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A Very Happy New Year

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I do not like to go to company parties. Not Fourth of July, not Christmas, not New Years. Anytime. I just don’t like them. They’re usually very boring, often embarrassing as people do and say things with careless abandon. Part of my dislike is admittedly my fault — I don’t like to drink alcohol. So as other people are loosening up while getting blitzed, I’m just standing around watching them.

But, I had just been transferred by my company to a management position in a new city, so attending the boss’s New Years Eve party was obligatory. My wife, an attorney, was out of town preparing to go to trial on January 3, so I was attending alone. That didn’t bother me too much. Though we were married, my wife and I pretty much led separate lives.

To be fair, I must say it was a better party than I had expected. The boss, his name is Jim, had not only rented a local hotel’s very nice meeting room complete with food and beverages, he had also reserved a block of rooms for everyone attending so no one would feel inclined to drive drunk or even have to be the designated driver. As parties go, it was not bad. I was actually having a good time.

As the evening progressed, I met and talked with several people including Jim’s wife, Claudine. She is an attractive though not stunning woman in her mid-40’s, black shoulder-length hair with some gray highlights added, gold-rimmed eyeglasses, and rather angular but attractive facial features. Unlike the other women who were wearing festive evening party dresses, Claudine wore dark slacks, a dark blazer with a few sparklies, and a conservative white blouse buttoned to the neck. Still, among all the women I spoke with, she was the most articulate and easiest to talk with. Throughout the evening I danced with several of the women including Claudine. Some of the women were inappropriately flirty (another reason I don’t care for office parties), so I made it a point not to encourage them by flirting back. It was only when I danced with Claudine that I felt any sexual chemistry between us. Since the feeling was not overwhelming, I dismissed it and just enjoyed the dances.

With midnight just moments away, we all stopped dancing and assembled to count down the seconds to the year 2006. I had been dancing with Claudine, so she was standing next to me, her arm intertwined with mine. At the stroke of midnight, the noisemakers went off, the screams of happy new year exploded, and kisses were exchanged. I turned to Claudine to wish her a happy new year, but she grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers. It was a brief, close-mouthed kiss, but as we parted, her eyes were sending a message other than happy new year to mine. Shortly after the obligatory new years toast, the guests began to wander off to their rooms.

I had been unable to find Claudine’s husband, Jim, to wish him a happy new year, so I too started to leave. Claudine caught up with me.

“Doug, Jim’s had a little too much to drink tonight. Would you mind helping me get him to the hotel room?”

“Of course I will,” I replied. She led me into a side room where her husband Jim had passed out. After a few minutes’ effort, we were able to get him walking enough to get to their room. Once there, we undressed him and got him into the queen-size bed. He began snoring very loudly.

“When he gets this way at home,” Claudine said, “I usually put him in the guest room alone. He’ll be snoring like that all night. I’m going to call the front desk and see if there are any rooms open where I could sleep.”

“Listen, Claudine, I only live a few miles from here. I haven’t been drinking and can drive safely, so why don’t you take my hotel room? I’ll just head on home.”

“That’s awfully nice of you, Doug, but it really isn’t necessary.”

“It’s no problem at all. While you gather the things you need, I’ll scratch out a note for Jim to let him know you’ll be in room 305. Then, we’ll go to the room, I’ll get my stuff together, and leave you with the key.”

“Well, if you’re sure you don’t mind…”

“Not at all. Go grab your things, I’ll write the note, and we’ll leave.”

Moments later, we were walking down the hallway to room 305. While we walked, I hoped I hadn’t left the room in too big a mess. When we entered the room, the bed had been turned down, the bedside light was on, and the bathroom had been cleaned and fresh towels left. I said a silent thank-you for a hotel with excellent service and amenities.

I went into the restroom to gather my toiletries. When I came back out, Claudine had removed her blazer and hung it in the closet. She was standing at the window looking out at the new years revelers on the street below.

As I emerged, she slowly, almost seductively turned and unbuttoned her blazer and removed it to reveal the sleeveless blouse she wore underneath. I immediately saw she had tantalizingly hairy arms. She noted my staring at them and smiled.

“Doug, from your reaction, I’d say you are one of the few men who is not repulsed by a natural woman who lets her body hair grow.”

I didn’t respond, verbally anyway, so she continued. “Most men associate prolific body hair on a woman with being unkempt or unclean. They’re wrong. And you would be surprised at the number of women who are aroused by contact with a man’s body hair. I happen to be one of them.”

She paused and licked her lips, an undressed me with her eyes.

“Tell me, Doug…do you have a hairy body?”

I walked slowly toward her, never taking my eyes from her arms. As if touching delicate crystal, barely grazing her arms with my fingertips, I moved them up and down her arms from her wrist to her shoulder. My light touch caused her goose bumps which, in turn, caused her dark arm hair to seem to stand up even more.

“You should find out for yourself,” I said huskily.

Her eyes gleamed with unrestrained desire. She helped shed my suit coat, then tossed it on a chair. Then she removed my necktie and unbuttoned the top button on my dress shirt. She caught a glimpse of the black chest hair at the base of my neck.

Her breathing became slightly ragged as her own unmistakable arousal began to appear.

I moved my fingertips to the inside of her arms and then pushed her arms upward. She sensed my intentions and clasped her hands behind her head, revealing her dark, bushy armpits. Her eyelids fluttered closed as she anticipated my touch. Slowly, oh so slowly, I moved my fingertips down her arms until my palms were just touching her underarm hair. I applied pressure to her armpits with my palms while continuing to strum her sensitive underarm skin with my fingertips. I felt her arm muscles go rigid as she clasped her interlocked fingers even tighter behind her head. Her eyes were now closed, her facial muscles reflecting the tension of her sexual arousal. For the first time, I saw the thin line of dark hair above her upper lip, a fine bead of moisture highlighting it. While my fingertips and palms continued their pleasurable excursion into her soft, furry pits, I brought my face closer to hers. Then, with my tongue tip, I gently and slowly followed the contour of the hairline above her lip. Her eyes opened briefly in surprise, then slowly sagged closed as my tactile assault continued.

Her lips parted, and she pushed her body against mine. I began to slowly kiss along her jaw line toward her neck, the tip of my tongue telegraphing my message of sexual desire with every flick. I resisted the temptation to move my hands to the front of her blouse to unbutton it. Instead, my hands remained hypnotized by the sensual magnetism of her underarms.

I could wait no longer. I moved my mouth to her left underarm and began to sensually, sensuously kiss and suck on it. The taste was slightly salty, but it inflamed my desire for her even more. She cried out as my tongue caressed her sensitive underarm as if it were her clitoris. I felt her arms begin to lower as she released her interlocked fingers. Then she gently pushed me away.

Believing she wanted me to undress her further, I reached for her blouse, eager to remove it and see what treasures lay underneath. Instead, she pushed my hands away while she placed hers behind my neck and drew me quickly to her. Her lips came closer and closer to mine. Finally they touched, and as we kissed, she plunged her tongue into my mouth. At the same time, she pushed me backward so I was slightly sitting on the edge of the room’s desk. Then she straddled my right leg, never breaking our kiss, and began to grind her still-covered pussy against my thigh. She moved faster and faster, her kisses interspersed with moans and growls when her clit found its desired mark. Before reaching an orgasm, she stopped. She gently turned my body and pushed me backward until my legs hit the bed’s edge forcing me to be seated on it.

She removed her glasses and placed them on the nightstand. Then she began to disrobe slowly and seductively.

First she removed the white blouse. Under it she wore a sheer white bra that supported but barely concealed her breasts. Her nipples stabbed at the thin material proudly, and their dark areolas framed and accentuated the nipples. She placed her hands on her hips which made visible the black patches of seduction in her underarms. Her porcelain-white skin provided a beautiful background for her hairy features. Her eyes fell upon the erection straining to burst from my own trousers. The lust in her eyes revealed her compelling desire, and she could see from my reaction that her seductive efforts had not been wasted.

She began to unfasten her slacks, then pulled them down over her ankles, and stepped out of them. The revelation of her beautiful legs, more so because of the hair which graced them from her ankles, up over her calves to the inside of her thighs all the way up to her pussy, was magnificently erotic. Her white thong, chosen to match her bra, only barely concealed her pubic hair which protruded unashamedly from around the white front. A hint of her black thatch was visible through the thin translucent fabric. There was a well-defined stretch of black hair emerging from the top of the thong to her navel.

“Darling,” she said thickly, “Please stand up and undress yourself for me. I want to see your body for myself.”

I did her bidding. When I completely removed my shirt to reveal my rather hairy chest, she gasped, her eyes disclosing her appreciation for what she saw. As I reached for my belt to loosen my trousers, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She left it hanging loosely, momentarily, then tossed it aside. At first she cupped her hands under her breasts to lift them. Then she simultaneously pinched both nipples between her thumb and forefinger while pulling on them.

I kicked off my shoes, then allowed my trousers to drop to the floor. I stepped out of them, leaving them in a pile, and pulled off my socks. Then I stood upright, my briefs no longer concealing my erection. The briefs held my erect cock against my body and pointing upward. The dark red head extended above the elastic top of my briefs. The white briefs were a contrast to the dark hair on my own legs.

Then, as if commanded by a silent voice, we both reached down, she removing her thong, I removing my briefs. We stood facing each other, each hirsute bodies clearly eager to hold, touch, and please the other. Our desire was unconcealed.

“Darling,” she said, “You could clearly penetrate me and satisfy me quickly, but I want to make our sexual pleasure last even longer and be more intense than you have ever imagined.” She paused. “Touch me,” was all she said.

I went to my knees in front of her, succumbing to the temptation to caress her hairy legs with my hands and, yes, to rub my cheek against her plush pussy. Her leg hairs felt as silk to my fingertip touches and caresses, but her sounds betrayed the extent of her arousal from my touch. My hands moved gently but not too swiftly over her hirsute legs. I began to kiss the insides of her thighs and lick them, proceeding inevitably toward her luxuriant pussy. She began to bend her legs as if she was weakening, so I slowly stood, running my hands up her legs, over her ass, and back down to the back of her thighs. Even there, I could feel some hair. Then I effortlessly lifted her off the ground. She responded by wrapping her legs around my waist and allowing me to carry her toward the bed.

With her legs still wrapped around me, clasping me in an intensely sexual embrace, we kissed passionately, audibly. She had her hairy arms around my neck, pulling my lips tighter to hers. I could feel her trying to move her hips to rub her clit against the coarse pubic hair above my cock.

I lowered her onto the bed, and as her back settled into it, she released her arms’ grip around my neck. I began to kiss her neck, then her shoulders, wanting desperately but resisting to drag my tongue over her protruding nipples. I kissed and tongued my way to her left armpit which I began to suck, lick, and kiss. Then my hands moved deftly to give pleasure to her underarm sex sensors as my lips dragged across her white breast to one nipple. It was distended and hard, begging for my lips, my teeth, and my tongue. As my lips tightened around it, she cried out with abandon.

Still holding her nipple between my lips, I flicked its tip with my tongue several times before releasing it so my tongue could touch all the nerve endings in her areola.

Her breathing became faster, harder, interspersed with whimpers and moans of pleasure. Her legs scissored around my hips and pulled me harder against her. My erect cock, hot and pulsing, was sandwiched between our now-perspiring bodies and resting on the hairy strip between her pubes and navel. Every movement we made sent a jolt of intensifying sexual electricity through my cock’s frenulum. I screamed and used all my will power to avoid cumming prematurely. My balls rested against her clitoris, so every move of our bodies dragged my sac across her clit.

After what seems a lifetime of caressing her underarms with my fingers and kissing and licking her breasts, I began to kiss my way down her body, dragging my hairy torso across her clit. She screamed loudly enough to wake the dead. Her body arched again and again and then relaxed when I stopped. Her fingers grasped my head and began to push it downward, urging my mouth to find her hot, wet, and waiting pussy.

As I reached her mons, swollen with desire, I was greeted with the smell of her pussy hair and her sex. Its aphrodisiac power overcame me, and I plunged my mouth over it, licking the hair, licking her engorged pussy lips, pushing back her hood and finding her clit with my tongue. Again, her body began to buck and heave, this time against my face, as her sexual explosion came closer and closer. Not wanting her to cum too quickly, I moved my face to the inside of her thighs and began licking and kissing them, immersing myself in the hairiness of her shapely legs.

But she would have none of it. Now fully consumed by desire and begging for release, she pulled my head back to her pussy where I continued to feast on her sex and hairiness. My head spun, immersed in sexual quicksand, my own needs taking over. I broke her grip on my head and dragged my body across her pussy as I moved upward. Her legs splayed as her body rocked from side to side. She thrust her hands against my chest, its hair matted by her perspiration and pussy juices. Her hands found my breasts, her fingernails alternately digging into them and scratching around them. All the while, she cried out in sex sounds, not words.

When my thighs hit her ass, I sat upright on my knees and lifted her legs to my shoulders. With one supple hairy calf on each side of my face, I kissed and licked one and then the other while she caught her breath. The sensation of her leg hairs brushing against my face and responding to my licks and kisses aroused me more than her. My cock, long and dark red, protruded from its black pubic forest suggestively, telegraphing my own desire for her.

I reached down and took my cock in my hand. It was hot and thick, and a drop of moisture emerged from its tip. I placed the very tip of it against her clit and painted my wetness across her extended pearl. The friction, warmth, and wetness of my cock tip against her clit drove her wild, and I feared she would be unable to breathe. Her face and upper chest became red, her facial muscles tightened as she fought to resist cumming yet. I, too, was reaching the point of no return. I growled and panted with each pass of my cock tip over her clit when it brushed her hot, wet pussy hair.

Finally, neither of us could wait any longer as the inevitable explosive orgasms began to force their way out. She reached up and removed my hand from my cock. Then she took it in her hand and ran her fingernails up and down its underside from base to tip. The mixture of scratching pain and sensual stimulation seemed to make it grow longer and become hotter than I had ever experienced. Then she deftly guided its tip to her opening as she spread her legs. With one slow thrust, I was inside her. Our pubic hairs seemed to tangle and dance around our coupling. I leaned forward and propped myself over her with my arms alongside her shoulders. We were both breathing quick, hot breaths as we struggled to intensity the quickly-coming orgasms. She wrapped her legs around my waist. The hairy abrasion of her legs against my sides seemed to strike every nerve ending of pleasure. Our bodies began to thrust against each other in perfect synchronization. Our slowed movements belied the pleasure of our sexual union.

Suddenly, we both began to thrust violently against each other. I felt my own hot liquid boiling up from the depth of my soul, and I felt her pussy muscles struggling to milk me dry of every drop of cum. My orgasm hit me, and I screamed a deep, primal scream of release as my cum poured into her. I continued to thrust as her insatiable appetite demanded I finish her. Her arms were flailing on the bed above her head now, and I plunged my face into her wet armpit. I began kissing and sucking, all the while continuing to thrust into her, then out, then back in. Finally, her body could resist no longer. In spite of my greater body weight being on top of her, the violence of her orgasm lifted both of us off the bed as she came. She screamed, thrashed, screamed again, thrust her pussy against me with my still engorged cock inside her. Then, after one final orgasmic thrust, she collapsed with me on top of her. We were both gasping for breath, unable to speak, our hirsute bodies drenched in sweat and sex. The odor of sex filled the room, seeped into the bed beneath us, and consumed our ability to think.

After an eternity, I rolled off her to one side. We embraced, kissed, once more ran our hands over each other’s hirsute bodies, appreciating our hairy sensuality, then drifted off in the deep, satisfying sleep that only sexual exhaustion provides.

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