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A Surprise at the Door

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I was so damn glad to be home. Work had sucked all fucking week long, and I was looking forward to a weekend of not really doing much of anything. If the wife pulled out her “to do” list, I’d simply refuse and deal with whatever repercussions I had to. At the moment, my sole plan was to get inside, put on some comfortable clothes, grab a beer and take root in front of the TV.


When the door opened, and I caught sight of the wife, all my plans were shot to hell.. but in a good way.

Melanie stood in the center of the foyer, wearing a corset and stockings, with heels that set off her long, sexy legs to their best effect. Her long, wavy brunette hair fell enticingly over one shoulder and the look on her face told me I wasn’t going to be taking it easy right away.

“Hi, baby,” she purred. “How about celebrating the end of the work week?” She began walking toward me, her sexy shoes making her hips sway in the most erotic fashion. Though it was only a handful of feet between us, the shoes made her have to take smaller steps, so it took a good long while for her to reach me. By the time she sensually pressed her beautiful body against mine, my cock was already hard and ready for whatever Mel had in mind.

When she felt my hard-on, a smile slowly broadened her lips, and she reached between our bodies, her hand rubbing my stiff bulge.

I was astonished. For one, I was surprised to see my Melanie wearing the outfit she had on. She didn’t care for lingerie, at least not this kind, saying it wasn’t really for her at all, but for me. Secondly, the last time she just grabbed my crotch, I think we’d been dating. That’d been some time ago. A million things to say blazed through my head, but all that escaped my lips was a low, incredulous moan.

There was one other thing I was shocked about: Mel’s aggressiveness. She was normally pretty submissive in the bedroom, letting me do what I wanted, knowing one of my prime desires is to make her feel good. Even though I don’t think I have much of a submissive streak, this new Melanie turned me on. A lot.

“My boy’s all hard,” she whispered into my ear. “Does he want to use that big, thick cock on me?”

She also doesn’t talk like that, so I managed another wordless moan.

I then remembered a conversation we’d had a while back, where I wondered idly what it would be like if she took the lead in bed. She had no problem with telling me what to do or correcting me when we were cleaning the house or something like that, so I knew she had it in her. I was pretty sure I didn’t want it to be an always thing, but I told her I thought it’d be interesting if she was the top once, sexually. Apparently this was that experiment.

I liked it so far. Then again, what man isn’t going to get turned on when the woman he loves most in the world comes at him dressed in the sexiest outfit possible, with an equally erotic attitude?

With her heels on, Melanie could almost look me in the eye, though not quite. Still, having her that much closer to my height simply made her seem that much more imposing, and it enhanced whatever effect she was working for. All-in-all, I’d do whatever she wanted, especially if she was willing to make herself look this sexy for me.

Still, when I felt Mel’s hand leave my crotch, I thought we’d be heading for the bedroom right away. However, I was delighted when she gave me a smile, then started sliding her gorgeous body down mine, until she knelt at my feet. Oh my god. As sexy as she looked before, she was even moreso in this position. I looked down and watched as she deftly slipped my belt loose, then opened my pants and let them fall to the floor. Pulling my boxers down pulled my erection down with them, until it slid free and bounced back up, resting against her cheek. With a delighted chuckle, Melanie took a moment to stare my stiffness down, before reaching around, grabbing my ass cheeks in her hands, opening her mouth wide and taking as much of me in her mouth as she could.

Holy shit! After the week I’d had, this sensation was almost overwhelming! Fuck, but it felt good. I could hardly believe it. While she bobbed her head up and back on my hard-on, I just looked down and watched, and moaned. Oral sex hadn’t felt this good in ages. And the visual of my gorgeous wife with her mouth full of cock just added to the stimulation.

Then, I felt a finger moving further toward center. We’d talked about such things, but I hadn’t expected her to do anything about it. Before long, that finger was tickling the crease of my butt crack. It surprised the hell out of me how sensitive it was. Then, when it penetrated deeper, and I felt it nudge against my ass pucker, I almost called a halt to what she was doing. However, I was enjoying her talented mouth on me too much to want it to end anytime soon, so I just let her do whatever she was going to do. Besides, although my brain was putting up a protest, my body was saying, “Fuck yeah, bring it on.”

While my sexy Melanie fucked my cock with her face, she continued wiggling that finger against my asshole. It wasn’t exactly easy going, as there was no lube involved, so I was going to be shocked if she managed to penetrate me, at least right at that moment. Still, she kept at it, tickling my anus while she gave me the blowjob of my life.

From her kneeling position, she opened her eyes and gazed up at me, gauging my response to what was happening. Fuck, I was beyond happy. This was exactly what I needed for the kind of week I’d had. I was starting to want to get out of my work duds, though, and into something more comfortable – in this case: nothing, so I dredged up my voice and croaked, “Bedroom?”

Mel smiled around my cock, gave a couple more bobs of the head, then pulled away, removing her hands from my ass, and holding one up for me to help her to her feet. Before we headed for the bed, I couldn’t help but pull my wife’s face to mine, our lips mashing together. That she’d just been sucking my cock didn’t faze me in the least. I wanted as much of this woman as I could get right at that point, and nothing she’d willingly put her mouth to would turn me off.

I kicked off my shoes, stepped out of my trousers and underwear right there in the entryway, then scooped my wife off the floor and carried her to the bedroom. Placing her carefully so she could catch her balance with the shoes she wore, I then stood back and pulled off the rest of my clothes until I stood naked in front of her. Now, she gave me the once-over, just as I’d done with her inside the front door. She lingered on the erection she’d just held between her lips, but eventually her eyes traveled back up my body until they came to my face.

In a sultry voice, Melanie told me, “Tonight, we’re going to do some of those things you’ve been jacking off to while sitting at the computer.” When she saw me start to protest, she interrupted, “Don’t try to claim you’re innocent. I’ve seen the kind of stuff that gets you going. Don’t worry, it turns me on to know how kinky you are. I just wish you’d have told me sooner. We could have had all sorts of fun all this time.” With that, she went to her nightstand and got out a moderate sized dildo and a bottle of lube.

“I don’t have a strap-on, so you’re just going to have to live through this,” she explained, then patted the edge of the bed. Well, being no dummy, I sat in the spot she indicated, then laid back when she gave a push to the center of my chest. I let her help me put my legs up, like I’d done for her so many times in the past, then watched as she drizzled lube onto the fake cock and smeared it all over the rubber shaft.

Melanie knew I played with my ass. She knew I could probably take a larger dildo than the one she had in her hand, but this was the one she was comfortable using, so I wasn’t going to say anything. Besides, if I could guess what was going to happen here, I wouldn’t mind in the least.

Mel started rubbing the slicked-up head of the dildo against my asshole, getting it ready, then she centered it and gently pushed.

It was a lot different having someone else doing the penetrating. I was used to dildoing myself, so like with most everything else sexual, having someone else drive was kind of weird, but in a good way. It didn’t really take much before the head of the dildo popped inside me. The look on Mel’s face told me she was concerned as to whether or not she was doing okay. I gave her a smile to let her know she was just perfect, so the worry on her face changed, though she still moved the cock carefully in and out of me.

Then, once she was satisfied she wasn’t hurting me, Mel leaned forward and took my softening cock in her mouth again.

Wow! This, I had never felt before. It was incredible! I didn’t know which sensation to concentrate on – it was almost too much to keep track of. While I’d lost some of my erection while we fiddled with the dildo, the feeling of my wife’s mouth on my cock while she fucked my ass had me hard again in moments.

It was taking all I could to not blow my load almost immediately. Melanie managed to coordinate her movements so that I was always being stimulated from one place or the other, so it wasn’t easy. Though I’d have loved it if she’d have stroked my balls at the same time she was doing all this to me, I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep myself from cumming.

I don’t know how long she fucked my ass and sucked me, but I was rocketing toward an orgasm with what she was doing. Still, as if she knew what my body was up to, Mel stopped everything moments before I reached the point of no return.

After all the sensation I’d been getting, having her stop was a hell of a let-down. I found myself whimpering from the loss of all that incredible feeling. There wasn’t time to miss it for too long, though, because Melanie put the dildo down on the floor, then nudged me to move up farther on the bed, which I obeyed promptly.

Once I was in position, my wife climbed up on the bed with me, straddling my legs, then shuffled her way up till her warm pussy rested against my balls. I could feel some slickness on me, so I knew Mel was well aroused. She reached down and started caressing up and down my hard cock, saying, “You ready for my pussy, baby?”

She once again had me struggling for a voice, but I managed to squeeze out, “God, yes,” at which she gave me a huge grin.

My wife rose up, took my shaft in her slim fingers, then aligned it with her warm, slick hole. I watched as my cock slowly disappeared inside her welcoming body, low moans escaping us both.

It felt like ages, but finally, I couldn’t go any deeper inside her wet, grasping pussy. Mel ground her hips against mine, as I watched her lower lips stretch around my thickness. It was a truly erotic sight, and I could hardly wait for more.

I didn’t have to wait long, because my lovely wife then started slowly rocking her hips back and forth, making my cock slide in and out of her luscious cunt. God, this is what I’d been waiting for all week, and hadn’t really even realized it! I felt my impending orgasm perk up once more, and it built gradually, but less gradually than it had before.

Reaching up, I released my wife’s beautiful tits from the corset top, then opened my fingers up wide and closed my hands over them. They were so soft and full, I dearly loved holding them this way, especially while she rode my cock like a horny cowgirl.

After only a few minutes of fucking, I felt my orgasm swiftly upon me. Once I knew it was imminent, it was only the matter of another minute or so before I was once again on the edge of cumming. I half expected Melanie to stop once again, but instead she just rode me a little harder, telling me, “That’s it, honey, fill my pussy with your cum. I love you, and I want you to fill me up. And once you do, there’s something I want you to do for me…”

She didn’t have to finish. I knew what she meant. She truly had seen the kind of thing I’d been looking at online while stroking my cock. I’d been afraid to let her in on it, thinking she’d think I was gay or something. I mean, regular, straight-type guys don’t want to be fucked in the ass and clean their wives up after they’ve cum in them. I mean, do they? It didn’t much matter, because I knew I loved my wife and didn’t want to trade her for a cock. I did, however, want her to do exactly as she’d done with me so far.

Still, I wanted to hear it, as I knew it’d push me over the edge. “Say it, baby. Tell me exactly what you want me to do once I’ve filled your pussy.”

The idea must have turned Mel on quite a bit, too, because her first response was a deep moan. She then found her voice and panted, “Once you’ve filled my pussy, I’m going to straddle your face, and you’re going to lick your cum out of my cunt hole. Got it?” She was getting more into this kind of talk as she went on. I thought I’d have cum right away, but it was holding back, apparently waiting to hear what else came from my sexy, horny wife’s mouth.

“You gonna eat your cum, baby? You gonna eat your creampie from my pussy? I’m gonna squeeze every bit of your hot jizz out into your mouth, and I want you to swallow it. You’ll be my cum slut tonight. You’re going to make me cum while you eat your cum from my cunt…”

With a howl, I bucked up off the bed and started to fill Melanie’s pussy with my cum. Pulse after pulse poured from my body and into hers, and still she went on, “I’m gonna love seeing your face covered in cum. You’ll love every drop, and want more. And when you make me cum from licking your fucking jizz out of my fuck hole, I’ll push more out into your mouth, so be ready. You’re going to be full of cum tonight, my sexy boy. I can feel it filling me up. You’re going to be so fucking sexy eating your cum out of me…”

By this time, my orgasm was subsiding, and with it, the excitement of the thought of what Melanie was telling me. What she was saying hadn’t become objectionable, I just didn’t care any more. I was fully in the grip of the post-orgasmic “blues,” when my wife pulled off my wilting cock and made her way up my body.

I now had lost the desire to do what she was going to make me do now, but as her pussy got closer, I knew it was going to be inevitable. My choice was being taken out of my hands, which was probably best, because otherwise, I’d have succumbed to the ennui that was upon me now.

Finally, my wife’s sloppy cunt was inches from my face. She then repositioned herself and suddenly, it was right there…

Then, it was either eat or drown. Mel situated herself such that her cum-slicked hole poured out over my mouth and nose. For a moment, I couldn’t breathe, but my mouth popped open and I caught a good breath before the first thick wad of our combined juices plopped out and onto my tongue…

As the taboo eroticism of what we were doing started to take hold of me, the blues went away and were slowly replaced by excitement and arousal once more. The thing that was hardest to get past was the texture – or maybe lack of it – of what was oozing from my wife’s messy cunt. The taste of it was almost neutral, the weird edge my cum usually had (yes, I’ve tasted it before) was tempered by the addition of her pussy’s flavor.

I made a point while I lapped up my creampie to flicker my tongue over Mel’s clit once in a while, which just added to the sensation she was feeling after just being fucked. It was pretty obvious she was going to cum pretty soon, and I could hardly wait.

After a while, I grabbed my wife’s ass in my hands and shoved my face forward, my tongue spearing into her loose pussy hole. There was plenty of fluid still up in her, but whether any of it was me anymore, I couldn’t tell. I didn’t particularly care, I was now having fun just having her pussy be my entire world for the time being.

While my tongue wriggled around in her pussy, I tried to get more of what she had there inside her out and into my mouth. I didn’t care what the hell anybody else would ever think about what we were doing. The only person whose opinion mattered to me in the least – especially at that moment – was the woman who was writhing around on my face.

When I slid one hand in and started to tickle Mel’s tight little asshole, she gasped and her pussy started to buck on my face. It took everything I had to stay in contact with her sloppy cunt while she came, but I did manage that at least, and she rewarded me with a cascade of the remnants of what I’d pumped into her, as well as a fresh mouthful of her own orgasmic juices. I licked and swallowed, licked and swallowed frantically trying to keep the flood from inundating me entirely. By the time she stopped shuddering, I was full of and covered with our fuck juices. I’d been watching guys eat their cum from women’s pussies online for a while, but had no idea it could be like this!

Finally, Mel collapsed onto her side next to me. I let her lay there for a few seconds before I rolled over, then stretched myself out on top of her. My cock was now limp, but still, I felt it press against her super-wet pussy. When she opened her eyes, she smiled wearily up at my cum-slicked face.

“How was that, sexy boy?” she panted.

“A lot better than watching it on the computer,” I admitted.

“C’mere and share some of that with me,” Mel then said, pulling my face to hers. We kissed for almost a minute, then my wife pulled back a little and started licking my face, getting what she could of the combination of our wild session from my cheeks, chin and nose. It felt funny to have her licking my face, and I chuckled a little while she did so, but after a little while, she’d decided she was finished, then turned back to me again and placed her lips against mine. Once more, I could taste us, but I wasn’t going to turn away, not after everything we’d already done.

When we finally pulled back, Melanie, my gorgeous, sexy wife asked, “So, kinky man, would you care to repeat this again sometime?”

I grinned from ear-to-ear. There was no way I’d ever be able to tell anybody else I knew about this, but why the fuck would I want to? The only person who mattered was the woman who lay beneath me, the one I’d be doing it with the next time we decided to play all hot and kinky like this.

“Anytime,” I whispered huskily, then leaned down to kiss her once more…

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Up4More wrote

A good story, well written and seems like a true experience, not piece of fiction! I love doing this with my wife! It’s kinky, it’s edgy, it’s erotic and a bit “nasty”, but I can’t wait til the next time!

John wrote

Wow amazing love to have an awsome partner like that my fantasy is to be licking her clit while he bangs you i clean up the creampie mess yummy