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Locker Room Revelation

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It wasn’t a regular day of practice; only Hank and I had come in, and we’d worked out in the gym after we’d done laps on the field. I could tell he was steamed about something, but I didn’t ask about what. He had finished first, and it looked like I had the locker room to myself when I came in from the gym. I took a quick shower and pulled on my briefs and some baggy shorts and an athletic T, and there he was, right at my locker before I had gotten around to pulling my sneakers on. There was fire in his eyes, and he slammed my locker closed with his fist.

“What’s the matter, Hank?” I didn’t want to have Hank upset at me. He was a real hunk of a man and could probably break me in two without raising a sweat.

“I saw you in Hardesties the other night, didn’t I?”

Oh God, I was sure I wouldn’t be seen going into that gay bar.

“Oh, shit,” I said. “Okay, I admit I was there. But you don’t have to tell anyone, do you? I was just . . .” If this got out of control and was talked around, I’d be out of a job.

“Tell anyone?” Hank yelled at me. “Don’t you get it, I saw in you Hardesties. That means I was in Hardesties. I’ve wanted you for two years, and I just now find out that you are cruising.”

I just stood there, giving him a blank look. And just as I got it, he was on me.

“Hank, I’m not . . . ” I started to say, but I got nothing else out, because he came right up to me, wrapped his left hand around the back of my head and pulled me in to a hungry, almost brutal kiss. He had my lips parted with his and was sucking face for all his might. Meanwhile, his right hand had gone to my basket and he was feeling me through the two thin layers of clothing, finding my cock, measuring the whole length of It, and ending by grabbing my balls and almost lifting me off the ground. I groaned, and my cock began to engorge at the assault. While still holding me in a lip lock, his hand traveled up to my belly and then under the rim of my shorts and briefs and dove for my cock. Skin on skin now, and I found I was getting as excited as he was. I lost control. My hands strayed to the hem of his T-shirt and I let my hands slide under and then up his fantastic abs to his bulging pecs. His hands flew to work. He reached down for the hem of my T and pulled it off me and threw it to the side, and in the very next motion, he did the same thing with his. Then he jerked off his shorts, and there he stood, erect and magnificent, and not a little frightening. He jerked my shorts and briefs down in one swift move, going down in front of me, banging me up against my locker and attacking my hardening cock with his mouth.

“Oh, God, you have no idea how I’ve longed to suck this big prick,” he said between licks and swallows. And, he was right. I’d had no idea.

“Straddle the bench with your legs and sit down,” he commanded. I did so, rather numbly. I still hadn’t gotten adjusted to the sudden assault. He sat down facing me. His big dick running along the bench seat, pointed at me. He scooted up to me, so his knees were pushing mine out and away from the bench, put a big mitt on my chest and said, “Lay back.”

I laid back as his hand pushed me down. He leaned in over me, his dick running up beside mine and I gave a little shudder as his mouth went to my nipples. First the right one and then the left. He sucked and nipped and bit, and I squirmed. Not knowing what else to do with them, my hands went to his shoulder and back muscles and I massaged them. He didn’t stay at my nipples long with his mouth. He didn’t seem to be staying anywhere very long. His tongue and sucking kisses moved to my sternum and then descended as his hands covered my pecs and held me pinned flat to the bench. He was sliding away from me now, and I lost touch with his prick. He was at my navel, tonguing and sucking and then on my flat belly, tonguing through my pubic hair, and he had my rod in his mouth again. He spent a little longer there, as I did some squirming and bucking and trying to reason with him.

“Umm, Hank. Don’t you think we should be going slower on this—and maybe somewhere else, if at all?”

“Shut up, Stud,” was his reply. “I’ve been building this up for you for two years and I never knew I had a chance. I think I’m going to explode, and when I do, I want it to be in you.” That sounded rather ominous, and I started to try to get up, but he pushed me back with his strong arms and latched onto my prick with his teeth. I was hard and panting when he left my rod and moved to my balls. He swallowed those whole and then popped them out and gave them some nibbles. The last few minutes he had my cock in his mouth, he had brought his right hand down and was fingering my asshole. Directly from my balls, he moved to my asshole with his lips and tongue and slobbered me up pretty good down there. I was afraid he was going to make do just with that; I knew from his grunting and groaning sounds that he wasn’t going to wait long to split me, but he reached down and came up with a little tube of lubricant. He had come prepared. He quickly lathered up my hole and stuck his finger in it, pushing on in past the sphincter and being drawn to my prostate, which he firmly pressed, causing me to almost piss, but quickly making me moan and leak cum.

He rose up on his feet, his erection standing straight out from his body, and lathered his tool up as I watched in awe and fear. He was a wild man. I knew it would be useless even to try to stop him or slow him down.

“Turn over on the bench,” he said. And then when I didn’t react fast enough. “Turn over, I said,” and he reached down and pulled me up and flipped me over. My hard cock was painful lying between my body and the hard, cold bench, but Hank wasn’t to be denied. His lubricated fingers went back to my ass, and he inserted them and forced the hole more open, all the time rotating and flipping them up and down, driving me crazy. Then he had his hands on my hips and pulled my butt up in the air.

“Stand where I put you,” he directed, and he moved me up to the level of his cock, where he was standing behind me.

“Umm, Hank, I’ve never really . . .” His answer was a slap across one of my butt cheeks. While holding his left hand to my left hip to show what level he wanted me to maintain, his right hand guided his cock to my hole and he pushed in to the rim of the glans.”

“God, Hank, just hold on a minute!” He did hold there several seconds, but then was pushing again. He had trouble getting farther in, and commanded, “Widen your legs. Give me a bigger hole.” I wondered really how I was going to manage that, but I did widen my stance. I had one arm between my head and the bench to protect my brains from being banged to death and the other arm was wrapped around the bench to keep me steady. Hank was now using both hands to pull my butt cheeks as far apart as possible. With a grunt, his dong went past the sphincter, which pulled him in a few more inches.

“Ahh,” he intoned, as he held there for a few seconds. But then, with another grunt he was pushing right on in. I screamed in pain, but subsided as the pleasure of being wanted this much by another man and of being so intimately stuffed to the fullest turned the pain to pleasure. And then he was pumping, taking slow, long strokes to begin with. Fully encased, He stood, bringing me up with him. He buried his mouth in the side of my neck, finding the throbbing artery there and driving me wild with ecstasy. I arched my chest, pulling my butt up to give him full, close access, and I laced my hands behind his neck, drawing my torso taut. He had his hands on my chest, rubbing my nipples with his thumbs.

But then he lost himself and pushed me back down on the bench, planted a strong hand in the middle of the small of my back, and just pumped wildly away, until with a scream of satisfaction and fulfilled fantasies, he shot his load deep inside me.

Hank collapsed on top of me then, wrapping his arms around me and nuzzling in my neck. “That was the greatest, Baby,” he cooed in my ear. “You are just the fuck that I imagined.”

“Hank,” I whispered. “Could I say something now?”


“When you saw me in Hardesties, I was just trying to pull my kid brother out of there. I’m not really gay. I’ve never done it with a guy before.”

“Oh, my so sorry,” Hank responded, all embarrassed. He started to pull out of me and stand up.

But, I whipped both of my hands back to his butt cheeks and pulled him back into me. “No apologies necessary, Hank. Could you fuck me again, please—just like that last one?”

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