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A Bedroom Window

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My wife and I had enjoyed a normal sex life throughout the early years of our marriage. While sex did take a back seat to the normal family problems of raising a family we had enjoyed many erotic evenings together, albeit mostly on Friday nights.

After our kids had moved on to their own lives we suddenly had more time for each other resulting in many more erotic evenings in the sack. Part of that process of improvement was our newfound ability to confide in each other about erotic thoughts long kept secret.

These verbal exchanges almost always occurred while we were in foreplay mode in bed.

We had both had lovers before we met, and we discovered that talking about those experiences raised the passion and intensity of our own lovemaking. I doubt that we could have had these discussions earlier in life. We soon moved on to the next level and confessed our sexual interest in certain friends and acquaintances. The devil is in the detail and we did get very detailed about those fantasy encounters. It was fun and pleasurable to kid and excite each other with talk of what we would do with this or that person. This talk was always confined to the bedroom.

As we teased and fucked over a period of time we began to fantasize about seeing each other get laid, a powerful aphrodisiac that produced some wild erotic nights together. But it remained a fantasy and out on the periphery of our normal thoughts and discussions. And then Mary Ellen entered our life.

Mary Ellen was our neighbor. She and her husband Doug were about ten years younger than Marg and I. She was a very plain looking lady with a big set of tits, her one outstanding feature. Doug was a tall good-looking man. They were good neighbors although our relationship had been restricted to talking over the back yard fence.

One late evening I happened to go to our bedroom for some reason and noticed a light on next door and took a peek. The drapes were open in the neighbor’s window and Mary Ellen was getting ready for bed; her bare breasts were dangling in front of her as she bent to pick something from the floor. Our bedroom was about six feet higher than theirs and only about twenty feet separated our windows so I had an excellent view. My bedroom lights were off so I lingered a while.

She did have great tits; nice and firm because of her relatively young age and not having had children. The aureoles were large and pink and the nipples looked as if they were bursting. She was one of those few people of either sex who looked a lot better naked than clothed.

I didn’t even mention it to Marg, as it seemed just an incident where Mary Ellen had forgotten to close the curtains.

A few days later and quite by accident, I was back in the bedroom again at about the same time of evening and noticed their lights on once more. And sure enough there was Mary Ellen going through her drill. I watched her big white tits tumble out as she released her bra hooks. She caressed them briefly before bending to slip off her panties exposing a large triangular reddish bush, untrimmed. She held her panties up and sniffed them and then sat on the end of the bed to apply some body crème to her arms and legs. My appreciation of the view was demonstrated by a sudden full erection.

I suppose I was feeling a little guilty about peeping, and once again did not tell Marg. Until one night while we were in foreplay mode I wondered aloud what it would be like to fuck Mary Ellen. I further mentioned her tits and how I would love to give her a ‘titty fuck’.

This comment aroused Marg and she moved my cock between her legs as we lay side by side. “Mary Ellen sometimes comes over during the day to try on my clothes. She claims that she likes my taste in clothes. And yes, she does have nice breasts. I get a good look at them when she strips to bra and panties.” A pause and then, “She turns me on.”

My cock stiffened and I began to probe her slit, seeking to enter her. My voice shook, “Ah baby, have you touched her? Do you think she is hot for you? God, you must want to feel those big tits.”

Our excitement was building as Marg whispered, “Sometimes I stand behind her and slide my hands along her sides and hips to check the fit of the dress. I brush the swell of her breasts and Mary Ellen closes her eyes and groans. I think that she wants me to feel them.”

We both lost it then. I rolled her to her back and rammed my cock up her and we fucked until we got off.

Mary Ellen and Marg were obviously both thinking of some sort of liaison; but neither really knew how to take the next step. She asked on one occasion if she could try on Marg’s panties. Marg thought it a little odd but shrugged and went to her dresser drawer to retrieve a pair. Mary Ellen said in a strangled voice, “No Marg, I want to try on the panties that you’re wearing.”

Marg said that she almost creamed herself at the idea. She pulled her panties off and watched Mary Ellen put them on and pull them tight against her pussy. They carried on as if it was no big deal and Mary Ellen put on the dress for the day and stood in front of the mirror.

Marg moved behind her and slipped her hands up along the sides as if checking the fit. She let her tits rub against Mary Ellen’s back. She told me, “I wanted to feel her, we were both obviously pumped up and I know that she wanted me to hold them. But I didn’t. Damn it.”

After a few minutes of posing in front of the mirror, Mary Ellen removed the dress and put the panties back on the dresser top. Marg said, “I was so frigging horny. I have never really thought about sex with a woman, but it is really in my mind now. I went back to the bedroom after she left and pulled those panties back on tight. I imagined that I could feel the wetness from Mary Ellen’s pussy and I fingered myself off.”

We were both turned on as she related the story, as each tale about Mary Ellen seemed to increase the intensity of our sex.

I was not at that window every night but only because I was traveling a lot during that period. But when I did return at the appointed hour, Mary Ellen was always doing her thing. I was certain that Mary Ellen knew she was being watched, but now I was wondering whether her target was Marg or I!

On one particular night Mary Ellen was sitting on her bed with her legs spread while applying some sort of lotion on her tits. I was stroking my cock slowly, imagining what it would feel like to put it in under that big red bush.

Suddenly a pair of warm hands came around me from behind and found my cock. My wife’s bare tits were pressed against my back. She said, “So you have been catching the show as well.” She stroked my cock as Mary Ellen stretched to pull a nightie over her nakedness and disappeared from our view. I pushed my wife to her back on the bed and mounted her for another wild session. Just about the time we had switched to the short strokes, I murmured the words, “Maybe a threesome baby?”

A few nights later, we were both at the window and Mary Ellen was taking even longer to perform the simple duty of getting ready for bed. Suddenly, her husband Doug appeared from the bathroom where he had obviously been showering. He was totally naked as well.

Marg expelled her breath in a gasp as he turned towards the window. “What a rope,” she exclaimed and she was right. He was not erect and his cock was swinging as he finished toweling down. It was very impressive and I suspect that my wife was having visions of that big cock prying around in her pussy. We thought we might be about to witness a sex show, but Doug put on his pajamas and shut the lights.

This event fuelled another level of discussion the next time we were in bed and at it again. I asked Marg if she fantasized about fucking Doug now that she had seen him naked. This made her squirm a bit and uncertain how to respond. I put my cock into her and started fucking and whispered in her ear, “Hmmm baby, why not pretend it is Doug fucking you right now, that big boomerang of a cock splitting your slit, deeper than you have ever had it.” She really lost it and she had a hip shaking orgasm, and almost squeezed my cock off as she come.

The next morning at breakfast she wanted to know how serious I was about us trying a switch with Mary Ellen and Doug. It was brave of her to inquire at such a time instead of while we were in the throes of sex. I said, “Lover, we’re both ready to try something new and they would be a good fit. We are attracted to each of them. But of course we are not sure about their level of their interest in us. So far it has been just you and I peeking at Mary Ellen.”

Marg said, “Oh, I’m pretty sure that they are interested, Mary Ellen and I have had some pretty intimate discussions. And I know that she is curious about what you’re like in bed. I just wanted to be sure that things would be alright with you if something suddenly develops.”

I took her hand and looked straight into her eyes and said, “Sweetheart it would be just fine with me.”

I had to leave town on business for a week and when I returned we were both very horny. We headed for the bedroom within minutes of my arrival. I had just slid my cock into her; God is there anything possibly better in this world than that first stroke in a hot hungry pussy; and I asked “Did you and Mary Ellen try on clothes while I was away?”

She hesitated and I knew right then that “something” had happened and that she was nervous about telling me. I coaxed her, “Baby tell me what happened; I am good with it and you know it will excite me.”

She pulled me down on her more tightly, her knees pressing on my hips. Her face was in my neck and she whispered, “I let Doug fuck me.” She continued to hold me tight to her.

What a sudden flash of reality! I admit that it really jolted me. I didn’t pull my cock out of her, but I did stop stroking. Then I relaxed, pulled her close and started to slowly fuck her again. I said, “Wow babe was it good? You have to tell me all about it; everything about it.”

I could feel her relax and her breathing came back to normal. It must have been tough to come out with it like that, but she is a very up front woman who cannot hide things for very long.

Finally she said “Mary Ellen and I met again the day after you left. No dress tryouts that day, we just talked. Besides, she has tried just about everything I own right down to my panties.

We discussed sex and more to the point, changing partners. I admitted that we had been talking about it during sex. She took in her breath and said, ‘so have Doug and I. In fact we have taken some of the first steps’. She paused, nervous about this talk I guess, and said, ‘Doug brings a friend of his out to our cottage for a threesome. He likes seeing another man in me. And I like it too. He wants to find a couple to swap with’.

She did not ask me if we would be interested. But I took it as an invitation.”

I felt her relax and knew that she was dying to tell me more. I pulled her to face me side to side and she raised her leg over my hip; this was a common chat position for us. I pushed my cock back in and continued a slow fuck. I wanted to hear how she had ended up with Doug in her.

Mary Ellen had called her over for tea the next afternoon. She was wearing a light robe tied loosely at the waist. Her tits were swinging around under the robe with occasional glimpses of her nipples adding to the attraction. As she moved, she would casually allow the robe to part and reveal flashes of her legs and inner white thighs.

When Marg had previously fantasized about having sex with her, she had imagined that she, Marg, would be the aggressor. She suddenly found the courage to act on her instincts and moved in front of Mary Ellen and pushed her robe open. She had seen Mary Ellen naked before but it was more exciting this time as the stage had been set for something more. Marg rubbed the palm of her hands lightly on Mary Ellen’s nipples.

“My knees were weak and shaking; but I had the feeling that I could pretty much do whatever I wished with her, she seemed that permissive. She moved close up to me and put her hands on my hips and we kissed softly. I have never kissed a woman in that sort of erotic setting before and it was quite sweet and gentle.”

Mary Ellen dropped her robe to the floor and turned and walked to the bedroom with Marg following behind. She began to remove her own clothes as Mary Ellen lay down on her back on the bed.

“I was still very nervous but my confidence grew as Mary Ellen watched me strip. I had only allowed her glimpses of my body before, and her excitement was obvious as I bared myself in front of her. My nipples and pussy were aching.”

“I was still not completely certain what would happen, but actually it all seemed quite straightforward once I was beside her in bed. First the breasts touching, a soft kiss, and then our knees slipped up between each other’s legs and we were rubbing our pussies on each other’s thighs. She turned halfway to her side with me over her slightly and we felt and kissed and rubbed. It was all very erotic.”

I was terribly aroused by her story and had to control my urge to get off. I wanted to hear the entire tale with my cock still in her. My strokes were coming more quickly despite my efforts to slow-fuck and I whispered, “Ah baby, god, were you thinking of pussy yet? Were you thinking of eating her or her eating you?”

“No, not really, at this point I was fascinated with the feel of her tits on mine and feeling her pussy on my thigh. I pulled back a bit and lifted one of her tits up and sucked my first nipple.”

I groaned as I almost lost it again at the thought of my wife in that position, naked with another woman and tasting the nipple that I myself had fantasized sucking.

“Mary Ellen’s nipple hardened when I first licked it. I inhaled it into my mouth; sucking it the way I like mine to be sucked. By this time the pussy rubbing was getting frantic and I could feel and hear Mary Ellen’s wet cunt lapping my thigh.”

“She indicated that she wanted to taste my tits so I pulled off hers and gave her room to move down onto mine. Oh God it felt good, lips other than yours on my nipple. I almost got off and began to rub my pussy harder on Mary Ellen’s thigh. I closed my eyes and lay back to enjoy this new experience and was preparing to get off this way; my nipple being sucked and the feel of my pussy rubbing on a soft leg. I began to wonder how I could rub my pussy lips on hers while in that position.

But just as I was sinking into that beautiful abyss there was a knock on the bedroom door. I lifted up quickly and looked franticly at Mary Ellen who smiled and told me to relax; that it was Doug and why not let him come in.

She said, “Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen.”

“I lay back and nodded okay and she told him to come in. He was wearing a robe and a big smile as he sat beside Mary Ellen on the bed. She rolled back a bit and he bent and kissed her. His fingers found her nipple and he asked me if I liked her tits and I said that of course I did and that they were beautiful. He pulled her leg away from between mine spreading her naked. He slipped his hand up her thigh and his fingers sorted through the thick red bush, and then along her slit.”

“I was almost breathless at the erotic scene being played out beside me and was ready for anything that might happen. He must have sensed this because he reached over Mary Ellen and his fingers found my nipple and he began rolling and pulling at it. My God, my senses were alive and I could feel my pussy clenching with the arousal of my nipples. He bent and sucked my nipple quickly. When I did not pull back his hand slipped down to my pussy and slid along the already slick slit. He told me that I had a beautiful pussy, he loved the feel of my wetness and that he had wanted to fuck me for a long time.”

“I rolled to my back and let my legs spread in invitation. He stood up and dropped his robe; his massive cock was fully erect and standing up along his belly. Mary Ellen was closest to it and her hand reached out for it. He said that he wanted to fuck both of us and I guess as he said that I must have moaned and spread more because he quickly came around the bed to my side and crawled up over top of me. His tall body seemed to dominate me but all I could look at was that big cock with a purple knob hovering down over my pussy.”

“He knelt between my legs and moved the knob to my crotch. I used my hand to first grasp it, ah god it was huge my love, and then I rubbed it in my wet slit. I was apprehensive but oh how I wanted to feel it go in me. He told me that my cunt felt so good. He leaned out over top of me, up on his extended arms so that we all could watch him enter me.

Mary Ellen reached over and began to play with my tits. He was quite gentle but very firm in signaling that he was going to fuck me and there would be no turning back. I relaxed my pussy a little and his knob popped inside me, and I quickly tightened on it. He knob fucked me for a minute or so and then pushed more into me. I exclaimed because it hurt a little, but in a delicious way.”

By this point in Marg’s story I was almost frantic from a combination of an aroused mind and a cock about ready to dump its load. But at that moment in time I wanted to hear that Marg had been fucked. I said, “Hold still a minute baby, I am almost coming, let me get control.”

Marg was quiet with both her body and her story and waited until I had eased off. Then she resumed her tale. “He did not try to ram it into me. He just told me to take it as slow as I wanted; that he would let me do it all. I relaxed and began moving back and forth on his cock, taking a little more in with each move. I was stretched but it felt so damn good, I just kept going for more. All the time he is telling me how beautiful I am and how good my cunt felt and how he wants to get me off, and how hard he was going to fuck me. I was whimpering in contentment and agonizing sweet pain.”

I lost it about then. Marg had to stop talking as I went into convulsions, my body jerking and twisting as I tried to bury as deep into her as I could to get off. Finally I collapsed on her, my breathing slowing but my cock still squirming inside of her; both of us enjoying those last delicious strokes. And then she continued.

“All I could feel was his cock working its way into my pussy. I spread as wide as I could to allow it all in, I wanted it all. Soon he was able to fuck me with most of it. He kept talking to me; telling me how good I felt; how beautiful I was and how he was going to make me come. Soon he had it all in and he leaned down on me and began a steady humping. I don’t even remember getting off; I must have screamed or shouted but all I recall was this tremendous relief. He continued slipping it in and out after I come. Then he lifted off of me and I looked down as he pulled that big slimy thing out of me. He was still very erect and I was sure that he had not come and wondered why he was pulling out.”

I had rolled off of Marg during her tale, and lay on my side listening to her. She was very animated and aroused, feeling her nipples and pussy as she talked. I felt guilty about getting off while she talked and before letting her finish. I leaned over her again, snuggled my face between her tits, licking and sucking away and slipped two fingers easily into her pussy. She resumed her story again, reliving her afternoon while being finger fucked; her eyes closed and her body starting to react.

“After Doug pulled out of me, I was aware once again of Mary Ellen beside me on the bed. She had moved away from me and lay back now to watch her hubby lift off of me and move over between her spread legs. He was going to make do on his promise to fuck both of us and I realized why he had not come in me. I had no regrets. I would have liked to feel him get off in me but I had lived my fantasy and moved to my side to watch Mary Ellen get laid by her hubby.”

“She raised her knees up and I had a good glimpse of her red gash. Doug was not quite so calm now and he swung his cock into her in one single thrust. He moved down on her, his arms going under her shoulders and pulling her to him, his big hips rising and falling with every stroke into her. Soon her legs swung around his back and her heels dug into his ass, clamping him to her.”

I was hard again and mounted her as she finished her story. Both Doug and Mary Ellen had got off with Marg watching. She had never experienced anything like it before. She started to come for me now and then settled down with a sigh.

I could tell that Marg was nervous now that the sex was over and that the words had flowed out so readily. She had enjoyed a great experience but I knew that she would give it all back if there was a danger of it coming between us.

I kissed her as I rolled off of her and smiled and said, “Hmmm baby, you took one giant step didn’t you. Did you enjoy the experience as much as the telling of it to me?

She pulled close to me and said, “I loved it and I loved telling you. I want to do more of it, don’t you?”

I smiled and said, “I haven’t done any of it yet, when do I get to play”.

Marg rubbed her tits on me and said “They have invited us to their cabin for a weekend, and I accepted. Mary Ellen wants her share of the pie and you are it. She will come over for tea tomorrow afternoon if that suits you and you can take the first steps. Sort of introduce yourselves. God, I want to watch that! How bad do you want her?”

I said, “What kind of tea will you be serving tomorrow?”

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