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Chloe Joins In

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Some months ago my girlfriend (Chloe) and I went to London for a long weekend; you know, the see a show and shopping thing. We didn’t get to London until late Friday evening due to train delays and immediately crashed on the bed in the hotel. Chloe fell asleep and I flicked the telly on. Chloe is 5’10”, slim build, a brunette, with these long unending legs and a golden arch (when the thighs don’t touch when she stands with her feet together).

I’m bias, but her ass is the best I’ve ever seen and her tits are massive for her frame (36D). She’s gorgeous and I love her immensely. We’d been an item for about 8 months and our sex life was fantastic.

Chloe woke up about 20mins later and we chatted for a bit about London and what to do the next day. Somewhere in the middle of it all we started kissing, but as soon as I put my hand on her ass she jumped off the bed.

“Come on, lets go check out the pool” she said.

“Ok sure, we can finish things off there” I replied hopefully.

“Maybe” she teased while turning round and arching her back, pointing her ass at me.

She put on her black bikini, me some shorts, and we headed down to the basement. The pool was impressive, not too big, but it had a jacqusi at one end with a sauna overlooking it. The sauna had a wall of mirror glass, quite a cool touch and I immediately thought of having some fun in there. Seeing as there was nobody but us down there I thought I’d try my luck again, I knew Chloe was horny and gestured for us to go in.

“I’m heading for the Jacqusi first she said – want to cum?” she said cheekily.

I joined her. The jacqusi was hot, Chloe ducked her head under the water and ran her hands through her hair, her tits were bobbing on the water and glistened in the light. She looked so beautiful.

We sat close in the jacqusi and kissed slowly and gently, just parting our mouths a little and darting tongues out now and then. I moved a hand onto her thigh and slowly ran my hand up the inside to her bikini. As we parted a little I noticed that we were no longer alone in the basement, a couple were walking by the pool, towards the jacqusi. Chloe and I sat back holding hands under the water and just relaxed.

The couple were mid twenties; she had long blond hair, a slim figure and a defined face, a really pretty girl. She was wearing a white bikini and was clearly very confident in herself as she strode by the pool. Usually this is a turn off for me, but she had a great body and no guy would say no to her. Her man, about 5′ 10″, had a strong and muscular body, he worked out and was clearly a good looking guy, he was wearing red shorts and any guy would recognise that he was a good looking bloke. I turned to look at Chloe and she was practically staring at him.

“Try and control yourself” I said jokingly.

“You too!”, Amy replied, “she’s hot”.

They both came over to the Jacqusi.

“Hi” said the girl, “mind if we join you?”

“Sure” I replied.

They climbed in, settled down and began whispering between them, cuddling and smiling a lot, kissing and giggling. Chloe had her head tilted back, she looked like she was asleep, but I knew she wasn’t. I squeezed her hand a little and she opened her eyes and looked at me, smiling. She was sat to my left, the guy directly opposite her, the other girl opposite me. I put my hand on Chloe’s thigh, slowly moving higher and higher up the inside of her thigh. She shifted her leg a little to make it easier for me, parting her legs so I could run my hand to her bikini bottoms. She reached out with her hand and squeezed my knee. I already had a hard on and wanted her to know, so I took her hand and placed it on my shorts so she could feel my erection. She opened her eyes wide, then relaxed, rolled her hand round it and gripped it tight. I returned by moving my hand onto her clit, gently applying pressure with my fingers.

It made her shift into my fingers so I applied more pressure. As I did, her mouth parted and I could see she was getting aroused.

We’d ignored the other couple, but when I turned to look at them the girl had straddled her man, kissing him. His hands were on her back but kept darting to her side just below her tits. Chloe was watching them too. The girl started to move her hips under the water, no doubt stroking over the guys cock. Chloe still had hold of my cock and it was getting harder watching the couple. I moved my fingers quicker over her clit, she took her other hand and moved her bikini aside. I quickly buried a finger inside her and she moaned quietly, gripping my cock harder.

Moments later we both watched the girl reach into the water and seconds later pull her hand up, gripping something in it. It took me a second or two to realise, but it was her bikini bottoms. I lost concentration and took my fingers out off Chloe. We looked at each other a little stunned. This couple were completely ignoring the fact we were there, still locked in kissing, his hands were now gripping her tits and her top was beginning to ride up over them. Chloe was transfixed, she loosened her grip on my cock and shifted a little so she was more upright.

The girl then rose out of the water, enough for us to both get a flash of the top of her ass. She shifted her legs a little, reached under the water with one hand and started to lower into the water again. As she did her head tilted back a bit and she sighed long and hard. ‘She just slid onto his cock!’ I thought. I was amazed, I mean, we’d had a fumble, but this girl had just sat on her mans cock in front of us. Chloe was transfixed and my cock was rock hard.

The girl went really slowly, presumably to try and not give away what they were doing, but she kept moaning, loud enough for us to hear. His head was buried in her tits and his tongue snaking out over her nipples.

I reached under the water to get back to work on Chloe’s clit, but she’d beaten me to it and was sat leant back rubbing her clit. My mind started wondering, what if Chloe was to join in? Could that happen? Would she want to? For some reason I started to think about her having sex with this couple. I knew Chloe wouldn’t intimate it and I’d probably mess it up, so I slid towards the steps, turned to Chloe and said loud enough for everyone to hear “whatever happens hun, go with it”.

Chloe was shocked, but looked to shy to move or speak, so she had to watch me go. The girl heard me and turned to smile at me, then looked back at Chloe, then got back to her slow fuck.

I walked into the sauna, sat down and undid my shorts, my cock sprang free and I slowly rubbed my cock as I watched the 2 in the jacqusi fuck in front of Chloe. I could make out Chloe’s hand working quickly on her clit and she was struggling to keep her head fixed in place to watch the couple. The girl was moaning louder and working herself up and down his shaft quicker, his tongue still moving over her tits as his hands held them tightly. She looked close to orgasm, as did Chloe.

Suddenly the girl stopped and turned round, she’d not climaxed and I wondered what she was doing. It made Chloe stop too and she quickly went red in embarrassment. The girl stood up, fully naked now facing Chloe. Chloe just looked her up and down. Then the girl sat back onto her mans lap, her face contorting as she slid down his cock again. Chloe had no choice but to watch as her man reached round and cupped the girls tits. The girl smiled at Chloe as she worked up and down on her mans cock.

Chloe started to rub herself again, one hand cupping and squeezing her own tits, her bikini top coming off slowly. The girl was moaning louder and looked like she wanted to come, Chloe’s eyes were transfixed on her.

Then the girl stopped again. I stopped rubbing my cock wondering what she was doing. She leaned forward and whispered something to Chloe. I couldn’t work out what she’d said but Chloe smiled and went red, then nodded a reply.

The girl stood again, positioned one leg on the seats and leant forward. Her man stood up, his cock jutting out the water for a second, positioned himself behind her and slid his cock inside her. She moaned loudly and reached up with a hand towards Chloe’s tits. Chloe let her take one in her hand, she looked a little worried, but I could tell she was really turned on too. The girl leant forward and put her mouth to Chloe’s nipple, sucked it hard and then snaked her tongue back and forth. Chloe’s head tilted back as she moaned, her other hand furiously rubbing her clit. The girls tongue was being pushed back and forth by the thrusts of her man working his cock in and out of her. His eyes were fixed on Chloe’s tits and the tonguing his girl was giving them. Chloe lifted her head and locked her eyes on his.

Soon the girl couldn’t use her tongue any more as she was moaning too hard, Chloe’s tit still on her mouth. She reached back and held her mans hand as he started to fuck her harder. She lifted her ass slightly and said she was about to cum, then moaned one last time mouthing ‘Yes, yes, ahhh, fuck!’ her man didn’t lose pace and continued fucking her all through it.

As the girl was calming down she caressed Chloe’s tits and sucked on the nipples again. Chloe was close to cumming but slowed down her clit rubbing as the girls man slowed his pace.

Chloe and the girl kissed, such a wonderful sight. The girl pushed her man back off her and leant forward, again whispering something to Chloe, who nodded again. The girl turned to look at the one way glass, she was looking directly at me but didn’t know it. Then she turned to her man, said something which made him smile, kissed him, got up and walked butt naked out the jacqusi towards the sauna. Shit I thought, she’s coming in here! I forgot I was stroking my cock and was transfixed on her body. As she walked in the sauna I tried to hide my cock but wasn’t quick enough.

‘Hi’ she said, looking me in the eye. She saw my cock and smiled. I said ‘hi’ back.

She just stood naked in front of me, her head tilting to get a better look at my cock. I pulled it upright and held it there for her to look at and started to smile.

“That looks a little hard” she said. I began rubbing it slowly, eyeing her body up and down. She reached down and rubbed her clit gently. I could see her lips parting and her clit sticking out.

“If you liked what you saw, watch this with me”. She sat next to me facing towards the jacqusi.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Chloe was half out the water leant back with her tits on display, the man was licking her tits and she was still working her clit. I didn’t even mind someone else was doing this to her, it was the horniest thing to watch.

As she looked like she was about to cum the man stopped. Chloe tried to make him continue but instead he backed off into the water.. Chloe slid back in the water and gave him a puzzled look, wondering why he’d stopped. Then he said something and she nodded ok. He stood upright, his cock was fully on display and it was massive. As long as mine but much thicker. Chloe was staring at it, she’d not had a cock that big before. The guy said something to Chloe and she immediately turned round and stuck her ass in the air like the girl had done before.

“That’s right honey, he wants you from behind” the girl said. She looked at me, “She’s going to love this”. At that she started to run her hand down her slit and looked over at my cock.

The guy had himself behind Chloe and was slowly feeding his cock into her. I could see she was in pain, but she kept backing into him a bit, inching it inside her. After what seemed like an age the man gave one quick thrust and buried his cock in her. Chloe yelped in pain but as the guy did it again she moaned loudly with pleasure. My cock was about to explode and the girl sensed I was close to cumming, leant toward me and took me in her mouth, her eyes still able to see her man fucking Chloe. I nearly came, but tensed up and stopped myself, I didn’t want this to end to soon.

I could see half Chloe’s face and she was loving the huge cock in her. The guy was really going at it, Chloe was moaning harder and harder as the guy’s cock filled and stretched her with each thrust. The girl was expertly sucking my cock, I could see her fingering herself, two fingers pushing in and out of her, slopping in her cum juices.

I watched Chloe slide off the guy’s cock, she looked wild with lust. She span round and quickly gave it a suck on the head, the guy looked like he was about to shoot his load but she let go and got up on the side of the jacqusi so just her legs were in the water. The guy shifted a little and then dove his head into her clit. Chloe tilted her head back as the guy lapped and kissed her clit, she was gasping and twisting her head from side to side.

The girl in the sauna with me stopped sucking my cock.

“You want to fuck?” she asked

“Hell yes” I replied

She stood up and backed onto my cock so she was sitting on my lap watching the jacqusi. My cock slid inside her easily and she wriggled on it so I was deep inside her. Chloe heard a moan from the girl and looked towards the sauna, but she couldn’t see anything through the mirror glass. She lifted the guys head and pulled her into him as she lay on her back. I saw her grab his cock, shift her ass a little and then guide it to her pussy lips. She pushed it against them, but she’d tightened up by now and it seemed to take an age to finally stretch her open and slowly slide into her. Chloe was biting on the guys shoulder as he pushed right into her, then began slowly sliding his shaft in and out.

The girl had her hands on my thighs and was working quicker and quicker up and down my cock. I felt her tits and played with her nipples as I saw Chloe lay on her back as the guy stood between her and fucked her with his massive cock.

The girl on my dick started to rub her clit, Chloe did the same, rubbing her clit as the cock pounded inside her. The girl told me to squeeze her tits harder and as I did she screamed and said she was going to cum all over my cock

“fuuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming…yeeeesssss…yeeessss…..yeeessss…ahhh!” She shouted loudly, and her cum juices started running down my cock. I looked at Chloe, she was staring at the sauna and working her clit furiously. Then she started cumming, her head tilted back, her mouth open wide as she moaned loudly, then silently, her body tensed up as her orgasm hit. As her cum oozed out under his cock he tensed up and announced her was cumming. This set Chloe off again and she cried out “yes!!! Yes!!!” – she stopped rubbing her clit and let him fuck her through his orgasm as he filled her with his cum.

As he withdrew he leant forward and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. The girl had finished on my cock but was still working up and down it gently. I hadn’t cum – I’d been so engrossed watching Chloe. The girl turned to me as she stood up;

“Call her in here and I’ll lick the cum from her while you fuck me from behind”. I didn’t need to call Chloe, she was already on her way over, I just caught sight of the guy heading to the pool shower.

Chloe entered the Jacqusi looking a guilty and worried. “Don’t worry I said, that was awesome”. She smiled back at me. She was stood in front of me and I could see both sets of cum oozing from her slowly.

“So did you enjoy having my boyfriends cock inside you?” the girl asked.

“Ah ha, you’re a very lucky girl” said Chloe.

“So are you, this one’s been hard all the while and he still wants more. I see my man has sloped off somewhere, but as we’re here and your man still has a hard cock, why don’t we see if we can make him cum?

“Ok” said Chloe, ” what do you have in mind?”

As they were standing they wrapped their arms round each other and stated kissing. The girl held Chloe’s tits and started to kiss her neck, working her way down to the nipples. Chloe leant back so she could get to them properly. She opened her eyes and looked at me as I stroked my cock. She put her hand to her clit and massaged the cum all over her pussy. The girl pulled away, pushed Chloe down to the floor and stood straddled over her.

Chloe lifted her head and started sucking the girls clit. I don’t think she’d ever done this before, but the girl liked it and started to rub Chloe’s hair. She let he continue for a few more seconds then knelt over Chloe and started kissing down her stomach.

“I want to taste my mans cum” She said looking Chloe in the eye. Chloe gasped as the girl dropped her head, took her clit in her mouth and gave it a suck.

The girl started to shift round so her ass was high in the air. Chloe lifted onto her elbows and looked over to me.

“You want to fuck her from behind? You want to cum inside her while she sucks my clit?”

It didn’t need an answer, I moved round and put my cock at the tip of the girls pussy, stared back at Chloe, then pushed my entire cock inside her. She took her mouth off Chloe and moaned hard but Chloe grabbed her head and forced it back to her clit. I could hear her sucking and lapping up the cum.

I was fucking this girl hard and watching her eat Chloe out. I’d never imagined this could happen or that Chloe would be up for such a thing. She was writhing about, clutching her tits and exchanging her looks from me to the girl and back again. The girl then started to rub her own clit and she looked back at me;

“Fuck me harder, fuck me harder..”

As I did I could feel her pussy walls tightening round me. Chloe wasn’t watching anything any more, she had her head back and mouth wide open, making small moans. I felt myself starting to tense up, I was about to cum.

“I’m going to cum” I said.

“Do it, cum in her” Chloe said mid gasp.

The girl took her mouth off Chloe, she moved her hand and rubbed Chloe’s clit hard as she bucked back onto me.

“I’m cumming” I said, and at that moment Chloe moaned hard with her own orgasm. I shot twice into the girl and screamed out;

“oh yeeesss!!”

Chloe was still cumming and had started rubbing her own clit now while she watched me cum. I shot my final load while gripping the girl tight against me, my cock deep inside her.

As things wound down I withdrew my cock and the girls own cum flowed out and down her thighs, then my cum oozed out slowly. Chloe was lying there exhausted. The girl leant forward and kissed her on the lips.

“How long you two here for?” she asked Chloe.

“Long enough to try all that again” said Chloe.

It was going to be good weekend.

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