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Brooke’s Fantasy

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Brooke was a wild child and she grew up to be a wild woman. Brooke was a blonde haired green eyed beauty. She had grown up with money and had been spoiled rotten. She had rebelled and done drugs, got tattoos and multiple piercings much to her parents’ dismay. She loved to experiment sexually and if she enjoyed the experience she would try it on friends and lovers. Brooke had a body that both men and women enjoyed. She worked out regularly to keep her body tight and fit. She had a sweet ass and an ample bosom.

Brooke had a couple of steady boyfriends and a couple of steady girlfriends too. She liked to hang out with a rough crowd and usually ended up at biker bars hanging with the locals. She usually would go home with a least a couple of guys. She preferred to have three at once but would settle for two.

She was hanging out at the local bar having a beer with a friend when a biker gang came into the bar. Brooke turned on her stool to watch them all come in. She was licking her lips and sighing as a couple walked past her. She looked the men up and down slowly as they passed and they checked her out. She stuck her finger in her beer and put it in her mouth and slowly sucked on it and then pulled it out.

One of the bikers watching her do this, swore and stopped in front of her. “Damn girl, you need to get laid or something.”

Brooke looked up at him through her eyelashes. “Yeah, laid and something.” She laughed and looked him over. He was tall and had long dark hair, he had the most beautiful twinkling blue eyes that Brooke had every seen. She noticed how muscular his arms were and all the tattoos. Yummy, she thought to her self.

He sat down next to her and ordered a beer. “What’s your name sweetheart?”

“Brooke and this is my friend Jazz,” she leaned back so he could see how beautiful Jazz was too.

“Hello, Brooke, Jazz. I’m the leader of this here gang, they call me Big John.”

Brooke looked him over and focused her eyes on the bulge in his pants. “You don’t look that tall to me.” She slowly came back up his body to look back into his eyes.

John laughed. “I’m six four honey, but that’s not why they call me Big John. Would you like to come back to the hotel with me and a couple of my friends and I’ll show you how I got my name?” He raised an eyebrow and looked over his beer at her.

Brooke looked over at Jazz hopefully.

Jazz shook her head; “no way, this is all you.” Jazz got up and left.

Some of the other gang members came up and around the back of Brooke. She looked around and sighed again. “I’m in hog heaven.”

They laughed at her and sat down to have a couple of beers with her. They had a couple women riding with them too. They were sitting at a table watching the fiasco going on at the bar.

Brooke asked John why they didn’t join them.

“They’re a couple, they aren’t into men.” He raised his beer to toast them. They flipped him off. He laughed.

Brooke leaned over to John and whispered in his ear. “I don’t mind if they join us.” She looked into his twinkling blue eyes hoping he got her meaning.

John laughed, “well aren’t you just full of surprises? I can ask but they may not want to be around when all this testosterone starts flowing. How many of my friends do you want me to bring?” He took a sip of his beer and looked over at her, his eyes twinkling at her.

“Do I get to pick them out?” Brooke turned on her stool and looked into all the hopeful faces surrounding her. She put her finger in her mouth as she studied them.

“You can do anything you want baby girl, but you need to stop doing that.” John finished his beer and ordered another. He was watching Brooke look the guys over. She was wearing a flimsy little shirt that barely covered her large firm breasts and a tight pair of jeans. Oh yeah she was looking for trouble and she definitely had come to the right place.

“Why?” She looked at him innocently.

“Because you’re making them all hard and some of them might not wait until we get you back to the room.” John arched his eyebrow at her and took another sip of his beer. He was watching her in the mirror.

Brooke leaned over and whispered in John’s ear, “I want the ones that are packing. Do you know which ones those are?” She leaned back and put her finger back in her mouth as she looked innocently at John.

John chuckled, “yes unfortunately I do. There are five guys that are large but smaller than me. But then I’m on the extra-extra large side.” He looked at her watching her reaction.

“Okay five guys, you and the two girls. But can we go up first and get acquainted alone for awhile.” Brooke asked hopefully.

“Yes ma’am, you want to go now.” John finished his beer.

“Yes please.” She was almost giddy with anticipation.

John stood up and told her to go wait outside.

Brooke did as he asked.

John went and told the five guys to come up to his hotel room in about an hour. He went to talk to GiGi and Brenda. They agreed to come up in a couple hours.

John went out and grabbed Brooke’s hand and led her to the hotel across the street.

He took her upstairs and opened the door for her. Brooke walked in slowly and turned to watch John come in.

John backed up and closed and locked the door watching her. Brooke walked slowly up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply. She looked up into his eyes, “you have beautiful eyes.”

“So do you.” John wrapped his arms around her and picked her up to carry her to the bed. He laid her down and laid down next to her. He ran a hand down her body and kissed her deeply.

Brooke started unbuttoning his shirt. She ran her hands inside his shirt feeling his muscles in his chest tighten as her hands caressed his nipples.

John rolled on top of her and kissed her deeply. She parted her lips and he devoured her mouth, sucking on her tongue and exploring every inch of her mouth with his tongue. Brooke kissed him back in kind, devouring his mouth and sucking his tongue out of his mouth.

John groaned and pulled back from her. “You’re a wild one aren’t you? We’re going to have a real good time.” He pulled her shirt off and sighed when he saw that she had no bra on and had beautifully large breasts. Her nipples were pierced with a chain between them and he put his fist in his mouth and bit down. “Damn girl do you want to be my bitch?”

Brooke laughed and kissed him again. “Let’s see how this goes.”

John chuckled and unbuttoned her jeans. “I promise you won’t be disappointed.” He unzipped her jeans and got up to pull them off. He looked down at her shaved pussy and saw another piercing and a couple tattoos. “Oh baby, you’re going to be mine. What else do you have pierced?”

“My belly button and my tongue, I don’t have a ring in my tongue right now. But if you want I can put it in. Some guys like it during blow jobs. Women love it.” She giggled.

“So you go both ways,” John pulled his shirt off and started unbuckling his pants.

“Yeah, but nothing compares with a big hard dick throbbing in my pussy.” Brooke jump up off the bed and came over to take his leather pants off. “I want to see what’s hiding in here.”

John chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest.

Brooke knelt in front of him and unzipped his jeans. She rose up on her knees and pulled them down around his ankles. “I see you don’t like underwear either.” She knelt in front of him and just stared. His cock was almost down to his knees. “Geez, how much bigger do you get when you’re hard.”

John pulled her up off of her knees, “you’ll see.” He pushed her back down on the bed and laid on top of her. “Are you scared?” He ran his hand down her body. He pulled on her chain.

She moaned loudly. “Oh hell no.” Brooke pulled his face down and kissed him deeply.

John pulled her on top of him and brought her up to him. He leaned her over and sucked on her nipples. “This chain’s in the way, take it off.”

Brooke sat up and unhooked the chain. “Anything else?”

“We’ll see as we go.” He pulled her back down and sucked hard on her nipple and caressed the other one and switched back and forth. He bit down on her nipple ring and tugged on it. She screamed as she came.

John pulled her up further and feasted on her pussy. He stopped, “take this one out too.”

She sat back and pulled it out.

John rolled her over and went down between her legs. He munched and lapped and bit her sweet soft folds. He thrust his tongue into her and she screamed as she came again. He sucked her folds into his mouth and bit on them in his mouth. She came again.

“Oh god you’re great at that, really great.” She pushed his head down into her sweet soft place. “Eat me baby.”

“No, I think it’s my turn, you come suck my dick.” John rolled over and laid down to let her have access to his tool.

Brooke got up and went between his legs. She sighed, “oh Big John.” Brooke licked him up and down his long shaft and played with the large tip. She sighed again as she took him in her mouth and began sucking on him. She took him all the way in her mouth and deep throated him.

John groaned and pushed her down further onto him. “You’re a wicked little bitch aren’t you? You like sucking my dick don’t you baby?”

Brooke looked up into his eyes and mumbled something with his dick her mouth.

John groaned and arched up, “damn baby talk to me some more.”

Brooke laughed and just about sent him over the edge.

John groaned and pulled her off of him. He got up and stood next to the bed. “Come here.”

Brooke came and sat in front of him.

John pushed his dick into her mouth. “Open wide baby.” He held her head and fucked her mouth. He pushed in further and further. “Take it all in baby girl. Daddy wants you to suck his whole dick.” He started going faster and deeper.

Brooke was grasping his ass cheeks and taking him into her mouth. She dug her fingers into his ass and made him arch forward pushing his dick further into her mouth. She moaned and sucked him hard. He groaned and pushed her head down on to his dick. “Oh baby you have a sweet mouth and you can take all of daddy in it, you bad girl.”

John pushed her down on the bed. “You want it in the ass first or the pussy?”

“Pussy first,” she pulled him down on top of her.

John thrust hard into her, she screamed as she came again. He lifted her hips and thrust deep into her. Brooke tried to relax her muscles to take him completely in her. She had never had a man so big.

John didn’t wait for her to relax. He went deeper and harder into her. “Damn sweetness you’re really tight.”

“Oh god, please fuck me hard Big John.” Brooke pulled him down to kiss him hard.

John laughed and plunged deeper into her. “You almost have me all the way in you baby. Hold on.” He thrust the rest of his enormous cock into her.

Brooke screamed as pain and pleasure shot through her body giving her a mind blowing orgasm. Her whole body shuddered and took him all the way into it. She felt herself relaxing as the orgasm subsided only to be replaced with another one on its way. She felt the burning from her center burning out to her fingertips and toes. She screamed as she came again. He thrust harder and deeper into her. Brooke was thrashing and screaming on the bed.

There was a quiet knock on the door. John continued thrusting into her. “Give me another hour.”

Brooke laughed. “Another hour, baby.”

“Yeah, you think you can hold up that long.” John leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth as he thrust deeper and deeper to her. She screamed as she came again.

“Baby you have no idea. You’ll wear out before I do.” Brooke looked up at him.

John chuckled, “don’t bet on it. Once I cum I’ve been known to be able to last all night after that.” He leaned down to look into her beautiful green eyes. “Do you want me to cum now so I can fuck you all night?”

Brooke answered by arching her hips up into him and pulling him down to kiss him, she bit his lower lip and thrust her tongue into his mouth. John moaned into her mouth and continued pounding into her. Brooke kept up with his rhythm taking him up and over the edge. She bit his tongue as he shuddered with his orgasm. She could feel his warm juices filling her to overflowing.

John pulled out and lay next to her. Brooke sat up and looked at him. She stuck her finger in her pussy and pulled it out with his juices and hers on it. She stuck it her mouth and sucked on it long and hard, pulling it out slowly as she watched his reaction.

John’s eyes widen, “you’re just a little freak aren’t you.”

Brooke giggled, she leaned over him and cleaned his cock with her tongue. She went down and licked every bit of her and him off of his balls too. She saw he was starting to harden again and chuckled.

John pulled her up and lay her on top of him. He pulled her down and kissed her deeply, tasting himself and her in her mouth. “Oh god baby, you are making me crazy. I’ve been with lots of freaks but no one like you.”

Brooke kissed him and moved back to slide onto his now hard throbbing cock. She took him into her easily and rode him like he was a bucking bronco. John watched as she rode and ran her hands up and down her body. She stretched and pulled her hair up over her head and screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body.

John pulled her down to feast on her breasts. He pulled her nipple rings, sending another orgasm shooting through her. He sucked and bit and drove her over again and again. He pushed her off of him and came up behind her. He pushed her down on all fours. “I like you tat back here.” She had a beautiful tribal tattoo on her lower back right above the crack of her ass.

John thrust his dick into her pussy and pounded her hard.

Brooke arched up and leaned back against him. She reached down to feel him entering her and played with her clit.

John groaned and caressed her nipples, pulling the rings when he knew she was close to another orgasm. She would scream every time. John continued to pound into her deeper and harder. He pulled out.

Brooke cried out in protest and turned to look at him.

John got up and got some lube. He held it out to her. “Are you ready for this?”

“Oh god please yes. I’ve never had someone as big as you and especially not in my ass.” She came again with the anticipation.

John chuckled, “I think I’m going to keep you angel.” He came up behind her and laid down between her legs. He started licking her pussy and thrust his tongue up into her. She screamed as another orgasm ripped through her. “Baby you sure know how to eat pussy.”

John chuckled and moved up to lick her sweet little asshole.

Brooke jumped, she looked back at John. “Nobody’s ever done that before.”

“Hmm,” he licked her little hole and thrust his tongue into it. She screamed as she came again. He continued licking and thrusting. He got up and spread the lube on his fingers and then started rubbing her sweet little asshole. She cried out as she came again.

There was another knock on the door.

“Go away. I’ll call you when I’m through.” John yelled at the door.

They could hear laughing going down the hall.

“Now where was I?” John thrust a finger into her little hole. He moved it around and then stuck another one in.

Brooke screamed as she came again. She looked over her shoulder. “I need your cock in me now.”

“Okay baby, just be patient.” He put another finger into her opening her up for him.

Brooke couldn’t take anymore. She pulled away from him and got off the bed. “Come to the edge of the bed.”

“Yes ma’am.” John laughed and came down to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Now hold your dick up while on slide on to it.” Brooke looked at him.

John had an eyebrow raised and looked like he didn’t believe she was going to do this.

“Just do it Big John.” Brooke ordered.

John raised both of his eyebrows and did as she had requested, holding his dick up so she could slide her sweet ass down on to him.

Brooke gave him one last glance and started lowering her self on to him. She cried out with pain as his dick first entered her. She rode him slowly.

John reached around to play with her nipples and clit. She moaned.

She took more and more of him into her ass slowly. She could feel her body opening and relaxing taking him into her. It felt like he was up to her belly button. She finally took the last bit of him in and dropped down on him. She shuddered as the pain and pleasure gave her an earth shattering orgasm. She screamed his name. She slowly rode up and down his shaft.

John watched in amazement as she rode him all the way up and down his shaft. He groaned and grabbed her hips pushing him self further into her. She screamed again as another orgasm shot through her. John was arching up to meet her rhythm and take himself deeper into her sweet little ass. “God baby this is so tight and feels so good. I could fuck you like this for the rest of the night.”

“What about your friends?” She glanced back at him.

“Fuck them.” John snarled.

“That was the general idea.” She laughed.

John stood up and pulled out of her. “Okay bitch later, get on the bed on all fours and get ready for your punishment.”

“Punishment for what,” Brooke looked at him not really caring.

“For bossing me around,” John smiled at her evilly.

Brooke did as he requested.

John climbed up behind her and thrust his cock into her ass again hard. She screamed out in pain and pleasure. He pounded into her deeper and harder. Then he started whipping her ass with his hand. She glanced back at him and smiled.

“Oh you like this don’t you. Yeah you’re my bitch.” He continued to spank her as he fucked her ass. She screamed his name as she came again, “harder.”


“Both baby,” she laughed.

John laughed and thrust harder into her and whipped her harder.

Brooke saw a leather glove on the night stand and handed it to him.

“Oh, I’ve died and gone to heaven you little freak.” He took the glove from her and whipped her with it. She screamed as she came again.

John pounded harder and deeper into her. He leaned down and bit her ear. “You want somebody else in here?”

“Umm-hmm,” she sighed dreamily.

“I’ll let the others in but I’m the only one that gets to fuck that pussy. They can do anything they want to you including anal but the pussy is all mine.” He bit her ear again. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Big John.”

“I need to clean up, I’ll be right back. Don’t move from there.” He ordered.

Brooke laid down on the bed and stretched, she felt completely and fully fucked. She really didn’t need the others but she wouldn’t let John know that he could fulfill her all by himself. She liked group sex and needed a woman every once in awhile. She watched as John came out of the bathroom.

John looked over at her as she licked her lips. “You hungry for something baby?”

“Yeah, your dick,” she moved over on her stomach to the edge of the bed.

John walked over and she took him in her mouth again. He groaned as she took him fully down her throat and began blowing his brains out. He placed a hand on her head and ran his hands through her hair. Truth was he didn’t want to share her.

“Do you want me to call the guys or the girls or both?” John looked down at her sucking his cock.

Brooke started talking again with her mouth full.

John groaned and pushed further into her mouth. “Oh god talk to me baby.”

Brooke looked up at him as his eyes closed and started having a conversation with him.

John moaned and arched and cried out as she mumbled into his dick. He pulled out and she sat up. John crawled up over her making her lay back on the bed. “I don’t think we need the others.” He bit her nipple and pulled the ring.

“But I like having a more than one dick in me at the same time and I especially like women eating my pussy. Please big John, I won’t fuck anybody but you.” She pleaded

“You’ll do this my way.” John looked into her eyes.

“Yes, I’ll do whatever you say.” Brooke kissed him deeply taking his tongue into her mouth.

John reached for his phone. “You can come in now. Just let everyone know that no one and I mean no one fucks the pussy. If they can’t deal with it they don’t need to come, literally and figuratively.” He closed the phone and threw it on to the night stand. He thrust into her pussy and she screamed as she came. “Remember you do what I say or they all disappear and I will punish you again.”

Brooke raised an eyebrow, “could you punish me now and later.”

John chuckled. “Freak, you’re a freak.” He thrust deeper and harder into her.

Brooke arched up into him. “Fuck me big John, fuck me hard.”

John lifted her hips and pounded into her again and again. He felt her getting ready to have an orgasm and pulled out quickly. He moved off the bed.

Brooke sat up and stared at him in disbelief.

John pointed at her. “I’m the boss and the biggest, don’t forget that.” He pulled on his leather pants and went to open the door. He walked back and sat on the couch watching Brooke.

She watched as two men and the two women came in. She put her finger in her mouth and looked over at John.

“Tie her up.” John demanded.

“What?” Brooke looked from John to the others.

They pulled out some rope and came at her. “John?”

“You said you do this my way.” John glared at her.

“Yes.” She looked at John giving up.

“Then let them tie you up bitch.” He snapped at her.

“Fine,” Brooke submitted to the others. They stood her up and tied her to the chandlier and to the front bed legs.

“Blind fold her.” John snarled.

Brooke looked at John just before they put a scarf over her eyes. “John I want to see.”

“No, my way, remember or not at all.” He growled at her.

“Fine have it your way.” Brooke stuck out her lip and pouted.

John laughed to himself and went over to run a hand down her body. She shuddered. He bit her lower lip and sucked it into his mouth. She moaned. He walked away from her and sat on the couch. He motioned for the others to go ahead.

Bobby came up in front of her and leaned over kiss her.

John cleared his throat and shook his head when Bobby looked over at him.

Bobby shrugged and ran his hands down her body and caressed her breasts. Brooke moaned and arched towards him. He leaned over and took one of her nipples in his mouth.

Carl walked behind her and licked her down her back running his hands between her legs.

GiGi and Brenda walked up on either side of her. Bobby went down on his knees and started eating her pussy, while the girls took over caressing and sucking on her breasts. Brooke screamed out with her first orgasm.

John chuckled.

Carl came up behind her and rubbed her asshole, he grabbed the lube off the bed and put some on his fingers. He played and thrust and brought her to another orgasm. He positioned himself to enter her. He glanced over at John, John nodded. Carl thrust up into her sweet ass. She screamed as she came again. Carl fucked her ass fast and hard. She screamed as another orgasm ripped through her. Bobby got up and traded places with Carl. Gigi knelt down to eat her pussy. Carl and Brenda continued on her breasts and the rest of her body.

John’s hard throbbing dick was crying to be set free.

Bobby pounded into her ass over and over again. Brooke was screaming and cumming and trying to get her hands free.

John ordered them all to stop and step away from her. He went to Brooke and softly kissed her lips, “what’s the matter baby?”

“Nothing,” she pouted again.

John put his hand out to Gigi, she handed him her whip.

John turned Brooke around and told them to hold her. He whipped her ass hard until she cried out with an orgasm. “You are truly one sick bitch.” He turned her back around and kissed her deeply. He whispered in her ear. “You still want the others here.”

“Yes please.” She leaned forward trying to kiss him but he had already backed away and sat back on the couch.

John motioned for them to continue.

Bobby went back behind her and rammed into her ass again. Brenda traded places with Gigi eating Brooke’s pussy and Carl and Gigi sucked, bit, nibbled and licked her breasts until she was screaming again with another orgasm.

“Oh John, she’s a nice little piece of ass. Can we keep her?” Gigi looked over at John.

John shook his head. His cock wanted her now and was straining to be set free. He rubbed himself and walked back up to Brooke. He kissed her deeply again. He bit her ear and nuzzled her neck. He licked her ear then blew in it. “You still need them here.”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

John motioned them all to move back. Gigi handed him the whip again. He turned Brooke around and told them to hold her. He whipped her harder this time. She screamed as another orgasm rocked her body. John came up behind and pressed her body into his. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Do you feel how big and hard I am. I need to have you now. Do you still want them here?”

“Yes, but I want you too, John, can’t we all be together at once.”

John swore and whipped her again. He walked back to the couch and sat down.

The others looked over at him, they knew he was getting seriously pissed and would soon probably take it out on them.

Bobby walked over to him and leaned down. “Do you want us to go,” he asked.

John nodded and they all left the room quietly. He sat there looking at Brooke for a long while. What the fuck was this woman doing to him?

“John, what’s happening?” Brooke tried to move the blind fold.

John wouldn’t answer her. He slowly got up and walked up to her. He leaned into her until his lips were barely touching hers.

Brooke leaned forward trying to kiss him. He backed away. He ran his hand up and down her body and moved behind her. He leaned against her pressing his hard cock into her hip. “Do you still need someone else here?”

“No,” she whimpered, “please John let me down.”

“No, not yet, this is your punishment for needing someone else besides me. As long as you want someone else this is what will happen to you. And since you seemed to like it, I can see that this will not be a deterrent for you. Will it?”

“No. Why don’t you want to share me, I’m confused?”

“If you’re my bitch, I’m the leader; I don’t share my woman with anyone.” He ground his throbbing cock into her hip. “Do you still want this?” He nibbled on her ear and bit her neck. He ran his hands down her breasts and into her pussy.

She moaned. “Yes, I want you inside me John, please.”

“In awhile, he got the whip back out.” He was slapping his palm with it as he walked around her. He lightly dragged it over her body.

Brooke moaned. “Please John, fuck me.”

John turned her and whipped her again. He came up behind her and rubbed her red welted ass. He reached up and untied her hands and then knelt down to untie her legs. “Go take a shower and clean everybody else’s scent off of you.” He pointed to the bathroom.

Brooke removed her blind fold and rubbed her wrists. She stood in front of John and kissed him passionately, “I’m sorry.” She knelt down in front of him and undid his pants and let his hurting engorged cock free. She took him in her mouth and sucked him long and hard.

John moaned and pulled her to her feet, “go shower now.”

Brooke did as he requested and went in to take a shower. She came back out with a towel around her. John was lying in bed with one arm under his head and smoking a cigar.

“You don’t need a towel.”

Brooke took the towel off and threw it back into the bathroom. She walked slowly to the bed not sure what to expect from him.

John pulled the sheet back to let her into bed with him. “Are you scared of me?” He watched her eyes.

“I’m just a little apprehensive about what you’re going to do next.” She got under the sheets and sat looking down at him.

He took a puff of his cigar. “I feel the same way about you Brooke. You keep surprising me. I have some lotion for the welts on your ass.” He motioned for her to turn over. He gently rubbed the lotion into her sore ass. He leaned over and kissed both cheeks. He laid down and pulled her into him. “What do you do around here? Work, go to school.”

“No, just hang out with my friends, my parents are rich and I have a trust fund from my grand father that I live off of.”

“So would you like to go with me when I leave?” He nibbled on her ear.

“I don’t know,” Brooke turned over and looked at him. “I have a couple steady boyfriends and girlfriends here.”

“Yeah, if you have more than one, it’s not steady.” He rolled back over and pulled his cigar off the night stand.

“Why don’t you want to share me, the real reason?” She turned on her side and looked into his eyes looking for the truth.

“You’re too special to share and I know I’m enough man for you. You don’t need anybody else. Tell the truth.” John watched her.

“Yes you are enough, but sometimes I like women and sometimes I like having two or three dicks in me at once.” She confessed to him in all honesty.

“If you’re with me you will never have three dicks in you at the same time. Your mouth and pussy are mine and only mine. The other stuff is negotiable, but I get to choose who and when.” He took his cigar out of his mouth and watched her for a reaction. “Can you live with that?”

“I guess, but why me? You must have had a lot of girls, why me?” She asked confused.

John put his cigar out in the ashtray and leaned over her. “I’ve never met anyone like you before. I want you for my own and yes I’ve had plenty of women in my thirty years. How old are you Brooke?” He bit her shoulder.

“I’m twenty two.” Brooke sat up and looked down at John. “And I’ve had plenty of men in my life. I started early and never stopped. I like to experiment with lots of different things. I think I’ve tried just about every illegal drug known to man and some legal that can fuck you up just as well. I like to get fucked at least once a day if not more.” She watched his eyes for a reaction.

“I don’t have problem with any of that, but if you’re mine you’re mine. I am the boss.” He looked back into her eyes challenging her. “You were satisfied with just me tonight but choose to have others here. Why?”

“To show you that you are not the boss of me, I choose when and who.” Brooke looked at him defiantly.

John swore and rolled over on top of her pinning her to the bed. “There can’t be two bosses. If you come with me, you obey my rules.” He bit her lower lip hard.

Brooke looked up into his eyes challenging him. “Well maybe I just won’t come with you.”

“I can see I’m going to have to wear that ass out on a regular basis.” He leaned up and looked into her eyes.

“Ooh, baby you’re getting me hot again.” Brooke leaned up and bit his lower lip. “Finish what you started earlier, you left me hanging.”

“Nope, I don’t want to.” He rolled back over and turned his back to her.

“Oh is the big strong macho biker gang leader pouting like a little bitch.” She laughed at him.

“Oh no, you didn’t,” John got up and threw her over on her stomach and slapped her ass hard.

Brooke screamed out in pain.

John rammed his hard throbbing cock into her pussy from behind. He pounded into deeper and harder. She screamed as she came. He slapped her ass again hard. She screamed as the pain and pleasure fought for dominance in her body. Her body was shuddering and quivering. He continued to pound into her harder and harder. She came again and he slapped her ass. She screamed his name as she collapsed on the bed.

John pulled out of her and got up to get something to drink. He walked back to the bed and sat down on the edge. He looked over at her, she had passed out. He dripped some ice cold water on her back.

Brooke gasped and opened her eyes. “Wow, what the fuck was that?” She leaned up on her elbows and looked over at him.

“You passed out, too many different sensations running through your body at once, all that pain and pleasure bullshit. Now get up here and suck my dick.” John lay down and watched her.

Brooke raised an eyebrow. “Can I have some water please?”

John handed her the bottle. She took it and got out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” John watched her moving away from him curiously.

“No where,” she emptied the bottle on his crotch and ran into the bathroom and locked the door. She was laughing hysterically in the bathroom.

“Son of a bitch, I’m going to kill you.” John jumped out of bed and ran after her but she had been quicker. He was pissed now. Well that had taken care of his hard on. He dried himself with a tee shirt and walked over to the bathroom door. He pounded on it. “Brooke let me in now.”

“No.” She was still laughing hysterically.

“Brooke I will break down the door if you don’t come out.” John was snarling at the door.

“Go ahead,” she laughed.

John stepped back and threw his weight at the door, it crumpled. He pulled her out of the bathroom by her hair. “Why did you do that?” He snarled at her.

“You threw cold water on me.” She laughed.

“You were passed out.” He pulled her over to the bed and tied her hands together.

“John please don’t tie me back up, I’m sorry, I was just playing. I’ll make it up to you I swear.” She rubbed up against him and kissed his arm.

“Yeah you’re going to make it up to me all right, but my way. Now let’s see you like women right. How about I go get some girls down from the bar and bring them back here and you can watch me fuck them. Does that sound like a fair punishment?”

“Please don’t John, I promise I’ll be good.” Brooke pleaded.

“Yeah it’s too late for that.” John went and got his phone. “Bring up about five girls, NOW!”

“John, please.” Brooke got on her knees and was crawling to him. “You’re the boss. I’ll do whatever you say. I don’t need anyone but you.”

“Too fucking late,” John pulled on his leather pants and picked Brooke up and threw her on the couch. He tied her to it. “Stay.” He went and opened the door. Three of his guys came in with five girls and Gigi and Brenda in tow.

“Well we’re just going to have us a real gang bang, aren’t we?” John looked over at “Brooke, sorry you’ll just be observing this time.” He told the guys to take the girls over to the bed and strip them down. The ladies were already taking their clothes off as John closed the door. He turned to Gigi “anyone else coming?”

“No just us chickens and the big cock.”

“You want in on this or you want to take care of Brooke for me?”

“We’ll look after Brooke, can we play with her?” Gigi smiled over at Brooke.

“Yeah, but if you make her cum, I’ll whip all of your asses, understood.”

Brooke pleaded with him again. “John, please don’t do this.”

“Shut up or I’ll have them gag you.” John snarled at her.

Gigi sat on one side of her and Brenda sat on the other.

John watched them, “no kissing or penetration of any sort understood bitches?”

“Yes sir.” They started playing with her tits, she tried to move away from them but they pulled her back.

“Stop it.” Brooke tried to cover herself.

John turned around, “sit there and shut up. You like women remember.” He undid his pants and sat on the bed with all the naked women. He let them pull them off of him. They all gasped as they saw what was hidden in his pants. One knelt down in front of him to take him in her mouth. He pushed her away. He stood up and turned towards the bed. He turned to look at Brooke, “blindfold her.”

Gigi laughed and pulled out a scarf and put it around Brooke’s head. She tried to move away but Brenda held her in place.

The last thing Brooke saw was John lying down with all those naked women. She started to quietly cry.

Gigi noticed the tears running down her face. She hit Brenda to show her. “Hey John your bitch is crying.”

“Too bad,” John got up and pulled his pants back on. He went out on the porch to smoke a cigar. The other three guys were fucking the shit out of the five women. There was lots of panting and screaming and pounding of flesh going on in the room.

Bobby came up and stood next to John. “What’s up Big John? I’ve never seen you like this before about a woman.” He leaned on the rail.

“There’s something special about this one, I want her to be mine and mine alone. She thinks I’m fucking all those women in there and I should be. But I don’t want to because she begged me not to.” He took his cigar out of his mouth and looked at it. “I’ve never felt like this about anyone in my life. I need a drink.” He put his arm around Bobby and they walked down to the bar.

They had a couple beers and talked about women and riding.

“Come on let’s get back. I think I’ve put her through enough hell for now.” He got up and paid the bar tab. Bobby followed him out and across the street to the hotel room.

“You’re still going to whip her ass for all this aren’t you?” Bobby pushed him with his shoulder and laughed.

“You betcha,” John laughed and pushed Bobby back.

“She has a really nice body boss.” Bobby said quietly.

“Yeah, you can dream about it ’cause you won’t be near it again.” John shot him a steely glare.

“I’m just saying.” Bobby put his hands up in the air giving up.

“Yeah I know.” John hit Bobby in the shoulder.

They walked up the stairs and opened the door. There were naked bodies everywhere doing all kinds of things to each other.

John looked over at Brooke, she was folded over crying. He motioned for Gigi to remove the blindfold. Gigi nodded and pulled it off.

Brooke rubbed her eyes and tried to get use to the light. All she could see were figures everywhere moving. Her sight cleared and she looked for John in the mass of bodies.

John cleared his throat. His guys stopped what they were doing and looked over at him.

Brooke looked over and glared at him. “You fucking bastard.”

John came into the room. “Everybody out, now, grab you clothes and go to someone else’s room.”

“You fucking son of bitch bastard.” Brooke screamed at him.

Gigi and Brenda shot off the couch and out the door. “See ya boss.”

John looked after them. “Did you make her cum?”

“No sir, she was crying too much for us to do anything to her.”

“It’s a good thing.” He corralled the rest of the people out of the room. He closed the door, just as Brooke screamed at him again.

“You cock sucking son of bitch, come untie me and let me get the fuck out of here.” She was crying again.

John went over and pulled the sheets and blankets off the bed. He pulled out fresh linens and made the bed.

“Don’t you fucking ignore me, John.” She screamed at him.

John looked over at her and smiled. He took his clothes off and sat on the edge of the bed across from her. “So how did that feel?”

“It felt like shit and I hate you. Untie me and let me go. Were you trying to prove some perverse point? You’re an asshole.” Brooke leaned over and started crying again.

“You didn’t like the thought of me being with all those other women, did you? How do you think I feel when you want to be with others?” John came and sat next to her. He tried to pull her to him.

Brooke head butted him and moved as far away as she could. “I hate you.”

John reached over and untied her from the couch and then untied her hands. “Do what you want to do. I’m going to bed.” He got up and walked over to the bed and fell in it.

Brooke watched him and got up to get her clothes. She put her shirt on and pulled her jeans on.

John was watching her with one eye. He hoped she wouldn’t leave, he held his breathe as she headed towards the door. He exhaled quietly as she came to sit on the bed.

“Why did you do that to me and why didn’t you fuck them?” Brooke looked at him.

John opened one eye and looked at her. “I knew you wouldn’t like me fucking someone else anymore than I liked watching someone else fuck you. And I didn’t fuck them because you asked me not to.” He rolled over on his back and pulled a pillow over to put under his head.

“John you’ve only known me a few hours. Why are you so attached?” Brooke looked down at him. “I’m a spoiled brat that’s use to getting her own way.”

“You’re special and I want you around me. I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. I’ve never asked a woman to go with me, but I want you to go with me and stay with me.” John reached out and ran a hand down her arm. He pulled her over to him.

Brooke laid on her side next to him and traced his tattoos with her finger. “Will we still have wild crazy sex?”

John raised an eyebrow. “I think you know the answer to that question.”

“And you’ll let me have a woman and another man every once in awhile.” Brooke asked hopefully.

“Yes, if you need that but the other man will be fucking your ass by himself. I won’t fuck you with someone else inside you. I big baby and I don’t want to feel someone else’s dick poking me while he’s poking you.” He watched her.

“Hmm that is a problem.” Brooke tapped her finger on her lips. “I have lots of sex toys, we could play with them. Where do you live, do you even own a house?”

John leaned up on his elbow and turned towards her. “Of course I own a house. Well it’s a ranch really, outside of Houston.”

Brooke arched an eyebrow, “you’re rich aren’t you?”

“I get by. You know I owe you an ass whipping, remind me tomorrow to give it to you.”

“Yeah, sure that will happen.” Brooke laughed.

John looked at her and arched an eyebrow.

“Okay, I’ll remind you. Can we go to sleep now?” She laid back.

“As soon as you get out of your clothes and get over here and suck my dick like I asked you to earlier.” John put an arm under his head and laid back on his pillow. His arousal already becoming visible

Brooke leaned up on her elbows and stared at him, “really?”

“Does it sound like I’m kidding, I need to get some sleep and I can’t sleep with a hard on.” He looked over at her with arched eyebrows.

Brooke got up out of bed and pulled her shirt and jeans off. She crawled over his body and sat between his legs. She looked up at him. He had his eyes closed and looked like he was sleeping.

“I’m waiting,” he opened one eye and looked down at her.

“Fine,” Brooke took him in her mouth and swallowed him down her throat. She sucked him hard and fast. He moaned and pushed her head down further.

“You liked to suck dick don’t you baby, talk to me.”

Brooke looked up at him and smiled. She was mumbling into his dick and he was arching up and moaning. She continued taking him deep and licking her way up his shaft. She deep throated him again and sent him over the edge. She felt like she had a tube stuck directly in her stomach as his juices flowed into and down her throat. She licked him clean and came up and laid on top of him.

John kissed her passionately. “Were you blowing me and cussing me out at the same time?”

“Yeah, kind of,” she leaned forward to kiss him.

John rolled her over. “I need to fuck you again.” He sucked on her breasts and bit and pulled her rings. She moaned and came.

John thrust into her hard and she screamed as she came. He thrust deeper and harder. “I don’t think we’re going to get much sleep. I came twice tonight, that means I can go for days.” He fucked her until the sun came up and finally let him self go, he pulled out and sprayed her down with his juices. She squealed and began licking it off her arms and chest. He helped her by scoping it up with his finger and placing it in her mouth.

Brooke sighed. “You taste good.”

“You want to go again.” John winked at her.

“No, I need some sleep.” Brooke smiled and stretched lazily.

John laughed, “told you, you would wear out before me.” He laid down next to her and pulled her into him. She could feel his large hard dick resting on her ass. She sighed and scooted back into him.

“Are you trying to start something?” He nibbled her ear and nuzzled into her hair.

“You’re already up. You might as well do something constructive while you’re back there, as long as you don’t mind if I fall asleep during this whole thing.” She said sleepily.

“Don’t mind at all.” He grabbed the lube off of the night stand and started preparing her ass for his dick. She moaned and pushed back into him. “Are you still awake?”

She didn’t answer.

John chuckled and slowly opened her ass up for him. He entered her slowly and gently with his dick and started thrusting harder and harder as she relaxed and opened up more to him. She was moaning and having orgasms but was asleep. He had never met anyone like her.

John continued on until he was ready to come. He got up and went into take a shower. He came back and turned her over. He caressed her breasts and sucked on them. He plunged into her pussy. She screamed as an orgasm rippled through her. He looked down at her, she was still sleeping. He leaned down and kissed her deeply.

Brooke opened her eyes. “How did you get up there?”

“I finished back there and wanted to cum inside your pussy. Do you mind?” He smiled at her and kissed her again.

“No,” she closed her eyes and fell back to sleep. He fucked her senseless, she came again and again. He finally let himself go and exploded deep inside of her. He rolled off of her and cuddled up close to her back and fell asleep.

Brooke woke up before John late that morning and crawled out of bed. She went in and took a shower and came out with a towel wrapped around her.

John was sitting up in bed. “You need to get rid of the towel and get back in bed. And hand me my whip.”

“What did I do now?” Brooke smiled and got the whip for him. She dropped the towel and walked slowly over to him.

“This is for yesterday.” Lay down on the bed and put your ass in the air. John got up and took the whip from her. He kissed her softly on the lips as he walked by her.

Brooke did as she was told, her ass was extremely tender and she knew this was going to really hurt. She braced for it and stuck her ass in the air.

John whipped her a couple times and then threw the whip down and climbed on the bed with her. He lay on top of her and nibbled her ear. “Are you coming with me back to Houston?”

“Maybe,” she turned her head and wiped a tear off of her face.

John leaned up “why are you crying?”

“My ass hurts.” Brooke whined.

John got up and got the lotion and sat on the bed to apply it. He did so tenderly, kissing each cheek again when he was through. “I’ll make the pain go away.” He turned her over and climbed on top of her. He kissed her tenderly and looked into her eyes. “You have the power to stop the whippings.”

“I know, I actually like them, but you wore my ass out yesterday.” Brooke ran a hand down his face.

“You deserved it.” He kissed her again taking the kiss deeper.

“I know. I’ll try to control myself today.” Brooke kissed him thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

There’s was a quiet knock on the door. “Boss, are we leaving today.”

“I’ll call you when I’m ready to go.” John yelled at the door.

“Yes sir.”

John moved down Brooke’s body stopping to caress and suck on her breasts. She moaned and ran her hands through his hair.

“Make me forget the pain, Big John.” Brooke looked down at him.

“I’m getting there just hold your horses.” John licked her down to her belly button and stuck his tongue in her belly button.

Brooke moaned again.

John bit her belly button ring and pulled on it. She moaned.

“When we’re done here you’re going to get another piercing.” John licked her belly.

“And where would that be?” She arched an eyebrow.

“I’m going to put a lock on that pussy, it’s mine and only I’ll have the key.” He licked her belly button again.

“Well that won’t work, you’re in a biker gang and you move around a lot.”

“It will work if you’re my bitch and you come with me.” He licked her tattoos, matching swallows on either side of her lower abdomen. “So do these little birdies lead to your secret garden?”

“Hmm,” she arched her hips up into him.

“I’ll be plowing and fertilizing that garden in just a little while.” He went between her legs and munched on her pussy. “You have the sweetest little pussy.” He licked and sucked and bit her until she came over and over again. He licked his way back up her body and kissed her deeply. “Do you need someone else here?”

“No,” she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to kiss him more fully.

John laughed. “I guess your ass does hurt, huh?” He thrust deep into her. She screamed as the first of many orgasms fired through her body.

Brooke bit his ear and whispered to him. “Don’t cum in my pussy. I want you in my mouth.”

John moaned and continued to thrust deep into her. She screamed as she came again. He held her hips up and ramming deeper into her hot wet pussy. She screamed his name and arched her hips up to meet his rhythm. He groaned, “baby I need to fuck you in that ass.”

Brooke moaned as he pulled out of her. “She turned over.”

John rubbed her ass and kissed both cheeks again. He went down between her legs and ate her pussy and then went up and tickled her asshole with his tongue. She moaned and pushed back into him. He plunged his tongue into her tight little ass. She screamed and came.

“Big John, please fuck me now.” She was growing impatient again.

John laughed, “I’m getting there.” He got up and pulled her hips up to him. He teased her asshole with the tip of his penis. “You want this baby?”

Brooke looked over her shoulder at him. “Yes, Big John, please give it to me.”

John plunged into her with one thrust. She screamed as the pain and pleasure combined again for an earth shattering orgasm. He plunged into her deeper and harder. He leaned over her and played with her nipples and clit. He bit her ear lob. “You still want me to cum in your mouth.”

“Oh yes, yes, yes.” She screamed his name as she came again.

“You’re my little freak, aren’t you?” He bit her back.

“Yes Big John, I’m all yours. Fuck me.” She pushed back into him.

John groaned and plunged into her deeper. “I’m going to wear your ass out baby.” He ran his hands along her ass and slapped her tenderly.

Brooke screamed and came. “Ooh, baby, keep doing that.”

John laughed and slapped her again.

She screamed as she came again. “Oh god I love it. Harder, both harder,” she pushed back into him again.

John held her hips and thrust deeper and harder into her. “You’re my freaky little bitch.” He slapped her harder on her sore ass. She screamed and came again. Her body was shuddering and quivering. John grabbed her before she collapsed. He brought her up against him. “Wake up baby, I need to finish.” He bit her ear lob.

“Oh god, don’t stop.” She leaned back against him.

He played with her nipples and nipple rings. He continued to thrust deeper and harder into her. “I ready baby.” He pulled out and stood at the foot of the bed.

Brooke sat up and came down to the end of the bed. She took him in her mouth and sucked him until he exploded deep into her throat. She licked her lips and fingers. “Umm, you sure taste good.”

John laughed and crawled up over her. She lay back and wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her deeply. “We have to get going.”

“I’ll follow you anywhere baby.” She licked his lips and bit his lower lip. “I need to go home and pick up some clothes.”

“And what are your parents going to say about all this?” John leaned over her and kissed her deeply.

“I don’t live with them anymore, I live with Jazz. And my parents are past caring what I do with my life. I’ve put them through a lot. They’ll probably be glad that I’m someone else’s problem now. Are you sure about this? I’m a handful as you well know.”

John leaned back and took her nipple in her mouth. He caressed her other breast with his hand. “More than a handful I’d say. I can handle you, as you well know.” He turned her over and rubbed her ass. “Maybe I should give your parents some tips.”

“I don’t think so. That’s just sick.” She rolled over and scooted back into him to spoon.

“Baby, we can’t lie here all day and fuck, we got to go.” John groaned as her ass rubbed up against his cock.

“Did I say I wanted fuck?” Brooke giggled as she felt him hardening.

“You’re making me hard again by pressing that sweet ass up against my dick. I’ll be right back.” He jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom.

Brooke lay back and heard the shower turn on. She laughed. She thought it would be exciting to ride with a gang but would she get bored like with everything else in her life. Nothing or no one had ever held her interest for very long. She rolled over on her stomach and closed her eyes. She hoped this time would be different. She hoped that John could truly tame her and keep her satisfied. Time would tell. He would beat her if she defied him in any way, not that she minded. She laughed.

“Penny for your thoughts beautiful,” John came out of the bathroom and looked at her with concern. “Have you changed your mind about going?” He ran a hand through his hair.

Brooke turned over and looked at him. She smiled. “No, I just hope you know what you’re getting in to.”

John climbed on top of her. “I know what I’m getting in to and I can handle you. The question is can you handle me? I get mean when people don’t do what I say when I say it as you saw yesterday.” He kissed her cheeks and ran his tongue down her chin then down her neck.

“I can handle you and I’m not scared of you.” She pushed his hair behind his ear and pulled him down to kiss him. “I can take whatever you can dish out and then some.”

“We’ll see.” John kissed her deeply and thrust his tongue into her mouth. “I need to fuck you then we have to go.”

“Ooh baby I could get used to all this sex all the time.” Brooke wrapped her long legs around his waist as he rammed into her.

Brooke screamed and came. She pulled him down and held his face in her hands and kissed him hard, thrusting her tongue in and out of his mouth. She pulled him down further and bit his ear. “Fuck me long and hard baby,” she whispered sensually, licking his ear.

John groaned into her neck and rammed deeper and harder into her. “I’ve got the long part nailed down.” He thrust harder and deeper into her.

She screamed as she came again. “Yeah you do.” She laughed. She grabbed his face again and kissed him hard.

There was another knock on the door.

“If you fucking knock on the door one more time, I’m going kill somebody and beat everyone’s ass!” John snarled at the door. He continued thrusting deeper and harder into her tight little pussy.

“Great multi tasking ability,” Brooke laughed and thrust her hips up into him. “Fuck me baby, fuck me.”

John groaned into her neck and bit her. “I’m going to cum, any place special you want it.”

“My mouth but I want you to shoot it into my mouth.” Brooke put her finger in her mouth and looked innocently at John.

“Oh please give it a rest, you’re not innocent. Get up.” John pulled out of her and waited for her to come to the edge of the bed. He jerked off and shot his load into her mouth. He sprayed it all over her face and breasts.

Brooke closed her eyes and laughed as she swallowed and scrapped the rest off her face and licked it off of her fingers.

John crawled up over her and made her lay back. He licked her face and cleaned her up.

“Ooh, you’re a freak too, I love it.” Brooke laughed and kissed him, licking his lips.

“We’re never going to get out of this room today.”

Brooke pushed him off of her. She got up and held out her hand, “let’s go shower.”

John took her hand and got out of bed, “this will only end the same way.” He chased her into the bathroom. She squealed as he caught her and lifted her into the shower stall.

He turned the water on and pushed her up against the wall. He lifted her and lowered her on to hard dick. “I told you.” He thrust hard up into her. He lifted her and dropped her back down as he thrust up into her.

Brooke bit his ear as an orgasm rolled through her. “Oh god, oh god, please don’t stop.”

John continued thrusting and dropping her on to his throbbing dick and she kept cumming. He bit her nipple as she came again. “Baby, I have to make this quick we have to go.” He rammed up into her and dropped her down again and exploded deep inside of her. She screamed his name as she came again. He pulled out and dropped her down in the stall. He grabbed the soap and washed her body tenderly, paying special attention to her special places, her breasts, her ass and her pussy. He knelt down and soaped up her pussy then turned her to rinse her off. He turned her back and spread her legs and putting one of her legs over his shoulder. He licked, sucked and thrust his tongue in and out of her until she came again. “Okay time to go,” he stood up and washed himself down. He looked over at Brooke who was leaning against the shower wall with her eyes closed, “something wrong baby?” He chuckled.

“You’re an ass,” she sighed as she tried to straighten up. “I don’t think my legs will work right now.” She glared at him.

“What I do?” John looked at her innocently.

“Nothing you did nothing.” She stepped out of the shower supporting her self with the walls as she got out. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her and sat on the toilet.

John came out and was drying himself. “What seems to be the problem?”

“I’m a little weak in the knees at the moment, it’ll pass.” She smiled at him.

“Was it something I did?” He chuckled and went to the sink to shave.

Brooke was watching him. “Don’t shave, please.”

John looked at her in the mirror. “Why?”

“I like the unshaven look. You’d look really sexy with it, okay sexier with it.” She smiled sexily at him. “Maybe it’ll get you laid more.” She giggled.

“Hmm, if I get laid anymore I’m going to die from exhaustion.” He laughed. “I’ll let it grow for now because you asked me to.”

“Thanks,” Brooke got up and came up behind him. She dropped her towel and wrapped her arms around his waist. She pressed her body into his. “Do we really have to go now? I need you to fuck me again.” She leaned her head on his shoulder.

John placed his hands on hers. “It will have to wait until we get to where were going. We have to leave. Where do you live?”

“Close by.” She walked out into the room and bent over to grab her clothes off the floor.

“Damn baby please don’t do that, not now.” He had his face in his hand looking between his fingers at her ass.

“What did I do now?” She straightened up and looked over at him. She looked down at his growing dick. “Oh for petes’ sake. Get a grip.” She laughed.

“You get a grip, come here.” He put his hands on his waist and waited for her to come to him.

Brooke walked over to him and pressed her body into his. “What can I do for you baby?” She ran her hand over his growing dick.

“You know exactly what to do.” He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her.

Brooke dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. She licked his shaft up and down and played with his balls. She sucked him long and hard taking him fully into her mouth.

“Talk to me baby.” He watched as she looked up at him.

Brooke started mumbling into his dick as she blew him. He moaned and held her head as he exploded down her throat. He pulled out and helped her up.

“Were you cussing me out again?” He slapped her ass.

“Yep,” she walked over and pulled on her jeans and put her shirt on. She turned and smiled at him.

“Remind to whip your ass later for that.” He pulled on his leather pants and sat on the bed to pull his boots on. “Grab me a shirt out of the closet.”

Brooke walked over and pulled a shirt out for him and handed it to him.

John got up and pulled his shirt on and buttoned it up. “You want me to go with you to get your things?”

“No, not necessary, I can call Jazz to come and get me. I’ll be back in about thirty minutes. Is that okay?” She looked to him for permission.

“Yes, I’ll be right here waiting. Don’t be late.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. He let her go and pushed her toward the door.

“I won’t be late, I promise.” She leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. She pulled her cell phone out and called Jazz. “Yeah come get me, at the bar, thanks.”

“I’ll be back soon.” She walked out the door and looked back at him as she closed the door.

John hoped he hadn’t made a mistake by letting her go by herself. But if she had second thoughts he wanted her to the chance to think about it without his influence. He sat on the bed and threw the ash tray across the room. There was a knock on the door.

“What did I say before?” John yelled at the door.

Bobby opened the door, “I saw her leave. Is she coming back?”

“I don’t know. She said she was. I guess we’ll see. Is everyone ready to go?” He looked over at Bobby.

Bobby laughed. “Yeah we’ve been ready all morning.”

“Sorry, it was hard to get out of bed.” John leaned on his knees and put his face in his hands.

“Yeah I bet, real hard huh?” Bobby laughed.

“Oh shut up. Go tell them will be leaving within the hour.” John got up and started packing his clothes up.

“She’ll be back boss, she’s really into you. You weren’t in the room when she was crying her eyes out about you being with another woman. It was hard to concentrate on fucking when someone’s blubbering so loud in the background.”

“But you were able soldier through it, weren’t you.” John looked over at him with a grin.

“You bet, nothing stops me,” Bobby opened the door and walked back out.

Jazz was yelling at Brooke down the street in their apartment. “You don’t even know this man. He could be a rapist or a killer or who knows what. Be serious. Why do you want to go with him? You are not this stupid.”

“There’s something different about him. He knows how to handle me and keep me in line. I’ve never felt like this about someone before. I think I can just be with him and him alone. No more multiples or girls. Although he says if I want to he’ll let me. I need a change and I need to get out of here to find it. He has a ranch in Houston. Please be happy for me Jazz.” Brooke looked at her friend.

“What about Jack, Bill, Janice and Lisa?” Jazz stood with her arms folded over her chest.

“I’m done, they don’t really care about me and I don’t care about them. If I cared about anyone of them like I care about John then I’d just be with one of them. I have to go or John’s going to be pissed.” Brooke hugged Jazz.

“I think your crazy but I hope your right about this guy. I love you, be careful and good luck.” Jazz kissed her cheek.

“I will be. I call you when we get to where ever we’re going.” Brooke kissed Jazz’s cheek.

“I got to run.” Brooke ran her hand down her friend’s face and ran out the door. The taxi was waiting for her. She threw her bag in the back and jumped in. She gave the driver the address and told him to hurry.

They hit every stop light on the way back and Brooke was sweating bullets in the backseat. Then they had to stop behind a school bus while the kids got out and went across the street. Brooke looked at her watch, she was late. They finally got there and she was twenty minutes late. She threw the money at the taxi driver, grabbed her bag and ran up the stairs. The door to his room was open. She walked up to find the maid cleaning up. “When did he leave?” Brooke asked the maid.

“About ten minutes ago.”

“Thanks,” Brooke threw her bag over her shoulder and walked down the stairs. She put her hands on her face and brushed away the tears and pushed her hair back. She got to the bottom of the stairs and sat down on them. She had blown it again. She wiped more tears away.

“Do you always cry so much because it’s really annoying?’

Brooke looked up stunned. She jumped up and threw herself into John’s arms. “I thought you had left.” She kissed him all over his face.

“No, I went to get some breakfast while I waited. I knew you would be late. Remind me to whip you for it later.” He kissed her deeply.

Brooke laughed “I promise.”

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