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A Wonder Filled Weekend

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I arrived a bit later than I wanted to but no big problem. The greeting was warm and welcoming. The kisses were quite outstanding, sensual, & as intimate as I remembered from our previous and first meeting. Breaking off kisses is difficult when you have found a really good kissing partner…

We emptied the car of bags and totes for my weekend stay. Once everything was inside a little sensual kissing again…looking into each others eyes knowing what we planned to go shop for. (A knowing look that only two lovers would know.) We spoke about the shopping trip that we had planned for this evening, he needed to change to street clothes vs the work clothes first.

Stripping off his work pants down to his underwear, he treads upstairs asking me if there is anything special I would like for him to wear. I broke into a wide evil grin, accepting his invitation, I started looking into the box I had brought along. Thinking about him wearing something special for me had me very excited and brought the heat up on our shopping trip. The ‘knowing’ while we later walked together hand in hand on the street, the ‘knowing’ while we were in the store looking, giggling, talking, pointing to items of interest, choosing, discussing and then the final purchase being made of two items selected, all while he was wearing something special for me and only we knew. Intimacy, nothing like it.

I tossed item one up to the landing of the stairs. He tried it on, not a fit there, the second item being the red sheer crotchless panties leaving him totally exposed for what was to come later… did, in fact, fit. Okay, now the next item…the thigh highs…I went up to put these on him personally and to check the fit of the panties to be sure they were feeling comfy…and roomy . As I slid the first stocking on….oohhhh how sexy this was…(how many people will we cross paths with and they won’t even have a clue…) the second stocking was in place and wow the arousal factor was high for the both of us. I was so hot, it was so secret for us, so giving of him to share this with me, for us. I had to touch him. He was so excited, so exposed for our pleasure. We were kissing intimately , I would break off the kiss to admire his sexiness laying below my body as I hovered over him. He lay with his knees up and legs spread. “Look at you” I whispered with a pleased expression.

We were kissing and touching, finally, I had to taste him! I slid down off of the end of the bed, my knees pretty much nearing the floor and I consumed his erection into my hot waiting mouth. Gawd this was so hot! I continued to show him my excitement as I used my mouth on him, “You could just about cum doing that couldn’t you? ” he said.

That statement had me even hotter, and I, not wanting to at that time, withdrew my mouth from his hard cock, smiled wide and said, “We really should get going” we both knew if I kept on, that we wouldn’t have left the house. He proceeded to dress in his street clothes and with that sexy look in our ‘lovers eyes’ we departed…but not without a toy for him to suck on as he drove down the interstate.

My lover has not ceased his arousing behavior- he is driving and we are on the interstate and he is asking for the toy to suck on…I take it from the case, and offer it to him, he hungrily begins to suck on it, and suck on it he does! He had it so wet that it was sliding in and out of his mouth with almost zero effort. I was holding it to feed him and support it and he really was tearing in to it. He was making me so wet with desire due to his wanton behavior. Acting like a cock slut like that was making me hot. The headlights moving across his eyes & his face as the other cars were passing us, (it had turned to late evening by now) he didn’t miss a stroke and wasn’t at all consumed by the idea that anyone could see him doing this. He knew he was driving me crazy- we talked about doing that before…he was intending to let loose and really enjoy himself, and I was loving every second of it wanting time to stop so that I may never have to come to the end of it. It was exasperating!

We arrived in the city where the bookstore was. We finally found a parking place and walked a bit from the car to the store, hands clasped tightly, stepping quickly across the busy streets to avoid traffic. The storefront was typical of a bookstore in a busy business district with blackened windows. Upon entering I thought this is so cool, I had been in bookstores before, alone only to go in for a replacement vibrator or dildo, but never with a lover.

The store was clean, and organized and we went straight for the back wall where the toys were displayed. We pretty much located what we went to look for and then looked further at other items of interest on the wall. After a while we started to discuss what we found and it was a decision he had to make as he was going to be the one with it in him. The dong we looked at was a slender one, compatible with the vac-u-lock system for my harness. Comparatively speaking as far as my pink one goes, it was a little smaller in diameter. My pink attachment is intimidating to a beginner. So he decided that would be the one and we moved on towards the cock strap display. He chose one he thought would be most comfortable. We ended up not using that item this weekend but will later.

The toy in that bag (no one that we walked by, knew what that bag contained) as we walked back to the car (with him wearing my lingerie) caused so much excitement, the intimacy of choosing the toy that would be ‘right’ for us, the thoughts of things to come soon- before we slept, and before the new days dawn, the door opens before us. Gawd, I was so wet and anxious to return to the house to get our meal done so that we could get started playing. We were both hungry and hadn’t eaten, so we set out to do that right away upon arrival. Once we finished and we sat for a bit…he came over to me and kissed me… then taking to the stairs treaded up to the bedroom, not forgetting to grab the bag with the new toy in it on the way up the stairs. I don’t know if my feet hit the floor really. I remember having to use the bathroom or take something into the kitchen, then when I got upstairs…he was laying there, street clothes gone, stockings, crotchless panties, legs spread, new toy out of the box and laying next to the lube.

I immediately got the harness out and assembled the pieces. Then I proceeded to step into the harness and tighten down on the straps. I wanted no loose fit, this cock was to become a part of me for the pleasure we want to receive from it. Secured in place, I got up on the bed…I looked at my lover…he wants to suck my cock, I know he does. I straddled him over his chest. He opened his mouth taking in so much of it all at once and began to suck my cock as if it were real. I swear if it were a man’s real cock- he might make me question my ability at oral pleasures…so hot to watch him suck my cock, so deep.

He paused the sucking for a moment and said softly, “You’re teasing me. Fuck me.”

I asked him if he was really ready and his hips were writhing on the bed, legs spread open wide, indicating his wantonness to me, like a hungry slut waiting for our pleasure. His cock was so hard! We were both so anxious. We weren’t sure of his tolerance for the size right away. We tried the new slender toy and with some discomfort, we decided to downsize to a different anal toy I had in the bag, just enough to get some relaxation and loosening to open him up a bit.

There really was no other thing in there that would be smaller than this. So I lubed the slightly smaller toy and began working his ass with the toy, he was moaning those animal noises that men make when they are being made happy, it wasn’t too long before he was working himself on it and he had gotten so hot and worked up that he looked at me and said, “Give me the other one!”

“I want you to fuck me,” he said.

I asked him, “Are you sure?”

He assured again by saying, “I want you to fuck me” in a more urgent tone.

So, I removed the smaller toy, and slipped two fingers in to be sure, oh yes, he loosened up nicely. I withdrew most of the length of my fingers and left the tips in as a guide for the strap on and as I was continually asking if he was okay he would respond with ‘yes’ in labored breaths. (He was so hot & I was so wet from this!) We wanted to do this so urgently but we had to use caution also. I didn’t want it to remain a painful venture for him. I got myself snuggled in towards his body at legs-spread point. His legs with thigh high stockings on were spread, crotchless red panties on, asking to be fucked…we began our journey. A bit uncomfortable at first, we stopped until he could relax through it, then, again, I pressed into him more. After a few moments of this, I asked if he wanted to know how much he had in him. He almost seemed as though he couldn’t hear me. I heard him finally say, “Yes”.

I said, “You have 75% of it in you now” he was shocked he had that much in! My pussy was soaked with all of this. Here was this man, giving me HIM, so unselfishly, so intimately, damn this was HOT! Being our first time, he was so hot, he began to start groping my straps to remove the strap on harness, he was urgent about it, he pulled his body off of the strap on cock and began to let me know to get this harness off! So, I began tugging at the straps to loosen it – he helped me with it and wanted just me now. I allowed him to enter me from behind and let him take me in the same place I had taken him. He stroked and stroked his hard cock into me for quite some time, then we repositioned and he went into my pussy that was so soaking wet… making love to each other, we each came in a fiery orgasm and then collapsed into each other, sweet lovers smiles of contentment shining upon our sated faces, and sleep taking us as the first light of dawn came into the windows.

We woke later in the bright sunny morning and enjoyed refreshment, conversation, and each others company. What a wonderful evening! We each had smiles on our faces of contentment and knowing we enjoyed something new made it even more wonderful. We didn’t stay downstairs long before we had again taken retreat to the bedroom to experience again what we had enjoyed so much the night before.

My lover is hot, so hot and sexy for this again. My body is screaming for this again, to feel the heat deep inside my core. We began kissing intimately, sexy, wet, touching, labored breath between us both. I was on all fours above him as he lay under me. He said I was teasing him again. He started touching himself so sexy, and if anything turns me on, it’s a man touching himself like that. I sat back on my heels to enjoy this treat. I was becoming so damn wet watching him touch his cock, wrapping his fingers around it, stroking his hardness, pausing to cup his balls, touching so gently, tenderly. My eyes were glued to his playing, and my pussy becoming soaked. He was hot, and wanted me now, inside of him again, where I wanted to be also. I slid down from the end of the bed, picked up the strap on and began strapping it on, getting best fit, I crawled back onto the bed…rubbing my cock on his, tracing his crotch with it, teasing. I got the lube and prepared us both and it was so hot to see him so desperate for my cock in him, he moved his body to meet near the tip of my cock.

We got into position, and my fingers found his entrance already as I was applying the lube. He was fucking himself on my fingers really hard and moaning for more, he was so hot. I pulled my fingers out to the sphincters opening and leaving there for my guide into him, I placed my cock there, he got on the cock and pushed himself on with one hungry stroke and a wonderful moan. After waiting a moment to accommodate, he raised his body off of the bed and began really impaling himself on me for a couple of strokes, he laid back on the bed, pulling himself onto me with his hands on my hips pounding his ass onto my cock! HOT! Then I began tugging at my top that I still had on, he grabbed his cock and stroked it against my nipples making them hard, and slapping his hard cock against them, then he gasped, “I am going to cum!” His cum began spurting out of his cock all over my nipples and smearing it all over me, my breasts were covered & dripping in white juice from my lovers cock and it was so hot and sensuous. A sight I reflect on often as well as many of the other sights my eyes beheld. I want this more, and more often.

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