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I don’t think I can resist much longer. As I let her into my house, I watch my best friend, Brianna, with barely concealed lust. Her bright blue eyes and long brown hair entice me powerfully. I really, really want to kiss her. I want to see her round breasts, touch them, lick them, and do whatever I can to them.

I’m not even sure what I would do with her body exactly, I just know that this lesbian attraction has gotten into my head and I can’t get it out. I had never even looked at a girl this way before I walked in on my little sister.

I’m older than my sister by two years. She just turned nineteen. She’s a freshman in college, and I still think of her as little, despite her now-full tits and gorgeous body that has the guys always harassing our house when she’s home for the summer. I always wondered why I never saw the guys with her… and then I walked in on her and her blonde petite friend.

I saw the two of them naked and sweaty, her girlfriend up against the headboard of her bed, legs back by her head, and my little sister’s long tongue snaking in and out of the shaven pussy in front of her like some lurid scene from the lesbian porn my boyfriend always tried to get me to watch. At first I was shocked, and immediately walked out. I still don’t know if they realized I saw them.

At first, I felt horrible, disgusted, and surprised. I was seriously in shock, traumatized and dazed for nearly a week. My little sister, someone that I’d always thought of as a little version of me and just as pretty, was a lesbian! I couldn’t believe it! I started thinking about what someone with her body was doing with other girls. The image of that wet, glistening pussy with that long tongue sliding up and down it kept coming back to me. It was strangely and subversively attractive… but I was straight, so I tried to put it out my head. The thing is, I had thought she was straight, too.

I kept thinking more and more about what I had seen. Each day, my sister and her ‘friend’ would disappear at random points throughout the day, and my parents were totally oblivious. Were they running off to have sex? It really started to get under my skin, the fact that I knew passionate lesbian sex was secretly happening in my house and nobody else knew that I knew! I felt a little crazy.

I started looking up random myths and rumors I had heard about lesbians on the internet, trying to figure out what my little sister saw in girls. I was surprised to read that lesbians really could have sex all night, and it made me kind of dissatisfied with my boyfriend’s race to the finish line in our five minute sex sessions. I started looking at the other girls around me, seeing sexual potential and a secret sexual side in them. Really attractive girls started to catch my eye, when I never noticed them before. It made me embarrassed, and I hid it the best I could.

Then, my best friend Brianna came back from college for the summer. Her school got out late, so I had been waiting for her to get back. She looked amazing, and was strangely flirty with me and really energetic and happy to see me. She seemed different. I wondered what exactly she might have experienced this year while she was away. I wondered — had the friend I’d known most of my life had sex with another girl!?

I wondered what it was like. Did they get drunk in her room? Who seduced who? I started imagining those bright blue eyes and that long brown hair between a girl’s tan, toned legs, her tongue guiding her through an intensely sexual experience for hours on hours. The more I fantasized about it, the more convinced I became that she had had sex with a girl. It’s what girls do at college, right? Half my friends had done it, and I had never understood why before.

As the days passed, the more I fantasized about Brianna licking a girl, the hornier I got. I’m now at the point where I’m fantasizing about her between MY legs! And, of course, I can’t forget that powerful erotic image of my sister licking that girl’s glistening sex… it makes me really badly want to taste a girl. I’ve never experienced anything like it and I get desperate imagining my own taste on my fingers as being another girl’s. Sometimes, the urge is so powerful I’m afraid I might proposition my own sister.

I have to do something.

“Are you staring at my boobs?” Brianna asks jokingly.

“No, no!” I say, jumping out of my thoughts and realizing that I was staring. “I was just… thinking.”

Brianna lifts the grocery bag she brought, puts it on the kitchen counter, and pulls out a bottle of wine. I look at it in shock, barely hiding my excitement. What has she got planned?

“What’s this?” I ask, trying to sound casually interested.

“This’ll make the movie much more enjoyable,” Brianna says, smiling. “I can’t pay attention to anything longer than ten minutes without some alcohol.”

“Hah, me neither,” I agree, laughing. Secretly, I’m excited as hell. Is she going to make a move on me? She pulls out the movie, and I’m disappointed to see it’s a movie that’s actually good, which means we’ll actually watch it.

We make dinner for the next twenty minutes, and she continually seems to touch me on the elbow or side or shoulder while smiling and doing her part of the cooking. She’s way more energetic than I remember her, and we laugh and get along amazingly well. It really seems like she’s flirting with me, and it gets harder and harder for me to concentrate. By the time we take the plates in to the table in the living room in front of the TV, I feel like I might just explode. She puts in the movie and starts it, sitting really close to me on the couch.

While the beginning credits roll, she touches my blonde hair.

“I really like how you have your hair now,” she tells me, and I feel like her smile lasts a little too long and her gaze lingers on my mouth. Am I just imagining things?

“Thanks,” I manage to force out, along with a smile.

She lets go of my hair and turns to watch the movie. I take several nervous sips of my wine. She’s only a few inches away, and I can feel her body heat.

“Trying to beat me?” she asks, looking at my almost-empty wine glass. She gulps her wine down in one breath and refills both of our glasses. “I haven’t lost all year!”

I laugh, a little bit of my nervousness fading. She really has to be trying to seduce me, right? I start imagining all sorts of sexual things we might do tonight, the fact that we are so close only adding to the intimacy. I wonder what she’s thinking. What would she say if she knew all the insane lesbian fantasies I was having right now?

I keep sneaking glances at her while she watches the movie. I also make sure to drink rather quickly because she refuses to drink less than me. She makes a flirty game out of it, laughing and leaning against me whenever I try to out-drink her and she just guzzles a whole glass in response. In no time at all, the entire bottle is gone, and everything starts to seem hilarious.

She wastes no opportunity to lean against me or hold me while we laugh at every comment either of us makes. The movie, which I thought was going to be good but turned out to be ridiculous, provides a constant source of things for me to nitpick at and make jokes. I’m glad we have the movie, because I’d be totally silent from nervousness otherwise. Every time she leans against me, her bright blue eyes or cute smile or long brown hair catches my full attention and leaves me speechless for a moment. I can’t tell if she notices.

Should I make the first move? Is she going to? There’s no way she’s not trying to seduce me, right? She’s all over me! She’s picked a bad movie and gotten us tipsy! She moves a little bit closer, a little off-balance from the wine.

“So how’s the boyfriend?” she asks dramatically, and laughs. She and my boyfriend never got along. He was kind of a dick.

“Oh, we broke up a week or two ago…” I tell her, not telling her that I dumped him because I can’t stop thinking about girls… or her.

“That’s too bad,” she says sarcastically, leaning her chin on my shoulder, her wine-scented breath sliding warmly across my cheek. Is she sarcastic because she didn’t like him, or because she wants me and now I’m single? I bite my lip, her closeness making me freeze. I stare at her full lips, wondering if I should suddenly turn and kiss her. Do it, I yell in my head, do it!

But before I can work up the courage, she moves back to sitting against the couch and watches the movie again. The shock of what I almost did makes me shaky and nervous. I keep looking her over and staring at her breasts, which are very obvious and attractive at this angle under her tight shirt. I can’t believe what I’m thinking! This is my best friend of eight years, what would she think of me if she knew?

The risk is huge, but the possibility of what could happen between us is also amazing. We could have so much fun. It would be like combining my friends and my boyfriend into one person, without the dick — literally! I know she would treat me great, and, even better, we could run around having sex any time we wanted just like my little sister and her girlfriend… that word, girlfriend, really gets to me. I can’t believe I’m thinking this, but it makes so much sense. I want Brianna as my… girlfriend!

I watch her pouting lips and bright blue eyes as she watches the movie. How in the world do I bring this up to her? What if she shoots me down? I’ll be single and friendless. I always miss her when she’s gone. I really don’t want to lose her.

I sit in indecision so long, the movie ends, and when I look over at her, she’s asleep! She lies against the armrest of the couch, happily asleep. I should have known, considering how much wine she drank. I’m so stupid. What was I thinking? Of course she wasn’t trying to seduce me. I sit down next to her on the couch and stroke her long brown hair. I stare at her beautiful face, and something important occurs to me. I’ve already lost my friendship with her. I can’t enjoy our friendship if I’m exploding with crazy thoughts every time she’s around.

My heart pounds intensely, because I’m actually going to do it this time. I’m scared but weirdly relieved. I put my left hand on her abdomen and shake her gently. When she moves her head sleepily, indicating that she’s half awake, I steel myself. The choice is explode or do it, and I choose to do it. I lean forward slowly, and kiss my best friend’s pouting lips.

I kiss her lips lightly, not sure what she’ll do. I keep my eyes open to watch her reaction, scared that she’ll freak. Without opening her eyes, she slides an arm around the back of my neck and pulls me in closer, kissing me back. We kiss a few times, and all the worry goes out of me when she lays her head back, opens her bright blue eyes, and smiles happily at me. She pulls me in again, and I slide my tongue against hers, reveling in the soft, different feel of her tongue and full lips. It feels that much better because it’s her, my best friend. I can almost feel what she feels, and I know she wants this as much as I do. I couldn’t be more elated!

She kisses me passionately, putting her hands on either side of my face and pulling me close. Wordlessly, she pushes me back up until we are both sitting, circling her tongue against mine. I’ve never enjoyed a kiss this much, ever! Her lips are so soft, her warmth so intimate, it makes me want to melt. She slides her hands under my shirt, feeling my tummy and back and sides, seeming to love feeling every inch of me that she touches.

A slight wave of dizziness passes through me as her wandering hands find the base of my bra. It just hits me — a girl, my best friend, is about to touch me sexually! I just keep kissing her, hoping that she does. I really, really want her to, but she just keeps teasing me… ah, finally! Her soft hands feel so good against my breasts, her fingers pressed under my bra. It’s been a long time since someone else could make me feel pleasure through my breasts, but her exploring fingers feel incredible. She kneads my skin and brushes my nipples, and I shudder. Her hands go back to my sides, and she puts her forehead against mine for a moment, flashing me a very excited smile that I see out of the corner of my eye.

I take the opportunity to kiss across her cheek and down to her soft, inviting neck. I put my hands on her sides for the first time, slowly sliding her shirt up to get my hands against her skin. My heart pounds with excitement. All my nervousness is gone, replaced by fantastic anticipation of the things I’ll get to do with her. I lift her shirt up, and move down to kiss her soft tummy gently. Looking up at her, I see her bright blue eyes watching me while she smiles. Something about the way her brown hair frames her face makes her seem intensely beautiful. I kiss my way up her tummy, followed by my hands, which find their way upwards.

I slip my fingers underneath her bra, feeling the bases of both of her gorgeous tits at the same time. I shudder again, in disbelief and excitement. I’ve been staring at her body all night, and I can’t believe I’m actually getting to touch it! I look up at her again, and she smiles back at me approvingly. I squeeze her tits and rub them, the feel of her nipples shocking me in an inexplicable way. I just keep thinking — I’m feeling up a girl! I’m feeling up Brianna! I would freak out if not for her content smile and excited eyes that tell me that it’s all okay.

She reaches behind her back and undoes her bra, sliding it out and throwing it on the floor. I lift her shirt a little more, my hands now free to really explore her tits. In a daze, I lift her shirt up all the way off her head, and slowly return back to the sight of her full, gorgeous tits awaiting me. Her body is so beautiful! I lean down and kiss her nipples, first the left, then the right. She jumps a tiny bit when I first lick her right nipple. I suck on it, loving the feel of her breast against my lips.

I explore her breasts with my tongue, sucking, kissing, and licking every bit of them. I drink in the sensations, lost in how wrong this is and how right it feels all at the same time. She tugs at my shirt, grinning, and I slide it over my head. I unhook my bra and fling it somewhere. Her eyes widen as she sees my breasts for the first time, and she sits up, puts her arms around my back as I sit above her lap, and hungrily devours my left nipple. I arch my back, making my breasts stick out so she can get her mouth on them at a better angle.

I run my hands down her back as she licks the undersides of my breasts, and I marvel at how the soft skin on her shoulders feels. God, she’s so beautiful! I love that she is just as attracted to me. I can feel it by the way she tries to get every sensation she can out of loving my body, as if she’s wanted this for quite awhile.

When one of her hands tugs at my belt, I suddenly become aware of a whole new level to this that we haven’t broached yet. My legs and crotch seem hot, sweaty, and constrained by my jeans. I really want them off, but that would mean… I’d be in my panties, basically naked… and then she’d take off her pants, too… and then, oh my God…

I scoot back, getting off of her lap and sitting against the arm of the couch. I gulp nervously, not sure what I should do. She leans forward, close to me, and kisses each breast once, and then my tummy. She looks up at me expectantly, hovering near my tummy but not too close.

All those fantasies suddenly come back to me all at once, of her face between a girl’s legs, and then my legs. I remember a dozen crazy masturbation sessions to that image, and being hornier than I’d ever been before. Her smile seals the deal. I know I’m afraid, but I also know, more than anything: I want this. I want her. My whole body suddenly seems to turn to painful solid rock in nervousness. The only thing I can move is my hand, which floats down to my belt. I undo the clasp, and then flop my hand to my side, all my bravery spent. I close my eyes, totally overwhelmed with nervousness.

I feel a soft circle of moisture touch my belly button — her lips. I feel the soft moisture again, a little lower. I feel warm fingers fumbling at the button of my jeans, and then unzipping them. A tiny rush of air cools my heated crotch, and it feels good. I feel those warm fingers tugging at the edges of my jeans, pulling them down, sliding them down, and navigating them around my knees. Oh my God… I curl my legs to help the jeans pass. With an anti-climactic suddenness, my jeans are gone. All I feel is the cool air on my crotch, my uncomfortably sweaty panties, the dull fabric of the couch against my legs, and the socks on my feet.

I tense for a few terrifying moments. Where is she? What is she thinking? I want to know, desperately, but I can’t open my eyes. I jump when I feel her soft hands on my thighs. She gently pushes against them, and it takes all of my energy to move them apart. I keep telling myself — this is Brianna, she’ll never hurt you. The thought keeps me from freaking when I feel her hand touch my panties for the first time.

She just leaves her hand there for a few moments, and I wonder whose benefit it’s for. Is she letting me get used to how it feels to have her hand there? Or is she letting the weight of the moment sink in for her? Was I wrong about her having sex with a girl this year? Is this her first time with a girl too? The thought suddenly makes me feel very close to her, even more than I did a moment ago. This isn’t just sex for her. It’s about us, the two of us! I can feel her hand shaking with nervousness. This is her first time with a girl, too!

With my eyes still closed, I lay my hand on top of hers, guiding her up and down my panties, telling her silently that it’s alright, that I want this, too. Her hand achieves a gentle rubbing motion on top of my panties, and I let go, focusing on how it feels to have Brianna touch me there. Her touch is soft, but firm, and I feel myself starting to get really excited. The scent of my crotch somehow reaches me. This is more turned on than I have ever been!…

… until I feel her fingers slow, and then curl under the edge of my panties. They slid down my thighs, then around my knees, following my jeans to who knows where. I lean back, my eyes still closed. I feel her hands on my thighs again, and this time, I don’t hesitate to open my legs. The scent of sweat and musk reaches me again, stronger this time. I hear an intake of breath below me somewhere. Is she smelling me? The thought really excites me for some reason. Another few tense moments pass, and then…

A wet silk firmness touches the skin right above my sex. My body jumps. The moist amazing feeling slides down, gently touching my lower lips for the first time. Oh my God, it’s her tongue, it’s a girl’s tongue — Brianna is licking my pussy! My eyes stay tightly shut as the wet firmness explores me, first high, then lower. My scent grows stronger, while random jabs of pleasure shoot through me from where the silk muscle touches my sensitive sex. When the moist firmness suddenly grows, flattens, and slides from the bottom of my lips to the top, I almost lose it and scream. It feels so damn wonderful!

It feels incredible, and the more it goes on, the more I lose myself in the feeling and forget my nervousness. My mind finds those fantasies again, of Brianna between my legs, and another tiny wave of dizziness passes through my head as I realize that it’s actually happening. With my eyes closed, this feels safe and private, like masturbating. If I open my eyes and realize my fantasy, I’ll have to actually face the fact that my best friend is licking my pussy.

All the fun we’ve had together over the years comes back to me, and how wonderful and caring she is. I wonder, did I have a crush on her before but not realize it? Did she have feelings for me before, and I just didn’t notice? When I realize again that she’ll never, ever hurt me, I finally open my eyes and look down at her.

To my surprise, she’s looking right at me, her gorgeous bright blue eyes locked on the visible sensations rolling through my face as she licks me. When she sees that I’ve finally opened my eyes and looked at her, a happy smile grows in her expression. Her tongue snakes in and out of me, reminding me of what I saw my sister doing. I think I get what my sister likes about girls now. Framed by her tussled brown hair, Brianna’s face looks absolutely stunning between my legs. It’s a thousand times more powerful than the fantasy image I had. It makes a serious impact on me somewhere deep. I feel unbelievably erotic.

I can finally match the sensations I felt to her actual tongue. She starts a consistent rhythm of licking up and down against my clit. Combined with the erotic image of her between my legs, the pleasure in me swells beyond my control. Before I realize it, my lower body twitches, and then my abdomen tightens, my hands clench, and the skin on my face tingles. The sublime pleasure of this orgasm seems deeper, softer, and more feminine than any I’ve had. I forget everything else and concentrate on the wonderful feeling. The tingling and pleasure and twitching keeps rolling through me, and she keeps licking, watching me orgasm for a good two minutes. I fight to keep it going, not wanting to let the wonderful feeling go, but it finally subsides.

I lay still for a few moments, restoring my sense of self, incorporating this new experience. Her bright blue eyes watch me as her head hovers a little above my crotch, her mouth and chin glistening. I realize that she’s waiting for my reaction, to see how I feel. I smile contentedly at her, and I see her relax visibly. She’s so beautiful… I know this can’t be wrong. I touch her face and bring her forward to kiss her deeply, tasting myself faintly on her soft lips and firm tongue. Ah, I love that tongue! Tasting myself on her lips makes me realize that there is more I can do with her that I haven’t fantasized about… but I definitely want to experience it.

I push her back gently, pushing her to a sitting position against the back of the couch, her feet down on the carpet. I lower my knees on to the floor to put myself at a good height and angle for accessing between her legs, and I slowly remove her jeans like she removed mine. I keep my eyes locked on hers the whole time, trading expressions of excitement, happiness, and nervousness with her as I tug her jeans over her bare feet. I briefly wonder when she took her socks off, and realize that I’m completely naked except for my own socks. I struggle to slide them off with my toes. When I finally get them off, I look up to see her suppressing a humored grin at my sock troubles. I shrug and smile in response.

My hands come to rest on her lower thighs, and I find the soft heat of her skin very enticing. The scent of my arousal fills the air and the messy wetness between my legs makes me feel extremely sexual, especially knowing that her full, gorgeous lips were just down there. The sexuality brushes aside my nervousness effortlessly. Still keeping eye contact with her, I kiss her tummy and down her legs as I slide her panties off. I see the anticipation rise in her eyes and the tensing of her body. I slide her panties around her ankles and throw them aside, returning all the way up to her fearful bright blue eyes.

I kiss her again, slower but somehow deeper and more passionate than our kisses before. I keep my hands on the silken skin of her sides, listening to her excited breathing and kissing her cheeks and forehead slowly, until I feel her relax. When she does, I start kissing slowly down her body, taking extra time at her nipples, still drinking in the new sensations of making love to a girl. I continue down across her flat tummy, kissing her smooth skin until I get to the small patch of hair just above her sex.

I look up at her eyes again, and, somehow, her gaze erases any hesitation I might have had. Grinning, I thrust her legs apart with my hands. She bites her lip, her expression excited. I lower my head a little, and break eye contact with her to come face to face with another girl’s pussy for the first time. Not just any girl’s, either — Brianna’s! It just feels so right.

Her sex is literally soaked, the moisture of her excitement glistening attractively. I can finally smell her, too. The sweet scent is very enticing. I can tell that she is turned on as hell, and it excites me incredibly. I can even see her clit, desperately wanting to be stimulated. I reach out a finger, touching another girl for the first time. I avoid her clit, not wanting to touch it with a dry finger.

I slide my finger across the lips of her vagina, and pry them apart to look at her gorgeous sex. I look up at her and lick my lips, and she grins in response. I kiss to each side, and then, finally, kiss Brianna’s pussy. The first kiss, the first lick, and the first gentle suck of her delicious folds will be on my mind forever. I lick her from bottom to top like she did to me, reveling in the taste and wetness and silken sensation. Best of all, I get to watch her beautiful feminine body react to every lick and kiss. Oh, I realize happily, I am definitely loving this! I lock eyes with her again, conveying my realization with my excited expression, and something sparks between us.

“Use a finger, too,” she breathes, the first words either of us have spoken. It doesn’t shock me at all — in fact, the words slide effortlessly out of the spark that just happened between us. A little energy and excitement is suddenly injected into me. We both want this immensely. Why be shy about it?

I lick the top of her pussy, sliding my tongue in circles around her clit, while I explore the bottom with my finger. She closes her eyes and breathes out deeply. I lick and kiss her clit, but it gets hard to concentrate with the ache in my own pussy. I find licking her feminine sex so erotic that I can’t help but be turned on again.

“Come here,” I tell her excitedly, moving backward onto the open carpet. She immediately obliges.

“Lay next to me,” I guide her. She lays right next to me on the floor, her pussy close to my face. I lift her leg up with my hand, and she arches it over my head, giving me access to her. I do the same with my legs, feeling her exploring hands gently probing my sex.

“Want me to try fingers on you?” she asks, hopeful.

“Yeah,” I tell her, my body arching instinctively to the slow penetration of her wet fingers. Did she lick them first, or am I just that soaked down there? Probably both, I realize. She would know, because she’s a girl! Ah, the thought keeps hitting me and exciting me even more. I turn my attention to her pussy near my face.

“You want fingers, too? Or both?” I ask her, kissing each of her lips. I lick her just as she responds.

“B- ah, both, that feels good,” she responds, her warm breath running over my sex. I slide a little closer to her, feeling her tits pressed up against my abdomen and mine pressed up against hers, and move around a little to get a good angle at her inviting pussy. I’m well aware that she made me orgasm and I haven’t made her yet — I really, really want to feel her come, how her smooth body will press up against mine and how the walls of her vagina will clench around my fingers.

I put two of my fingers in my mouth, still tasting her on my index finger, and then slide them into her gently. She’s very tight at first. I feel her wince momentarily, and then relax. Slowly, I start fingering her, kissing her clit as I do. Strangely, it feels like I am doing it to myself somehow, because she matches my movements and pleasure jabs through my pussy almost in response to my fingers. Sex with a girl is amazing, I think to myself, but even better that it’s my best friend. I feel comfortable telling her what I want.

“Can you suck on my lips as you finger me? I really love that,” I say in between pressing my lips against her clit. I feel a soft vacuum against my flesh near her fingers, and pleasure rolls through me from it. Her crotch and legs move a little bit.

“Here, rest your head on my leg,” I hear her say, her voice coming from near the wonderful sensations rolling through me. I move my butt to let her do the same. From my new position, I hold my arm up in the air to get a good angle with my fingers. I lick the bottom of her pussy, nearest to my mouth, and I feel her doing the same, alternating between that and sucking on my lips while she rubs the whole top of my pussy, a gentle pressure on my clit.

The pleasure keeps hitting me from every direction, much better and more intense than any sex I’ve ever had. The more I feel, the faster I slide my tongue up and down against the bottom of her pussy, my head resting on her smooth inner thigh. I curl my two fingers into her, sliding them in and out of her vagina as my whole hand rubs her clit. I feel completely tuned in to her pussy, and the sensations that I cause in her. I absolutely love this!

“Harder,” she moans, and I increase my pace. I feel my own orgasm building, and she rubs and licks me harder, too. I feel her twitch, and I almost burst with excitement. An intensely erotic idea occurs to me as we near our mutual orgasm. I keep rubbing her, but move my hand down a little to give room for my mouth. I slide my tongue into her as far as it will go, her intensely sweet flavor sending me over the edge even as my penetration causes her to moan loudly and start writhing in pleasure.

I slide my tongue back and forth inside her and continue to rub my fingers against her clit, and her fingers and tongue continue their magic inside me, even as we both orgasm. Our bodies convulse against each other, her soft breasts pressing into me hard. Her legs tighten around my head, but I keep tonguing her. Most erotically of all, I feel her soft walls clenching against my tongue. My orgasm washes over me, supporting the wonderful sensation of my tongue in a girl’s pussy as she comes.

Our bodies finally relax, and I hear her sigh with deep satisfaction. For a few long moments, we just lie there, thinking about what we just did. Then, she sits up, and I sit up, too. Her bright blue eyes lock with mine, and a huge smile dominates her face. I smile back, and kiss her on the lips quickly.

“Brianna, that was honestly amazing,” I tell her, unafraid.

She nods, and brushes her tussled hair out of her face.

“Are you kidding?” she says, grinning. “Amazing isn’t even the half of it!”

She lays a hand on mine.

“Was that your first… with a girl?” I ask her, biting my lip.

She nods, sneaking a glance at my breasts hanging in front of her.

“What changed?” I ask. “Why now, all of a sudden?”

“Nothing changed,” she responds, and kisses my shoulder. “You’re the one who kissed me, remember?”

I bite her ear gently as it comes near me.

“I could swear you were trying to seduce me,” I tell her. “The flirtiness, the wine, a movie with just us…”

“Hah,” she laughs. “I’ve done that with you a hundred times. I thought it would never happen! You’re the one that changed; something finally made you do it.”

I kiss her cheek, laughing.

“You’ve been trying to bag me all these years?” I ask her. “Was I that blind? I never noticed you checking out girls!”

She shakes her head.

“I can’t explain it,” she says, her voice dropping to almost a whisper. “It’s not ‘girls.’ It’s… just you.”

I freeze for a moment, and she watches me fearfully. I think about all the incredible times I’ve had with her, and this all just really makes perfect sense. I look over her gorgeous feminine body, her smooth skin, her round breasts, her glistening sex, her lithe legs, and her unbelievably attractive eyes. Yeah, I decide, I could get used to this, for sure.

“Good,” I tell her, and kiss her deeply. When our kiss ends, her face exudes happiness. I recall those articles I looked up about girls having sex all night long, and a mischievous spirit overtakes me.

“Come on, we’ve got the house to ourselves for another two days,” I tell her. “Let’s go upstairs.”

Still naked, I grab her hand and lead Brianna, my best friend and my new girlfriend, to my bedroom. As I close the door and turn to see her lying on my bed, gorgeous, sexually charged, and inviting me in, I make a mental note: I’ll have to remember to thank my sister.

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