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Caitlyn’s Mother

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Jade could hear her mother on the phone in the hall tearing a strip from Caitlyn’s mother. She knew what it was about; it was the same thing that had got her sent to her room. Sent to her room at eighteen years old, treated like a child. And banned from ever seeing Caitlyn again, although even her mother must have realised that, at her age and with today’s countless ways of communicating, the ban was pretty meaningless.

It was just bad luck that led to her mother catching the pair of them masturbating together in her lounge, sitting in opposite chairs with the legs wide open and everything on show, and so engrossed that they didn’t hear her come in. It wasn’t as if they were touching each other, they were just watching each other do it to themselves, and very erotic it was too.

If truth be told Jade would have happily let Caitlyn play with her and vice-versa, for she had reached an experimental stage where her sexuality could be whatever she wanted it to be, and she was wondering quite seriously about girls. But they’d kept their hands strictly to themselves and she couldn’t see what was so bad about a bit of self love in the company your oldest and bestest friend.

She put her ear to the door to see if she could catch what was being said.

‘I suppose you don’t find anything wrong with it, do you?’ Her mother was saying, shouting really. There was a pause for a reply.

‘No, I’m not surprised. In fact I expect you encouraged her, especially after what we all know about you.’

Jade listened more closely, intrigued by whatever it was that they all knew.

‘No! Absolutely not. I don’t know why I let one of my daughters get mixed up with a child of yours in the first place. I should have known she’d get corrupted by the daughter of a dyke.’

Another pause.

‘Yes, I did say dyke. Everybody knows that you prefer your own sex, and so it’s no surprise that your daughter does too.’

Jade frowned. Caitlyn was not and never had been a lesbian as far as Jade knew. She had never made any approaches to Jade or anyone else for that matter. Jade only wished she had, because she wouldn’t have said no and then her mother would really have had something to worry about. Even the magazine that had fuelled their libidos had been one of male pinups and pop stars. But of course that had been conveniently ignored in the maternal quest to place the blame elsewhere.

‘Now kindly keep your perverted offspring away from my child.’

Jade heard her mother slam down the phone.

She sat on her bed, thinking about it and reproaching herself for not trying it on with Caitlyn. Because after all, it could hardly have ended worse even if Caitlyn had taken offence at unwanted advances and stormed off. It was, Jade thought, perhaps a shame that it had not been Caitlyn’s mother instead of Caitlyn. Things might have gone so much further if what her own mother had said was true.

She sat thinking about Mrs Thorpe, Caitlyn’s mother, and wondering if it was true about her. It probably was, she decided, because she’s always been very friendly, over friendly now she thought about it, letting her hand rest against her shoulder or slipping an arm briefly around her waist. Not that she had ever come on to her in an obvious way, but then she wouldn’t, would she, because that way lay vilification and ostracism by the hypocritical community in which they lived. Jade wondered if she might respond if she, Jade, made the first move. That would be one in the eye for her mother, wouldn’t it? But that depended on Mrs Thorpe actually being that way inclined.

If she was, then she could make any girl happy. Just shy of forty, Brenda Thorpe was petite, with a gorgeously trim figure, a blonde page boy hairstyle, glasses, and a mischievous smile that was almost permanently plastered across her elfin features. Jade would have loved it to have been her sitting opposite with her panties around one ankle and her legs wide apart. She could feel herself getting moist again at the idea, and an impulsive revenge-driven decision was made. Before the summer was through, she would have Brenda Thorpe in bed.

The next question was how?

It was not to prove as difficult as Jade expected. She left it a couple of days and, when she knew Caitlyn would be out, she rang her home on the pretext of wanting to apologise for getting her into trouble. It was, of course, her mother she found herself talking to. Would she pass on Jade’s apologies for the bother she had landed her in, and would Mrs Thorpe accept an apology for the call her own mother hand made to her. Yes, of course she would tell Caitlyn she’d rung, and she needn’t worry about her mother’s call because it would take more than that to ruffle her feathers. Caitlyn’s mother then went on to make her an offer.

‘Look As far as I’m concerned Caitlyn can spend as much time with you as she wants, and what you get up to is your business. You’re both old enough to do anything you like. If you want privacy just come round here and let me know to keep out of your way.’

Jade’s heart beat faster. Things were going her way.

‘I wouldn’t mind about you, Mrs Thorpe….’

‘Call me Brenda.’

‘Oh, right. Well Brenda.’ The name sounded strange coming from her lips. ‘I wouldn’t mind if you walked in on us, but maybe Caitlyn might feel embarrassed, with you being her mother and all.’

Here was a distinct pause before she answered.

‘Yes, I can understand that. I’d be embarrassed too, although I wouldn’t be if it was just you.’

Jade had the distinct feeling that she was being probed.

‘Then maybe if I need a bit of privacy, can I come around on my own?’ She said it with a deliberate light-hearted ‘I want to be able to deny it’ note to her voice.

There was that pause again.

‘Yes, of course you can. How much privacy would you need?’

‘Not a lot. It’s much more exciting with someone else there.’ Jade paused to give Brenda the chance to change tack before continuing, her voice taking on a breathless quality from the hopeful pounding of her heart. ‘Especially if that someone else is a bit older and more experienced and can show me what to do. I really want to learn a whole lot more.’

The pause this time was much longer, until Jade thought she was about to be warned off. Eventually the reply came.

‘Caitlyn is away for the day on Tuesday, if you come around then, I can teach you all you need to know.’

‘Oh god, Mrs Thorpe, I was hoping you’d say that.’

‘There is a condition.’

‘What’s that?’ Jade asked anxiously.

‘For god’s sake call me Brenda.’

On Tuesday Jade worked her way steadily up the hill, her bright blue eyes flitting nervously around her. The slope was kind and her long slender legs and eighteen year old body should have sent her bounding up it, but today she was hanging back, unconsciously taking her time and delaying the moment when she would be knocking at Brenda’s door, even though she had been through it countless times before. She was late, more than an hour late, all down to her anxious struggle between her head that told her not to go anywhere near the place, and her body that insisted she did.

She had prevaricated and hesitated, unsure if she was doing the right thing, astonished with herself for having revealed her bicurious tendency to her friend’s mother but glad she had, all at the same time. Now she was on her way to turn that curiosity into reality, under a strict instruction from Brenda to keep the meeting secret, absolutely secret.

Jade was half the age of her potential partner, but that is how she wanted it. She didn’t want to be introduced to girl on girl sex by someone as nervous and inexperienced as herself, she wanted to be taught — no, instructed, that was a better word — by an older and more confident woman. Slightly submissive by nature, she had told Brenda that she would do anything she was told to, and that she wanted her partner to do whatever they fancied to her. This was the day when fantasy became reality, and she learned what it was actually like to be with a woman. It had started off as spiting her mother but now she knew it was more than that, it was an inbuilt dream.

Her heart was already beating faster than the slope warranted and her palms already a little damper than she might expect when she came to the house she sought. Her heart leapt and her mouth suddenly went dry, and she stopped dead in the street to gaze at the white painted door that carried it. Behind that door lay the experience she so wanted and yet was so frightened of. Now was the moment of decision. She had come all this way and now she hesitated. What if she didn’t like it, what if it repelled her, what if, what if… What if she never tried and never knew? She squared her shoulders, licked her lips, and walked resolutely up to the door, her finger hesitating for several long seconds before stabbing down on the bell-push and announcing her presence.

Brenda answered the door wearing a moss green bathrobe, her short blonde hair looking even more beautiful than Jade remembered against the dark colour. Jade stared, sure that Brenda was already nude beneath the robe and abruptly aware of the reality of what she was doing. She swallowed hard and forced an anxious smile.

‘Hi, I’m…’ She stammered. ‘I’m sorry I’m late.’

Brenda smiled at the nervous way her guest had introduced herself, and nodded in welcome. ‘Not a problem, I understand. Come in, Jade, it’s nice to see you again. I was worried that you weren’t coming.’

She moved back to allow Jade to enter, still surprised, even though they knew each other well, when the much younger girl towered over her by a good nine inches. With her petite frame and waiflike features, Brenda looked for all the world like a real life Tinkerbelle, cute but feisty, whereas Jade, at five-eleven tall, was a gangly beanpole.

Brenda closed the door, instinctively looking up and down the street for nosy neighbours, and led the way through to her living room. There she turned to face Jade, raised herself onto tiptoe and, with difficulty, gave her guest a welcoming kiss on the cheek.

‘I’m so pleased you could come.’ She told her with a smile. ‘It’ll be a lovely day, I just know it will.’

Jade smiled nervously. ‘I nearly didn’t. And I’m really sorry I’m late, I just got a bit scared.’

‘But you did, and that’s all that counts. Would you like a glass of wine before…?’ She paused abruptly. ‘Before I drink it all?’

‘Thank you, yes.’

‘Sit yourself down and I’ll fetch some more.’

She disappeared off into the kitchen for another bottle of wine, leaving Jade to standing rather apprehensively on the centre of the room, wondering where on the expensive green brocade suit she should sit. In the end she lowered herself onto the end of the three-seater sofa that Caitlyn normally used and waited nervously for Brenda to return.

‘Relax.’ Brenda told her as she came back into the room. ‘I’m harmless, I promise you.’

‘It’s not that.’ Jade looked shyly at Brenda. ‘I couldn’t wait for today to come, but now that it has… Well, now if I’m honest, I’m as nervous as a kitten.’

‘Don’t be, there’s no need.’

‘I know that really, but I still feel a bit scared.’

Brenda filled a glass and passed it to Jade before taking an empty chair.

‘Nothing will happen that you don’t want to, so here’s to a fun time.’ She raised her glass in a toast.

The two sat and sipped their wine silently for a few minutes, both of them unsure quite how to move things along.

‘Were you mad when you heard about me and Caitlyn?’ Jade asked suddenly.

‘Surprised I suppose, but not mad. I mean, you’re both eighteen so I expect you to be — what do they call it now — sexually active. I just didn’t think Caitlyn was into girls.’

‘She’s not.’ Jade explained. ‘It’s just that we’d been reading a magazine and talking, and we got turned on a bit, so we ended up daring each other.’

‘But you are? Into girls, I mean?’

‘I’m not sure. I just want to find out.’ Jade paused. ‘I loved it when Caitlyn and I watched each other, and I was wishing we could do a bit more than look, but I don’t think she would have.’

‘Would you like us to watch each other?’ This was Brenda’s blunt way of moving things forward

‘I’d love it, if I dare.’ Jade shuddered as a thrill surged through her. The moment of truth had arrived.

‘Then shall we try?’

Brenda stood and held out her hands to Jade, who took a quick fortifying drink to empty her wineglass and then allowed herself, somewhat hesitantly, to be pulled to her feet. For half-an-hour-long-minute Jade stood holding hands with her friend’s mother, both of them looking silently at each other in heady expectation until Brenda broke the spell.

‘We’re wearing far too much.’ She whispered, dropping Jade’s hand, her voice suddenly sounding husky with arousal as she reached for the belt holding her robe.

Jade’s anxiety was suddenly swamped by her excitement as Brenda allowed her robe to fall to the floor, standing naked to her gaze for a short but glorious moment before she bent and picked up the robe and hung it on a door behind her, making her way across the room without any sign of self consciousness. Coming back Brenda took both Jade’s hands for them to be facing each other.

‘Ready?’ Brenda asked, looking intently for any sign of panic or dissent.

Far from dissenting, Jade’s eyes were travelling up and down Brenda’s body, taking in the small, pert breasts with their contrasting dark nipples, her flat, athletic stomach and firm legs, absorbing the sight and responding with a tiny mewl of excited approval. She’d never thought of Caitlyn’s mother as anything but Caitlyn’s mother before, but now that she had she liked what she saw.

‘Yes!’ That one murmured word, accompanied by a timidly eager smile, was all that was needed.

Brenda gently but firmly turned her around to face away from her and Jade felt hands circle her waist and gently began pulling her tee-shirt from inside her jeans, knuckles grazing Jade’s midriff and making her thrill at her first, her very first, truly sexual female touch. She raised her arms, Brenda’s fingers deliberately running over her flesh as the shirt was pulled up and over her head, with Jade sensing rather than feeling the slightest touch of soft flesh against her back. Her heart began to pound again and she hoped she had made the right choice.

Hands now encircled her, the palms moving to cup her breasts over her bra. She leaned back feeling Brenda’s nipples pressing into her back and her breath warm against her shoulders. The hands squeezed gently and briefly, and then moved on, sliding softly down her front until they met the waistband of her jeans.

Brenda was now unfastening her belt, the noise of the buckle coming undone sounding loud in her ears. She looked down, thrilling at the sight of Brenda’s slim fingers seeking and finding the top of her zip from behind, watching her pull it down and listening with mounting excitement to the innocent buzz of the fastener descending. Her lips were dry again and the thudding of her own excited heart drummed in her ears. She kicked away her shoes, knowing that the action gave unspoken consent for Brenda to continue.

Brenda came round again to the front, opening Jade’s jeans ready for her to work them over her slender, boyish hips. Jade balanced first on one leg and then the other to let Brenda pull the jeans clear of her feet, knowing that each step brought her closer to that special moment she was longing for. All she wore now were her flimsy black briefs and her equally tiny black bra. Surprisingly, she felt totally committed now, suddenly open to anything the woman wanted from her and eager for it to begin.

‘I want this.’ She whispered, not speaking to Brenda directly but just confirming her need. ‘I’m sure now.’

She saw Brenda smile up from where she still knelt, and she knew it truly was going to be a fun day. She unhooked her own bra and slid it down over her arms, baring her tiny breasts with their puffy pink nipples to Brenda’s gaze.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t have much.’ She apologised needlessly for her figure.

‘Me neither when I was your age, and things haven’t changed that much since.’ Brenda assured her, standing up to place her hands over Jade’s breasts. ‘But they’re beautiful as they are, Jade. Size isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.’

‘Thank you.’ Jade sighed back, enjoying the novel sensation of feminine hands on her naked breasts.

She felt Brenda give her tiny breasts a little affectionate squeeze and then the hands moved to her waist, hooking into the waistband of her panties and slowly drawing them down, over her bottom and down her thighs as Brenda sank onto her haunches until they rested around her ankles. She stepped out of them and pushed them away with the side of her foot, aware – happily aware – that she was now completely naked in the presence of another woman, a sexually active woman who wanted her body. She looked down at Brenda, seeing the older woman’s eyes fasten on her crotch. She could sense her pussy reacting, moistening and opening, waiting to be touched. She just stood there, letting her awakening urge develop from seeing Brenda’s eyes drinking in her most intimate display.

‘Oh Jade.’ Brenda’s contented voice brought Jade out of her spell. ‘You’re shaved. I didn’t expect that.’

Jade had shaved herself deliberately for today, and a warm glow spread through her knowing that she had pleased her partner. Consciously, needing to but without knowing why, she moved her feet apart to display a little more of herself to Brenda’s welcome gaze. Brenda watched, still kneeling, just enjoying the sight.

Jade looked down at her, not knowing what Brenda was thinking. She couldn’t know that as Brenda took in her long coltishly slim legs, her boyishly immature hips and a tiny bust Brenda determined to make her experience today a really good one. If today was to be her first time, then Brenda would make sure she wasn’t disappointed. In Brenda’s eyes Jade was an adult in years, but still a gangly, half grown girl in appearance – a woman hiding in a girl’s body. She was so unlike her picture of her perfect woman, even apart from the fact that she was only half her age, but there was something about her, something innocent and endearing that made Brenda care how much Jade enjoyed her experience.

She reached forward, placing a hand on the cool skin of Jade’s leg just above the knee, absorbing the strangely wonderful sensation before gently running her palm up along the outside of her thigh, stroking her way as far as Jade’s hip before returning down the front, watching for any reaction and seeing Jade’s eyes open briefly and a tiny contented smile play across her face. Several times more she ran her hand along Jade’s thigh, reaching around to caress the back, before sitting back on her haunches and just gazing at the marvellous sight before her.

After a moment she reached forward again, this time to run her hand up the inside of Jade’s thigh, her fingers tracing lightly over the skin right up close to her pussy but without touching it. Conscious of the girl’s youth and inexperience, Brenda wanted to be sure of Jade’s response and so she repeated the action twice more, creeping ever closer to the top, gazing up to see how she reacted, and then smiling when Jade parted her legs a little further to her exploring fingers.

Certain now of what was wanted, Brenda ran the flat of her palm along Jade’s slender thigh, not stopping until the tips of her fingers had found her cleft. Searching between the swollen labia Brenda ran her fingertips along the length of Jade’s slit, skating over her clit to bring a gasp from the girl’s lips and then returning down to find her open entrance and send a probing finger into the wet and slippery vagina. Jade groaned, trying to open her legs that bit more and invite Brenda’s finger deeper inside her.

‘I love that.’ Jade sighed, her eyes closed in delight.

‘Do you want to come?’ Brenda asked her, wriggling her finger a little further into Jade’s passage.

Jade nodded enthusiastically. ‘God, yes!’

‘Then you’ll have to do it.’ Brenda reminded her, rather abruptly taking her hand away. ‘That’s the deal, remember?’

For a moment Jade froze, having completely forgotten that she was supposed to masturbate while Brenda watched, but then, as she thought about it again and arousal kicked in, she nodded once more, just as eagerly.

‘It is, isn’t it? And I will.’ She pushed her remaining nerves away.

Brenda indicated the settee that Jade had been sitting on before. ‘Sit there then, and we can see each other.’

Jade did as she was told, sitting on the centre seat and looking both excited and scared at the prospect of playing with herself in full view of the older woman, who now took an armchair facing her. She looked nervously at her audience, and then, very hesitantly, she opened her legs a little way, immediately covering her pussy with her hands, then remaining like that with her eyes flicking anxiously from Brenda to her hands and back again.

‘Close your eyes and pretend I’m not here.’ Suggested Brenda, accepting Jade’s youthful shyness.

Jade shook her head vigorously, her dark brown hair swirling across her face. ‘No, I want you to watch, and I want to see you watching. I’ll be all right in a moment.’

Slowly she removed her hands and spread her legs further open to let the older woman see her pussy, all the time fixing her eyes on Brenda’s, the blue seeming unnaturally bright from her nervousness. Then, equally deliberately and without taking her eyes from her, she bent her legs, placing a foot on the seat either side of her to display herself completely and explicitly. Now, with everything she had entirely on show, she smiled, licking her lips before touching her clit with two fingers of her right hand and beginning to play with herself, the fingertips just circling the end of her clit gently and slowly.

‘Do you want to watch me?’ Brenda asked, hooking a leg over each arm of the chair to display her own pussy to the teenager.

Jade nodded silently, her fingers moving a little more confidently when Brenda reached between her legs to rub her own clit. Brenda, Jade noticed with a stab of delight, was also shaved completely smooth.

At first the two women were silent, copying each other, the only sound that of fingers at play, but soon, as they became more aroused, they began to emit little pleasure noises, whimpers, sighs and moans, all adding to the eroticism of the occasion and turning them all on more and more. Soon both were breathing heavily and their hearts were pounding from seeing each other’s fingers moving over their clits and knowing that they too were being watched just as avidly.

‘Is this what you did with Caitlyn?’ Brenda asked, the question sibilant with her arousal.

‘Yes. But we’d only taken out panties off.’ Jade nodded her answer, her fingers now dancing over her clit as her self-assurance grew. ‘I shouldn’t be telling you that, should I? But it was nice and I don’t care.’

‘Nor do I, I just wanted to know how far you went.’

‘Not as far as I wanted.’

‘Then do you want you and I to go further today?’ Brenda asked, hoping for the right answer.

‘Oh yes, we can do anything you want.’

Brenda shuddered with excitement at the prospect. ‘We will.’

Jade’s fingers were flying as she excitedly contemplated what might happen, all inhibitions lost. The circumstances were having an effect, and she knew that she was not going to be long in coming this time because already deep inside her she could feel the heat of a budding orgasm building. She watched as Brenda flattened her hand and ran it rapidly back and forth over her clit, strumming at it with the ridges created by the extended fingers, mentally noting the action to try it herself another time. But this time she was too close to coming to risk a different technique. Then, as she watched Brenda also reached down with her free hand to finger fuck herself, the two fingers wet and shiny as they moved in and out of her vagina.

The sight was too much for Jade, she felt her orgasm rising, getting stronger and nearer, making her fingers hurry at her clit, helping to bring it on, to make her come with her new friend watching. And then she was there. Her orgasm struck like a series of tidal waves, washing over her body and lifting her to a pinnacle of happiness. Wave after wave of pure pleasure hit her, the two fingers leaving her clit only to drive deep into her pussy, wriggling and twisting as they did and causing a sound half way between scream and groan to issue from her lips in a long drawn out ‘aaaaaaahhh!’. That same sound repeated itself every time her fingers plunged into herself, every time a new wave of pleasure swamped her, until eventually as her climax began to subside it quietened, becoming more breathy and less frantic before dying as a gasp in her throat. She looked around with a pounding heart and heaving chest, suddenly remembering where she was and who was watching, her face abruptly reddening at the thought of what she had just let her see.

‘I’m coming too.’

Brenda’s sudden announcement halted Jade’s unexpected attack of shyness, drawing her attention back to the woman in front of her. Brenda’s head was thrown back, her eyes were closed and her breath was coming in quick little gasps. Her legs were still spread wide over the arms of the chair and her fingers were back to playing with her clit, but now she was pressing on it, pushing down and rubbing hard, her hips thrusting forward in little jolts as her actions had their effect.

Jade slumped breathless in her seat, feeling a little trembly after her orgasm, with her hand unmoving over her own pussy and her eyes glued to Brenda’s. She had never seen a mature woman displayed so blatantly, and she loved the sight of those puffy labia and her bright red entrance shining invitingly with slippery juices, the pussy folds moving and bending as Brenda masturbated. God, she wanted so much to touch and explore, and maybe even to taste. She pressed the flat of her hand onto her own cleft, gasping quietly as the movement triggered a tiny orgasmic aftershock.

She watched intently as Brenda shuddered and moaned with pleasure, and a little trickle of juice ran from her pussy and disappear down her crack, her fingers almost motionless now, the orgasm being maintained by the pressure on her clit and the involuntary movements of her hips. The sight of Brenda chewing at her lips, with her hips jerking and thrusting as her climax flooded through her, ignited Jade’s own fire again so that even without intending to she opened her legs and began to play very gently with herself once more. Brenda sagged in her chair, leaving her legs still wide open, shivering from the after effects of her climax, trying to get her breath back and watching Jade masturbate once more.

For a short while Brenda said and did nothing, until Jade began to wonder if she was spent and finished and her own hand slowed and stopped, resting motionless on her pussy again. But then Brenda bent her legs right back, placing her feet flat on the arms of her char and showing Jade everything she had, displaying every inch of her cleft and even revealing her little puckered pink anus, wet from pooled pussy juice. Jade gazed excitedly at the unashamed display, staring openly at the pink folds of flesh and the slippery entrance to Brenda’s vagina and wondering what was coming next.

Brenda reached down with both hands and pulled her cleft wide open.

‘I want you to lick me.’ Brenda stated suddenly, breathlessly.

Jade nodded wordlessly, her heart abruptly beating faster, her mouth instantly drying and her legs turning to jelly.

‘Do it then. Go down on me.’ Brenda pulled her hand away, leaving her gaping pussy ready to be licked.

Jade sat paralysed; badly wanting to place her mouth over Brenda’s pussy, but so shocked at the invitation that she just stared vacantly at a gorgeously wide open vagina, completely unable to move the couple of yards separating them.

‘Lick me, Jade.’ Brenda’s voice sounded urgent. ‘You wanted to know what it was like with a woman, well now’s your chance. Go down on me, make me come. See what it’s like to do it to another woman. Come on, do it!’

Brenda placed a finger either side of her slit again and pulled her labia away from each other, opening her already open slit even wider, once more displaying every little bit of herself to Jade’s view. For a few moments longer Jade sat and stared, but then, almost in a daze she wobbled the short distance and knelt in front of Brenda, staring silently at her hole and trying to get up the nerve to fulfil her dream.

‘Good girl.’ Brenda told her. ‘That’s it, do it now. Go down on me, let me feel your tongue in my cunt.’

The unexpected obscenity sent a shuddering thrill through Jade, and a strange compulsion to obey Brenda’s instructions finally galvanised her into action. She leaned forward, reaching out with her hands to place her palms on Brenda’s widespread thighs and steady herself.

‘Oh yes.’ Brenda encouraged her. ‘That’s right. Now lick me. I want you to suck my clit and stick your tongue up me.’

Jade swallowed and tried to unstuck her tongue from the roof of her mouth, battling her nerves, her instinctive fear of the very thing that she so much wanted to do. Then, as she stared at Brenda’s pussy she saw a tiny droplet of the woman’s juices trickle from the entrance to her vagina. Cautiously she put out her tongue and moved forward to lap up the tempting droplet.

The taste was not what she expected. It tasted a lot like her own dew and somehow she had expected the juices of a woman from an earlier generation to be totally different. Why she expected that she had no idea, but she was both surprised and pleased that her irrational expectation had been proved so wrong. She glanced up Brenda’s body to check that she was looking down at her, and then she deliberately dipped her tongue straight into her hole, making sure that her nerve held by pushing it in as deeply as she could and then licking the inside of Brenda’s vagina.

‘Christ, that’s good!’

She heard Brenda’s exclamation and her heart leapt, delighted to have pleased her mentor. Certain now that both of them were enjoying the experience she placed her open mouth right over Brenda’s slit and licked it from bottom to top with the flat of her tongue, feeling the soft wet folds slide under her tongue and tasting the wonderful juices.

She did the same thing again, several times, wriggling her tongue from side to side as she went to explore every last millimetre of Brenda’s cleft, feeling her soft folds brushing against her cheeks, the wetness on her nose and her chin, and that wonderful taste in her mouth. Then, hearing Brenda gasp when her tongue slipped into her vagina for a second, Jade concentrated there, stabbing her tongue into her, wishing it was longer, prehensile even, but nonetheless knowing that Brenda was enjoying her efforts.

She probed as deep into Brenda as her tongue would go, and then licked around the entrance, lapping at the wetness trickling from inside, before licking up and down over the entrance, down onto the smooth little division between vagina and anus, and then up to burrow between her inner lips to find the little button of her clit, sucking it into her mouth and then nipping it between her teeth.

Brenda gasped again at that, pushing forward a little with her hips to push her clit into Jade’s mouth, liking the tiny sharp hurt of teeth on her button. She reached out, grasping Jade’s hair in her fingers, entwining it, and then forcing Jade’s face forward onto her pussy.

‘That’s it, lick my cunt. Make me come.’ She demanded, her voice containing sudden urgency.

She shoved herself onto Jade’s face, taking strange pleasure in wiping her wetness all over Jade’s cheeks and nose, feeling her clit pressed hard against Jade’s teeth, the pressure hurting but feeling wonderful at the same time. Another orgasm was getting very close now.

Jade was loving it too. Her only complaint, if complaint it was, being that she couldn’t play with Brenda’s clit how she wanted to. She wanted to lick the tip, run her tongue around it, suck and taste it, and just feel that most intimate part of a woman in her mouth. Having it pushed at her, as Brenda was doing, meant that all she could feel of it was a little hard lump against her mouth, but she knew Brenda was on her way, and she would put up with almost anything to bring her partner to orgasm.

Brenda’s hands entwined themselves harder in Jade’s hair, pulling her more firmly onto her pussy, and at the same time she began to rock her hips, grinding her pussy into the girl’s face. Her breathing was faster, shallower, almost a series of quick gasps, and her body was starting to shudder, tiny spasms flitting through her legs and back as her climax swelled within her. And then the orgasm struck, and she lost control, hurting Jade by pulling at her hair and ramming her pussy into her face, but she didn’t care. Her orgasm flowed outwards from her pelvis like ripples in a pond until it enveloped her whole body, wave after wave surging through her, each more powerful than the last. Brenda heard herself crying out loud, sharp little gasping cries as each wave of pleasure struck, and again she didn’t care. She just pulled her partner into her and let rip, letting it just happen until finally, gasping for breath and covered in a sudden sheen of sweat, she slumped back, untangling her clawed fingers from the dark tresses of Jade’s hair and sprawling spent and trembling against the cushions of her chair. She lowered her feet to the floor, her thighs sliding down around Jade’s ears as if unwilling to finally let her go.

Eventually she relented and Jade extricated herself and stumbled back to her seat, running the back of her hand over her mouth, her face still glistening from Brenda’s wetness.

‘I’m sorry.’ She told her young partner between breaths. ‘I got a bit carried away, didn’t I? I hope I haven’t hurt you or anything, I’m not usually that rough.’

‘Don’t worry. I didn’t mind.’ Jade responded, truthfully. ‘It was worth every single second.’

Brenda reached weakly for the wine bottle that was still standing on the coffee table.

‘I guess a top-up would be in order?’

Jade nodded and Brenda divided the remaining wine between the two of them. They relaxed back, both spent for the moment, but with nudity no longer an issue, and saluted each other with raised glasses.

‘It hasn’t been how you expected, has it?’ Brenda asked, wondering if Jade was genuinely enjoying herself, especially after her forced oral.

‘Absolutely not — I’m glad to say.’ Jade answered with a smile. ‘Now I just wish I’d done it before.’

‘Are you sure?’

Jade frowned in thought, her mind going over what she had done. ‘I was scared that I might not like it in real life, you know, fantasies don’t always work out for real, do they. But it’s better than I ever imagined. God, what a turn on, especially when you pulled me onto you. And I loved us watching each other get off.’

‘So, which are you?’ Asked Brenda, taking the chance to lighten the subject. ‘Exhibitionist or voyeur?’



‘No, I prefer looking at you.’ Jade gave a mischievous little smile. ‘From about a tongue’s length away.’

The two women laughed at her shameless remark, happy that she had lost her earlier shyness.

‘Well, I can’t fault that?’ Chuckled Brenda. ‘I like you having that view too.’

Jade worked her tongue around her mouth, tenderly probing her abused lips. ‘Even if it does have some drawbacks.’

‘You didn’t complain at the time.’ Brenda pointed out. ‘But then I suppose you didn’t get a lot of choice.’

‘That’s all right.’ Jade’s expression became serious all of a sudden. ‘And I like not being asked, really.’

Brenda regarded her with curiosity.

‘How can I explain?’ Jade began. ‘I know it’s not the same, but I always like my boyfriend to take me rather than seduce me. Do you know what I mean?’

Brenda nodded slowly. ‘I think so.’

‘I just don’t like to take the lead, or even to say what I want to do and when.’ Jade tried to explain. ‘I know it’s weird, but I like to be used, so I was glad when you told me to go down on you. I wanted to do it, but I would never have dared suggest it by myself.’

‘So, if I told you right now to open your legs and let me look at your pussy, you’d do it?’ Asked Brenda.

‘Right now, yes, because of what we’re here for. But not any old time, there are limits.’ Jade paused as a thought flitted through her mind. ‘Why, do you want me to?’

‘Yes, I suppose I do.’ Brenda responded thoughtfully.

Jade eased herself forward in her seat and then slowly let her legs spread apart, revealing her pussy to her companion.

‘Does it look nice?’ She asked, a little nervously, reaching down and spreading herself with her fingers just as Brenda had done.

‘Nice enough to eat.’

Jade moaned softly at the thought.

‘Let’s go upstairs.’ Brenda spoke very quietly and a little hesitantly, as if the suggestion might be step too far. It wasn’t.

Jade walked into Brenda’s bedroom and stopped dead. Right across one wall, facing the foot of the bed, were fitted wardrobes with floor to ceiling mirror doors, reflecting back everything that might happen on her bed.

‘Oh, how lovely.’ She exclaimed, excitedly clapping her hands like a little girl. She’d seen Caitlyn’s room many times, but she’d never seen her mother’s, regarding it. Like that of her own mother, as out of bounds.

The gesture forcibly reminded Brenda just how young Jade was, almost twenty years her junior, making her feel a little guilty and ashamed of her forceful behaviour downstairs. This was a girl experiencing her very first lesbian sex and it was down to her, she reminded herself, not to put her off.


Brenda held out her hand, taking Jade’s and reaching over the bed to guide her along one side while she took the other. They climbed on, each gazing at the other as they did so, and stretched out side by side facing each other. Brenda leaned forward and kissed Jade very gently on the lips. It wasn’t a passionate or even a lover’s kiss, just a little peck of affection.

‘Do you know?’ Jade asked her rhetorically. ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever been kissed on the mouth by a girl.’

Brenda smiled, giggling softly. ‘I didn’t know I still qualified to be a girl.’

‘Woman then!’ Jade giggled back.

For a moment they gazed at each other, their eyes searching each others for meanings and wishes, and then Brenda placed her hand on Jade’s shoulder and firmly pushed her back onto the bed, scooting across to lay looking down at her.

‘It’s about to happen for a second time.’ She murmured, lowering her mouth onto Jade’s.

This kiss was longer, much longer, and much more passionate. At first their mouths just moulded together, Brenda giving a tiny moan as she tasted herself on Jade’s mouth and smelled her own scent on the girl’s breath, but very soon their tongues ventured out, tasting each other, and tentatively probing and exploring.

Jade whimpered softly and her arms wrapped themselves around Brenda, pulling her closer, letting her feel their bodies pressing together, breast pressing against breast and stomach on stomach as Brenda was pulled partially on top of her. She ran an explorative hand down Brenda’s spine, touching and stroking, her longer arm allowing her to reach and cup Brenda’s bottom. The sensation of touching her partner so familiarly sent a buzz through her, making her breath deeply and shudder with delight as she squeezed the firm globe.

‘Nice?’ Brenda asked softly, noticing Jade’s reaction.

Jade nodded beneath her, answering with a whisper. ‘You feel fantastic.’

‘So do you.’ Brenda wriggled herself against Jade’s breast, her hardened nipple rubbing over her partner’s.

Their mouths came together again, tongues now dancing with each other, advancing and retreating, circling and stabbing, eliciting groans of delight and pleasure. Lying half over Jade, Brenda curled an arm around Jade’s back to lean on and, without taking her lips from Jade’s, searched for and found her uncovered breast, enveloping the small mound in her palm and rubbing the comparatively long nipple with her thumb. Aroused by the feeling, Jade moaned softly and clutched harder at Brenda’s bottom, reaching her longer arm down a little further to the very top of her thigh and pulling her leg over her own middle, stroking and caressing the back of Brenda’s thigh.

Brenda made little noises into Jade’s mouth, encouraging her to go further, but an uncertain Jade simply ran her hand back along Brenda’s spine to caress the back of her neck.

‘That’s nice, and you can go wherever you want to.’ Brenda broke the kisses to give a more explicit invitation.

Jade smiled and pulled Brenda’s mouth back onto hers without speaking, her answer being the hand that now travelled very softly down Brenda’s back and tantalisingly stopped at the base of her spine. Brenda moaned and pushed herself at Jade, her arousal needing more. Slowly Jade advanced her hand down between Brenda’s buttocks, pulling at the nearest to part them and let her fingers go deeper. Further and further she went, slowly, centimetre by centimetre, exploring Brenda’s crack. Brenda bent her leg more, opening herself to Jade’s probing fingers, until in the end the tip of the longest finger reached Brenda’s anus. Suddenly realising what her finger had found, Jade gasped and pulled back, laying her hand motionless on Brenda’s buttock.

‘I’m sorry.’ She gasped, apologising red-faced for the intimate touch. ‘I didn’t mean to…’

‘It’s all right.’ Brenda whispered back. ‘You can touch me there if you want to. I don’t mind.’

In truth Brenda had found the clumsy little touch an unexpected turn on, and now wanted Jade to do it again. Jade hesitated, drawn between the illicit thrill of exploring forbidden parts, and a lifelong teaching that you just didn’t go there. In the end excitement won for the moment and her hand slid back along Brenda’s spine and down between into her crack.

This time the first touch was expected by both, Jade had ventured further and further between Brenda’s cheeks very gently and very gradually, but they both knew where she was headed, and Brenda lay holding her breath and waiting for the moment. The touch was very, very soft at first, and as soon as Jade reached her goal she kept her finger unmoving, just very gently pressing at the centre of Brenda’s sphincter. Brenda groaned from pure excitement, loving the touch but loving even more the fact the taboo act was being performed by such a young girl.

‘Oh Jade!’ Brenda breathed the eager words into Jade’s mouth, their kisses on hold for the moment.

Jade pushed gently, not trying to penetrate, just making the contact firmer, and then running her fingertip around the entrance, stroking and fairy footing over the puckered surface.

Then suddenly it was gone. Jade pulled back, her new adventurous spirit finally succumbing to years of programming.

‘I’m sorry Brenda, I can’t.’

‘No matter, it was nice anyway. And I didn’t want you to go very much further.’

The statement was only partly true. It did matter, and Brenda would have let Jade go as far as she wanted. But it was nice anyway.

They lay side by side again, the setback not fatal to their arousal, staring into each others eyes and gently lacing and interlacing their fingers.

‘Now.’ Brenda began. ‘You wanted to see a woman masturbate, and you’ve done that.’

‘Yes.’ Jade grinned. ‘And let a woman see me do it as well.’

‘Yes.’ Brenda agreed. ‘It was nice too.’

‘You also wanted to go down on a woman, and you’ve done that.’

‘Yes, and I’m going to do it again.’

‘And now it’s time you let a woman go down on you.’

‘Oh, yes please, would you?’

For a second Brenda thought Jade was going to clap childish hands again, but instead she took Brenda’s face between her palms and kissed her on the lips excitedly.

‘Come on, lie back and open up.’ Brenda instructed her, the instructions instantly obeyed.

‘Like this?’

Jade was lying with her legs spread wide and bent right back against her, held in position by hands hooked behind her knees.

‘Not quite.’

Brenda unhooked Jade’s legs and then turned around to straddle her head to tail, kneeling with her own legs either side of Jade’s shoulders and her head between the girls legs in the classic sixty-nine position. Then she pushed her arms under Jade’s legs and pulled her labia open with her fingers.

‘Like this.’

Both of them giggled briefly, and then excited breathing was the only sound as they both stared close up at their partner’s waiting pussy, savouring the moment before they began.

Brenda was the first to move, lowering her face until her nose was filled with the young woman’s perfume, and then extending her tongue, seeking Jade’s engorged clitoris from above. At first Brenda just touched the head of Jade’s clit with the tip of her tongue, wriggling it around as if licking the head of a tiny penis, but then, listening to Jade’s shallow and rapid breathing she began to run the flat of her tongue all the way along her cleft, from her clit to just below her vagina, making Jade gasp with pleasure. This was the first time a woman had done this to Jade and she thought it wonderful. She found herself instinctively pushing up against the tongue, increasing the contact.

Jade’s automatic responses were thwarting Brenda’s intentions. She wanted to gently lick and kiss her cleft, to nuzzle between her soft wet lips and to make the enjoyment last as long as she could, bringing Jade slowly closer and closer to coming, until her eventual orgasm was a mindblower. She pulled away, still kneeling over her, still holding her pussy wide open, but just passively looking at it, enjoying for the moment the sight of her puffy pink labia, shining with juices, her erect clitoris, standing proud of its hood and demanding attention, and, of course, the lovely entrance to Jade’s gaping vagina, red and shiny, slippery with the little trickle of lubrication that made its way from her hole to the puckered dimple of her anus.

‘Don’t stop, please don’t stop.’ Jade’s voice was thick and panicky.

‘If you do it too.’ Brenda reminded Jade that she expected stimulation as well.

Brenda felt Jade shuffle around a little and her hands running up the inside of her thighs, until they reached her pussy and pulled her lips apart, ready for Jade’s tongue. The muscles in Jade’s legs tensed a little and the hands gripped harder onto her thighs as Jade reached with her tongue, just, and only just, making fleeting contact with her pussy. She lowered her bottom to make it easier, but although Jade tried again, it seemed that she just couldn’t do it, and not because she didn’t want to. Brenda heard Jade sigh with frustration.

‘I can’t reach, you’re too far away.’

Suddenly Brenda knew why. The disparity in the heights made it impossible for Jade to reach forward far enough to bring her mouth to Brenda’s pussy. Sixty-nine was impossible for them with her on top. She groaned in annoyed frustration.

‘Then play with me.’ She would at least get some satisfaction.

Fingers found her pussy and Jade started to rub her button, a disappointing compromise, but better than nothing.

Brenda lowered her head again, and this time Jade felt her go a little lower, planting her open mouth over her gaping vagina, investigating the hole and licking the walls just inside the entrance. She was conscious that Brenda’s nose was almost pressed up against her anus, but somehow she didn’t care and didn’t protest. Instinctively she pushed forward, trying to take Brenda’s tongue deeper inside her, but Brenda simply rode with her and kept her mouth locked over her tunnel, licking and sucking her pussy. It was the most arousing and exciting thing she had ever had done to her.

With Brenda crouched over her Jade was presented with a beautiful view of Brenda’s pussy and bottom, the smoothly shaven slit shining red and feeling slippery to her exploring fingers. She moved from her swollen clit and sought out her vagina, watching her finger probing Brenda’s opening just as Brenda’s tongue was probing hers, wondering if she should enter and what it would feel like.

‘That’s it, finger me.’

Brenda’s instruction settled it, Jade gently felt her way in, sliding her finger into Brenda’s tunnel, feeling the slippery warmth wrap around it. She kept it still for a moment and then started to push in and out, slowly penetrating as far as she could and then pulling back, gathering confidence and pace until she was pistoning back and forth and feeling Brenda’s tongue matching her tempo. Soon one finger wasn’t enough and a second joined it, two fingers letting her penetrate just that little bit deeper and just that little bit more firmly. She heard Brenda growl with pleasure, the sound vibrating through her pussy and making her gasp in turn.

Brenda pulled back, taking her mouth away from Jade’s pussy and pushing against her plunging fingers, her tongue too tired and her need too great. Jade was worried that she would just let her continue, leaving her aroused and frustrated, but Brenda shifted her weight slightly and her own two fingers pushed deep into Jade’s hole. Automatically, as if by design, Brenda adopted the same pace as Jade and the pair were soon plunging their fingers in and out together, their tempo building again until they were both ramming themselves into each other harder and faster.

‘I’m going to come again.’ Jade gasped, feeling the pressure build inside her again.

Brenda immediately lowered her head again and licked at Jade’s clit, trying to add to the girl’s pleasure without getting in the way of her own plunging fingers.

‘I love that.’

Jade felt she needed to say it as encouragement; she desperately didn’t want Brenda to stop, but Brenda had no intention, especially with Jade’s two fingers now pushing even harder into her.

‘Me too.’

‘I’m coming right now.’

Jade’s declaration was loud and imperative, almost demanding that Brenda kept going. Brenda smiled to herself and pushed her fingers deep, keeping them there and just wriggling them around, ramming them deeper in short little jabbing thrusts that had Jade jerking and jolting in return. Just like before Jade felt her orgasm sweep through in waves, each wave triggered by Brenda’s fingers being slammed into her.

Carried along by the force of her climax Jade slammed her fingers into Brenda, twisting and turning them just as Brenda was doing to her, but much more forcefully, screwing them around inside Brenda’s tunnel as if to push her whole hand inside, and in doing so triggering Brenda’s own climax.

Still crouched over Jade, Brenda went rigid, holding her breath as she accepted Jade’s onslaught, letting her orgasm spread out, overloading her senses and her nerve pathways so that she became oblivious of anything except the fingers driving themselves into her, and her own fingers pushing into Jade.

The two synchronized orgasms lasted for what seemed like forever to the two women, the sensations washing over and through them until both let out a simultaneous groan and Brenda collapsed on top of Jade, her legs and back trembling and useless. Jade’s legs dropped to the bed either side of Brenda’s head, trapping her arms and holding her in place until she could persuade her jellied muscles to move and release her. Still panting and covered in sweat Brenda rolled away, letting Jade’s fingers slip from her pussy to land wet and slippery on her heaving chest.

For a brief while the pair lay like that, head to tail, until Brenda managed to crawl around and take Jade in her arms.

‘You are fabulous.’ She told her young partner eventually. ‘I’ve enjoyed every minute with you.’

‘And I have with you.’ Jade replied. ‘Thank you for making it so good.’

‘My god girl.’ Brenda laughed breathlessly. ‘The pleasure was definitely mine.’

She glanced at the clock.

‘I hate to say this, but Caitlyn might be home in twenty minutes or so. Come on. Do you think we can be looking a bit more composed by then?’

Fifteen minutes saw them both cleaned up, dressed and back downstairs, sitting demurely on separate seats, coffee cups beside them, waiting for the girl Jade as supposed never to meet to walk through the door as usual.

‘Brenda.’ Jade said abruptly. ‘In case I don’t get the chance or courage to say this again. You have made me love being with a woman, especially you. It was every bit as fantastic as I thought it would be. Is it possible that we might meet up again?’

‘Of course it is.’ Brenda smiled. ‘But you are a beautiful and very attractive young woman. Don’t you think you should try it with someone of your own age?’

‘As well?’ Jade inquired with a smile.

‘As well.’ Brenda agreed, returning her smile. ‘And if it happens to be with Caitlyn, I won’t try and prevent you.’

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Andre Lemieux wrote

I love lesbian stories with young and older women. This story was up to what I expected and I wish there will be a sequel to it.