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Business Woman

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I was waiting at Sherry’s house to put a plan I’d developed into effect. The tall, 26 year old brunette lived with her family but they were off to New York for the week. It was a four day holiday weekend and so no one would miss her, at least not for a few days.

I’d first been attracted to her 40 inch chest and then to her long, slender legs. Now she wore a long, stylish skirt and a silk blouse as she entered the foyer.

Putting her briefcase and purse down on the table, she came into the living room. I stepped up behind her and putting my hand over her mouth pressed the point of my knife into the soft underside of her huge breast. I pushed her hard against the wall as she fought me. When the sharp point of the knife stuck into her firm tit she stopped and began to whimper. I released my grip on her mouth and took a firm grip on her shoulder length hair. I twisted her head back until I could see a look of terror in the young woman’s eyes.

“Hands on your head.” I barked and she obeyed. “Interlock your fingers.” I snapped and she carefully intertwined her long fingers. I pushed the frightened woman toward the basement door. Her huge breasts swayed beautifully as she stumbled forward. Carefully she walked down the stairs into the dimly lit basement.

I positioned her in the middle of the room, between two metal poles that stood about 6 feet apart. I pushed Sherry to her knees and then pulled her hands behind her neck. Holding her hands there, I pushed her body forward and she fell hard on her chest, crushing those beautiful tits and knocking the wind out of her.

From my pocket, I pulled two leather wrist cuffs and attached them to her wrists as I sat across her body. I reached over for the long pole I’d left on the floor and laid it across her shoulders. At each end was a ring with a clip and I attached her wrists to the ends of the pole.

Standing up over her prone body, I gazed down at my beautiful captive. Bending over her, I slid my hands under her huge tits. Taking a firm grasp on her meaty melons, I pulled her back up onto her knees as her tits filled my hands. They were unbelievably firm and their size was exceptional. As she sat back on her knees, the pole across her shoulders banged against the two metal posts. Her breasts hung heavily in her bra as her ass was pushed back slightly. Then squeezing her massive tits more firmly, I pulled the terrified beauty up to her feet. She could feel the firmness of my cock as it pressed between her sculptured asscheeks. I’d tied two ropes to the twin poles, from floor to ceiling. By making a small loop in each rope, I was able to insert the ends of the pole and keep it attached to the posts. The loops were tied so that the pole could be raised and lowered by pushing or pulling on it.

Sherry’s skirt ran to just below her knees, with a stylish slit running all the way up her leg. It was held closed by two large, decorative pins. Reaching behind her knee, I drew her leg out to the side and tied her ankle to the bottom of the metal pole. I reached for her other knee but as I pulled it, her skirt would not yield. I removed one of the pins and then pulled her legs wide apart and tied her ankle to the other pole. Her skirt drew tight across her thighs and slid up slightly on her legs. She wore no stockings or pantyhose, just a pair of knee-highs that reached just to below her knees. As she squirmed in her bonds, her skirt continued to ride further up on her beautiful legs.

Sherry stood before me totally helpless. I slid a long padded bench between her spread legs. I was ready to enjoy my captive. I sat down astride the bench in front of this luscious woman and admired her magnificent body. Her huge breasts hung beautifully just inches from my face. I stared at her deep cleavage.

“Let’s see what we have here.” I teased her as I inserted my finger between her large breasts. The top buttons of her blouse popped open revealing a very sexy low-cut bra. I pulled her blouse open and she tried to pull away from me as my hands reached out to touch her magnificent titflesh.

I teased the sides of her breasts through the thin material of the bra. With my palms, I weighed her meaty melons. Her eyes were filled with fear and her nipples began to harden. I ripped her blouse open completely and then pulled it down off of her shoulders. Her skin was creamy and rich – soft to my touch. She was trembling.

Taking my knife in hand I let the sharp blade graze across the tops of her huge tits. I slid the blade under the soft material of the shoulder straps and cut them loose one at a time. Sherry shook with fear. I slid the blade softly across the tops of her bra cup until the flat of the blade caught on her erect nipple. I slid the long, steel blade up between her massive tits until the point protruded from the top of her deep cleavage. With one quick slice, her bra snapped apart and her huge tits exploded out of their casing, revealing her truly magnificent chest.

“What tits!” was all I could say as her massive tits bounced freely before my eyes. Cupping her mams in the palms of my hands, I squeezed them firmly. They were beautifully round, capped with small, dark nipples that were getting very hard. My fingers closed on her tender nubs and began to taunt them, pinching and pulling on them. I wasn’t exactly gentle as I pulled on her huge tits. Sherry twisted and turned in an effort to get away from my caresses but she could not.

Her nipples were rock hard. Cupping her tits from underneath, I squeezed them as I pulled them to my mouth. I kissed her nipple and then swallowed it. I sucked hard at her breast, my teeth trapping her tender nub and my tongue flicking across her sensitive skin. Sherry squirmed. When I finally released her tit, to suck on her other nipple, it was red and wet – her nipple was distended and very aroused. I continued to enjoy her full chest for some time, switching back and forth from one tit to the other. Sitting back, I blew a stream of cool air across her wet nipples and they exploded in goose bumps. They could not have gotten any harder as I started to suck some more.

Standing up in front of Sherry, I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my rigid cock. The tip brushed across her hanging titflesh and I began to rub the sensitive glans across her stiff nipples and then into her deep cleavage. I pressed her pendulous breasts around my shaft and began to gently fuck her tits. It was a wonderful feeling.

Bracing my hands on the bar across Sherry’s shoulders, I pushed down on it until her beautiful face was even with my crotch. Running my fingers through her dark hair, I took a firm grasp and pulled her face to the crotch of my jeans. Sherry fought as I rubbed her face against my manhood. I teased her face with my cock and then pulling her hair back into a ponytail tied it to the bar.

Stepping back for a moment, I let my jeans slide to the floor. Sherry’s eyes were riveted to my cock as it waved before her eyes. I pressed my cock to her lips but she kept her mouth tightly closed. I pushed harder but she would not yield.

Picking up the knife I pressed the sharp point into the side her firm tit as it dangled below her chest. Her lips parted and she enveloped my ramrod. I slid deep into her face until I could feel her nose against my pubic thatch. I flexed my cock in her throat – she had it all.

As I slid back, Sherry gasped for air. I started to fuck her face. Her lips and tongue went to work as I varied the rate of my thrusts. She had a good mouth. Her tits swayed beautifully. As I felt my load about ready to explode, I slid back until only my cockhead was between her tender lips. When I finally cut loose in her warm mouth, my cum coated her tongue and tonsils and she got a full taste before she swallowed my load. As expected, she tried not to swallow but I reached down and pinched her nose and she gulped down my seed as she gasped for air. I slid back in, past her tonsils and took a few more thrusts into her mouth. I felt her tongue snake under my cock as I pumped into her face.

“Now for the rest of you.” I said as I stepped back from the bound beauty. I released her ponytail from the bar and her head hung down as a few drops of cum oozed from between her lips. I slid the padded bench into the position I wanted and lay down on it. I slid my face under her hanging titflesh and then reached up around the bar across her shoulders and pulled her tits down to my lips. I began to nibble and bite at her beautiful nipples.

Glancing over my head I could see Sherry’s open skirt and her smooth, sleek thighs. The material of the skirt had risen quite high on her leg. Reaching under her thighs, I pulled myself along the bench until my face was inside her skirt and poised under her luscious twat. I blew a cool stream of air across the backs of her thighs and Sherry gasped loudly. I slid my face over and planted a warm, wet kiss on the inside of her firm thigh.

Sherry’s body was tied in such a way that her thighs were almost horizontal. I began to tease my way toward her panties. As she squirmed, her skirt continued to ride up on her shapely legs. Reaching up, I opened the second pin and then with a yank, tore her skirt away. Wrapping my arms up over her thighs, I lifted my face up into her steaming panties.

Sherry’s body began to buck as my mouth attacked her panties. Cum was oozing from her luscious body and the aroma was intoxicating. Not able to restrain myself any longer, I slid my fingers under the crotch of her panties and tore them away and dove into her seething muff. My lips closed on her engorged labia, licking, biting and chewing on her gushing womanhood. Adjusting slightly, I went after her exposed clit. Sherry exploded and her entire body began to buck uncontrollably. I felt her face against my cock as the crazed woman tried to maneuver my rod into her mouth. Sherry was cumming in buckets, faster than I could lick it up, though I was making a valiant effort.

I had to wrap my arms tightly around her hips so as not to be shaken loose by her bucking hips. Her huge tits bounced across my waist as we ate each other. I licked and probed her tight pussy with my tongue until I was exhausted. As I dropped away from her steaming pussy, cum continued to flow down her spread thighs. I just lay there for several minutes, staring up into that luscious hole and enjoying the view, the taste and the sweet scent. Sherry continued to suck on my cock.

Sliding out from under my beautiful captive, I prepared for the next phase of her ordeal. I came around to the side of her body. Sherry was bent forward, her tits hung heavily below her chest. Her legs were spread out wide and her head hanging forward. Once again I tied her head back to the bar. Then reaching for the bar, I pulled it upwards until her huge chest rose slightly as her tits hung down before me. Sitting on the bench in front of her, I reached for a piece of string.

After teasing her nipple, I tied the string around her erect nub. I tugged on it and Sherry felt the strain on her tender nipple. A moment later I tied another string around her other nipple. I tugged on the two strings as Sherry’s nipples chafed under the strain. I pulled the strings under a strap on the bench and pulled it tight. I walked around her body and shook her. Her huge tits jiggled in their bonds. Her nipples were starting to chafe and get distended. She realized that if I fucked her in this position, her huge tits would bounce wildly under her chest and that the cords holding her nipples would pull and distend her tender nipples.

I knelt on the bench and had Sherry suck my cock to full attention. Walking around behind her, I slid my rod between her wet thighs. Sherry was petrified. I teased her labia with my cock and then gently slid in between her engorged pussy lips. Her body just yielded to my invading tool.

I slid forward until my hips pressed her smooth asscheeks. My hands caressed her back and sides and then moved on to her bound tits. I pulled them gently until the strings would not yield any further. I began to pump gently into her juicing twat. As my hands came to her hips, her tits began to sway back and forth against the nipple bindings. There was enough slack in the cords to give her tits lots of sway.

As I looked in the mirror I’d set against the wall, I could see the amazing action of Sherry’s chest. Reaching for the pole across her shoulders, I pulled up until the cords drew tight. Now there was no play in her nipple bindings. Every movement of Sherry’s body would pull hard on her chafed nipples. Sherry stared at herself in the mirror as I began to fuck her hard. Her inner muscles began to massage my cock as I thrust into her loins. Sherry’s tits heaved against the cords and she began to scream in pain as her nipples were torn by the cords. I was really whaling into her as her huge tits thrashed about.

I could see that her nipples were terribly distended and I pressed down on the bar easing the strain on her chafed nubs. Holding her hips, I continued to thrust into her body. I felt her body responding to my fucking as her inner muscles grasped at my rod and her hips thrust back to meet my every plunge into her magnificent body.

Reaching under her body, I closed my fingers around her torn nipples and began to maul them. I felt her pussy muscles clamp tightly around my invading shaft. If she was trying to make me cum, it worked because just then I began to spray hot cum over the wet walls of her twat. As my cum bathed her insides, my hands reached under her body and began to tease her clit. Sherry continued to gush her own sweet cum all over my hands.

Pulling out of her body, I walked around in front of her and brought my hands, sticky with her cum, to her cheeks. My cock was only inches from her lips and I guided my ramrod to her mouth and she swallowed me. I felt her tongue bathe my cock as she licked the cum from my rod.

When I was finished with Sherry, I pulled out of her mouth. Releasing her legs and then unclipping her arms from the bar, I clipped them together behind her. Taking hold of the cords attached to her nipples, I pulled her along behind me as I led her upstairs and into her bedroom. Sherry tried very hard to keep her balance as she walked and I tugged at her tender nipples.


Once upstairs, I sat her on the edge of her large bed. Pulling the pillows up, I lay her body back over them so her huge chest was thrust upwards. I clipped her wrists to the headboard of the bed. I stared down at her magnificent tits as my hands reached out to fondle them.

From the closet I brought a plastic belt, and from the hamper a pair of dirty panties. Doubling the belt over, I drew it across those beautiful breasts. Taking the dirty panties, I stuffed them in Sherry’s mouth. I raised the belt and brought it down hard across her mammoth tits. She screamed in pain as a red mark appeared across her creamy, white skin.

There is a unique sound made by a huge breast that is being beaten and it is music to my ears. I rained blow after blow across her huge tits until they were deep red in color. Putting the belt down, I sucked her crushed nipple into my mouth and she moaned loudly as I sucked on her tits.

There was only one thing left that I wanted to do to this beautiful young woman. Flipping her over onto her huge tits, I pushed the pillows under her hips, raising her beautiful ass into the air. Climbing up onto the bed, I sat down on her smooth ass and lay my cock in the crack. Sherry already had a good idea of what was to follow and her body trembled with fear.

Taking hold of her hips, I slid back and then thrust my shaft deep into her pussy. Hooking my legs over her hips, I began to ride her. My shaft hammered into her sweet body as I brought my fingers down to the crack of her ass. Once deep in her body, I pressed my finger into her tight asshole. She stiffened as she felt her sphincter stretch open and she knew that she must relax or it would hurt even more.

I pumped my finger in and out of her ass as I felt her powerful pussy muscles clamp tightly around my cock. I shoved another finger into her tender ass and began to finger fuck her. Pulling back out of her pussy, I raised myself slightly and aimed the head of my cock at her tight asshole. I managed to force the tip into her ass and then taking a firm grip on her asscheeks, I pulled her open and lowered my cock into her ass until I was in to the hilt. Sherry was unbelievably tight.

My cock was slick with her pussy juices and I began to savage her beautiful ass. The bound beauty grunted and groaned as my cock plunged over and over into her tight ass. As I rode her, I began to slap her asscheeks until they turned a deep shade of pink. I could feel her inner muscles clutching at my invading cock and finally with a loud grunt, I filled her creamy ass with my cum.

Pulling out of her ass, I moved around to sit in front of her and Sherry could smell the powerful scent of her cunt and ass on my cock. I lifted her head and shoved my cock into her mouth. She sucked on me as I picked up the belt and began to beat her spread ass with the strap. She sucked hard as she felt the belt lick at the tender skin of her ass and slip between her thighs and kiss at the tenderest skin on her body as it struck her pussy lips.

Slipping my spent cock from between her soft lips, I moved back and sat down on the stuffed chair. It was only Friday and we still had a few more days to go before the end of the weekend.

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