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5 The Housewarming

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I stopped swimming through the fluffy blackness of sleep. Yup. Time to wake up.

The black took on a warm, deep tone, changing from the surreal darkness of dreamland to the darkness created by closed eyelids. I lay in that darkness and smiled to myself. Life felt very good. I took a deep breath.

Whoa. Somebody needs a shower. Or maybe a diligent march through a car wash. I took another sniff. More than the after shocks of hard physical sweat and strain, the air smelled of…sex.

Oh yes. That’s right.

I smiled a lot wider.

With the boss awake and on deck, all departments of my body began reporting in. The brain hustled up with various memos.

My mouth’s best guess was that I had eaten a desiccated mummy’s toe. That would account for the parched dryness and nasty morning breath. Very thirsty down here, reported the throat. The skin had a lot of ground to cover, but mostly it stated I was apparently lying on a giant frog. Warm only where my body touched it, cold otherwise, but definitely moist and damp. My bladder had its usual demands.

Then my ears reported the toot of a baby elephant. Not a fart, but a snore. My smile freshened up. Linda.

My lovely girlfriend-fuck buddy Linda must be sleeping beside me. Long-limbed, lovely and lean, nobody would believe the sounds she made when asleep. I hadn’t had the guts to tell her yet. Instead, I enjoyed the tiny cartoon trumpet breathing beside me.

I had enjoyed a lot of Linda before sleep time.

After an evening of the best housewarming party in history, we found ourselves finally alone. Covered in sweat and other fluids, muscles crying for a time out, we still wanted one more. Sex gluttons? Without a doubt, but this final urge came from a fresh well of intimacy and possibly romance.

Our lips met and pressed hard together, moving, flexing, kissing. Our tongues slowly, but insistently wrapped around each other, exploring each other’s mouths. Our teeth gently caught and held what came in their grasp.

Our hands roved with firm, flexing fingers over hot skin. New sweat welled up over the old, letting palms slide as far as arms could reach. Never losing contact, pulling each other closer and closer for full body contact.

Her sweet, high breasts mashed across my chest, her hardening nipples flicking across my smaller male counterparts. Her flat belly undulated across mine, a pressing curve that went all the way to our groins where she encouraged my tired cock to lift one more time. In the hot, slick vise of our bellies, it pushed back and hardened.

Her sleek, hairless limbs wrestled with my large and hairy legs. Her left on top then slipping under as my right moved to grip both hers when she flexed so her sopping vaginal lips slid the length of my left thigh, ending with her thigh nuzzled against my balls.

We rolled across the tangled mess that was my king size bed, our lips leaving each other to lick and nibble and kiss noses, cheeks, eyes, ears, wherever the building energy sent us. I drove my mouth and face into her nape and Linda moaned all the way up from her cunt. I rolled over her, burying her slim beauty under my bear bulk. I grunted like a horny grizzly as the long, hot feminine curves writhed and slid under the weight of my body. My tired cock flexed hard and solid again, trapped between us.

She pushed and pulled and I let her flip me on to my back, her straddling me, her pussy dripping into my navel, her back bowed to bring her lips down to mine. Her palms held each side of my head and her black hair cascaded around us. Linda gripped my sides with her thighs and rotated her tight ass over the wiry hairs of my groin. My cock wiped across her buttock cheeks, skipping across the cleft as it flailed right to left to right.

She lifted her face. The ambient city light slipping into the room from the window put a depraved gleam in those black almond eyes. I stared back, determined not to blink first. She panted and flicked her tongue over her lips. She never let go of my head. I never let up sliding my wet palms over her gleaming wet back, reaching from her knees, up her flanks, over her shoulder blades and around to cup her tight little tits, rolling the hard nipples. Linda had sensitive nipples.

Still, Linda paused. The mood teetered on being lost.

“We need some lube.”

The dripping puddle of molten feminine juices skooshing on my stomach would suggest otherwise, but to hear is to obey. I reached out for a bottle. My new lifestyle has me keeping lubrication in stock, but tonight a bottle was literally within arm’s reach anywhere. Whether it would have anything left inside…yes. Enough oil sloshed in the bottom for…I suddenly connected the dots. My cock flexed and gave her left buttock a little smack.

I raised my eyebrows at her. Linda grinned like a naughty little girl and nodded. She lifted off of me and we thrashed in a tangle of laughing, sweaty limbs, bouncing on the thick mattress.

In seconds Linda had her face on my pillow, her arms braced on either side, her fingers digging into the abused sheets. Her rounded sweet ass rose up into the air. She twisted her head to look at me. Her eyes shone with fear and excitement. She bit her lower lip as I waddled forward on my knees. I raised my left leg to place my foot against the mattress, tweaking the final position. I took the base of my hard-on in my left hand and rubbed the fat cockhead up and down, from her bald, moist pussy lips, across her taint and up to her winking asshole. A perfect position.

I squirted the last of the lube on to my palm and tossed the empty bottle aside. The thick liquid spread cool and startling across my cock, from root to tip. I cupped my palm against Linda’s rectum and forced some lubrication inside, quickly followed by my pinky finger carrying it through the rosebud ring. Linda squeaked at the tiny penetration. I let my smallest finger play in the dark interior for a bit, then jumped right to my middle finger. I scooped lube, natural and store bought, and eased deep inside the tight chute.

Linda’s noises had no easy classification. Moans mingled with whimpers. I kept carefully working. If she wanted me to quit, she’d tell me in no uncertain terms.

The big, perfect muscles of her ass flexed and clenched on my intruding finger. I licked my own lips at the sight of her back sinuously writhing before me. I worked my index finger in alongside my middle finger. Linda did a long inhale and then sighed. I stroked my cock with my free left hand, but it didn’t need any attention to remain stiff as steel. I rubbed palm across her ass, then gave it a light smack. Then another.

Moans. No mistaking those noises coming from my woman now. Vibrating moans warbled steadily from her throat.

Time for the real deal. I oozed my fingers slowly out of her ass, wiggling them as I withdrew, just to hear the pitch change in Linda’s gasps. I shifted a centimeter on my knee and took a grip on her slim hips. The fat plum head of my cock eclipsed the anus, totally blocking it from view. I half-pulled her backwards while pushing with my muscles forwards. My cock head reshaped while it pushed the ring wide.

Linda inhaled in stuttering gasps. Her fists clenched the sheets tight. I pushed with my back muscles. I pulled her with my arms. My cock slid past and in. Linda’s head thrashed to the other side and a long warble escaped her, an anal virgin no more.

“Oh, gawd, it’s so big. So damn big. It feels…it feels….”

I paused, cock pulsing in the tight, tight sheath, waiting for a last minute change of heart.

“Just don’t squat there like a dummy, FUCK ME!”

Grinning like a lunatic, I pushed cautiously, steadily onwards until my curly hairs ground hard into the creamy cheeks. My lubed hands and Linda’s sweat-slick skin required I grip her hips with extra force. I did a little rotation move with my hips, stirring my rod in the virgin ass.

“Oh, gawd.” Linda gurgled over and over again into the pillow.

I withdrew to the ridge of my cockhead and then plunged back in. The lube worked like a dream. Linda’s ass gripped me like the tightest fist but I had no trouble fucking her hard. Even her athletic ass cheeks flexed and bounced like water balloons under the impact of my hips. If Linda wanted me to stop now, she’d have to get really loud and physical, because I was no longer listening. I was grabbing hold and going for one last supreme fuck of the night. Her offer of her rectal cherry was perfect. My balls didn’t have much left. Giving Linda her first ever ass fuck gave me the special kinky charge for one last orgasm of the night.

Kink or not, it took effort. My face contorted and my teeth ground together. The muscles from my fingers to my arms to my shoulders and down to my back strained to hold on to the growling, thrashing hellcat beneath me. My lower back and legs bleated with the demands of thrusting into that firm ass like a berserk jackhammer.

Linda’s fingers flailed at her pussy, brushing my cock at random as she went for a fireworks orgasm of her own. Our babbling fuck cries bounced off the walls. Sweat flew in every direction, spraying down the already damp bed.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Linda abruptly went stone statue still, her back muscles defined in high relief. Her moan went into a single note that rose until only dogs might hear the happy sound. Her ass cheeks clenched so hard that I couldn’t budge my cock, but I didn’t want to. I only wanted to jam my hard cock so deep my cum shots might fire out her belly button. I clenched her hips and pulled her back, arcing my body and firing into her bowels.

And then we both drooped like sacks of melted wax. Muscles inside and out let go with spent joy.

I had one remaining brain cell active enough to roll my quivering body off to the side so as to not crush Linda. My overworked, slimy, dripping cock wilted to nothing before I hit the pillow.

It made for a great night’s sleep.

The fantastic memory sent the standard request down from my brain to the glands and circuits linked to arousal. My cock essentially replied “Fuck off.” and stayed in doughy slumber.

My eyelids flared bright red. I pried them open in a careful, gummy squint. The mid-morning sun had hit just the right angle to reflect off the windows of the apartment complex next door. I had forgotten to close the curtains. My bedroom lit up like center stage under a spotlight. I wiped the sleep gunk out of my eyes and brought a hand up to shield the many faceted glare. What was that on my window? I shifted my head, trying to figure out what was on the glass. Not writing.

The ever-rotating Earth kept the sunbeams shifting. I lay there serenely patient. Even with the “frog back” dampness, the mattress felt so very comfy and pleasant.

The smudge patterns abruptly clicked into recognition; the top, pinker, blob was lip stick where the glass had been kissed. To the left and right I could now make out smeary palm prints. Between those were a pair of oval blobs that…must be where boobs mashed into the window.

Right. I remember now. I had come in, doing the rounds as a good host, making sure all my guests had a heaping helping of fun. Charmaine, Tabatha and Suzanne filled the bed in a lesbian lick-off daisy chain. At the window, Leslie Ann pressed her lush body and wonderful big jello tits against the glass while Bailey plowed her from behind. She seemed in exhibitionistic nirvana. Or was just enjoying the schlong Bailey threw into her with rough thrusts. What was I thinking? Both, of course.

I had only met Suzanne, a wild, willowy brunette and Bailey of the nine inch hammer, this evening. Leslie Ann and Kyle had brought them as “housewarming presents.” Apparently they lived directly below me and were very much into the undercover Avalon Apartments lifestyle. The building managers reckoned I needed to expand my social circle in the building. I could only agree with their reasoning as I watched Suzanne lash Charmaine’s wet pussy while spasming under the talented tongue of Tabatha. I had stroked and hefted my hard cock as I feasted my eyes on the squirming triangle of curvaceous female flesh. The squeals and moans muffled by the hot cunts kept stoking my fires hotter and hotter.

It didn’t seem polite to barge into such a sweet sapphic effort with a crude male penis. Ironic that they should trigger such steam in the male stride.

No room to join in with Leslie Ann’s clawing and fogging of the window glass. Watching that undulating body, I really wanted to squeeze between her and that glass. Bailey looked to know how to work that big schlong with skill. I tried not to be intimidated as I watched his butt muscles flex and leg muscles strain. If I knew him better, I’d be more confident to try and tag team in. Leslie Ann’s devotion to sex had led her to develop inner muscles that defied description. My cock gave a new pulse of lightning, demanding to be buried in that succulent cunt. But, the pair’s squeals and moans said they had a good thing going and didn’t need a buttinski spoiling their rhythm.

I peered past them at the darkness beyond. Only some soft mood lights lit my bedroom, so the neighbours in the building next door shouldn’t see the shameless sex on display. But they might. All part of the exhibitionist thrill package. As building manager, Leslie Ann must be pretty smooth by now in acting innocent and deflecting the queries of outraged mundanes about the secret wonders glimpsed in Avalon. As long as nobody called the cops, I suppose…

The bed shifted under me. I snapped back to the bright morning here and now. I turned my head to watch Linda yawn wide and indulge in a mighty stretch. It was a body worth watching when it stretched. I winced in sudden premonition.

“KEERIST!” Linda squawked in a raspy dry mouth. “Every muscle in my body HURTS!”

I had been holding off on moving as long as I could for this very reason. My bladder and life in general would require movement eventually, but we’d see who caved first.

“Damn! What the hell did you do to me, you degenerate?” She sat in bleary misery, looking down at me with narrow, gummy eyes as she gingerly rotated limbs. The shocked contortions that twisted her fine-boned face when she flexed her thighs made me laugh. I couldn’t help myself. She snatched behind her and swung her pillow at me with killing force. My body flexed in involuntarily defense.

“Oh, GAWDDD!” My back muscles screamed like rusty iron. My gut muscles growled like kicked alligators. My arms whined. The big muscles in my legs wailed. I flopped back down, ready to spend the rest of the week motionless. My tongue hurt! Shouting had made my tongue hurt!

Linda’s vengeful laugh seemed unfair. “Oh, you should see yourself. You look like something pooped out by a sick buffalo.”

“You’re just lucky a teacher like you doesn’t make a lot of money. Otherwise I’d get a camera and live fat on the blackmail for years.” I grinned back at her.

Linda’s shoulder-length mane of coal-black hair suffered from terminal bed head. Pillow crushed tangles and wild angles locked in place by cum splash and sweat. What makeup she had had on last night had become a smeary finger painting across her face. Also courtesy of that assorted mix of fluids, no doubt.

Her fingers fluttered about her head, assessing some of the damage. Her dark eyes went wide and she leapt off the bed. This caused another severe intake of breath. She hobbled bowlegged like an old cowboy to the door. Though, old cowboys didn’t have such nice jiggly bits.

“What’s the rush Tex? It’s Saturday.”

She rolled her eyes. “I told you three times I’m meeting my parents for lunch. Then my mother and I are going to Nina’s baby shower.”

“Oh, right. I knew that.”

“And it’s going to take a couple of showers to wash the pervert off me.”

“I hope we didn’t go too far last night.”

Linda paused in the doorway, turned, and hobbled back to me. She leaned over and gave me a kiss. She looked down at me with glittering eyes, mouth quirked to the side. “You did. I did. Everyone did. Heaven help me, but I’m totally hooked on going too far.” She rubbed a wide palm across my chest and waddled to the bathroom, flexing her ass cheeks jerkily the whole way.

I carefully rolled and sat on the edge of the bed, put my feet on the floor and braced my hands on the bed behind me. The blood resettled up and down my body. Thank goodness I hadn’t drunk any booze in quantity. A hangover on top of these aches would be brutal. It hadn’t been that kind of party. Unlike the majority of the citizenry, orgy aficionados don’t need booze to relax their inhibitions. Their inhibitions had atrophied from disuse long ago. In point of fact, too much alcohol only dulls the senses, slows the reflexes and makes me sleepy. None of those effects are welcome when I want to feel every caress, savour every taste, inhale every scent and keep my beefstick up and active as long as possible.

Enough deep philosophy. I listened to the roaring shower a minute, visualizing Linda’s sleek body under the water, the spray and the soap suds sliding down her nipples and off her butt. Hmm-yum.

I looked at my groin and raised an eyebrow. That image had actually prompted a wee spark. Amazing. I would have bet I couldn’t get a rise out of my cock for another two weeks. I looked closer and winced. In the bright light flooding the room, my stout feller looked like a pathetic strawberry. I gave him a careful examination. I winced again. Hard evidence of overuse and too much friction. Lucky there weren’t blisters.

My knees looked the same way. Two bright red matching rug burns.

I looked at the doorway to my bedroom, remembering again how three women in loud, cunt-lapping, orgasmic bliss and Leslie Ann threatening to break my window with a sex explosion had made my cock titanium hard. The need for relief had become a painful need.

At that exact moment, Cindy slid up behind me and embraced me from behind, her tall, graceful body molding her curves to my back. Marita’s friend and fellow lingerie-bikini model had happened to be in town and been more than welcome. Can an orgy really have too many lingerie-bikini models? I think not.

Cindy licked my ear and draped her arms around my shoulders. Her long fingers toyed with my chest hair. Of all the women present, only Cindy stood nearly at my height. A rare compatibility. Her rubber bullet nipples pressed into my shoulder blades. She pushed a warm, wet, hairless cunt into my left ass cheek.

“I haven’t fucked the host yet. It seems rude of me.”

I turned in her embrace to face those molten chocolate eyes and that wicked dimpling smile. Cindy’s eyebrows rose as she read the lust in my expression and her smile became a savage grin.

It felt nice to not have to bend unduly to ravish that long neck. My tongue dipped into the hollow of her collar bone and then lashed its way up the muscle to her jaw. The taste of salty sweat and some subtle perfume vibrated on to my hard working tongue. Cindy gave a shuddering moan of a chuckle and embraced my head with one arm, hugging me close across the back with the other.

I lashed her earlobe and came down the elegant cheekbone to press my lips hard to hers. She returned the open mouth ravishing, our tongues dueling like rabid snakes. She rose on her toes and and flexed her knees, grinding that tall amazon body against me. I reversed the pattern, kissing and nuzzling her face to her other earlobe, then attacking her neck back down. My lips could feel her breath juddering in her neck. Her fingernails clawed into my scalp.

I pulled and lifted her to latch on to those bulging nipples.

“OOOOHH!” Cindy pressed my face to her sensitive tits. I lapped and soaked them as I tried to suck the entire boob into my mouth, making popping sounds with my lips as I pulled back tightly off the nipple.

I let her go and her legs sank under her. I followed her down to the hallway carpet, panting and flushed.

I spread her legs with a two-handed yank and moved between them. She nodded eagerly and reached down to guide me inside. I reined in my lust enough to sink my cock slowly into that hot butter. I wanted to savour this and hopefully have Cindy remember it fondly. Maybe I’d end up in a celebrity’s diary.

That hot butter crushed my cock. Such a tight pussy. I braced my knees against the rug, held myself above the frenzied woman below me and started to fuck.

Cindy’s long legs wrapped around my back to clench and help me. Her hands anchored to my arms. Her boobs thrashed across her chest as she bounced and moved to my plunging rod.

Fucking on the floor in the middle of the hallway attracted attention. I like to think because we were such a passionate example of wild sex, but it likely had something to do with being an impassable roadblock. Still, the other guests seemed to enjoy us.

Linda crawled over the carpet and began licking and kissing Cindy’s panting mouth, face and even down to her tits, murmuring between mouthfuls.

“Isn’t his cock great? It’s so fat and thick. It hits my clit on each stroke. When it starts ramming me, I can’t stop cumming.”

This smut talk worked its magic on both of us, Cindy swallowing and nodding. “It’s so good. Feels so good.”

My brother Harry dropped to his knees beside Linda and pulled on his stiff dick. He is a fiend for watching, is my little brother. Cindy’s writhing body was certainly worth watching.

Fingers lightly brushed my shoulders and two frosty pillows swept up my sweaty hot back. Some corner of my brain realized they could only be Leslie Ann’s window-chilled breasts.

“What a sight. Is her pussy tight, Zach? Is she as hot as she looks? Does it squeeze your cock?”

Dirty talk and an audience. Two of my top five fuses. Under the obscene encouragement and caresses of our onlookers, I felt my second…third?…cum of the party boiling in my balls. Cindy suddenly screeched and dug her nails into my biceps, her face scrunched up tight. Her buttery cunt constricted so hard it popped my cock loose on the out-stroke.

“Money shot her, Zach.” Linda called out.

“Yeah, bro. Let’s hose her down.” Harry grinned.

A dazed and delirious Cindy offered no objection, if she heard, so I rose on my knees, sliding forward, jerking a final few tugs on my slippery ramrod. Harry’s fist blurred. I shouted out an arcing stream of white cum, splashing neatly down Cindy’s centerline, from smack between her red-flushed breasts down to her heaving belly button. Harry grunted and came from the side, splashing cum across her tits and hard nipples. We alternated three more shots of decreasing volume until my final dribble hit her pussy lips. Harry wiped the last droplet in the rich brown hair, the dog.

The onlookers gave a little cheer as I leaned down and gave Cindy a happy thank you kiss.

Well, carpet might be rough on knees, but I can’t imagine having done that on tile or hardwood. That would be out and out painful.

I lurched to my feet and tottered around the bed to the window. There might not be the smell of splashed booze, spilt booze, vomit induced by booze or, thank the saints, any stale cigarette smoke, but my apartment had a deeply funky odour. A sex-mad gym locker room would be one description. Mating season at the zoo might be another. I twisted the latch and opened the window wide.

The deadliest part of this winter season had passed, but it had not let the city free yet. Cold it may be, but I could almost see the inflow of fresh morning air pushing the funk aside. I breathed it in, feeling a new energy flushing through me.

Then I realized I stood in the last of the reflected sunshine, barebeam and buck naked. I didn’t panic. Just took one more deep breath and then closed it down.

I hadn’t noticed the shower stopping. The bathroom door opened and Linda stepped back into the bedroom with something of her usual poise, her hair done up on a towel turban. For her sake, I hope her parents didn’t notice that lingering bow-legged tendency. I wouldn’t be there to explain it, thank goodness.

“Yikes!” Linda stopped, eyes going wide. “It’s a refrigerator in here!”

“Smells better, though.”

“True.” I enjoyed the scampering jiggle of her freshly scrubbed and still faintly damp body as Linda prowled around for her clothes.

“I tried to disrobe with care last night.” She scowled around, pulling on her pants. “Just so this wouldn’t happen.”

“What’re you missing?”

“A sock…no, wait, there it is.” She knelt and dug out the fugitive from under the dresser, then sat on the bed to tug it on to her foot. “More importantly, my bra.”

I slid up behind her and cupped her yummy tits. “Flaunt ’em baby. Give the world a double-peak treat.”

“Eww.” Linda jumped up and away from me. “You’re all muck and muscle. I don’t need you stinking me up.”

“That is very mean. I may never smile again.” I flopped backwards on to the bed, hands behind my head.

“Control your tears and help me find my bra. I’m going to be around polite company.”

“You’re going to a baby shower. I think everyone there knows how the guest of honour was made.”

“Shut up, you…” Linda frowned and cocked her head at me, removing the towel and giving her shining black mane a final fluff. “You know where it is, don’t you?”


She began to twirl the towel into a whip.

“Okay, okay.”


I gestured with my chin. Linda frowned and looked. I poked my chin even harder upwards. Linda glanced and made a noise between a laugh and a gasp. Her bra hung from the ceiling light fixture.

“How the hell did it get up there?”

“I have no idea.” I smirked. “I could make some shrewd guesses, knowing my little horny wench.”

Linda blushed. “It’s all your fault. I used to be a good girl before I fell into your clutches.”

“I blame, or credit, this building. Remember, my clutches had only existed for about twenty minutes when you fell into them near that sauna.”

Linda smiled crookedly. “They are very nice clutches. And it’s a lovely building.”

She reached, fingertips well short of the dangling bra strap. Oh, I could watch boobies bounce like that all day. She climbed on the bed, but the angle was extreme and would require a mad leap to hopefully snag it in mid-air.

“Help me, you giant goomer. Or find me a broom or stick.”

“It’s going to take teamwork and you’ll get all stinky touching me.”

“Get up here!”

I stood and cupped my hands. Linda stepped into the stirrup and I hoisted her up where she snagged her bra. I let her down and seized her in a hug. “Costs a smooch.”

She relented and then tried to lick my tonsils. A very nice kiss indeed. Her topless boobs felt delightful. More tingles and sparks down below. I felt proud of my recuperative powers.

Linda sighed away from me, smiling. “Very nice.”

She slipped on the rest of her clothing. I followed her down the hall to the door, happily naked. She piled into her winter gear.

Another, quicker kiss. “I like your outfit.”

“I may stay like this all day.”

“Later, perv!”

And she was gone.

I stretched, grunted at the stiffness, then went from window to window, scratching freely as I went. I cracked each hopefully enough to let in air without an open invitation for Old Man Winter to come inside. Now to get clean. And pee!

That shower needed its own journal entry. It’s own twitbook announcement. I stood in the cascade, soaping with meticulous care. Another big check mark for Avalon Apartments; water pressure. I finished scrubbing my delicate bod and just stood, letting the hot waterfall work on my muscles. Oh, bliss. The sensual impact of each drop and the slippery slide of soap on skin regenerated me on so many levels. My penis actually rose halfway and gave a sleepy flex.

My bathroom had become a steam bath. The little vent fan couldn’t keep up and I had to keep wiping at the mirror to for a clear patch while I shaved. Then, the lotions and ointments. Anything red and raw got a dollop of soothing moisturizing cream. Working thick cream into my cock and balls felt cool and then stung in that sweet healing kind of pain. Felt so good, I may have kept the massage going longer than strictly necessary.

All the aching muscles got a rub of my deep heat gymnasium lineament. I tried to rub it on my shoulders and back and grumbled that none of the people who caused the “damage” were around to help sooth it away. For the grand finale, I popped a couple of pain killers and strode out to conquer the world anew.

Whoa! Old Man Winter had made a helluva try with breaking & entering. I skipped about through the chill in my steaming nudity, bouncing in the breeze, to shut all windows tight again. Then I climbed into a hoodie and sweatpants and slippers. Ah, that’s the stuff.

My appetite demanded some attention. I started a lumberjack breakfast sizzling and popping on the fry pan, then decided to multi-task a bit. I wandered through the rooms, assessing the damage. Not too much actual trash in the way of appetizer plates and paper cups. Laundry definitely had first priority. The stains on the sheets of my bed and the sheets I had put over furniture as some protection were really impressive. And, at the same time, kind of gross in the light of a new day. I figured in advance of the party I would have to rent a steam cleaner for the carpet. I suddenly had the thought to buy a spray bottle of an odour eliminator-refresher. See if it really did make rooms smell like Springtime.

I went through my studio, looping the circle back to the kitchen. I stopped and reversed my step. A dark blue cap hung from one of my drafting lamps. I took it in hand, baffled. I looked it over. Dark navy blue with a gold embroidered crest on the front with gold “scrambled eggs” framing the peak. The city crest, I realized. What the who now? Nobody I knew worked for the city. Bailey’s or Suzanne’s, I guess?

A warning sniff of well done bacon sent me ricocheting around the wall to the kitchen and my breakfast.

It took two trips to carry my juice, coffee and heaping plate to my desk. I often ate here when alone, to check my email and surf. My mouth full of pancake and sausage, I opened all the magic connections to the great wide world beyond.

Almost immediately, a chime announced an incoming call. My sister Val.

I swallowed, took a sip of coffee and hit “Receive”.

“Morning big brother!” Val’s mop of curly brown hair and pixie-large eyes filled my monitor. She grinned like a cat just finishing a cream-coated canary. “How did it go? How did it end?”

I gave an indifferent shrug. “Oh. It was alright.” I took a nonchalant forkful of pancake and layered in some bacon.

“Oh, shut up.” She adjusted her orange kimono robe around her. The glimmering silk tented around Val’s marvelous nipples. A conscious act, without a doubt. She knew how much I loved to suck and twirl them. She took a sip of her own mug. “I want to hear any good bits that happened, well, wherever this computer wasn’t.”

“I still feel guilty about that one-way spying.”

Val nodded, quirking her mouth in sympathy. “Thanks for respecting my wishes. I’m just not ready to let the world know about our incest fun.”

“Well, hardly the world. And Harry was here.”

“Did you suck him off in front of everyone? Did he give you a sweaty good fuck up the ass?”

“I can’t say that happened, no. And it probably won’t unless it’s a threesome with you.”

“That’s sweet.” Val sipped her mug again. “So, whatever other perv stuff you got into and on top of and saw last night, the McAllister name isn’t linked to ‘incest’.”

I sighed. It seemed a hair-splitting, finicky detail to me. I trusted the gang in Avalon, but Val didn’t know them like I did. Still, I shouldn’t have agreed to the “spying”. Someday, somehow I’d have to square things up for that spy cam action, even if they didn’t know anything about it. I shelved the guilt and dug into my breakfast.

“You enjoyed what you did see, I hope? It was worthwhile?”

Val raised her eyebrows and her eyes widened as she nodded. “I am SO jealous of those women. It’s a bland little apartment in Bland City, not Playboy Mansion. How can they all live there?”

“You can match them on every level.”

“Now you’re just being over the top with the sweetness, but thank you. Mostly, I’m jealous how they were all over you. You’re not that cute.”

I snorted at her and raised my nose in the air. “There’s more to this business than mere surface looks, I’ll have you know.” I extended my tongue and waggled it. “I’m not called ‘the Champ’ for nothing.”


“Ah, that’s right. The Great 69 Challenge was in the social room, not in here.”

Val’s eyes gleamed and she licked her lips. “Go on.” She set her mug to the side and loosened her robe, reclining back in the chair.

It started without premeditation. I had taken a moment to sit on my own couch and get my bearings. A woman sat near me. I immediately noted that she had outstanding breasts. In an orgy full of photogenic tits, hers rose full and firm. Fake? If so, the surgeon qualified as an artist. They weren’t overdone balloons. They filled the top half of her curvy figure like a perfect jigsaw of lust. She saw me admiring them and turned her torso my way for a better view. I scooched closer. She slid and closed the gap. I bent for a closer view. She inhaled and one breast purely by accident pressed into my mouth.

By gawd, they were real! And the pale pink nipples pointed out very nicely as I inspected them with my tongue. She reached out and my cock flexed in a solid and secure grip. In fact, as my hands began to travel those swooping curves, I found a hidden collection of solid muscles under the lady’s creamy flesh.

My hard penis fascinated her in equal measure to me loving her boobs. The barter situation went on for a nice long while. My mouth savouring her plump breasts. Her right hand massaging and flexing my stiff penis. Our free hands roaming and exploring.

“I am thoroughly in love with your breasts.” I finally came up for air off her wet tits. “I’m sorry if that’s a cliche you must hear every day.”

“Not every day, but often enough. But you get a pass. I may be falling in love with your cock.” Her hand job felt fine indeed.

“You like cocks?” I adjusted my hips a bit to encourage her fondling.

“I LOVE hard cock. Almost a fetish really. Stroking, smelling, and especially sucking. Yours looks and feels scrumptious. Average length, but very substantial around. Uncircumcised. It’s hard to describe to a man what appeals in a good cock.”

I savoured her skilled stroking, just enough to keep me in an aroused and indefinite holding pattern. I kept my palm stroking up and around her sumptuous body, gliding with fingertips over goosebumps there, pressing a little more firmly there. Her body shimmied in a shiver and she gave a purr of enjoyment.

I met her hooded hazel eyes. “As a matter of fact, I am learning to appreciate the niceties of cock sucking myself. I might just understand what you mean.”

This widened her eyes. “I hope you swing both ways.” Her eyes closed and she sighed as my nonstop fondle did another pass of her tits, hefting and squeezing.

“Oh, I definitely swing this way more than that. I’ve only sucked a few cocks in the last few months. One as recently as an hour or so ago, but I’m an utter amateur. As fun as it is, my joy and expertise lies in putting my tongue to work on a sultry pussy.” I slid my hand down to said region. She parted her thighs slightly to give me access.

“Is that right?” She cocked her head and raised an arch eyebrow. “Not too many men like the licking.”

“I’ve heard that.” I took her left hand and sucked a somewhat calloused finger into my mouth, playing my tongue across it. “They’re idiots.”

She smiled, eyes closing as I nibbled her finger tips. Lots of nerve endings in finger tips. “I just don’t believe men can be any good at it. Sucking a cock is something anybody can practice with a popsicle or a banana or a dozen other things. Any man I’ve convinced to go down on me has been like a slobbering puppy dog. Pretty sad. And very frustrating.”

“I can’t take that lying down. Or, I will take it lying down.”

“What’re you talking about?” She reopened her eyes and narrowed them at me.

“I challenge you to a 69. We both hit the other with our tongue twisting best. Whoever cums first is the loser.”

She bit her lower lip and looked at me from the corner of her eyes as she considered. Then she laughed. “You’re on!”

Marita had been sitting on the floor near us, sipping a cooler and eavesdropping with open interest. She jumped to her feet. “That’s a contest I want to see!”

We arranged ourselves on the big, soft couch, me below and my challenger lying her warm, voluptuous length on top of me. Marita gleefully spread the word. Soon, every guest at the party stood around the couch in naked excitement, a visual feast of jiggling asses, bobbling soft tits, rigid hard nipples and intensely stiff boners waving in the air.

Leslie Ann, ever the leader, decreed no bets of money or such crude items. Only sexual favours could be wagered.

We went to it. The closely trimmed blonde pussy unfolded before my tongue. The crowd might be cheering like Eliza Dolittle at the horse race, but I wasn’t going to be rushed. I had my pride, and the pride of my gender, on the line here.

Holy jumpin’ buddha on a pogo stick. Her tongue and mouth suctioned my boner like an industrial shop vac. She truly did know her way around a cock.

I nuzzled my nose into the musky petals of her pussy, inhaling as hard as possible the musky aroma. I breathed out softly on the folds. The tip of my tongue flicked across the tangy lips.

With the galvanized babble of the nude audience watching the oral sex championship of the world, I couldn’t hear my challenger’s sighs or moans to gauge my success. I use those cues to do my magic. This could be more difficult than I’d figured. I took some encouragement when I felt the mouth on my cock stutter and stop before resuming its rhythm.

The energy began to crackle in my balls. Gawd, she must’ve sucked a LOT of popsicles in her day!

I dove my tongue deep inside, lashing it and fucking her with it. My lips pressed and pulled at the pussy’s lips. I buried my face into her cunt, my hands groping and massaging her ass cheeks.

OH, lord. She shifted and wrapped her soft c-cup tits around my shaft. I squeezed my eyes closed, stopped my action, tried to list the moons of Jupiter. The pillowy softness clamped around my cock felt too damn good. Some onlookers wondered if that was a foul, but the rest told them to shut up and enjoy the lust.

Time to uncork my final move, if I wanted any chance of winning. Around and around I orbited the clitoris, flicking and licking but carefully not hitting. Closer and closer my tongue came, drawing out her anticipation. Finally, just when all her attention should be screaming “Just do it!”, I took the magic button in my mouth and sucked it in harmony with her sucking my cock.

She shrieked and her thighs bulged around my head, doing the crusher reaction I live for. A tidal surge of fresh pussy nectar smeared across my face. The crowd went quiet except for some hot gasps. The feminine body on top of me quivered and bucked in waves. That sent me into orbit. I arced my hips off the cushion and fired off a blast of cum. I wrapped my arms around her waist and hips and pulled her pussy closer to my mouth as I shot and shot into a hot mouth that didn’t dribble a drop.

The crowd went into a fresh fuck frenzy then. Possibly paying off bets.

“I totally lost track of everything for a bit.” I finished my memory and storytelling. “I actually blacked out for half a minute. When I came back from happy land, Marita was lowering herself on to my mouth, demanding a ride on the champ’s tongue.”

Val reclined in her chair, orange robe tossed wide open, revealing her taut, gymnast body with the smooth, Texas tan. One hand flicked her fat, full nipples and the other massaged her cunt in a relaxed way. Retelling that red hot steam from last night charged my boiler, but seeing my sister openly indulging herself had my cock actually up and seriously hard again. I gingerly stroked the shaft, watching Val. The cream had soothed the tenderness, but I didn’t want to abuse myself too badly.

“That was some story brother.” Val left off with her self-stimulation, wetting her lips. “And it’s given me the final kick in the ass I need.” She sat up, but thankfully didn’t close her robe. Her eyes had a new, different fire in them.

“Kick in the ass to do what?”

“Convince Kelvin to move back to Canada.”

I sputtered around the last of my coffee. “Say what now?”

She nodded to herself, eyes looking off at a Vision. “It’s perfect. It could really work.”

“Where to?”

“Don’t be dense. To be near you and Harry. So I don’t have to sit here alone and get carpal tunnel from jilling off.”

“There were reasons you and your husband moved to Houston in the first place.”

“Well, his job at the time required it. And back then, our parents were in one city, you were in another and Harry was in a third. Houston was as equidistant as anywhere to try to visit. But now, suddenly, my two brothers are in the same town and, suddenly, more fun than they ever were!”

I scratched my nose and puzzled. “And Kelvin’s job?”

“The promotion that sends him on these damn trips means the bulk of the work is done while on the road. He spends most of his time back here on leave or typing up reports he emails in. He could just as easily do that up there!” Val drummed her fingers on her laptop in an excited rhythm, her lips moving as she worked up strategies. “It’ll be great!”

I hadn’t caught up yet. Seemed a bit too good to be true. I didn’t want to be the wet blanket, so I kept silent.

Val apparently saw no down side to her plan. “For the first few months, I’ll be the loving wife when Kelvin is in town and the loving sister to my brothers when he’s off to Outer Baldonia or somewhere. Eventually, eventually…we’ll all be one loving family at our own housewarming!”

Okay, she definitely had her brain in overdrive. I couldn’t get a word into the babbling brook.

“Oooh…damn. It’ll take months to finally wade through the red tape and details. Still, it’ll be summer when we’re moved.” Val slapped the table, grinning. “Hey! We’ll rent a place at Avalon while house hunting. I’ll be your neighbour! I can meet Linda and Marita and Leslie Ann and…what was the name of the silly blonde that challenged your tongue?”

I massaged my forehead, trying to imagine my wild sister living down the hallway. My mind, as the saying goes, was blown.

“Oh. That was…that was…” I stared off and away out the window at the snow melting off the balcony railing. “I don’t know.”

“Okay, that’s getting ridiculous. An orgy is all fine and good, but you should have some idea if the people sucking your dick are quality citizens.”

“She must’ve come with Marita or someone.” I shook my head at the blank spot.

“Never mind. Kelvin will be home in two hours. I need to tidy up and make plans. Oh, I’m so excited. Love you! Bye!”

“Uh, love…” the connection died.

I massaged my jaw absently, trying to understand the last several minutes of my life. My cock tented my sweatpants with rigid determination. He seemed to have no qualms about my sister moving to town. I nodded. I think too much. I chuckled. “I’m with you, chief. We’ll give it our best shot. It’ll be some hellacious good times, for sure.”

I chilled out by watching the blue sky gap between the neighbouring buildings, idly petting my cock thru the fleece of my pants.

The building intercom rang. It startled the crap out of me. I took a breath and found my balance before walking the three steps to press the button.


“Is this Zach McAllister of apartment #306?” A female voice with no-nonsense flat tones crackled out of the speaker.

“Uh, yes. Who is this?”

“Officer Erika Torberg, city police, sir. May I come up and have a word with you?”

Gurk. I couldn’t breathe for a heartbeat. “Uh…uh…may I ask what about?”

“I’m following up on some noise complaints, as well as reports of lewdness and public indecency. I think you’d prefer if we continue this chat in private, sir.”

omigawd. omigawd. omigawd. omigawd.

“Yes, yes. Okay. Come up.” I buzzed.

oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.

I panic danced in place, my pulse triphammering.

Get a grip, dammit! It’s not like I had drugs or the Crown Jewels or kiddie porn littering the room. The thick smell of sex had mostly been flushed out, or had it? Shit! My sweats bulged with my sister-induced boner! Talk about lewdness! What a time for me to get my mojo back. I was going to get locked up!

I snatched a trash bag to hold in front me just as firm knock rapped on the door. Swallowing hard, taking a deep breath, I turned the door knob.

The female cop stepped out of the dim hallway into the sunlit foyer. I pushed the door closed. I looked at her.

I gaped like she’d slapped me with a fish.

The cop, Officer Erika Torberg, dimpled at me. Her hazel eyes crinkled. Her pretty heart-shaped face and her blonde hair, now done in an official pony tail, looked very, very familiar. The severe lines of a police uniform couldn’t quite hide the womanly curves and stupendous bust. The trash bag slipped from my fingers.

Officer Erika laughed and brought her hand to her mouth. “I’m sorry to give you a hard time on the intercom, Champ. Just having some fun.”

She looked down and gave my sweatpants tent an obvious appraisal.

“But it’s nice to see my bosom buddy is up and awake.”

“Umm…what…how…” I managed in an articulate, suave squeak.

“My partner and I came here last night for those exact complaints. You guys have to learn to be a little more discreet.”

“So, I’m not going to jail?”

“After the hospitality we received, not a chance.” She smiled and blushed a bit. “I cannot stop thinking about that insane tongue of yours. I’m just now getting off duty. I don’t suppose you’d like an slow encore without the cheering mob…?”

My battered heart slowed and restarted up again in an entirely different gear. “Oh, yes. Yes I would. But it is the morning after the night before. I might not be able…”

Erika unbuttoned her heavy vest. Her breasts rounded out the blue uniform shirt, the nipples visible even through a regulation brassiere. She undid her pony tail. “I’ll make allowances…”

I started to help undo the buttons to hidden treasures.

“Just one condition.”

I stopped and looked into her glazed eyes. “Name it.”

“Don’t let me forget my hat again.”

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