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Alexis Comes To Me

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About Alexis:

Alexis is a twenty-three year old senior law student of mine, studying trial advocacy. She was also an outstanding member of the law school’s mock trial advocacy team, which I coached. We came into contact with each other way too much. I kept having this feeling that she was hanging around me more than necessary, dropping by my office to ask odd questions or just to chat. She was incredibly bright, a gifted student who hardly had to study to make top ten-per-cent grades.

She was also a very lovely lady, tall, statuesque, large breasts, narrow waist, and a long mane of blond hair. Her blue eyes sparkled and she had a ready smile with perfect white teeth.

Her only flaw was a rather serious scar from the bridge of her nose down almost to her lip. The scar was from an automobile accident when some twit pulled out in front of Alexis, driving her into the on coming truck in the opposite lane. The settlement paid for her three years of law school and a small stock portfolio. She lived at home with her mom and dad while she was in law school. They had a close and loving family.

Alexis was a dream come true to me, I was deeply involved in a middle-aged crisis. Thinking about how I would never have the luscious young things that I taught was depressing. But, I loved my wife of thirty years and she needed me. Also, Alexis loved her boyfriend, a very nice and highly motivated MBA type who played a lot of tennis. They planned on getting married some day after their careers had gotten launched.

Our relationship began with a few hugs after a trial competition, but soon developed into much more when I screwed up enough courage to actually kiss her, after which she said, “Oh, my God, I can’t believe I kissed a married man.” Things progressed rather quickly from there, with me soon discovering that she was still a virgin and that so was her boyfriend. They planned to stay that way until their marriage. That sort of thing confuses me, so I just took it for what it was worth and played by her rules. I was delighted to discover that those rules allowed oral sex, something she absolutely adored, both giving and receiving.

Our relationship had to be very secret, for ourselves, our loved ones, as well as the law school, which frowned upon such things. We would meet in my private office where we would indulge each other’s interests. She had the most incredible gift for giving oral sex. She made me feel as if she actually worshiped my cock.

The Story:

Alexis and I finally have an opportunity to spend some time alone together. My daughter has gone back to school and my wife is spending a few days with her sister in Denver. I have been left to my own devices. For various reasons, her family and boyfriend are also off in different directions.

We have been separated by coincidence on too many occasions these past weeks, so close, but never actually meeting, never actually having a private moment. That has built up a level of frustration that has fueled our emotional and sexual desires. We have built up the expectation of meeting that has been dashed at the very last minute, over and over again. Patience has been tried. Nerves are raw with anticipation I must have her in my arms again. I must be able to talk to her face to face, without the company of others.

Tonight we are free. She will come to my house where I will do my best to seduce her. She knows this; she expects this; she wants this. I want her as I have never wanted anyone before. I want her, not just sexually, but as a woman to be near, to talk to, to share things together.

She comes dressed in a little black dress, a string of pearls and little else. She looks divine as she enters, her eyes brightly shining. Her smile broad, happy and a touch mischievous. After a moment, we fall together into each other’s arms. Our lips meet, hungry for each other, wanting to taste each other. Her breasts are hard against my chest, my cock is hard against her.

At last, she is in my arms. It feels so good to hold her close to me. I kiss her eyelids and gently lick them with my tongue. With that, I take the blindfold from my pocket and place it over her eyes. She is delighted with this unexpected turn of events.

Alexis has this wonderful streak of playful innocent sexuality. Her approach to sex and pleasure is open and natural. When I ask her what she likes, she always says, straightforwardly, “Everything”. I want to please her; I want to make her feel the intense pleasure that her body can deliver.

It has always confused, but delighted, me that she is a virgin. I could not understand how someone with such intense sexual desires and feelings could have resisted the natural result of those desires. However, I am truly delighted by this. It cloaks her with an aura of such innocence; there is nothing dirty or crude about her feelings and desires. That is why I go to such lengths to avoid the use of crude slang when I talk or write to or about her. To talk about a “blowjob” would degrade the sincere loving care with which she takes me into her mouth.

With great care and deliberateness, I slowly remove all of her clothes. Alexis is naked before me. I admire her body. I love it. I want to possess it with my hands and mouth and tongue and heart.

Then, blindfolded and groping, she undresses me. She kneels before me and after some fumbling, my pants drop to the floor and are kicked away. That is followed by my boxers; I stand before her naked and hard. She cannot see, but she knows I am waiting for her.

Her hands caress and tickle my legs and butt and lower abdomen, without touching my cock. Then she takes me in both hands, stroking the smooth, soft hardness, feeling the urgency. Alexis takes me into her mouth, a little at first, then I am sucked completely into her. Her hands are busy caressing my balls and tickling the crease between the cheeks of my butt and the insides of my thighs. My legs tremble and quake as I fall down onto the couch; I am so consumed with passion that I cannot stand. These feelings are impossible to describe. So intense, so consuming, as she takes me in and out of her mouth.

Alexis is in complete control of me. Even with her blindfold, she is directing my emotions. She draws this out, knowing I am helpless in her mouth and hands. It is slow, but builds in intensity, ending in a climax that has no equal. Afterwards, she continues to suck on me, kiss me and stroke me. She does this with such loving care and attention. It never feels that she is just rushing to complete an unpleasant task. She really enjoys bringing me such joy this way. It feels so good that I may get hard again. She smiles and rests her head in my lap.

It is now time for me to thank her for the intensely sexual experience she has just given me, like some precious gift that has no concrete presence, but still exists in my mind. I pull her to her feet. I am sitting on the couch as she stands proudly and blindfolded before me. My hands cannot leave her body, her legs, her butt, her breasts. My lips take in one nipple as my fingers pinch the other. Her nipples are hard as I bite and suck them. Her knees become weak and she moans. My mouth lowers to her pussy; it is naked before me.

Alexis is a naughty girl. She has not shaved in a few days and there is a stubble on her pussy. She will have to be punished for this. This is a silly game we play. She likes being blindfolded and tied up. She likes it a lot. On the table there is a thick red velvet ribbon. I tie her hands behind her back. As I stand behind her back, her hands hold my cock. I instruct her that she must hold my cock in her hands whenever I am behind her, or she will be punished even more, perhaps even spanked.

For the fun of it, I force her to walk through the house, naked, blindfolded and hands tied behind her, holding my now erect penis. I am walking behind her, our legs moving in sync with each other, my cock poking between her butt cheeks with each clumsy step we take. It is so stupidly funny that we almost trip and fall laughing. She likes to have me behind her. I secretly think shat she would like to try anal intercourse, but we have not gotten that far yet.

It is time for me to take charge before we get too silly. I lead her up the stairs into the bathroom and have her stand in the tub. I turn on the water; and once it is warm, I take the handheld shower and spray her lower body. The spray is sharp and hard and tingly on her skin. Its feel is intensified by the fact that she is still blindfolded. She shudders as I direct the spray at her pussy and then at her butt.

Before she starts having too much fun, I turn off the shower. Using my shaving brush, I begin to lather one of her legs. I know that the feeling of the brush on her skin will delight her. I have gotten a new razor for this, one of the new ones with three blades. The male version shaves very close and never cuts. I have the female version for her.

Slowly, I shave her legs. It is a very sensual experience for me. I love her legs; and I love stroking them, from ankle to thigh. I shave up to her upper thigh. The smooth slippery skin of her legs, after they are shaved, is so erotic that I become incredibly hard. Now for the good parts. I have her sit on the edge of the tub, still bound, with her legs spread, opening her pussy to me. She really enjoys the shaving brush now, as it lathers her pussy, inner thighs and from her pussy to her anus. I shave very carefully here. When I am finished, she is smooth, soft and incredibly horny.

Only now do I untie her hands, but the blindfold stays on. I take the shower and rinse off the remaining soap, paying careful attention to spraying her pussy. She almost falls over, so I then have her stand and bend over with her hands on the edge of the tub, her butt high in the air. Her pussy and anus are open to me and to the spray from the shower head. I spray her there. Those are intense feelings and she begins moaning and gasping with an impending orgasm. But, I must be careful. After all, she is being punished; I don’t want her to be so easily satisfied. I also don’t want to be replaced by a handheld shower. And, I don’t want her to fall and hurt herself.

I stop the shower just before she reaches climax and I replace it with my throbbing cock. As, I pull her to her feet, my cock stays trapped between her thighs, pussy and ass. I reach around in front of her and my fingers gently probe her lips from the front, rubbing stroking in and out of her. With my cock probing in and out of her from the rear, it almost feels as if I am inside of her. I stroke in and out of her. With my free hand I pinch her nipple hard. She loves that. She is so ready that it does not take her long to come. She moans loudly and almost shrieks with the intensity of her orgasm. I have to hold her body up to keep her from collapsing.

I carefully and lovingly dry her off before removing the blindfold. Then I lead her by the hand into the guest bedroom. I pull back the covers and we get in bed and fall into each other’s arms, our bodies are warm together on the cool sheets. It is a tender moment that I have long awaited, to actually have her in bed. So many nighttime e-mails from her, thinking of me, as she climbed naked into her bed. We lie together, cooing at each other. I stroke her hair and give her little kisses on her eyes and face.

Alexis seems a little nervous about something; and I ask if something is wrong. She assures me that nothing is wrong, but she has been thinking a lot about something recently and has come to a concrete decision. A twinge of panic shoots trough me. I am afraid of what she has decided. I shouldn’t be. If it was bad, she wouldn’t be here with me now, but my insecurities have taken control. My heart is sinking, I am terrified that she will say we cannot continue our relationship.

“Roger, I want it to be you.”

“You want what?” I am eternally clueless.

“Will you to be my first? I want you to make love to me.”

I am astounded. I stumble over words. I don’t know what to say. I want her so much; but I can’t hurt her, I can’t do anything to hurt her future happiness.

“Dear Alexis, are you sure? I am so honored, but have you thought this through? I promised you that I would never take advantage of you in a moment of passion. I can’t do that.”

“Roger, I have thought this through, for a long time. I think you know that I have. I am on the pill for my cramps, so that’s not a problem.”

“Alexis, you know that’s not what I’m talking about. What would you tell Bill on your wedding night?”

She just giggles and says, “I will just tell him the truth, well sort of.”

“Are you out of your mind???” And she goes on to explain.

“He knows that a friend of mine gave me a vibrating dildo as a gag gift a while back. He kept teasing me about using it, and saying that if I wasn’t careful, that I might lose my virginity to a piece of plastic and not to him. I will just confess that I was using it and got too excited and, voila, no longer a virgin. He knows how I get. And after all, it’s the truth.”

“What??? Are you kidding? You really did?”

“No. Well, sort of no.”

“What do you mean ‘sort of no’? Did you use the dildo?”

“Well, yes I wanted to try it, but I didn’t go all the way in with it. So, it’s sort of true. It could be true.”

“Did you like it?”

She answers softly, “Yes.”

I know what it means when she uses that soft tone of voice. It doesn’t just mean ‘yes’, it means a whole lot more.

“Did you like it a lot?”

Again, she answers, still softer, almost a whisper, “Yes, a whole lot. I really liked it a lot.”

Just then, I got this incredibly erotic mental image of her…. Well, if I was a woman, I’d have a whole collection of them. I’d wear them out.

“And so, that’s what made you…”

Alexis finishes my sentence, “I made up my mind that I wanted you. I made up my mind right after Bill and I met you and your wife for drinks in New York, but I wanted to wait until the circumstances were just right. Now they are.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. The young woman that I have fallen in love with has chosen me to take her virginity. This is such an awesome responsibility. She has entrusted so much to me; I must make it so incredibly special for her.

We have all night. We will take our time. We kiss, softly at first, then with the hunger that has been building for the year we have been together.

After a while, my kisses trail down her body to her breasts. I linger there, nibbling and biting and sucking. She gasps and lets out a low moan. It doesn’t matter, no one but me can hear. After an eternity of playing with her breasts, she is urgent for more. My lips make their way down, across her tummy, and then down to her smooth shaven mound. It is soft and I feel like cuddling with it. My cheeks rub against it as my tongue explores her lips.

My tongue dives into that secret crevice of pleasure. My hands grasp her butt, bringing her closer to me. I must have her. I must taste her. I must bring her immense pleasure. My tongue penetrates her as she raises her knees and spreads her legs, opening herself for me. As my tongue licks her pussy, my hands are stroking the smooth flesh of her thighs and butt. I am hard and urgent for sensation and satisfaction. She is warm and wet and moaning with desire. I rise up to my knees.

I kneel before her as she lay, spread open to me. My cock is hard and throbbing. I must have her. I must be inside of her. I must have her surround me. Slowly I move towards her. My cock touches her lips and she gasps in expectation of what is to come. She is so wet that I am able to insert the very head of my penis into her without resistance. But suddenly, she is very tight and firm around me. The ridges of the inside of her vagina are incredible. They massage my cock like a thousand tongues. I push and slide slowly into her. I do not want to hurt her. She is gasping and moaning with sensual pleasure and expectation.

I meet her barrier. This is the point of no return. I look into her eyes. I see her desire and love and need. Softly she whispers the word, “Yes”.

I push slowly into her. As I do, she gasps deeply. There is a sharp pain; she clutches me to her. Her eyes roll back and then close with the once-only exquisite pain of losing her innocence. Then her eyes open wide as I fill her. The experience has shocked her with its intensity and the fulfillment of having finally completed this wonderfully simple but meaningful act. I am completely inside of her; she is filled with me. We are together, joined as one. The instant of pain is gone, but the memory of it lingers in her mind.

For a long time, I rest inside of her, hard and with the promise of pleasure to come. Then slowly, I start moving in and out. I pull almost completely out of her and linger, with the ridge around the head of my cock toying with the entrance to her vagina. Then a steady push all the way in. She gasps. I gasp. She is so tight, so completely in contact with me. She is holding me so tightly and saying my name.

Slowly, in and out of her, sometimes teasingly, sometimes so that the head rubs over and over that special place inside of her. She begins breathing heavily and making short staccato moans, while bucking her hips. She is so close. She is getting louder, faster, harder. It will be so intense. She screams and holds me so tightly that I almost can’t move. It lasts forever. Finally, her body goes limp, her eyes closed, her face peaceful and serene. I slow, but don’t stop. Just languishing in her arms, very slowly pulling in and out of her. She opens her eyes. They are on fire as she looks at me.

“Thank you, Roger. That… That, I will remember forever.” We kiss.

I am still hard and moving slowly; I must not come now. I want her to come over and over. I want to last as long as possible; I owe her a most memorable deflowering. I have been able to control it as she came. It was incredibly hard to do, but being old helps in that department. She once asked if I could still last an hour. Actually, it may be easier now than when I was in my 20’s. Well, I’ll give it my best shot. She may have to suffer the consequences.

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