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Choosing a Harem Life Pt. 02

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After a long restful night’s sleep in the arms of Salina and Maria, Brigette retreated to her arch room to prepare for the day with her new gift, a wooden cock. Her loving teachers admonished her to practice her poetry and calligraphy by composing around the topic of her first true sexual experience with them the previous night as well as use her new gift. They then retreated to their own chambers to handle their individual morning oblations.

Brigette set the wooden cock on the table near her and got out one of her precious pieces of paper, a rare gift that she treasured. First using slate and chalk to practice what she wanted to do, Brigette went to work. She worked through different ideas, and in doing so began to process her feelings. The experience with Salina and Maria had been undeniably erotic and intense. They had brought her such pleasure! It gave her shivers to think about it even now. The way the sensations had drowned out all rational thought – she didn’t know what to think of losing control like that. And to know that she had lost not just control but her virginity to two women, well, what did that mean? They were teaching me, helping me, but I know they enjoyed it too. Is it wrong for me to enjoy them?

Salina had taught her a form of Asian poetry that she found appealing, called a Haiku. It forced her to think carefully about the topic and put it in few words, and she found that the restrictive structure gave her clarity. She spent several minutes reliving her time with them, the passion, the touches, the feeling, the loss of control. She focused her thoughts and sought a calm place to visualize clearly what she had felt, what they had all felt. Then she dipped a sharpened feather in an ink well and wrote in a swirling, firm and clear hand:

Tongues bring new delight

Our bodies covered in sweat

Three women, one joy.

Yes, she thought to herself. That’s it. One joy. Feeling better about all that had happened and its implications on their relationships, Brigette mentally moved on. She combed out her now-tangled red hair and washed her body with a sponge before dressing anew for the day. She now habitually added light touches of face paint as they had taught her, highlighting her green eyes and cheekbones. Next, a dab of dark red stain on her lips to create greater contrast with her pale skin. Finally, she chose a green harem dress and fitted it across her bust and over her hips. Looking at herself in the large mirror, Brigette thought she looked different, even though she had worn the dress before. More experienced. More a woman and not a girl. I like it.

They were surprised that day by a visit from Beornrich. He brought news that the Baron, long delayed in returning from the infidel lands, would arrive in about four weeks according to the latest messenger. He asked Salina and Maria to join him in decorating the Baron’s bedroom and waiting room, respectively.

“I wish a touch of the exotic in these places to remind him of his adventures, blended pleasantly in items from our county. My dear Brigette, I can choose for the local items so I will not inflict this upon you. Enjoy your day to yourself.” Beornrich’s full, commanding voice felt out of place in this retreat of femininity, but none complained. Maria and Salina added robes to their choice of dresses and left with Beornrich, reportedly for the rest of the day.

Having the room to herself was a novelty. In fact, Brigette could not remember a time when she was indoors by herself. Her only alone time had been in the forests, and she had treasured those moments of serenity and peace. She had thought it the forest, but the same sense of calm came over her now, and she realized that it was the rarity of being alone that was relaxing to her.

She did something she had been guiltily curious about ever since joining the other women – she went through their arch rooms. She saw what clothes they had and how they arranged things, taking note of the smallest detail. The curtains separating the rooms from the common area lost a bit of their mystery as she was able to explore leisurely. She had been in Salina’s rooms once, but had been so distraught that she had not fully seen what was there.

Salina’s room was decorated in a foreign style, with rugs and pillows all about. She had thought the bed a wooden thing, but now saw that it was a carefully arranged pile of soft rugs and blankets and pillows on the floor. Jewelry and candles dotted a small table and books in languages she could not read dotted an alcove. It was a pleasant, if alien-feeling, room. Brigette ran her hands along the soft folds of the blankets and stroked the few folded garments. Soft, like Salina’s skin.

Maria’s room was closer to what her own room was like – a wooden bed slightly raised off the floor with a luxurious mattress of stuffed feathers. She had never slept on the like until coming to the Baron’s castle, and it seemed Maria shared her favorable opinion of it. There were fewer books but a clear space had obviously been created near the wall. After seeing scuffed slippers nearby, Brigette deduced that Maria danced by herself in here. She moves so gracefully, I bet she looks marvelous.

Fearing their early return, Brigette left their rooms and helped herself to a lunch of sliced apples, cheese and coarse bread, just like she might have had at home. It brought on another bout of melancholy, but there was no one to cheer her mood this time. Brigette retreated to her room and lay on her bed, thinking of her family and what might be happening now. With the money that Beornrich was sending, they soon would have enough for a dowry for her younger sister Helga, and maybe a year after that her baby sister Liselle. In three years, they both might be married, and with them gone her brother could attract a wife of his own without the implied need of caring for the entire extended family. Me leaving might be the best thing that ever happened to them.

She tried to shake off this negative line of thinking, reflecting instead on the good things that had occurred to her since coming. Her learning in becoming like a rich lady would serve her well after this period of servitude. And being waited on, brought food, was a real treat. And those hot baths! A decadent delight that she loved.

Thoughts of the bath brought back memories of Maria and Salina, culminating in their time together yesterday. A half an hour of daydreaming about being pampered and tutored – and taught erotically – changed her mood. Now out of her funk, Brigette found herself a bit horny. She looked over at her table and saw the wooden cock jutting up from it.

Reaching out and taking it in her hands, she stroked the smooth shaft. She didn’t know if it was accurate, but it seemed like what she had heard about and seen (flaccid) on men around her in the village. But the hardness, the length, invited investigation. She rubbed it, remembering the feel of it inside her. Remembering Salina and Maria’s touch to arouse her.

With a sudden decisive movement, Brigette sat up and took off her dress. She was going to be nude and use the cock on herself, alone and uninhibited this pleasant afternoon. Being alone has its advantages. She lay on her bed, spreading her red hair about her on the pillow so it would not tangle, and examined this thing that had brought her both pain and pleasure yesterday. It was dark brown and smooth, so smooth it was glossy, without a rough spot anywhere. It was about 7 inches long and pleasantly thick, with a bulging head atop. She remembered some instruction Salina had offered about teasing a man, and tentatively tried exploring it with her tongue. It seemed artificial and odd, but she could see better how it could be erotic if a real man were there, responding to her touch.

Now fully in the mood if not yet ready, Brigette rubbed the moistened wooden head around her nipples, bringing both the sensations of touch and wetness – like she was being rubbed and licked at the same time. It felt nice. She continued to massage and caress her body, letting one hand manage her new tool while the other just used fingers – or fingernails – to elicit a response from her sensitive spots. Mentally she began reliving what it had felt like when Maria had licked her down there, or when Salina had pleasured her nipple via tongue-strokes. The combination of mental imagery and physical touch brought a heated flush to Brigette’s face as her body responded.

Her fingers began pinching her nipples, no longer satisfied with caresses and rubbing. She needed more. Her questing right hand slid down her taut stomach, gliding past her narrowly-trimmed pubic hairs and over her sensitive lips. She stroked up and down outside them, then began rubbing gently in a circular motion over her clit. Ah yes, there we go she thought as the level of pleasure stepped up a level at that intimate touch. She set aside her wooden friend and just used her fingers to strum a familiar erotic pattern on her nerves. There was a certain something missing that she had not felt before. It is a lack of surprise. I know where I’m going next, instead of being surprised by where Salina or Maria touch me. It still feels good, but now I understand that being by myself isn’t enough anymore.

Trying to beat her own thoughts, Brigette’s fingers slid between her now-wet pussy lips in a sensual line from clit to hole. She pushed it down between them, then let the pressure of her tight pussy lips lift her finger slowly up to the surface. It felt so good that she kept repeating the gesture, letting her finger slowly slide upwards along her lips as it was pushed out. Feeling how slick she was turned her on mentally. Her left hand now grasped her left breast hard and squeezed as she began to vigorously stroke and rub her clit.

Realizing she was alone, she began to verbalize to an imaginary lover. “Oh yes, touch me! Touch my wet pussy!” Her fingers slipped as if on their own accord down lower and two pushed inside her, bringing a sigh of pleasure. Her thumb took up clit duty, and she felt her body start that powerful climb towards an orgasm.

She had an urge to sit up and jam three fingers into her pussy, wanting to be filled. Lifting up, she saw the forgotten wooden cock lying beside her bed. Yes, that’s just what I need! Brigette took the tool and plunged it into her mouth, getting it nice and wet. Then without hesitation she brought it down and rubbed it between her puffy lips and against her swollen clit, coating it with her love juices. She still felt a bit of trepidation about the size of it, but her body’s need drowned out any remaining hesitation.

With a swift resolution, Brigette positioned the shaft at her entrance and began to sink it inside her. She peeled her lips aside to ease the entry, and still felt a bit of pain – it was much larger than her fingers, for sure! She let is pause there, the bulbous head just inside her. The pain was fleeting and swiftly began to change to something else, a clenching throbbing pleasure that felt so much better than her fingers. Brigette slowly inched the shaft in more, and paused again at the pain until it subsided. Slowly yet hungrily she pushed it in. She found herself fascinated by it, and was aroused just watching it slide inside her, visually disappearing but still burning in her brain through her pussy’s sense of touch. She clenched on it and gasped at the pleasure. Oh yes!

It was now fully buried inside her, and she leaned back and arched in appreciation at the pulse of pleasure coming out from her womanhood. She started sliding it in and out slowly, and again the tinges of pain took her a bit to get past. But soon it didn’t hurt at all, and the sense of fullness that it gave her was amazing. She rubbed her clit as it slid all the way in, and she found she was panting. She experimented with it, and found different angles sent new pulses of pleasure outward, burning her nerves and narrowing her world to just this. Inexperienced but responding to an instinctual need, she began to slide it in and out faster, harder, soon slamming it in and out of her sopping wet pussy as she vigorously circled and stroked her clit. God, here it comes!

“Oh, oh, oh, oh god, oh, oh Yes Yes!!” She yelled to the empty room, letting the sudden onslaught of her orgasm rip through her body unrestrained. The rippling muscles of her pussy’s orgasm wrapped around the hard shaft and made it far more intense than she had felt from any fingering. It seemed to go on and on, until finally she collapsed back on her bed panting. Her vision had dark circles around it, and she knew she was flushed and sweaty. That felt so good. Ah, now I truly understand why a woman want a man between her legs.

Brigette rested and then dressed, and was properly practicing reciting some poetry when Salina and Maria returned. They chatted pleasantly but when Brigette’s back was turned the two exchanged knowing looks – they could tell what she had been up to. A wink was all that was needed to finish their conversation.

The next several days Salina and Maria contrived to be elsewhere, leaving Brigette alone. As they knew she would, she spent the hours experimenting with her body and newfound sexual confidence. She now used the wooden cock on herself in a myriad of positions, typically making herself come three times each day. It was a heady time for Brigette as she lost inhibitions and learned her own body in a new and amazing way.

It was on the morning of the fourth day after Brigette’s first penetrative sex that Salina and Maria took the next step. Salina called on Brigette to finish getting ready, and warned her that they would be resuming her training. Brigette wasn’t nervous anymore. She had used the practice penis on herself so much over the last few days that it was now only pleasurable to feel that firmness filling her. I like sex – at least now I know I won’t hate it when I have to serve the Baron she thought to herself. Now she just needed to know how to be with a real man.

Salina motioned Brigette to lay down onto the pillows on their divan. “You must now begin to learn the Positions of the Harem with a live partner,” she said. “As no man is here to assist us, Maria shall play the part.”

Understanding some of this but wondering how, Brigette looked at her in curiosity. Maria went to a chest against the wall and rummaged in it. She took out a device like the wooden penis Brigette had practiced with. The end of it, like the other, showed the distinctive ridge of a circumcised organ. Brigette was amazed to see, however, that this one was mounted on straps. Maria stripped off all of her clothes without any self-consciousness. She then came toward Brigette, fastening the straps over her cleanly shaven pubic mound and around her hips. It rested against her clit and extended back, so that the contact would likely stimulate Maria as well.

Salina came up to Brigette from behind and caressed down her arms, then began to undress her. Now used to her touch, Brigette complied and was soon naked before them both. Salina kissed her deeply and Maria stroked down her lovely pale chest.

“I must first ensure that you are ready for the lesson, and that you remember what we have taught you. Come, let us prepare you,” Salina whispered in a husky voice. Brigette felt a shiver go through her at Salina’s tone of voice.

Salina laid Brigette down on the divan again. This time Maria came over and rested beside her, kissing and touching the redhead’s suddenly aroused body. Salina did something different, though. She knelt down on the floor, and gently spread Brigette’s legs. She began kissing up along pale thighs towards the waiting red thatch of hair. Once again the amazing touches of two beautiful women began to drive rational thought out of Brigette’s mind. The teasing flicks of a tongue along her pussy lips jolted a lovely counterpoint to Maria’s tweaking of her nipples.

Salina slid her tongue sensually between this redheaded vixen’s puffy pussy lips. She tasted so good! Like a kid tasting sugar, she could not get enough. She lapped and licked and flicked and tasted and loved on Brigette’s body. Maria watched with both pleasure and envy as Salina’s tongue devoured that tasty slit. She knew from experience how talented Salina was, and watched Brigette suddenly arch in pleasure.

As if on their own accord, Brigette’s hands went down and wrapped themselves in Salina’s dark hair. Her hips began rubbing up and down and pulling Salina’s lips tight. Maria was a bit surprised that this innocent was instinctually demanding more from the Arabian beauty between her legs, but it aroused her even more to know that Brigette was no longer just passive in her pleasure.

Salina broke out of the needy grip, pushing Brigette’s hands up towards Maria, who put them on her breasts. The redhead’s flushed face and glazed eyes screamed that she wanted someone to take her.

Now sure that Brigette was ready, Maria slid down between Brigette’s legs while Salina shifted up to lay on the divan. Grabbing the oaken cock and bending Brigette’s knees up to her chest, she spread her legs so her white thighs framed her pink pussy and its patch of red hair. Maria thrust the rod gently into her pussy, and took a few strokes and wiggled her hips a bit. Salina spoke from the side, “This is the most common position for lovemaking, the man on top and the woman accepting him on her back – often it is called the Missionary, but I do not know why.” Maria continued the demonstration and Brigette quickly found herself enjoying it despite the awkward knowledge of who she was with, and that Salina was next to her, stroking and watching.

Brigette’s hips once again began to buck, and Maria backed off, not letting their new lover have her release. The redhead moaned and reached out for Maria, practically begging for the Spanish firebrand to plunge the shaft deep inside her.

“Now teach her the ‘Rider’ position, Maria” called out Salina. Maria, knowing well all these positions, withdrew the toy and lay back herself, the wooden strap on cock sticking up in the air. After a gesture that helped her understand, Brigette rose up and straddled Maria’s hips, pressing down until her pussy slid onto the cock. She took it entirely into herself, and Maria bent her forward until Brigette’s large white breasts rubbed Maria’s darker ones. “The man will delight to feel the breasts caress his chest,” said Salina. Maria and Brigette couldn’t disagree, because they delighted in the feel of each other. Maria wrapped her fingers through the luxuriously long red hair and pulled Brigette down into a kiss.

From the constant movement of the wooden rod in and out of her pussy, Brigette was extremely wet and was clearly near to orgasm. In this position she began to rise and fall on Maria’s strapon with force, pounding herself down. Maria was feeling the carefully carved knob rubbing against her own clit hard and her face was visibly flushed despite her sun-darkened skin. On the divan next to them, Salina had two fingers in her pussy now, spreading the lips so the pink inner parts showed for her to rub and thrust. She moved her fingers to the pink bump of the clitoris and began rubbing it clockwise. The quiet of their room was only broken by the now heavy breathing of both Brigette and Maria. Brigette felt a flush darkening her neck and face as she rode up and down on that delicious shaft, feeling Maria thrust it into her. Is this what it would feel like with a man? It is so much better when another thrusts with the cock than when I am alone!

“Now,” said Salina, “one position that many men enjoy beyond all others. The Ram.” At Salina’s gestures, Brigette climbed off of Maria. The Spanish beauty guided Brigette’s body, having her kneel on the divan, projecting her ass into the air. Maria pushed gently down on her shoulders and Brigette dropped her head to the pillows. Maria grasped Brigette’s thighs and spread them a bit wider, then moved into position. It was so inviting that she couldn’t resist, and Maria swiftly knelt and pushed her tongue into Brigette’s entrance. A moan let her know that she had hit the spot, and her tongue drifted upwards across the pale ass, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

Shifting to stand behind Brigette’s inviting arse and spreading the pink lips of her pussy, Maria drove the hard wooden rod in strongly. She grabbed Brigette’s ass and rocked it back and forth while she thrust with the cock, thus giving them both the benefit of it rubbing them. “You must be prepared for a man to thrust strongly in this position,” Salina said, “because it excites many of them greatly. Often a few strokes will suffice to bring him to his pleasure.”

Salina busied herself with her fingers, knowing that Maria and Brigette were past the point of instruction as they moaned and twisted to the thrusts of the oaken rod. Maria reached forward, and putting a hand under Brigette’s chest began to rub her tits and squeeze her pink nipples. With the other hand she grasped one of her own breasts and manipulated its pointed brown nipple. Salina quickened the pace of rubbing her dark pussy, her fingers entering in time with the thrusts she was watching. Maria thrust with her hips as Brigette moaned, wiggled her ass and pushed back against the penetration.
Soon Maria removed her hands from the boobs they caressed and grabbed Brigette’s round white ass with both hands, pulling it to her as she thrust the oaken cock deep and rotated her own hips against the rounded end which was rubbing against her own pussy. She moaned and threw her head back, her eyes closing as her hips shook with her orgasm. She kept thrusting, clearing trying to prolong her pleasure, and only a minute later Brigette jerked her hips and moaned into the pillow as she came too.

Salina gave a slight moan as she watched the orgasm wash over Brigette, an exquisite sight. Maria was panting, leaning against her lover with the wooden cock still buried inside. Salina didn’t stop but kept fingering and stroking as her two friends recovered. Maria noticed, and then withdrew from Brigette’s body.

“We have forgotten Salina in our training. She needs some release. Brigette, help her.” Maria said, as she slowly began unbuckling the straps keeping the love contraption on her. Brigette looked at her hesitantly, unsure about it. She had responded to Salina’s demands the first time in the midst of passion, unthinkingly tasting the Arabian beauty. But now, this was different. Intentional.

She saw the look of command in Maria’s eyes, and then the look of need in Salina’s. They have been so kind to me, and of course if you live in a big harem for just one man whom you would not see very often you would need another’s touch to survive. I guess it is not wrong…and Salina deserves it. Resolving to not let either of them down, Brigette slid forward and put her head between Salina’s open legs.

Salina withdrew her fingers and Brigette slowly crept closer, smelling the exotic tang of another woman. Her red lips parted and she hesitantly reached out with her tongue to lick along the puffy lips. Mmm, that doesn’t taste bad. A small gasp from Salina was encouraging, and Brigette inexperienced but devious tongue began to explore. In fact, she tastes…good.

Brigette’s tongue pushed between those lips, finding a swollen clit desperate for attention. She remembered how she liked to be touched and ran her tongue up and down the sides of it, flicking and swirling. Salina groaned in pleasure and opened her legs wider, and Brigette wiggled forward to better explore.

Salina ran her hands through Brigette’s fiery hair, not grabbing but gently guiding her to spots of pleasure. She was close just from watching Maria take this redheaded vixen. But she found that she wanted it to last. To have Brigette get used to having her tongue service Salina’s pussy. Brigette was making it hard by proving to be a natural. Salina gasped as Brigette’s lips locked around her clit and sucked, sending a charge of electricity up her body. She felt a moan escape her lips involuntarily, and looked down in response to this amazing sensation.

Unplanned, Brigette opened her eyes and suddenly there she was, dark eyes and green trapped within each other’s gazes. Brigette felt a thrill run down her spine as she saw the pleasure that Salina was experiencing from her touch. They kept their gazes locked, neither willing to look away and break the moment. Brigette stared upwards along carefully trimmed dark pubic hair above the clean-shaven lips, watching those lovely breasts heaving and then a panting mouth, and eyes beginning to glaze with pleasure. That haze of bliss made Brigette redouble her efforts, suddenly anxious to give release to her lovely teacher. Brigette slid down slightly and pushed her tongue as deep as she could inside Salina, thrusting in and out before swooping back up and taking her clit between her lips and sucking hard.

Salina grunted and the hands in Brigette’s hair suddenly tightened their grip, pulling their bodies together. Brigette’s mouth became a receptacle and she released her lip lock on Salina’s clit to allow the Arabian beauty to thrust her hips into Brigette’s face. The hips bucked, sliding and grinding that needy wet pussy along Brigette’s mouth. The inexperienced redhead just lashed out with her tongue as best she felt able, but let her face be used by Salina. The rocking, bucking hips suddenly stopped and Salina held so tightly that Brigette was afraid she would yank out her hair. Brigette’s tongue felt warmth and contractions and a thrill of victory went through the redhead at the thought that she had brought Salina to an orgasm. It seemed to go on and on, locked in that position, until Salina’s head lolled back against the couch, panting, and loosened her grip.

Brigette leaned back slowly, freeing herself but still kneeling between the open legs of Salina. Maria felt a pulse of pleasure at the sight of juices smeared along Brigette’s face, the mixture of innocence and raw sexuality making her want this vixen again right then. But she held back, knowing a rush might upset the delicate path they had been successfully walking. Salina gestured and Brigette slid up and they hugged, their naked bodies pressed together not in urgency but gentleness. Maria slid beside them and they sandwiched Brigette’s body between them with warmth and touch. After a few minutes Salina pulled Brigette’s head back from snuggling on her neck and kissed the younger woman, a slow sensual kiss that was both gentle and possessive.

They shared smiles all around from the session, and that seemed to break the spell. They separated and began to dress for a meal. Salina patted Brigette on the cheek in thanks and gave her a warm smile. “Well done, dear, you were magnificent. The Baron cannot but be aroused when he is with you. We shall continue your instruction in the same way for the time we have remaining until he returns.”

“More? I thought I did it well?” Brigette responded.

Salina gently shook her head. “With three positions, yes. But recall we must be proficient in at least the Key 30 Positions of the Harem. Myself, I practiced until I knew all 101 positions perfectly before I was allowed to visit the Sultan. And you must learn the ways of your own body, which is to say the female body, so you can teach the Baron how to make sure you are receptive to his efforts without undue friction. Maria and I spent many hours together and with others learning how to please a woman so that we could teach our master, and you will do the same. I think you will find it very pleasurable, my dear.”

Maria nodded at her with friendship and something more in her eyes and a soft smile on her lips, and Brigette blushed. The idea of being with these two beautiful women was at once taboo and erotic. She knew that she still desired a man, but found herself looking forward to some very busy and pleasurable days with her new teachers…

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