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Country Adventure

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Anna looked up at Ben’s face, he had a dreamy look in his eyes watching carefully as she enjoyed running her lips up his taut, velvety penis, reaching the tip and allowing her tongue to revel in the pre-cum she found there. Her lips then surrounded his shaft and she sucked the member into her aching throat.

She felt Ben twitch, his hips leaving the blanket for a moment and a groan emanating from his throat.

He is going to cum quicker this morning than he did last night, she thought and quickened the pace of her titillation. Ben joined her, moving his hips in concert with her mouth, his body tensing as he called out,

“Oh my go…….d, I’m going to explode, aaaagh, aaaagh.”

His first spurt hit the back of Anna’s throat and she almost gagged as she removed his twitching weapon and used her hand to keep Ben’s orgasm going as long as possible. She felt his semen land on her forehead then her arm and tee-shirt as he gradually de-tumesced.

Ben let out a sigh and let his head fall back on the blanket, his whole body relaxed.

“My god that was wonderful!” he whispered.

Anna was now somewhat excited herself. She reached up and caught Ben’s hand guiding it to the damp warmth between her thighs. She rolled over on her back like a puppy wanting its tummy rubbed.

Ben bent over her as he gently moved his hand to feel her vagina territory, still covered by her slacks. She reached down and undid the zip then pushed down the top of the garment. Ben slipped the slacks down her legs as she raised her backside to assist.

As Ben put his hand back into place he could feel the wetness and heat through her knickers especially as he gently pressured his fingers into her vagina. He leant down and nibbled the damp cloth inhaling the aroma of sex and forcing his tongue into the cleft.

Anna pushed her knickers down, arching her hips then lifting her legs, slipping the undie off one leg, then with her feet back on the blanket she opened her thighs to fully enjoy Ben’s ministrations.

His tongue penetrated between her labia, then curled to immediately hit the ‘G’ spot. Anna’s hips twitched and the tongue moved up to excite the clitoris, then dived again deep into her vagina. She knew that she wouldn’t hold back for long, that she would seek release very soon.

The speed of the probing tongue’s oscillation increased as it moved from vagina to clitoris. Anna arched her body and started to call out;

“Ohhh I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Oh yes, Oh yes, aaaagh.”

She exploded, her love juices running over the tongue and lips of her lover, her contractions transporting her into paradise.

This was the first time in years that Anna had enjoyed sex, let alone in the open, looking up into the morning sky, surrounded by the multi-coloured grey-green of the grasses and eucalypts.

Ben moved up alongside Anna and they both relaxed. He guided her hand to his new erection and she enclosed it like a baby with a bottle, taking comfort from its warmth. He rested his hand over her vagina, running his fingers through her soaked pubic bush.

Anna’s mind went back to last night and how this sexual adventure had all started.

Ben, in his sixties, and Anna had come to the farm to set up the new business. Ben’s wife Joyce had stayed back to oversee the closure of the offices. Anna and Ben had turned in to their respective bedrooms fairly early after drinking a bottle of red with dinner.

58 year old Anna had not been away from her husband for some time. Lying alone in the quiet room she reflected that she had not had sex for several years as her husband was impotent and she had no interest in anyone else. Something in the atmosphere started to titillate Anna whose hand moved under her nightie and her fingers caressed her vagina.

The night was warm, Anna threw off the blanket and sheet. Her legs bent and spread wide gave her unimpeded access and a clear view of her sex in the moonlight. Her hand moved slowly over her clitoris and she gently inserted two fingers between her labia. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the intense arousal and let her fantasies take hold.

So far gone was she that she did not notice Ben quietly entering the room on some nefarious mission. When he saw what was happening he came to a dead stop wondering how to announce himself.

“That looks wonderful! But please can I help?” he said.

That jolted Anna out of her reverie. Horror and embarrassment enveloped her and she just wanted to disappear off the face of the earth. Then she noticed, protruding from the fly in his shortie pyjamas was his rather large and very erect penis. And he was moving toward her.

“We seem to have had the same urges tonight.” he said, “we should really get together instead of fantasising with masturbation.”

Anna reached out and put her hand around his penis as Ben sat down on the side of the bed. Ben’s hand moved between Anna’s still widely spread legs, felt her forest of steely hair then slipped two fingers between her labia as she gasped and tightened her grip on his weapon.

Without speaking they began to masturbate each other; Anna’s hand moved easily and quickly up and down the throbbing shaft whilst Ben’s fingers were exciting a now very wet vagina. It was soon obvious Anna was extremely aroused and knew she had to climax soon.

Her hand stopped moving over the penis, she lay back and concentrated solely on her own satisfaction. Her back arched as Ben’s thumb clipped her clitoris, then she was cumming, gradually, slowly building up to the climax,

“ooh-aaagh, whoo-wow-wee,” she exclaimed as vaginal contractions rocked her body and her juices ran from her to the sheet below. She hadn’t realised the tensions had her hand squeezing the life out of Ben’s penis and her legs clamped shut over his hand to stop any further agitation of her vagina.

She relaxed with sighs of satisfaction as Ben was able to slip his hand away from her vagina and reached for his own slackening tool still held in a vice-like grip. He prised her hand away and started to jack himself off. She moved over and held him where his tool met his groin, then brushing his hand aside she bent down and took the now erect penis between her lips wrapping her tongue around its tip.

He was soon grunting with pleasure.

“Wow ” he said, “aah this is fantastic, my wife would never give me a blow-job and I’ve begged for it.”

Anna continued dipping her head and pulling back, tasting his pre-cum and enjoying the feel of his velvet smooth and extremely large manhood between her lips. She wondered why his wife didn’t avail herself of this pleasure.

Ben’s body started to contort and his grunting became louder and faster; he was rapidly coming to orgasm so she pulled her mouth away and replaced it with her hand, jacking him rapidly as he came, spurting his copious semen over his chest and stomach. Anna watched with delight as she knew she had given him enormous pleasure.

Soon he stirred, uttered a thankyou then got up and left the room without another word. Anna lay back on her now sodden sheet and fell into a deep and satisfied sleep.

The sun was up when she woke, a little cool with the covers still off her. Gradually she remembered the events of last night, wondering whether they were the results of masturbatory fantasy or did he really come to her room.

She got up and showered then walked diffidently into the kitchen. Ben was there, dressed and cooking some eggs.

“Good morning!” she said.

He turned with a charming smile and said,

“After last night this is one of the best mornings; we should have a lot more of this.”

“We’ll never get any work done.” said Anna.

“That can come later,” he said, “let’s eat our eggs to regain our energy then wander in the paddocks for a while before returning to work. I’ll take a blanket with us so perhaps we can explore some more of what we discovered last night.”

It certainly had been a most pleasurable surprise. Anna had never had a sexual feeling for her boss before and she recognised the pleasures were purely a lustful need that is normally kept sublimated.

She wondered how far it would go; whether it would last only the few days they had in the country; would they actually progress to having intercourse.

The idea of copulating with that huge penis started to seep into Anna’s fantasy. Even if like Bill Clinton they could justify their current actions as ‘not having sex and not being unfaithful to their respective spouses’ it seemed a pity given the pleasures they had already had not to go the whole way. She would always be wondering what would it have been like?

After her reflections she started to slowly rub her hand over that huge weapon and could feel it responding, growing in length and girth. His hand pressed firmly down on her vagina a finger inserting gradually between her labia.

Then out it came! Anna looked at Ben and blurted out

“Will you please fuck me? I need to feel this massive tool inside me.”

She shut up with embarrassment but Ben was looking down on her smiling,

“I thought you would never ask.” said he.

Now she was excited. She turned over and straddled Ben pinning his mighty tool underneath her. Then she lifted, put her hand down to grasp the weapon and aimed it at her clitoris, vibrating the tip on to her pleasure flower.

They were in ecstasy, throbbing and arching, grunting and squealing. Anna slowed to prolong the pleasure then firmly pushed the head of that wonderful meat into her opening. They both felt it pulsating then easing its way into her vagina, finally going all the way forcing such pressure on her walls it was almost painful.

Anna gasped “My god that’s fantastic,” and contracted her vaginal walls to feel the throbbing beast.

She then started to move up and down, to and fro, slowly at first but gradually accelerating until she knew she was about to climax and from the twitching within her vagina guessed that Ben was at the same state.

Then the massive explosion as her contractions multiplied, her juices flooded around this tool that was twitching and spurting with such force Anna’s whole body was being moved. She finally collapsed on Ben’s chest, digging her nails into his body as she slowly regained control.

“For an old man you certainly have plenty of life left in you,” said Anna when she could speak.

“For an old lady you certainly give a lot of life to an old man. Come on, its time to get some work done.”

They cleaned up as best they could with some tissues Anna had brought with her, put their clothing back on and with a satisfied, languorous look returned to the farmhouse.

After a satisfying days work they enjoyed a good feed and a cool beer, chatting quietly about the business and not wanting to mention their sexual activities for fear of embarrassment or suggesting what will come next. The next day they would be returning to their spouses and were each deep in thought about how they would react. Neither had been unfaithful before, at least not for a long time.

As time for bed approached they seemed to be delaying, not knowing what they should do.

Finally Anna broached the subject,

“Are we going to sleep together tonight or should we make a clean break?”

“We should make the break if we are to clear our conscience by tomorrow,” replied Ben. “But I really want you in my bed tonight, so dammit, we have come this far, let’s enjoy.”

Anna giggled and said she had hoped he would say that.

She went to the bathroom first and had a shower, wearing only a summer dressing gown when she emerged and went to the main bedroom. There, Ben had undressed and stood naked by the bed. She thrilled at the sight of his half erect manhood standing out from his well-contoured body.

She reached out and stroked his penis and it grew before her eyes, but he turned and said he must go to the bathroom and clean-up.

He left the doors open and Anna had a clear view of him when he finally entered the shower. His penis was still erect and she noticed him stroking it every so often. Her hands slipped between her thighs and she felt the damp warmth of her vagina and a stiffening clitoris.

The shower ceased and she watched Ben drying himself, taking it slowly when the towel was wrapped around his erect manhood. He threw the towel down and marched into the bedroom as Anna slipped off her gown and swung under the sheet. Ben slipped in beside her.

Anna thrilled as she felt Ben’s weapon rest on her thigh; she put her hand down and gently stroked it. He leaned over and bared her ample breasts, enclosing one of her nipples with his lips, suckling her until it stiffened and stood up then moving to the other with the same effect. His hand stroked her belly then moved between her thighs.

He straddled her, moving up her body until his penis was between her breasts. Anna’s hand left the twitching monster and she pressed her breasts together encompassing the tool and allowing him to enjoy the sexual warmth of the enclosure. He rocked back and forth and as his penis tip came out of the mammalian wrap she was able just to lick the pre-cum as it oozed under his foreskin.

Ben’s hand in the meantime was rotating over a very engorged clitoris making Anna squirm with delight. He slipped two fingers between her labia and felt her love juices welling within her vagina.

Anna leant forward some more and let her breasts go. As the penis emerged she wrapped her lips around it as Ben pushed forward penetrating down into her throat. Anna climaxed at that point, heaving her hips and tightening her grip on the swollen penis in her mouth.

She lay back and let the penis exit her mouth with a plop.

“Now please, please fuck me” she said.

He slid down her body and positioned himself between her legs as she raised and spread her thighs to allow him easy access. Anna reached for his penis and guided it toward her distended vagina; as it touched the labia she gently revolved the tip around entrance and up to her clitoris, trying to enter her clit into the channel of his tool.

Ben was now breathing hard and releasing a lot of pre-cum so Anna slipped it into her vagina as he pumped it into her with increasing vigour. Her back arched as she felt this hot, huge tool ravage her womb; she tried to meet his rhythm as his groin slapped against hers, then he exploded with great spurts of semen splashing into her. She tensed, holding his shoulders tight then released with a wild ‘wooooohaaaagh’, cumming all around him, her contracting vagina squeezing his still spurting weapon and soaking the bedding with her love juices.

“My god how I needed that” said Anna, “I hadn’t realised I missed it so much.”

“I had forgotten how good it could be as I have been fairly bored with my wife’s efforts,” said Ben, “I think perhaps we will have to arrange a regular liaison to ensure we keep our healthy appetite.”

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