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Izzy’s Salisbury Weekend

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Once Sarah and the ‘old man’ left, (a derogatory name for a senior officer) the six of us continued drinking accompanied with our double entendres and risqué anecdotes. Visible to all, inquisitive hands gratified my leaking pussy; I could feel my body pounding, pounding with anticipation. The anticipation of being fucked, fucked by two or more fit soldier’s just back from a war zone;

Its not that I’m a groupie but I do like to be fucked by fit men. Be them young or old, there’s something special about having a taut body held close to you.

Popping into the ladies room with Charlotte — Charly for short, I could hardly keep from blurting it out.

Charly and I first met working for the same fashion house and soon became good friends. Charly is the same age as me and just as gorgeous… “the bitch”. She has raven-black hair and jutting tits that threatened to burst through the lacy bodice of her dress at any moment. Her mouth is full and very sensual, the kind of mouth that makes men just want to fuck it. Charly like me was born to fuck.

As I looked into Charly’s glazed eyes, I realised that she too had the same wants and desires I myself was having. Maybe she’d like to join me. God, what a great idea!

“I’m going on to another party after this,” I whispered to her. “And it’s going to be a lot more fun, if you know what I mean.”

Charly could see from the look in my eyes what would be going on at this second party. “Really?” she asked, clearly interested.

“Yup; these four army guys; they’ve all invited me.”

Charly’s eyes grew wilder. She realised what I was talking about now and imagined me getting fucked by all four of them. Obviously there would be room for her too, if she wanted to come along.

“Sounds wild,” she said. “Do you think they’d invite me too?”

“Can’t think why not” I winked. “Let’s go and ask them.” With that we finished what us ladies do and headed back to the bar where we were greeted with a multitude of cheers and cat calls.

The men were only too happy to have Charly join them too. Soon all six of us got tired of the hotel, so being too drunk to drive we walked to Steve’s apartment, which was nearby; the men in one group leading, us girls following. My heart was racing so fast with excitement that I could barely climb the stairs. God, can I really take this? I wondered. Being fucked by all of them? Even with Charly here to help out, that’s an awful lot of fucking.

Once inside the apartment, we were quickly poured a drink; vodka and orange for me, ‘g & t’ for Charly. Soft, mellow music soon filled the room, and before we knew it, each of us had become the focus of a pair of guys. Somehow, I guessed that Peter and Steve would be attracted to Charly; leaving Jamie and Ian closing in on me.

The glass of vodka I was given began to make me feel quiet warm and heady. I soon felt Ian’s fingers searching for the zipper at the back of my dress, since Jamie was up front kissing me and fondling my tits through the front of my dress. His blurred face told me everything.

“I hope you don’t mind sharing me,” garbling as I whispered to him.

He grinned. “I hope you’ve been taking your vitamins, because the way I feel, I could go on forever.”

I heard a low groan from Charly and glanced over at her. Both Peter and Steve were busy undressing her too. Peter gently pulled her dress and panties down, whilst Steve who had already removed her blouse was now removing her bra.

Charly has a beautiful body, silky smooth and tanned, she exhibits the characteristic genes of being from Mediterranean origin. Her pear- shaped tits were firm and round, with large brown areolas topped by thick brownish nipples, they are a man’s dream. Her narrow waist and long legs accentuated the swelling of her hips.

I watched as the two men coaxed her down onto the sofa. Peter spread her elegant thighs and began attacking her blood engorged pussy which like mine leaked profusely. Steve whilst cupping both tits in his hands; suckled her large nipples until she began to writhe uncontrollably.

I wanted to keep watching, but Jamie and Ian were now making it impossible for me to pay attention to anything other than their hands and mouths. My body was undergoing a full frontal assault as they both sucked and gnawing at my excuse for nipples until I began to meow involuntarily.

My cunt began to flood with warm nectar as both men fought for my clit and pussy. Somehow the three of us slid to the floor, Jamie eagerly got between my spreading thighs. He began to eat my pussy and drink my nectar as if there was no tomorrow. First he slid his tongue deep into my cunt, and then pulled it out slowly dragging his tongue upwards, exciting my sensitive clit. His lips then captured my already-erect clit and nipped it, before he sucked it in sharply. My body strained and shuddered as pangs of pleasure shot through me. I arched my back and cried out.

“Oh fuck, yes!” I gasped.

Meanwhile, Ian who had already lowered his trouser and now poised with his fingers on the hem of his pants pulled them down, I gasped when I saw his huge cock spring free of its constraints and bounced into view.

“Wow that’s a big fucker,” I murmured, staring at his cock, watching small quantities of precum ooze from its tip.

“You like it?” he asked smiling. Then reaching across to the sofa he grabbed a cushion and positioned it under the nape of my neck before kneeling down, crouching over my head in doing so.

“Mmmmm!” I moaned, caressing this enormous cock with both hands as I guided its purple head between my open lips.

I lovingly swirled my silky, wet tongue around the giant glans of his cock. Then I kissed its whole rigid shaft, up and down, giving it tiny love bites that made him whimper and gasp sharply. The more I kissed the more precum oozed from his slit until a ‘string of pearls’ linked our wanton bodies.

All the while, Jamie was eating my sodden pussy and flicked my clit so passionately that I was afraid I might come before they even started to really fuck me. Panting hard, I writhed and squirmed on the carpet, licking, sucking and occasionally deep-throating Ian’s huge cock which forced my throbbing cunt hard into Jamie’s face.

“Ohhh! Fuck…Yes,…yes, do it, yes, eat me, God it feels good, yesss!” I murmured incoherently, getting more out of control by the second.

But even through the wild hot haze of my own lust, I realised that if anything, Charly was even more aroused than I was; for she moaned and sighed with frantic need as Steve and Peter explored her luscious, writhing body. I glanced over and saw them both swarming all over her.

Both of them were naked, and their cocks were stiff and leaking with lust. They were squeezing and sucking Charly’s firm tits, hand-fucking her glistening pink pussy, and kissing every inch of her wriggling naked body; her moans of pleasure were loud and intense.

While I watched, Peter got between Charly’s thighs and plunged his rigid cock deep into her pussy. At the same moment, Steve, crouching by her head, slipped his cock into her mouth. He held her head and began fucking her face slowly. With his long thin cock Steve was soon deep-throating Charly, who gently hummed each time it filled her throat.

“Aarrgghhhh!” groaned Charly who squirmed excitedly as the two men began to fuck her more passionately.

By now Jamie and Ian had stopped assaulting me and were watching them too, for the scene excited them as much as it did me. Soon I felt Jamie pressing his stiff cock into my wet pussy, as Ian’s huge cock again hovered against my lips. Quickly I asked Ian if I could have a sip of my drink.

Now refreshed I opened my mouth and took him back inside. He then held the sides of my head and slowly pushed his cock deep into my throat. And so the cycle continued.

“Oh my god!” I moaned, with Ian’s cock out of my throat, I was now being swept up in a hot sexual delirium by the fierce fucking Jamie was giving my tingling pussy.

I found myself thinking about Ian’s enormous cock, which was currently being rammed down my throat, being rammed inside my pussy. Suddenly Ian withdrew. He and Jamie then rolled my body sideways, allowing Ian to get behind me. I suddenly panicked, “oh! fuck Ian’s cock is about to enter my ass?”

“I’ll get out so you can get yours in!” Jamie panted. “No way, we’ll both try and go in together!”

I whimpered as Jamie pulled his cock out of my wet throbbing cunt. Almost immediately, I felt Ian’s probing underneath my ass and pushed deep into my pussy from behind.

” Aarrgghhhh!” I gasped. “Oh fuck, that’s fucking big!”

His hands came up and clutched my aching tits, twirling my excuse for nipples in his fingers. I looked down and saw Jamie trying to get his stiff cock into my tightly-stretched pussy too.

“Oh God NO, OK you guys, it’ll never fucking work!” I cried. But I was in no state to refuse for lust was now my driving force.

I clenched my teeth as Jamie’s thick cock inched slowly into my cunt next to Ian’s. I winced as my pussy was stretched to its limit.

“OHHOOOOOOOOOO, SHIT, FUCKING HELL!” I shrieked. My mind flashed to what it must be like giving birth. Bright lines shot across my eyes. I thought I was going to split open at any minute. And when they began to move in and out of me, I bit my lower lip and tried not to cry out. Fuck me it hurt.

Soon, the discomfort became pleasure as a cock rubbed against my g spot. Even with the discomfort, I almost dissolved into hot delirious shivers of bliss. My trapped body began trembling between these two men, as they insanely fucked my overstretched pussy.

Peter and Steve startled by my shrieking were so fascinated by what was going on that they stopped fucking Charly and turned to watch us. I began to moan and whimper uncontrollably as the two cocks inside my stretched pussy plunged into me again and again.

“Ohhhnnnn God, ohhhnnn God!” I moaned. “Ohhhh yes, fuck me hard, please, harder! Ungghhh! Oh shit, they’re so big! Unggh! Ohnngg! Annggghh! Unh! Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder!”

The three of us were locked together on the carpet; I was crushed between the surging hard bodies of these two fit men as they continued relentlessly to fuck me. Suddenly I began to come. Lightning flashes of a burning orgasm ripped through my squirming flesh.


Both Jamie and Ian rammed their cocks into me and groaned as their cum began to spurt into me. I could feel their cocks pulsating as hot jets of cum surged into me. I dissolved into fresh waves of orgasm, undulating helplessly as blissful spasms shook my body. On and on their cocks kept pulsating.

Finally, the three of us lay slumped and sweating on the carpet, unable to move. Their cum which seemed to have flooded my entire body now flowed out of my dilated pussy and soaked away into the carpet. It felt like I could still feel the feeble pulsing of the two cocks once trapped within my now ravished cunt.

“How about you?” Steve asked Charly. “You think you could handle it like that?”

Through the lust-filled slits of my half-opened eyes, I saw her give a mischievous smile. Surely not, she wasn’t going to try it, I thought to myself.

“Wouldn’t you both rather have a hole each to play with?” replied Charly, looking up alluringly at Steve from under her long black eyelashes.

“I think I could go for that,” Peter said, grinning.

“Hold on a minute,” Steve said. “She ask me first?”

With Charly looking on seductively, they flipped a coin to see who would get her ass. Steve won the toss.

“You’ll just have to wait your turn,” he said to his buddy.

“Don’t worry, Peter. I promise you’ll have just a good time too,” Charly said as she rolled over on top of him.

Lowering herself slowly onto Peter’s glistering cock, and gasping with pleasure, she glanced back over her shoulder at Steve.

“Go into the kitchen and get something real greasy,” she murmured sexily. “Cooking oil or something.”

My eyes got wider and my ears burned as I watched with anticipation. My own blood began heat up and race again.

Charly was fucking Peter skilfully, her pendulous tits dangled tantalisingly close to his face. She whimpered with lust as he grabbed one with his teeth and sucked its erect nipple into his eager mouth. His cock fucked her wet, warm pussy so frantically that I thought he might come before Steve even returned from the kitchen.

Jamie and Ian sprawled next to me on the carpet, seemingly as fascinated as I was by the scene. I saw their cocks had become stiff again as they watched Peter fucking Charly. Steve reappeared from the kitchen.

He had found a bottle of cooking oil. He unscrewed the cap and knelt down behind Charly, whose beautiful ass was jiggling each time Peter plunged into her pussy. Within seconds, Steve had his fingers greased with oil.

“Mmmmmm!” Charly groaned as he slipped first one then two fingers into her asshole and began to finger-fuck her, opening her up.

She threw her head back and sighed, her mouth slack with passion. I could hardly believe my own sexual excitement. My extremely wet pussy was throbbing, with no Jamie or Ian to hold it in, wads of cum still oozed out onto the carpet. I reached down and rapidly fingered my clit, my eyes becoming glazed as I watched Steve anoint his cock with some oil.

“Ready?” Steve murmured as he began guiding his shiny, greased cock towards Charly’s round ass.

“Ohhh yesss!” Charly hissed with lust. “Just get it in me quick! Shove it in me hard, please!”

I clenched my teeth as I saw the glistening bulbous head of his cock push against Charly’s tiny reddish rosebud. With the added oil it slipped inside easily.

Steve having wiped his hands on some tissue’s, held her hips steady and kept pushing until the whole length of his stiff cock sank deep in Charly’s ass. Charly bit her lip and nearly fainted. From the look on Charly’s face, I gathered from her expressions that things were just bearable.

As both men began to fuck Charly in tandem, she began to meow and gasp incoherently. Her whole body moved in rhythm with their thrusts. Her tits which once swung free were now being attacked by Peter’s hands and lips. She jammed her impaled crotch back and down onto their jabbing cocks, groaning and panting deliriously as they began to fuck her more vigorously.

“OHHHH SHIT!” she cried, wincing as Steve plunged his cock into her ass.

“Don’t you want it hard?” he panted, crouched over her writhing body and burying his cock deep inside her asshole with each fierce thrust.

At the same time, Peter was fucking into her cunt with sharp, plunging strokes. Charly was whimpering, shuddering, and moaning from the incredible fucking they were giving her.

“Yes, yes!” she moaned through clenched teeth. “YES, DO IT HARDER!”

I was amazed, but so hot and aroused that I could barely stand it myself. I felt on the verge of coming, just watching Charly being double-fucked. My hand moved more rapidly in my sloppy cunt.

Suddenly Ian was next to me, spreading my thighs and pushing me onto my back. He slid his arms under my legs, raising them high in the air, and then plunged his cock as far as possible into my loose but hungry pussy.

“ARRGGHHH!” I gasped as his cock filled me completely.

He began to fuck me almost as roughly as the two guys were fucking Charly. His cock finding no friction within my slack pussy, hammered into my cervix, as his thrusts pinned my ass to the carpet. I yelped softly and bucked with excitement under his piercing thrusts. Slowly and I mean slowly my pelvic muscles began to close around Ian’s cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I panted in his ear. “GOD YES!, KEEP IT UP, FASTER YOU BASTARD!” I cried

I turned my head to watch Charly, seemingly crushed between the two striving men. I knew all three of them were about to explode with killing orgasms. Charly’s beautiful face was torn with excruciating pleasure. She panted and gasped wildly.


The two men groaned and came at the same time as Charly. They plunged their cocks deep into her body and grunted as cum spewed out of them. All three of their bodies thrashed and squirmed together as their cries of passion resounded in my ears.

And then without warning, I was overflowing with a hot, tumultuous orgasm myself. The wrenching spasms shook my body, tearing cries of ecstasy from my throat.

“ARRGGHHH!” I cried out, my body jerking under Ian’s ferocious thrusts.

I felt his cock pulsating and spurting into me moments after my own climax. Several seconds later he released my legs, letting them drop to the floor.

I glanced over at Charly, who was still pinned between Peter and Steve. All three of them were gasping and panting, unable to believe the storm of fucking they had just weathered. Charly winced and clenched her teeth as the two men finally pulled their shrinking cocks out of her body.

“Shit, you two girls are something else!” Ian moaned. “Where the fuck did you learn to party?”

I felt myself blushing; if only they knew.

Holding back on the truth I said. “I can’t speak for her,” indicating Charly, “but I’ve learned everything I know right here. I never realised fucking could be this exhilarating!”

Charly looked dazed. I went over to her and put my arm around her.

“You okay?” I asked.

“SHIT, I’ve never been fucked like that before!” Charly murmured, her eyes very glazed.

“You wanted it, didn’t you?” I asked.

Charly smiled. “Yeah, I never had so much fun in my life.”


Charly nodded slowly. “If I knew it was that good, I would’ve done it a long time ago.”

Those guys had really fucked her up rough. Yet I found it hard to believe that she had enjoyed it. Sure, it looked exciting, but it must have hurt like hell.

Sitting there with my arm around Charly made me feel wanton as I looked down at her luscious tits. All of a sudden, I felt an irresistible urge to caress them, put my mouth on them, and suckle them.

I reached down and cupped a tit in my hand; using my thumb I gently brushed her soft nipple; Charly looked over at me, parting her lips, her eyes glowing.

“I feel so bruised, after that!” she whispered. “Would you suck my nipples? Just to make them feel better!” * I could feel that pulse hammering behind my ears again. I was getting wildly aroused, for if there’s one thing I love its sucking other girl’s body parts and to be truthful I’ve been fancying Charly for sometime, but have never been able to gain her interest.

Charly too tired to get up just lay with her back on the carpet, cum was oozing out from both her cunt and arse as I knelt down beside her.

“Lick them, suck them!” she murmured. “Please, Izzy, please!”

My mouth was only inches away from her succulent puffy nipples. I bent lower, extending my tongue. Charly sighed softly as the tip of my tongue touched the tip of her left nipple.

I coiled my tongue around its large bud, and then drew it into my mouth. I sucked it gently, then more urgently as I felt Charly respond as her moans grow louder.

“Oh God, yes, that feels so good!” she moaned, arching her back and pushing her tit further into my mouth. “Ohhhh, you know how to suck me! It feels so good!”

Now straddled across her body I found that she was very aroused. I sucked both Charly’s nipples until they were fully erect; with Charly squirming excitedly under me, her hands stroked my naked body too, squeezing my tits and probing my sodden crotch.

Soon we were embracing, pressing our hot bodies together; kissing passionately, moaning, and finger fucking each other. The men just watched with hypnotic fascination, their cocks swelling and throbbing as each was being stroked, whilst Charly and I grew bolder.

“Oh God, I never thought I’d be doing this today!” I whispered to my friend, rubbing Charly’s hard clit and making her whimper uncontrollably.

“Oh, me neither!” Charly panted. “I’m going to come if you keep it up!”

“I am going to keep it up,” I replied. “I’m going to eat you like you’ve never been eaten before and then I’m going to suck your beautiful pussy and make you come and scream forever.”

I kissed my way down her silky voluptuous body, pushed open her thighs and staring at the long wet pink gash of her cunt. I extended my tongue and slid it deep into Charly’s buttery cunt, tasting both her pussy juice and the remains of Peter’s cum. The sensation only heightened my lust.

Charly shuddered with pleasure. The men were so aroused that Jamie and Steve could no longer stand it. Jamie got down on the floor next to Charly’s head and guided his stiff cock into her mouth. She began to suck him eagerly.

Steve approached me from behind, slipping his cock into my pussy and began fucking me slowly while I ate Charly’s steaming cunt. It didn’t take long for all of us to get out of control. My gentle licking became a hot, passionate slurping and sucking. Soon we were joined by Jamie who crouched over Charly’s head and offered her his cock to suck.

I used my hand too, fucking Charly with three fingers whilst, my tongue stud tore at her swollen clit driving her wild, causing her to thrash about and pumped frantically with her hips. At the same time, she sucked Jamie’s pumping cock as if there were no tomorrow.

From behind Steve’s cock plunged rhythmically into my pulsing pussy, making me gag each time my mouth was forced gently against Charly’s pussy, hot spasms began to shake my body. Being part of the squirming mass of four fucking bodies made me delirious with sexual excitement.

The bright-red puckered ring of Charly’s asshole, which I had just watched Steve fucking so fiercely, was just below my hand. I couldn’t resist the urge to insert a finger into it. At the same time, I licked her sensitive clit sharply.

Charly groaned and undulated uncontrollably as the shock of another killing orgasm hit her.

“Yeeooowwww! OH FUCK!” she screamed, half choking as Jamie’s cock began spewing cum into her open mouth at the same moment.

Almost to the second, I felt Steve’s throbbing cock squirt into my cunt, the sensation was enough to trigger a wild climax of my own. My shuddering body quivered and shook with intense pleasure.

“OHHHMMMYYY-OH GOD, YESSSS, OHHGGGOODDD!” I moaned as I felt it course through my body.

Tangled in a heap of panting, squirming bodies, the four of us moaned and gasped until the last quiver of pleasure had left us. Then we slowly parted. I could hardly believe what I had just gone through.

Gosh, it just gets wilder and wilder, I thought. I was about to drag myself across the room and pull on my clothes when Peter suddenly grabbed me. He pulled me down onto the floor and began exploring my naked body eagerly with his mouth and hands.

His cock was rigid with desire. I could feel it twitching and pulsing against my thigh. His mouth on my sore nipples was rough and searching.

But in spite of my exhaustion, I could feel my body beginning to respond again.

“Don’t you guys ever get enough?” I asked as he slid between my open thighs.

“No, it’s been a dry time for us in Iraq!” he panted.

“Arrgghhh!” I gasped as he plunged his unbending cock deep into my ravaged pussy. “I guess I should-FUCKING HELL -be flattered then.”

“Christ, you’re gorgeous!” he cried, spearing me once again with his rigid cock. “I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I saw that first set of photos” he continued.

I just relaxed and let myself be frantically fucked. Peter lifted my legs high in the air with his arms so that he could get deeper penetration. Bent nearly double, I whimpered and squealed softly as he pinned my squirming ass to the carpet with his fierce thrusts.

It was almost a relief to be fucked in the usual way for once. I found myself really enjoying it. Peter’s fingers dug into my flesh, and I raked his back with my fingernails.

“Oh Jesus, Peter, it’s so fucking deep- Arrgghhh!” I cried, feeling the head of his cock stab deep inside me.

And then I was coming, spilling over with hot spasms that wrenched my doubled-over body. The muscles in my pussy squeezed his cock tightly, Peter grunted as his cum shot out. We were locked together, rocking back and forth, groaning loudly as the pleasure swelled in us.

“Ohhh-oh God, yessssss!” I moaned as my orgasm waned. “God, I’ve never been fucked so much in my life!”

“You can say that again!” Charly shouted.

I quickly glanced over to see Charly getting fucked again, this time by Ian, whose huge cock was making Charly wince each time he buried it deep in her cunt. I watched while they picked up the tempo, then came together in a moaning, thrashing collision.

Finally everyone was so tired we could barely move. Agonisingly Charly and I crawled our way to the bathroom to clean up; using what ever we could find, we freshened ourselves up before getting dressed. Since the lads were staying in the apartment, Jamie elected to walk us back to our hotel, which thankfully was about 200 yards away.

Once in our room we both showered, and then too exhausted to either dry or dress ourselves we climbed naked into bed; with Charly supine, I lay beside her with an arm and leg draped across her body, gently stroking a nipple as we both succumbed to sleep.

Come morning and with both of us dosed up to the eyeballs with painkillers and Kamillosan: Charly and I made a pledge as we jumped into the car. Never again were we going to party with four lusty army lads just returned from a war zone.

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