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Camping with the Girls

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I originally thought my idea to get the girls to go camping with us, probably for the last time as a family, was a good one. I guess it was an attempt on my part to reminiscence of days past when the kids were little and we all had such a great time enjoying nature and just being together as a family.

But the girls were both in college and things had changed. Amy would graduate the next spring and Emily was a sophomore.

Getting them to agree to come camping with Helen and me on the last week end before they both had to head back to school, was like pulling teeth. We had a long week end and I took the Friday before off work, so I could get the pop-up camper in shape. It hadn’t been used in a while. I also had to head over to the sporting goods store and buy a small four man dome tent and two air mattresses for Amy and Emily. As “adults”, they refused to share the camper with their parents. They needed their privacy. I thought that was a load of crap, but I was determined to make it a special week end and reconnect with my kids, so I agreed to get them their own tent.

I told Helen I wanted to be on the road by early afternoon so we wouldn’t be too late arriving at the campground — I disliked setting up camp in the dark. I had made reservations at a state park up near the Canadian border which made it a longer drive than we usually had done in the past for camping, but this was a special trip and I wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before. The park I chose had waterfalls and boating and I was sure everyone in the family was going to love it.

At noon, Amy announced that her college roommate, Tara, was going to be dropped off at our house in an hour to spend the week end with us. Amy had also promised her roommate that we would drive her back up to school the following week when we took Amy up.

“What do you mean she’s being dropped off?” I protested. “We have plans. We’re going camping. Why does she have to come here?”

“Dad! Chill … Tara’s my best friend and her parents are flying to Hong Kong — somebody died. I told Tara it was OK to come and stay here and we’d take her up to school next week.”

“But this camping trip is special. It’s been planned.” I didn’t want to sound like I was begging, but I was.

“Hey … you guys can go … Tara and I can hang here … we’ll be fine.”

“No! You promised to come camping. This is probably the last time we’ll ever go camping … as a family, anyway.”

“Alright. Alright, I’ll come … we’ll just have to drag Tara along too. Gawd, I hope she likes the outdoors.”

I was in the garage finishing packing some last minute items for the camper when a car pulled into the drive way. A middle aged couple got out, followed by a young woman who emerged from the back seat. I hadn’t met Tara or her parents before, but it was obvious who was who. Tara was the strikingly beautiful young woman coming up the drive with an over stuffed back pack slung over her shoulder. Her parents both had salt and pepper hair — like me.

I exchanged hand shakes with both her dad and her mother as Amy came bursting out of the side door and ran up to Tara and gave her a big hug.

“Hey, babe, what have you been up to all summer?” Amy asked. Amy and Tara fell into to a barely audile conversation as they headed into the house.

I made small talk with Tara’s parents and assured them we’d get their daughter back to school safe and sound. As they pulled out of the driveway, I gave them a friendly wave.

As soon as Tara’s parents left, I closed up the camper and got the hitch hooked up to the SUV. As soon as that last chore was completed, I went into the house.

“OK. Let’s get this show on the road.” I announced loud enough for everyone in the house to hear … or so I hoped. I knew the routine. Even though everyone knew I wanted to leave on time, it would take at least half an hour for everyone to get in the car and be ready to actually depart.

Amy came into the kitchen as I was getting a glass of water. I was just about to go through the house and herd everyone out to the waiting car.

“Dad, I just mentioned to Tara about going camping with us and … huh … well, she’s never done anything like that and I think …”

“You promised.” I reminded Amy.

“I just don’t think it’s a good idea … ya know, ’cause she’s never been …”

“Is that what she said? She doesn’t want to go?”

“Well, no … she actually sort of likes the idea … since she’s never been camping before … but …”

“Oh. Tara wants to go. Then it’s settled. Get you things and get in the car … we have to get a move on if we want to get to the campground before dark.” I said settling, once and for all, the matter of Amy backing out of her promise.

The drive upstate was uneventful. But all the old tricks we always used to use to pass the time were a big flop now that the kids were grown. My wife dozed much of the trip and none of the girls wanted to play word games or sing songs like we had always done when they were little. Instead, all three girls had earphones plugged into their heads for the entire trip, listening to whatever music was each girls favorite.

We stopped for dinner about an hour away from the campground; the restaurant was tucked into a giant outlet mall complex. Amy and Tara ordered beer with their meals — both having recently turned twenty-one. They each seemed to get a thrill from exercising their newly acquired right to buy alcohol. They got carded, of course. The rest of us had iced tea. I have nothing against dinking, in fact, I had a nice bottle of Chardonnay on ice for later, but I still had some driving to do and did not want to drink until after we arrived.

An hour or so after leaving the restaurant we pulled into the camp ground. It took Helen and I about an hour to open up the camper, make the bed, put out the folding camp chairs and tables and generally get our campsite ship shape. Hmmmm … talk about mixed metaphors.

By then, it was getting dark and the stars were out. They were all so brilliant between the small gaps in the trees overhead that I was amazed I was on the same planet as my home in suburbia — at home, only the brightest stars were visible.

“How are you girls coming with your tent?” I yelled down into the woods.

Emily and Amy insisted that I take two camp sites so they could have, as they reiterated, their privacy. When we pulled into our sites, the girls proceeded to select a spot to set up their tent as far away from our pop-up camper as possible. So far away, in fact, that I could not actually see their tent as I sat outside our camper and enjoyed the campfire I’d just built.

I heard a faint reply that included the words “need help.” So, I went down the path to the girl’s site and found them with a half erected tent. Knowing that dome tents are the easiest things in the world to put up, I wasn’t quite sure how they had managed to screw this one up. But, I had it fixed and up in about five minutes. It was a piece of cake as long as Emily held the flash light for me. Then I showed them how to use the foot pump to blow up the air mattresses.

“Anything else I can do for you girls?” I said.

“No Dad. Thanks for putting up the tent.”

“So, Tara, what do you think of your first camping experience, so far?” I asked, trying to be polite.

“Geez, it’s so dark out here. When you turn off the flash light you can’t see a thing. And Emily was trying to scare me … she said there are bears up here in the woods.”

“Well, Tara, that is true. There are bears — black bears — that’s why we put all the food in the car over night. If you have food sitting out at your campsite, or in your tent, the smell can attract them. But you’ll be fine here … there is nothing to worry about.” I told her, hoping to reassure her. I wondered if Emily had tried to scare Tara on purpose.

“OK, if you need anything else, you know where to find me.” I told them. I said good night and headed back up to the camper.

Helen was sitting by the campfire when I returned and asked if I’d gotten the girls all squared away.

“Yes dear, though how anyone could fowl up a tent which is that simple to put up, is beyond me.”

We sat around the fire as it burned down to glowing embers and talked about nothing in particular. After awhile Helen yawned and said she was going to bed.

“You coming?”

“In a bit.” I replied. So Helen gave me a peck on the cheek and said good night.

Years ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity to climb into a sleeping bag with Helen what with the girls off in their own tent. But, we hadn’t had sex in ages so I was content to just sit by the campfire and enjoy the peaceful night under the magnificent large oak and hemlock trees that surrounded our campsite.

An hour or so later, after finishing off my bottle of wine, I doused the campfire, extinguished the Coleman lantern and stepped up into the camper as quietly as possible to go to bed.

As I was shedding my cloths for bed, Helen stirred and asked what time it was.

“Close to midnight, I think.” I whispered, though there was no need to try to be quiet with the girls in their own campsite.

I crawled into my sleeping bag, leaned over and gave Helen a good night kiss and she rolled over, facing away from me, and went back to sleep.

Over the years, I’d learned that Helen and I operated on opposite sleep patterns. Helen always slept very lightly during the first half of her night — I suppose that’s why she had always heard the girls when they were babies and got up to breast feed them at two or three o’clock. But during the last three or four hours of her night she slept so soundly that world war three could be going on in the bedroom and she would never even stir. I was the opposite. I slept like a log for the first few hours and then very lightly towards morning. So, it was no surprise to me that Helen had awakened briefly as I got into bed.

I snuggled into my sleeping bag and zipped it all the way up as the night had gotten rather chilly. I felt nice and cozy in my bag and dropped off to sleep quickly — the wine, no doubt, helped.

At sometime during the night I awoke at the sound of the camper door rattling. It was not very loud at all, but it was probably around four or five in the morning and I was in my light sleep mode. So, when I heard it, I was awake instantly. Helen, very characteristically, never even twitched.

I unzipped my bag and got up. The cold hit me immediately since I like to sleep in just my boxers, and nothing else. I went over to the door, unlocked it, and opened it a crack expecting to frighten off raccoons. Instead, I discovered Tara standing there shivering even though she as wrapped in a blanket.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered.

“Oh, Mr. B___, I’m so scared … I heard something out there … I think it’s a bear … please can I come in there with you?”

“Ahhh … yeah … sure.” And Tara stepped up into the camper. “We have to be quiet, my wife’s asleep.” I whispered.

I tried to reassure her that it was perfectly safe; that the bears around there were not dangerous like grizzlies, which is what I suspected she was thinking of. Just as I thought I had her calmed down enough to get her back down to the girl’s tent, we both heard the plaintive howling of a coyote somewhere not far away.

“What was that?” Tara exclaimed in a hushed, but obviously terrified, voice.

“Just a coyote. They’ve been reintroduced around here in the last ten years or so.” I said. I knew that from having read a newspaper article years ago that they were thriving in the woods up-state, even though I’d never actually seen one.

“Oh …”

“Listen, let’s get you back to your tent so you can get back to sleep …” As I spoke, I put my hand on her shoulder, intending to guide her in the darkness to the door.

“No! Please … I don’t want to go back down there … it’s so dark … I’m so scared … please … please don’t make me.” Tara begged me. I could tell she was still shivering and suspected for the first time that perhaps it wasn’t just from the cold.

“Well … alright. I can clear off the other bed over there … but we don’t have another sleeping bag … ” I said, keeping my voice as low as possible.

“Oh please … could I just crawl in beside you and Mrs. B___ … I won’t take up much room, I’m not that big … I’d feel so much safer with you … please … please …”

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t leave the girl just standing there all night in the cold. But, I thought, what would it look like in the morning when Helen awoke and found a young girl in bed with us?

“I really think it would be better if …” I started to suggest the other bunk again but Tara wouldn’t have it.


“OK.” With that, Tara dropped the blanked and I saw in the dim light of a crescent moon that she was wearing a sheer little baby doll nightie which was totally inappropriate for camping … what had this girl been thinking?

She must have read my thoughts, because she said, “It’s the only thing I had with me.”

As I continued to stare, I could not help but notice how incredibly sexy she looked standing there in her almost see-thru white negligee. I could just make out in the dim light the dark circles around her nipples. Then, I realized that I was rapidly getting a hard-on.

“Ok … Ok … let’s get some sleep …” and I indicated she should climb into my sleeping bag. She was right, she was such a slight little thing that she didn’t take up much space in the sleeping bag. I guessed that she was probably under a hundred pounds and only just a few inches over five feet.

I very carefully climbed in beside her with my back to her so I could keep my, by then, fully erect dick from stabbing her. I zipped up the bag to keep out the cold and put my head on my pillow and pondered just how I was going to explain things to Helen in the morning, even though it would all prove to be totally innocent.

Only seconds passed when I heard Tara whisper. “Mr. B___, would you mind snuggling up against my back … I am soooo cold … I’m still shivering … just till I get warm … please?”

We were laying back to back – the safest position in what I considered to be an already dangerous situation. But, you cannot snuggle and warm someone else when lying back to back. Damn, I thought, I was still hard as a rock … and, not to brag, I’m a good seven inches which is pretty difficult to hide when snuggling.

“Please …” She whispered again plaintively. I could feel a slight shaking of the bed and knew she was telling the truth about the shivering. So, I turned over and got my chest up against her back but kept my hips away from her in hopes she would not discover what a randy old man I was.

Tara turned her head back towards me and said softly, “Could you just put your arm around me for a bit … that would really help.”

So I did. I made sure I didn’t do anything so crass as grab one of her breasts — which were not large, but rather, perfectly proportioned to her slim figure. Even so, she sort of squeezed my arm as you would a teddy bear and I felt a stiff nipple rub against my arm. My dick was about to explode and I felt my heart racing; blood was pounding at my temples. I had not been so hot and bothered since I was a teenager. I knew I would not sleep a wink the rest of the night, but I sincerely hoped Tara would soon get warm and be able to get some rest.

“That feels so nice, Mr. B___” Tara whispered to me, and as she spoke, she wriggled her little bottom back towards me to get warmer. I did my best to keep my hips away from her, but the confines of the sleeping bag left me no room to maneuver. Her sweet little bum was soon pressed tightly against my stiff pole.

“Oh my … Mr. B___, what is that?” She said softly.

“Tara … I’m so sorry … it’s just … well you’re …” I whispered in desperation, thinking what would happen when she told my wife or my daughters in the morning. But, as my mind raced, I felt her small hand on my cock and she wrapped her fingers around my raging hard-on. I gasped as I felt her slowly start to stroke me.

“It’s OK Mr. B___, I think it’s kinda sweet that I have this effect on you …” She whispered. Then her other hand guided my hand to her breast and she pressed it firmly into her incredible softness. “Do you like that?”

“Tara … please … we can’t …” I tried to protest when I felt her hips move again. She had worked my cock out of my shorts and guided the head of my stiff meat to the cleft of her ass cheeks, then she slowly began to press her bottom against my shaft and it slid slowly between her thighs.

The head of my cock was instantly wet and slippery. I think her nightie bottom must have been a g-string because I felt no material between my dick and her warm flesh. Her tiny fingers continued to stroke my dick. I thought I was going to explode any second. But she let go of my dick and I felt her pull the g-string down her legs; her hand returned and grasped my erection once again.

As she guided my cock back to the wetness between her legs I felt her tilt her hips, and, before I knew what was happening, she had guided my dick to the soft velvet opening of her pussy and had slipped me inside her. As I sank into her unbelievably tight tunnel, I heard her moan softly. She continued to press her bottom against me until I was completely buried in her lusciously warm wet pussy.

My mind raced … what if Helen woke up … it would mean divorce for sure … but with my dick buried in that sweet young cunt after so many years of beating off in the bathroom, none of that mattered to me.

Tara gently took my hand that had been squeezing her breast and nipple and moved it down over her taut belly until my fingers connected with her slit. I felt no patch of hair along the way. She pressed my middle finger into her slippery cleft until it found her clit. She used her fingers to manipulate my hand and made it clear that she wanted me to rub her clit. Her hips began to gently undulate on my swollen member while my middle finger slipped back and forth over her slick little nub. Her breathing quickened, coming in short little gasps.

“Oh yes …” She whispered. It wasn’t long before I felt her whole body stiffen; she quivered as she had her orgasm. She placed her hand over mine again and made me stop rubbing her clit for a moment. I heard her rapid breathing begin to slow. When she had recovered somewhat, she started my finger in motion again over her swollen and ultra sensitive clit. In seconds, she stiffened again and I sensed another wave of pleasure course through her entire being.

She continued this sequence several more times until she had had at least a half dozen orgasms. On the last one, I could hold back no longer and I thrust deep inside Tara. I felt my hot load pumping into her body. Only then did it occur to me she might not be on the pill and might get pregnant. I did not know until morning that she was indeed on the pill.

It occurred to me that we were apt to be leaving a big wet stain in my sleeping bag that Helen might discover — if not the next morning, then the next time she washed the bags. So, I reached around behind me and slowly unzipped my side of the bag so as not to make too much noise. Then I folded the top of the sleeping bag back over Tara so I could work my head down between her legs. I licked up my cum from her pussy as it slowly drained from her. I tried to stay away from her clit, but even so, my ministrations must have felt good to her as her hips slowly gyrated as I licked and sucked on her opening until I sensed I had collected all the cum I’d shot into her.

As I returned to the top of the sleeping bag and placed my head on the pillow, Tara rolled over facing me and kissed me passionately — her tongue explored my mouth and played tag with my tongue. After a long while, she broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear.

“That was soooo sexy … you sucking all your cum out of my pussy. I tasted it in your mouth just now.” And then she put her arms around my neck and gave me a huge hug, so huge that I surprised by how strong she was for such a little thing.

As we embraced, her hips moved closer and bumped into my still hard cock. She seemed a little surprised at the encounter but she could not have been any more surprised than me that I still had a hard-on only minutes after coming … hey, I’m an OLD guy for heaven’s sake.

“Hmmmm …” She whispered. Then I felt her squirm down my front and in no time her warm wet lips were wrapped around the head of my cock. I was going to tell her not to bother as I knew it would be hours before I could cum again. But it felt so good I just laid there and enjoyed the wonderful sensations that her lips, moving up and down over my shaft, induced.

Much to my surprise, and great pleasure, I came in her mouth about five minutes later.

When her head reappeared, she gave me another long passionate kiss and I could tell she had purposely saved a large portion of my load to share with me. I tasted and felt the sticky substance in my mouth. I didn’t mind the taste of my own cum, though it does not top the list of my favorite delicacies. But, it really seemed to turn Tara on, so I was most happy to accommodate her desires. We continued to embrace and kiss passionately, while at the same time, remaining as motionless as possible given that my wife was only inches away.

I heard birds start chirping. I knew we were only a half an hour or so away from the sky beginning to lighten, so, I gently broke off kissing Tara and made a suggestion that I hoped would save my marriage.

“Listen, ” I whispered, “it’s going to be light soon. Why don’t we get up? We can go up and get an early shower … I think we both need one before everyone else see us.”

“Hmmm … good idea, Mr. B___”

“Honey, after what we just did … please call me Jack, OK?”

She just smiled and we quietly climbed out of the sleeping bag and off the camper’s bed. I handed her the blanket she’d had earlier and rummaged around and found an old sweat suit Helen had left in the camper.

“Here, you can put these on after your shower.” I collected the tote bag we kept all our bath toiletries in and grabbed a couple towels. Before going out into the cold, I put on my own sweat suit and was soon ready to leave.

We stepped noiselessly out of the camper and walked up to the bath house which wasn’t too far away. For a holiday week end the campground was virtually deserted and I wondered why … maybe it was the early cold snap. It sure was damn chilly as we walked up to the showers.

The bath house was located near the building with the toilet facilities but for some reason I could not fathom it was not connected or even incorporated into the same structure. So, we were about twenty-five yards away from anyone going for an early morning pee.

I opened the door of one of the shower stalls for Tara and was about to close it and find my own shower when she grabbed my arm and pulled me in with her. Without saying a word she unwrapped herself from the blanket and shed her frilly nightie and stood before me naked. Then she pulled my sweatshirt over my head and tugged my sweatpants down my legs leaving me equally naked. She turned on the shower and waited for the warm water, adjusted it to a comfortable temperature, and stepped in pulling me along behind her. She stood in the warm stream of water and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. After a very long kiss she pulled back.

“I don’t believe we did that.” She said. “My gawd … that was soooo hot … fucking you right there with your wife right there almost touching me … I can’t believe it!”

I was about to say something – just what I didn’t know. Because, I was distracted before I could speak by Tara taking hold of my dick and starting to stroke me. I wasn’t rock hard yet like I had been earlier, but it was growing at a respectable rate as she kept jerking my meat. After a few moments, she knelt in front of me and took my semi-hard dick in her mouth. I watched as her lips slid all the way up my shaft. I find there are few things as erotic as seeing a woman’s mouth engulfing one’s cock and as I watched Tara suck me and felt her tongue swirling all over and around the sensitive head of my dick, I managed to reach the same state of erection as I had earlier in the camper … that is, a “grade A lumber” stiff hard-on.

Tara kept up her blow job for a good five minutes then she pulled away with a “pop” and stood up.

“Did I tell you I have a ‘thing’ for older men … always have … I want you to fuck me again, Jack.” Given my state of complete arousal at that moment, she was getting no arguments for me.

She turned and bent over and placed her hands on the cold tile of the shower enclosure and presented her womanhood to me. I placed my cock against the warmth of her pussy and felt her slipperiness … she was clearly turned on and ready for me. I pushed gently and my meat slid smoothly into her extremely tight hole. I held her hips firmly and pushed in gently, then I came out a bit, and back in.

“No Jack! Fuck me hard! Like you couldn’t do earlier. I need it hard, baby … really hard. Please!” Tara yelled to me.

So I slammed into her tight little cunt and pounded her over and over. She tried to stifle her screams of shear ecstasy lest someone walking past might hear us, but I could tell she was really getting off with me being rough with her. I felt her stiffen much like she had earlier in bed when she’d had her orgasms and I knew she was going over the edge.

“Oh gawd! … oh shit … oh … oh … OH YES … that’s it, honey … fuck me … fuck me … haaaaarder!”

I did as she desperately desired. I used every ounce of my strength to slam into her little pussy. My pubic bone smacked into her ass checks and I felt my dick hit bottom over and over; and each time, I heard Tara squeal. Having come twice during the night I managed to fuck her for a good half hour, though I could not sustain such a furious pace the whole time. If I had done that, I am sure I would have had a heart attack and died … but I’d have died one very happy man.

After her climax, I pulled her hips to me and remained inside her; buried deep. Before I could start pumping her again, she pulled away from me, turned to face me, and put her arms around my neck. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist; locking her feet at the ankles. With one hand she reached down and guided my still hard dick into her waiting pussy. She held on to my neck with both hands as I started rocking my hips back and forth — with her hardly weighing anything, I felt like I could keep fucking her that way forever. She helped though; her hips were moving in rhythm to my thrusting and we slammed together over and over … until she screamed again and came.

“Oh shit … shit … shit that felt sooooo fuuuuuucking awesome!” I felt her pussy muscles clinch my dick as it slid up and down deep inside her.

I smiled. I love seeing and hearing and feeling a woman reach her climax. That actually turns me on far more than any other sexual experience, including my own climaxes.

“Glad I could help.” I said, and kissed her with passion as she clung to my neck.

After a bit, she unwrapped her legs from around my torso and landed on her feet in front of me, though she still had her arms wrapped about my neck. I thought we done, even though I hadn’t come again … but, that was OK with me — she’d given me more than my share of pleasure in the last few hours.

She looked up at me with the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen, “I want you to come inside me again … and … and then I want you to suck your cum out of my pussy like you did the first time … gawd, that was so hot. Could you do that? Please?”

How could I say no? “OK. I’ll try.” So, I pushed her back up against the wall of the shower.

“Oh geeez! That’s cold!” She exclaimed as her back touched the cold ceramic.

“Sorry.” I said as I lifted one of her legs to gain access to her pussy again. I slipped quickly inside her again — she was still as slippery inside as ever. The velvety soft walls of her cunt caressed my hard shaft as I lifted her other leg, too, and started pumping into her. She put both arms around my neck again for support and placed her mouth roughly over mine as she writhed and twisted up against the shower wall. I had better leverage with her pinned against the wall and I felt the head of my dick touching the soft terminus of her tight channel as I slammed into her over and over. Her screams of delirious rapture were muffed by my mouth covering hers. I felt my tension building and knew it would not be long before I exploded. I kept up the furious pounding of her young body.

“Aaaaaargh!” I groaned as I shot spurt after spurt of my cum inside her cunt. With one last thrust I finished emptying my spunk into her pussy and just stood there holding on to her — my entire body stiff with the tension of my climax.

“Oh Jack … that felt so good … it was awesome.” She said with a deep sigh.

I knew what she wanted next, so I withdrew my cock and knelt in front of her. I lifted one of her legs and placed it over my shoulder and leaned in and started licking her hot steamy cunt. My cum drained quickly from her because she was standing. When I was finished cleaning her cunt, I slid my tongue up between the folds of her pussy lips and worked on her clit until I felt her shudder and moan, then go rigid as she went over the edge.

“Oooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuck!” She held my head tight against her pussy. I continued to move my tongue over her little bud, but much more lightly knowing how sensitive a woman’s clit gets with an orgasm. She continued to tremble and I licked her a little faster and she came again. She pushed my head away and thanked me for making her feel so wonderful. I stood and kissed her and gave her a taste of the mixture of her juices and my cum.

“We better get washed and get back …. we’ve been here too long.” I told her. She just nodded her head.

I retrieved the soap and washed her all over — savoring the exquisite feel of her young supple body. She shivered as I ran my soapy fingers down her slit … all the way to her opening. I inserted my fingers and felt her shudder as I finger fucked her.

She returned the favor and soaped me up and scrubbed me all over, though she used her mouth to clean my cock. After cumming three times in a few hours, I couldn’t even get hard.

We dried off and dressed then headed through the thick woods back toward the campsite.

“I want to fuck you all week end, Jack.” She said in a soft sexy voice. “I don’t know how we’ll do it, but I am going to have you more than once before we leave Monday.”

I just smiled at her, put my arm around her as we walked and leaned over and kissed her to let her know it was fine by me.

After we returned to the camper, I hung up our wet towels and put water on for coffee. Helen, mercifully, was still very much sound asleep. She always liked to sleep late when camping and, thankfully, this time was no exception. I quietly went into the camper and moved all the junk that had been tossed on the other bed and arranged a couple blankets and a pillow there to make it look like someone had slept there, and I went back outside.

I got the campfire going again while I waited for the water to boil. As soon as I heard the kettle start to sing, I turned the burner down low and made coffee for Tara and me. We sat around the campfire and just relaxed. I couldn’t take my eyes of the beautiful creature with wet hair sitting across from me that had turned my night into a dream come true.

Emily and Amy came tromping up the path about an hour later.

“Hey, Tara … what happened to you last night?”

“I heard a bear … I … I was ah … scared … terrified. I ran up here and your dad let me sleep in the camper with …”

I had to jump into the conversation fast since Tara did not know I had arranged things to look like she’d slept at the other end of the camper. I was afraid she was going to blurt out she’d slept with me.

“Yeah girls, I made up the other bed for Tara. She was literally shaking with fright when she came up last night.” I said, and it was no lie … as far as it went.

“Oh geeez Tara … I told you the bears aren’t any big deal around here.” Amy said very sarcastically to her friend.

“Hey Amy, cut her a break. She’s never been out in the wild before … camping, or whatever … and she really was scared. So just back off, OK?”

“OK Dad … geeez!”

I made the kids breakfast and as we were finishing up, Helen came out, still in her long flannel nightgown. She yawned and stretched.

“How’re you all doin’ this beautiful morning?” She asked, addressing the question to no one in particular.

“Fine dear … you want some coffee?” I said and give her quick good morning kiss like I always do first thing each morning.

“Oh yes … that sounds wonderful.” She said.

I had the pot over a low flame so the water was still doing a slow boil. I had her coffee ready in a jiffy. I handed her the cup and sat next to her and enjoyed the warmth of the fire.

“How did you sleep last night, dear? I slept like the dead … I feel so rested this morning … I just love this clean fresh air.” Helen said.

“Pretty good. That is, until Tara came up from the tent.” I replied.

“Oh? What was wrong?”

“I heard a bear outside our tent last night Mrs. B___.” Tara jumped in on the conversation. “I was so terrified … so I ran up here and asked Mr. B___ if I could sleep in the camper.”

“I made up the other bed for her as best I could. We don’t have a spare sleeping bag, but I scared up a few blankets.” I lied to my wife.

“I told you last night there weren’t any bears.” Amy insisted.

“Buy I heard one!” Tara protested.

“OK, OK … that’s enough. No one can prove it one way or the other so there’s no sense in arguing about it. OK?” I tried to play the peace maker.

After breakfast, I just messed around the campsite. The girls all went down to the river and rented one of the rubber rafts and paddled around and enjoyed the sunny fall day. They wore their bathing suits to get some sun but the water was far too cold for swimming this late in the season. I collected deadfall from the surrounding woods for the campfire while Helen went up for a late morning shower. I read a bit and then it was lunch time.

Not long after lunch Helen asked who wanted to go for a good long hike? Emily and Amy both agreed immediately — they had always loved hiking in the woods when we went camping.

“I’m gonna pass. I need a nap. I really didn’t get much sleep after Tara came up last night.” I said.

“Suit yourself.” Helen told me.

Tara didn’t respond because she was snoozing on the chaise lounge on the other side of the camp fire, so Helen did not disturb her.

“Which trail are you going to hike?” I asked.

“Oh let’s do the Riverbend Trail.” Emily suggested with enthusiasm. “There’s a waterfall and I really want to see it.”

“Ok, but that’s a long trail. Better bring a backpack with water and some snacks.” Helen said to the kids. She turned to me and said, “we should be back in a couple hours, dear.”

After they left, I tilted my reclining camp chair halfway back and was going to, indeed, take a nap when I heard Tara speak.

“They’re gone?”

“Yes, a few minutes ago.”

“That’s what I thought … I wasn’t really sleeping.” She confessed.

“Oh you sneaky little devil, you.” I said.

She jumped up out of her recliner and came over and took my hand. “Come on.”

“Where we going?”

“For a hike … but not quite so far.” Tara told me. She went into the camper and grabbed one of the blankets and folded it. She came out with it tucked under her arm. “Let’s go.”

She led me down the hill towards the river and in less than five minutes we left the path and ducked under a thicket of low hanging hemlock boughs. To my surprise, we entered a perfectly secluded little clearing. On three sides, large boulders, common to the area, blocked any visibility or access to the outside world and the thicket of hemlock and rhododendron screened the other side.

“Our own secret hideout. You like? I found it this morning when I came down to the river with Amy and Emily. While they were sunbathing, I was exploring.” Tara said with obvious pride in her discovery.

“Yes, very private.” I said.

“Good … now fuck me, Jack.” She said as she pulled off her sweat suit. She wore no underwear. She tossed the blanket up in the air while holding one edge and it settled on a soft bed on pine and hemlock needles that covered most of the area. She pulled me onto the blanket and helped me by pulling down my hiking shorts. She immediately took my cock in her mouth and sucked voraciously.

Since it had been hours since our early morning tryst in the shower I was able to get my overworked dick up and at attention; though it took a bit of effort for Tara to make me completely hard. Once she had me ready, she lay down on her back and spread her legs brazenly. I kneeled before her and grabbed her hips and pulled her to me — the tip of my dick pressed lightly against her glistening pussy lips. I could tell she was really wet already, so I guided my cock between her pussy lips and pushed deep inside her.

She groaned, but tried to be as quiet as possible. We were not that far off the path and passersby could still hear us, even if they’d have difficulty seeing us.

I fucked her in the missionary position. I leaned over and sucked on her luscious tits and bit her nipples. She squealed with delight and wrapped her arms tightly around my back and locked her legs around my thighs. I felt her fingernails on my back and whispered in her ear.

“No marks … remember Helen … OK?”

And I continued to fuck her hard and fast, I sensed her having a couple orgasms. Once, she bit down hard on her knuckles to keep from screaming with bliss. My hard shaft pumped into her hot wet flesh — I knew I’d be a good while in cumming. She whispered in my ear as I pounded her under the blue sky.

“Oh Jack … gawd Jack, it feels soooooo good … oh yes, that’s it … harder Jack … uuuuuuuuh soooooooo … oh yes!.”

After a long fuck, I exploded inside her and let out a mighty groan, but I too did my best to remain as silent as possible.

“Oh Jack …lick your cum out again … I want to taste it too, honey …”

So I did as she asked. This time the cum dripped out more slowly since she was on her back. I waited of a fair amount to collect at her opening and licked it off her pussy lips but kept it on my tongue. I moved up over her body and lowered my head to hers. She stuck out her tongue. I swirled my tongue around and over hers to share most of the white creamy stuff with her and she swallowed it. Then I returned for another load, then another, and another until no more of my spunk dripped from her cunt. On my last inspection, I concentrated on her clit and got her off again.

After her last climax she pulled me up beside her and rolled me on to my back. Then threw her leg over my hips and straddled me. My cock wasn’t completely hard any longer — semi-erect would have been a generous term — but I was still stiff enough for her to stuff my meat up inside her so she could start riding me. As she twisted her hips back and forth and from side to side, my dick did me proud and responded to the luscious feeling of being inside that little vixen’s tight cunt.

Tara moaned and squealed. More so as I fondled her perfect breasts and pinched her hard nipples. I pulled her down to me so I could suck on those delicious tits. I sucked her breast almost completely into my mouth as she pumped her hips up and down my shaft. I reached between our hot sweaty bodies and found her slippery wet clit with my fingertips and in just seconds she was having another mind blowing climax.

She collapsed on top of me completely spent. She lay there and quivered uncontrollably.

“Are you cold?” I whispered in her ear.

“No. You?”

“No. But you’re shivering.”

“That’s you … you did that to me.” She answered. “I want you to cum again, baby.”

“Not gonna happen … I’m too old …” I said.

So she lifted her hips up off my cock which was still hard inside her and slid down my front until she was able to slide her mouth over me.

She started sucking me like someone starving.

“Good try honey, but it’s not going to work.” I told her. I was up on my elbows watching my cock slide in and out of her mouth. I loved that sight … couldn’t get enough of it, but then, what guy can?

As I watched her, she took one hand and put it between her legs and covered her fingers in her own slick juices. Then as she continued to suck my cock, she slipped both fingers down underneath my ball sack until she found the puckered opening of my ass. Her slippery fingers had no trouble slipping inside me and she proceeded to finger fuck my ass while she mouth fucked me. It was such a complete turn on. The intense sensations I was getting from both places caused me to erupt once more in her sweet little mouth.

She lifted her head carefully so as do not lose a drop of my cum and brought her head up to mine. She held her head over my mouth and gently pulled my lower jaw down and let some of my cum stream out of her mouth. A long white sting of cum slowly fell toward my waiting tongue then pooled there for Tara to see. More and more of the thick goo was transferred from her mouth to mine. Then she leaned down and dipped her tongue into the pool of sticky spunk and savored the flavor and relished the incredibly erotic sharing of my cum with me. Her mouth covered mine fully and we tired to merge our mouths and tongues in one enormously passionate kiss.

Finally, I told Tara that we needed to get back — hopefully before Helen and the girls returned.

“Ok … but can you just make sure I’m not still dripping … I didn’t wear any panties and I don’t want to have a wet spot on my sweat pants.”

I checked and there was a little bit of fresh cum that had seeped out, but not much. Licked it off and pushed my tongue up inside her pussy to make sure I got it all. I lifted my head and was about to swallow.

“No, no … come here baby.” And she got one final taste of our mixed juices before we headed back.

When we got back to the campsite, Helen and the girls were still not back. Tara went down to the girl’s tent and got some clean cloths. She returned to the camper and said she was going up and shower.

“Before someone gets a whiff of me and can tell I’ve been fucking someone’s brains out.” She said with a wicked grin. “You should come too … you’ve got to be pretty gamey too, love.”

I started to protest that we shouldn’t go together but took her point that if Helen returned she might be able to sniff out that I was covered with sex juices.

“OK, let me get a towel.”

We went up to the showers and I told Tara that we really needed to use separate stalls, but she wouldn’t hear of it, and dragged me in behind her. We kissed passionately again and washed each other as we had earlier. Tara had really liked it that morning when I had finger fucked her in the shower and she begged me to do it again until she came; so, I did. But I told her we could not stay as long as we did that morning fearing Helen would be suspicious if she returned while we were gone; especially if we were gone too long.

Sure enough, when we walked back into the campsite Helen was there and getting ready to start cooking dinner. I walked over to Helena asked what she was going to make for dinner and she told me it was a surprise, which generally meant something I don’t particularly care for.

“So what we you two up to?” She asked. Tara had gone down the path to the girl’s tent.

“Tara wanted to go up for a shower but didn’t want to walk up there alone. I asked her why, for heaven’s sake, and he said she is still afraid there are bears around.”

“That’s ridiculous.” Helen said.

“That’s what I tried to tell her, but she refused to go alone. So I decided if I was walking up there I might as well get a shower too.”

“That girl’s a little strange.” Helen said, shaking her head.

“You know, I don’t think she’s ever been out of the suburbs, except maybe to go into town for a show or the museum.”

“Well honey, I sure am glad we brought our girls up right … to appreciate nature and the out of doors.” Helen said.

“Me too.” I said.

After dinner — and I was right, it was tuna fish casserole which I hate — we all sat around the camp fire. Helen asked everyone what was the best part of their day. I cringed a little knowing what I would say if Helen applied a truth serum.

“Oh … the waterfall. It was awesome!” Emily piped up right away.

“Yeah … the hike and the waterfall.” Amy volunteered after a moments thought.

“How about you, Tara?” Helen said putting her on the spot.

“I just love having such great people to be with and enjoy these last few days of our school break.”

Everyone said, “awwwww.”

“What about you, honey?” Helen said to me.

“Just relaxing … and not having do anything or go anywhere I don’t want to.” I said, and fucking the delightful Tara, I added in my thoughts.

“What about you Mrs. B___?” Tara asked.

“Being exposed to nature, breathing the clean air, seeing all the magnificent tress, hearing the birds … I just love it here. I wish I could be here always.” Helen replied somewhat rhapsodically.

“With the bears?” Tara added, and we all laughed.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully. Eventually, Amy and Emily were ready to head down to their tent.

“You coming Tara?” Amy asked.

“Well … ah … ah I was sort of ah … hoping I could sleep in the camper again … that is, if it’s OK with your folks.” Tara directed the last part to Helen and me.

Helen told Tara that it was fine if that’s what she wanted to do. Amy let out a big dramatic sigh and said, “whatever.”

Helen announced she was ready for bed too. “You coming too, honey?”

“No dear, I’m going to sit and enjoy the fire a bit longer.”

Tara and I sat and talked awhile longer. I asked her about school and what she planned on doing after graduating in the spring. Things a guy my age would normally talk about with his daughter’s college roommate. All the time, what I really wanted to do was go over to her and wrap my arms around Tara’s perfect body and kiss her passionately.

“Would you care for a glass of wine?” I asked after awhile.


“Red or white.”

“Red would be nice.”

I was drinking the white, so I opened a new bottle for Tara. We continued to talk for while longer. Tara quickly consumed several glasses of wine and was clearly getting a bit tipsy. I was fearful that the wine might make her lose her inhibitions — heaven knew she had very little to lose. So I announced I was ready to retire for the night.

“Me too.” Tara said with a little giggle. As she spoke she jumped up and walked over next to me, bent down, bit my earlobe and whispered, “I’ll be with you soon, baby.”

“Good night, Mr. B___.” She said in a normal speaking voice.

I took care of the fire, put the cooler, and whatever food stuff was left out, back in the SUV. There really were bears in those woods.

I stepped up into the trailer and saw Tara standing by her bed just getting ready to climb in. I could just make out in the darkness that at least she wasn’t wearing the baby doll nightie. Instead, she’d chosen to sleep in just her panties — not even a top. She looked incredibly alluring and I desperately wanted to ravish her body once more. Of course, I knew Helen would be awake in an instant this early in the evening.

I striped to my underwear and crawled in beside Helen.

“Goodnight Mr. B___.” I heard Tara whisper.

“Goodnight Tara.”

I zipped up my bag and felt Helen turn over towards me. She gave me a kiss and told me goodnight, then, as usual, rolled back to her side of the bed and fell back asleep.

I lay there awhile thinking about all the incredible things that had gone on in the last twenty four hours. I had trouble believing it all had actually happened and wondered what was yet to come as long as Tara was around. I finally drifted off.

At some point during the night I awoke to the faint sound of an electronic beeping. I listened for a moment trying to figure out what it was; thinking it might be an alarm on some bit of equipment in the camping trailer. But it stopped right after I woke up. I put my head back on my pillow and drifted off again.

I was awakened again — how much later I did not know – but this time it was out of a dream and in the dream someone was sucking my cock. As I reached full consciousness I realized that someone really was sucking my cock and I knew just who it was.

Tara had managed to unzip my bag without waking me, extracted my cock, and sucked me into her sweet mouth before I was roused from my slumber. My first thought was, we can’t do this in the camper again like we’d done the night before.

I pulled Tara’s head up off my cock and whispered to her; “we have to go somewhere else. Get some cloths on and go outside.”

I turned my head to check on Helen and saw she was curled up on her side snug in her sleeping bag with her back to me. As gently and quietly as I could, I got out of bed and pulled on a sweat suit and put a pair of sneakers. I opened the door of the camper and stepped outside. Tara was there with her arms wrapped around herself, obviously cold; there was frost on her breath as she spoke.

“Where are we going?” She asked softly.

“Up to the restrooms.” I whipered.

When were out of sight of the camper, I put my arms around her to try to keep her a little warmer. We arrived at the restrooms and I steered Tara to the single unisex restroom that was set up with a changing table for families with babies that either the mother or father could use. We entered and I locked the door behind us.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was three-thirty. “I doubt anyone will be coming up here to change diapers at this time of the night. We shouldn’t be disturbed.” I told Tara.

Without replying, she pulled my sweat pants and boxers down my legs and knelt before me, taking my cock in her mouth. I was not hard — the cold, and over use, had slowed my reaction time but Tara’s soft wet mouth and her tongue swirling over the head of my dick corrected that situation quickly.

“Hmmmm … I love sucking you soooooo much.” She said as she took a break from sucking.

I pulled Tara up off her knees and kissed her, then reached down and pulled her sweatshirt up over her head so she was naked from the waist up. I sucked on her breast, nipping at her hard nipples as she moaned softly like a purring kitten. I worked my mouth down between her breasts and swirled the tip of my tongue in her belly button, then tugged at her pants. My tongue followed the top of the elastic waist band as it slowly descended until the tip of my tongue sank into the crease of her sweet tasting pussy.

I quickly found her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Her clit was somewhat larger than most I’d encountered with other women and it was stiff like a tiny dick. My lips and tongue went up and down on it while my hands grabbed Tara’s ass checks and I pulled her hips closer to my mouth. I felt her hips undulating slightly in spite of the pressure of my mouth on her pussy and my hands squeezing her ass checks. I heard her breathing quicken and she moaned with delight.

When she came, her knees buckled and I had to wrap both arms around her hips to hold her up and keep her from falling. This also to allowed me to keep sucking her clit continuously through orgasm after orgasm.

“Oh gawd stop! Please! Enough … I … I … I can’t take any more … please …”

I held her by the hips until she regained the use of her legs, then I took both our sweat suits and arranged them on the floor which was kept immaculately clean by the campground staff — I wasn’t worried about germs so much as I did not wish to lie down on cold tiles.

I lay on the sweat suits and pulled Tara down on top of me. She grasped my stiff cock and guided it to her opening. Very slowly, she eased herself down the length of my shaft. She did not bounce up and down, not yet. Rather, she shifted her hips left and right, and back and forth, and in circles, manipulating my cock inside her pussy to give herself exquisite sensations.

“Oh Jack … you feel so marvelous inside my cunt … I want to keep you inside me forever … aaaaaah … ooooh ooooooooooooh yeeeeeeees!”

She braced herself by placing her hands on my chest while I squeezed her perfect breasts and pinched her hard nipples; she gasped in ecstasy. She used my dick to give herself several climaxes; manipulating and twisting her body just the right way to hit whatever special places inside her pussy that set her off.

During a rest from her latest orgasm, I pulled her to me and kissed her with passion. With her leaning forward over me, my hips had room to start pumping my shaft deep inside her. I increased my thrusting to a frenzied pace and felt the tension inside me rising and knew I was close to shooting. Although I would have preferred to back off and make our fucking last longer, I was afraid that being away from the camper too long was too dangerous, so I keep banging sweet Tara relentlessly until I shot my load inside her.

As I expected, she wanted me to lick her clean again — it was becoming an obsession with her. She moved her pussy up over my face as I lay on the floor. I sucked my juices from her as they dripped into my mouth. I reached as far inside her pussy as I could with my tongue which seemed to give her an extra little thrill each time I did it.

“Don’t swallow it Jack … save some for me.” She said. I did as she asked. Our kiss long and hot as I transfer much of the cum to her mouth.

“We’ve got to get back.” I said when we’d finished kissing.

“Oh no … I want to stay and fuck you some more … we’ve got plenty of time before dawn.”

“If Helen should happen to wake up while we’re both gone, and, if we’re gone for a long time, I’ll be dead meat. OK?”

“Alright.” She said, albeit reluctantly.

“Maybe we can get away again later.” I told her.

When we returned to the camper and entered quietly, Helen was, thankfully, still sound asleep. But Tara managed to knock the battery operated lantern off the counter top and it fell to the floor with a loud crash. Helen rolled over towards the noise.

“What was that?”

“Just Tara. She had to go up to the restrooms … she was sort of desperate but wouldn’t go by herself … bears again. So, I walked her up … she was just getting back into bed and knocked something over. Sorry it woke you, dear.” I told Helen, making up a pretty good lie, I thought, on the spur of the moment.

“Oh …” Helen said sleepily as she rolled back over and was instantly asleep again.

I finally managed to get some more sleep myself in spite of our little late night tryst. I awoke late. Emily and Amy and Tara were up and had finished breakfast and were just getting ready to head back down to the river and sunbath. There was a little beach there that the campground had made, no doubt, with numerous truck loads of white sand.

After lunch, Helen announced she was taking the girls shopping at the outlet mall we’d seen on the way to the campground. It seemed Amy and Emily wanted to buy some cloths before heading back to school — plus, I think they were getting bored with camping; so much for re-creating the days of old.

I remembered the outlet mall from when we had stopped for dinner the evening we drove up to the camp ground. It was about an hour, or so, from the campground.

“Tara, would you like to come with us?” Helen offered.

“Oh Mrs. B___, I would love to … I just love shopping … but … I ah … I’m starting to get some cramps … you know, it’s that time … so I think I should just stay here.”

Helen turned to me. “I know better than to even ask if you want to go shopping. OK, well, we won’t be gone too long.”

“Give me a shout on the cell when you’re heading back and I’ll get dinner started.”

“Oh, that would be sweet of you, dear.”

Helen and the girls climbed into the SUV and were gone.

“You weren’t having your period a few hours ago when we went up the restrooms.” I said to Tara. She just gave me a wicked knowing smile.

“I figure we’ve got at least three or four hours before they’re back.” I told her.

Tara got up from the camp chair, took my hand, and pulled me into the camper. We at least had a comfortable bed to fuck on for a change. It was three and a half hours before Helen called and said they were just pulling out of the mall parking lot. During those hours, Tara started off the festivities by sucking me off until I exploded in her mouth. She told how she just loved the feeling of being so completely in control when giving a guy a blow job — and she also said she adored the feeling of my hot spunk filling her mouth. But, best of all, she reiterated, she couldn’t get over what a thrill it gave her to be able to share my cum with me and watch me swallow it with her.

After the exquisite blow job, we fucked in just about every conceivable position and Tara came innumerable times. During one break when she needed to catch her breath and regain control of her legs that were still quivering, she asked me if we could do something she’d never done before but had always been curious about trying.

“What’s that, Sweetheart?”

“Anal.” She replied timidly.

“Oh” I said. “Sure … if you’re game.” But, I wanted a condom for that particular sport. I thought I had a couple rubbers stashed away on the camper from eons ago when Helen and I still engaged in carnal practices. I managed to find them and an old bottle of lube.

I slipped a condom over my erection — hoping that the latex wasn’t so old it would fall apart at the slightest provocation. Then I applied a generation amount of the lube to my condom covered cock.

“You might want to be on top for this … it’ll give you a little more control as to how fast or slow I enter you.” I explained. “First let me put some of this lube on your pretty little virgin asshole.” She giggled, no doubt thinking how utterly naughty she was being.

I applied a generous amount to her rosebud and worked it all around her opening. I also did my best to work some a little way up inside her to ease the way and also to stretch her a bit in preparation.

“You ready?” In reply, she just pushed me playfully onto my back and climbed on top. She grabbed my very slippery dick and guided to her nether hole.

“Just relax and let it go in slowly.” I suggested. I could tell by her expression that it was not altogether comfortable, but with steady pressure she eased ever so slowly down my hard shaft. About half way, she stopped.

“Just need to … let it … oh … there … that’s better … oh yeah …” She started very slowly moving up and down. With each stroke she managed to get herself a little further down my shaft. In a few minutes I was buried to the hilt and she was fully enjoying her first ass fuck.

“Oh gawd, this feels so good … after you get past the first bit … oh shit … uuuuh … yes!

I was stroking her clit to try and add a little more enjoyment to the experience and soon she had another orgasm — her first ever anal climax. I rolled her over on her back and squirted a little more lube on my dick and reinserted it. Then I fucked her silly until she had yet another climax — she was rubbing her own clit that time.

“I want you to cum again, honey.” Tara said breathlessly, still coming down from her last orgasm. “In my pussy so you can lick me again, OK?”

“I’ll try baby, you’ve sort of worn me out the last few days, but I’ll try.”

I withdrew from her ass and shed the condom, then I fucked her missionary for a while but didn’t feel myself getting anywhere near a climax. So I had Tara get on her hands and knees and scoot over to the edge of the bed so I could fuck her from behind while I stood up. I grabbed her hips and pounded her like crazy and finally managed to get off one more time. I gently shoved Tara over on her back and buried my face between her legs and licked the cum from her as it oozed out of her pink pussy. I went up to her mouth and shared each load with her then returned to her cunt for more. On my last trip, I stayed and licked her clit and gave her another intense orgasm. I enjoyed eating and licking her pussy as much as she enjoyed sucking cock.

As we both lay exhausted on the bed, my cell rang.

“Hello Dear, so, what have you been up to while we girls have been shopping till we drop?”

“Oh not much … just relaxing, reading a bit, took another nap … not much.”

“Well, we just pulled out of the parking lot. We’ll be back in an hour … actually longer, I have to stop and get gas … the warning light’s on.”

“OK, Dear. I’ll get the charcoal going and have the steaks ready to put on the minute you drive up.”

“Good … love you … bye.”

“Love you too, dear.”

“We have an hour before they get back. We should get showered.”

“Oh Jack … put it in me for just a few more minutes.”

“Honey, I can’t … look at the poor thing.” I was still very limp.”

Undaunted, Tara grabbed the bottle of lube, and squeeze a few drops on her finger tips. She leaned over me and started rubbing my ass. At the same time she sucked my limp cock into her mouth. As she sucked, she slipped first one, then two fingers inside me and finger fucked my ass much as I had finger fucked her pussy earlier, and in no time, I was hard again.

She rolled over on her back and pulled me on top of her, inserted my fairly hard cock in her wet pussy, then wrapped her arms around my shoulders locked her legs around my hips.

“Fuck me a little longer Jack …” She whispered as she nibbled on my ear lobe. “Just fuck me.”

It was a slow sensual fuck. Neither of us came again. Finally, I had to pull out and insist we get showers before everyone returned.

Before we headed up to showers, I dumped charcoal in the grill and lit it with the starter fluid. I didn’t like leaving it unattended, but I had no choice; we had to get our showers while charcoal got started.

When the car pulled up, Tara was making a nice salad. I had potatoes in the microwave cooking, and the steaks were ready for the grill, as promised.

The girls all showed us their purchases. Helen bought a new outfit too, even though she wasn’t going back to college.

After dinner we sat around the campfire once again. I got my guitar out and sang some old folks songs from my youth. Helen and our girls sang along with most of them. They grew up with that particular family campfire tradition, but Tara was mostly silent; I doubt she’d ever heard most of the songs.

Everyone went to bed early again, except of course, Tara and I. About an hour after Helen retired for the night, Tara asked me in a normal speaking voice if I would walk her up to the restrooms again as she had something to “take care of.” She made it sound like she was being shy about mentioning the period she wasn’t having. I got the flashlight and we walked up.

We went into the unisex bathroom again and Tara had my cock out as soon as the door closed. I fucked her fast and furiously by standing her up against the wall. I licked my cum from her cunt again — she could not do without this ritual now — and we quickly dressed. We weren’t gone too much longer than a normal trip to the restrooms, though we did have someone knocking on door as we fucked. A young woman with a baby was waiting outside as we exited. She gave us a very nasty look when she realized what an old guy and a young girl must have been up to.

Sometime during the night, Tara sucked me off again — this time while I remained in my sleeping bag. I worked her clit while she sucked me and I felt her body stiffen and her legs squeeze my fingers at one point. After I shoot my spunk into her mouth she again shared it with me, returning silently to her bed afterward.

On our last day camping, Tara went for a walk by herself, having discretely informed me moments before that she would be in our secret clearing. I managed to sneak off without anyone noticing and met her there about five minutes later. We didn’t have the blanket this time, so she stripped and bent over with her hands bracing herself against one of the big boulders while I fucked her from behind. I came eventually, licked her clean, and shared it with her then returned to the campsite carrying some dried branches for the campfire.

“Where’d you get off too?” Helen asked.

“I realized I hadn’t been down to see the river all the time we’ve been here. So, I took a little hike.”

“Hmmmm … I wish you’d said something … I could have walked down with you.”

“Sorry, Dear. Next time.” I said, insincerely.

That afternoon, we packed everything up and drove home. Tara spent several more nights with us before we had to take her and Amy back to school. Emily was flying back to school on the west coast the day before Amy was leaving.

I had to work so I didn’t see Tara during the day. I did sneak into the guest bedroom and spend about two hours with her each night. The second night, Helen stirred as I returned to my own bed and asked if anything was wrong.

“Couldn’t sleep, so I went downstairs … watched some porn on the computer.”

“Oh gawd …” She groaned and went back to sleep. Helen detested porn and couldn’t understand want I saw in it. Hey, ask any guy; they’ll tell you.

On the last night of Tara’s stay, Tara and I both had a moment of panic — she was astride me and bouncing up and down on my cock – when we heard Emily or Amy get up to go to the bathroom. We were sure the bed’s creaking as Tara rode me was sure to be heard. In fact, Amy did mention something to Tara the next morning. Tara told Amy she was unable to sleep so she was getting herself off since it been so long since she’d been with a guy. Amy seemed to accept that, though Tara told me later that Amy’s reaction was one of having learned something that she would rather have not known.

We drove the girls up to school and Helen and I stayed in a motel near campus so we could attend the first football game of the season on Saturday afternoon. Much to my surprise, Helen got amorous after imbibing more wine than was her custom while we sat on the balcony of our room and reminisced about the kids when they were younger.

Helen gave me subtle signs that she was “in the mood” so I was happy to oblige her — the last time we’d had sex was for my birthday months earlier.

Of course, after a week of having had wild sex with Tara several times a day, sex with Helen was tame, at best. She liked to be on top until she came and she always had to stroke her own clit to get off while she rode me; I was never allowed to help. And always, as soon as she reached her climax she would roll off me and if I hadn’t cum, well it was too bad and too sad for me because then she was too exhausted for anything else.

But that night, as Helen rolled onto her side after her orgasm, I made it clear I wasn’t done yet.

“Jack no … I can’t … I’ve had enough.” She protested. Without saying a word, I unceremoniously rolled her on to her stomach, inserted my cock into her cunt and banged her almost as furiously as I had Tara all week until I came with a loud groan and shot my load into her pussy. Then I rolled her onto her back, spread her legs and proceeded to lick my cum from her cunt — it seemed I had grown as accustomed to the practice as much as Tara. Then I scooched up to Helen and kissed her, letting some of my cum drain into her mouth.

“My gawd, Jack, that was disgusting! What has gotten into you?” Helen exclaimed as she pushed me away from her.

It was the last time Helen and I ever had sexual relations. We were divorced within eighteen months; seems she’d had a lover for some time and decided it was time to call it quits after the girls left home.

I still see Tara. She graduated, got a good job and got married. The weird part is: she told her boyfriend about me before they got married and she stills sees me every week for dinner … and, well, you know …

She says loves her husband and he loves her, but she told him early on that she needed something she could only get with me. Like I said … weird, but I’m not complaining.

Although that last camping trip was a dismal failure as far as a family outing was concerned, I’ve never regretted it and what Tara and I have as a result.

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