out of her eyes. Although unable to see, she knew what would be happening and moved her head so she would get the greatest benefit from it.

She turned slightly to tilt her pretty face toward the end of the cock and the second burst covered one corner of her mouth, with most of the juices ending up on her chin and some trickling down to her throat. Knowing there would be more, the highly aroused young woman turned the other side of her face to the jerking cock that was spewing out hot, fresh cum and had that cheek covered too.

Bill’s hard shaft was fully inside her pussy and Melanie’s body was starting to respond to the thrusts in and out but she was taking much more pleasure from the semen that was covering most of the lower part of her face. Jeff was leaning in more closely and was using the head of his cock like a paintbrush, rubbing the sticky fluid under her nose and coating her chin and lips. The very happy and extremely excited redhead stuck out her tongue to lick off some of the latter treat and swallowed it.

When he had finished applying all his juices to Melanie’s face, Jeff moved in closer yet so she could lick off everything left on the shaft, head and under the ridge. The combination of the fucking she had just gotten, the fucking she was getting from Bill, the flavor of the fresh semen she was devouring and, especially, the gooey mess on her face was enough to launch her first climax of the evening.

“Oh god!” she warbled. “I’m coming!”

Her legs twined with those of Bill, who kept driving his cock in and out the way he had just started doing. Her arms hugged Jeff, who made sure his cock and balls were away from Melanie’s teeth but otherwise did nothing but allow himself to be swung to and fro like a stuffed animal as her climax continued. Her whole body pitched and tossed but the men who had brought about the glorious event did nothing but hang on and keep doing what they knew their beautiful partner wanted.

When she climaxed, Melanie’s body spasmed; her back arched and, in a loud, trilling voice, she let everybody know what had just happened. After her orgasm, she released the Hood brothers. Jeff moved away to rest, catch his breath and wait for his next turn to plunge his cock into her. Bill continued fucking with long, slow strokes.

The cum remained on Melanie’s happy face, filling her nostrils with its manly aroma and the sticky sensation was combining with the big surging cock in her pussy and bringing her rapidly toward her second climax of the day. Bill knew he was getting close to coming too, and continued driving his shaft in and out of her wet pussy but, this time, he was the one who wanted to take things slow. As his older brother had, he wanted the fucking to last a long time.

Melanie was not really in any hurry either. Although she was eager to get a second fresh coat of semen on her face, she was deriving a great deal of carnal pleasure from what was already there and the cock of the younger Hood brother felt fabulous as it plowed in and out of her pussy. She raised her arms to him in an obvious but unspoken invitation and wrapped her legs around his. The next time Bill drove his cock deeply into the dripping pussy of the red hot redhead, she moaned aloud in bliss and fucked back to meet him, splattering her juices over both their bodies.

There are a couple of things Melanie loves about her sex sessions with the Hood brothers. They are reasonably good looking and their cocks are long and thick enough to give her a terrific time. More important, they’re willing to let her run the show and to do things her way, which are the ways she will allow her to derive the most and best carnal pleasure. Most important of all, both brothers are virile enough to fuck for a long time, as long as she is judicious in the use of her mouth and her pussy. They are ready, willing and able to spend hours plowing their big, hard cocks into her needy pussy, repeatedly coming on her face the way she likes and bringing her to innumerable orgasms.

Jeff was kneeling beside her and it was obvious he wanted to get some head so his cock would be fully erect and ready for fucking when his brother finished, which they all knew would be before very long. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in a lewd invitation and didn’t have to wait long for his response. Jeff moved in closer and slid his cock between the redhead’s lips. With her tongue, she pulled the welcome organ into her mouth and started solely moving her face back and forth while her lips gripped the shaft with the perfect amount of pressure.

Besides getting the young man ready for more fucking, Melanie took considerable pleasure from the feel of the big organ as it spread her lips and filled her mouth. Although it had not been completely erect when she started, a few slow strokes, with her tongue caressing his shaft, rectified that situation. Melanie sucked slowly, just wanting to keep the big mouthful hard, rather than bringing the man to a climax. Her pussy would take care of that, starting as soon as the younger brother had finished covering her face with his hot, fresh cum.

From the way he sounded, that wouldn’t be more than a couple of minutes. Bill was breathing deeply and, although his movements were slow, his cock was massaging her clit while he plunged his cock so far into Melanie that his dark pubic hair was mingling with her red bush. She matched every stroke, fucking back to meet him, even though she wouldn’t come until her face had been drenched by a coating of his fresh semen.

Bill Hood’s climax had been building ever since his cock first surged into Melanie’s pussy and the time had finally arrived. He felt the rush as it welled up inside him and, as he and his brother had promised, yanked it from the lovely place that had brought him to that point and walked quickly on his knees toward Melanie’s eagerly waiting face. She saw him approaching, removed her mouth from around Jeff’s throbbing cock and pushed the older Hood brother out of the way.

The horny redhead watched while Bill started pumping his cock in front of her face and she saw his first spurt of semen just as it started to blast out from the end. Melanie shut her eyes then and was glad she did because that first gob landed on her right eyelid and the cheek directly under it. She couldn’t see the next spurt but she felt it land on the bridge of her nose and her other eyelid. Bill must have been unusually horny because he also covered her upper lip and her other cheekbone before he was through coming onto her face. As Jeff had, he used the head of his cock to spread his semen more evenly on her visage before wiping the final few drops on her forehead.

Melanie reached up with her tongue to lick the cum from her upper lip. Her favorite part of fucking, the part that will always bring her to monumental orgasms, is having her face covered as it was then but she also relishes the flavor of fresh semen. Bill knew this, of course, and he stayed near her long enough to let her clean his cock with her tongue.

Jeff was not perturbed at having been pushed away from Melanie’s mouth, nor did he feel rejected. Even before his younger brother finished the coating of their partner’s face with cum, his cock was deep inside her pussy. She was so wet and hot there was no need to make a slow penetration, so he just plunged it’s entire length into her and started fucking. A few seconds later, the combination of his big shaft filling her and the faceful nd mouthful of cum from Bill started to bring Melanie to the great orgasm she craved.

She sang out the happy news and her back arched as she jammed her pussy even harder against the man who was cramming it so well with his stiff cock. In the throes of coming, Melanie rocked from side to side on her shapely ass as her legs waved in the air. When she climaxed, all her muscles clenched, she cried out joyfully and jammed her body against Jeff for the final time.

As any man would, he felt great about having the hot redhead come while he was fucking her, The edge was somewhat off his horniness but he continued slowly plunging his cock into Melanie’s wet pink hole, knowing she would climax again, as he would, but there was no hurry about bringing that about. Even his impetuous younger brother was satisfied, for the time being, with watching and would be until he slipped his cock into the hotty’s mouth.

To Melanie, the carnal escapade was off to a great start. Her first orgasms, fabulous as they had been, were just the start of a long afternoon of sexual pleasure with the Hood brothers. Her pussy would bring Jeff to a climax and his cum smeared all over her face would bring about yet another orgasm for her and this would be followed by Bill doing the same. The fucking and sucking and coming and covering of her face would continue until everybody in the group was too tired and sated to indulge in any more of the glorious fun.

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