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College Trio

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“Shit Joe!” I snapped in angry embarrassment. “How many times do I have to remind you to put a rubber band on the doorknob!”

“Oh wow!” my college roommate cried. “Sorry man!”

“And must you always do it on the rug?” I complained. “Your bed it right there!”

“I like the rug,” he replied with a grin.

I was tempted to tear into Joe for a long list of things that bothered me about him, not the least of which was the stupid assed smile of his, but decided against it as I took in the whole picture. Joe was looking over his shoulder at me. I could only catch a glimpse of the girl under him, but his pale white ass was plain to see. Yuck!

“Joe!” the girl cried. “Don’t stop! I’m so close!”

Talk about your sluts! It didn’t seem to bother her that I was in the room with the door wide open watching them. Joe tended to date, if that’s what you want to call it, a lot of bimbos, but this girl was one of the more brazen.

“I’ll see you later,” I sighed and left the room. I was shaking my head and thinking unkind thoughts as I slammed the door.

“You know your roommate is a male slut, right?” Maureen asked with a grin from the next door over. She was a hall mate of ours. I thought a coed hall would be cool and maybe help me get lucky, but it turned out to be nothing special. Everybody felt a little weird the first week or so. After that, we all settled in.

“Yeah,” I replied. “The sad part is that there are times I envy him.”

“Don’t you dare!” her roommate Dottie called from inside their room. “At the rate he’s going, Joe will probably have some sort of venereal disease before the end of the term!”

“That’s terrible!” Maureen cried, but then burst out laughing.

I grinned and made my way to their doorway. I like Maureen and Dottie and tended to hang out with them a lot. Maureen moved inside and left the door open in invitation. I sighed as I entered. It felt more like home than my own room.

“Besides!” Dottie added. “You’re one of the few nice guys here!” She was holding her pillow with her chin as she tried to put it in its case.

“There’s no reason to get insulting!” I said half serious.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dottie asked, accidentally dropping the pillow. I shook my head, bent over and picked it up. She smiled and said “Thanks!” as I helped her.

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“So, how is calling you a nice guy an insult?” Maureen asked as she joined us.

“It’s the kiss of death,” I answered.

“That’s silly!” Dottie said.

“Maybe, but it’s also true,” I argued. “Nice guys are the ones where the girl says she ‘loves him like a brother’, or ‘she loves him, but not in that way’.”

“Oh, it’s not that bad!” Maureen laughed.

“Please!” I snorted. “Nice guys never get the girl except in movies!”

“Hey!” Dottie laughed. “It’s not much better for nice girls.”

“How would you know?” Maureen asked, teasing her roommate.

“Bitch!” Dottie snapped, surprising me.

“See?” Maureen added with a laugh.

I smiled as I watched the two joke back and forth. Dottie and Maureen, or Dot and Mo as they liked to me called, were both nice girls and good friends. Neither was a raving beauty, but both were attractive in their way.

Dottie was the smaller of the two with freckled pale skin, shoulder length curly black hair and blue eyes. She was pixyish without looking frail and had one of those smiles that lit up a room.I liked the fact that she took care of herself.

She had a nice body with only one drawback as far as I was concerned. Dot was relatively flat chested. However, I thought her nipples more than made up for it. They had the tendency to poke out through her shirts. You had no idea how hard it was for me not to stare at them when they did! They were extremely enticing.

Dot also had a shapely round ass that looked amazing in sweats. Dot always wore a tee shirt and sweats in the dorm. The general consensus of the guys on the hall was that she had the girl next-door look down pat.

Maureen, on the other hand was built bigger. She had long, brown hair and broad shoulders. She wasn’t as cute as Dottie and her ass was a little wide and flat for my taste, but physically she had her strong points too, two of them actually. Her breasts were very nice indeed! Oh, they weren’t round or perky like some guys liked. They were the full type that drooped heavily under their own weight. I caught myself wondering just how low they would go without the extra strength bra she normally wore. More specifically, I wondered what they would feel like if I buried my face between them.

‘Whoa!’ I thought, shaking my head and looking away from Mo’s breasts. ‘Some nice guy!’

“Think Joe will be done anytime soon?” Dot asked.

“Probably not,” I sighed. “Can I crash on your floor tonight?”

“Again?” she laughed.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“I think you should probably buy yourself a cot for our room,” Mo added. “You sleep here almost as much as you do your room!”

“It’s not that bad!” I replied, holding back a laugh.

“Either that,” she continued. “Or maybe see if Dot will share her bed with you?”

“Well, at least he can fit on mine!” the dark haired girl replied with a grin. Mo missed the grin and took Dot’s comment the wrong way.

“Are you calling me fat!” Maureen cried. She was sensitive about her weight. She wasn’t really fat, but it was a constant battle for her.

“That’s not what I meant!” Dottie replied quickly, obviously mortified by what her friend thought.

“I think…” I began, almost stepping in, but swallowed the rest of my words. Maureen and Dottie were two of the closest roommates on campus, but I’d seen them fight once for real. They could both be rather harsh as they tore into each other. Besides, anything I said was going to be potentially very embarrassing.

“What?” Maureen asked. I shook my head, but she refused to let me keep silent. “Tell me!”

“I can’t say,” I answered, trying to stall. Dot looked at me and grinned.

“He can’t,” she agreed. “After all, he’s a nice guy.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Maureen asked.

“Only that I meant that he couldn’t fit on your bed because of how big you are up top,” Dottie explained. “Not because I thought you were fat. You’re not fat!”

“I could do with losing a few pounds,” Maureen admitted. “I never did get rid of that freshman fifteen from last year.”

“You look fine,” I put in. I should have left it there, but I couldn’t help adding, “The only reason why we wouldn’t be able to fit in a twin bed together would be because Dot is right.”

“Because I’m big up top?” Maureen asked in surprise, looking at me.

“Well, you are,” I shrugged, looking at her breasts. Mo knew where I was staring and I should have glanced away, but I couldn’t help myself, or at least I suddenly didn’t want to. Her tits really were impressive and I was tired of being viewed as a nice guy!

“I can’t help the fact that I have wide shoulders,” she joked, blushing badly as she tried to get out of the embarrassing conversation. For some reason, I decided not to let her.

“I’m not talking about your shoulders and you know it,” I smiled, continued to enjoy the sight of her tits. Maureen turned to her roommate for help.

“He’s right!” Dottie grinned. “Although he doesn’t have to stare quite so hard!”

“Exactly!” Maureen agreed emphatically.

“So, does this mean you won’t accuse me of being a nice guy any more?” I asked, finally looking away from Maureen’s breasts.

“No,” Dottie answered for them both. “You’re still a nice guy, just a perverted one!”

“Aren’t they all?” Maureen added as she shook her head and laughed.

“I’m thirsty,” I smiled. “How about a beer?”

“Why not?” Dot smiled. “We still have most of the twelve pack you brought over last week in the fridge.”

“It’s the least I could do considering how often I hang out here,” I said.

“It was still very nice of you,” Maureen added, stressing the word nice.

“I’m doomed!” I cried, causing both ladies to laugh.

“Just go get the beers,” Dottie said. “I’ll put a movie on.”

“No beer for me,” Maureen called. “I’ll take a glass of white wine.”

“Snob!” her roommate teased. They both continued to tease each other and laugh. I was glad. They were obviously both okay.

The movie was boring to say the least. I thought about leaving half way through. I stayed because the company was good and I was sure Joe was still using our room. Of course, the beer and wine helped. I ordered us a pizza and it arrived just as the movie ended. The pizza place was well known for having barely edible, but cheap pizza and it lived up to its reputation.

“Thanks,” both ladies said when we were done with our meal.

“Seemed only fair,” I smiled.

“I think it’s time to turn in,” Maureen said as she stood and stretched. I couldn’t help but watch. She seemed oblivious, but Dottie caught me. She surprised me by smiling and winking.

“So, are you going to share your bed with him?” she asked Maureen with a grin.

“I would,” Mo replied. “But I think it’s already been made clear that we won’t fit.”

“We could squeeze?” I offered, fighting hard to hide my grin.

“Pervert!” she laughed.

“You know,” Dottie grinned. “I think he’s just saying that to try and sound like he’s not such a nice guy.”

“You’re right,” I said, deciding to have some fun with it. “And that’s the same reason why I’m saying that I wouldn’t mind sleeping in your bed either.”

“Why?” Dottie asked. “I don’t have Maureen’s breasts.”

“No,” I agreed, looking at her ass. “But you have other assets.”

“You are a pervert!” she laughed. “Keep that up and you’ll be looking for somewhere else to sleep!”

“Who could sleep with you two lying so close anyway?” I joked.

“Go ahead buster!” Dot snapped. “One more word and you’re out of here!” I closed my mouth and smiled widely. The two girls looked at each other and laughed.

“So,” Maureen said afterward. “What we have here is a nice perverted guy.”

“Exactly,” Dottie agreed.

“Well, that’s a little better,” I sighed loudly. “Are you two sure you don’t want company? If you can’t decide who, you can draw straws for me?”

“You wish!” Dot cried.

“You’re on the floor!” Mo said.

“Because I’m a nice guy?” I quipped as I lay down on the floor. I always used Maureen’s comforter and Dottie’s extra pillow when I slept over. The ladies threw them at me as if they planned it. I couldn’t help myself. I laughed.

“No,” Dottie answered. “Because that’s what you get for having friends that are nice girls.”

“Good one!” Maureen laughed as she climbed into bed. Dottie went to her own bed and lay down.

“Well then,” I began. “Do you ladies have any friends that aren’t so nice?”

“And now we’re back to the beginning,” Dottie said. “Nice girl’s don’t have it any better than nice guys!”

“Okay, do you have any friends that are nice perverted girls?” I asked.

“We might know one or two,” Dot answered.

“Really?” I asked in surprise.

“Will you two go to sleep!” Mo laughed, reaching out and shutting the light. I sighed and rolled over. It took me a while to fall asleep.


“So, where are you going for the holiday?” Maureen asked me.

“Thanksgiving is at my father’s side of the family this year,” I sighed.

“You don’t sound thrilled,” Dot said, her tone more of a statement than a question.

“Oh, it’s a good time,” I said. “It’s just that they’re very loud and don’t have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.”

“No turkey?” Mo asked.

“There’s turkey,” I smiled. “If you don’t mind waiting for the sixth or seventh course.”

“Sixth or seventh course!” Dot cried.

“First we have the antipasto, then my grandmother serves a the pasta, then…” I began, but Maureen interrupted me.

“Oh my!” she cried. “I wish I was eating at your grandmother’s. My mother’s concept of Thanksgiving is very traditional. Turkey and lots of vegetables.”

“Sounds perfect,” I sighed wistfully.

“Maybe for you,” Mo groaned. “But I’m not crazy about turkey and I could do without most vegetables.”

“In my family you’re too stuffed to enjoy the turkey anyway by the time it’s served, and that’s after everyone naps!” I complained.

“At least you two will get to sit and enjoy your meals,” Dot put in. “Mother always invites the entire clan to the farm and me being the oldest daughter, I get to help cook and serve.”

“Oh, I’m sure it’s not that bad!” I grinned.

“Did I mention that I have to share my room with two cousins, ‘grumpy’ and ‘snores a lot’?” Dot asked.

“You win!” Mo laughed. I nodded in agreement.

“Just do me a favor,” I sighed. “Can one of you bring back some stuffing? My grandmother’s concept of stuffing is pretty odd as well.”

“I’ll bring some back,” Dot said. “I’ll be working in kitchen most of the day anyway.”

“Thanks,” I smiled. “And I’ll see what I can do about getting us a little of my grandmother’s pasta. I know how you ladies like your macaroni.”

“And I’ll bring a healthy appetite!” Mo grinned. Dottie and I laughed.

The three of us were growing closer as the year went by. I spent quite a lot of time in their room with them. At first because of Joe, but more and more because it was fun. I’d say we were becoming more like brother and sisters, but I was too attracted to them for that to be true. I made sure to make a comment about one or the other of them every so often, just so they knew how I felt. We all knew nothing would come of it, but a little innocent flirting was good for all of us.

“Oh well,” Dot shrugged. “Going home won’t be that bad. At least I’ll get to see Kyle.”

“Go ahead!” Mo complained. “Throw the fact that you have a boyfriend in our faces.”

“Kyle and I have been dating forever,” Dot sighed. “It’s not what it used to be.”

“So break up with him,” I shrugged. “There are a lot of guys on campus who would love to date you.”

“And I suppose you’re one of them?” Maureen teased.

“Oh no,” I replied. “I could never date one of you and not the other. Now have sex with…”

“In your dreams!” Mo laughed. I joined her. She has no idea of just how much I did dream of them!

“So, are you going to dump Kyle?” I asked Dot. “Because I have to get word out if you are. The guys will be lined up outside your door when you get back!” Dottie smiled, but didn’t comment. She didn’t like to talk about Kyle very much.

“How come you can’t get them lined up outside my door?” Mo asked. “I’m not dating anyone.”

“Intimidation,” I said confidently. “Nice guys are intimated by your obvious assets, and the not so nice guys know that they’ll get nowhere with you, so they don’t want to torment themselves by being so close to Heaven without being able to touch.”

“You are so bad!” Mo laughed, but she blushed as well. They both took my sexual comments in stride and usually smiled, but Maureen seemed to appreciate them more.

“So, what else are you guys doing this weekend other than stuffing yourselves?” Dot asked, changing the subject.

“I have plans to see some of my friends on Saturday,” I said. “How about you Mo?”

“Nothing much,” Mo added as she looked at her watch. “I’ve got to get going. My father is probably waiting for me out front.”

“I’ll leave with you,” Dot said. “My bag is all packed.”

“Sounds good,” Mo replied. “My dad can drop me at the bus station.”

“See you guys next week,” I said, giving them both a kiss on the cheek.


“How was your genetics final?” Dot asked.

“Don’t ask!” I sighed.

“Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t that bad!” Maureen laughed. “At least it’s over.”

“Well, there is that,” I smiled. “And it was my last final before going home for Christmas.”

“Lucky you,” Dottie sighed. “I’ve still got two more.”

“Let’s talk about something more important,” Mo said and then turned toward me. “For instance, do you think you can bring back more of your grandmother’s pasta when we come back?”

“I think I can weasel some out of her,” I grinned, remembering the feast we had when we returned from Thanksgiving. We all brought something back. “As long as you’re willing to make more of those cookies of yours?”

“Deal!” Maureen said quickly.

“I’ll bring something too,” Dot smiled.

“I can’t wait!” I said, really meaning it. I would miss Dot and Mo.

“Just think, when you get back you’ll finally be rid of Joe,” Dot smiled.

“Yeah, him and Brian will make much better roommates,” I said. “They’re brothers in the same fraternity.”

“I only wish you’d gotten the room,” Mo sighed. “You’re not even going to be in the same building!”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll be stopping by a lot.”

“To see Joe?” Dot asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Please!” I cried, causing both ladies to laugh.

“I still can’t figure out how you weaseled a single out of all this,” Mo said.

“Me neither,” I grinned. “But I’m going to enjoy it!”

“Just be ready to let one of us sleep over if the other gets lucky,” Dottie laughed. “You owe us!”

“You can sleep over anytime,” I replied. “In fact, I’m willing to share my bed with either or both of you anytime!”

“You couldn’t handle one of us!” Maureen laughed. “Muck less both!”

“Just try me!”

“Okay you two,” Dot sighed. “That’s enough of that.”

“Yes mom,” Maureen teased.

I was laughing so hard that I missed the pillow Dot threw at me. The pillow fight that ensued would probably have gone on for a lot longer if both ladies hadn’t needed to study. I gave them both a hug and left them to their books.

I enjoyed Maureen’s hug as always. There was nothing like a pair of large breasts crushed up against your chest, unless of course there was actual sex involved! The feeling of Dot’s nipples did surprise me when we hugged. It wasn’t that cold in their room! I gave her an extra hard squeeze.

‘Boy am I hard up!’ I thought to myself, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying myself.


“Mark!” I heard Maureen call as I entered their hall. It was late and she looked seriously upset, but I already knew that from her phone call.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. She’s just told me to come over as fast as I could when we spoke. I ran despite the icy paths around campus that were typical for mid February.

“It’s Dottie!” she replied. “Her boyfriend broke up with her last night and she drank way too much!”

“He broke up with her on Valentine’s Day?” I asked in disbelief.

“Over the phone!” Mo snapped.

“Is she okay?” I asked.

“She’s in your old room with Joe,” Mo said nervously. “I tried to stop her, but she was pretty drunk.”

“Oh shit!” I snapped and ran down the hall. I noticed that the bastard finally remembered to put the rubber band on the door as I banged on it rather loudly. Even still, it took Joe a while to answer.

“What is it?” he frowned through the slightly opened door. I pushed on it and threw it open. Dot was all but passed out on Joe’s bed and he already had her half out of her clothes.

“Hey man!” Joe cried. “Get out! This is so un-cool! You saw the rubber band, you know the rules!”

“Yeah, I do,” I said angrily. “And the first one is don’t mess with my friends when they’re too drunk to realize what’s happening!”

“She’s not that drunk!” Joe argued. Before I could answer, Dot proved my point for me. She threw up all over his bed.

“Serves you right,” I said as I went and lifted Dot into my arms. She didn’t have on a top, but sex was the last thing on my mind. I started walking toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Joe asked. He was obviously pretty drunk himself.

“Never mind that,” I replied, gritting my teeth and looking Joe dead in the eyes. “All you need to know is that this never happened. You will never tell anyone about this.”

“Okay Mark!” he replied, reading just how seriously angry I was. “Don’t blow a gasket. I won’t tell anyone!”

“Good!” I snapped and proceeded to walk out of the room. Maureen met me at the door and covered Dot with her jacket. No one saw as we made our way to their room.

“That bastard!” Mo cried.

“Not all his fault,” Dot mumbled through her alcoholic daze. “I knew better.”

“Forget about it for now,” I said to both women, but looked at Dot. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Sobered up too,” Mo sighed.

The next couple of hours weren’t fun. Maureen and I cleaned up Dottie as best as possible and sat with her as she used the garbage can twice before finally passing out. Mo was nervous so I stayed with her until we were sure Dottie was going to be okay.

“I didn’t think she was that close to her boyfriend,” I sighed. “I mean I knew he existed, but he’s never come to visit.”

“I’m not sure they were that close anymore,” Maureen said after looking at me in silence for a moment. “But he was her first love and she was convinced that they’d end up together despite their problems.”

“Oh,” I sighed in understanding. “That’s sad.”

“Yes,” Mo agreed, obviously thinking about some issues of her own. “I guess we all have our sad little stories.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked, registering that something was on Mo’s mind. It had the feel of an old wound that was resurfacing because of what happened to Dot

“What almost happened tonight with Dot and Joe, happened to me,” Mo replied, wiping Dot’s face with a cold rag.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“It was my own fault,” she shrugged, refusing to look in my direction. “I got drunk with the wrong guy and he took advantage.”

“I don’t think you’re being all that fair to yourself,” I sighed.

“Probably not,” she said. “I was only a freshmen in high school and he was a senior.”

“That ass!” I snapped, honestly angry. My tone gave her the strength to look at me despite her embarrassment.

“He was definitely one of those,” she smiled sadly. “As you might have guessed, my breasts developed at a young age. They were always attracting guys they shouldn’t.”

“How many guys?” I asked, not willing to ask my question bluntly. It was okay. Mo was smart enough to understand.

“Too many,” she replied, blushing but still looking at me. “At least until I finally realized I didn’t like myself very much. None since then.”

“Good for you!” I smiled.

“Yeah right!” she snorted. “Now you know I’m not the nice girl you think I am.”

“Sure you are,” I insisted, and then took a chance. I wanted desperately to see her laugh right then and my next sentence would either do that or make things a lot worse. “Although, if you ever decide to go back to the way your were, you will look me up first, right?” Mo froze for a second and I held my breath.

“You bet!” she laughed. I smiled contently and let my breath out.

We continued to speak for a while before Mo looked at me and asked, “So what about you? Have you ever…”

“Yes,” I admitted. It didn’t seem right not to tell her after she shared her past with me.

“Who was she?” Maureen asked.

“No one special,” I sighed. “She was a science geek just like me and I think we both were more interested in gaining the experience before going to college than anything else.”

“Do you still talk to her?”

“Not really,” I shrugged and we fell silent for a few minutes.

“Thanks for staying tonight,” Mo smiled, thankfully changing the subject.

“What are friends for?” I asked.


“What’s up?” I asked as I walked into Dot and Maureen’s room. They left me a voice mail to come visit.

“Nothing much,” Mo shrugged. “We just wanted to say hi. We haven’t seen you for a while. Not since you started dating Vickie.”

“Didn’t you hear?” I frowned. “Vickie and I broke up just before spring break. I think she was going to Mexico and didn’t want to be tied down.”

“Are you okay?” Dot asked.

“Sure,” I replied. “I knew we weren’t meant for each other, but it was nice to have someone around for a while.”

“You used her?” Mo asked with a frown.

“I think it was more of a matter of mutual use,” I replied, knowing Mo was sensitive to these types of things.

“What happened to the nice guy we know and love?” she asked.

“And how come he hasn’t stopped by recently?” Dot added.

“No reason,” I shrugged. “Things have just been crazy recently.”

“Want to talk about it?” Mo asked.

I didn’t, but they didn’t let it go and kept harping on me until I told them what was going on. None of it was that traumatic, but it all added up. I’d forgotten how nice it was to unload.

“Thanks!” I said afterward. “I’ve missed you guys. I’d forgotten just how therapeutic our talks can be.”

“I’m glad we could help,” Dot said. “But I hope you missed us for more than that.”

“Certainly,” I said, but then grinned and added, “If for nothing else then Mo’s breasts and your ass!”

“That’s just lovely,” Dot sighed, but Mo was grinning.

“Dottie, I’m sorry,” I said more seriously. “You too Mo. You’re two of my closest friends. I don’t know why I haven’t visited that much recently.”

“That’s okay,” Dot said. “We haven’t gone out of our way to visit you either. We talked about it last night and decided to do something about it. That’s why the call.”

“I promise not to let that much time between visits go by again,” I said.

“Us too,” Dot added.

“By the way, I hope you’re planning on sleeping over tonight,” Mo put in. “We’ve rented some movies we know you’ll love.”

“This is going to be painful, isn’t it?” I groaned. I could tell they were going to be major league chick flicks from Mo’s tone.

“You have no idea!” she laughed. “But at least we’ve got beer to help deaden your pain!”

“Thank God!” I said, dropping onto the floor and kicking off my shoes. Mo’s comforter and Dot’s extra pillow were soon dumped on my head. Dot put on the television and Mo got the drinks.

I sat there next to the two ladies, making fun of the movie they chose and laughing constantly. At one point I realized that I hadn’t laughed that hard since I stopped coming by. I decided never to let that happen again. Suddenly, it hit me that whatever else happened, Dot, Mo and I would be friends for a long time.


“This ‘end of the year’ party was a great idea!” I sighed, feeling extremely full.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Mo agreed.

“You’re welcome,” Dot smiled.

We were walking back from one of the better nearby restaurants. It wasn’t a place we went to often because of the prices, but we decided to splurge since classes were done for the year. I was originally supposed to be on my way home already, but the girls convinced me to spend another day on campus.

“You only suggested it because you had to stay until tomorrow anyway,” Mo laughed. Dot didn’t deny it.

“So?” she said.

“What now?” I interjected before the two could start arguing. “Should we go back to your room and relax?”

“Not yet,” Maureen said. “Tomorrow’s the last day of finals. The only people left are studying and I’m not in the mood to keep quiet.”

“Let’s go find a party!” Dot added. “I feel like dancing.”

“Where are we going to find a party tonight?” I asked.

“Are you kidding?” Mo laughed. “There are small pockets of people who graduated this year still partying all over the place, especially off campus.”

The girls led the way and obviously had somewhere in mind. The party they took us to was pretty good. It was supposed to be for graduates only, but everyone there was drunk and I walked in with two women, one of whom stuck out her prominent chest at any guy who frowned at the sight of us.

“Those seem to come in very handy,” I teased.

“You have no idea!” she laughed.

“That’s not the way a nice girl acts to get what she wants,” Dot said, with her noise slightly raised, but I could tell she was just joking.

“First of all,” Maureen sighed. “You’re just jealous.”

“Maybe a little,” Dot admitted with that impish grin of hers.

“And second of all,” Mo added. “Don’t you ever get tired of being a ‘nice’ girl?”

“Maureen!” Dottie cried, but then giggled and admitted, “Sometimes.”

“Wow!” I said, more to myself then anyone else.

“Don’t get your hopes up,” Maureen said.

“It’s too late for that!” I replied, causing both ladies to laugh again.

“And just think!” Dot teased. “Next year we’ll all be living together off campus.”

“I can’t wait!” I grinned.

“Yep,” Mo said. “Just like family, two sisters and a brother.”

“Not really,” I put in.

“What?” she asked in surprise.

“Mo, I love you and Dot like sisters,” I admitted. “But it would be sick to fantasize about sisters the way I do you two!”

“He has a point,” Dot put in, surprising me.

“There is that,” Mo agreed.

“You two are in a mood today!” I laughed.

We had a few drinks and danced together for a while. We were all in the mood to have a good time and that was exactly what we did. Eventually, I had to excuse myself for a few minutes to deal with nature’s call. Both Dot and Mo were dancing with other guys when I returned. They looked like they were having a good time, so I wondered off toward the small bar in the corner. On my way there, I literally bumped into a girl I recognized from one of my large lecture hall classes. I didn’t know her name.

“Sorry,” I said with a smile.

“That’s okay,” she replied. “I feel like dancing. Do you want to dance?”

She was obviously a little buzzed and something was on her mind, but she was cute so I didn’t put too much thought into it. Besides, the school year was over! It was time to relax and have fun, and that’s exactly was I was going to do!

“Sure,” I smiled. “I’m Mark.”

“Rita,” she replied as I took her hand and led her back to where people were dancing.

She was a very good dancer and I was having fun time until someone pushed me hard. I turned and saw a guy who was obviously mad at something. He looked ready to fight and I sighed to myself. Fighting wasn’t something I liked to do, but then again, I didn’t like to be pushed either.

“Why did you do that?” I asked.

“You’re dancing with my girlfriend!” he nearly growled.

“I’m not your girlfriend anymore!” Rita snapped.

‘Oh brother!’ I thought. ‘This is not what I had in mind for tonight.’

“Come on Rita!” the guy cried. “You’re overacting. You know I love you!”

The breakup was new and raw, that was pretty obvious. I looked back and forth between the two and quickly decided that I wanted no part of this situation. Rita was cute, but it was my last day on campus and I was just looking to lay back and relax. The guy had pushed me, but his expression made it pretty obvious just how much pain he was in. I’d been dumped once or twice and knew how that felt. I decided to let it go. I was saved from having to actually say anything by the arrival of Dot and Mo.

“We leave you alone for one dance and look what happens?” Dot said, taking one of my hands.

“Let’s go back to our room to finish this party,” Mo added, taking my other. I looked at the guy and girl and shrugged as the ladies escorted me out of the party. Quite a few people were watching. If nothing else, it was great for my reputation, not to mention my ego.

“You know,” I said, once we were outside. “If you two keep acting like that, you’re sure to lose your nice girl images.”

“We would, wouldn’t we?” Mo laughed.

“Don’t worry about it,” Dot put in. “Most of the people there are all seniors anyway. We won’t see them next year.”

I shook my head, but didn’t say anything. We made our way back to their room. The hall was eerily quite, but once we entered their room everything was okay. We’d spent too much time in the room over the last year not to feel comfortable.

“I’m going to miss this room,” I said aloud to no one in particular.

“Me too,” Mo said.

“Let’s see if you two feel that way tomorrow morning when we have to pull everything down and pack it away!” Dot teased. “My father is arriving with the truck tomorrow around lunch time.”

“We’re already done most of the packing,” Mo replied. “It won’t be that bad.”

“You’re not the one who is going to have to move the television and refrigerator!” I complained.

“Don’t worry,” Mo grinned. “We’ll do our part. We’ll help you empty the refrigerator tonight!” She opened it and pulled out our drinks. Dot and I each took one.

“To one more year closer to graduation!” I toasted.

“Thank God!” Mo sighed.

“Amen!” Dot added.

We played a couple of games and then watched a movie. I know that may not sound like much of a party to some people, but I had fun. The alcohol helped.

“You know,” Dottie said to me at one point. “I’m surprised you never asked one of us out on a date.”

“Yeah,” Maureen agreed. “You made it plain that you don’t think of us as sisters.”

“And your teasing makes it pretty obvious that your attracted to us,” Dot added.

“So why haven’t you asked?” Mo prompted.

“Three reasons really,” I shrugged. “First, neither of you ever act in a way that would make me think you were remotely interested. You take my teasing good naturedly enough, but if I hear one more ‘Don’t even think about it’ about it, or ‘In your dreams’…” They looked at each other and giggled as I tried to ape their tones as well as their words.

“Maybe, being the nice girls we are, we were just trying to play hard to get?” Mo grinned.

“Second,” I said, trying hard not to react to her words. “I like the way our friendship works. I wouldn’t want to do anything to ruin that.”

“Especially with us planning to live together next year!” Dot agreed.

“Is that the big reason?” Mo asked. I looked at her and grinned.

“Not really,” I said. “I think I would have at least tried to get one of you to date me despite everything.”

“Then why haven’t you?” Dot asked, looking honestly curious. I hid my grin admirably.

“The truth is,” I sighed melodramatically. “There is no way I could possibly choose between you two. I pine for both of you in my dreams.”

“Oh brother!” Dottie groaned.

“Putting it on a little thick, aren’t you?” Mo asked rhetorically.

“What, you don’t believe me?” I asked, trying to sound wounded.

“No,” Dot smiled. “But it’s a shame. I’m betting my now you probably would have gotten lucky with one of us.”

“I could always flip a coin and see what happens?” I offered.

“Don’t even think about it!” Maureen laughed.

“In your dreams,” Dot added.

“See what I mean?” I asked, letting my voice sound annoyed.

The truth was that I was a little annoyed. Would I have asked one of them out if I thought I had a chance? I’d like to think not, but my mind was working hard at the moment trying to figure out who I would have asked. It really wasn’t an easy question!

Maureen breasts were enough to draw any guy’s attention, and Dottie’s impish smile and tight ass got to me in ways I didn’t like to think about! Dottie was prettier, but Maureen was easier to talk to in some ways, and did I mention she had big tits? Yeah, yeah, I know, a typical guy.

“Made up your mind yet?” Maureen asked, looking at me oddly.

“I wish you were serious,” I joked.

“How do you know I’m not?” she asked. I looked at her and couldn’t tell. I was sorely tempted to pick one of them and see what would happen, but I just couldn’t do that to the other one.

“I just can’t do it,” I sighed loudly.

“It’s a good thing,” Dot grinned. “Mo would have been so hurt when you chose me.”

“You?” Maureen said in disbelief. “There is no way he would have picked you over me!”

“Give me one good reason why he wouldn’t!” Dot demanded.

“I can give you two!” Mo snapped in reply.

“You know,” I sighed loudly. “It’s times like this that I wish this room had a mud wrestling pit.”

“Who needs one?” Mo said, and then looked at Dottie with an evil grin. The curly haired girl nodded. The next thing I knew, two pillows came out of the darkness and struck me.

“That wasn’t very nice, or smart for that matter,” I said softly.

“Why not?” Maureen asked.

In answer, I got up holding all three pillows and shut the light. I tossed two of the pillows into a corner and used mine to attack where I last saw Maureen. My first swing made contact.

“Hey!” she cried.

“Get him!” Dot cried and jumped me.

The next thing I knew two bodies landed on me in the darkness. I started laughing so hard I could barely defend myself, but I held onto my pillow. I used it to my advantage until Mo and Dot found my weakness.

“No tickling!” I cried. “That’s cheating!”

“All’s fair…” Dottie disembodied voice said. She and Mo were laughing just as hard as me.

“If you say so!” I cried.

The room was pitch black, but I could feel both ladies against me. Maybe it was the drinking or the conversation we’d had, or maybe it was just plain old horniness. I don’t know which, but I do know that I took advantage of the situation and squeezed Dottie’s ass.

“Move that hand or lose it!” Dottie demanded. “You pervert!”

“Stop tickling me!” I retorted.

“Never!” she cried. I goosed her and Dottie cried out.

“What happened?” Maureen asked.

“He goosed me!” Dottie called. Her tone was indignant, but she hadn’t stopped tickling me.

“He didn’t!” Mo laughed.

“Yes, I did!” I said, reaching out toward Maureen.

My hand bumped her tits almost immediately. I waited for her cry of outrage, but she didn’t say a word. I don’t know what came over me, but I took hold of one of her large breasts and caressed it. Maureen surprised me by moaning to my ear, “Naughty! Naughty!”

“What’s going on?” Dottie asked, finally no longer tickling me. My hand was still on her ass. I was so horny at this point that I wasn’t thinking straight.

“This!” I said thickly, caressing her ass briefly before sliding my hand toward her thighs. I took my time, giving her a chance to stop me if she really wanted to.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Dot cried.

“I wouldn’t bet on that!” Maureen moaned, obviously enjoying what I was doing to her breasts with my other hand.

“This isn’t happening,” Dot mumbled. My hand found her center and a gasp escaped her lips. I could feel the heat of her excitement through her sweats.

“If you say so,” Maureen laughed gently.

“We can’t!” Dot said, more to herself than Mo or me.

“I can,” Maureen said confidently. I suddenly felt her hand against my thigh. “I’ve been thinking about doing this months!” I felt her hand shift until it rested on my cock.

“But it’s so wrong!” Dot cried.

“Why?” Maureen asked. I decided to let her do the convincing. So far despite Dot’s concerns, she hadn’t stop me from rubbing her pussy through her sweats. They were getting damp.

“I don’t know! It just is!” Dot cried.

“The three of us care for each other,” Mo said. “And both of us are interested in Mark as more than a friend. We agreed about that last night. That’s why we tried to pressure him into asking one of us on a date.”

I continued to keep quiet, but it was getting extremely difficult for two reasons. First, I was surprised by Mo’s candor and what she was saying. Second, because her hand was really giving my cock a work out through my pants!

“Nice girls don’t do this!” Dot snapped.

“So then for tonight,” Maureen said. “Let’s not be nice girls. Let’s be sluts!”

“Maureen!” Dot cried. I knew she was seriously shocked because Dot never used Mo’s full name.

“Dottie, it’s just the three of us here. Most of the hall is empty,” Mo replied said, not sounding guilty at all. “I’m not going to tell anyone and I trust you and Mark enough to know you aren’t either.”

“Mark, is she right?” Dottie asked. “I know how guys are about telling each other about girls. Will you be able to keep this a secret from everyone, including your closest friends?”

“You and Mo are my closest friends,” I replied, not wanting to speak and chance ruining something that I’d only imagined in my wildest fantasies, but having no choice. “I would never do anything to hurt either of you.”

“He never did tell anyone about what almost happened between you and Joe on Valentine’s Day,” Mo reminded her.

As I listened I suddenly realized that Dot’s argument wasn’t that she didn’t want to have sex, only that she was afraid how it might affect her reputation if it got out.

“True, but…” Dot started to say.

“Dottie,” I interjected, taking a chance and shifting my hand from between her legs to her neck. “Trust me.” And then before she could say anything else, I pulled her to me and kissed her.

I shifted my hand back to her pussy once she started returning my kisses, only this time I slipped my fingers under her sweats. Her panties were soaked. I shoved them aside and started rubbing her clit. Dot moaned into my mouth.

“Alright!” I heard Mo whisper excitedly. She couldn’t see what we were doing, but she could hear it. By this point Dottie was so excited Mo could probably smell it as well. I certainly could and it was driving me crazy!

I felt Mo unbutton my pants. She pulled them down just enough to gain access. She took hold my hard cock and stroked it a couple of times before taking it into her mouth. She started sucking me and I suddenly remembered her telling me about her past. I was sorry she had to go through it, but one big benefit id that she certainly learned to suck cock!

I desperately wished I hadn’t shut the lights earlier, but then again I wasn’t sure this would have happened it the lights were on. I thought about turning them on now. It was almost worth the chance of destroying the moment, almost!

Since Maureen was busy between my legs, I was able to use both hands on Dot. I continued to rub her pussy with one. I used the other to first caress her small breasts, and then play with her nipples. She moaned again.

“You two are driving me crazy!” I groaned.

“I know what you want!” Mo said, pulling free of my cock. She then laughed and added, “The same thing every guy wants! You want to fuck my tits!”

I felt Mo wrap my cock in her big tits. She was obviously using both hands and my cock felt fully enmeshed. I was in Heaven!

“Mo!” Dot cried in surprise.

“Sluts tonight, remember?” Maureen asked.

“But that’s so nasty!”

“I like it!” I put in.

“See!” Mo laughed. “Guys like it when you talk dirty to them.”

“Really?” Dot asked, half in disbelief.

“I guess I do,” I confirmed. “Vickie liked to talk while we were doing it. I learned to appreciate it.”

“What did she like to say?” Dot asked me, obviously excited by the thought.

“I can guess,” Mo said when I didn’t immediately answer. “I bet she liked to tell you how big your cock is?”

“Yes!” I said, stilling enjoying the feel of her breasts surrounding my cock. “She swore I had the biggest cock she’d ever seen!”

“It is rather large,” Maureen said, squeezing my cock hard with her tits. I didn’t know if she was just being kind, but it made me feel good in either case.

“Is it?” Dot asked.

“Come and find out,” Mo replied.

Dot moved in the darkness and Mo released my cock from her breasts. I felt Dot’s smaller hand take hold of my cock. She stroked it a few times and moaned.

“It certainly is bigger than Kyle’s!” she said.

“Taste it!” Maureen insisted.

A moment later I felt Dot tentatively take the head of my cock into her mouth. There was a lot she could learn from Mo, but I wasn’t complaining. I felt another hand begin to caress my balls. I thought it was Maureen’s. This continued for a while until Maureen broke the silence.

“Dot, do you want to go first?” she asked.

“What?” Dot asked, pulling away from my cock only long enough say the word. She was so focused on sucking my cock and her own passion that it didn’t sound like she was following Mo’s words.

“I want to feel his big cock fill me!” Mo said. “But if you want, you can go first.”

“Oh wow!” Dot cried, pulling free again. “It just jumped in my mouth!”

“That’s because he understands what I want,” Maureen said. “Don’t you Mark?”

“Do you really have to ask?” I groaned.

“No, not really!” she laughed.

“You want to have intercourse with him?” Dot asked, sounding shocked once again as it finally sunk in. I felt myself reacting not just to what they were talking about, but also to how innocent Dot sounded.

“No,” Mo said. I felt my disappointment rising until she continued. “I want to fuck him!”

“Maureen, what’s gotten into you?” Dottie cried.

“Nothing yet!” Mo laughed sexily. “But Mark’s thick cock soon! Very soon! The only question is do you want to go first?” There was silence. I brushed my hand against Dot’s pussy.

“Yes!” she gasped out. “I need to feel it in me! It’s been so long!”

“That’s a good slut!” Mo laughed. “Now take off your clothes. Both of you.”

It didn’t take very long despite the darkness. I was pretty sure Mo was stripping in the dark as well. I let myself imagine how they look and my cock slapped against my stomach in excitement.

“Dottie, how do you want to do it?” Mo asked, obviously in control. I didn’t mind just as long as it kept going the way it was! There was a brief pause before Dot answered.

“Like the animals on my parents’ farm,” she said almost too softly to hear.

“Wow!” I groaned. “I haven’t done that position yet!”

“We don’t have to!” Dot said quickly, obviously embarrassed.

“Silly girl!” Mo laughed. “Didn’t you hear his excitement? He said he hadn’t. He never said he didn’t want to! Now get on your hands and knees.”

There was a brief shifting of bodies. I reached out and felt Dot in front of me. She jumped when my hands touched her, but didn’t pull away. I caressed her back and slowly made my way behind her by feel. Her pussy was already wet, but the smell was too enticing to ignore. I bent forward and took a deep breath. It was amazing!

I don’t know what came over me, but the next moment I drove my tongue into her pussy. I’d only done that once before with Vickie, but she didn’t taste half as good as Dottie!

“What are you…Oh yes!” Dot cried.

“Is he in you?” Mo asked, unable to tell what was happening.

“His tongue!” Dot gasped. “He’s licking me!”

“Damn!” Mo cried. “If I’d known you were willing to do that, I would have insisted on going first!” A moment later I felt her hand on my cock as I licked Dot to her first orgasm. It didn’t take very long.

Maureen pulled me away after that and kissed me deeply despite Dot juices on my lips. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the taste as much as me!

“Don’t get your hopes up!’ I thought. ‘This already more than you could have wished for!’

“It’s time,” Mo said afterward, directing my hips toward Dot. “If she wants you to do her from behind, then she wants to be taken! Don’t you Dot?” I didn’t know what Mo was doing, but she was doing something!

“Yes!” Dot moaned loudly. “Please!”

“She’s desperate for your big cock! Give it to her!” Maureen said in barely controlled excitement.

I pushed the head of my cock into Dot’s pussy. I swear it seemed like her pussy was pulling me deeper! I didn’t fight it. It was only a few moments before I hit bottom!

“Oh yes!” Dot cried. “You’re definitely bigger than Kyle!” I started stroking in and out of her.

I kissed Maureen again and used one hand to squeeze her breasts. They felt even larger than they looked! They hung very low and I promised myself that I was burying my face in them later. For now, I let my hand fall lower. My fingers touched her pussy and she gasped.

“Like this!” she moaned, putting her hand over mine and showing me the motion she wanted. The three of us remained like that for quite a while. My orgasm was growing close, but I wasn’t going that fast yet, so I could keep control and enjoy the feeling as long as possible. Maureen eventually moved away from me.

“Mark,” I heard her say. “You’re riding Dot, but you’re not taking her. She wants to be taken!”

“Please!” Dot cried. I could tell from her tone that her next orgasm was nearing as well. I leaned over until my lips were next to her ear.

“You want me to take you like an animal?” I asked. “Maybe like a stallion takes a mare?”

“Yes!” she cried. “Like Big Mike took Sassy last season!”

“Wow!” Mo said. It was her turn to be surprised. “I would never have guessed you were so wild!”

“I can’t help it!” Dot cried. “I try to be a nice girl, but thoughts like these just keep popping into my head!”

“And I intend to take full advantage of them!” I growled, taking hold of Dottie’s waist and slamming into her harder. I could feel my hips hitting her round ass and that just drove me to fuck her even harder!

“That’s it Mark!” Mo cried, obviously aware of the change in my pace. “Take Dottie! Take her like Big Mike took Sassy!”

“Yes!” Dot cried again.

“I want to see this!” Mo said under her breath. That was the only warning I got before the lights came on.

“No!” Dot cried, trying to pull away from me in embarrassment.

My eyes were still adjusting to what I saw, but it was more than enough to make my orgasm nearly burst free. I fought it off at best I could. It wasn’t easy. Maureen was by the light switch looking at us. Her huge breasts were hanging down far, but they were so big that it only seemed fair.

Dot was beneath me. Her ass looked even better than I hoped! She already had spectacular tan lines and her pale cheeks drove me crazy. She was reaching behind herself trying to push me away. There was no way that was going to happen! Not now!

I let go of one hip and grabbed her wrist. She reached behind herself with her other hand. I let go of the other hip and grabbed it as well. Dot tried to pull away again, probably thinking she had a chance now that I wasn’t holding her hips. She didn’t. I did the only thing I could and pulled back by her wrists. She cried out as my cock sunk deep once again. That excited me so much that I pulled even harder! Her shoulders and chest lifted.

“That’s so hot!” Maureen cried, looking at Dot. “It’s like your arms are reins!”

“Stop!” Dottie cried.

“Don’t you dare!” Mo snapped at me. “She’s loving every moment of it! She’s just embarrassed.”

“No I’m not!” Dot argued. Mo moved closer and smiled.

“Sure you are,” she insisted, reaching under Dot and pinching one of her nipples.

“Maureen don’t!” Dot cried, but she also shuddered in reaction.

“I’m sorry,” Mo replied. “I can’t help myself. I can hear how wet you are. I bet your pussy is running like a faucet!” I think that both Dot and I were surprised by her words, but I recovered quickly enough.

“It is!” I groaned.

“Tell us both how it feels to fuck her tight pussy?” Mo asked.

“It feels like Heaven!” I cried. “She so tight and so wet at the same time!”

“Doesn’t it feel good to have his big cock in you Dot?” Mo asked, now shifting her hand from Dot’s nipple to her pussy. “Your body certainly seems to think so!”

“Yes!” Dottie admitted through clenched teeth.

“Do you think this is what Sassy felt while Big Mike was mounting her?” Maureen asked, working the smaller woman’s clit.

“Harder!” Dot cried, no longer trying to stop me. No longer trying to do anything other than live in the moment. “Pull on my arms harder! Fuck me harder!”

“Do you hear her?” Mo asked me. “She wants you to fuck her harder! She wants you to take her!”

“I hear!” I grunted.

“Well then stop holding back!” she snapped. “I know you are. Forget everything and give her what she wants!”

“First kiss her!” I demanded, pulling Dot up again by her arms. “I want to see you too French passionately!”

“Naughty, naughty!” Maureen grinned, but also hesitated. I saw her war momentarily with herself, but her own excitement overcame any doubts she had. Maureen leaned down toward Dot.

“Don’t!” the smaller girl cried, looking at Mo with big eyes.

“Because it disgusts you or because you’re afraid you might like it?” Mo asked. Dot looked at her roommate and paused. That was answer enough.

“Oh my God!” I cried as I watched them kiss. They both were a little tentative at first, but a moment later their tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

I think I may have actually howled as I slammed into Dot with everything I had! It’s hard to be certain because everything from there on for the next few minutes is one passion filled haze. I do know that I started cumming instantly and didn’t stop until after Dot’s orgasm took her as well. Our juices covered each other, both inside and out. It was pretty obvious that neither one of us had ever cum like that before!

I’m not sure how long it took before I was able to function again. The first thing I noticed was Dot lying on her bed while Mo played with her hair. Dottie was clearly still out of it. Mo saw me and smiled.

“That was…” I began, but couldn’t find the words to finish it.

“Yes, it was,” Mo agreed. “How are you doing?”

“I’ll recover,” I smiled. “Eventually.”

“So is it love that made it so special for you two?” she asked. “Do you and Dottie love each other?”

“Yes and no,” Dot answered for me, opening her eyes and smiling. “Truthfully, I doubt either of us understands the extent of our feelings, but we’re certainly more than just friends.”

“I love Dot, but no more or less than I love you,” I added. “Why are you asking?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Dot asked rhetorically. “She’s probably ready to burst after watching all that!”

“She did more than just watch!” I teased.

“You did, didn’t you?” Dot asked Maureen thoughtfully.

“Are you okay?” Mo asked.

“For now,” Dot replied honestly. “We’ll see tomorrow, but I’m not going to think about it until then.”

“And tonight?” I asked.

“Tonight,” she said, smiling her impish grin. “Tonight, we see if we can help Maureen get the same release we just did! That is, if you think you’ll be able to help?”

“Oh, I will,” I said, feeling myself respond already, but deciding to see if I could get the ladies help speed up the process. “Of course, it would help if you two kissed again. In fact, if you do, I promise to give Mo the best orgasm of her life!”

“It turns you on that much?” Dot asked, blushing, but not backing away from the issue.

I noticed that Mo was embarrassed as well. It surprised me because only minutes before she was kissing Dot and playing with the smaller girl’s nipples and pussy. Of course, we were all living in the moment at the time because our passion demanded it. I need to break the tension that was building.

“If you two do that in front of any guy, he’ll be yours to command!” I promised. “In fact, between you two, you could probably enslave every guy on campus! Maybe the world!” They laughed and seemed to relax a little.

“Men!” Mo snapped, but she was still laughing.

“So how about it?” I asked. “Are you willing to kiss each other again for me? It will most definitely help me get ready!” The two roommates looked at each other and stopped laughing.

“It was the first time I’d ever kissed a girl,” Dot said, sounding very tentative.

“Me too,” Maureen added softly. “You two are the only ones at college who know about my past. Based on that you probably think I’m a complete slut, but despite the fact that maybe a was in some ways, there’s still a lot I haven’t done.”

“We can fix that!” I grinned.

“In your dreams!” Dot cried.

“Don’t even think about it!” Maureen added. All three of us looked at each other and burst out laughing. It would have gone on for a lot longer if Dot didn’t stop suddenly and take Mo’s chin in one hand.

“I want to kiss you again,” the small girl said to her roommate. “I may regret it tomorrow, but watching you just now, I realize that I will also regret it if we never kiss again.”

“Okay,” Mo said, letting her lips part slightly. I held my breath as their faces grew closer together. A nervous excitement was plain to see in both their expressions as their lips touched. A moment later, their tongues were once again in each other’s mouths. The nervousness quickly disappeared and the excitement turned to full blown passion. I watched for a few minutes. I couldn’t help myself. It was so damn hot!

“Is it working?” Dot asked a few minutes later, looking at me with a sexy grin. “Is our kissing making you excited?”

“Look for yourself,” I said, showing her my hard cock.

“Not quite there yet,” Mo interjected. “I know how to move this along!”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. I was already completely hard. Take my word for it! A moment later I understood. Mo didn’t care whether I was hard or not at the moment. She was just using the situation to her own advantage. Seeing what she was doing, I hade no problem with that!

Mo kissed Dottie again, only this time her hands fell to her own breasts and lifted the monsters until they were just below both woman’s mouths. Dottie noticed and pulled back slightly. Maureen smiled and took one of her own nipples into her mouth. I groaned loudly!

“You see how guys like it when you suck on your own tits?” Mo asked the other girl.

“Yes,” Dot said. “But mine just aren’t big enough.”

“I have another,” Mo smiled sexily. “I’m willing to share.”

“I can’t!” Dot cried.

“Why not?” I asked. “Is it really all that worse than kissing her?”

Dot looked like she desperately wanted to accept what Mo was offering, but still she paused. Maureen took care of her dilemma by reaching out and pulling Dot’s face to both her breasts. Dottie tensed, but then sighed and relaxed into them.

“Wow!” I groaned.

“You said it!” Maureen moaned, obviously enjoying the smaller girl’s actions.

Dottie reached out with her hand and grabbed hold of my cock. She pulled me closer and directed my hardness to Mo’s mouth. Maureen’s tongue shot out and caressed the head of my cock for a few moments before she took it into her mouth. I kept glancing back and forth between Maureen sucking my cock and Dot attacking the large breasted woman’s tits.

I reached out and caressed Dot’s ass. It was impossible not to with the way it was sticking up while she worked Mo’s breasts! I wanted to touch Mo’s center because I knew this was supposed to be her turn to cum, but I couldn’t reach. Don’t think I didn’t try! Dottie saw what I was trying to do and shifted to the side. I couldn’t reach her ass anymore.

‘Oh well,’ I thought. ‘There is always later!’

“Hey!” Mo cried as I pulled my cock from her mouth. I silenced her with a kiss as I got between her legs.

“Lick her first!” Dot demanded. “It feels so amazing!”

I shifted lower and spread Mo’s legs wide. I noticed that Dot was once again kissing Mo, only this time she was also pulling on the big-breasted woman’s nipples. It seemed only fair. Mo was doing the same to her!

I leaned forward and tasted Maureen’s pussy. It was different, but just as delectable as Dot’s! Maureen’s thighs were thicker than Dot’s and I was surprised that I enjoyed the feeling of them on either side of my head. Mo’s pussy had a lot of hair around it, but if anything, that made me even more excited. Vickie shaved hers and I found I enjoyed this better.

Maureen was reasonable wet to begin with, but after a few minutes of my tongue dancing around and in her pussy it was soaked. Her kisses with Dot were getting more and more passionate! I took one of the smaller girls’ hands and directed it to Mo’s clit. I could have rubbed it myself, but I wanted to watch Dot do it. She didn’t hesitate. She found Maureen’s clit and worked it hard.

“You’re very good at that!” I teased. “I’m guessing little innocent Dot has lots of experience playing with herself!”

“Hey!” Dot cried in embarrassment.

“He’s right!” Mo gasped out. “You are very good at this! Finish me! Please!”

Dot looked at me and I nodded in understanding. I lifted my face from Mo’s pussy and shifted my hips between her legs. Dot took hold of my cock and helped direct it to Maureen’s pussy. It wasn’t nearly as tight as Dots, but about three quarters of the way in I hit bottom.

“Oh fuck!” Mo cried, feeling my cock bump against her cervix.

Dot’s hand once again massaged the bigger woman’s clit as I worked my cock in and out of Mo’s pussy. I reached out and pulled Dot to me. It was her turn to taste Mo’s juices from my lips. If anything, Dot liked it even more than Mo! She refused to let me pull away until every last of Mo’s juices were gone.

After that I leaned forward and kissed Mo. She was gasping and panting as her orgasm grew, but she returned my kiss as best as possible. Dot joined our kiss and it grew messy, but none of us were at the point where we cared anymore!

I pulled back and watched them lustfully kissing. I tried to push deeper, but once again I hit her cervix. Mo cried out.

“What’s wrong?” Dot asked.

“He’s too big!” Maureen cried. “I can’t take all of him in.”

“We’ll see about that!” Dot grinned. “But first, how crazy are you willing to be?”

“Why?” Mo asked with a frown.

“Because I can’t take much more of this!” Dottie explained. “I thought the last orgasm would last for a while, but I already desperately need release!”

“Mark has to finish me first!” Mo cried, obviously misunderstanding. “I’m so close!”

“I know,” Dot said. “But can you help me out? I promise, if you do I’ll help you see if you can take the rest of him in!”

“What?” Mo asked, still confused.

In answer Dot climbed over Mo and straddled her head, facing me. I froze for a moment and watched as innocent looking Dottie slowly sunk down until her pussy was an inch from Maureen’s mouth.

“Do it!” I groaned. “She’s not complaining! She wants to taste you!”

“Is Mark right, Mo?” Dot asked.

I saw Maureen’s tongue dart up and taste Dot’s pussy. It must have been good because a moment later Mo grabbed hold of both of Dot’s thighs and pulled her down. Dot groaned as she buried Maureen’s mouth with her pussy. I leaned forward and kissed Dot while roughly squeezing Mo’s big tits!

“Fuck her!” Dot cried not long afterward. “Push that big cock of yours all the way in!”

“It won’t fit!” I groaned.

“Sure it will,” Dot insisted. “Let me see.” With that she fell forward to see just how deep I was penetrating.

“See?” I groaned.

“I see,” she nodded. “Just keep working at it. You’ll stretch her out eventually. Here, I’ll help.” I watched as Dottie’s tongue darted out and brushed Maureen’s clit.

“Oh my God!” Mo cried. “Yes! Don’t stop!”

Dottie glanced up at me with a very sexy smile before leaning forward and working Mo’s clit hard. Both women were moaning as they ate each other’s pussies. I picked up the pace considerably. Dot grabbed my hips at one point and pulled me hard again Mo’s pussy. The bigger girl cried out in pain, but that didn’t stop Dot.

“You’re hurting her!” I snapped.

“Okay!” Mo gasped out. “It’s okay! I want to feel all of you in me!”

“See?” Dot grinned up at me. “Stop being such a nice guy!”

I don’t know why, but her words angered me. Suddenly I was extremely tired of being called nice.

“So be it,” I growled. “No more mister nice guy!”

I started pounding in and out of Mo’s pussy as hard as I could. Her pussy accepted a little more of my cock, but there was still an inch or so left. Dot had to pull back a little because I was slamming into Mo so hard that I was bumping into her forehead. That was her problem! Like I said before, no more mister nice guy!

“That’s it!” Dot cried. “She so close! Keep that up and she’ll cum soon!”

“Is she still licking you?” I asked.

“Yes!” Dot cried. “And it feels amazing!” I knew she was close from her tone.

I pulled the curly haired girl up and roughly kissed her lips. Dot moaned into my mouth. I squeezed her small tits and pinched her nipples hard. She cried out and surprised herself by cumming. I held her until she was done and then pushed her off of Mo.

“You’re turn!” I grunted, leaning forward and kissing her soaked lips. I drove in and out of her as hard as I could. Mo held on to my shoulders and returned my kisses lustfully. “Cum for me!”

“Soon!” she cried as I continued to slam into her.

“No! Now!” I demanded.

I felt her pussy spasm and suddenly I was all the way in her. I was past the opening to her cervix and she cried out in both pain and pleasure!

“Oh fuck!” I groaned and let loose with a torrent of cum.

Mo was completely out of control as her orgasm took her. I grinned feverishly as I continued to push deep into her pussy and cervix, filling both with as much cum as I could muster! I knew I’d done it. I’d promised Mo the best orgasm of her life and I knew I’d succeeded. Add that to the pleasure of my own orgasm and I was…well, you get the picture!


I woke up slowly. It only took me a moment to remember the night before. I was spent, but on the other hand I couldn’t remember feeling so content in my entire life! I glanced down at Maureen and smiled. She was lying on my shoulder. I glanced around the room and saw Dottie standing in a thin robe and looking out the window. It was still very early. I slipped out of the bed gently so I didn’t wake up Mo.

“Are you okay?” I asked Dot as I joined her. It was obvious that she wasn’t really looking at anything particular. She was thinking.

“I don’t know,” she answered. “Last night was…”

“Don’t you dare say it was a mistake,” I interjected.

“I wasn’t going to,” Dot said, looking away from the window and smiling at me. “Although, it probably was.”

“What were you going to say?” I asked.

“That is was completely unexpected,” she answered. “And far more enjoyable then I ever imagined.”

“For me too,” I admitted.

“I can’t imagine never doing that again, but on the other hand…” she began.

“It doesn’t quite fit into our good guy and girl image, does it?” I interjected again.

“Exactly!” she laughed gently.

“Is that really so important?” I asked.

“Not right now,” she sighed. “But tomorrow? Next semester?”

“We’ll worry about that when the times comes,” I shrugged. “For now, I’m just going to bask in the feeling of contentment that’s washing over me.”

“You’re probably right,” Dot said, but she turned and looked out of the window again.

I moved behind Dot and wrapped my arms around her. She laid her head back on my chest and didn’t say anything. We stood like that for quite a while before I shifted down and started kissing her neck.

“I thought you said you were content?” Dot asked.

“I was,” I said. “But how long did you think I could feel your ass against my cock with only a thin robe between us before I started getting excited again?”

“You are so bad!” she giggled.

I reached around her and undid the robe’s tie. It fell open and I caressed her breasts with one hand. The other dropped to her pussy while I continued to kiss her neck. Dot’s hand slipped behind her and she took my cock into her hand without a word.

“I want you!” I whispered heatedly into her ear a few minutes later.

“Yes!” she moaned and shifted away from me just long enough to let her robe drop to the ground. She started moving toward her bed, but I stopped her.

“No! Right here! I want you here!” I said, lifting her onto the windowsill.

“Like this?” Dot grinned, looking me in the eyes and spreading her legs wide.

“Exactly!” I groaned. I stepped between her legs, hugged her close and kissed her passionately. Dottie reached between us and directed my cock to her pussy. I pushed in slowly.

“It feels so good!” she cried. We were both being as quiet as possible because Maureen was still sleeping, but it wasn’t easy!

Dot held onto my neck and I grabbed her ass as I stroked in and out of her. The windowsill was a little to high for comfort, so I lifted Dot up by her ass cheeks and stepped away from it. She grabbed my neck even tighter and squeaked.

“Don’t drop me!” she cried.

“I won’t,” I said confidently and carried her away from the window with my cock still buried deep.

I think Dot expected me to take her to her bed, but instead I took her to a bare wall and pushed her against it, holding her steady as I once again started stroking on and out of her. Dot moaned with each thrust and wrapped her legs around me as best as she could. I continued to hold her up and against the wall.

“Cum for me!” I demanded, pushing deep.

Dot gasped out and started kissing me feverishly. I pulled out and slammed into her again. The third time I did she buried her face in my shoulder, bit down and she came. I pushed as deep as I could go, but didn’t cum. I wasn’t ready yet.

“I’m glad we already did some packing!” she said as I finally let her feet touch the floor. “Otherwise my book shelves would still be here!” I helped steady her until she could stand on her own.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Fine,” she replied. “I have to take a shower.”

“Don’t you think it’s only fair you take care of me first?” I asked.

“Why don’t you wake up Mo?” she smiled and then gave me a kiss.

“That’s an idea,” I grinned, causing her to laugh.

Dottie picked up her robe and towel and slipped out of the room. I turned to Maureen. My cock was jutting out in need. I moved back to the bed and rolled Mo onto her back. She still didn’t wake up. That didn’t stop me. I climbed up and straddled Maureen’s large breasts. I used both hands to wrap my cock in her tits. Mo stirred and looked up at me.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the first day we met!” I groaned as I started stroking between her breasts.

“You and every other guy I meet,” she said, but she was smiling. It wasn’t long before she took hold of her tits and helped me bury my cock between them.

“You know,” she grinned. “You cock is sticky and smells an awful lot like Dottie.”

“Do you want a taste?” I asked with a grin of my own.

Maureen opened her mouth and pushed her tits together until my cock peaked out from between them on the upstroke. At first she licked the head when it appeared, but eventually she opened her mouth and let me fuck it with the head of my cock. The rest was buried between her tits.

“Can I cum on them?” I asked a few minutes later.

“If you want,” she sighed. “But it seems like a waste.”

“You’re right!” I said. I knew she meant she wanted me to cum in her mouth, but I had other ideas. I rolled her onto her stomach.

“Finally!” she laughed. “It’s my turn to play Sassy!”

“You want to be ridden by Big Mike?” I grinned. She placed her hands at the small of her back in answer. I took hold of them and pushed into Maureen. She gasped out in contently.

Her ass was bigger than Dot’s and not nearly as tight, but it shivered nicely with each thrust. My cock was still too long for her pussy, but I knew it would be okay later, if I excited her enough.

“Ride me Big Mike!” she cried.

I pulled her up by her wrists and Mo moaned. Her breasts were too big to full lift from the bed without breaking her back, but it worked out better anyway. Her nipples were brushing along the bed sheet with each thrust and she obviously liked the feeling!

“Come on Sassy!” I groaned. “Cum for Big Mike!”

“Oh Mark!” she cried. “It feels so good! But I want to feel all of you in me again!”

“Cum for me and you will!” I grunted, pushing as deep as possible.

“Soon!” Mo cried.

“Need a little help?” Dot asked from the doorway.

“Yes!” Maureen cried.

Dot dropped her towel and moved toward us. She slipped her hand under Mo and started playing with her clit. That was all it took. Maureen came hard and I pushed my cock all the way in. Her cervix must have opened again because I felt the head of my cock push past its entrance.

“Oh my God!” Mo screamed as her orgasm took her.

I pulled Dot’s lips to mine and kissed her passionately as I pulled out of Maureen’s pussy and pushed deep once more and finally came. Dot pulled me away from Mo in the middle and took my cock into her mouth. I watched as she drank the last few spurts of my cum.

“Taste good?” Maureen asked. Dot shifted and kissed her roommate, sharing whatever was left in her mouth.

“How long before you father comes to help you move?” I asked Dot.

“A few more hours,” she answered.

“Plenty of time,” I smiled, reaching for her again.

“I agree,” Mo said, spreading Dot’s legs and licking her lips.

“But we still have to pack what’s left!” Dot argued.

“And air out the room!” I grinned.

“And wash the sheets!” Mo laughed. “So I guess we’d better hurry!”

Dot tried to argue some more, but with both Maureen and I working on her it was a lost cause and she knew it. Mo was licking her pussy while I nibbled on her nipples and rubbed her ass.

“My God!” Dot moaned as her orgasm grew near. “If you two are this bad now, how are you going to be next year when we’re all living together?”

“It will be fine,” Mo grinned. “After all, as soon as we’re done here we’re back to just two nice girls.”

“And I’ll be my boring nice-guy self,” I put in, and then paused before adding under my breath, “That is until nighttime when our apartment is locked and we’re all alone.”

“I heard that!” Dot cried.

“Me too!” Mo laughed. “And I can’t wait! Now shut up and start cumming!”

Dot cried out and did exactly that. I watched her face as her passion overtook her and smiled. The year in college was just ending and I couldn’t ever remember wanting the next year of school to start so bad!

“Don’t worry,” Maureen smiled, obviously reading my thoughts. “It will all be okay.”

“Do you think maybe we could all get together during the summer?” I asked hopefully.

“In your dreams!” Mo laughed. Dot was still recovering from her orgasm, but somehow she found the strength to speak.

“Don’t even think about it.”

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