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Broken Angel

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Tyler and Johnson walked into the holding cells as soon as they had their orders. There, in the largest cell, Tyler saw her as she stood proudly with hands on hips. She was gorgeous, there was no doubt. Certainly the hottest, and youngest, enemy agent he had ever seen. He certainly wasn’t about to complain about this assignment, or the manner in which he was instructed to carry it out.

Reportedly she had been caught breaking into the instillation less than an hour before. For whatever reason, she had been expected and a trap had been set. The girl, Jesse, had been captured without incident and tossed into the brig. Tyler’s superior had said that he wanted more than information out of the teen-aged agent, and he was now beginning to understand what.

“Which one of you guys wants to come over here and scratch my back?” She had sidled up to the bars as sexily as she could sway that tight young body of hers. He watched her stretch in that skin-tight black leather, her hands on the bars as she puffed out her lips in a pout, blinking those doe-like eyes. “Please?” She cooed. He just wanted to teach her a lesson all the more for it. Johnson, the other guard, was really going for it, he could tell. They watched her twirl her shoulder-length raven hair in her fingers and let those fingers slide off of her breast as she brought her hand back down to the bars. Johnson sure was getting fooled by that bullshit naivety. He had to get to her first.

“All right, sweetheart,” said Tyler. “I know how to scratch a girl’s back. But we have to make sure you don’t scratch ours too hard. Give me your hand,” he said, bringing out a set of cuffs. Tyler watched her eyes as they made that momentary jump from his, to the cuffs, to Johnson, and back to him, sizing him up. She held out her hand, her expression back to a pout as she looked up through long lashes. Tyler waited.

“Why don’t you come inside to scratch it. It’s a really baaaad itch.”

Tyler stopped at the cell door and smiled. “All right,” he said. He slammed one open end of the cuffs closed onto the upper connecting bar and left them hanging. “I’ll unlock the door if you’ll step back, and Johnson can, uh, scratch your back.”

Johnson grinned back at Tyler and strode forward toward the cage the sexy Jesse was in. Tyler turned and pulled Johnson’s ear to him, keeping his eyes on the girl as he whispered to him, and then let him continue to the cage. Jesse stepped back as the keys came out and the cell door unlocked. The bars swung open and Johnson stepped in.

“Turn around, babe, and hold back your hand.”

“You’re really gonna cuff me, just to scratch my back,” she asked, then turned her long back and shapely leather-clad ass to them and held her arm out and behind her. She was watching him move towards her just over her shoulder, just as Tyler had figured. Jesse made her move the moment Johnson was in range. She moved to kick, her body coming around to take Johnson in the face with a boot. But Tyler’s arm was already through the bars and grabbing for her wrist, pinning it to the bars, the pre-warned and ducking form of Johnson then popped up and pinned her back against the metal. The hanging cuffs were closed over her slight wrist as she squealed in anger, and Johnson pinned her other wrist up on the bars. Tyler finished the job quick, knowing this girl was more than she seemed and potentially dangerous, flipping out another pair of cuffs and effectively binding her to the cage.

Jesse screamed in defiance, angered as she struggled against her crucifixion to the bars. Tyler grabbed her ass through the metal barriers. He took his time sauntering into the cell, watching her grit her teeth and kick out while Johnson used his own cuffs to bind each ankle in the same manner.

“Did you really think we were going to fall for that, bitch? All that long-lash bullshit might fool some dumbass security officer, but I knew what you were up to. Who do you think you are, ‘Dark Angel’ or some shit? Nuh uh, sweetie, I was on to you. We’ve caught ourselves a tiger, not a pussycat. Still, I think we can break her, eh, Johnson.”

She was now bound, spread-eagle to the bars, her young breasts heaving against the leather vest, her teeth barred in frustration. Tyler came up to her and stroked her cheek, but after the first bite attempt, and then the barely-missed head butt, Tyler remembered his first insights into this girl with vivid clarity. He took some cord and wrapped it under chin and tied it to the bar above her, tight enough to keep her head in place, able to breath so long as she didn’t struggle.

“Helpless,” Tyler said to her. Jesse sobbed one last muffled cry of frustration at her predicament and then seemed to realize the true position she was in. Terror filled her big brown eyes as Tyler’s hands roved down her body. “Yup, helpless as a little girl should be, and alllll mine. But don’t worry, I’ll share you with Johnson too. We’ve got time.”

“Fuck you,” she managed through her clenched jaw. “I’ll kick your asses when I get out of this.”

“Whatever,” Tyler replied, and unzipped the leather vest, revealing her small, soft breasts cupped high by a black satin bra. Tyler wasted no time in his desire to see the rest of the young Philly. He pulled his biggest knife from his side and cut the vest free. Johnson quickly got the idea, unzipping her leather pants and working them off with his own blade. “Careful not to cut her… unless she moves, of course.”

The two guards stepped back to look at their handiwork. The former vixen/spy was now bound by ankles and wrists, cuffed to the cell bars she was left standing tiptoe in heeled boots to keep the rope at her neck from choking her. Her skin was dusky and taut on firm limbs and tight abs. She struggled in vain at the cuffs but was careful not to move too much. A black satin pushup bra and matching black thong with string sides made for a complete picture of utterly sexy young firmness at their disposal.

“Damn,” said Johnson. “That’s hot. What are you, babe, nineteen? It’ll be like fucking a dark-haired version of Sarah Michelle Geller. I think I’ll call you ‘Buffy'”

“That is pretty damn hot bod you got there, Sweetheart. Stand back, Johnson. I’m pulling rank.”

Jesse’s eyes grew wide in horror as Tyler stripped his fatigues off, standing before her proudly with bulging muscles and washboard abs, a huge bulge evident at the front of his boxers. He ran his hands down her neck, to her uplifted breasts, kneading the soft roundness through the satin, moving his fingers down her own flat stomach and cupping the mound of her sex which swelled against the tight panties. He licked her pert cleavage with his long tongue and grinned at her menacingly.

“Kitty-cat,” said Tyler, “I’m going to do things to your body so devilish for so long that you won’t know when one orgasm stops and the next begins.” His fingers began to rub up and down her mound, over and over as he reached to squeeze her left nipple to hardness through her bra. “I’m going to torture you for hours in whatever way I want, and when I’m through you’ll beg me not to stop.” Her violently pulled the left side of bra down, exposing her round breast as he again grabbed it and twisted the dark nipple. “Johnson, we’re gonna make this angel so hot she’ll be coming in heaving spasms. But she’s not in the mood yet, and we don’t have ALL week. Go get the operating tools, would you?”

Johnson smiled and left the room as Tyler flicked Jesse’s nipple with his tongue. She breathed hard through clenched teeth as sweat began to bead on her skin, writhing against the cuffs.

Tyler walked around Jesse, outside of the cell to the other side of the bars. “Man, look at that ass. That is beautiful.” He ran his finger down her arm, through the bars and around to cup her chin as his other hand slid down the small of her back, over the string of her thong, to the dark skin of her perfectly curved ass. “I can’t wait to fuck the shit out of it.” With that he slapped her buttock soundly and listened to her struggle against the choke cord. He again reached through the bars on either side of her and ran his palms down her young skin. Stomach so toned, sides so soft, thighs stretched taut from the spread-eagle bondage, back up to her breasts as he cupped them and caressed them as he whispered into her ear. His voice became menacing. “We will break you, little girl. You can’t escape. You can’t stop us. You can’t stop the fear, or the heat, or the things we’re going to do you. And when we’re done, I’m going to fuck you again, and make you do things you would never do, and you’ll like it.” He undid the back of her bra and ran one finger down her spin to her ass, and then licked her cheek. Jesse sobbed once.

Tyler knelt behind her and pulled the back of her thong aside, his face delving between her ass cheeks. He licked at her ass and pussy lips, but she thrust her hips forward, slightly out of reach. “No, kitty, I know you don’t like to get wet, but you ARE going to enjoy this, whether you like it or not. Now come back here, bitch!” He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back against the cell bars, his tongue licking up between her thighs from behind.

Johnson came back in, wheeling a cart into the cell. He started placing cuffs and chains onto the bunk bed’s bars and preparing a syringe as Tyler continued to tease Jesse’s rear. She squirmed and writhed, pulling at the cuffs and clenching her fists. The sweat began to stick the dark curls around her face to her skin.

“It’s ready,” Johnson said, holding the needle upright.

Tyler stood up and walked back around inside of the cell. He just looked at Jesse, fiddling with the bra that still hung from her shoulders, just barely covering her breasts. “We’re gonna have fun now.” He smiled again. “I’ll hold her, you administer the drug.”

Jesse jerked and fought against them, heedless of the bindings or the loop at her neck, but the two men just pressed her against the bars and held her arm tightly as Johnson pricked her with the long needle and plunged the torture drug into her veins. “Let go of me, you pricks!” She grunted and heaved, but to no avail.

“Done!” Johnson pulled the syringe free and both men stood back. Jesse screamed defiance and wriggled, shaking her shoulder-length locks around her angel-like face.

The girl soon began to struggle less and less, obviously growing tired or intoxicated as she began to swoon against the bonds. Tyler reached up and cut the cord at her throat, but let her finish her struggles until she finally hung limply, her long lashes covering her half-closed eyes. The drug was in her system.

“Mmmm, baby, look what you get for dinner.” Tyler dropped his boxers to the floor, and pulled out his huge, swollen member. He moved forward, closer to her, body to body, his hands slipping up beneath the loosened bra to cup both mounds as he nuzzled her neck. His teeth bit at her ear lobe as he whispered to her in husky tones. “Jesse, my little angel. You’re so young and beautiful. You can’t get away from me now. I’m going to make you come over and over and over. I’m going to make you mine. And then I’m going to share you with the whole squad.” Her head fell forward, her full lips trembled, and then Jesse whimpered as Tyler tugged at her ear with tongue and teeth as his fingers tweaked her swollen nipples to a rock hard state.

Johnson undid the ankle cuffs as Tyler did likewise with her wrists. Jesse slumped forward, the satin bra slipping off at last, revealing full, round tits with dark, half-dollar sized nipples. The two men moved the girl to the bunk face down, cuffing her wrists behind her back. She sobbed quietly as their hands roamed over her body. Tyler couldn’t resist running fingers under the straps of her panties and over the hips and ass of the young girl.

“A spy who fails like you should be brought to her knees.” Tyler ran long tongue strokes between her ass cheeks and up her back, still rubbing her pussy through the satin panties. “C’mon, baby, I’m gonna get you hot and wet and ready.” His other hand reached up her side and under her body, once again smoothing over her breasts. “You’re just a big tease, I’ll bet. I’ll tease you’re body ’till you can’t stand it anymore, and then I’ll fuck every hole.”

Johnson had stripped down as well, his own engorged member at the ready. “Turning that slut on shouldn’t take too long, not with that new formula I stuck her with anyways.”

“Not yet, man. Bring the cart over here. Start rubbing her down with that oil, the heating one. Just squirt a ton on and rub everywhere you can get your hands on.”

A generous amount of the hot oil splashed onto Jesse’s lower back and ass, drops of it sliding down between her legs. She moaned and whimpered again, squirming as the heating agent took effect and Johnson started running his hands over her back and shoulders, all the while Tyler’s finger incessantly rubbing at her pussy through the black thong. Johnson’s cock rubbed across her face and hair as he reached further to work the oils into her back.

“Fuck,” said Jesse between panting gasps, “it’s hot. Please… please stop.”

Over and over, hands rubbed the hot oils into Jesse’s skin while she choked back moans and sobs, her head rolling back in forth deliriously while her body temperature rose. Fingers worked the oils into her back, her ass, her thighs, reached back to her calves and feet. Tyler turned her on her side, still kneeling behind her spread legs. He worked the oils onto her breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers. The sweat had plastered her hair to her face and Johnson pulled some of it aside to massage oil into her shoulders, her dark lashes concealing her eyes. Her parted lips gave forth sighs and heaving gasps as her panties began to soak through with her juices.

“Yes, that’s it. I know you want it. You’re so wet, kitty-kat.”

“Unnghhh… no… no,” their captive sighed. “God, what did you do to me?”

“Nothing compared to what we’re going to do, babe,” Johnson replied, his cock tip smearing pre-cum across her cheek as he groped her ass with more of the oils.

“Not until she begs for it. C’mon, kitty,” taunted Tyler, “tell me you want to come. Tell me you want my big cock in you.” He rolled her back onto her face, her cuffed hands still bound behind her, clenching and unclenching in frustrated ecstasy.

“No. Oh God, please… stop, it burns. Ah! Stop…”

Tyler’s right hand never stopped rubbing her aroused sex through the satin. He pulled at last at the thong, sliding it down off of her tight ass, then cutting it free as he reached down and lightly stroked the soaked outer lips of her sex.

“Ooooh, god, no…”

“Now,” Tyler said to his fellow guard, “the ice.”

Johnson brought several cubes over to the bunk. When the first melted drop hit the teen’s back her whole body shuddered. The two men then ran ice cubes down her spine, over her back and ass, melting them on her hot, naked skin, soaking her already shining body. She squirmed anew as the men continued to slide cubes over her and rub her shivering pussy lips.

“Aaahh! Oh my God… Please… Please…”

Tyler still palmed her mound slowly, and began to enter one finger into her inviting cunt, then pulling it free. “Please what, Kitty? What do you want me to do?”

Johnson held Jesse’s head by the hair as he dangled his hard cock before her languorous eyes and parting, pouty lips. Tyler tapped lightly at her clit while running another ice cube over her asshole and the dimples at the small of her back. She squirmed back and forth on her belly, tilting her pelvis up further for more contact with the hands and bodies that teased her senses so horribly. Her feet dangled up in the air, her toes clenching.

“Please… please, oh god, please put it… in… me!”

Tyler grabbed Jesse’s ankles and spread her legs wide, then slammed his hard cock into her slurping pussy at last. He grunted his own enjoyment as he easily entered her up to the hilt.

“AHHH! Nooo,” she screamed, but her pussy lips grabbed hungrily at Tyler’s dick and squeezed. Her fists pulled at the cuffs as her back muscles tightened and beads of sweat coursed off her hair. Johnson grinned and shoved his own member into her full mouth. The girl groaned around the huge throbbing pole.

Tyler began pumping her, fucking her intensely, stroking back and forth in long sweeps as he squeezed the slippery wet muscles of her tight back and ass. He took another ice cube from the tray and began to force it into her puckering ass while Johnson began fucking the girl’s face, yelling at her to suck it. “I’ll make her choke on it,” grunted Tyler. “I told you, bitch, spies who fail should be on their knees!” He grabbed her hips and forced her onto her knees again, changing his own position to continue fucking her doggy style while she lay face down, forced to slurp Johnson’s offending cock.

Tyler worked another fast-melting cube into the young spy’s ass and followed it up with his finger, working it in and out while his other hand grabbed her ass cheek, his throbbing member now pounding away at her soaking cunt. The girl sobbed and moaned in muffled tones as she took the two dicks in from either end.

Jesse’s body spasmed and jerked as she came violently, screaming around Johnson’s manhood. He pulled free from her scraping teeth as she gasped and moaned. “OoOHH, Ooohh, OOHHHHH!!” Tyler pumped at her pussy faster as she came in great heaves, her head turning to the side, her mouth a great ‘O’ as she gasped for breath against the unrelenting orgasm. Her skin shivered and her hair stuck to her face over her eyes, and she struggled uselessly against the cuffs. Tyler pumped fuck after fuck into her squirting pussy, slamming against her boney ass while holding her weakening hips up. He moaned his own satisfaction aloud, plunging one cock-jerk of cum into her hot cunt, then pulling free to send jets of his load onto her back and ass, watching it run off of her tight, dark skin.

Jesse collapsed onto her side, but Tyler would not relent. He turned her onto her back, careless of her pinned arms beneath her and the still sticky jizm all over her. He plunged back into her wet pussy, grasping her nipples hard as he again began to pound away. Johnson tilted her head back and replaced his cock, again commanding her to suck.

Jesse’s mind seemed lost to the lustful commands of the two guards, her body willingly responding to each indignity. She sucked hard on Johnson’s huge member until he came in great hot loads down her throat and across her lips and face. She came again, panting heavily as the warm cum dripped down her chin and Tyler’s fucking became harder again.

Tyler stopped just before she could come again. He pulled free and rolled her soaked, limp body over and grasped her bound hands as he worked his swollen dick into her ass. She moaned at first, then approached screaming as he worked each inch of himself deeper into her ass, the clenching cheeks tight around him as he again entered to the hilt.

“Uunnggahh.. ahh, GOD,” she screamed and moaned as he pulled back and pistoned into the clenching asshole again, slowly working towards a faster rhythm. “No, please stop… it hurts… ahhh!”

“Hurts so good,” grunted Tyler from behind her. “Baby, you’re so damn tight here. That virgin ass was just begging for this.”

When she screamed again Tyler knew she was coming, her body shuddering again, and he came inside her, pulling free to let the second jerk of cum spurt onto her, surprised to see it spunk up to her shoulders and back.

Jesse lay there, her body heaving as she breathed and rivulets of sweat, oil, and water cascaded off of her. Johnson lay on the floor beside the bunk, his head against the wall topped by a self-satisfied smile. But Tyler, still wiping cum onto the girl’s ass, was nowhere near finished, and was meanwhile formulating new ideas of perversion to perform on the girl. He rested a few moments, watching her breathing slow somewhat, before getting up from the bunk.

He grabbed the girl by the arms. “Stand up, slave. Stand on your own two feet or I’ll whip you for incompetence.” Her limp body slowly stood with the Guard’s help, her lolling head shaking her shoulder-length curls to and fro and her shaking legs straitening slowly. He walked her drunken, ravished form to the wall. “Spread ’em, hands against the wall, standing over him.” She complied without word, tears streaming down her cheeks as her body obeyed Tyler’s words and not her own defiance. Her feet were splayed over Johnson’s naked sides, her barely-there trimmed pussy hovering over the Guard’s stomach and erection, held in check only by bent knees.

“Now,” Tyler commanded, “you have to remain standing over him, just like that, no matter what I do to you. If you falter, I’ll whip you. If you fall, we’ll BOTH do worse to you. Do you understand?”

“Oh God,” she breathed.


Switch in hand, Tyler stepped over Johnson’s legs and inserted himself into Jesse’s throbbing cunt. She grunted once, bracing herself against the wall as he began pumping her again.

“I can’t,” she sobbed, her knees buckling.

“You can, baby, and you will. We’re not done playing with you yet.”

Johnson grinned up at the spectacle, masturbating languorously as he watched her try to hold herself up against the attack. When her knees gave and she had to rely on Tyler’s grip on her hips to steady herself, he whipped her lower spine with the switch eliciting a small scream and she stood again.

The fucking continued for minutes on end. When he pulled free and her knees buckled again, Tyler whipped her bare bottom twice, before once again driving his cock into her ass. She faltered, her head leaning against the wall. She yipped each time the switch snapped at her shoulders, then attempted to straiten herself up despite the pounding action of Tyler’s fucking.

“You better not fall, Kitty… then you’ll really get it.”

Tyler grasped the switch in his teeth, reaching one hand around to plunge his fingers into her cunt, the other grasping her hair and neck as his thrusts became more powerful. He tugged at her hair and then her nipples, pulling them while his hand rocked back and forth over her clit.

Jesse’s knees kept bending. She panted and swayed as she struggled to stand upright. Her thighs quivered as she moaned low.

“I can feel your cunt tightening, Jesse. When you come, you’re going to fall, and then we’re both gonna fuck you and never stop.” Tyler thrust faster and harder, in and out of the girl’s asshole, jack hammering her wracked body relentlessly, his own threshold of sensitivity long past. His thumb frigged her clit faster and harder and he grabbed her hair, pulling her head back.

“Oh, OH GOD!” Tyler felt the walls of Jesse’s pussy tighten like a vise around his two fingers inside her as she came. She bucked and thrashed and finally wobbled. Drops of the girl’s cum splashed onto Johnson’s belly as he jerked off to the show.

“Fall, baby, fall.” Tyler pulled free and watched the girl’s knees give, and then she fell to them atop Johnson. The guard quickly grabbed the spent girl by the hips and slid her slick body down onto his cock. She collapsed, gasping, atop his chest. Johnson licked, kissed at her chest, neck and face, pumping at her from beneath, biting her skin. Tyler dropped and again inserted himself into her ass. Jesse screamed in response to the punishment as the two huge erections filled her entirely, her mouth agape as she struggled for enough breath to scream again. Now she was stuck between them, helpless as they double-holed her, pumping away at her ass and pussy, sandwiched between their muscled bodies while she fought to catch her breath. When she moved to push herself up, Johnson simply caught her wrists and took her swaying, perky breasts into his mouth.

“Mm, you like that, baby? You like having two dicks in you?” Tyler snapped the switch again. “Do you?”

“Y-yes… I-I like it.”

“And you don’t want us to ever stop, do you? DO you?”

“No… please, d-don’t stop. Oh God… Don’t.”

Tyler’s muscles were tired, and his own skin was covered in perspiration, but hearing that beautiful little sexpot finally give in spurned him to new heights. He again pulled on Jesse’s hair as he ass-fucked her doggy style, her punished body spread atop Johnson’s pistoning cock. He ran his hands again down her tight, slippery, dark skin, feelings her ribs and muscles and the softness of her body. She panted and groaned and screamed and pleaded, rocked between the two guards who pumped at her captive flesh. Taking her to new heights of ecstasy. He caught her swaying breasts and pinched her nipples hard, his anal strokes becoming faster with each new part of her that he touched and claimed as his own.

Johnson’s own breathing became ragged, and he moaned his own coming climax. Tyler pumped into the young girl’s ass with ferocity until she began screaming and clawing at the floor. “Uh, YES,” Johnson groaned, coming intensely and taking a whole breast of the girl into his mouth as he shuddered moaned, never leaving her hot pussy while he released his load.

Jesse was screaming and groaning hoarsely now as Tyler’s fucking became monstrous. Pulling on her hair, he thrust forth an ass-pounding barrage of high speed fucking as she spasmed and squealed, her body convulsing. She collapsed after her violent orgasm, whimpering on Johnson’s chest, sweaty and spent.

Tyler pulled free and helped Johnson move her off of his waning erection, rolling her onto her back on the floor. Johnson watched her there, struggling to breathe and stay conscious. Tyler stroked himself as he watched her gorgeous form lie there all ravished. “Did you like that, Kitty? I think you did. I think you liked being slammed between two men and fucked for all your worth.” He knelt down next to her head and pulled her onto her side as he kissed and licked her lips while his other hand made sure the sensations at her clit did not want for long.

“Oh God,” she whispered.

“Now suck me, baby.” Tyler grabbed her by the hair and shoved his throbbing erection between those full, swollen lips. She sobbed and gagged and tried to hold herself up on her side, but Tyler was already pulling her face back and forth, using her mouth as another fuck-hole. Already turned on by everything he had down to her so far, he quickly gathered speed toward climax. “Kitty, you’re all mine now. I’m never going to stop taking you.” Her lips glided over his large cock and her tongue fought against the invasion, increasing the luxurious feel as it ribbed the thickness of his shaft. He dove further, making her deep-throat him time after time, then pulled free from her gaping mouth as she gasped for air, spit and pre-cum sticking to her lips and his dick and running down her chin as she drowsily fought to recapture her breath. But he slammed home again, deeper this time, feeling the muscles of her throat squeeze and gag around the length of him, and he shoved further, her lips to the hilt, holding her head there as he built towards his own coming. Finally he jerked, coming hard. Hot loads of jizz filled her mouth and she swallowed, choking. He pulled free and spent himself on her face and tits, jets of cum spattering her cheeks and firm breasts, running off of her chin. She gasped and came again of her own volition.

“Ahh, ahhh!” The girl hoarsely screamed. Tyler whipping his cock off on her lips as her strength gave out and she collapsed again, this time passing out on the hard floor.

* * *

Tyler watched with gathering excitement as she regained conscioisness. Knowing that this time the drug would be completely worn off, he was determined to make sure she remembered every minute of her time with him and the things he’d make her do, or want to do.

An hour or more had passed while she lay there, naked, splayed on the floor after her use at the hands of he and Johnson. Since then Tyler had rested, then he and another guard had erected the hammock-like suspension device from the ceiling of the cell. He took the firehose from the wall nearest the cell entrance and pointed it at the beautiful little spy who had become their slave.

Just as Jesse began to groggily stir and try to move, Tyler turned the cold, hard water on. It splashed against her nude body, instantly soaking her dark skin and hair. She writhed on the floor, trying to block the spraying onslaught from her face with an arm, coughing and spluttering as the deluge forced her against the cell wall, where first she tried to stand, then was beaten down again by the water. There she curled up, nude and soaking, until the water finally stopped.

She looked up at him from under her dripping hair, and the memories seemed to flood back to her. She looked at him, then down at her taken body, then with apprehension at the device hanging in the holding cell. “I’ll be good. I-I’ll do whatever you say.”

“That’s fine,” said Tyler, smiling. “But I want you to be tied up anyway, so everyone can have a chance at you.”

With fear in her round eyes the girl looked out of the cell at last, noting all of the half-dressed and muscular guards who stared at her hungrily. “Nooo…” she whispered. But it was too late. Tyler, Johnson, and others rushed her, pulling her up and tying her into the device that spread her limbs and suspended her on her back. She wriggled and fought, but not hard, and she soon gave in to the probing hands and tongues of the men as they attacked her in unison.

Tyler watched, kneeling down to lick at her sweet cunt lips, as men undressed, running big hands down her breasts and belly, underneath to her ass and thighs. Men kissed her face, licked her tits and neck, bit her nipples, thrust fingers into her mouth. He lapped steadily at her pussy, wetting it again as men thrust engorged cocks between her lips and fingered her clit while Tyler’s tongue buried itself in her folds. After her first orgasm, he backed off and let the men take their turns fucking her. Men shoved their huge members into her pussy and ass, pounding her to orgasm after shuddering orgasm while she sucked others off and they came on her bound body in wave after wave of hot, cum dripping sex.

When Michell, the installation’s quarterback-sized strongman moved between the girl’s spread thighs and she got her first look at his sheer build, her eyes widened and she screamed. She struggled uselessly, and tried to twist away, but he grabbed her small hips and plunged his cock into her. She would have squealed again, but Tyler had placed his own dick in her mouth again, watching with satisfaction as the men all gathered to complete the gangbang. Michell’s huge cock squeezed in and out of her causing her to groan around Tyler’s intruding cock. Fingers probed her ass, jamming in and out of her as she swung in the suspension, teeth biting her hard nipples, tongues licking her sides, cocks wiping their excess onto her body.

Michell pumped her like no other, spreading her legs to slam deeper with his thick manhood until finally he came, spilling forth huge gobs of jizz onto her belly. Tyler watched in satisfaction as Jesse spasmed in orgasm for the umpteenth time. Her mouth clenched again in her satisfaction, and he slid from between her teeth and lips to cover her face with cum a final time.

“Ahhh!! AHHH GOD!” She spasmed again when Michell shoved his huge member in again, pulling free to spatter more excess onto her thighs. Men who had been masturbating came again at the spectacle, making sure to cover the girl in gobs of white, sticky jizz. She bucked and writhed in the restraint as each new jet of hot cum landed on her body and dripped off her skin. Tyler watched her pass out again from sheer exhaustion, all of her resolve gone, forced to love every moment that they took her, and smiled to himself as he thought of his pet’s total surrender.

* * *

Tyler opened the door to allow his superior into the cellblock. He gestured toward to far cell where the girl was still being kept and smiled to himself as he followed the old soldier down the hall.

The officer stopped just outside of the dark cell and stood aside for Tyler to unlock the door. When the door swung open they walked in without hesitation, despite the fact that the spy was no longer tied, and looked down at her. Jesse sat there in the corner of the cell, naked and huddled with her knees to her chest and her arms around them. She looked up at them with those doe-eyes and began to twist her hair in her fingers like a child.

“You’ve done well, Commander. I commend you. She seems broken. I assume she’s ready for my… questioning?”

Tyler grinned back at the man. “Yes, sir. She’s all yours.”

Tyler’s superior officer began to unbuckle his belt as he smiled down at the broken angel.

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