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The first thing he knew after a long deep sleep was a sound.

Someone spoke. The words were “Holy shit.” murmured quietly but he heard them, and that seemed marvelous for some reason. In that first moment of consciousness his hearing seemed wonderfully powerful.

He tried to open his eyes and found that difficult, but he got them open just a sliver and saw that he was lying in bed with the covers thrown back and a pretty nurse standing over him. It was her voice that had awoken him.

The nurse was looking down at his body holding a rag and not moving.

She glanced around and then back at his body. Then she shrugged, just a little, and reached out to lift his penis which he now realized was exposed. She proceeded to bath his genitals and he felt profound embarrassment and tried to move to stop her.

That was when he discovered he couldn’t move. At all.

He tried to speak, but couldn’t do that either. He tried grunting, screaming, shaking his fists, kicking his legs and every other form of controlling his body he could think of. Nothing worked. The only control he had at all was the ability to open and close his eyelids a tiny fraction.

Then he tried to figure out where he was and why. His name was Gerald Nelson, he was thirty two and he worked in Natural Gas as a safety co-ordinator. He had been driving to a well site up north last he remembered. Now he was here.

Looking past the humiliating vision of this pretty nurse washing his penis he saw that his legs were both in casts from the knees down and that one of his arms was as well. He was hooked up to numerous machines via tubes and wires and a thin curtain surrounded the bed he was on. He was clearly in an hospital, but what had happened.

The pretty nurse pulled back his foreskin and began to wash around the head of his penis.

Gerry, as he called himself, had always been embarrassed by his penis. It was big. Oddly big, and it had been the source of a lot of uncomfortable attention in his teens and early adulthood. It was a focal point not unlike a woman’s breasts would be if they were enormous. Once people found out about his size it was all he became to them, the guy with the huge cock.

Every guy thought Gerry must love it, but he didn’t, because most women were intimidated by it or simply wanted him because of it. Not much in between.

Now this nurse was holding it, obviously intrigued by it. She was still doing her job, but she was working slowly and carefully as if it might bite her.

Gerry’s cock, when flaccid like this, was six inches long and between three and four inches around, about the size of an average penis when erect. The nurse was washing him carefully and taking full measure with her gloved hands. He could see her comparing her little hands to it and she bent it around as if testing that it was indeed flaccid.

If he could have moved or said anything Gerry would have asked her to stop. It was mortifying to be displayed and manipulated like a piece of meat, but his paralysis was complete, save for the tiny amount he could open his eyes.

Instead he was forced to lie still while she finished bathing him, but continued to hold his cock. She seemed reluctant to let it go.

Gerry had seen the look in her eyes a few times before in others. That rapt fascination. Some women could not help themselves when confronted with that much manhood.

As she examined him he gazed at her through the tiny slit he could open his eyes. As her exploration of his penis continued Gerry distracted himself by assessing her in return.

The nurse was a sandy haired blonde with tanned skin and a very fit look to her. She looked like an athlete; a runner or gymnast or something that didn’t require height. She was only average height, maybe five four or five.

Her face was kind, almost innocent in the way she was looking at him. She was very pretty, not in a Hollywood way, but more like a girl next door kind of way. She reminded him emotionally, if not physically, of a girl he had crushed on in Junior High but had never dared to ask out.

Even then his penis was known. In gym class the other guys had seen it and asked about it. No-one seemed to think it odd to talk about his size. They teased him about it some, but only in a general way. Among the guys it was joked about the same way they joked about Ken the guy who started shaving first, who had a very thick beard early on.

Yet with the girls it was different.

At first it was not spoken of in his hearing, but he could see them checking him out. He could tell when they saw it and what they thought. At that age he, like other boys, would get random erections in school. When he did everyone knew.

When Gerry’s cock was fully erect it was ten inches long and just over seven inches around. Very, very big. At thirty two Gerry was five foot eleven and one hundred and seventy five pounds. At fifteen Gerry was five foot seven and one hundred and forty pounds, and yet his cock had already reached full size. (He’d measured a lot back then.) At that size when he got an erection it was like growing a new arm.

How could he approach a girl knowing what might happen in his pants? At that age girls were terrified of that overt and large a sexual offer. Their palpable apprehension spooked him and he avoided talking to girls.

It only got worse in High School when some girls actively sought him out, wanting to see it and touch it. These were the braver girls who seemed willing to experiment with a big cock, but Gerry’s self-consciousness didn’t allow for him to accept the blatant offers and instead he grew defensive about his cock, not wanting to be defined by it.

Early failures to be able to penetrate the first few girlfriends he eventually did have in college further alienated him from enjoying his endowment. It seemed more like a curse.

If only a girl who looked as cute as this nurse would be able to see him as more than a cock. But this girl was now blatantly stroking his pole, trying to get him hard, probably so she could measure it.

She had both hands around his shaft and she was pumping him up and down. He could feel everything she was doing perfectly so maybe he wasn’t paralysed, he thought. Her warm, soft hands felt wonderful. Her slightly open mouth looked sexy, her expression one of shocked amusement.

He could see her cheeks flushing, and the blush spread down her chest under the loose uniform of pajama like t-shirt and slacks. Even as terrified as he was of why he couldn’t move Gerry found her so adorable, so sexually compelling that he got aroused by her ministrations.

His cock grew and grew, filling with blood as she jacked him off and he stared at her precious face. She was really cute. Her blue eyes flashed up at his face from time to time, fearing he would wake, and she froze every time she heard a noise. The obvious anxiety she felt, mixed with the amazement and lust she seemed to be feeling gave her an endearingly vulnerable demeanor, which made him want her even more.

When at last his cock was at full hardness she continued to stroke it. She murmured, “Jesus fucking Christ.” And then she held her arm up alongside his cock as she pulled it up from his belly.

It ran from her elbow past her fist and was thicker than her wrist and most of her forearm.

“Holy fuck. Where would I put that?” she said it very quietly, but Gerry just made it out.

She reached down and cupped his balls, which were slightly larger than average as well, but not by much.

“What have you got in here, I wonder? How much would come out?” Again she said this very quietly, but watching her mouth he could understand her whispers.

Her warm palm cupping his testes fell wonderful, and her stroking was feeling amazing, it wouldn’t be long before he came at this rate. It felt great to have her firm, competent grip on him. He doubted she jacked off a lot of patients, but her hands were used to touching strangers, he was sure. She had a gentle, but firm touch that soothed him. He was able to forget for a time that he was unable to move.

The nurse massaged his balls as she jacked him off, her face getting closer to his cock as she gazed at it intently. He could see from her eyes that she was getting really horny, her lids had dropped lower, and her pupils were getting huge. Her blue eyes were now almost black with pupil.

His lack of movement became an issue once more as he felt the first urges to cum tingle in his balls. He couldn’t move his hips or in any way aid himself in cumming. Then he wondered if he should cum. It would probably freak her out, and certainly embarrass him. He felt like a teenaged boy with his first girl. Should he/shouldn’t he?

Then he realized he might not have an option in this game. The nurse was still jacking him off but she was pumping him faster, as if she wanted him to cum. But maybe she had no idea he was close, she was getting none of the usual signals a lover might get; no heavier breathing, no moaning, no movement. He couldn’t even make a vocal noise at all.

Helpless to stop himself Gerry felt his climax coming on. He tried to think of other things but his mind was blank, all he could think about was her hands on him, the warmth, the smooth feeling as her hands caressed him. It had been a long time since a woman had touched him and he was captivated by watching her cute face, so attentive, so compelled by what she was doing.

Then he began to shoot his load over his belly. His cock contracted and then spurted a gout of thick sperm onto his flat stomach. The viscous white fluid filled the hollow of his belly button as more jism erupted and the nurse, seemingly reflectively, continued her pumping.

Her face was shocked, her mouth opening in a surprised “Oh” as if she hadn’t even thought something like this could happen. Still stroking him, her hand moved harder and faster as his jism shot out of his tip.

She moved her face closer, but out of the line of fire. She appeared fascinated by his cock’s spasms as Gerry came all over himself.

His load was big, it always was, but this was big even for him. He had no idea how long he had been in this bed, but long enough that his body was producing more sperm. The bed rest and having a fluid diet might have helped.

More and more jism spilled out of him as the pretty nurse massaged his shaft and squeezed his knob. It seemed as though she wanted to find out exactly how much he would produce.

Having no control over himself meant this wasn’t the best emotional orgasm he’s ever had, but it did feel good, obviously. Gerry accepted it for what it was, watching her face as she stared at his big wet load.

When he finished cumming she looked at his cock as it softened, and the pool of sperm that gathered on his slowly rising and falling belly. She seemed entranced by his cum.

“Holy shit.” She said again. She released her hold on him, placing his cock to one side, resting on his hip, then she took her gloved finger and put the tip in the pool of jizz. She measured the depth by putting her index finger in his belly button. It was an oddly intimate thing to do, and felt strange. She then pulled her finger back and they both saw that the glove was wet past the first knuckle.

That was a lot of semen.

Then a clatter of a passing cart of some sort broke the spell of the moment and the nurse quickly wiped his copious ejaculate off his belly with her damp cloth. She cleaned him all over his groin once more and then she gathered her things and left.

The whole event took less than ten minutes.

Gerry felt violated, embarrassed… and satisfied. Focusing on the latter he basked in the unexpected warmth of a post-ejaculation buzz. And soon sleep took him once more.

When next he awoke it was once more because he heard something.

Opening his eyes the thin slit he was able to, Gerry saw the young nurse again. She was speaking quietly so he watched her mouth and listened as hard as he could.

“… so let’s not have a repeat of last time, okay. I apologize. I don’t know what came over me. Well… ” She laughed “I suppose you did. And a lot of cum it was.” She then pulled his sheets off and starting with his legs began to wash him. Gerry was still unable to move, and he could tell that since she was bathing him again that at least one day must have passed, but he guessed more.

The young nurse was bathing him calmly, efficiently and professionally so he closed his eyes, relaxed and let his mind wander for a moment trying to remember what happened.

Gerry worked as a safety coordinator and he did a lot of traveling in his car, alone. Had he had an accident? The last memory he had was of eating in a diner… he thought maybe it had been breakfast. But that was all he had. Before that everything was normal, just his life, the routine of it, the solitude he had surrounded himself with. But after that meal all was blank until he had woken up and the nurse had been bathing him.

Her firm yet kind ministrations soothed him, like a massage, and he felt his fear and the stress of not knowing what was happening to him fade away.

The pretty nurse began to hum a soft tune and Gerry listened intently. He loved music, he listened to it a lot in his car and he liked the sound of her voice, quiet and sweet.

Gerry was a little surprised that he wasn’t feeling much pain, just a dull aching sensation in his limbs where the casts were, and a low level but consistent headache. He wondered how long he had been here.

As the nurse hummed her song and bathed him Gerry began to watch her through his tiny portal into the rest of the world. Her face had a serenity that he found compelling to look at. She was utterly self-possessed and focused on her work, and looked beautiful for being so present.

Her blue eyes were bright and clear as she watched her own hands work. Her movements were graceful and efficient with few wasted gestures. She had to have been an athlete or dancer at some point. She pursed her lips in a slight kiss shape as she worked and it was endearing to see. Everything about her was appealing.

Gerry began to wonder what would happen when she reached his penis again. Would there be a repeat of last time? She had said there wouldn’t be, and Gerry found himself torn as to what he wanted.

The Nurse cleaned his whole body, leaving his crotch for last. She had been so professional the whole time that he almost forgotten what had happened last time she’s bathed him, but when she pulled down his boxer shorts and revealed his semi erect penis she stopped moving and stared at his member with rapt attention. Gerry could feel the tension in her, and when she glanced at his face he saw a wildness in her eyes he hadn’t seen before.

“Oh boy, Mister. You have one hell of a cock.” She whispered.

Gingerly she picked it up off his belly and used the warm wet cloth on him as she cleaned him. Her hands were slightly shaking as she worked on his shaft and she was breathing shallowly through her mouth.

The look on her face, a mix of apprehension and fascination, told him this bathing session was no longer in the realm of nurse and patient. She did clean him, thoroughly, but as she did so her hands massaged his manhood and brushed his skin in a more intimate way than she had exhibited at any other point of the process.

Gerry found himself responding to the different touch. His cock grew harder as she manipulated him, her fingers cool on his warming flesh. Then as he grew to full size she simply held his shaft in both hands, unmoving.

“Good lord. This is incredible.” Hesitantly she stroked her two hands along his length. “You are making me so horny.”

His nurse began to jack him off slowly, mesmerized by the movement of skin over muscle. Gerry felt rising humiliation at his helplessness. It wouldn’t be nearly so bad if he could do anything at all other than witness his own sexual abuse, but she was so intrigued by his cock and so gentle with her hands that lust won out and he felt honest pleasure at her attention.

She was adorable. Just the type of woman he was most attracted too, but this situation was wrong. Mortifying, really. Her hands stroked him all over now, cupping his balls and stroking everywhere. She was clearly enjoying herself.

Then she lifted his shaft high, aiming his knob into the air and she looked down at it, pointed right at her face.

“This is crazy. What are you doing Amy?” She darted a glance at the door, then back at his face, then she whispered, “Oh for fucks sake.” And leaned over taking his knob into her mouth.

Gerry was stunned as her pretty pink lips stretched around his head, trying to fit as much into her mouth as she could. Just the bulbous knob fit, her mouth only just big enough to take his purple helmet into her face, and as she tried to get more in, she gagged and backed off.

“Jesus.” She whispered, using her hand to wipe away tears that leaked down her cheek. “You are a challenge, buddy.” Taking a deep breath she willed herself to relax and then she bent over him once more taking his tip into her mouth, stretching her lips forward taking some of his shaft between them.

She suckled him a little, letting saliva dribble along his skin, lubricating him. Her tongue danced along his skin tantalizingly sweet. Then she took more of him into her mouth opening her jaw wide to accept his girth. The warm wetness of her mouth felt wonderful on his cock. Gerry had only had a couple women willing to try and suck him and it felt great to be feeling it now.

Amy, he now had a name for her, moved her mouth around his knob and jacked his shaft while he lay there helpless. After a few moments she managed to get an inch of his shaft into her mouth, he could feel his knob brushing against her teeth as her tongue swirled around his flesh. It felt amazing.

Tears trickled down her cheeks as she strained to get him further into her mouth , but she soldiered on trying to cram yet more of him between her lips.

Then she pulled back and gasped for air as her mouth was emptied of his huge cockhead.

“Wow! That was rough.” She said. She wiped away her tears with one hand as she continued stroking his cock with the other. “Sorry big fella. I couldn’t do it.”

Amy continued to jack him off and occasionally she would lean over and suck just the tip, or lick his pre-cum out of his urethra. Then when he began to feel an orgasm approaching in the distance, Amy leaned way over and began to suck and lick his balls.

It felt amazing. Gerry had never had anyone do that before and it was intimate and arousing. His orgasm rushed closer, and once more he wished he could move in any way to make it feel better.

“Come on big boy. Gimmie that load. I have to taste it.” Amy whispered, her mouth pressed to his testicles, her breath warm on his skin.

She went back to lavishing his balls with love while she used both hands to work his huge cock. Then she began to run her mouth along his length, licking and kissing his shaft, paying close attention to the glans around the base of his head.

Gerry couldn’t hold back, he had no muscular control, so the moment he felt the urge to cum he did. Amy wasn’t prepared for him, having no signals coming from Gerry, so the first jet of sperm shot straight up into the air and came back down on her face and his shaft.

She grunted and lifted her mouth up and over the tip of his knob as he fired the rest of his prodigious load right into her lapping mouth.

Over and over he spurted his jism into her face as she swallowed all that she could of him her tongue sliding around making him ache with pleasure. Gerry felt like his orgasm belonged to a different person. He couldn’t even make noise as he came, but his body felt the thrill of climax, the intensity almost more than he could bear as her slippery tongue washed his knob and urged more and more sperm to rocket out of his member.

He was so sensitive that he wanted her to stop, his climax was over, but still she slurped on him, the burning pleasure in his cock unbearable.

Then finally she lifted her mouth from him and she breathed a huge sigh and wiped her mouth with the same hand that wiped her tears earlier.

Then she felt the sperm that had landed on her face. She laughed and looked right at Gerry. “You got me good with that one.” She smiled and wiped his cum onto her hand and then licked it off. “But it was worth it. You tasted even better than I guessed. I love the taste cum.” Then she glanced around and smirked, seeming glad she hadn’t been heard speaking like that.

She kissed his knob and let his shaft lay back onto his belly. Then she covered him with a sheet and went to the bathroom. Gerry lay still, he had no choice, and listened to her running water in the bathroom and then pulling paper towel from a dispenser.

Gerry felt his heart rate slow and his cock shrink back to flaccid, and he was shocked to find he had really enjoyed what had happened. He felt cared for not violated. Perhaps it was Amy’s unmitigated pleasure in tasting him, but for whatever reason Gerry was happy to have been used by this seemingly sweet girl.

When she came back into his room she looked clean and freshly scrubbed. Her face pink and flushed from rubbing.

Amy pulled back his sheet and used the cloth to finished bathing his manhood. Then she returned his underwear over him and tucked him back into his sheets.

“Thank you. I’m sorry you aren’t here to enjoy it, but I had to know what you tasted like.” She shook her head ruefully. “I don’t know why, but you have really gotten under my skin, big guy.”

Then the biggest shock of all, Amy leaned down and kissed Gerry on the lips. It was quick, but the warm pressure of her mouth was the best thing to happen to him in years. Then before he knew it, she was gone.

As he reviewed the past few minutes in his mind he felt genuine affection for his special Nurse and as he drifted once more into sleep he anticipated the next time he might see her.

There were no dreams in the dark place her went when he slept, so time had no meaning. The next time he knew anything it could have been moments later as far as Gerry knew.

This time it was an older nurse who bathed hm.

She too was shocked by his size. She bathed it but her face showed her discomfort and repulsion. He didn’t get an erection.

He remained awake for a time, a slow churning panic at his lack of movement causing him to fight his body, attempting to lift a hand, wiggle a toe or anything to shatter this immobility.

All attempts failed.

Exhaustion pushed him back into the darkness and Gerry accepted it, resigned and sad.

Then Amy returned.

“Hi big guy, did you miss me?”

Gerry had missed her.

“I missed you. I was thinking about you. I think about you a lot actually. And it isn’t very nice. I want to take you home for my very own. My friends would never believe I want to kidnap a patient and have my very own fuck toy, but I think like that sometimes. Pretty awful huh? But this cock…”

Nurse Amy pulled back the sheets and pulled down his shorts to reveal the member she spoke of.

“I did some research on you, Gerald Nelson. You seem to be a loner. No next of kin on file. Why? I try and imagine you awake. Who you would be? It’s a blank slate so I’m flying blind.”

Amy bathed him but as she did so she murmured her quiet monologue and periodically stroked his cock lovingly.

“I suppose its stupid but I really want to know the man beyond the penis. What kind of life did you have? What kind of person are you? I’m hoping you are nice. I’d like it if you were a good person, but guys with big dicks are Big Dicks aren’t they?”

Amy finished bathing his body and began to focus on his member. “What I wouldn’t give to fuck this thing. I doubt I actually could, but man it’s tempting to try. I would cum like cray, I bet.” There were no attempts to bath him yet. Amy simply massaged and explored him as he grew hard under her soft pleasant hands.

Then before he was fully hard she bent over and took a few inches into her mouth. Her tongue tickled him and he felt himself respond as pleasure permeated his prick and made him crazy. Her warm mouth felt glorious, the swipes of her soft tongue invigorating.

Jolts of desire raced along his nerves and enlivened him. His cock grew to fullness and Amy was forced to back off and use her lips to bath him as he no longer fit inside her warm mouth.

“God I love this.’ She murmured as she suckled along the length of his shaft. Amy was clearly enjoying herself, tasting his skin and caressing his meat. She didn’t jack him off so his orgasm grew slowly and incrementally as she pleasured him and pleased herself.

The joy she took in his cock was something he had never experienced in such detail. It was all about her, his pleasure secondary, and for some reason this didn’t bother Gerry like it might have before. He could see that giving a partner pleasure was a joyful experience.

Then his climax approached and he didn’t fight it at all, he simply let go and wallowed in the sensations Amy was gleefully giving him.

Somehow she sensed his orgasm this time and clamped her mouth over his knob as he sperm began to cascade out and over her tongue. The unbearable intimacy washed over him and he spilled himself into her happily.

Amy swallowed all he had to give greedily, her mouth working over his knob and making him wild with abandon. For the first time Gerry felt total gratification as he climaxed into a woman.

Then it was over. Amy swallowed and licked her lips as she stood up once more.

“Holy fuck that was great. I almost came just from tasting you.” Her face looked concerned as she gazed back and forth between Gerry’s face and his cock. “Are you in there? Can you hear me? I apologize if you don’t like this. I can’t help myself.” She looked worried, and scared.

Amy shook her head and cleaned him with a cloth, far less kindly than usual. She seemed guilty and unhappy.

When she left he didn’t fall asleep right away. It made him sad that she was tormented by this situation. If he could Gerry would try and reassure her that he enjoyed it and that he was now a willing participant. This was the only time he rose up out of the fog of whatever was going on with him medically. Amy had become his only connection with the outside world.

He needed her.

The next three times he woke it was the older nurse taking care of him. Her evident repulsion of his penis didn’t stop her from cleaning him but it was perfunctory, and clearly distasteful to her. Gerry longed for Amy simply so he didn’t feel so humiliated by his predicament.

Each time he woke it was while being washed but he lingered awake for longer and longer. Far from making him happy these periods of wakeful paralysis were torture. The more he tried to move the more frightened he grew as his body resisted his efforts.

Desperately he wanted to move. He would never take his mobility for granted if he ever regained it. Any tiny wiggle would bring him joy at this point. Over and over he struggled because the utter stillness was terrible distracting. He felt aches and itches and a desperate desire deep in the fibres of his musculature to move.

Each terrible period of wakefulness ended with him drifting helplessly into the dark void of unconsciousness no more able to move than before.

The fourth day he woke on his own. No-one there and no apparent sound having disturbed him. He opened his eyes and then blinked and held them wide open with shock.

His eyes had opened all the way.

Looking around he discovered that he could see the room fully. He was still unable to move his head or any other part, but his eyes opened fully and he wept with joy. Something was different. The mere ability to open and close his lids at will felt like the ability to dance it was so glorious.

Gerry fluttered his eyelids in a show of exuberance. Fully manipulating the only motion available to him he mentally leaped for joy like a free man tasting the wind.

Soon that tiny movement paled and lost its lustre. Gerry was still ebullient, but now he merely gazed around himself and looked at his body as best he could. It looked like he was all there and the pain was less, but he could feel where his legs and arm were broken. His skull ached along the back but it wasn’t excruciating.

He was healing.

For a long time-an hour?- he struggled to move any other part of himself but he failed to add to the glory of moving his eyelids and soon he grew tired and drifted to sleep once more.

When next he woke it was dark and for a moment he thought he had lost his ability to open his eyes. Then he heard sounds and realized his eyes were open but that the room had no light. He saw movement at the foot of his bed.


She was there, dressed in a t-shirt and skirt, her hair hanging rather than gathered in a ponytail. He quickly lowered his eyelids not wanting her to know he could move them just yet. His curiosity and immediate sense something furtive in her demeanor made him choose to match her behaviour and not let her know he was awake.

Amy stood at the foot of the bed looking at him but saying and doing nothing.

Then she sighed such a sigh it hurt his heart. It sounded like she might weep.

“I’m better than this y’know?” she said, not quite a whisper but very soft. “I’m better than a rapist.” And then she did sob. Just a small sound but it was loud in the silent room.

“I want to believe that you enjoy this… That you enjoy what I do to you. If I thought you didn’t I would hate myself even more. I don’t know why but I feel like you are with me and that you like what I do. Is that just my head? Is that a lie?”

Gerry would have given anything to speak to her and tell her that yes, he loved it. Should he show her his eyes, his awareness? Right now he felt that she would run that she might never come back. More than anything he wished his arms could hold the shaking woman at the foot of his bed. But he couldn’t.

Amy moved to the bedside where she worked as she bathed him. One hand stroked his cheek while the other rested on his flaccid bugle protruding from his body, obvious in its size.

“I can’t help myself. Your cock is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I can’t stop thinking about it, about you. Who you might be. What it would be like to be with you. With this.”

Leaning down Amy reverently placed her cheek on his cock, letting the weight of her head press down on him exciting his flesh. Facing him Amy said “I’ve never much cared about size, but I suppose I’ve never needed to. All my lovers have been about the same size I guess. At least there wasn’t enough difference to matter. But I cannot not stop thinking about what it would be like to take all of this in. What would it be like to be so completely filled?”

There were no more tears on her face. Amy’s eyes were unfocused, his eyes were slitted so tightly that all he could make out now was the outline of her head. The movement as she spoke made her jaw caress his cock and the intimacy of the moment was getting him hard.

Amy rubbed her face along his length. “Oh god. It’s getting hard.”

Slowly the hand on his cheek slid down to the blanket and peeled it inexorably down his body to expose him. Amy rose up and brought the sheets down past his knees. The gown he wore was light and she lifted it off him exposing his shorts. Amy peeled these down and his erect cock flopped out onto his belly huge in its fullness.

A slow gasp of lust came from Amy and her hand found his rod and lifted it up to her lowering mouth. Amy licked and suckled his knob getting it wet as she worshiped him with aching sweetness. Long delicious moments passed as Gerry felt waves of pleasure washing over him with each delightful way that Amy used her mouth on his sex. Her tongue explored every inch of his huge shaft, bulbous knob and heavy balls.

He was in ecstasy.

Then abruptly Amy stopped and lifted herself away from him. Groaning she began to pull off her clothes. Stripping she bared herself to Gerry’s surreptitious gaze. He opened his eyes as wide as he dared as Amy reveled her toned body to his eagerly peeping eyes.

Amy’s breasts were beautiful; the perfect size to be held by his hands, and Gerry felt a throb in his cock as her globes moved with her struggles to remove her skirt.

When she had her skirt and panties off he saw the little strip of hair she left on her otherwise bald pussy. This exposure of her beautiful vulva made his boner twitch. He felt it move and it drew both their eyes when it did.

“Did you just move?” she whispered. He quickly let his eyes fall shut as she moved in to peer at his face. Instinctively he flared his nostrils a tiny bit and there was a response. A tiny widening of his nostrils and he tried to sniff, her scent filling his nose. Then he tried as hard as he could to twitch his cock once more.

Hoping she would think he was responding to her smell he tried mightily to twitch his cock but he failed.

“I must have imagined it.” she murmured and he felt her hand take hold of his pole and stoke his length with her warm touch.

“I want this inside me so badly I guess I imagined it moving for me.”

Gerry felt the bed shift as she climbed on and once more he opened his eyes a fraction to watch her straddle him. Daring to open them further he took in her body from the chin down. That was all he could see and hope that she wouldn’t notice his eyes glint in the minimal light.

Glorying in her nubile body Gerry tried to take in every detail.

Her hair was long and straight, far longer than he would have suspected given how she held it up usually. The long, dusty-blonde hair brushed her sides and glanced across her breasts as she placed her hips over his and aimed her sex at his. Her arms were lean and fine boned. Leaning one hand on his chest she grasped his cock with the other and maneuvered his knob between her slippery warm lips.

As her pussy kissed his knob Gerry felt a pang of lust stab along his cock and up into his chest. Every fibre of his being wished to participate in this glorious sexual experience. Amy was by far the cutest woman he had ever been with.

Wriggling her hips sexily Amy lubed up Gerry’s knob with her juices and presumably warmed herself up to his size. Gerry felt anxiety. No woman as small as Amy had ever been able to take his cock. Each time it ended in frustration and discomfort. For both of them.

In actual fact Gerry had only ever had what he considered successful normal sex with three different women. These were his only lovers to be able to actually accommodate his manhood enough to allow for rhythmic movement. Some got him in but couldn’t take it when either of them started pumping.

Amy was fairly petite.

Taking her time Amy ground down on him, her pussy stretching around his huge knob.

“Phewf. That’s a lot of cock.” She gasped. “Good thing this feels great or I might give up.” He could hear the humour in her voice and smiled inwardly, his face a slack mask.

The tingling pleasure in his tip teased him with her wet heat as Amy swirled her hips and worked him between her slippery lips. Bit by bit he felt more of himself pass into her until the pressure became uncomfortable on his spongy head.

Amy was gasping and panting while wedging more of him into herself. If it hurt him, Gerry wondered how bad it was for her. Amy paused and rested her head on his chest. Speaking into his skin, her breath warm she said “This isn’t quite how I fantasized it.”

Gerry wished he could put his arms around her and give her some comfort.

From where she slumped on him Amy began to press herself back onto him once more, cramming him inside her body. The smooth slide of her pussy over him was still pleasant even though her grip on him was too tight.

Then Amy sat up and squatted, her hands on her knees her body aiming straight down onto him. Then she hopped a little and he felt himself pop past her tight outer ring and sink into her more pliable depths. She whimpered and hissed as he stabbed into her. Then she put both hands down on his shoulders and did a bunch of quick breaths like a woman giving birth.

“Holy fucking shit balls that hurt!” she gritted between clenched teeth.

Her hair cascaded down over his face and he looked up at her clenched expression. Being hidden in the forest of her hair Gerry ached to kiss this wonderful woman who so badly wanted to make love to him.

Feeling her trembling where his knob lay nestled just inside her warm grip Gerry looked down at her breast hanging before him and a warm glow bloomed in his chest.

Then Amy began to move. With tiny rocking motions she eased back and forth over him taking the first inch of his shaft deeper into her molten depths. Gerry had never experienced such heat. And Amy was incredibly wet. He was slipping deeper into her as she thrust down over him grunting with effort.

Amy looked exquisite as she undulated her body trying to worm his huge wang deeper into her steamy slit. It was the most erotic sight Gerry had ever seen. This is what pornography should look like, a woman eager for her pleasure doing everything she could to find fulfillment. That was powerfully erotic. To be the object of her lust was more than Gerry could process.

Then Amy stopped and once more rested on Gerry chest, her ass high in the air, awkward with only two inches of him squeezed inside her tight pussy.

“Oh big guy you are really working me over. Man. I’m out of shape or something.” Her face nuzzled his neck, her breath tickling him and making him want to weep. He hadn’t ever felt so tenderly toward a person his whole adult life.

“Gawd. I’m stretched so far it burns. Like I’m about to split open. But I fucking love it. Jeezuz you feel great. But I should have warmed up or something. I should have bought a dildo. It’s been too long. Would you believe a year since I had sex? What an idiot. Karen says I have intimacy issues. No shit Sherlock.” Amy giggled into his neck and he suddenly wondered if she were dunk or something.

She moved her head and he let his eyes shut as her face moved in front of his.

“You know what? I don’t give a shit. I’m fucking horny and lonely and I want to feel the touch of a human fucking being. I just don’t want any bullshit. You got that mister.” She giggled again. “Don’t Gimmie none o’ your backtalk.” Amy leaned back and settled over him pressing down onto his pole once more.

“Oh god get in me you fuck.” Amy shoved down hard and another inch or so slid into her as she moaned deep in her throat. “Cooooommmme ooonnnn.” She pressed hard again and another inch wedged deeper.

Through the slit in his eyes Gerry watched as his cock bent making it strain and begin to hurt. Amy noticed too and lifted her weight off without losing any ground she’d gained.

“Sorry baby. I’m getting frustrated. I hope that didn’t hurt too much. But look, almost half way.”

Indeed he was half way stuffed inside her. The lips of her pussy were stretched tight around his girth, the skin thin and barely visible in this uncertain light. Her tight belly was heaving with the strain she was under and he felt little drops of sweat fall on his chest from her brow.

“Let’s be more careful shall we?” Amy reached back behind herself and grasped his shaft, bracing him as she plunged down onto it. This time she didn’t jump or buck too hard, she mostly released her legs and pressed her weight down over him. This worked well and she must have been opening up inside because the next two inches slid in rather easily compared to before.

Now she had a normal length off penis inside her and three more inches to go. It would have been easy if he weren’t almost twice as wide as an average cock. Her poor pussy was stretched very wide. Her vagina had to stretch a long way around him, so depth was running short.

“I’m just gonna enjoy this for a bit.” she whispered and began to move up and down over his top half, fucking herself with him slowly.

Still reaching back she gripped him in her hand with one knee and one foot on the bed she plunged up and down over his knob and first two thirds of his cock. Reaching down Amy began to rub her clit as she drove herself down onto his rigid member.

For Gerry the feeling was delightful. Amy’s pussy was starting to relax and she was getting even wetter, her juices warm and sweet on his hard flesh. It was unbelievable how intense his pleasure could be when he could do nothing to increase or decrease sensation. Completely at her mercy Gerry watched as Amy rode him and brought herself to a powerful looking climax.

Whimpering she bucked and shuddered over him as powerful contractions made her tremble. Inside, her tight pussy clamped down over him again and again as her orgasm went on and on.

Gerry was close to cumming himself when she at last sighed and slid down onto him deeper than ever before. Nearly all his enormous cock pressed into her suddenly yielding flesh. Then Amy gasped as her body felt how far he had entered her and she clenched once more and juddered with yet another even more powerful looking climax.

The quaking of her body as she mewled her extremity tipped him over the edge and Gerry helplessly unloaded his sperm deep inside Amy’s trembling body.

“Oh fuuuuuuck.” She strained through a tight, airless throat.

Amy clenched in one long, tense arch. It looked like her spine was going to curl all the way back as she vibrated with delight while her climax went into overdrive. It looked as if she too were helpless. The intensity of her climax appeared to be more than she could bear.

With breasts thrust out toward him Amy sat on his cock unmoving as spurt after spurt of his jism pumped into her clenched cunt. Gerry couldn’t take his eyes off her as his orgasm splashed out of him. And he could do nothing to stop or prolong it.

Then she gasped in a deep lungful of air and squeezed down onto him again, her body looking tortured by its pleasure. Desperate to be included in this scene of exquisite pleasure Gerry bent all his will toward moving and he felt his cock throb and then twitch deep inside Amy.

Panting “Oh. Oh. Oh.” she felt him move inside her deepest recesses. She slid down father onto him and grunted adorably, deep in her throat, as even more of his mammoth member eased into her shivering insides.

One last spurt of cum and he managed to twitch his cock spilling all he had into this gorgeous woman astride him.

Amy writhed atop him, curling forward into herself, giving herself a hug as her climax continued to torment her blissfully. As Gerry gazed at her with his wide open eyes Amy shuddered and her hips bucked once, twice then a third time and she abruptly lifted off of him releasing him from the tight confines of her sex.

A torrent of sperm followed and spilled down over his cock as it slapped wetly onto his belly. Amy flopped beside him and, still quaking from the power of her orgasms, she curled beside him and quivered from head to toe.

Basking in the glow of post orgasmic bliss Gerry cherished the warmth of her body, her soft skin pressed to his, the tremors of her muscles palpable where she pressed against him. Amy nuzzled his neck and kissed him as if he were a normal lover. Her hands stroked his chest hair and a thigh lifted and rested across his own legs. This was pure intimacy.

Soon his heart stopped beating as hard and he felt her body soften and relax her overwhelming climax at last releasing her from her punishing rapture.

Amy’s hand roamed southward and she found his cock and the mess that drizzled over it and his belly.

“Oops. I made a bit of a mess.” She announced and scrambled down the bed. Her hand lifted his prick and she began to bath him with her mouth lapping up all the spilled jism staining his crotch.

Watching intently Gerry devoured the sight of Amy on all fours cleaning him with her mouth. His cock grew hard once again and soon Amy was blowing him as best she could, all the sperm guzzled and slurped from his skin.

Clearly enjoying herself she ran her lips and tongue all over his tool, letting it caress her soft cheeks. One hand found her pussy and began to play with her clit. Gerry could just make out the back of her fingers where they wriggled between her thighs.

After a few moments of this she broke off sucking him and clambered astride him once more. Amy carefully inserted him into her pussy and eased down slowly, wincing as she impaled herself on him. Then when she bottomed out with well over an inch of him left she began to rise and fall on his pole.

Gerry had cum less than five minutes ago but this was such an erotically charged moment for him, Amy looking captivating as she pleased herself with his cock, that in moments he felt his balls tingling with the need to release.

Amy fucked herself with his prick trying once more to take him all. But she was worked up as well and Amy began to climax after a few moments, her face screwed up in a lovely mask of passion.

Watching her cum pushed Gerry over the brink and his orgasm erupted inside her yet again. As his sperm filled her Amy once again clenched and juddered to a stop, her bucking interrupted by the intensity of her climax. The tension in her body looked painful as she squeezed him, milking him for every drop of jizz.

Gerry wanted to move, he needed to remove his penis from the vice of her vagina. He was too sensitive. This felt too amazing; it was as if his brain was short circuiting. Intense bolts of pure delight shot down his cock and right up his spine electrifying his brain.

Amy released and lifted off him a fraction, then plunged down once more, and they both grunted with renewed euphoria. It was when his body released from that spasm of pleasure a moment later that Gerry realized he had made a sound.

A sound.

Amy lifted once more and plunged down again and Gerry arched up, his spine enervated with powerful shocks of utter rapture. Tingles raced along ever nerve and Gerry felt his muscles twitching and coming to life all over his body as his climax exploded along his nervous system.

Oblivious Amy continued fucking him over and over, her own orgasm impelling her to pull every available sperm from the cock that was making her feel this good.

Gerry felt his feet curl inward, the tingle in the soles of his feet a goad to move them. His fingers curled into a fist, his extremity of pleasure driving him to movement. He began to grunt in time with each throbbing pulse of his orgasm which squeezed his entire frame in a vice of delight.

His neck arched back and his mouth fell open. A small sound, a sigh of need, hoarse and ragged slipped out from his throat. In her own throes of passion Amy didn’t notice his movement. She continued prolonging her orgasm by driving herself down over his pole.

Gerry began to move his hips as need impelled him to withdraw his achingly sensitive member from her ever milking sex. Where his knob was wedged against her cervix Gerry felt her body kissing him and sending jolts of ecstasy along his nervous system.

Hands left weak and shaky from lack of use lifted to her thighs and Gerry tried to get Amy’s attention as she humped up and down. Feather light touches brushed the smooth skin of her thighs and Gerry tried to grip the moving woman’s flesh and make her aware of his alertness.

Then, something that had never happened to him before, Gerry had a second climax while his body was still trying to recover and process the last one. Once more he felt his contraction in every limb and every cell in his being urged him to spill more seed into this amazing beautiful woman.

This climax lifted him off the bed as he drove himself deep into Amy. The last inch of his cock pressed deep into her and Amy moaned as she continued to cum. She fell down onto his chest and hugged him, clinging with every limb to his now shuddering body. His hands reached farther and wrapped around her back holding her feebly as the two lovers shuddered together in mutual bliss.

She gasped into his neck and Gerry moaned up at the ceiling his neck stretched long and back. A long sustained eternity elapsed as the two of them clung to each other while nature strove to mingle their bodies as one.

Then Gerry finished his endless climax and the tension left him at last. His cock relaxed, no longer contracting and squeezing his jism out. Amy panted on his chest, sweat making her slippery. Gerry clung to her, needing her to remain right where she was as he regained his body after so long trapped in stillness. Movement stimulated him too much, it was overwhelming after so long.

Gerry knew the instant Amy realized he was no longer paralysed. Her body tensed and jolted and she sat up to look down at him, his cock still wedged deep inside her slippery warm pussy.

“Hi.” Gerry whispered in his hoarse voice.

“Holy shit!” Amy looked stricken.

Scrambling off of him she guiltily sought a way out of her embarrassing situation. It was in vain. Her body was uncoordinated from countless orgasms and she fell off the bed in a tangle of limbs making far too much noise, something metal clanging across the floor announcing her presence.

Gerry sat up weakly and looked over at her sprawled on the floor in a tangle of limbs, panic written on her face in huge cartoon features.

Gerry whispered “Get under the bed.” and he flopped down onto the floor she quickly vacated for refuge under his bed.

Pushing her clothed after her he pulled down the sheet and hid her from view, her wide eyes searching his face for danger.

Gerry was shaky and fragile but he tried to get back up, as he would have if it had been he who had fallen from the bed. When the night nurse entered his room she saw a man trying desperately to raise himself from the floor.

Every question he’d been wanting to ask since he found himself in this room began to pour out as the nurse fretted and attempted to get him back in bed.

“Where am I? How did I get here? What’s wrong with my body?”

“Mr. Nelson it’s alright. You’ve had an accident. You have some injuries and you need to stay in bed, okay.” It took some effort but Gerry was able to help the nurse get him back into bed. The tussled sheets were placed back over him and the nurse offered him some water which he was grateful for, the first fluid to pass his lips in some time.

Once she had him settled in the nurse said “I’m going to call the doctor on duty to come look at you. Here is a glass of water. Try not to move too much you have some broken bones. I’ll be back in a moment, okay?”

She hurried out and Gerry said “You can come out.”

Amy popped out from beneath the bed clutching her clothes to her naked body. The expression on her face was priceless, but Gerry was too empathetic to laugh. The mix of emotions; mortification, fear, guilt and pleasure that Gerry was awake mingled and flashed across her mobile features as she tried to find words to express what she felt.

“I’m not mad. He whispered. “I was aware the whole time. You brought me back to my body.”

“What?” she seemed stunned.

“You’d better leave, but come see me tomorrow.” He grated through his crusty vocal cords.

Amy nodded, a head twitch of agreement, and she began to dress quickly, her dexterity returned. When she was dressed she moved away from the bed to the door glancing at him, still assessing his mood. Then she darted back and kissed him.

‘Thank you. I’m glad you’re awake.”

Then she darted out.

Gerry pondered what had just happened and when the doctor entered with the night nurse Gerry was smiling to himself, overjoyed to be once more in control of his body, broken though it was.

Once the doctor finished asking Gerry a long series of questions all relating to memory and what Gerry could feel Gerry realized he was all there. His mind was intact save that little blank time when he was fully in a coma.

When the doctor was sure Gerry was not in any immediate danger he left and Gerry was allowed to revel in possession of his body once more. Doing simple things like touching is own face or wiggling his toes were now marvels that hadn’t seem so fascinating since childhood.

The excitement and activities caught up to him and he drifted to sleep once more, images of Amy dancing behind his eyes.

It was Amy herself who brought him breakfast in the morning.

Gerry had awoken with the sunlight streaming in his window and hunger in is belly. He stretched and tried to test his body, finding it familiar and responsive, if sore and somewhat broken.

When he heard her enter Gerry saw Amy hesitating by the door a tray of food in her hands.

“Good morning.” She offered, her face white with fear.

“Good morning.” He answered. Then they stared at each other for a time. Eventually Amy brought him the food and helped him sit up to eat.

“I’m not mad. Please stop looking at me like I’m going to throw something at you.”

“I am just so embarrassed. I can’t believe I did that. It was terrible. I deserve to be in jail.” She began to cry silently, tears leaking from her eyes, but her face immobile, not giving in to her shame.

“Look, I was awake a lot of the time. I couldn’t move but I was here and I heard what you said and know how you felt. If I had been awake I might not have let you touch me, but I’m glad you did. I enjoyed it very much. I like you. I like how you cared for me and how much pleasure you took in me.”

Each sentence impacted her visibly. His words affecting her in many ways. The more he spoke the more Gerry had to say.

“You brought me back. It was the orgasms that freed me. I could feel sensation growing in my as I came. If not for that I don’t know how long it would have taken me to regain my body. I owe you for that. ”

“Really?” hoped sparked to life in her eyes as she looked at him.

“It was the best therapy I could have had.” He grinned.

“You don’t feel violated?”

“No. Not after the first time. I’m grateful.”

They sat looking at each other for a moment. Then Gerry spoke. “I don’t know if I was awake for every time, but every time I was I loved it. You are a wonderful lover. You brought me great pleasure.”

“Oh god. I am so embarrassed. I have never done anything like that before.”

“Okay, I believe you.” He reached out and took her hand. “I was there. I heard you struggling with yourself. You were right. I was happy. I wanted it, you sensed correctly. That wasn’t a violation.”

Relief overtook her composure and Amy sobbed and dropped her head into her hands. Gerry reached out and began to stroke her soft blonde hair, happy to be able to touch her at of his own volition.

Finally Amy had to return to work. Wiping her face she struggled to be professional.

“I’ll be back later to look in on you. May I visit you after I’m off shift, to talk about this?”

“Yes. I look forward to it. ”

They did talk. The conversation quickly shifted into getting to know each other. It was like a weird backward dating situation. They already had the intimacy, now they needed the background. Amy shared her life of small town boredom and Gerry spoke of his loneliness. They had a lot in common, and a lot of disparate interests but by the time she left to go eat supper the two of them were giggling and flirting like kids.

Gerry felt more at ease with Amy than any woman in his life. She wanted to know him, the man, not the owner of the cock. His heart was light and his mood joyous as he realized he might be able to love this woman. And strangely she seemed interested in loving him.

Drifting down into sleep that night Gerry considered what a life of love might be like after so long alone. The prospect was seductive and he hoped that he wouldn’t regret it, but it was far better than the alternative.

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