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Best Offer

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“Hey, here we go,” Jenny said enthusiastically. “’Fiesta Bowl Tickets. Best offer. 555-3785.’ He doesn’t even bother mentioning money. Maybe he’s thinking like we are.”

“Could be. Might be worth a call.” Kim never looked up from the paper she was reading on the couch. The remainder of the Sunday paper was strewn on the apartment’s floor. Except for the classifieds, which Jenny scanned at the kitchen table.

The two college seniors were intent on getting to Tempe the first week in January to see the college football championship game. Like most college seniors, they were basically broke.

Jenny was the first to bring up the possibility of “alternative economics”, as they ended up calling it. They were low on funds, but had a wealth of other assets. Jenny, for instance, had breasts the best plastic surgeon in the country couldn’t reproduce. Kim had the blonde hair and ass that had given professors erections for four years. Both resembled the perfect young girls that did makeup ads.

They decided one night—after finishing off a six-pack—to use whatever means they could to procure the tickets. As Kim had put it, ‘You can’t fuck five hundred dollars.’ It was funny at the time, after six beers.

“Remember. Either one of us has the right to call it off when we get there and the guy’s a loser,” Kim said from behind the comics.

“I know. I know. You act like I don’t have a moral bone in my body.”

Kim lowered the paper and stared at her roommate.

Jenny glared back. “Oh, go to hell.”

She stood and stretched her arms above her head. The t-shirt she wore rode up her hips, exposing the skimpy black panties underneath.

“I’m taking a shower, then I’ll call him,” Jenny said.

“Fine.” Kim was lost in a travel ad.

Less than an hour later, arrangements had been made for the girls to stop by the ticket seller’s house. He had sounded young enough to Jenny, but time would tell. Preparation was the key now.

The plan was simple: Visit the seller, convince the seller sex with them was better than cold cash, take the tickets and run. Plan B was visit the seller, find the seller totally unacceptable, offer an outrageously low dollar figure and get kicked out. No need to make things complicated.

Each girl had her own idea of what would lead to a successful Plan A. Jenny chose the tight, V-neck sweater and schoolgirl’s skirt routine. It worked at all the bars, didn’t it? Kim, on the other hand, opted for a shirt with far too many buttons opened and painted on jeans. It just happened that both of them were washing every bra they owned.

“You are SUCH a slut,” Kim told Jenny as she stood in front of the mirror.

“Why, thank you. And don’t YOU look fuckable.” Jenny ran her fingers through her long, brown hair, throwing it back in a wind-blown effect. “Tempe, Arizona damn well better be worth the effort.”

“If we get there, will you ever be out from under some kid you just met?” Kim asked sarcastically.

“Ah, c’mon, Kim. You know I like it on top, too.”

Kim gave her a disgusted smirk as they walked out the door.

The house was not far from campus, in an old but upscale renovated section of town. They parked on the narrow street and walked up stone steps to a beautifully finished wood door with stained glass insets.

“Jesus,” Jenny said in a whisper. “This guy’s already got money. We might be in luck.”

The doorbell was answered by a tall man in his early thirties. His light brown hair had blonde streaks and his eyes shined when seeing the girls.

“Hi. We called about the tickets?” Jenny said politely.

“Sure. Come on in,” the man said. He introduced himself as Tony and shook hands with each girl.

As agreed upon the night before, the girls looked at each other just inside the door and gave quick, indiscernible nods of preliminary approval. They would proceed with Plan A.

They progressed down the hallway and into a spacious, wood accented living room. Seated on the couch was a striking woman of about 28 or 29. Reddish brown hair fell to her shoulders, where it curled around her neck. Sleek legs were crossed under a tight skirt, while intriguing eyes rose to meet the two girls.

“This is my wife Cathy. Cathy, this is Jenny and Kim,” Tony said graciously. The women nodded at each other, exchanged “hellos” and smiled.

“Have a seat girls,” Tony said, joining his wife on the couch.

Jenny and Kim found chairs opposite the couch. Both were eyeing the massive book cases along the wall, which were filled with leather bound, hauntingly beautiful books. A stone fireplace took up another wall.

“So, you want to go to the Fiesta Bowl,” Tony said with a grin.

“That’s right,” Jenny said quickly. “We’re really looking forward to the trip.”

Tony looked straight at her. “I suppose you know these tickets are fairly hard to find.”

Kim felt a strange awareness of Cathy staring at her. Their eyes met once, then darted to other people in the room.

“Oh, sure. We’re willing to pay a reasonable price,” Jenny replied.

“Reasonable. That’s the issue.” Tony said it so succinctly that both Jenny and Kim gazed at him intently.

There was an eerie silence. Jenny nervously re-crossed her legs and played with the necklace that fell to the cleavage between her breasts.

“What are you asking?” Kim finally said.

“That game will be a unique experience for you. I want you to have that opportunity,” Tony said. He paused, alternating glances at Jenny and Kim. “Cathy and I want a unique experience in return.”

The realization that their own plan was being thrown on the table before them struck the girls simultaneously. Their hearts raced. Jenny wanted a drink…desperately. Kim’s skin crawled.

“What would that be?” Kim asked innocently.

Tony took Cathy’s hand and clutched it. “We would like to watch you two lovely girls make love.”

The words reverberated through each girl’s mind. They replayed it silently as if to catch a hidden meaning. Jenny’s mouth opened, but no sound came out.

This was Plan C.

Jenny and Kim were dorm roommates their Freshman year. They got along exceedingly well and stayed in touch through their Sophomore year. By the time they were Juniors, they both wanted to live off campus. Kim made the offer to Jenny and they moved into their current apartment.

The girls dated guys irregularly, despite the fact either one could have any guy any time. They actually went more places together than with dates or other friends. Yet, neither one had ever had a single thought of turning it into a sexual relationship.

They thought alike. They liked the same foods. They enjoyed the same movies and music. They never slept together.

Now, their plan to seduce a guy into giving them tickets was being twisted and used against them.

“You what?” Kim said, jolting Jenny back into reality.

“How badly do you want these tickets?” asked Tony.

“Uh, well, we want them,” Jenny stammered.

“We’d love to give them to you. For the right price.”

For the first time since the offer was made, Jenny and Kim looked at each other. Just as quickly, their eyes darted back to the couple on the couch. Neither was ready to even consider what the other was thinking.

“We offer you the entire house. Pick a room. The bath has a Jacuzzi. The shower? You decide where you’d be comfortable,” Tony explained.

“Oh, one other thing. Cathy, get the box, ok?” Tony said to Cathy.

Cathy rose off the couch and walked to a table in the corner of the room. She returned with a box about the size of a shoebox. Leaning over a coffee table in front of the couch, she poured out the contents.

A half dozen dildos of various shapes and sizes rolled onto the table.

“We have aids if you need them.” Tony smiled at the two girls.

The girls were looking wide-eyed at the tools. Silver, gold, red. Metal and plastic. Smooth and ridged.

“Would you like us to leave you alone to discuss it?” Cathy asked the girls.

For her part, Jenny had already made up her mind. She had never lusted after her beautiful blonde roommate, but the sight of Kim’s perfect ass sticking out from underneath her t-shirt in the mornings often caught her eye. She could do this.

Kim wasn’t sure. In fact, it wasn’t so much that she didn’t want to make love to Jenny, but the idea of someone watching. Once again, the girls looked at each other. Two years of cohabitation allowed them to read each other fairly well. Neither reflected that “no way” look the other expected.

“Well, uh, I don’t think that will be necessary. Will it, Kim?” Jenny said.

“No. I mean, I might…,” Kim’s voice trailed off. “Can we see the tickets?”

Jenny was ecstatic over the quick-thinking girl’s request. One, she’d never thought of actually seeing if the guy had tickets. And, two, maybe Kim was going to say yes. The longer they sat there, the more she was getting to like the idea.

Tony methodically pulled two tickets from his back pocket and laid them on the table. Nothing was said.

The girls looked at the tickets as if they were bars of solid gold.

“What do you think, Kim?”

Kim looked at Jenny. “It’s whatever you say.”

Jenny shot her a look that could kill. Then, without a word, stood and removed her shoes. She stood motionless watching Kim.

Kim’s first reaction was becoming aware of a wetness between her legs. Without standing, she pulled off her shoes.

Jenny followed by lifting her sweater over her head. Even before the garment hit the floor, Tony was staring in earnest at her faultless breasts. Firm, full, tanned and tempting. If the little skirt she wore made her look like a schoolgirl before, her naked breasts reminded everyone in the room this was a woman.

Kim stood. She reached for the uppermost button not already opened on her shirt.

“Wait.” Tony’s voice rang through the room. “Let Jenny do that.”

Realization was now setting in for both girls that something dramatic, something frightening was really about to happen. They were on a roller coaster heading down the first hill and there was no stopping it.

Jenny stepped towards Kim, who now had her arms hanging at her side. Kim couldn’t look Jenny in the eyes. She was gazing, instead, on the breasts she had seen before, but not under these circumstances.

Jenny put her fingers on the top button and undid it. Then another. Kim’s breasts—not as big as Jenny’s but certainly not small—came into view. Two more buttons and Jenny was at the top of her roommate’s jeans. She yanked the shirt out of the tight pants and undid the last two buttons.

The shirt hung open alluringly. For a moment, Jenny did not move. Then she lifted the shirt off Kim’s shoulders and lowered it down her arms.

The two girls stood facing each other, their naked breasts just inches from each other. A blush came over Kim’s face and she looked at the floor, then at the couple on the couch.

Tony simply nodded.

Jenny had never looked away from Kim. Desire was building up in her. At this point, the tickets were nearly secondary. A fire was igniting inside her, which she could not explain nor extinguish.

She reached for the snap on Kim’s jeans. The sound echoed around the room as the flaps of the jeans opened and the zipper slid down. It took a significant pull for Jenny to get the taut jeans over Kim’s hips and ass. Kim held her panties in place as the jeans made their way down her legs.

Unnoticed by the girls, Tony and Cathy began to undress.

Jenny pulled one pant leg, then the other, until they were clear of Kim’s feet. She flung the jeans aside and stood once more. She ran her hands up the outside of Kim’s legs. A shiver like none other Kim had ever felt raced through her ultra sensitive body.

Without prompting, Kim found the zipper on Jenny’s skirt and slid it down. Only a slight nudge was needed for the little skirt to fall to the floor. Jenny stepped out of it and kicked it aside.

The couple on the couch were both pulling off jeans. The girls finally noticed what was happening, but paid little attention.

Jenny was the first to reach out. Grasping Kim’s panties by the waistband, she removed them gracefully but with purpose. Kim returned the favor while the wetness grew in both girls’ pussies.

Tony and Cathy remained in their underwear. A noticeable bulge under Tony’s boxers gave away his interest in the proceedings before him. Still, no one spoke. The couple were engrossed in the beauty and perfection of the young women’s bodies. Jenny, with her ideal breasts. Kim, with her little waist and supreme, round ass.

Jenny’s eyes fell on the table with the dildos. She moved to it, picked up a thick, silver metal instrument and turned towards Kim.

“Why don’t you sit down,” Jenny said quietly. Her eyes could not hide the lust growing inside her. Moisture from her palm transferred to the dildo.

Kim stepped back to her chair and sat, looking at her roommate. Kim placed her hands on the arms of the chair and ever so slightly parted her legs. Jenny approached her and knelt. Placing her free hand on one of Kim’s knees, she gently pushed it aside.

Kim’s legs spread wider. Jenny edged closer.

Tony and Cathy watched from behind Jenny. The girl’s ass pointed directly at them as she rested on her knees between Kim’s legs. Tony reached inside his boxers and pulled out his erection. With long strokes, he managed to add to the cocks length and width. Cathy silently played with her clit inside her panties.

Jenny placed the dildo on the outer fringe of Kim’s pussy. Kim jerked at the touch. She closed her eyes as Jenny circled her pussy with the dildo. Eventually, the toy found its way to Kim’s clit.

The initial sensation sent shivers through Kim’s body. The hard, smooth, cool metal glided back and forth across the engorged skin. Jenny rotated the toy in her hand so it attacked the clit from several angles.

Wetness built inside Kim’s cunt. The urge to cum was overwhelming. She was embarrassed, aroused, sensitive to every feeling…about to scream. The dildo was at the entrance to her cunt. Jenny eased it in with gentleness only a lover would know.

Two inches. Then four. Five. Kim gasped, clutching the arms of the chair with her fingernails.

The dildo slid in and out. Slowly. Agonizingly slow. Kim wanted to grab it and fuck herself.

“Oh, God. Jenny…,” she cried softly.

Jenny increased the pace. She moved the toy up and down inside the cunt, hitting all sides of the wet flesh. Kim arched her back, lifting her ass off the chair.

Just as Jenny moved the dildo back to Kim’s clit, she felt a presence behind her. Tony was kneeling, his cock pointing to the ceiling. It was hard and red. He took it in his hand and placed it between the cheeks of Jenny’s ass. The cock slid up and down, the underside inside her crack.

Jenny was once again playing the dildo over Kim’s clit. Then the cock was being placed at the entrance to her cunt. She spread her legs. The cock drove into her in one quick, dramatic plunge. “Ahh, fuck,” Jenny screamed. “Oh, God. Yes.”

The cock was thrusting into her with unexpected speed and power. She had never felt so filled, so stimulated.

She frantically slid the dildo over Kim’s clit until the girl in the chair could not hold back any longer.

She was going to cum and she was going to scream. Both were inevitable. Both were necessary.

Kim’s body shook as the first orgasm exploded inside her. She did, in fact, let out a loud, excruciating moan of satisfaction. Wave after wave of orgasm flowed through her stomach to her cunt. She begged Jenny, breathlessly, to insert the dildo again. When Jenny complied, Kim threw her hips off the chair and onto the toy.

Now the toy and Tony’s cock were in rhythm. But unlike the toy, Tony was capable of cumming. And he did. Massively.

With grunts heard throughout the room, he rammed his hard cock into Jenny repeatedly. He grasped her by the hips and held her in place, pulling her backwards as drove forward. Multiple shots of warm cum poured into Jenny’s cunt from behind.

It only took another few seconds for Jenny to become the third person to cum. She held Kim by the waist as she came. She screamed as Tony reached around her and pinched a nipple. Then the other. He rolled it in his hand and she came again.

Unnoticed in the mayhem surrounding the chair was Cathy’s own self-induced orgasm. Her hand worked methodically on her clit and inside her cunt until she, too, was spent.

Tony laid his cock on top of Jenny’s ass and worked the last of the cum out with his hand. It flowed onto Jenny’s back in a small trickle.

Kim lay exhausted in the chair, Jenny’s head in her lap.

Tony rose to his feet.

“I believe that’s the best offer we’ve had so far. The tickets are yours,” he said with a grin.

Kim looked up at him.

“Can’t we convince you some more?”

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