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Best Girl Friends

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The Visit

As Suzanne lay on the bed and reached under her friend’s black lacy bra to feel her firm round breasts and engorged nipples, and their tongues hungrily searched each others mouths, she thought back to the events which led to this moment – the email offering her a week in the countryside, away from the kids and the chance to unwind in the sun, skinny dipping in the pool together and have some great chats with one of her best friends.

The girls had a couple of days together before Carla’s husband, Jack, returned from overseas and they made the most of it with wine and intimate chats…

On the second day they went to a local boutique where Carla was keen to purchase some sexy new underwear as a surprise for Jack’s birthday. Suzanne admired her blonde friend’s trim curvaceous body whenever she emerged from the changing room to show her each outfit, and as she became tipsy on the champagne the exclusive shop had provided, she started to feel slightly aroused at the tantalising peeks which she was getting of her friends smooth creamy skin and her rounded full bottom and breasts encased in leather and lace. Still, Suzanne thought, although she had had some wonderfully sensual relationships with women in the past they were good friends and it would probably ruin their friendship, so best to ignore the feelings she was now experiencing.

Later on in Carla’s lounge as the sky darkened outside, they sat close together on the sofa, giggling over a few glasses of wine at how Jack would react coming home to find the two of them on the sofa in their high heels and sexy underwear. As their hands touched reaching for the wine bottle Carla suddenly said “Hey, let’s have a fashion show!” and pulled her friend towards the bedroom.

As she perched on the large double bed watching Carla open the package of skimpy intimate items Suzanne realised that the wine and sexy outfits could easily make her feel more for her best friend than she probably should.

Carla disappeared into the bathroom to change, leaving Suzanne feeling increasingly aroused at the thought of seeing her friend alone in her bedroom in such provocative clothing. She loved her friend’s conversation and outlook on life, and her new found attraction had added a complication which risked their close friendship if Carla didn’t feel the same way.

So, dressed herself in tight denim jeans and skimpy vest top, Suzanne admired her own curvy body in the mirror opposite the bed while she waited in anticipation for Carla to return. She looked at the picture of Jack on the bedside table, remembering how she had felt when he touched her at a late night bbq the previous summer, as despite the brevity of their encounter she had still not forgotten the erotic feelings she had felt then.

Although Suzanne wasn’t skinny like the models on tv she had found that many men preferred her more rounded hourglass figure, with her waist small in comparison to her generous size F boobs and arse. Her long russet curls fell around her flushed face as she tried to resist the urge to put her fingers inside her panties and rub her aching pussy. In fact she was now feeling an urge to get much, much closer to her friend as the wine rapidly loosened her inhibitions.

Just as she was about to reach inside her jeans to touch herself Carla came back into the room in a black lace outfit trimmed with red ribbons, her bottom and tits pushed out by the shiny red 6 inch platform heels she was wearing. Her bobbed blonde hair hung in tendrils round her face, framing big kohl-rimmed eyes and moist bright red lips, and through the thin gauze of the lace Suzanne could clearly see the dark circles of her large plump nipples and her neatly trimmed quim. She longed to pull her friend down onto the bed and put her hands inside the low cut bra to feel the smooth large creamy breasts underneath, feeling a sudden rush of dampness between her legs at the thought. Gulping, she took another swig of wine as Carla produced another outfit.

“Hey you try this one on – it’ll suit you. I’ll dig out some sexy shoes to match while you do.”

In the bathroom Suzanne quickly stripped, and reached down to rub her smooth hairless quim. She loved feeling it like this – soft, warm, slippery and damp. She especially loved the way it was so sensitive without the hair and how it felt so smooth. Already highly aroused by the sight of her friend she definitely needed some relief for her aching pussy.

“Are you alright in there?” Carla shouted through the door.

” Um yes, just a moment”, gasped Suzanne as she rubbed her swollen clit as hard as she could, juices running down her legs and dripping onto the floor.

This couldn’t take too long or Carla would think something was wrong! So, stifling her moans with a towel she thrust her fingers harder and harder against her swollen clit, sweating and groaning, legs spread on the bathroom floor as she brought herself to a fabulous spend while imagining Carla doing the same to her! She was not sure that it had helped satisfy her longing but for now it would have to do. Wiping herself between her legs she put on the outfit Carla had chosen for her – tight shiny black leather bikini briefs, complete with zipper front opening, and matching low cut bra over which her nipples rose pointed and hard. Flushed and slightly breathless she exited the bathroom.

“Wow” said Carla – “you look amazing – fucking sexy in fact!” as she took in her friend’s voluptuous body.

“It’s a good things Jack’s not here as he’d want both of us, and” (she added meaningfully with a wink) “I’m not sure I’m ready to share you yet”. Suzanne’s stomach literally flipped with anticipation!

“Here, try these on” and she handed her some long black and red leather boots – fastened with red ribbons.

Once they were laced up to her knees they both turned to face the mirror, Carla in her transparent classy black lace outfit with a pair of bright red shiny 6 inch platform heels, and Suzanne in her black leather zip-up pants and bra with the long boudoir boots. Together, blonde and redhead, they admired each other’s ensemble, and pouted seductively for an erotic “selfie.”

“Maybe I’ll send it to Jack” pondered Carla as she moved to stand behind Suzanne and placed her hands on her waist, her moist red lips slightly parted. “That outfit makes your tits look amazing – I’ve never felt another woman before; would you mind if I touched them?” she breathed into her neck. Suzanne shook her deep red curls and couldn’t help her tongue running over her rouged lips at the thought. And it was true, the topless bra pushed her large creamy white breasts up so that her pale pink small nipples were pointing upwards, already betraying signs of her arousal. Carla moved her hands up tentatively and put her hands gently over her breasts. Suzanne sighed and parted her lips as she felt that familiar throb between her legs. Her pupils were dilated with lust as she stared at her sexy blonde friend in the mirror. She could feel the first trickle of moisture between her legs as it ran down the inside of her thighs. “Is this OK said Carla as she started to rub the points of her nipples between her fingers. Suzanne groaned in approval, “mmmm, yes that feels good” leaning back against her friend and feeling her equally large breasts pushing against her back.

There’s something so different and soft about a woman’s touch as opposed to a man’s, thought Suzanne as her friend tweaked and pinched her hardened nipples. Not that she disliked men touching her…far from it in fact! She had always adored sex from an early age and her high sex drive meant that she was adventurous and experimental in her tastes, sexual or otherwise. But there was definitely something about the extension of a close female friendship into a more intense sensual one which turned her on. So she couldn’t help moaning gently as Carla continued to massage her breasts, her nipples now rock hard, alerting her friend to the effect she was having.

“I think we should make sure the zipper is smooth”, said Carla as they both watched her mirror image trail her hand lightly down Suzanne’s stomach to the gold metal zip encased in black leather, pulling gently on it so it parted to reveal Suzanne’s hairless mound.

Then Carla’s fingers moved further inside the skimpy leather shorts, her soft female touch exploring and teasing her outer pussy lips…”oooh it feels so smooth, and how easily I can just slide my finger inside here” Carla declared as she probed gently inside Suzanne’s moist cunt flaps.

But although this feeling was incredible Suzanne pulled away slightly and turned to face her “Are you ok with this?” she asked. “I don’t want to lose our friendship over this. And how would Jack feel if he found out?” But Carla just laughed and answered by pushing her lips against Suzanne, kissing her passionately and probing her mouth with her tongue, tasting erotically of champagne. Suzanne groaned and responded pulling her friend harder against her.

“Is this your first time with a woman?” she asked Carla. Carla nodded in reply. ” Look let’s go lie on the bed and just play a little, nothing you’re not comfortable with – just girls being a bit naughty together. I’m so sure you’re going to enjoy this though,” Suzanne reassured her.

So now they lay facing each other on the bed, blonde and redhead, each curvaceous with beautifully rounded bottoms, slim waists and generous breasts. Suzanne trailed her hand up Carla’s hip to her waist and then pushed her hand up inside the soft black fabric to find a gorgeous succulent breast, soft and unyielding – except for the large pointed nipple at its centre which was now rapidly turning harder and harder at her caress. Carla moaned in appreciation of her touch which made Suzanne in turn feel incredibly horny. She had been waiting for this all day!

Impatiently she pushed the lace bra down so that Carla’s magnificent breasts burst out. She bent her head and sucked on each rock-hard tip in turn…licking and biting gently, feeling Carla moan and writhe underneath her as she did so. Softly massaging the soft round orbs as she did so. She prolonged the agony, knowing that if she did so then Carla would be even more desperate for her to move between her legs and bring her relief. So she cruelly nipped and sucked at her breasts,, teasing her to the point where Carla was rubbing her thighs together to try and bring relief, yet moaning in frustration. Knowing her friend was shy she encouraged her

. “Tell me where you want me to touch you?” Suzanne breathed in her ear while nipping it. Carla continued to writhe around. “if you don’t tell me I can’t help you, and I can so see and tell you want me to. In fact…” said Suzanne, “if you are feeling shy then you can watch me relieve myself while you decide.”

And with that she lay back on the bed and started to play with her tits and aching pussy with both hands. Carla, who was thoroughly aroused by this point, rolled over to watch Suzanne. Her pert round white bottom in the air as she lay on her stomach watching her friend, breath quickening…Suzanne was incredibly turned on by Carla watching her and as she watched Carla’s breath quicken and her pupils darken with desire for her she increased the pressure on her clit feeling wetness soak her thighs as she masturbated harder and harder, feeling an orgasm build in waves inside her. Then, just as she thought that she couldn’t take any more, and closed her eyes in anticipation she felt Carla’s hand on her pussy. “Cum for me – I want to watch” said Carla in her ear. The command was enough to tip Suzanne over the edge and she couldn’t hold back.

“Oh my god! I am going to cum so fucking hard!” Suzanne shouted as her best friend sucked on her hardened nipple and frigged her so hard with her fingers that she began to convulse almost immediately. Her hips bucked up and down desperate to cum but trying to prolong the agonising pleasure.

“Oh yes, lose control for me,” said Carla, and with that Suzanne felt herself climax harder than she had ever known. Her creamy love juices spurted out across the sheets. “Oh yeees!” she cried out as it happened. “Fucking amazing!”

Spent, she lay there panting for a few seconds before looking Carla in the eyes with a cheeky smile. Now my turn to do you…lie back” she ordered, and was pleased to see Carla obeyed without hesitation.

In Bed – Part 2

Carla didn’t resist as Suzanne pushed her friend’s legs apart so that she could clearly see her moist cunt lips, clearly visible through the skimpy transparent fabric, and then, kneeling between her smooth creamy thighs, she started to run her fingers up the soft insides, getting higher and higher but on each occasion not quite reaching the warm (now somewhat damp) panties at the top.

When she could hear little moans coming from Carla’s bright red lips and her hips were squirming as she tried to reach Suzanne’s fingers herself, Suzanne knelt up and straddled Carla’s hips, their moist mounds pressed against each other; Suzanne’s open leather pants rubbing against Carla’s black lace ones.

Suzanne leaned forward so their breasts were touching and kissed her gently on her soft sensuous lips – teasing her by just flicking her tongue inside her mouth and once more reaching down to rub her sensitive strawberry domes.. Gradually she deepened the kiss until her tongue was deep inside Carla’s mouth feeling her friend lapping against her hungrily. Without breaking the kiss she moved her hand very gradually downwards across her smooth stomach, until she reached the skimpy lace panties, and started to run her finger around the edge of the small triangle of black material, round and round, dipping a little way inside on occasion but not yet going right inside. Continuing to kiss and caress Suzanne felt Carla grow more and more frustrated. She could feel the vibrations of Carla’s groans against her tongue getting stronger and stronger as one hand working on her pert hard nipple, one teasing her quim and her tongue exploring her mouth.

Suzanne herself was becoming increasingly turned on and so to cool things down a little, she moved to lie alongside her friend pushing her leg up inside Carla’s thighs so it continued to put pressure on her throbbing clit, still wearing the sexy knee length black & red boots. Her fingers fondled her breasts seductively.

“So how does it feel?” she asked, genuinely concerned that Carla was feeling relaxed and was enjoying it as much as she was, and watching her large made-up eyes to gauge her response. Carla moaned “Can’t you tell? I don’t want you to stop!”

“Believe me, the longer you last the better,” smiled Suzanne, who was skilled in keeping the tension going if she had to.

“Is this really your first time?” she queried as her fingers sensually massaged her friend. Her friend seemed to be so relaxed and turned on that it was hard to believe that it hadn’t happened before.

“Well there was one time, but nothing much happened and it was very quick, so I’m not really sure if it counts,” said Carla rolling onto her side too so that they faced each other, and likewise fondling Suzanne’s fabulous large breasts still rising up out of the leather push up bra. As they talked both of the rolled each other’s hardened nipples in their fingers to keep the tension going.

“Go on” Suzanne prompted, interested despite the throbbing feeling in her loins.

“Well I went around to a friend’s house to comfort her and we drank a bit too much wine. One thing led to another really. She started to cry and I put my arm around her to comfort her and before I knew it we were kissing each other on the sofa. We went upstairs and carried on kissing and feeling each other on the bed but nothing more than that. She had been badly hurt by a man and so I think she just needed a little female touch. It felt good, but I wasn’t sure whether she’d regret it in the morning. Plus, Jack was expecting me and I needed to get home.”

“Did anything happen after than?” Suzanne asked gently.

“No. We texted and shared the odd touch and glance after that but nothing ever happened again and actually it was a bit awkward at first.” Carla confessed.

“Well there’s no need to feel awkward with me,” said Suzanne. “i think it’s kind of fun for us girls to play together and give ourselves pleasure every so often. After all it makes a change from a man and the fact that it feels a little bit “naughty” is such a turn on. In fact,” she continued as her finger traced the outline of Carla’s breast and moved down her waist to her hip, “I am very turned on indeed by the thought of the naughty things we are about to do.”

Suzanne ran her tongue over her lips which were so red from arousal and kissing that no lipstick was needed, and Carla watched with lust and anticipation as she felt Suzanne’s hand reach behind her to cup one rounded globe and gently massage it. Every so often she would run her fingers lightly down the cleft between her buttocks and Carla felt a twinge of arousal at the bad thoughts which popped into her mind whenever she did it. However, keen not to alarm her friend this first time, Suzanne carried on kneading and stroking her gorgeous round feminine arse with one hand whilst pushing two fingers in and out of her own slopping pussy. Then she put held her fingers up to Carla’s mouth, not quite touching but near enough for her to be able to smell the scent of her arousal. Unable to help herself Carla’s tongue darted out and lapped at the glistening juices before sensuously sucking on both fingers as Suzanne slid them in and out of her lips. Suzanne repeated this twice more – inserting her fingers into her dripping slit and then letting Carla lap and suck at them. Carla moaned and pushed herself up against Suzanne, until the girls were each rubbing their sex against each other. As their arousal increased they thrust harder and harder whilst Carla held Suzanne’s head in place to kiss her passionately.

Then, aware that by now her friend was feeling so incredibly horny , that there would be no resistance Suzanne rolled Carla onto her back, pushed her thighs wide apart and knelt between them. She held her inner thighs and began to massage gently upwards with her thumbs until she reached the lace panties, stained with moisture. Her hand began to rub the thin lace material, feeling the soft down of her neatly trimmed mound underneath as well as the heat and dampness of her friend’s arousal. She rubbed and ground the flat of her hand against the thin material until Carla was thrusting her pussy up against her hand in frustration.

“Oh feel me please, please feel me,” she moaned.

“Feel me where exactly?” teased Suzanne ” Tell me and I’ll do whatever you want,” she said slyly, her hand now inside her own pants rubbing her smooth, shaved quim like mad.

“I need you to feel inside my pants, rub my pussy, make me cum.” pleaded Carla, legs spread wide in invitation and her inhibitions driven away by desire and lust.

“Your pussy cunt you mean?” say it for me!

“Yes, now! Do it now put your fingers in my pussy cunt,” her normally reserved friend practically yelled as she thrust her hips upwards – her eyes glazed with erotic pleasure and her hands clutching at the sheets in frustration.

Smiling with anticipation at both of their pleasure, Suzanne pushed the thin fabric of the panties aside and slid her fingers inside her friend’s hot, wet, slippery gash and began to rub them up and down, hard against her clitoris, but every so often thrusting them up inside her too until she had her moaning loudly with juices running down her hand. As she continued increasing the pressure the juices, and squelching increased until she suddenly stopped and Carla watched in frustration as she gathered her long red hair into a tie, leant forward and whispered sexily into her ear “You’re so wonderfully juicy, I’m going to eat your pussy.”

They stared at each other for a moment in anticipation before Suzanne bent down and pushed her mouth against her friend’s sex, tasting and smelling and loving the hot, sweet and sour flavour.

“Oooh that’s fucking good” sighed Carla as Suzanne lapped at her juices and ran her tongue from front to back slowly and erotically. God, she herself was so turned on, thought Suzanne, at the sight of her friend spread-eagled in front of her, blonde hair spread out against the pillow and eyes closed in ecstasy, legs spread wide, pink cunt lips open to her. She masturbated herself vigorously as she continued to lick harder and harder, thrusting her fingers in and out of her cunt at the same time, hearing her friend panting and moaning louder and louder.

“Oh yes, yes tongue me, finger fuck my cunt hard…harder” yelped Carla as she bucked and writhed under Suzanne’s relentless licking, sucking and fingering.

Suzanne began to feel her own orgasm build as she rubbed herself faster and faster. Got she needed to cum and the sight of the hot female pussy writhing in pleasure in front of her was making it hard to hold back.

“Come on naughty girl. I know you so want to cum all over my face.” she encouraged Carla, lifting her head up for a moment to look at how gorgeous her friend looked when unable to control herself. ” What a bad, dirty slut you are, unable to control yourself. Look in the mirror over there – see what a tart you look like with your leg’s spread, and pink pussy wide open being licked out by your friend.”

Carla turned to look in the mirror to see her reflection exactly as Suzanne had described, and was transfixed by the erotic picture in front of her. She looked totally sluttish and wanton, still in her red high heels and stockings, underwear pushed aside so breasts and pussy were on display. Her blonde hair was messed up, and her cheeks were flushed red with desire and lust, with Suzanne’s leather clad arse in the air and long boots out behind her as she bent to suckle firmly on her clitoris. She could see as Suzanne licked and suckled on her pink cunt lips, and her friend was obviously enjoying herself too as her hand was busily working herself frantically between her legs, juices flowing down her thighs. The thought of how illicit this scene was with her friend bringing herself off as she licked her out tipped her over the edge and she started to convulse.

Suzanne felt the beginning of her friends orgasm and now sucked even harder on her engorged clit. While ramming her fingers harder and harder into her, angling them to push against her g-spot.

“Yes, god fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me. harder, harder, fuck, fuck, fuck yeeees!” screamed Carla as an enormous wave of pleasure hit her and the pleasure of the contractions was so strong it was almost painful.

“Oh God, I’m cuming too!” shouted Suzanne who had waited for Carla before collapsing onto the bed and shuddering as she brought herself off to an amazing climax.

As they lay there on the bed together panting and damp with exertion and sex there was a noise from outside and a voice called “Carla! Where are you? I thought I’d come home early and surprise you?”

“Oh my god!” said Carla “Jack’s back!”

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