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Blackout in the Quarter

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Cold rain, wind and hail pummeled the city. The power had been out for some time. Jeanne didn’t know the exact reason why. She didn’t care. She was just pissed.

The entire city had shut down, traffic had come to a complete stop, she’d missed her meeting, and she was soaked to the bone. Jeanne could do nothing but shiver in her flimsy business suit as she scurried down the murky, old brick street of the French Quarter. She held her briefcase over her head as if that would somehow protect her from the driving rain.

Finally, she found shelter in the broken tile alcove of an old building that appeared to serve no other purpose than to set an example of how quickly neglected buildings deteriorate.

The woman dried her face with her sleeve, though that accomplished little. Her clothing was saturated. She brushed her short blonde hair back with the palms of her hands. Excess water ran down her neck and back giving her chills. She straightened her dripping garments, and then reached for the door hoping this run down old building was open to the public…and warm!

As she took the old iron, door handle in her hand, she noticed movement near the far wall of this decaying, old storefront. The movements were unmistakably familiar. She paused, and watched, suddenly spellbound by the hypnotically rhythmic motions within.

The dark, nebulous outline of an embracing couple stood out against a dingy white wall. A small, feminine form straddled the hips of a much larger masculine form. The woman’s arms wrapped about the man’s neck for support. His hands cupped the smooth, dark globes of her ass. They kissed passionately.

The man held her easily as he walked a few steps forward until the woman’s back was pressed to the wall. His hips thrust forward and upward in time with their own sultry dance of desire.

The dark skin of the couple stood out from the graying walls, but the murky glass of the door window, and the low light kept Jeanne from seeing any detail. Yet, she stood there–transfixed, as if she were mesmerized by the couple’s graceful motions. She could do no more than stare, torn between her desire to turn away, leaving these lovers to their private pleasures, or to indulge her own voyeuristic longings.

Finally, Jeanne pulled her eyes away from the couple. She looked back into the street. The rain continued to pour down obscuring all but the nearest objects. Nobody could be seen on the street even if there were someone to be seen. She wondered where the next nearest storefront was.

Jeanne reached out into the downpour. A small hailstone stung her palm. Her fingers felt numb. Never the less, she struggled to summon the courage to dart back out into the frigid tumult. But vague, sensuous images burned into her mind. She looked back to the sultry scene within.

Something obscure, intangible like the images themselves, held her in this cold, forlorn, little alcove.

Shaking, not so much from the cold as from an uncanny feeling of taboo, Jeanne returned her full attention to the impassioned silhouettes. Her hands began to drift slowly up her shivering sides until they came to rest on her full breasts. She rubbed and caressed each. She let her right hand drift inside her prim but drenched business suit and beneath her sheer bra. She cupped her left breast, and tweaked her nipple. Her hands responded to powerful desires arising from vague, mysterious compulsions that Jeanne couldn’t quite pin down.

The couple inside had begun to move in faster, more persistent movements. They seemed to Jeanne as dark wraiths wavering indistinctly through the foggy, grimy, window glass like two exotic apparitions locked in a passionate embrace. Jeanne was swept up in their wantonness, and their yearning. Their carnal dance aroused a primal hunger within her. The pressure between her legs built. She rubbed them tightly together squeezing her seething sex. She felt the moisture collect as a single drop of her excitement oozed out, tickling her vaginal lips. With her left hand, she raised her short skirt, and rubbed her vaporous vagina.

Jeanne watched the big man swing his lusty lover away from the wall. He moved into the middle of the room, and lowered his petite companion to the top of a table.

Jeanne massaged her pussy lightly, but an even more demanding compulsion within her simmering sex needed to be satisfied. She pushed her damp panties aside. Her fingers slid inside. She continued to caress her breast as her right hand explored her damp crevasse slowly. The ball of her hand pressed firmly onto her swollen clitoris.

Her body reacted to each touch of her hands, and to each movement from the pair within the building in ways she had never before imagined. Despite the fierce cold and the driving rain, she felt a strange, calming warmth from within.

The dark woman inside lay back on the table with her legs high in the air. The man’s chest and shoulders pressed against the back of her calves. His hips pulled back and thrust forward in short, quick strokes.

A low moan escaped Jeanne’s lips when suddenly…

Another face appeared in front of her. Jeanne’s moan turned to a gasp. Only the grimy glass and a few inches of empty air separated Jeanne’s face from the handsome and distinctly masculine face of a smiling, middle-aged, black man.

The man pulled the door open.

Jeanne fumbled with her clothing trying to appear casual. She knew she had been caught, but still tried to hide her actions. This only made the man’s smile broaden.

He held the door open.

Jeanne stood speechless. She didn’t know what to say, or how to act. There was a beautiful couple moaning in the throes of ecstasy just a dozen feet away. An attractive, dark-skinned man held a door for her opening into warmth and shelter. The man never stopped smiling. Everything seemed so surreal.

The man gestured for her to follow. “Why don’t you come on in here, girl, out of the cold?” His voice was deep, and as warm and inviting as his broad smile.

Jeanne nodded and stepped past him into the small barroom. Anything was better than the winter storm raging outside. She thanked the man in a quiet voice as she finished straightening her skirt. She began to re-button the top button of her suit. Then, she wondered why it mattered. She was sure the man at the door had seen quite enough, and that the couple at the table really wasn’t interested at the moment.

The amorous couple looked over at the commotion by the door as the other man pushed it closed. The big, muscular man turned back to his lover as if nothing had changed. The woman smiled suggestively at Jeanne while she ran her hands across her lover’s body as if to show off her prize.

With her new vantage point, Jeanne could now see the couple clearly, despite the wavering candlelight. She was struck by how exotically beautiful the woman was. Jeanne returned the woman’s suggestive smile.

The old barroom itself wasn’t much to write home about. The place seemed old and neglected. The floor was well worn hardwood. The masonry walls were cracked and dirty. An old Wurlitzer juke box stood out darkly from the yellowing wall on the far side of a small, parquet dance floor. In the dim light, the bright neon colors of the juke box were no more than gray hints of their true vibrancy.

To Jeanne’s right was a beautiful, but aging hand-carved mahogany bar. A dozen wooden barstools lined up unevenly in front of it. Behind the bar, a huge mirror stretched from one end to the other. A gold painted, ornate frame encompassed the wavy, bluish glass of the antique mirror.

Flickering candlelight gave the entire room an eerie, ethereal glow. Jeanne felt as if she’d stepped onto the set of an outdated film noir production.

The man at the door walked toward the bar. He spoke freely and casually as if they’d known each other for a lifetime. “You must be freezing,” he observed. “Let me get you something warm…How about one of my special coffees. It’s like a cafe au lait with a little bite.” He smiled over his shoulder as he crossed through the service entrance, and behind the old bar.

Jeanne was confused. She had somehow found herself in a dark, little, bar in the middle of a terrible storm. She had spent several minutes watching a pair of total strangers fuck. In fact, Jeanne still had difficulty grasping the notion that she was actually pleasing herself when another man interrupted her indiscretions to invite her in for a cup of coffee with bite!

Everything seemed just a little too bizarre. She looked over to the man behind the bar, and simply said, “Coffee? Ah…That’ll be fine.” Jeanne thought of a thousand questions, but no answers.

The couple continued to make love on the table. Jeanne was still incredibly aroused. The man behind the bar spoke as if nothing was out of place. Bizarre was an understatement!

“My name’s Jimmy. This is my place.” He paused. “Jimmy’s Place,” he added as his smile stretched nearly from ear to ear.

Jeanne looked around to acknowledge that this was indeed Jimmy’s place. “Nice,” she lied.

“Not really,” Jimmy returned, “but thanks just the same. That lovely couple over there is Brian and Pam.” He raised his voice a bit. “Say hi, kids”

Brian never turned around. He just raised his left hand to wave. Jeanne admired his firm flexing ass, rather than acknowledging the wave.

Pam cooed a bit. “Hi, baby,” she said in a sultry, throaty voice as if they were longtime lovers.

Jeanne half-heartedly waved back.

Jimmy pushed the coffee across the bar. “Here you go, young lady.”

Jeanne turned back to the bar, and sat down on a stool in front of her steaming drink.

Jimmy never stopped smiling. He just smiled a little more broadly when the occasion called for it. Now, his smile was almost a frown of concern. He came from behind the bar saying, “Girl, you’re shivering.” He stepped right up to her, and began to unbutton her top. “Let’s get you out of these wet things.”

She surprised herself by not resisting. She let this man, whom she’d never even laid eyes on until about three minutes ago, undress her. She simply sat passively, wondering how strange this behavior was for her—for anyone! Bizarre rapidly merged into weird.

Jimmy pulled her jacket off. Jeanne felt the warmth from the big, gas heater hanging from the ceiling caress her shoulders. The man unzipped her skirt. She let him. He pulled it from her hips. She raised her butt from the stool to help. He pulled the skirt down her legs running his hands suggestively down the sides of her legs. The touch sent chills washing across her body.

The realization that she was in a public place wearing only a push-up bra, tiny satin panties and thigh high stockings with high heels made her feel deliciously decadent. She looked at herself in the mirror, and liked what she saw. She was in a strange place half naked, and a very attractive, middle aged, black man was taking his shirt off, and wrapping it around her shoulders.

The events of the moment seemed directed by an invisible hand, Jeanne did nothing. Things just happened, and she was powerless to stop them regardless of the fact that she had no interest in stopping anything. Jeanne wanted this odd situation to play out to it’s mysterious conclusion. She was lost in a strange fantasy that had taken control of her senses, and her desires.

Brian had stopped driving into Pam. He moved around the table, and was feeding his rather prodigious tool into Pam’s mouth. She still lay on her back, alternating between taking his manhood into her mouth, and sucking his balls. Pam’s legs were spread, her knees folded, and her feet were on the table. Jeanne could see everything spread before her, and was surprised to discover how beautiful she thought Pam’s pussy looked. She’d never been so attracted to a woman. She’d never even been with another woman, nor had she ever before been particularly interested—until now.

Jeanne took a swallow of the coffee, and coughed slightly after the first sip. ‘It did have bite,’ she thought as she continued to stare intently at the couple on the table.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” Jimmy interrupted her musings.

She looked at him quizzically as if he might have known something she didn’t. Then, she nodded, warily agreeing.

Jimmy stood in front of her. His right hand brushed her side, and settled on her hip. He gestured downward with a nod. Jeanne looked down to find her own hand massaging her cleft through her drenched panties. The bartender smiled, and took the coffee from her other hand. He placed the cup on the bar, and leaned forward to kiss her softly on the lips.

She let him!

‘This has gone beyond bizarre,’ Jeanne thought. It was like a dream–a chimera. She wanted to see how it would end even though she never wanted it reach that end–No matter how strange it got!

She looked into Jimmy’s eyes, and gave in to her unyielding desire. She surrendered completely to her new found needs.

He kissed her again, more deeply than before. Both of his hands were inside the shirt she wore. They caressed her sides, and pulled her forward. They moved up to her shoulders, and pushed the shirt off, again.

Their tongues danced and played in each other’s mouths. Jimmy popped the hook on Jeanne’s bra, freeing her full breasts. The warm air from the gas heater made her flesh tingle with excitement.

She showed her interest by letting her own hands move freely, frantically about Jimmy’s firm body. She loved the feel of his strong back and muscular arms.

Jimmy tossed the bra aside. He cupped her soft, pale breasts in his hands. Jeanne marveled at the contrasts. His dark skin and large muscular body was the exact opposite of her tiny, fair skinned splendor. The differences made her responsiveness seem even more vital than what normally should have been.

The uniqueness combined with the heightened sexual tensions made Jeanne’s body shudder and glow with the warmth of erotic desire. She moaned. An “Oh, God” slipped quietly from her lips as Jimmy kissed his way to her earlobe. He nibbled, and played there for some time before he kissed the side of her neck several times, across her throat, and up the other side of her neck to tease that earlobe.

She fervently ran her hands across his bald head, his broad shoulders and his strong back. She explored his sides and his well developed chest. She kissed her new lover where ever her soft lips happened to fall.

He kissed slowly back down her neck and down her throat to her chest. His hands cupped and fondled her tits firmly as he kissed the tops, sides and bottoms of her soft orbs until he finally came to her left nipple.

The man sucked the nipple until it was fully engorged. Then, he nibbled softly, and sucked a little more before moving on to the other.

Jimmy kissed ever downward. He kissed her sides, her stomach and her hips. He let his tongue stab at her belly button before he dropped lower.

In no time, it seemed, the bartender kissed her mons, and looked up into her eyes. Jeanne leaned back against the bar, spreading her legs even more, offering herself to him. He kissed her hot mound, again.

In reply, Jeanne used her hands to press his head into her waiting, wet pussy.

His tongue instantly dove into her pliant folds. Soon, he was flicking it in deeply and across her g-spot before pulling it out again, teasing her.

Jeanne’s moans joined Pam’s. She looked toward the other couple to see that Brian was once more between his lover’s legs. He was pumping furiously into her. Pam was falling quickly into an overpowering orgasm. Her moans were turning into words of encouragement. Pam prodded Brian on. “Oh, God…yessss, Fuck me, baby.” She screamed out as she drove her insatiable slit down Brian’s rock hard rod. “Gimme that big cock. Ooooohhh, yessss, that feels so good….Yes.”

Her words of encouragement gave her paramour all he needed. He slammed his mighty cock into her like a man possessed.

Pam bucked, and gyrated wildly on Brian’s throbbing bone. “Goddamn that feels Soooo good. Yes, yes , yyyyeeeesssssss….” She exploded in ecstasy. Brian exploded into her. His grunts blended with Pam’s screams, pushing Jeanne further toward her own climax.

Jimmy sensed this. He cupped Jeanne’s ass cheeks in his hands, and buried his face into her dripping snatch. His upper lip pressed against Jeanne’s exposed clit. His tongue firmly stroked her g-spot. Fast and firm, he pushed her toward the edge.

Only a few minutes after Pam came, Jeanne was well on her way, too. The white woman felt the heat start in her pussy, and spread in ever expanding waves across her body.

She thrashed against Jimmy’s tongue. He held her hips firmly in his hands never slowing the plunging of his tongue into her sweet sex.

He kept licking forcefully even after she exploded into his mouth. Not until her convulsions and her screams began to die down did he begin to ease off of her.

He kissed, and licked at her swollen pussy lips, careful to avoid her oversensitive clit, as she basked in the last few moments of exhilaration.

Jimmy stood, and kissed her deeply and earnestly. She could feel his compelling, carnal need. She reached down, and immediately found his massive manhood throbbing against the material of his slacks. She released the hook on Jimmy’s pants, and deftly pulled the zipper down.

Jeanne watched as a huge, black cock sprung like a jack-in-the-box from the falling slacks. His dick was just the right length to fill her without causing pain. It was also very fat. She didn’t realize the true girth until she wrapped her hand around it. She was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

The bartender stepped out of his slacks, and hopped onto the bar. After Jeanne had swung the barstool around, his cock stood straight out only inches from her face. She studied every line on it. This, she thought, was the most beautiful dick she had ever seen. At that moment, she wanted that cock more than anything else in the world.

Her hand shook a little as she wrapped her fingers around Jimmy’s magical, monster cock. She lowered her face to it. She kissed the tip. She pumped it once, and watched a glistening drop of precum appear at the apex. Jeanne ran just the tip of her tongue up through the slit, taking the thick liquid into her cock hungry mouth. It was almost sweet, and made her want more. She pumped that big dick a few more times, and took it into her mouth, sucking out every drop she could–Every drop she craved.

Jeanne let Jimmy’s massive meat spring out of her mouth. It bounced lewdly before her. She took it in both hands.

She stared as she stroked the voluminous shaft. Her pale, white hand was nearly lost in the dark enormity of Jimmy’s huge, black tool. Oh, but she loved that contrast! Just the sight made her exhilaration rise.

She craved the touch of his big hands, the scent of his body and the reward of his manhood. At no time in her thirty-three years had Jeanne been so excited–so insatiably horny.

She licked the bottom of his shaft. She sucked in his balls, one at a time. She nibbled softly on the loose skin of her lover’s dark scrotum. She wished that someone were touching her. Jeanne didn’t want to stop servicing this mighty dick, but she desperately needed attention for her own overwhelming desires. Her pussy ached for the touch of another.

As if in answer to her wishes, a set of big, powerful hands began to rub her back, her sides and her full breasts. Another set of smaller hands passed lightly across her hips.

In response to these new sensations, Jeanne stood up next to her stool while she continued servicing Jimmy’s steely shaft. The small hands at her hips traveled deftly to her round little ass. Jeanne felt Pam’s luscious lips light delicately on her hip. Brian’s cock pressed against her other hip as he caressed, and massaged her ample tits.

Pam kissed, and licked, and even lightly bit Jeanne’s silky, little rear. Soon, the black woman’s lips and tongue fell into the crease of Jeanne’s ass.

Brian dropped to his knees, and somehow managed to move his large, muscular body in between Jeanne and the bar. He immediately buried his face into her sweet, sodden snatch.

Jeanne stroked Jimmy’s rod as she buried her face between his legs. She let her tongue dart along his perineum and down to his tight hole. He leaned back on the top of the bar giving her more access.

Simultaneously, Pam spread Jeanne’s small globes and began to tongue fuck her, too. This was more than Jeanne could stand. Another orgasm washed across her body almost immediately. There was little or no build up. Jeanne simply erupted in an overpowering sexual release. She screamed into Jimmy’s balls as Pam and Brian worked her over like professionals.

The more Jeanne screamed, the more passionately the two lovers pleasured her orifices. Finally, they stopped. Pam stood, and moved beside Jeanne.

Jeanne missed her touch already, but was soon rewarded by a deep kiss from the other woman. They kissed fervently, and with a mutual hunger Jeanne had never thought two women could share.

Pam’s hand joined Jeanne’s on the massive cock before them. They alternated kissing one another, and pleasuring Jimmy’s pulsating pole.

Jeanne was lost in Pam’s loving eyes, as she felt Brian’s rock hard shaft pressing against the crease of her ass still wet from Pam’s ministrations. Jeanne had been so wrapped up in kissing this beautiful lady that she had completely missed the moment Brian left her pussy alone. He started to push his fingers into her backside. Amazingly, Jeanne found this even more exciting than she’d imagined.

Suddenly, Jimmy took Jeanne by the hands. He swung his legs up onto the bar as he guided Jeanne into the service entrance. He then reached out, and lifted her as if she were weightless. He laid back positioning Jeanne straddling his hips. His massive cock throbbed between their bellies as Jeanne leaned forward to kiss him.

Brian had moved up behind Jeanne, and was working over her ass with his tongue. Soon, he had her entire backside well greased from her own juices and his wet tongue.

Jeanne rubbed the top of her snatch back and forth across Jimmy’s manhood until she felt the head begin to penetrate her sodden orifice.

Then, it struck her. Another hand was guiding Jimmy’s dick inside of her–A big hand, a man’s hand.

The revelation made her crazy with lust. She slowly sat back on the fat cock entering her, and relished the feeling of a man’s rough face and big tongue simultaneously kissing, and licking her pussy and another man’s cock and balls.

That’s when she remembered the mirror. Jeanne looked over, and saw Brian’s face buried in her ass, tongue fucking her tight little hole one moment, and the next that same tongue was working over Jimmy’s tight asshole and pendulous balls. She let Jimmy’s cock pop out as Brian sucked at her puckered hole. The big man never hesitated taking Jimmy’s shiny, wet cock into his mouth. She felt his hot breath on her ass and pussy as Brian sucked Jimmy’s prodigious prick.

After a few moments, Brian guided Jimmy’s dick back into Jeanne’s expectant muff.

Then, Jeanne noticed the small, graceful body of Pam in the mirror. Pam was climbing off of a stool, and atop the bar in front of her. Jeanne admired Pam’s perfect little ass.

Pam mounted the bar and squatted over Jimmy’s face. She took Jeanne’s face in her hands and kissed her with even more passion than she had previously.

After they had broken the kiss, Jeanne noticed Brian’s thick, white cum trickle from Pam’s pussy. Jimmy rose, eagerly sucking the juices from Pam’s freshly fucked pussy.

There was no describing the intensity Jeanne and the others seemed to feel. There was something about this situation that was almost supernatural. All four bodies had become somehow mysteriously joined in their mutual journey toward perfect bliss. Jeanne believed they were alive with some sort of magical fire that enveloped each of them in a blanket of irresistible lust. She felt a thirst, or a hunger–some sort of undeniable desire that could only be satisfied by unrestrained love making. To her, at that point in time, nothing was taboo…nothing was off limits…no desire would be, or could be denied.

Pam stood, still clutching Jeanne’s face in her hands. She stepped forward, drawing Jeanne only inches from her dark, musky sex.

Jeanne felt no apprehension. She wanted only to taste this other woman’s sweet nectar. But instead, she paused to study this new object of her yearning. She took in the beauty of the other woman’s dark folds. Pam’s pussy was shaved. Her wetness had been smeared all about her genital region. Jeanne marveled at how Pam’s dark skin shimmered. She marveled at how the candlelight danced from the moisture highlighting Pam’s entire pubic area. Some of Brian’s seed still oozed slowly from this dark woman’s pussy like milky nectar on the petals of a flower only a breath away from Jeanne’s pursed lips. She needed to taste that nectar with a fierce, nearly overpowering desire. She allowed Pam to draw her face in until her lips pressed against the flower’s silky folds.

Jeanne began to lick, and suck at the folds. She spread them with her tongue. The taste was strong, musky and absolutely exquisite. Jeanne licked, and sucked with every bit of enthusiasm and longing within her.

She felt Jimmy’s huge dick now slamming into her own over-stretched cunt. He fucked her hard, and fast. His cock filled her pussy like never before. Her vaginal walls hugged tightly to the girth that penetrated her, brushing and caressing each nerve ending. Her pussy seemed alive, reacting to each mighty thrust with a new sensation of complete stimulation.

Jeanne loved the feeling of being so filled. New horizons of pleasure and sensation had been revealed to her. She doubted she could ever again be satisfied by her past conceptions of physical love.

She moaned into Pam’s pussy as she felt Brian’s fingers pressing ever deeper into her ass, stretching the slight hole into ever increasing dimensions. She would slide down Jimmy’s shaft, then back into Brian’s fingers.

Finally, Jeanne could take no more. She left Pam’s pussy alone for just long enough to turn to Brian and demand, “Goddammit, fuck me. I want your big, fucking cock up my ass…Now!”

As soon as she returned to Pam’s pussy, Jeanne felt the massive head of Brian’s dick press against her back door. The head had only just penetrated when Brian took Jeanne’s hips in his hands, and slammed the full length of his long shaft into her tiny ass.

The pain nearly overcame her. It was as if white fire radiated from her tortured rear throughout her entire body. She screamed into Pam’s sweet muff. Pam held Jeanne’s face tight to her sex. “Oh, yeah,” Pam consoled her, “That’s it, baby. That’s all of it, honey. You took it all!”

Jimmy pumped slowly into Jeanne’s tight pussy. Brian held still, his full length buried deeply into Jeanne’s tight, little bottom. He waited until she relaxed before he began to pump again.

Pam ran her fingers through Jeanne’s hair, and caressed her face and neck as she drove her pussy tenderly into her new lover’s pretty face. Pam’s knees began to feel weak as small electrical surges spread slowly throughout her body. She held onto Jeanne’s head now, if for no other reason than to keep her balance.

Jeanne could feel the changes in Pam’s body. This helped her to relax more. In moments, Jeanne was thrusting forward onto Jimmy’s monster cock, touching, stimulating completely her fiery, pulsating pussy. Then, she would slam her ass back down the entire length of Brian’s steel rod. She bucked, and fucked like demon. These two huge cocks filled her completely. The smell and taste of Pam’s dripping snatch drove her wild. Jeanne pumped, and thrusted ever faster and harder. She sucked the pussy before her with a renewed sense of urgency.

She wanted them to come. Jeanne wanted to be filled by their juices. She wanted to feel Pam’s nectar flowing into her eager mouth. She wanted to feel Jimmy’s fat cock explode into her uterus. She wanted Brian to slam his blacksnake in for one last thrust deep into her ass sending his seed erupting into her.

She wanted these things terribly bad, and she wanted them all at the same time. She fucked furiously as she felt the tension in Pam’s body grow ever tighter. Both cocks inside of her had begun to grow impossibly bigger, longer, fatter and so much harder. They throbbed and pulsated within her.

Jeanne heard Jimmy almost plead, “Oh, yes…Oh, yes…Oh, fuck…Oh, fuck…fuck..fuck.fuckfuckfuck…”

Brian slammed his long cock even further than he had before. He slapped her ass cheeks hard, over and over. Finally, he took her hips back into his hands, and slammed his pole mercilessly all the way in. His hips slapped hard against her ass cheeks. A long, sustained “Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh'” rose up as he froze.

Jeanne could feel the long awaited waves of electric fire wash over her like an ocean with a storm moving ever closer and closer. The waves of tingling fire began slow and small. Then, they built steadily, one upon the other, higher and higher, faster and faster, stronger and stronger, building toward a peak somewhere over nirvana.

Jeanne rode each wave ever higher.

Pam pulled Jeanne hard into her spasming cunt. Her body had stiffened. Her pussy thrust into Jeanne’s burrowing tongue. Pam screamed up and into the ceiling over and over as her passion flooded into Jeanne’s willing mouth. Pam would not let that pretty face go. She held tightly as spasm after spasm wracked her helpless body and mind.

Jeanne held on smothered by Pam’s violent throes of ecstasy. The waves of delight carried her body and mind yet higher, longer and stronger into the land of perfect pleasure.

Brian’s long rod erupted like a fire hose inside Jeanne’s over-wrought ass. He held her hips and pressed into her with all of his might. Jeanne felt jet after jet of his man seed fill her. She could feel each powerful recoil of his dick as he emptied his load into her.

Jimmy’s fat cock throbbed tremendously as he slammed into Jeanne’s tight cunt. Each time he slammed his fuck stick home another load of cum shot deep into Jeanne’s pussy filling her with his thick sperm.

Feeling the hot cum of these two men spilling into her, Jeanne let go of any inhibition that may have remained. She drew in all of the passion and lust of her lovers. She felt their exhilaration as it seemed to converge into one massive release from the center of her being.

She let her body go. The waves of erotic fire had built into one last tidal wave. Everything had gone black. Lights exploded in her head. The elation was primal–Complete.

Jeanne’s body flew up and over that last, longest and biggest peak of orgasm into a perfect climax existing in a place of pure pleasure. She knew she wasn’t breathing–couldn’t breathe. She knew her mind had left her body. She floated somewhere over life, somewhere beyond simple delight. She had left the waves of physical orgasm, and rode the currents of pure joy—the tides perfect bliss.

She didn’t want to return. She wanted to ride these waves of infinite ecstasy forever. But she had no choice. The currents carried her back onto the waves of physical pleasure where she slid regretfully back down to the real world.

Pam let go of Jeanne’s head, and fell forward onto her. Jeanne could at last catch her breath as the two women embraced, and fell almost as one atop Jimmy.

Jimmy, breathing heavily, embraced the two women, one on either side. Brian fell forward, too. His lips fell onto Jimmy’s, and they kissed lovingly. To Jeanne, this now seemed very natural. Then, Brian turned, and kissed her in the same way. Jimmy’s lips fell upon Pam. Finally, Jeanne was able to feel the soft lips of Pam press to hers one last time.

They all embraced affectionately. The warmth of idyllic sexual satisfaction settled over the lovers like a soft blanket as lights flashed on behind the bar. Electronic gadgets beeped and whirred. The old Wurlitzer flickered back to bright neon life. The record arm rolled out, and dropped a disc onto the turn table. BB King’s The Thrill Is Gone wafted out into the quiet air of the bedraggled old bar, drowning out the sound of four people’s satisfied breathing.

They all smiled contentedly as they lay still kissing and cuddling peacefully.


The air outside was cold, crisp and clear. Night had settled in. The city had come back to life. Tourists once more milled about on the cold, wet streets of the French Quarter.

Jeanne opened the door to the cab before turning back to the old, decrepit pub. A bright new sign hung from above the broken alcove. It read “Jimmy’s Place.”

On the old, mortar columns at either side of the blighted alcove were other words chiseled into the concrete. Jeanne had to squint to read the worn lettering. It read “Marie Laveau’s Voodoo Emporium, Est. 1832.”

Jeanne shook her head, smiled and entered the cab.

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