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Blindfold Hot Tub Party

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The craziest thing showed up in my email this morning. My close friend Karen sent it to me with no comment, just a link to the ad itself. The first odd thing about it was that she sent it to me around 3:00AM. The next odd thing was the content of the ad. It said that a married couple a few towns away was hosting an ‘adult’ hot tub party with a twist. Naturally, none of the people would know anyone else there, and the twist was that everyone would be wearing only a special blindfold.

According to the ad, this was made up of several layers of lace and nylon. This made it possible to see some very basic shapes, but not enough to identify people. The party was to take place in the host’s house, and the house had been set up for limited visibility.

Karen and I had been friends for years, and while we had never spent any time together as a couple, we were there for each other’s ups and downs. There have been a few times where I had asked her out but she turned me down each and every time, saying it was never ‘the right time’ or that she wanted it to ‘be special’ instead of a random hookup. I’m not really sure if she was interested in me as anything but a good friend, but I could have sworn I saw the signs she was doing her best to cover up. Intrigued with what she sent me, I was going to reply to her email, but decided to go see her instead; this is one answer I wanted in person.

Later that evening, I drove to her apartment with a bottle of her favorite rum. As it turns out that my timing was perfect. She had been at the casino all afternoon with her girlfriends and they had just dropped her off. Naturally, the only sober one of the group was the driver – and that was clearly not Karen.

After a tight hug, Karen softly pushed me back by my shoulders and stared at me. “Don’t take this wrong Mark, I’m glad to see you, but what the hell are you doing here?”

Holding up the bottle, I said “Just felt like hanging out with you for a bit, isn’t that OK? Got some glasses?”

She laughed and walked off towards the kitchen. “Sure, come on in. What kind of mixers do you want? Sorry I’m kind of not sober to start with, we were having a blast at the casino.”

“That’s fine with me, it just means I have to catch up with you!”

“Well you have a lot of catching up to do” she replied. “But if you’re going to do that, you are going to have to stay here tonight. Any problems sleeping on the couch? Again?”

We laughed at that, seeing how one of us managed to do that at least once a month at each other’s houses. We were friends, not lovers, so we got the couch instead of sharing a bed.

“You know better than to ask. Of course the couch is fine with me!” I replied, thinking once again how much nicer the bed would be.

Karen brought out our drinks and we sat on either side of the couch. After talking about her night for a little bit, I blurted out what I was thinking during a lull in the conversation.

“So I’m kind of confused with the email you sent last night. This sounds like an awesome party, are you going?”

A look of total confusion filled her face. “Um, sorry Mark, but I really don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Come on, stop playing around” I replied. “Late last night, you sent me a link to that hot tub party. Remember now?”

“No, I really don’t. What was it about?” she asked, shaking her head. She really did sound as confused as she looked.

“Maybe you should check your ‘sent items’ folder in your email”

She reached for her laptop, and as she turned away it looked like she had suddenly gone pale and got a bit worried. She wouldn’t look at me while the computer turned on, and she would hardly talk to me. Once she logged on she opened her email program and went to the Sent Items folder. Now there was no “looked like” about it, she was ghostly pale and her eyes got glassy.

“I’m so sorry Mark, I really should not have sent that email to you, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“So does this have anything to do with you and Max breaking up? Isn’t that what you told me you were doing last night?”

Karen sat silently, just staring at the screen. A few times she opened her mouth to talk but stopped before anything came out. Looking up at the wall across the room, she leaned back and picked up a throw pillow, hugging it to her chest.

“Now I remember, and this is going to sound really weird Mark. Please go get the rum and the soda bottles and bring them back here, we are gonna need it.”

On my way back into the room she started talking, still not once looking at me.

“So ya, last night I broke up with Max like I told you I was going to do. He was an ass about it at first, but then he tried turning on the charm. We had not done anything remotely sexual for about a month since he never seemed to be interested. Well he was sure interested last night, and our clothes were coming off when I realized that he was just trying to get one last piece of ass before he was out of my life for good. I was so turned on just then, and needed sex so much just then, but I didn’t want to feel used. So I kicked him out. I was not wearing much as I opened the door to kick him out, good thing no one was around!”

“Good for you” I nodded, “at last he is out of your life now and won’t be causing any more problems with you and your family.”

“Ya, I know. Now stop interrupting, I need to get this out. Yesterday morning, my sister said how perfect you were for me, and that I should be with you, but I told her we can’t because we are good friends, and that would just be too weird. But after Max was out the door, that was all I could think about. Well, that and the good parts of Max I got to experience. So like any normal person on break-up day, I wanted to drown my sorrows in alcohol, so I sat around and drank while I was online. Because of what Max started, my libido was going crazy, and I started looking up ‘hookup’ ads online.

“Then that ad showed up, the one you saw. In my fuzzy brain, I came up with thoughts that I should not have, and apparently one of them was to invite you. Just goes to show you how wasted I was, right? My mind is not where it should have been, so I apologize for sending that to you. I actually did not remember until this afternoon after I got to the casino, so I didn’t have a chance to warn you. I had actually convinced myself that it was just a dream. Mark, I’m SO sorry to have bothered you with that.”

She still wouldn’t look at me, her eyes were burning a hole in the wall.

“So what you’re saying is that you don’t want to go with me then?” I pressed.

When she didn’t answer, I continued. “I came over here to find out why you would send something so unlike you. I would go in a heartbeat, but it didn’t strike me as something you would normally say.”

Now she looked at me. “Are you serious Mark? You DID read what it said, right? Are you sure you could do this and still have us remain friends?”

“Well ya, why not? I’m guessing that you wanted this as a way to release some tension, to get over Max, and to generally go have a blast doing something a little different, and with someone safe who knows how to shut up and not let your secrets out.”

Karen stared at me, the corners of her mouth lifting up into a slow smile.

“Mark, you know exactly what I need. Well if we are going to do this, let’s do it.”

Getting back on the computer, she went to the ad. Damn, it was tonight, starting in about an hour. She sent off an email asking if there was still time to get in on this, listing her phone number as the contact.

After clicking ‘send’, she sat back and laughed out loud.

“You are such a bad influence on me! I never would have done this if you had not brought it up. Well, the drinks may have helped, but I still blame you!”

“Hey, I haven’t even had half of my drink, so it’s all you babe. Plus, I am still good to drive. Maybe you should go get ready to leave just in case we get a call back.”

As soon as she stood up to go change, the phone rang. Her face turned bright red as she talked to whoever it was, and she hung up a few minutes later. Setting the phone down near me she quickly said “I’m going to shower quickly, be back in a minute. We need to hurry up and go.”

During the ten minutes she was out of the room, I made myself useful by cleaning up the living room and kitchen a little bit. She came out as I finished loading the dishwasher. She grabbed her purse and then the back of my shirt. “Come on, Mr. ‘Boyfriend-for-the-night’, let’s get out of here.”

I laughed to myself on the way down to my car, but stopped when I realized what she said. After we got in and buckled up, she handed me the paper that she had written the directions on, and we were on our way out before I asked “So what’s up with this ‘boyfriend’ thing?”

“Well the guy on the phone asked if I had a man that would be coming along, and I just said that you were my boyfriend. He said you were very understanding. So now I guess you are my ‘very understanding boyfriend for tonight’ then, right?”

She giggled as she finished saying that, which made me kind of nervous. “Ok ‘girlfriend-for-the-night’, I’ll bite at the bait. Why is it that I am so understanding?”

“If you read the ad, it said this party is for couples, and it will be in the hot tub.” I nodded ‘yes’ and she continued. “Well, he said that there will be a couple of re-mixing stages during the night, so we will actually be with other people at times. That’s why you are my ‘very understanding’ boyfriend.”

When I started to reply, she talked over me, and continued talking for the rest of the drive. This time, I didn’t really mind since I wasn’t sure how to take this. Regardless, I was in for one hell of a night of sex, and I was actually glad that I couldn’t say anything. If I couldn’t talk, then I couldn’t say the wrong thing and take a chance on messing this up!

We got to the house just before the party was supposed to start. Karen had told me everything this guy had told her, so it was no surprise when we knocked on the door and it just opened for us. The dark black interior was slightly un-nerving, but that’s what we had been told to expect. I was carrying a bag with some last-minute supplies, so I put my free hand on the small of Karen’s back and we walked single-file through the door.

As expected, we found our host waiting and without a word we followed behind him through the dark hallway. She put her hand on mine and pulled me closer, pulling my arm around front. This pulled our bodies together, making it suddenly difficult to walk as I tried to concentrate on anything other than the feel of her ass cheeks against my cock.

We were led into a sitting room and our host turned to us, barely visible in the pale light from the other room. He was in a bathrobe, his face covered with a mask.

“Please take your clothes off now, and I will put your blindfolds on for you.”

Karen looked at me oddly but turned away and started undressing. The look she gave me probably matched my own. We had never seen each other naked, but in light of the evening to come we were sure to have a lot more time to get used to each other’s skin. I don’t remember my clothes coming off, I was busy staring at her beautiful body revealed to me for the first time. It took every ounce of concentration I had for my cock to not stand at attention right then. That didn’t work so well.

My eyes were still glued on her as the blindfold was slipped on. The host touched her shoulder to nudge her forward, and I followed as Karen again found my hands. He said “Follow me please” and we walked in the direction of his voice. I’m not sure if she slowed down on purpose or not, but I walked into Karen’s back. Before she could react, I put my arms around her and we continued. There was no way now to hide how I felt. My cock was planted firmly between her ass cheeks, and I could have sworn she put an extra little swing in her hips. I noticed she clearly didn’t mind since she pulled both my hands higher, placing them on her breasts.

“Why Mark” she whispered, her hand going between our bodies and grasping my cock, “I had no idea about this part of you, tonight should be fun.”

There wasn’t really a comment I could make just now. My mind was devoid of any thought other than the feel of her skin on mine. We almost fell as our host stopped and we walked straight into him. After a nervous giggle from Karen and a mumbled apology from me, he said to us “Here we are folks. You are the last to arrive, and we can get started now.”

To everyone, he continued “My name is Roger, and as you know, I am your host this evening. My wife Lana will be helping out with some of the festivities, and you will meet her in some way or another soon enough. This house belongs to myself and Lana, and one of the rules that we enforce rigidly is that there is no fighting allowed. If there are signs that you are getting out of control, we will try to fix them, but if it can’t be done quickly, you will be asked to leave. Any questions?”

Absolutely no noise could be heard.

“OK, good. Enough of the boring stuff. The first thing we will do is turn on the appropriate lighting and you can start getting comfortable in the tub. Lana and I will start bring some drinks out in a moment.”

A dull light appeared and I could see three other couples standing near us. Just enough light got through our blindfolds for us to see shapes, but not quite enough to make out much in the way of identifying features besides the gender. It appeared that the eight of us were looking around the group, but since we all had similar blindfolds I’m sure no one could see much.

Turning to face Karen, I saw she was distracted and took the opportunity to try to look at her body again. The view was still enjoyable, just not quite as stunning as without the blindfold. Making my way back to her face, I saw her looking straight at me. Busted! Well, tonight we were going to do a lot more than just look, but I still felt like I got caught doing something bad. As we were getting settled, some music started playing. There seemed to be speakers all around the hot tub, but it wasn’t loud enough to interrupt conversation, just enough to prevent awkward silences.

Karen put an arm around my waist and pulled me close, resting her face on the hollow of my neck. “Mark, thanks for coming with me tonight. Remember, we are just friends, so please don’t let this get weird, ok? We just both have an itch that needs scratching.”

“Sure thing babe. If this doesn’t scratch that itch, I don’t know what will!”

She giggled and pulled me toward the tub. The water was the perfect temperature, and we slid in slowly, taking time to adjust to the heat. I put my arms up on the edge and laid my head back, closed my eyes, and let the bubbling water completely relax my body. Only a few seconds later, my eyes jerked open in surprise as I felt someone grab my cock. I had almost forgotten where I was!

I looked over to see that another couple had sat down on the other side of Karen, making her scoot closer. She started stroking my rapidly growing cock as she pressed her body into mine. “Don’t get too excited mister, you still have a lot of time here.”

Whatever it was that my reply was going to be was cut short as Karen kissed me. Her free hand on the back of head, pulling my mouth tighter against hers. For what seemed like hours our hands went exploring each other’s bodies, while our tongues danced together as we shared each other’s breath. We were silent other than the random soft moans of enjoyment and lust.

Somehow mutually finding a stopping point we finally pulled apart, breathing deeply as we recovered from a bout of tonsil hockey. Someone off to the side cleared their throat and asked for our attention. Our hands still fondling the most exciting parts of the other one, we turned towards Roger’s voice.

“All right everyone, nice to see you are getting comfortable here. From the supplies you each brought, I have made drinks for you. Karen and Mark, yours is the Rum&Coke, correct?”

“Yup, that’s us” I replied.

Shocked to feel a neoprene covered sports bottle instead of a glass, I turned back to him. “Excuse me Roger, but what’s up with the water bottles?

“Sorry folks, this is the best solution we could come up with for this evening. It’s not quite as classy as cut crystal, but it’s the most practical for tonight. They are insulated to keep the cold in, and keep the hot tub water AND temperature out. So please be sure to close the nozzle every time you are done drinking. You will be holding your drink in the water with you, so this will make sure we don’t sit in vodka and drink chlorine.”

He got the expected titter of laughs, then he handed out the rest of the drinks to the group. I could hear the tops popping open and closed as we got used to the feel of them. The noise level started to rise again, partially from talking but just as many sucking and smacking noises. Before everyone got carried away again, Lana spoke up.

“Hey, attention please. You all heard the drinks that were passed out, right?” Lana asked. “Is there anyone that does NOT like the drinks you have?”

“Well OK then” she continued, “it sounds like you are all fairly easy then. Well, at least in your drink choices… All right, let’s get started. First of all, it is totally up to you whether or not you drink, and how much you drink. We don’t want you saying we forced you to do this. We will start out with a game of ‘Do You Know Your Partner?’, and whenever you answer incorrectly, you will have to take a drink.”

Roger spoke up again, saying “Ladies, please stand up and come with me. The first game is starting now. Guys, you stay put and Lana will get you ready shortly.”

Karen got up and kissed me briefly. She stopped just before stepping out. “Babe, don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope to lose a few rounds of whatever this is. My buzz is almost gone, and I want to go through with all this so I need to keep my inhibitions away.”

As she walked away, I couldn’t help but stare. As she went around the corner, I realized that she had a good point – a few drinks is fine, but being drunk or stone sober were both ways to make a mess of this evening. I made a mental note to go easy on my bottle.

Lana broke my train of thought by getting into the center of the hot tub and slowly spinning in circles. Her arms were out to the side, so as she turned her hands went across the laps of all us guys.

“Here’s how the game works boys. It’s kind of like the ‘Who Is In Your Mouth’ game we like to play with the ladies, but a bit different. Roger is getting the girls ready, so I need to get you ready. My job is different though, you will see in a sec. When the girls come back in the room, the lights in the tub will go out, and the room lights will go really dim. You will not be able to see anything but a vague shadow. The girls will walk into the tub and pick where they want to sit. The game is to know when your lady is sitting on your lap, and her job is to know when she’s on the lap of her man.”

One of the guys said “Well that seems kind of easy, what kind of game has so little challenge?”

“The part that makes it fun is that they will be turned around and they won’t know where you are sitting. Speaking of which, all of you need to stand up too. Take your drink bottle in your left hand, turn to face your right side, and put your right arm up on the shoulder of the man in front of you. OK, good. Now slowly start walking around the tub. We just need you to move a few spots over, please try not to fall. Keep going, going, going, going…. OK, stop. Now turn to the center again, now sit down and get comfortable again.”

Someone else piped up. “Ok, so neither us nor the women will have any idea who is where. So they just find a lap to sit on, how are we all supposed to guess?”

Lana giggled a bit. “Now that’s where my prep work comes in. You need to be ready for this. All of you need to stand back up please.”

She turned towards the guy to my left, then got down on her knees. I’m not sure why, but I was actually kind of shocked to see her put her head into his crotch. It was too hard to see everything, but there’s no way she could not have been sucking his cock just then. With the recent lack of encouragement, my dick was flaccid, just kind of hanging around, and I’m sure the other guys were the same way. Seeing and hearing her deep-throating this other guy started to get a rise out of me.

Just as I felt my cock stirring, she did too. Her hand slid up my leg, stopping as it brushed up against my balls. She slowly stroked them before moving her hand to the base of my shaft. Her hand held loosely in a circle, she teased my cock to greater heights. After the sound of a slurp to my side, she said “You can touch me too if you want. My body is yours for the next couple of minutes.”

She kept her hand moving while talking, so I just moved my hand to cover hers, helping her stroke me. About ten seconds later she let go and said “Hold on boys, I’m moving.”

Lana’s hand moved to my thigh to help guide her, and the next thing I know the warm velvety smoothness of her mouth was around the head of my cock. It was not quite hard at that point, but she made that change quickly. Her nose made it to the skin of my crotch before my rapidly hardening cock pushed the back of her throat and made her move back slightly. With a slow measured pace her head bobbed back and forth, teasing more life into me. Not like she needed the help, but I put my hand on her head to help guide her. Remembering what she said, I moved my hand down her face, past her neck, and grasped her breast.

She pulled off of me and said “Hold on again, I need to stand before my knees go raw.”

In the dim light, I could see her stand up, then she bent over and started sucking me again. Her hands were busy with the guys to each side of me, so her face wandered around my cock before her mouth found me again. The guy behind her took advantage of the situation by moving in behind her and as he thrust he pushed her body forward, pushing her mouth deeper onto my cock. Her slow moan vibrated across my cock for a few seconds before she pushed back again.

“We can’t let anyone have too much fun yet boys, there are still a few of you I need to taste.”

She turned to the side again to suck off the next guy, her hand finding my cock again. I lost track of time, but it seemed like only seconds passed before she had turned again, this time I saw her ass pointing towards me. She wagged her ass, almost as if asking me to fuck her. Moving a half step forward, my cock found her pussy easily and slid in without a pause. Her pussy gripped me tightly, she was just so wet it took no effort. Slowly pushing deeper into her, I pushed until my hips met her ass cheeks. With both hands on her hips, I got another half inch into her, but found it was not needed as she was pushing back onto me just as hard. There was barely enough time to sink my cock to the hilt into her wetness before she suddenly stood up and pulled away from me. Turning slowly in circles, her hand lightly touching our cocks along the way.

“Roger will be back in a moment with the ladies. When they sit on your laps, it’s up to you how deeply you want to investigate who they are. You can’t talk, and you can’t use your hands, and neither can the ladies. If you think your woman is on your lap, you simply raise your hand, and Roger and I will let you know if you are right. If you are wrong, you will take a drink. And the same rules go for the ladies as well. Now sit.”

No sooner had we all sat down when Roger came back into the room with the four women following him. Lana walked out, reaching down by the side of the tub and suddenly the room was pitched into darkness. The only thing vaguely visible was the slight fluorescent glow from our drink bottles and an outline of light around the doorframes at the end of the room.

Roger’s voice sounded out. “Ladies, please hold on to Lana here and follow her to the tub. You will feel where to get in… There you go. As soon as you get in, move around and find an open lap and wait for my command.”

There was some quiet rustling noises from them as they made their way to the tub, then the sound of splashing as they found their way into the water. A few giggles and squeals as the ladies moved around, and suddenly I felt some legs brush past mine, then another pair of legs touched mine and stopped. The noises finally settled down as they stopped moving.

Over the sounds of music and the hot tub, Roger’s quiet voice was the only human noise to be heard. “All right ladies, have a seat.”

At the suggestion of Lana, us guys had sat a bit forward on the seats and put our arms up on the sides of the tub (we didn’t want to look like we were trying to cheat!) Whoever was in front of me was moving her legs to the outside of mine, scooting backwards an inch at a time. The teasing from Lana earlier had got me all kinds of turned on, and my cock was still at full mast, begging for more attention. The only person I could picture in front me right now was Karen. The thought of her pussy touching me right now was all I could imagine.

The difference in pressure told me the lady above my legs was almost all the way down. Her legs rubbing against mine was almost torture with how slow she was moving. Suddenly I jerked at the touch of skin against the head of my cock. It had been moving in the slow pulse of the water, but was instantly stopped when part of her body touched me. She moved her body slightly to position herself just right. It was now officially torture. I could tell she was lined up right, her pussy lips perched on the tip of my throbbing purple head.

With exquisite slowness, she let her weight carry her down, inch by agonizing inch, until she was firmly planted on my thighs. Squirming her ass around a bit she worked another little bit of depth out of me. In my mind, Karen was sitting on my cock, but it wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t like this girl was super loose, but her pussy just wasn’t quite how I imagined Karen’s to be. The feeling was still great, but it was not what I was expecting, I just knew this wasn’t her. My hand had to stay down for now.

She moved her legs to the side of mine and slowly moved up and down, teasing both of us with her measured movements. Settling down all the way on my lap, she ground down a little while moving back and forth to get every last centimeter of me into her that she could.

Just as I was getting into the zone of pleasure, I was jolted out of it maybe a minute later when Roger said “OK everyone, time is up, please raise your hand if you think you found your partner. No talking, just a show of hands.”

A couple of slight noises caught my ear, ones of water moving as a few people adjusted to raise their hands.

Lana spoke up from just to my right. “Nope, sorry sir, but you are wrong. You need to have a drink.”

I heard the bottle’s top come open and the sound of him drinking, then it seemed that Lana was making noises. From the other side of me, I heard Roger step into the tub. He walked in front me and said “No I’m sorry, but he is not it. Time for your shot and chaser.”

For a moment as I wondered who was doing shots and what this ‘chaser’ thing was, I could feel the girl sitting on my cock as she moved to take a drink, then she leaned forward suddenly. She had been still for a little bit but now her ass was moving around again. After about ten seconds she stopped again. The voices of Roger and Lana sounded from across the tub with their denial and call for another shot and chaser. The sounds of the drinking hit my ears, then some more subdued noises.

Roger then called out “Ladies, please carefully stand up. Remember that there are three other girls standing near you, and move to the right carefully to find your next seat.”

The girl sitting on my cock slowly started to stand up, but only made it an inch or so before sliding back down, getting the attention of my cock. It had not started to go soft yet, but my attention was drifting. Her pussy stroking my shaft quickly brought me back to reality. Even though she was not Karen, I did not want her to stop, but suddenly she was gone, the only feeling I had was our lower legs touching. Then that too was gone.

After a few legs and feet bumped into mine, another pair of legs had planted themselves around mine. With much less delay than last time, Roger called for the girls to sit. My eyes had started to adjust to the low light, and now I could see the ass pointed at me. Not much of it, just the ghostly shadow of her body lowering herself onto me. My cock surged again as I felt only her soft pussy touch me. No hesitation and no re-positioning needed, she just lowered herself down on me.

It wasn’t a gradual process – once she knew we were aligned properly, she just dropped, taking in all of my cock at once. The feeling was intense! She fit around me tightly, she seemed to be squeezing her pussy around my cock. My head fell back as I fought to breathe normally. She felt so damn good impaled on my cock that I could have easily cum right then. This was exactly how I had imagined Karen feeling.

Entirely too soon, Roger called out “Time’s up folks. Ladies, stand up. Everyone, put your hands up if you are paired with your partner.”

My cock screamed at me, wanting the warm velvet embrace of Karen’s pussy to come back. Without a second thought, my arm raised itself up. I was confident that this was her. The tap on my shoulder and the command to drink was a let-down. Taking a large gulp from my bottle, my mind switched gears. Was Karen thinking the same as I was? Did she really want my cock, or did she just want ANY that were available tonight? At the same time I reasoned that since this last girl wasn’t Karen, there was now a 50/50 chance the next one would be.

The water churned as the ladies moved to the next lap and I felt the now-familiar feeling of legs straddling mine. At Lana’s instruction, the legs shifted as the latest girl made her way down to me. My cock had shrunk some during the shift, but at the feeling of a soft pussy made him jump back to attention. She bobbed up and down slightly, never getting more than just the head of my cock into her pussy when she moved away slightly. A lot more resistance was felt suddenly, and my heart skipped a beat as I realized she wanted me in her ass. Only once before had I done anal sex, and I loved it, although the thought of it was just as intense as the feeling.

Only about two minutes ago I was ‘that far’ from cumming, and that feeling instantly came back to me. As the head of my cock slowly eased through the tight ring of resistance, she sped up and sank half of my cock into her ass. Being close was immediately gone, and I had no time to even think, I immediately spasmed and started to cum. My drink bottle dropped from my hand, but I didn’t notice. My body clamped up as my muscles locked up in orgasmic bliss. A moan and a grunt may have passed through my lips before I could stop the sounds.

My hips moved of their own will, getting a few last small strokes inside of her. She made a low groan of her own, a sound of pure pleasure. She couldn’t help but feel me pulsing inside of her, and I felt her tighten around me, holding me and my juices in place right where they were.

At last I could relax my body somewhat, and my sense of hearing fully returned. There were a few small chuckles as everyone realized what was going on, then I heard Roger.

“Well we kind of expected that would happen folks. And yes, we are ready. Can I get a show of hands for their guess on this round’s partner? Lana, please show our guests who needs to drink? Thanks. Please take your drinks as you stand up, we need to move to our next game while we do a quick clean of the hot tub. You two please go hit the showers and clean up, and you can join us in a few minutes.”

My hand was raised, but I took a drink not caring if I was right or not. I didn’t realize until after that no one had tapped me! My cock was now fully deflated and as the girl stood up slowly she left my cock behind. Moving my body around the side of the tub I stood up slowly as the shakes left my legs. A hand on my arm led me out of the room, and I could vaguely see that Lana was leading both of us from the room.

We walked in silence down the hall to the bathroom and were told to wait. The noise of the shower came on, and a moment later Lana told us to both get in. The lights were low, just enough to see the shape of a very large shower, and the shape of a body moving in ahead of me. The door clicked closed behind us, and Lana’s voice came through over the water. “Leave the blindfolds on, and get cleaned up. I will be back in a couple minutes to walk you back.”

Putting my arms out, I could feel the soft warm skin of the girl I had just cum inside of. Moving towards her, we just stood in the warm stream of water for a moment, letting it wash the chlorine and bodily fluids off of us. There were several shower heads in the ceiling, so wherever we moved, we still got washed.

The silence was getting to me, and I just HAD to know who this was. Softly I whispered “Karen, is that you?”

Silence was my answer. I heard a bottle click open, then felt the soft liquid soap on my chest. She lathered me up, quickly moving her hands to my cock. As she cleaned me, the actions made me come back to life, getting half erect in no time.

Finally, she answered. “Hey Mark. Ya, it’s me. I was hoping you were the one when I did that. From what I saw and felt of you earlier, the other two guys just didn’t feel like you. Did you like my surprise?”

Sighing deeply, I said “Whew, you had me going for a second. Good thing you did that when you did, I was that close to cumming anyway. I can’t believe you did that though!”

“Well, Roger told us girls that with the level of chemicals in the water, we could do anal if we wanted. The water would quickly kill off the germs before the next girl took a seat. Besides, I wanted to give you something special, I know how much you always want that, and it’s something I like doing. But enough talking, we don’t want to get caught.”

Washing while we talked, we were about as clean as we were going to get for now. Going silent just in the nick of time, Lana came back in and said “OK lovebirds, time to get out. Don’t worry about drying off, just drip dry while you walk with me.”

We followed Lana, not sure what to expect next, so anything would be a surprise. It was still kind of a jolt to hear music start up a moment before we walked into the room next to the hot tub. We saw two shadow-like couples dancing, but Roger was gone though.

Lana’s naked body pressed up against my side, capturing my arm between her breasts, and over the music said to me “Just join the dancing while I find out what’s going on here, ok?”

Nodding to her dark shape, I pulled Karen to me and started to dance slowly like everyone else. We didn’t talk, we just moved in the dark, our hands roaming over each other’s skin. I couldn’t help but think that only hours ago this whole evening would only be a shower fantasy of mine, bit here we were. REALLY doing this! Amazing!

The song ended, and we all stopped dancing. After a two second pause, the next song started, and someone called “Switch!”

Karen patted my ass cheek in farewell and moved away. We all spread apart, and I moved towards the shadowy shape of another woman. I held my hand out to her, and she accepted it, and we came together. Hugging each other softly we started to dance, and it was only a few seconds before her hand dropped between our bodies to grasp my soft dick.

She whispered in my ear “Oh this just won’t do, he needs to be bigger.”

She stroked me softly, but that didn’t work fast enough. Only a little chubby was starting, so she backed away and bent over at the waist and quickly sucked my cock into her mouth. That was enough to make me stop dancing and just enjoy the sensation. A reach down netted me her full breast in my hand. It wasn’t very firm, but I loved it all the same.

Her actions didn’t go un-noticed, and very soon a guy moved behind her and sank from my sight. It was obvious when his tongue made contact. Her mouth froze and clamped down on my hardening cock for a moment before she started bobbing on me again. I couldn’t hear her moan over the music but I could sure feel it.

Now that I was good and hard, she backed off of me, but stayed bent over. She kept moving as the guy behind her thrusted a few more times. She reached back and held onto his hands to hold him in place. Slowly she stood up straight, making an effort to keep the cock inside of her.

Mostly upright, they both got a feel for the angle, and they started moving together again. She still had plans for me though. Just as I decided she was done with me, I took a step away, but she caught my arm and pulled me to her.

Her breath was heavy in my ear as she wrapped one arm around my waist, and her other hand full of my cock. Her voice full of passion, she panted into my ear “I love playing with cock when I get fucked. You don’t mind, do you?”

Almost laughing, as this was such a shock, I shook my head. Realizing she couldn’t see that, I leaned in and kissed her deeply. “Hell no, this is fucking awesome!”

Using my cock as a handle, she pulled me closer yet. After some awkward positioning, I realized that she was rubbing her clit with my cockhead. This was a first for me, and I wasn’t sure how to take it, when another first happened. I’m sure I had just rubbed cocks with another guy!

I don’t have gay or bi tendencies, but for some reason it just didn’t bother me. It must be all the other stimulation. As this mysterious girl used my cock as a toy, I was more than happy to touch every other part of her I could. It made me happy, and she didn’t complain, so I kept going.

At some point, we had stopped kissing, and I got the idea to look and see if we had an audience. Looking to my left, I saw another woman walk up, and as we faced, she instantly kissed me as well. While our tongues danced, I felt her hand join the other girl’s on my cock.

Entirely too soon, she stopped kissing me and turned to the other girl and started kissing her! Even though it was dark, I tried to watch as close as I could; these girls kissing just inches from me. The second girl pulled away and asked the first girl something, the turned to me.

“Fuck me. Please. Right here, and we can all play with each other. Please?”

Only once I heard her voice could I tell it was Karen. ‘Holy Shit’ I thought, ‘this is getting intense!’

For an answer, I pulled my cock away from the first girl, grabbed Karen’s ass, and pushed her into the other girl’s grasp. As their bodies met they started kissing again, and Karen shoved her ass towards me in reminder of what I needed to do next.

‘Happy to oblige’ I said under my breath, unheard by anyone, as I grabbed a double handful of her ass, relishing the feeling I had only dreamt about. Bending my knees a bit, I got my hips lower than Karen’s and gently pulled apart her ass cheeks to make room for my cock. Sliding it under her, I could immediately feel her hot wetness welcome me.

I wasn’t the first one there though. Something was in my way, so I put my hand down to investigate. The other girl had two fingers inside Karen’s pussy, and another tweaking her clit. As she felt my touch, her fingers came out and held the head of my cock and pushed up, dipping it sideways into Karen’s wetness.

One more dip of my knees for a better angle, then a gentle push, the head of my cock slipped inside my good friend. Not needing the build-up and anticipation, I pushed deeper, not stopping until I was as deep inside her as this angle would allow. As I slowly fucked her, my ‘girlfriend of the night’, I could feel the other girl giving us both a handjob. From Karen’s movements, I knew she was returning the favor to the other couple.

A thought occurred to me, and I knew I needed a distraction prolong my stamina. Easing out of her, I dropped to my knees and squeezed in between the girls. Lifting Karen’s leg, I put her knee over my shoulder and kissed her inner thigh. Not wasting any time, I dragged my tongue up to meet her pussy. Switching between licking her lips and nibbling on her clit was driving her crazy, if her grasp on my head was any indication. She pressed my face into her sex, demanding more and more of me, just as much as I was grabbing her ass, pulling her to my face.

Just as fast, she shuddered heavily and pushed me away slightly. I held her weight on my shoulder, but only for a moment. Karen let go of my head, and I pulled away. Getting back into position behind her, it only took a few seconds to gently slide my cock inside of her pussy for the second time tonight.

Moving slowly because she had just cum and I wanted her to still like it, I took several seconds for each stroke. The other girl and I explored Karen’s body wherever our hands and tongues could reach. Karen and I were now both rubbing the other girl’s clit as she started to shake. Her moaning was getting louder as the masked man behind her stared making noise as well, his thrusts getting harder and faster.

Reaching up with both hands, I was able to get ahold of Karen’s breasts and the other girl’s breasts at the same time. She was so close to cumming, she hugged Karen closely, muffling her voice with Karen’s neck. My hands, trapped between two pairs of breasts, were moving around until I found all four nipples. I held them between my fingers, trapping them for a nice squeeze.

That was the last straw for her, and she yelled out in pleasure into Karen’s neck, her body started to shake violently between the rest of us. I heard another man’s yell from the far side of the room but ignored it. The other girl’s orgasmic shaking was the end of the guy fucking her from behind. Her yelled out as well, mainly animalistic grunts followed by whispered moans of pleasure from the two of them.

Another man’s yell from across the room got closer, and then I could tell it was mad, not sexual. Karen and I were still joined, but with our partners grand finish, we had slowed. The yelling changed to loud talking, and the voices got closer, loud enough to cover the music. I got a bad feeling about this…

Roger’s voice suddenly cut through the confusion. “Calm down everyone, if you could all just take a quick break, that would be great, OK?”

The four of us just stayed in place, but the moment was quickly fading, the passion between us all dropped quickly as this other guy answered Roger.

“I told you last time, I don’t want her fucking when I’m not in the room! Got it? Look, there she is getting fucked by three other people, and some dude’s cum is leaking out of my wife’s pussy!”

Suddenly the lights blazed brightly, and I was glad to have my mask on. The light hurt my eyes, even though it was still mostly blocked. The loss of the shadowy figures made everyone’s nudity stand out. Reaching for my mask, I was stopped by a hand on my arm.

Lana spoke out from right next to me. “Please leave your masks on, we will have the lights back off in a moment. Sir, ma’am, if you could follow Roger that way, it would be appreciated.”

The girl that Karen and I had been playing with extracted herself from our group hug and walked off with Roger and her man. While they went out the door, I heard Roger voice again. “Remember sir, you were doing the same things she was doing, and if you think she is wrong, you were just as much in the wrong.”

The lights went back out once the door closed, and were plunged into total darkness. Our eyes needed to adjust, and I jumped in shock as Lana’s disembodied voice sounded from the middle of the room. “Sorry about all that folks. They were a problem last time they were here, and this was their last chance. No trying to calm them down this time, and they won’t be allowed back. The bad part is that an outburst like that really kills the mood of the party. Once it breaks up like that, the spark is usually gone for the night.”

“Seriously?” Karen said to our invisible host, “So that’s it? We all just get our clothes and ‘poof’ we go away?”

“No, not at all.” Roger’s voice from the other side of the room gave me another jolt, he had come back in without me knowing. “We won’t play another game, and trying to start dancing again feels a little weird. Why don’t we all head to the hot tub for a little bit to unwind? It sounded like a few of you could use a little break.”

Karen giggled quietly at that, and a murmur of ‘sure’ and ‘why not?’ answered his idea. We filed out of the room and made our way slowly into the tub, taking care not to fall or run into anything. The lights were dimmer than before and it was very hard to see anything at all. Accidentally bumping my hand into the butt of the girl to my side, I pulled back sharply, mumbling an “Oops, sorry.”

“No, I’m sorrr…. Hey wait a second! There’s a good chance that within the past hour your cock was buried deep inside either my mouth or pussy, and now you apologize for your hand touching my hip for a tenth of a second?”

That shut me up, and everyone else too. About five seconds of total silence followed before we all busted out laughing together at the silliness of it all. That was also enough to break the ice, and we sat around the tub just chatting like we were all old friends. Well, old friends that occasionally made out with whatever person they wanted to. And friends that would randomly have a few teasing seconds of oral playtime as they moved around when we all changed places in the tub every few minutes. Yup very comfortable old friends indeed.

The darkness, the hot water, the late hour, and the night’s activities were starting to wear on me. I actually caught myself drowsing off in the water. Needing to tell Karen it was time to go, I turned to her on my right and put my arms around the soft feminine shape and pulled her to me for a quick kiss. As our lips parted, I was busy caressing her breast.

“Hey, you’re not my Karen,” I said to her, “maybe she’s on my other side?”

The girl to my left giggled at me. “Nope, I’m not her either, but you should make sure anyway.”

“Well I’m smart enough to listen to the advice of women, so I will find out for sure.”

And I did a check to make sure. I may have lingered a few moments too long at times, but I wanted to be sure.

An exaggerated “Aaahem!” interrupted my exam, and I turned towards the sound of her voice.

“Oh, are you over here Karen? Where? I can’t see very well.”

She had been sitting on the lap of the guy directly across from me, facing towards me. Her legs were open wide as she reached out her hand to me.

“Come closer,” she said, “I want to make sure you really are my Mark.”

Taking her hand, I shuffled across to her on my knees. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply for only a few seconds. The girl I had been ‘inspecting’ a moment ago had kept her grip on my cock, and her hand followed me out, stroking me the whole way. The unevenness of Karen’s breathing told me she was loving the cock she was sitting on.

“Well you taste like my Mark, but so do several other people tonight. I can’t really tell. Stand up so I can try again.”

She got a few laughs from the circle, but I played along. The other girl let go of my cock, moving back to her seat. Karen pulled my hand to her breast as she bent over further, bringing my cock to her mouth. Sadly, she only sucked me for a few short seconds before sitting up straight.

“Yup, that’s my Mark allright. So tell me, my Very Understanding Boyfriend, what did you want to say?”

“As much as I want this night to last for a couple years, I think that I’m going to fall asleep before too long.”

Karen sighed sadly. “Awww, really Mark? Well, now that I think about it, you’re probably right. It is fairly late, and… and… well, I just don’t want this to end either.”

After a few seconds, I heard three more people mutter the same things. Looked like the party was done for the night.

Roger called “OK folks, if you can follow me, let’s all head to the shower and get cleaned up a little. Well, try to anyway.”

I knew the shower was big, but when we all crowded into the bathroom while Lana got the shower going, I realized it wasn’t big enough to really get us clean, it would just rinse off the chlorine while we played. Roger took me by the shoulder and told me to head in, the arranged the others in the order we were to go in.

The lights were dim in here as well, and when I felt boobs on my back, I took another look around. We were fairly tightly packed in, but still in female-male order all the way around.

From in front of me, Lana asked “Does everyone had enough water?”

Everyone said yes, so she continued “OK, we will pass around the body wash, everyone make sure to wash the person in front of you real well.”

There were plenty of giggles and chatter while we did as directed, but I was a little shocked to feel a hand on my cock when the girl behind me was soaping up my back, with the occasional grab of my ass. It took a second, but I realized that Lana was stroking me instead of washing the guy in front of her.

As I was washing her boobs, Lana lay her head back on my shoulder. “I remember this cock from earlier,” she whispered, barely audible over the shower, “I want it in me, and let me do the work.”

“Sounds awesome,” I whispered to her ear before reaching forward to kiss her.

She moved her ass back far enough to tease my now fully hard cock between her ass cheeks, still stroking me gently. Her other hand, from in front, cradled my cock for a moment before guiding it into her pussy. As requested, I didn’t move, I let her hips do the work.

The sounds I heard were more than just the shower and washing, I’m sure everyone was taking advantage of one last gentle moment. The steam was thick enough now that any sight was nearly impossible.

Lana confused me a little when she handed me the bottle of bodywash. “More suds on my back,” she whispered. I did just that, soaping her up liberally. I understood when she pulled forward and my cock fell out of her. She reached back and got a handful of suds to coat my dick with, and quickly pushed back onto me.

The angle was wrong to reach her pussy, so I tried to correct her aim, but she stopped me. She pushed back harder and I felt a lot of resistance, and suddenly my dull mind caught on. I grabbed her ass cheeks deep in her cleft, and pulled apart slightly. We were rewarded by her opening up a bit, and the head of my cock compressed as she guided me gently into her backdoor.

Her body jerked a little in pain, but she stood still. After a few seconds, she pushed harder, and then my head was fully inside her. One hand was busy grabbing her ass, so I held the bottle between my shoulder and jaw, I got more soap out to lather her back. It ran down and gave us more lube, and with one last push from her, my cock was halfway up her ass.

Moving slowly, I started thrusting into her, working my way deeper and deeper, a half inch at a time. She was incredibly tight, and I could feel my moment approaching fast. At the top of my next thrust, she stopped me, my cock fully buried inside her. I felt her body moving around, and then I felt another pressure.

As hard as it was to believe, she was getting even tighter. It took me a moment to figure it out, but when I reached around to hold her breasts again, I felt a man’s chest against the back of my hands. He was easing inside her pussy!

Lana said a little louder than before “Both of you now, at the same time. Go slow.”

Moving my hands back to her ass cheeks, I held on while thrusting slowly into her. I could actually feel the other cock inside of her moving at the same time. The super-charged eroticism of it all, not to mention the incredible tightness of her ass, was just too much for me. I couldn’t go slow anymore!

My balls were telling me it was time, and I needed to hurry! My hands moved to hold her hips, and I gave her all I had left, thrusting hard and deep. After about a dozen hard thrusts, I pulled her to me as tight as I could, getting as deep as possible, when I finally exploded. Holding myself up on her, three hours of orgasm fit into ten seconds of beautiful agony as I drained all my seed deep into her ass.

In my fog, I swear I could hear Lana cumming as well, but it could have been any of the girls. Our movement pulled my cock out of her, and I was amazed to feel that I was still hard. Even though I had just cum, I was still incredibly turned on. With another handful of soap, I cleaned myself off.

The girl behind me noticed I was done, and her hands reached around to help me stroke my cock. I mean clean it. Her body pressed against me as she inched her way around to my side, where she leaned over and sucked my freshly cleaned cock into her mouth.

The jerking of her body from the guy fucking her from behind helped drive my cock a little deeper into her throat. The hands on my chest got my attention, and Lana was now facing me. She went to her knees and licked my balls while I was being sucked. I held their faces as they started taking turns sucking me, and for the first time I could feel her the feeling of their cheeks as my cock went into their mouths at an angle.

It was a huge shock to feel it again so soon. I was going to cum again! Their mouths were doing wonderful things to me, and I couldn’t control my body or hold back anymore! With a loud ‘Oh Fuck!’, I started to cum again, not even a minute after the last one.

Suddenly I was sitting on the floor of the shower, with Karen sitting on my lap, looking at me. I realized my blindfold was off, and so was hers. A quick glance showed me I couldn’t tell if the others still had theirs on or not, it was too dark and steamy.

“Damn Mark, that was crazy,” Karen whispered to me, “I’ve never seen a guy pass out from cumming so hard.”

All I could do was smile. It took a few minutes to recover, but when the shower was being turned off, Karen put both of our blindfolds back on, and helped me get up on my shaky legs. Everyone filed out to dry off, Karen and I helping each other. No one said a thing, it was if it would spoil the moment to talk out loud.

Roger finally cleared his throat and addressed us all. “Thanks everyone for coming tonight. And cumming and cumming and cumming this early morning. Lana and I will bring you out to get dressed and see you out.”

Lana took mine and Karen’s hands and led us, still half wet, out of the steamy bathroom and back to the pitch black entryway. She turned on a night light in an outlet near the floor so we could barely see our clothes, then gave us each a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you both for coming, we really enjoyed having you. And you Mark, I enjoyed having you like that too, that was all a first for me, Roger doesn’t like that kind of thing. Goodnight to you both, and drive safe.”

Karen and I got in the car, and she drove this time. Alcohol wasn’t a factor, my legs just weren’t back to normal yet. We drove in silence the whole way to her place, and as we went in the front door I headed for the couch as originally planned, but she held me back.

“No, I don’t think so. You’re sleeping with me tonight. Just tonight, at least for now. But I’m sure we won’t have awkward issues right now, not after tonight. And I’m sure you won’t try to molest me, I don’t even think you can get hard for a week.”

She giggled at her joke as we lay down together, me spooning behind her. But just moments later, before we finally passed out, she giggled again as I proved her wrong, but at least she didn’t push me away.

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