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The Examination

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I had just negotiated a new contract with the company I work for and part of the package was a new life insurance policy. Instead of paying more income tax on a pay rise I accepted the insurance policy.

Of course this meant that I had to attend the mandatory medical examination and duly I received notice that I had an appointment a few days later with Dr. S. Wosilenski, the insurance company’s doctor.

The day of the examination arrived and I arrived on time for my 4.00 pm appointment. I was warmly welcomed by a pretty and efficient receptionist, Erica, who helped me fill in the necessary forms. She informed me that Dr. Wosilenski was running a little late but that I wouldn’t have long to wait.

I was leafing through a magazine when a door opened and a female voice said, “Come in Mr. Appleby, I’ll see you now.”

It had not occurred to me that the doctor could be female and I was entranced by the lovely looking lady speaking to me. I guessed that the doctor was in her mid thirties and, as far as I could judge, a very nice figure was hiding under the white coat.

The doctor spoke again as I moved towards her room, “Erica, you can go now, Mr. Appleby is my last patient, just lock the door behind you please, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thanks doctor,” Erica said, “Goodnight Mr. Appleby, goodnight doctor.”

The doctor and I said goodnight to Erica and we went into her office.

She held out her hand saying, “Welcome Mr. Appleby, I’m Dr, Wosilenski but please call me Julianna, my surname is such a mouthful.”

“Thank you doctor, I mean Julianna, and please call me Anthony.”

Julianna sat at her desk reading through the forms I had filled in. I could see her slim legs through the desk and had trouble keeping my eyes raised.

“Hmmmm, this insurance policy calls for a full medical examination Anthony, I hope you’re not in any rush?” Julianna smiled at me. “I prefer to take my time with these, that’s why I have them at the end of the day.”

“No that’s fine”, I replied, “I’m in no hurry.”

“You’re not nervous about being examined by a lady doctor I hope?”

“Well actually I am a little,” I replied, “I don’t know why but………”

“Just relax Anthony and put yourself in my hands and everything will be fine, now if you will just go through that door into the examination room I will join you in a few minutes. Please take off all your clothes except your undies. You will see a glass beaker on the bench, could you please supply a urine sample.”

I did as directed and moved into the examination room. There were two areas; one was blanked off with a pull around curtain. The other had an examination table, a chair, a bench with drawers, an eye chart, weight scales and a coat rack. I didn’t look behind the curtains, just removed my clothes and hung them on the coat rack. Dressed now only in my underpants I managed to supply the necessary sample and then sat on the examination table and waited for Julianna.

I didn’t have long to wait as Julianna soon arrived and began the examination. She was extremely thorough and very professional. She looked down my throat and into my eyes and ears. My blood pressure was taken as well as a blood sample to be sent to Pathology. She tested my reflexes, listened with her stethoscope to my chest and back, weighed me and tested my eyes with the chart.

Julianna chatted away as the examination progressed, explaining some of the procedures and generally making me feel at ease.

“Now Anthony, there are only two more items I have to check,” Julianna said with a twinkle in her eye. “I have to examine your prostate gland and your testicles, to ensure that there is no cancer. Do you know what that entails?”

“I’ve got a pretty good idea Julianna,” I said with a wry smile on my face.

“Good,” Julianna smiled again, then she moved to the curtain which she moved back revealing a medical chair with stirrups. “If you will please remove your underpants and sit in the chair I can proceed with the examination.”

“Isn’t that chair for ladies’ gynecological examinations?” I asked, a little shocked at having to expose myself so much.

“Yes that’s right Anthony, but it is also excellent for prostate examination.” Julianna explained and again that lovely smile. “Come on now, don’t be shy, I am a qualified doctor you know!”

I shrugged my shoulders and grinned back at her, removed my underpants and sat down on the cool leather seat. Julianna assisted me to place my legs in the stirrups and then adjusted the stirrups so that my legs were wide apart. Julianna instructed me to lean back in the chair, which she then tilted back so my back was flat and nearly parallel with the floor. My cock, balls and anus were now completely exposed and open for Julienne’s examination.

My head was just high enough to see Julianna pull up the chair, sit down right in front of my open crotch and pull on medical latex gloves. Again she flashed that smile at me before gently grasping my cock and holding it up away from my balls.

As Julianna gently fondled my balls, feeling and checking for any cancerous lumps, she laughed and said, “Anthony would you rather have a male doctor or me check your testicles for cancer?”

I was lost for an answer because my cock jerked as she spoke; her fondling was feeling rather nice. Now Julianna had one of my balls in each hand and continued to gently squeeze and feel for any lumps. The thought ran through my mind that perhaps Julianna was taking longer than necessary with this procedure, but I dismissed it as a flight of fantasy.

Julienne’s gentle examination of my testes had resulted in a flow of blood into my cock; I was getting an erection!

Julianna chuckled as she watched my cock become partly erect, “Looks like there’s nothing wrong with your natural function Anthony, please don’t be embarrassed, this happens sometimes.”

Much to my relief as Julianna spoke she let go of my testicles and I forced myself to think about things non-sexual.

“There is no sign of cancer in your testicles Anthony, that is really good, make sure you examine yourself regularly won’t you?”

“I sure will Doc, I make sure I do it weekly in the shower’ I replied. I was a little worried about the next part of my examination and it must have shown in my voice.

“I guess you know what the next procedure is about Anthony,” Julianna said in that soothing voice, “Just relax, it won’t take long. Has anyone ever examined your prostate before?”

“No, never Julianna,” I tried to make a joke, “I guess you could say that when it comes to this I’m a virgin!”

“Very funny Anthony,” Julianna smiled at me again as she applied some lubricant from a tube to the middle finger of her right hand. “Well, you won’t be a virgin much longer!”

Julienne’s left hand held my balls and cock out of the way and I felt her lubricated finger probing at my anus. My sphincter muscle automatically tightly closed.

“Just relax Anthony, the more you relax the less it will hurt.”

I tried to do as Julianna asked and again the finger probed at my opening. I consciously relaxed and her finger slid into the opening.

“Ah, that’s better Anthony, I’ll do this slowly so it doesn’t hurt too much.”

I felt Julienne’s finger slowly twist and work it’s way up my rectum causing a strange sensation I had never felt before. Julienne’s probing finger was now fully inside and she twisted her hand so that the fingertip could feel my prostate gland.

I groaned, as there was some pain, Julianna said nothing and continued her examination. I realized that my cock was once again getting hard and once again I groaned.

“So this procedure is having the inevitable effect Anthony!” Julianna almost sounded triumphant. “Don’t be embarrassed, a prostate massage always has effect on a normal male. Some prostitutes and massage therapists do this for their clients you know!”

Julianna finger continued to probe, again I silently wondered once again if she was taking longer than necessary? My cock was now fully erect and my face was flushed.

“Well I’m pleased to report that your prostate feels absolutely normal,” Julianna said, without withdrawing her finger. “The examination is now complete and you appear to be very healthy.”

After she spoke Julianna partly withdrew her finger and then pushed it all the way in again. Gently she started to frig my arsehole with her finger!

“You seem to be enjoying this Anthony,” Julianna chuckled again as her finger moved in and out, “Whatever happens now is just between you and me, nobody else ever needs to know, you seem to be enjoying this, do you want me to keep going?”

I realized that Julianna was correct, I was enjoying the sensations that she was creating. A moan of pleasure gave Julianna my answer and her finger returned to the prostate massage.

Julianna stood up without withdrawing her finger, and as I watched, she slowly unbuttoned the front of her white coat, revealing two beautiful breasts partly covered by a small lace bra.

“I think you and I can have a lot of fun tonight Anthony,” Julianna said as her finger continued to move around my arse, “Do you want to stay?”

“I’d love to Julianna,” I panted, “As long as I can swap positions with you later!”

Julianna nodded her agreement as she lowered her mouth around my cock and started to suck. I was in heaven, I was being sucked and fucked at the same time! Although my arse hole was painful the feelings of pleasure far outweighed the pain.

Julianna continued to suck until I could hold on no longer. I erupted, pumping my sperm into her mouth. Julianna swallowed and continued to suck, keeping my cock in her mouth until it grew limp. Her finger finally gave my arse hole some rest as it was removed with a soft ‘plop’.

“Oh Anthony, that was fantastic,” Julianna said as she licked her lips and removed the gloves, then she moved around the chair and stood beside me. I watched as she removed her white coat revealing her lace bra and panties.

“I took my dress off while you were undressing,” Julianna explained. “I was hoping that something like this would happen the minute I saw you.”

Julianna quickly continued before I could answer. “Do you trust me Anthony? I think you do. I want you to put yourself in my hands for a while longer. I love being in charge and later you can control me, I love to be spanked you know! You enjoyed that arse fucking didn’t you? I want to do a bit more, will you let me?”

It was all happening so quickly all I could do was nod in agreement. Julianna grinned and kissed me passionately, then reached behind her and took a roll of sticky medical tape and a pair of scissors from a shelf. Before I could react she quickly taped my wrists to the arms of the chair. Julianna then stood back and removed her bra and panties, she looked good enough to eat and I silently vowed to do that later. She then moved around to the front of the chair and taped my legs to the stirrups! I couldn’t move and was entirely at her mercy.

Julianna smiled at me as she stood between my legs and gently stroked my cock. “Don’t panic Anthony, my aim is to have fun and give pleasure, OK?”

Again I nodded as I watched Julianna put on a new pair of gloves and sit once again on the chair. She applied some more lubricant and probed once again at my arse hole, her finger slipped in easily. No prostate massage this time, just the in and out movement as she frigged me once again. After a short time Julianna removed her finger and I felt a cold metallic object pushing against my hole.

“What’s that Julianna?” I was worried and sounded it. “What are you going to do?”

Julianna held up a thin silver vibrator! “I’m going to fuck you with this Anthony, just relax and you’ll enjoy it!”

“No Julianna, please don’t, it will hurt like hell.”

“You’re in no position to argue Anthony,” Julianna spoke firmly as she smoothed lubricant over the vibrator, “I’m going to do it so be quiet! Be thankful I’m using a thin vibrator and not the one I use on myself!”

I could see there was no use in protesting so I resolved to do my best to relax. But enjoy? I didn’t think so at that moment.

Once again I felt the vibrator pushing at the entrance of my arse and I made myself relax. To my surprise I felt it slide in fairly easily, the lubricant helping as the vibrator filled my arse hole. I could hear Julianna breathing heavily as she switched the vibrator on to ‘low’. It buzzed quietly as Julianna moved it gently in and out. There was some pain but it gave way to pleasure as the metal cylinder stretched my flesh. Julianna gasped and I looked down to see my cock once again stiffening. Sweat was glowing on me as Julianna increased the revolutions of the vibrator as she continued to move in and out.

“Oh God Julianna,” I cried, “I don’t what’s happening to me but it feels great, make me come please.”

My cock was once rock hard as Julianna stood and blew me a kiss. Finally as my climax drew near she withdrew the vibrator and wrapped her breasts firmly around my cock! She moved up and down using her boobs as a tunnel and it wasn’t long before I came all over her chest.

Julianna stayed standing between my legs as my orgasm subsided. “That was fantastic Anthony, did it hurt you much?”

“It did hurt a bit at first,” I panted, “But I must admit that when I got used to it I enjoyed it, though I suppose that was obvious to you.”

“You took it so well Anthony, I must give you a reward.” Julianna went to a drawer and removed a sealed plastic bag. She sat once again in front of my now non-virginal arse hole. “These are special disinfecting wiping clothes,” she said as she opened the packet. “They have a special germ killing ingredient. They are used during bowel surgery to lessen the chances of infection”

I felt Julianna cleaning my arsehole clean with the wipes. She pushed a finger-covered wipe up my rectum, took it out, threw it away and repeated the process with three more wipes.

Julianna looked at me again and said, “There now you arse is squeaky clean and I can give you your reward. I love doing this Anthony.”

Julianna poked out her tongue and bent down, licking her way down the inside of my thighs. After teasing me in this fashion for a short time she took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked hard, her shining eyes meeting mine and giving me the occasional wink. She made sure that both my balls got equal time and, I’m proud to say the flow of blood to my cock started once again! Never had I had three erections in such a short length of time.

“Now sweet Anthony, this is your reward, I hope you like it,” Julianna grinned at me again and suddenly I could feel the tip of her tongue rimming my arsehole! My doctor was performing analingus on me!

“Do you like the feeling of my tongue in your arse Anthony?”

My answer was to moan with delight as Julianna continued to lick, suck, kiss and probe with her tongue. Once again I was in mind-blowing heaven, my cock was as hard as a rock and perspiration was dripping off my body. I lost track of time as once again strange pleasurable sensations flooded my body. Julianna grasped my cock, wanking it with one of her hands as her tongue continued its probing of my arse. As I blew again, over her hand and my stomach, Julianna rose with a “look which cat’s got the cream” smile on her face and I watched as she licked up all my cum.

I got in first before she could speak. “God Julianna, that was fantastic! Nobody’s ever done that to me before, I’ve read about analingus but never thought I’d get to experience it, just fantastic!”

“Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did Anthony,” Julianna said as she moved around to stand beside me once again. Perspiration was glowing on her skin too as she slid a hand between her legs. “Oh I’m so wet Anthony, I’m so turned on, now it’s your turn to satisfy me.”

“Well if you’ll take the tape off I’ll be only too pleased Julianna,” I replied.

Julianna answer was to adjust the chair so that it was as low to the floor as possible. My head was lying in a support no wider than the width of my head – similar to a dentist’s chair. Julianna kissed me, then moved so she was standing directly behind my head, by looking back I could see her moist pussy. Gently she mounted my face, settling herself down so that my mouth was directly below her cunt.

“Eat me Anthony, eat me, make me cum all over your face,” Julianna cried. “Ahhh that’s sooo good, that’s it, shove your tongue into me, fuck me with your tongue, ahhhh yesssss, that’s so good.”

I did my best to follow Julienne’s orders, licking, kissing, sucking and probing her cunt as she had done my arsehole. It didn’t take long before she came, bucking and twisting on my face, screaming loudly as a violent orgasm swept through her body.

My face was wet with her love juices as Julianna came back down to earth and dismounted from my face. After returning the chair to the upright position Julianna finally removed the tape that was securing me. I staggered to my feet and we hugged each other tight, kissing passionately.

“Wow, that was some examination Doctor!” I said as we sat on the examination table, regaining our strength, “Do you treat all your male patients like that?”

“Oh definitely not,” Julianna replied, “You’re the first patient I’ve ever done anything sexual too. You just seemed right when I first met you tonight, and when you got that first erection I just had to have it; I haven’t had sex for ages. You’re OK about what happened aren’t you Anthony?”

“Well actually I’m not that happy at all Doctor,” I said sternly, “I don’t know what the authorities would say about your behavior. In fact I’m going to have to take some action.” Julienne’s face fell and she looked worried. “The action I’m going to take is to give you the spanking of your life, now stand up and bend over the table!”

Julianna grinned and sprang to her feet. “Yes Sir! Whatever you say sir! God you had me worried for a minute.”

“Shut up and bend over Julianna,” I said as I pushed her over the table. “Spread your legs young lady and prepare to take your punishment.”

I slipped my hand between Julienne’s legs and she was so wet, she sighed with pleasure and spread her legs wide apart. As Julianna was obviously practiced in the art of spanking I didn’t worry about warming up her arse.

“Smack, smack, smack”, I set about turning her lovely smooth skin bright red with firm, regular hits.

“Ohhh that feels so good Anthony, ouch, ahhh, wow, oh you are such a good spanker,” Julianna cried, “I need this badly, I haven’t been spanked properly for months.”

My hand rose a fell in a regular rhythm, making sure I covered all of her luscious butt as well as her upper thighs. Every smack brought a sound of approval from Julianna; she surely was a spanker’s delight.

“Just resting for a second”, I said, “Stay right there, I haven’t finished yet.” My hand was stinging from spanking so hard so I held my left hand in the centre of her back while my right hand managed to get the leather belt out of my pants.

“Oh I hope you haven’t finished by a long way,” Julianna said, then, “Yeeow” as the belt slashed across her pink rump.

“Oh, that took me by surprise,” she cried, then looking back at me she smiled and continued, “But what a nice surprise, keep going Anthony, keep going!”

I grinned at her and “Whack” the belt left another red mark on her skin.

“Owwwww, that hurts so good, ouch, ahhhh, ohhhhhh, yikes,” Julianna cried as the belt rose and fell leaving criss cross marks on her smooth skin.

I continued for about another ten strokes of the belt, amazed at how much Julianna could take when she cried out, “Enough, enough please Anthony, ohhhh I’m coming, Urrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!.”

I immediately dropped the belt and watched as wave after wave of pleasure swept through Julienne’s body. I had never seen anyone climax so strongly from being punished. When finally she had calmed down enough to struggle to her feet she wrapped her perspiring body against mine.

“Oh God Anthony, that was absolutely amazing, the best ever,” she whispered in my ear, “Have you got any more good ideas for me tonight?”

My reply was to lift Julianna in my arms and place her in the stirrup chair. She grinned at me as I placed her legs wide apart in the stirrups and she showed me how to tilt the chair right back. I slipped a rubber glove onto my hand and grabbed the tube of lubricant. Julianna moaned with pleasure as my finger probed and then pushed its way into her arse hole. After gently finger fucking her rectum I stood up and pushed my hard cock against her rosebud. There was no resistance as I firmly pushed my cock into the blackness, just another moan of delight from Julianna. Slowly but surely I fucked my doctor’s arse, it felt so tight and so good, and to be able to watch the expressions on her face added to my pleasure.

“Oh Anthony, this is just great, fuck my arse, fuck me good and hard.”

“Such unladylike language from a member of the medical profession, tsk, tsk Julianna, I can see you need more punishment in the near future.”

“Oh, I hope so Anthony, I hope so, ohhhhhh this feels so good, keep going Anthony, keep going!”

Perspiration was dripping from my face as forced my cock in and out of her arse, I knew I couldn’t last much longer, although I was in seventh heaven I was ready to come.

“Ahhhhh, I’m cumming Julianna, I’m cumming,” I cried as I came for the fourth time that evening. Julianna screamed at the same time as I collapsed over her panting body.

When I had recovered my breath enough I stood and helped Julianna out of the chair. We stood kissing and licking each other’s face, grinning at each other after an amazing sequence of events.

“Shower through there,” Julianna said as she pointed at a side door. We staggered into the shower and had a great time washing the perspiration and cum off each other’s body.

After drying and dressing we returned to Julienne’s office and sat at opposite sides of the desk.

“Well Mr. Appleby, I think I have finished the examination today. I am sure you will pass with flying colours but I may have to get you to come back soon just to check if your ‘natural function’ is still in working order.”

“Well Dr, Wosilenski, I suppose if I have to come back, I have to come back,” I said with a grin, “After all I can’t ignore my doctor’s orders can I? When would you like to see me again?”

“How about I get Erica to phone you?” Julianna said as she wriggled a little uncomfortably on her chair, obviously her arse was still stinging a little. “Erica can give you the result of the blood test then and make a time for your next prostate examination.”

“I’ll look forward to it doctor, and I never thought I’d say that.” I smiled as I got to my feet. “And thank you again for being so thorough with the examination, it certainly was an eye opener for me, and very enjoyable.”

Julianna rose from her chair and showed me into the waiting room. At the door she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a last kiss, then opened the door and ushered me out.

“Goodbye for now Mr. Appleby.”

“Good evening Dr. Wosilenski.”

As I turned away Julianna whispered, “Maybe I’ll get Erica to assist me with your next examination!”

I quickly turned in the hallway but the door had shut and I heard the key turn in the lock. I made my way to the elevator with my mind boggling at how the next examination would be with the doctor and her assistant.

To be continued…

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