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The First Time I Dominated A Man

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I did not start out as a dominate person sexually. As a matter of fact I had a real complex about my skinny, petite body for a long time. I did not get real confident until I began spending time with my best girl friend Angela. If you have read my other stories you know that Angela and me have had several very kinky experiences together.

We share everything. She knows everything about me. When we have sex it literally gets me off to see her getting off and to watch her get other people off. For us, threesomes have almost become the norm. As I have gained confidence I have gained a very dominate attitude that has even spilled over into my business and school life and I must say that I have noticed that I get a lot more respect now than I did when I was worried about how I looked.

One night when me and some of the girls from university were out at the bar I was feeling very horny. Angela had begun to get into a serious relationship with a guy she met a while before so she was not on the market to curb my sexual needs. I have never been the kind of girl that fucks a lot of guys and I still am not. Something in me is waiting on that perfect guy to find and satisfy me and I don’t want to miss him just because I am busy fucking everything that moves. Men must earn my love and my body, i am a precious gift.

This particular night however, I had decided to find a guy and completely rock his world. I looked around the bar and saw several good looking guys who I was sure would run through fire to get into bed with me, but I was looking for just the right kind of guy tonight.

I spotted my guy by the front door. He wasn’t amazing looking. Was not real tall. Had no bulging muscles and was not tan. What he did have was the demeanor I was looking for. He seemed polite. Listened to his friends intently like he cared about what they were saying more than he cared about just looking for some ass. He even got of his stool to open the door for a group of women that were leaving! He was the kind of man that mama had raised right. A true gentleman and If I was correct he was also the kind of man who was always nice in bed. Never the dominator, always the gentleman.

I saw him walking to the bar to get another beer and I took my opportunity to talk to him. Just as I suspected, he was not used to women taking the lead. So I set the ground work fast and strong. I paid for his beer and told him to come sit with me. After talking for about an hour I looked him right in the eyes and told him I was going home and that I wanted him to join me for another drink. He may have been a nice boy but he was also a horny one and he followed me like a hungry dog follows the smell of bacon.

When we got back to my place I jumped him. I rammed my tongue into his mouth. I grabbed his cock through his pants. I took his shirt off of him and dropped his pants while I took his dick into my mouth. He was nothing special in the size department. A normal 6 inches, maybe a little longer with decent thickness but nothing I couldn’t get my hand around, kind of guy. For me this is just fine. I love anal sex, I mean absolutely love it and can cum from it just as easily as I can come from pussy fucking. I am also a squirter so as long as I can get my G-spot on a guys cock head I can get off real fast. Also, I have several large toys and they take a lot of time, lube and patience to get all the way into my ass. It is a nice feeling most of the times to be able to stick a dick in any hole I have and absolutely go to town without pain. So his normal sized dick was actually just what the doctor had ordered!

I could tell by his reactions from me swallowing his cock all the way that he was not going to last long. With this in mind I put on my best dick sucking face and started all my best moves. I gagged on his cock over and over on purpose to add to the sound effect. Then I pulled his dick out of my mouth and licked around the tip as I looked up at him with wanting eyes. Then I closed those doe eyes and sucked him all the way deep again. I closed my mouth around the bottom of his shaft, cupped his balls in my hand and began to suck like I was never going to breathe again without his cum. When you have a dick all the way in your mouth and you want to “suck” it real hard you actually end up with more of a swallowing motion. Whatever it was, he was loving it! I think it was the tight grip on his balls that finally sent him over board because just when I gave him an extra squeeze his first wave of cum hit the back of my throat in full force and I actually did gag a little bit. I backed off to get the rest right where it belonged in my mouth.

“I’m so sorry, I should have told you I was going to cum.” he said with honest concern. “You were just so, I mean that was the best I’ve ever… shit I’m sorry.”

“Baby it’s ok, I wanted your cum in my mouth.” I reassured him as I stood up from my knees and led him to my bed.

I pushed him down onto his back and climbed onto his face. I moved my tiny little ass a few inches above him to get him going and then sat right onto his mouth. He went right to work sliding his tongue deep into my wet fuck hole and as I played with my clit. I could feel myself closing in on my first orgasm. As I began to gush my girl cum all over his face I grabbed onto his hair and held him in place.

“What the hell?” He protested

“If I have to swallow your fucking cum then you have to swallow mine too!” I almost yelled at him as I finished my shaking orgasm.

“Obviously you have never been with a squirter before huh big guy?” I asked him with a laugh in my voice as I collapsed on the bed out of breath.

“No! Hell… was that what that was? I have heard of it before but never knew a girl who could do it.”

“Well I plan on doing it all night long!” I replied with a giggle.

I rolled over to my night stand and took out my favorite vibrator. It was very strong but not all that large. Perfect for my clit, my g-spot or my asshole. As he laid there next to me I started running my clit with the vibrating cock.

“Lick my nipples.” I commanded him and he did as he was told. “Ummm, yeah just like that.”

“Now stroke your cock for me, get it nice and hard again.” He started jacking himself off and as he grew harder I moved over to start blowing him again. I took the head of his dick in my mouth and rolled my tongue all around it. Then I took his whole dick into my mouth. That got him rock hard and ready for round two.

I reached into my drawer again and took out my lube. I rubbed it all over his dick and start stroking his rock hard erection. When I saw his eyes close and his face tense I slowed down my hand and pushed the lubed up vibrator right to the entrance of his back door.

“Whoa, what the hell are you doin….” he began to protest before I cut him off and said,

“Do you want to fuck me in my ass as hard as you possibly can?”

“Yeah.” he said quietly

“Then this is what you have to do to get it.” And before he could say anything else I started stroking his cock as I pushed my vibrator into his ass. I let it get just a little bit in and stopped so he could get used to it. Next i turned the vibrator on and watched him react like a girl does the first time she feels that lovely feeling inside of her. Then I pushed it in a little further and angled it upwards towards where his prostate is.

He let out a moan and I stroked his lubed cock and pushed the vibrator into him harder, deeper. He began to moan from me slowly moving my vibrator in and out of his ass. Watching his face, his body and his throbbing cock made my pussy so fucking wet it was dripping down my leg and onto my sheets.

As i increased in speed in and out of his ass i could tell he was on the brink of cumming again so i started sucking his dick as i really started fucking him. I pushed hard to angle the vibrating cock so that it would be sure to hit his prostate with every thrust.

He started pumping his hips up and down and his cock in and out of my mouth, and my toy in and out of his ass. Finally he let out a loud “Oh my god im cumming” as he shot yet another load of his hot cum into my mouth.

Laying there breathing hard and realizing what had just happened to him i crawled up on top of his limp dick and said, “I told you you would love it didnt I?” As i proposed my question to him i squeezed his dick in my hand and watched the little bit of cum left in him pop out of his dick head.

“That was fucking crazy.” he replied as he sat up on his elbows and watched my hand at work on him. I rubbed his lubed up dick head with my thumb as i reached back and played with his balls and newly de-virginized asshole. His dick began to spring back to life quickly and i rubbed it around the entrance of my soaking wet pussy as he grew harder and harder.

I slowly slid him inside of me and started riding him. after i got myself ready to go to work i pushed him down onto my bed and started riding his dick like i was I was a championship bull rider. Back and forth, faster and faster. Up and down, harder and harder. I could feel him swelling inside me and my pussy juice was overflowing onto both of us. I have seen numerous other women ride a mans dick and to be honest it pisses me off when they just go back and forth without all that much into it. When i ride a cock i work at it. Make every ride the best ride of your life is what i always say. I like to move in circles, faster and faster as i go. I like to get up onto my feet and slam myself onto whatever is inside of me. I like to imagine myself as a strong, viral man at the height of his fucking, pounding away at a women. Giving it everything he has. Trying to force himself deeper into her than anyone or thing has ever been. That is how i ride a dick, and it is exactly how i rode him that night.

As i got into a nice sweet sweat from the workout i was putting on him I quickly jumped up off of his cock and turned around so my ass was facing him.

“You ready for this tight ass big fella?” I slyly asked him as i looked over my shoulder and lowered myseld towards him.

“Your fucking amazing.” was his only reply.

As i got into a squating position i reached back and grabbed his dick and placed it right at the entrance to my tight little pink asshole. I pushed out my asshole so my butt would open up to him and as i pushed i put his cock inside me just a tiny bit. Once i felt him in me i stopped pushing and pulled my asshole back up inside of myself. This took his dick head from barely in me to past the half way point in one fast motion and it felt unbelievable having him invade me so fast. His gasp told me that he felt the same way :)~

Once i got him all the way inside of me and was comfortable with his size i started rocking back and forth. As i rode his dick in my ass i also played with my clit. Afer a few seconds i put a finger inside of myself and then two. I started bouncing my asshole up and down on his cock just like i had done with my pussy only this was so much tighter. I could literally feel my ass grabbing onto his cock as he slid in and out of me.

Three fingers in my pussy and his dick in my ass while i rode him reverse cowgirl anal and my pussy was ready to pop! I took my fingers out and rubbed the shit out of my clit as i squirted once again all over the place. All over the bed, his balls, my ass, his dick in my ass. It went everywhere and it was at that point that he grabbed onto my hips and started ramming his cock in me over and over.

“Oh my god baby, fuck that tight asshole!” I yelled at him. “Give it to me, i want your cum in my butt.” I started laying on all the porno lines, which is a good peice of advice. Talk to your man about what he is doing to you while he is fucking you. If not to teach him how to make the sex that much better for the both of you then simply because men love hearing women praise their fucking skills and women, there is something about uttering those nasty words that just sends your body into a place it doesn’t go without. The connection that your sexual mind has with profanity and commands is something they should really do a study on!

Anyways, as he was pumping my ass he pulled some kind of wrestling switch move on me and flipped me from on top of him to my stomach! I was shocked as hell but before i could say a word the tables had been turned on me and he was back inside my ass pumping as hard as he could.

“Your not the only one with a suprise or to huh you dirty slut?” he said in my ear as he burried his cock in my tight, tiny ass.

Him saying that pushed me over the limit and i felt my g-spot start to pulsate again! I reached under myself and slid three fingers deep inside my pussy and started grabbing my g-spot for all i had left.

“I’m gonna cum!” he yelled as he increased his pace in me.

“Me to baby, keep slamming that dick in me, dont stop! DONT YOU FUCKING STOP FUCKING MY ASS YOU FUCKING BIG DICK MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!” I screamed as we both hit the roof in an orgasmic tidal wave. His cock pumped all that it could deep into me as my pussy pulsated and throbbed. He colapsed on top of me and we both laid there, his dick shrinking inside my ass until it fell out on its own and me trying to catch my breath.

“That was amazing” he said, “The best i have ever had.” He made me blush with his sincerity.

“I have to see you again?” He begged me.

“If your lucky.” Was my only reply.

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