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Coffee with a Scoop of Embarrassment

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I was one of the lucky ones. After catching me on the living room couch, wearing a pair of her panties jacking off, my wife was not only cool with me wearing them, she actually really got into it. Even going as far as throwing out all but one pair of my boxer shorts and taking me shopping, on a regular basis for new panties.

Not only was I allowed to wear them, she would almost insist on the two of us hanging out at night in just panties. Panties also became incorporated in our sex play. Each of us wearing a pair, the waistband on my pulled down just far enough to expose my cock but still encase my balls in the satiny material. For her part, Rachel would pull the crotch aside, so I could feel her panties rub my cock as I slid in and out of her waxed pussy.

One of her favorite ways to push me over the edge was to hold the crotch of a dirty pair of her underwear to my nose. Letting me inhale her scent. The smell of her pussy juices, sweat and even the slight aroma of pee, rarely failed to bring me to a very loud and explosive climax.

It was the morning after a rather spirited night of “panty sex” that I had one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

I looked at the clock when I awoke and saw that it was half past eight in the morning. The realization that I’d only had four hours sleep made me feel even more tired and beat up than I had, only moments before. I lay there for a few minutes recalling the night before.

Rachel and I had gone out to dinner. As usual, while I was in the shower, she laid out the clothes she wanted me to wear. A pair of lightweight slacks, dress shirt and a pair of lavender satin bikini panties was on the bed waiting for me when I came out of the bathroom. A quick glance towards where Rachel was getting ready confirmed that she was wearing the matching thong. As I loved the feeling of panties not only on my cock and balls, but my ass too, I preferred bikini panties. Almost from the beginning, when she found a color she liked, she would buy a pair of bikinis for me and a matching thong for her. We both found it to be very sexy, when we wore our matching panties together.

My cock started getting hard as I slid the panties up my legs and over it. I, unconsciously, reached down and rubbed the satin material over the head a few times.

“I really wish you’d get into this whole panty play thing,” Rachel joked, noticing the effect the panties were having on me. “Now quit playing with yourself and finish getting dressed or we’ll be late for our reservation.”

The drive to the restaurant was almost uneventful. Rachel, in consideration of my other fetish; women’s feet, had her bare feet on the dashboard from the moment we got in the car. At one point, while at a stoplight, she was so intent watching my reaction while she stretching and scrunching her feet she missed the fact that a truck had pulled up beside us. The driver recieved quite a view up her short skirt through the entire red light.

Dinner was at a traditional Japanese restaurant, the kind where you sat on the floor at low tables. The restaurant had not only a main dining room, but little private alcoves. Rachel had reserved one for us.

Our waiter was one of the most attentive waiters I’d ever seen. I turned to mention it to Rachel and immediately saw the reason why. At the low table, she had no choice but to sit cross legged (or Indian style for those of us that were kids before the term became politically incorrect). However one would refer to it, the way she was sitting had her skirt hiked up almost to the top of her thighs, giving the waiter a fantastic view of not only her panty covered pussy, but also the bottom of her ass cheeks.

“Honey, the waiter can see up your skirt,” I told her.

“I know,” she grinned. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Not at all,” I told her. “I just wanted to make sure you knew. I have to admit, the service is pretty good tonight.”

“That’s one of the reasons I’m doing it.”

“Oh really? What are the others?”

“The main one is with these tables I don’t really have a lot of options for how I sit. Another, we just talked about and the most important reason…. Knowing the waiter is looking at my crotch every time he comes to our table is making me really fucking horny.”

“Funny,” I laughed. “It’s having the same effect on me.”

“Oh you dirty man,” she jokingly chided as she reached over with her foot and started massaging my rapidly rising cock with her toes. “You like it when other men get to look at your wife’s pussy?”

“Yes I do,” I answered. We’d played this game before.

“Knowing they’re getting a hard-on thinking about licking and fucking my bald little snatch?”

I nodded and smiled as I saw a wet spot forming on crotch of her panties.

“If you liked it so far,” she said reaching down to her pussy. “Then you’re gonna love this.”

She reached down and shifted the crotch of her panties aside, carefully placing the material so that she was exposing half of her pussy. She made them look as if her panties had accidentally shifted over.

Moments later, our waiter entered our alcove with a tray full of dishes. His eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of his head. I started to get worried as fumbled with our food, unable to take his eyes off of Rachel. He served us without incident and reluctantly left us to our meal.

As he left, it wasn’t tough to see that Rachel’s little show had given him a rather prominent boner.

“So you think he left to go jack off?” Rachel asked as she re-adjusted her panties.

“If he did, I hope he washes his hands before he brings our desert.”

With Rachel’s exhibitionistic urges temporarily stated, we concentrated on finishing our dinner. The waiter kept coming back, bringing us more water, tea and offers of dessert. Once dinner was finished, we paid our check and made our way out of the restaurant.

Rachel sat with her back to the passenger door on the drive home. She’d had me unzip my slacks so that she could rub her gorgeous, naked toes up and down my panty-covered crotch.

I barely got the car stopped and turned of when Rachel bolted out the door and headed for the house. She pressed her big tits against me as I attempted to unlock the front door. Once inside, she tore off her blouse and skirt but left her thong on. In a flash I had my shoes, shirt and pants off. My hard cock pressed against the silky material of my panties. Rach reached out and stroked me through them.

“I want you inside of me,” she moaned as my hand rubbed her pussy through her thong. She then turned and led me by the cock to our bedroom.

She wasted no time once we got there. She lay down on the bed, brought her knees up and pulled the crotch of her panties aside. Her pussy lips were almost purple, the color they got when she was very excited. I leaned over to lick her, but she stopped me.

“There’s plenty of time to do that later, I want your cock in my pussy now.”

Never one to argue with a naked lady, I pulled the waistband down on my bikinis just enough to free my cock and got up on the bed. She roughly grabbed my penis and guided it to her pussy. She let out a long and low moan as my cock drove inside of her in one push. She moved her legs up to my shoulders, so I could drive my cock even deeper.

“Fuck me,” she cried out. Reaching between us she started savagely rubbing her own clit. “I want to cum all over your cock.”

Her other hand was busy twisting and pulling on her own nipples. I leaned over and took one of them in my mouth, holding it between my lips while I flicked my tongue over the tip.

“Yeah, honey,” she moaned. “That’s gonna make me cum.”

Her body started to tense then shake under me as her moaning deepened and got more intense. She grabbed my hips and pulled me deep inside of her and held me still. I could feel her pussy contract around my hard cock.

“Wow, that was intense,” she smiled when she caught her breath.

She suddenly pushed me off and out of her. The flash of disappointment I felt was short lived when she quickly rolled over and got on her hands and knees. I placed a hand on each hip while she reached back between her legs and guided my cock back inside of her pussy.

“You are pretty gooey down there,” she said as I slowly sank my cock deep in her wetness.

Much to my delight, she turned her head around and started licking her juices off of her fingers and hand.

“Wow, I taste pretty good tonight,” she told me as she laid her head back down on the bed.

As I felt my orgasm build, I started pumping into her faster and harder. She reached back between her legs and started caressing and pulling on my balls. Feeling her fingers pressing against my balls through the silky panties was too much. With one last shove, I drove my cock deep inside her pussy and started cumming. I know it only lasted for a few seconds, but it seemed as though my balls would never empty, my cock kept shooting and shooting filling her pussy until it overflowed with my cum.

Thoughts of the previous night, had given me a raging hard on. I slowly stroked myself through my panties, the desire to get myself off was hard to resist but I decided it would be infinitely more fun to do it with Rachel. I stopped rubbing my cock and got out of bed and headed for the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

Rachel was dressed in shorts and a tank top, for a moment I thought that was kind of weird, as she rarely wore clothes around the house in the mornings. As I walked further into the kitchen and saw her best friend Karen, I understood why she wasn’t naked. The look on Karen’s face when I entered reminded me that all I was still wearing panties.

“Nice underwear,” Karen said. “Love the color.”

I tried to cover myself. At that moment, there was nothing I wanted to do more than bolt from the room. But I tried to play it cool.

“I’ll go and put something a little more uncomfortable on.”

“Oh, don’t bother on my account,” Karen joked. “I think it’s kind of cute.”

“Yeah she’s already seen you,” Rachel said. “Why don’t you just keep them on?”

Never being one to turn down a dare, I agreed to it.

“Since you’re up, could you get us some more coffee?” Rachel asked.

I turned, grabbed the coffee pot and freshened up their cups.

“I really like those,” Karen said eyeing me as I poured. “So how long have you been wearing panties?”

Karen was nothing, if not upfront.

“Off and on since we got married,” I answered.

“I changed my mind,” Karen said, mostly directed at Rachel. “I think it’s more sexy than cute.”

“I have to admit,” Rach agreed. “It makes me hotter than I would have ever imagined and it definitely turns him on.”

“I noticed,” Karen said eyeing my crotch.

There was nothing I could do about it my cock was slowly getting hard. My erection went from semi to rock hard as Rachel told her, in graphic detail about our little adventure the night before. Karen alternated her glances from Rachel to my rising cock, making it an even more erotic situation.

“That’s hot,” Karen exclaimed when Rachel finished the story, staring at my erection straining against the panties. “It looks as though someone is ready to go again. Besides, I have to get going anyway.”

She stood up and walked over to give me a goodbye hug. My cock pressed into her hip as she pressed her body against mine, she pressed against me even harder as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. As she headed for the door, Rachel got up and stepped over to me and gave me a kiss, her tongue darting past my lips.

“I’m going to walk Karen down to her car,” she told me. “I want you to take a quick shower. When I come back, we’ll take care of this. Don’t get him off in the shower, I have a surprise planned for you.”

To further emphasize her point she reached down and ran her hand up and down my erection.

I showered as quickly as I could. Rachel was lying on our bed, nude with her legs apart, her fingers slowly rubbing her clit. She reached out with her free hand and stroked my cock as I knelt beside her.

“You alright with what happened this morning?” she asked.

“A little embarrassed,” I admitted. “But it was a huge turn on.”

“That was pretty obvious,” she smiled as her hand tightened around my cock. ” It made me so wet, I’m surprised I didn’t leave a puddle on the chair when I got up. It got Karen really hot and bothered too. Knowing her, she’s getting herself off right now driving home.”

As that tid-bit of information sank in, Rachel leaned over and took my cock deep in her mouth and started sucking me. The sudden wet contact sent lightning bolts through my body. I moaned as she slid her saliva soaked hand and mouth up and down my cock. After a couple of minutes, she pulled away and laid back on the bed with her legs spread.

“I want your cock inside of me,” she moaned, fingering her clit.

A throaty groan came from her mouth as I leaned down and placed my mouth on her pussy. Her body started to writhe and quiver as I squeezed her clit between my lips, sucking and licking it at the same time. With my left hand I first slid my middle finger between her wet lips, once it was wet, I moved it down and gently teased her asshole.

“Oh yeah….” She moaned. “I love it when you finger fuck my ass. Fuck me with it.”

I continued to suck on her clit while I buried my finger in her butt.

“I’m wet enough, I want to get fucked,” she cried out, pushing my head away.

I moved between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock on her hard clit a few times before moving it down. As my cock parted her pussy lips, she thrust her hips forward until her clit was grinding against my pubic bone. She was even wetter than she’d been the night before. She ground her pussy against my body in short up and down motions. It wasn’t long before she was in the throes of a very loud, very wet orgasm. I slowed my thrusting, to give her a chance to catch her breath.

“Damn,” she panted. “That felt good.”

“I could tell.”

She let out a moan as I picked up the pace, driving my cock inside of her again.

“Did you like having Karen see you in your panties?”

I nodded.

“Want your surprise?”

I nodded. She reached under the pillow, when her hand came back into view she was holding a bright red thong. She rubbed the silky material against me, starting on my stomach and working her way up. My cock throbbed inside of her pussy. She continued moving upwards until she reached my face.

“Sniff them,” she ordered, pressing them to my nose.

I inhaled. While they smelled great I noticed they smelled a little different. My eyes widened as I started to put two and two together.

“They’re Karen’s,” Rachel smiled, finishing my thought for me. “I had her give them to me when I walked her out to the car.”

It took everything I had not to cum. The thought of Rachel asking her friend for her panties… Images of Karen standing by her car, taking her shorts then panties off, in public made it almost impossible not to cum. With every ounce of will power I had, I was able to keep from cumming.

Rachel then pulled them away from me and held them up to her own nose. My balls tightened as I heard her breath in.

“I see what why you like sniffing my panties,” she whispered. “She smells almost good enough to eat.”

I lost all control when she stuck her tongue out and started licking the crotch.

“She tastes good enough to eat.”

With a huge moan, my cock blasted off, filling her wet pussy with shot after shot of cum.

“So you liked that?” she asked as my cock softened and slid out of her pussy.

A weak moan was the best I could do as an answer.

“By the way, Karen wants you to wear these when we get together tomorrow night.”

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