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“Excuse me, sir. Could you spare a dollar or two? I haven’t eaten in two days,” Carey pleaded.

The tall good looking and well dressed man about to enter the Starbuck’s stopped to check out the much smaller woman speaking to him. She was petite, maybe five-four to his six-six stature. She was dirty but otherwise looked cute with brunette hair and blue eyes.

“You look too young to be on your own,” Tory Rider stated.

“I’m nineteen,” Carey Burke responded.

“What’s your name?”

“Carey … Carey Burke,” she answered.

“Well, Carey, where you from?”

“York, PA.”

“What brings you to New York City?”

“Just looking for work,” Carey said, but her face showed more.

“I see,” said the tall man eying her up. “Come on, Carey. I’ll buy you some breakfast.”

They waited in line, discussing what she wanted. Tory Rider ordered two large black coffees, an apple scone, and a fruit cup. He paid for everything and they sat to eat. The couple drew looks from several customers curious about the pairing.

Cary devoured the fruit cup in two minutes and started in on the apple scone. She sipped the hot coffee to wash down the tasty but dry scone. Tory Rider smiled as he watched her eat and drink.

“Feeling better?” he asked when she was done.

“Much, yes, thank you,” Carey said.

“What’re you going to do now?” Tory asked.

“I’m going to look for a job,” Carey said.

“Like that?”


“You could use a bath and some clean clothes.”

“I guess so, sir,” Carey said.

Tory studied her intently for a while. His cool gray eyes seemed to look right through her. His deeply intense focus on her strangely excited Carey. ‘He’s very handsome,’ she thought, and though older, she could not stop being turned on by his gaze. It was just starting to arouse Carey when he finally spoke.

“You look to be in good shape. You ever do any cheering in school?”

“Yes, I was a cheerleader in high school,” Carey admitted.

“Did you graduate?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Follow me,” Tory stated.


“I said to follow me,” Tory barked and turned to leave.

He barely held the door for her as they left. She followed him to his car, a BMW 750i. She lagged a bit behind as she thought through what was happening and tried to discern what she should do. He got in the driver’s side door and started the engine. He already had the car in reverse when she slipped into the passenger seat. He was half out of the parking lot before she had time to buckle her seat belt.

“Where’re we going?” Carey finally got the nerve to ask.

“My place,” Tory said without any hesitation or restraint.

“What’s at your…”

“A shower,” Tory said plainly.

Carey watched as they crossed town to the Upper East Side. The buildings got progressively nicer and larger. She saw him hit a button on his rearview mirror as they pulled up to a private garage door. It opened and he sped inside. As the door closed, Carey got even more nervous about her decision to get into the car with him.

“This is where you live?” Carey asked.


“You must have a good job,” Carey reasoned.

“I think so,” Tory responded with a thin smile. “Come on!”

He emerged from the car and walked towards an elevator. Carey caught up to him as the elevator arrived. They stepped inside and he hit the top floor button.

Carey gasped to herself when he opened the door to the apartment. It was exquisitely furnished and expensive looking too. She had never seen an apartment nearly this luxurious that wasn’t in a movie or picture somewhere.

“You like it?” Tory asked seeing her expression.

“It’s spectacular,” Carey replied gawking.

“Follow me.”

Carey followed Tory to a back bedroom twice as large as hers back in York. It too was elaborately decorated.

“You can shower in there,” Tory said, pointing to an adjoining bathroom.

“Then look for something to wear in there,” he added pointed to a closet.

“Don’t bother with underwear,” Tory stated and left.


He never would have heard more even if she said it because the door closed shut. Carey went to it. Stared at it a second then pushed the lock button. She then walked around the room amazed at the luxury. When she went into the bathroom, she was enthralled. She had never seen a bathroom this nice. It was larger than all the bathrooms in her small house back home all together.

Carey would have loved to take a long hot bath in the huge tub but she was afraid to keep him waiting long. She showered using the fancy smelling soaps and shampoos in the shower. She dried with the super heavy bath towel on the brass bar outside the shower. Carey blew her long dark hair dry with a hair dryer available. It looked softer and shinier than she could remember in a long time. She used a brush from the vanity and combed her gorgeous straight brunette hair until it hung like silk down to the center of her back. She brushed her teeth with a new toothbrush she discovered and gargled. There were ladies deodorants and perfumes.

Carey next checked out the closet. There were several very expensive and fancy evening gowns in there. She would have liked to put one of those on but realized it was probably not what he had in mind. In addition to the dresses, she found two expensive business suits, several pretty expensive blouses, and a couple of skirts. One was made of leather. All looked remarkably close to her size, if even a little big. She chose one of the suits, in red, and a gorgeous thin blouse to go with it. Carey remembered what he said about no underwear. She couldn’t find any in the room anyway. Her book bag, which was her only luggage contained nothing but dirty clothes.

It made her extremely nervous when she dressed without underwear. She looked at herself in the mirror with just the blouse on and could clearly see her nipples through the sheer fabric in the light of the bathroom. ‘Oh, my god,’ she gasped to herself, as she finished dressing. One of her boyfriends had liked her to dress sexily and to show her off to friends. It gave her an erotic thrill even though it still made her nervous.

It had taken close to an hour but Carey finally emerged from the bathroom to find Tory on the phone in the family room. She stood nearby waiting for him to finish until he noticed her and turned. He glanced at her up and down then went back to his call. Carey could hear him discussing a proposal for a trade. It sounded like some kind of sports negotiation. He hung up the phone and turned to her again.

“Take the suit jacket off,” Tory commanded.

Carey hesitated. She knew the blouse was fairly sheer. They all had been in the closet so she didn’t have a choice. If she took off the blazer her breasts and nipples would be clearly visible to him.

“Take it off now, Carey,” Tory barked.


“Carey, I have plans for you but you need to cooperate and do as I say. Do you understand me? If you don’t want to, you can keep the clothes, and I will take you back to the elevator. The doorman below can show you out,” Tory stated plainly.

“No… it’s just that I…”

“Carey, just do it!”

Carey let the suit coat slip off her shoulders backward. With her arms back she could feel her breasts pressing into the tight fabric of the sheer silky blouse. The suit coat came off in her hands and she dropped it over the chair next to her.

“Come here,” Tory said.

Carey stepped slowly closer. She couldn’t believe it but she felt a familiar tingle in the pit of her lower belly. ‘Oh, my god,’ she realized. ‘Having him look at me is turning me on!’ She moved tentatively to within a few feet of him before stopping. She watched as Tory eyed her body up and down. She could feel the moistness growing in her sex. ‘Oh, geez, he is going to smell me soon if this keeps up.’

He finally spoke. “Not perfect. Certainly not big breasts but you’ll do. What are your measurements?”

“Ahh, I don’t know exactly. I think 32-22-34,” Carey answered.

“And your bra size?”



“Pardon me?”

“32B, sir,” Tory commanded.

“Yes, sir,” Carey acknowledged.

“Turn around and pull your skirt up,” Tory stated.

‘Oh, god,’ Carey thought, but she did it hoping he wouldn’t notice her wetness.

This was more erotic than anything her boyfriend had ever asked her to do but it strangely turned her on a lot.

“You have a sweet ass, Carey. Bend over.”

‘Oh, geez, he is going to notice for sure now,’ she realized.

“Yeah, I think you’ll do. Put you jacket back on.”

“Yes, sir,” Carey said, glad to move away, drop the skirt, and hide her wetness.

As she put the suit coat back on Carey got the nerve to ask him, “Sir, ahh…ahh…pardon me, sir, but want did you mean I’ll do, sir?”

“We need another cheerleader right now. Cameron sprained her ankle badly in practice the other day. You’ll try out to be her temporary replacement. If you’re worth a shit as a cheerleader, you’ll have a job, at least temporarily. It’d be better if you had bigger tits but they’ll do.”

“What?” Carey gasped.

“What!” Tory said staring at her.

“Ahh…what, sir. I mean a cheerleader, sir?” Carey asked.

“Yes. Is there a problem?”

“No…no, sir. But…I’m not sure…”

“Not sure you can cut it as a cheerleader. Me neither but we’ll see. You’ll have to work hard and do everything I tell you. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good! Now follow me,” Tory said rising from the chair. “This little discursion with you this morning has already made me late for two important meetings.”

“Sorry, sir,” Carey apologized, buttoning up the coat.

They exited the building again via the elevator and his car. He drove back across town to near the Starbuck’s where they met. This time, however, he swung the car into an alley next to Madison Square Garden and pulled to a stop at the curb near a rear entrance. A uniformed man appeared to valet the car and get the doors. He helped Carey from the car by holding her hand. Carey then followed Tory as he was already heading inside. Another man opened the door for them.

“Morning, Mr. Rider,” the man said.

“Morning, Pete,” Tory Rider replied.

As they walked down a corridor, Carey observed Tory being greeted by several people. Everyone called him sir or Mr. Rider. She then saw him pull out a cell phone and use it like a walkie talkie. He hit a speed dial button.


“Hello, Tory,” Carey heard a female voice say in response.

“Carol, you near your office?”

“Yes, I can be for you. What do you have in mind?” the voice named Carol replied gleefully.

“Meet me there in five minutes,” Tory said, more as a command than request.

“Yes, sir,” came the reply. “Is this what I hope it is?”

“I doubt it,” Tory responded and hung up.

Carey looked around as she trailed Tory Rider down the hall. He said hi to many people. One tall black man even greeted him as they passed in the hall. The black man wore New York Knicks practice clothes.

“What’s happening, Tory,” the black man said.

“All’s good, Jamal, “Tory shot back.

“Who’s this little number?” Jamal asked observing Carey.

“Could be our replacement for Cameron,” Tory responded.

“Nice choice, boss. Hope she can replace Cameron in all ways,” Jamal said with a lecherous grin at Carey.

They kept walking and Carey observed more Knicks signs and advertisements. Practically everyone but Tory wore something related to the New York Knickerbockers. He had on a suit, though. She saw a few New York Rangers clad people but they were not as numerous. They arrived at an office where the name plate read: Carol Redman, Cheerleading Squad Manager. Below that it read Knicks City Dancers.

Tory didn’t bother to knock. He opened the door and held it open long enough for Carey to slip inside too. A secretary behind a desk, outside an inner office, looked up.

“Hi, sir,” she said.

“Hi, Belinda. Carol in her office?”

“Yes, sir.”

Tory walked to the open office door and entered with Carey following. Sitting behind the desk was an attractive but older blonde of maybe thirty-five, Carey saw. The woman looked up and smiled broadly as soon as they entered.

“Hi, Tory,” Carol Redman said, standing and reaching over her desk to shake hands.

Carey noticed when she bent forward her huge breasts nearly popped out of her shirt. The visible lacy black bra seemed to strain to hold them back from falling out.

“Hi, Carol.”

“To what do I owe the pleasure,” Carol said, with obvious emphasis on pleasure.

“Carol, this is Carey Burke. She used to be a cheerleader in high school. I thought she could fill in for Cameron while she recuperates. Give her a try-out. See if she can fit the bill until Cameron recovers.”

Carol nodded hello to Carey and they shook hands. Carey got the instant impression that Carol found her disapproving.

“I already have three good candidates coming in for interviews tomorrow. Girls that have worked professionally before,” Carol explained, with some stress in her voice.

“Well, judge Carey versus them then,” Tory said plainly.

“Okay, you’re the boss.”

“Carey, stay here with Carol. Come to see me at the end of the day when you’re done,” Tory commanded.

“Okay, sir,” Carey answered.

Tory left her there with Carol. Carol eyed her again with a disturbed air.

“Belinda!” Carol shouted.

When Belinda appeared at the door, Carol said, “Tory Rider thinks he has us a replacement for Cameron here. Get her set-up on paperwork, check her ID, and get a physical scheduled, will you, please.”

“Sure, Carol. Right this way,” Belinda said to Carey.

Belinda led Carey back out to a chair in the outer office and gave her an application to complete. When Carey finished it, Belinda took her into a ladies locker room. Two other attractive women with nice breasts were dressing after an apparent work-out. Belinda fetched a practice outfit from a closet and told Carey to put it on. Much to Carey’s embarrassment, Belinda never left, but waited for Carey to undress and put the outfit on.

“Don’t you have a bra on?” Belinda stated, upon seeing her remove the suit jacket and unbutton her blouse.

“No. I’m afraid I don’t have any underwear,” Carey confessed and made it obvious she meant panties too.

Belinda gave her a knowing smile, “Oh, that Tory Rider. Here,” Belinda said, retrieving a sports bra and thong from a new box in the closet.

Carey got dressed while Belinda watched. The two other women looked over occasionally and whispered among themselves. When they finished dressing, they left.

“Were they New York Knicks Cheerleaders?” Carey asked.

“Yeah. That was Heather and Melissa. They needed to work on some drills according to Carol,” Belinda said.

“Am I trying out to be one of them?” Carey questioned.

“Yes. What’d you think you were here for?”

“Mr. Rider never exactly said,” Carey explained.

“Sounds like Tory,” Belinda replied. “He’s a need to know kinda guy.”

“Do you think I have a chance to really be a cheerleader for the Knicks?” Carey queried.

“Well, your experience is very weak and you don’t have the measurements of our normal girls, but you never know. You seem to have friends in high places,” Belinda observed.

“What is Mr. Rider’s job exactly? Does he own the team?”

“Heavens no, girl. But he is the GM. He makes most of the decisions around here for the Knicks,” Belinda explained.

“The GM?”

“General Manager, girl! Where you from anyway? Mars?”

“No. Just never heard that before,” Carey confessed.

“How old are you anyway? Are you really nineteen like your license says?”

“Yes. I’m really nineteen. I just turned nineteen last month.”

“Okay. Well, follow me,” Belinda stated.

They went back to the office to meet up with Carol. She was working on some reports but got up as soon as they arrived.

“Okay, Carey. Let’s see what you got. Follow me.”

Carol led Carey out onto the gym floor. It was not the main gym floor but a practice court. Several of the Knick players were on the floor practicing shooting.

“Hey, Carol,” one of the black guys said.

“Hi, John,” Carol replied.

“Who’s your friend?” John asked, eying Carey.

“Oh, this is Carey. She’s trying out as the replacement for Cameron until she recovers,” Carol explained.

“She is, huh?” John said, extending his hand.

“Carey, this is John,” Carol said.

“Hi,” Carey replied.

“Not yet but maybe later. You want to join me?” he said mischievously.

“John, she has to report to Tory after we’re done.”

“Figures. Tory always scores first around here,” John said. “See ya round, Carey.”

“Bye, John,” Carey responded.

Carol instructed Carey on a series of exercises and routines. They started with the exercises and Carol watched her work through a series of different ones. It took close to an hour to finish the exercises. Then Carol led her through some simple routines and dance numbers. Carol would demonstrate once and then instructed Carey as she repeatedly tried it. It was nearly three o’clock before they were finished.

Carol walked Carey back to the office. She grabbed some messages, gave instructions to Belinda, and then had Carey follow her to the bathroom. They stripped down and took showers. They had individual stalls but could observe each other getting in and out. Carey discreetly checked out Carol’s tits. They were magnificent but starting to sag a little. When they were dressed, Carol walked her to Troy’s office.

He had a very plush office on a different floor. His secretary was gorgeous with fabulous large breasts. She was a redhead with creamy white skin. Her name was Penny Walker, Carey learned as Carol introduced her. Carol had Carey sit in the outer office as she met with Tory.

“How’d she do?” Tory asked.

“Well, to be honest, I thought she would bomb and I’d have to convince you your new bimbo was not the answer. However, she did quite well,” Carol stated.

“Jealous, Carol?” Tory said, with a smile.

Carol ignored him, “She really has natural talent. I don’t know where you found her but that lithe little body of hers moves with a definite grace. Dance moves that are tough or near impossible for some of the others, especially your usual big titted choices, seem to come natural to her.”

“She is small for our standards,” Tory agreed.

“Especially for your standards,” Carol professed.

“Yeah, she says she is five-four and 105 pounds?”

“She’s right on with that, we weighed and measured her.”

“Well, can she make it?” Tory questioned.

“I’d like to evaluate the others tomorrow but Carey does have promise,” Carol affirmed. “I’ll admit some of the ones I have coming in are retreads from other organizations.”

“Okay, let me know what you think,” Tory stated.

“Tory, ahh…you know what I was hoping for when you first called this morning. You haven’t had time for me lately,” Carol said.

“What’s the matter? You have plenty of big black cock to keep you happy around here.”

“I get some but the guys are going more and more for the younger cheerleaders.”

“Can’t compete any longer?” Tory asked, with a grin.

“I’m still the best and you know it,” Carol stated. “Want me to demonstrate on that beautiful big white cock of yours?”

“You ready for another bachelor party?” Tory asked, smiling and avoiding her suggestion.

“You always treat me like such a slut. You know all I need is your big cock.”

“You love it, slut! You can’t tell me you didn’t get off at the bachelor party.”

“It was okay. But I’d rather be your consistent squeeze again,” Carol claimed.

“Okay! I heard afterward, you did the groom, and then you sucked off everyone there and fucked at least half of them.”

“Where’d you hear that?”

“I have my sources. After all I’m the one that set it up, remember.”

“Well, I don’t recall it being quite that good,” Carol tried to indicate.

“You were half drunk from what I also heard. Not likely you even remember every fuck,” Tory proclaimed, with a laugh.

“Okay…okay. It was fun. I have to admit it but I’d still rather just have you,” Carol explained. “How about I come over tonight? I’ll make that big cock of yours happy, I promise. You can even fuck my tight ass the way you used to like.”

“No, not tonight, babe.”

“Oh, right. You got your new little young slut out there. She can’t take care of your needs the way I can,” Carol affirmed.

“Carol, not tonight.”

“No way she sucks cock as good as me!” Carol stated. “Oh, but I bet she is tight, huh.”

“Bye, Carol,” Tory instructed.

“Please, Tory. Soon, huh?” Carol sighed.

“Get out, Carol,” Tory said, as the phone rang.

“Bye,” Carol said, and she exited the office as Tory answered the phone.

Carol told Carey she would be in touch and left. Carey was puzzled by Carol’s expression as she spoke and departed. She looked stressed from her conversation with Tory. ‘What had he said to her,’ Carey wondered. ‘Had he made Carol take her against her wishes?’ Carey worried she might not be getting off to the best relationship with Carol if Mr. Rider was forcing her upon Carol. Carey sat there deep in thought for another twenty minutes before Tory Rider came out of his office.

“Let’s go, Carey,” Tory commanded, and she fell in step behind him again as they exited.

“Where are we going, sir?’ Carey found the nerve to ask.

“Home,” Tory answered.

Carey was about to question that but held her tongue. She wasn’t sure what to say or expect. Her life since asking this man for money this morning had changed in unimaginable ways. She was scared and excited by it at the same time. She just followed him to the car.

On the ride home Tory spoke, “Tell me about your life.”

“Not much to tell really, sir.”

“Well, try,” Tory insisted.

Carey described her earlier life growing up in York with her parents and younger brothers. Her father left the family when she was ten. Her mom remarried three years later. Their life was pretty good for several years until her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It turned out to be advanced and she died nearly six months after Carey graduated from high school. Soon after that Carey’s stepfather started drinking heavily. It was then that their relationship changed. He tried to become more than her stepfather on several drunken occasions. She put up with it briefly, fighting off his advances.

“So you decided to make your way to New York City?”

“Yes, sir. Is that so bad?”

“Not if you intent to be a junkie or a hooker,” Tory explained.

“What, sir?”

“Ever had a boyfriend?”

“Yes, sir.”

“How many?” Tory asked.

“Three, sir,” Carey said.

“Did you have sex with them?” Tory asked plainly, as if it was a natural question.

“Pardon me, sir…I…ahh…”

“You heard me, Carey. Did you fuck them?”

“I don’t see where that is…”

“Just answer the damn question, bitch,” Tory said.


“You heard me!”

“Yes, sir.”

“Yes, sir, what?”

“I did have sex, sir,” Carey admitted.

“You fucked them? All three?”

“Two of them, sir.”

“Did you suck on them too?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Those two?”

“All three, sir.”

“You like it?”

“What, sir?”

“Sex, Carey?”

“Yes, sir.”

Carey actually loved sex. She had often been the initiator with her boyfriends. The one boyfriend that had made her dress sexy also loved getting sucked off in public places where they might get caught. She had playfully resisted each time but always gave in when he insisted because it gave her a strange thrill. She loved the naughtiness of it and the power he exerted over her.

Tory didn’t ask any more questions or talk again until they were inside the apartment. To Carey’s surprise a woman chef with huge tits was there. She was making dinner and it would be ready soon. Tory took a shower which gave Carey a chance to freshen up too. When Tory was ready they had dinner. It was a fabulous chicken dish and Carey ate heartily. She couldn’t remember a better meal.

The cook offered to stay a while but Tory told her to go after she had cleaned up, which she did. Tory went into the family room. He was casually dressed for relaxing at home with Knicks gym shorts and a practice tee. Carey watched TV with him but still in her red suit.

Out of the blue Tory said, “You ready to work hard for this chance, Carey?”

“Yes, sir,” Carey responded.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for you if Carol picks you. You know that don’t you?”

“I do, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“Carol wants to look at three cheerleaders with previous professional experience.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You’ll sleep here until further notice. You’ll stay here tomorrow while I’m at work and she is checking out the other candidates. I want you to work out in the exercise room and prepare yourself to compete. You understand me?” Tory demanded.

“Yes, sir.”

“Come over here and take that suit coat off,” Tory barked.

Carey slowly rose from the sofa and walked to his leather chair. She dropped the suit jacket on an ottoman before stopping before him. Tory looked at her in the lamp light from the table next to him. She had obeyed him and left the bra Belinda gave her in the locker she was given to store her sweats. Minus the jacket, the air conditioning and the thought of being on display for him made her nipples start to stiffen. She glanced down and could see the flimsy blouse did little to hide her deep pink nipples and the lighter pink, half dollar sized aureoles. Her pussy suddenly felt moist and a shudder passed through her body. It seemed like her clit was throbbing and sending signals directly to her now distended nipples. She ached to touch herself.

“You want to be here, Carey?” Tory asked.

“Yes, sir,” Carey replied.

“We will have certain rules of conduct if you stay her in my home, Carey.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You will call me master when we are alone. Do you understand that?” Tory stated.

“Yes, sir. I mean, yes, master.”

“If others are around you can call me sir but otherwise it is master. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“You have cute nipples, slave.”

“Thank you, master.”

“Are you getting wet in your pussy, slave?”

“Oh, god,” Carey groaned. “Yes, master,” as a new surge of lust passed through her making her tremble with desire.

“Take off you blouse, slave,” Tory instructed.

Carey unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it from the waistband of the skirt. When it was completely open she slipped it off her shoulders and threw it onto the jacket. She stood before him with fully half inch extended nipples. Other than high heels she had from the closet, the only other article of clothing she had on now was the skirt. She could feel such moisture at her cunt that she feared she might leak down her leg right before him.

“Lick your nipples, Carey,” Tory commanded.

Carey had only attempted this twice before. Her nipples sat high on her apple sized tits. She could just touch the tip of her tongue to the fully distended nipples if she pulled up on her firm titties. She licked both of them in turn for him, but it also gave her some relief from the deep burning in her cunt. Her nipples were extremely sensitive and she moaned slightly as she flicked her tongue across them.

“Does that feel good?” Tory asked, with a knowing smile.

“Yes, sir…I mean, master,” Carey corrected herself.

“You have sweet looking little tits,” Tory said.

“Thank you, master, but they are not as big as everyone else I saw today.”

“Yeah, well, might be time for a different look on the cheerleaders. Take off your skirt.”

Carey paused for a second. She couldn’t believe she was stripping completely in front of this older man. He was nearly old enough to be her father but somehow she was incredibly attracted to him. He seemed to have a power over her. It made her belly tingle when he commanded her to do things. Her pussy felt soaked as she unbuttoned the waistband and let the skirt fall to the floor. Carey felt like putting her hands in front of her sex. She had never stripped for anyone before. Her previous sex had consisted of backseats of cars and once in a barn.

Tory watched her as she picked up the skirt and threw it with the other clothes. Then she stood completely naked before him accept for the high heels. He looked her up and down. When he stared at her fur covered snatch, she thought she would swoon. Her legs felt weak and she could feel the moisture increase in her cunt. She wanted to look down but dared not. She was sure she was dripping wet. She could smell her own arousal now and thought he must too. ‘Oh, god,’ she thought. ‘Is he going to fuck me now? Or make me suck his cock? I hope he does fuck me. I’m so turned on I’ll die if he doesn’t touch me soon.’

“Come closer,” Tory commanded.

“Yes, master,” Carey said, but the words sounded choked in her throat.

She stopped right before him in the big chair. Even seated he was almost as tall as her. His legs framed hers on either side. He looked her up and down again.

“I see your pubes match your hair color exactly.”

“Yes, master.”

“It’s cute but I still want you to shave everything off tomorrow when I’m at work. You’ll find everything you need in your bathroom. I want it completely bare. I’ll decide later if I want you to add a strip back or not.”

“Yes, master. Is that going to be my bedroom and bathroom, master?”

“Yes, but you probably won’t sleep in there often.”

“Yes, master,” Carey replied, realizing the meaning of what he was saying.

“Spread you pussy lips for me. I want to see all of you, slave.”

“Yes, master.”

Carey pulled her lips open for him. Her moist pink tiny pussy glistened in the light from the lamp. She spread herself to give him a better look inside. She was so turned on. She couldn’t remember ever being more excited. ‘If he just touches me, I’ll probably cum,’ she thought. ‘Oh, god. I hope he does touch me and soon.’

“Show me your clit,” Tory commanded.

Carey pulled her upper lips back to expose her hood. With her forefingers she pushed the hood back and her little knob peeked out all smooth and wet. Her nail grazed it and she moaned and stiffened with the bliss. ‘It would only take him to do that,’ she realized, ‘and I would cum like mad.’

“Touch yourself there again but don’t cum,” Tory stated.

“Oh, god,” escaped Carey’s lips as she did as she was told.

Her forefinger teased tenderly around her hard little knob and her legs trembled with the touch. Carey gritted her teeth and tried to think of something other than the pleasure emanating from her tiny organ. “Oh, geez,” she hissed as she closed her eyes to concentrate on not cumming. “Please, master. Please let me cum.”

“Stop touching yourself, slave,” Tory commanded.

“Oh, god,” Carey groaned, pulling her fingers back from her clit.

“Get down on your knees, slave.”

“Yes, master.”

“Pull my gym shorts down,” Tory said standing.

Carey reached up and pulled on the waistband. She eased the gym shorts down his legs and he helped her by stepping out of them. She could see movement beneath his loose silk briefs that surprised her. Next he instructed her to remove the silk briefs. She did the same but gasped as his cock came into view.

“Oh, shit,” Carey said, without thinking.

“What’s the matter, slave?”

“It’s so big…master. It’s too big.”

“It’s not even hard yet, slut. You haven’t got me completely hard.”

“Oh, god, master. It’ll never fit. I’ve near seen one this big before soft.”

“How big were your boyfriends in high school, slut?”

“I never measured, master. I think about six inches when they were hard.”

“You’ll learn to love it, slave.”

“But, master. It’s so thick too. I don’t even think I can suck it.”

“You’ll learn, cunt. You’ll learn to take it all the way down your throat and love it. You’ll learn to take it all inside you and eventually up your ass. You understand me, slave?”

“Yes, master,” Carey said gulping down her concern as she stared at the magnificent cock.

‘It has to be nine to ten inches and it’s not even hard,’ Carey’s mind processed. ‘It’s going to split me in two. It’s going to hurt.’

Tory settled back down in the chair. Carey watched as the huge cock wobbled around as he moved. His testicles also hung down on the edge of the chair like two large eggs inside a big skin sack.

“Take it in your hands, slave,” Tory barked.

Carey tentatively reached out and took hold of the big cock like it was a boa constrictor and she was afraid of it. When she lifted it to look closer at the massive head, she could feel it pulse with life in her hands. She unconsciously licked her dry lips as she feasted on the huge column of flesh in her hands.

“Stroke it and kiss the head, cunt,” Tory commanded.

Carey’s hands began to move slowly, watching the skin of the large dick slide smoothly over the shaft. The circumcised head was starting to swell more. Carey could feel the cock stiffening. Her own pussy was aching for relief. She was torn between fear of this big cock and what it might do to her, and the need to stuff it inside her and squelch the deep burning ache, which was nearly unbearable.

Carey leaned in and kissed the big helmet shaped head. It was still expanding. If it got much bigger she doubted she could even get it in her mouth. She kissed it several times. Her stroking was having the desired affect and his cock had grown to huge proportions. It was hard and pointing right at her mouth. ‘Oh, my god,’ Carey moaned to herself nervously. ‘This dick is incredible. I hope he doesn’t kill me with this thing.’

“Lick it now, slut.”

Carey stuck out her tongue and flicked it gently over the head. She worked around the slit and around to the ridges of the head. She licked down one side and up the other. Her three boyfriends had always complimented her on her blowjob abilities. She even sometimes swallowed depending on her mood and where she was. She wasn’t sure though that her previous skills were any match for this cock. She realized too, he had probably had this majestic cock sucked by many women before her. Carey began worrying that she could even please him.

She had him pretty wet with her saliva when he said, “Suck on the head, Carey.”

Carey opened her mouth as wide as she thought she could and managed to fit the huge cockhead into her mouth. It seemed to fill her mouth completely, yet she found room enough to move her tongue. Carey had always had an active tongue during blowjobs which the boys before seemed to appreciate. She hoped Tory would too. He let her suck him for a while. Her hands continued to stroke the now steely hard cock. It had to be ten inches at least she thought, maybe more, and thick.

Carey tried to bob her head up and down on his cock. Unlike her smaller boyfriends, whom she could take most of, Tory’s cockhead hit the back of her mouth before she was half way. ‘No way is this going to fit down my throat,’ Carey reasoned. She already felt like gagging every time the big head wedged into the back of her mouth.

Tory let her go for a while. She didn’t have half the cocksucking skill of others like Carol Redman but she wasn’t bad. She seemed to go at it with gusto and tried hard to vary the stimulation. He could feel the back of her mouth. He decided to wait for another day to force her to take him into her throat. He liked having his balls licked too but that would also be another day.

Carey slurped away on the knob of his cock. She was getting into sucking the huge head. His cock was so much more to work with than her previous lovers. Carey had known herself to have orgasms from just giving head. She was so turned on now that she began to squeeze her knees together to avoid cumming before he said. He had yet to talk of any punishments if she disobeyed him but she dared not find out. ‘The worst would be,’ she reasoned, ‘if he made me leave.’

“Okay, stand up,” Tory suddenly said.

Carey groaned her disapproval of having to give up his cock and stood before him. His head easily level with her budding nipples. She gasped loudly when he pulled her close and sucked one of the ripe turgid nips into her mouth.

“Ahh…,” Carey grunted at the exquisite feeling.

His tongue and lips on her nipples excited her cunt even more. ‘If he doesn’t touch me there soon I’m going to die,’ Carey growled to herself.

Tory worked both nipples simultaneously, one in his mouth and the other with his fingers. He was obviously an experienced lover and Carey found herself nearly ready to cum when he suddenly stopped.

“Oh, god, please, master,” Carey howled her disappointment at his stopping.

“You want to cum, slave?”

“Yes, please, master. I don’t know if I can stand it any longer.”

“Come up on the chair, little one,” Tory said, helping her stand astride him with her feet on the seat of the chair.

Her pussy was right in his face. He spread her cunt lips making Carey groan. He exposed her deep pink inner core and her little clit.

“I’m going to suck you now but don’t you cum till I tell you.”

“Yes, master,” Carey grunted, not sure she could do what he wanted she was so turned on.

‘Oh, god, if he just touches me I’m going to cum,’ Carey thought. ‘I can’t help it.’

Tory put his hands on her soft yet firm beautiful ass. He pulled her to his tongue as he licked around her outer fur covered lips. He teased all around her hole without actually entering. Carey moaned her desire and her hands tenderly held his head to her cunt wanting so bad to push him against her.

Finally, Tory’s tongue dipped into her heated wet box and extracted drops of her dripping juices. Carey howled as she fought not to cum. His tongue teased her like no other. She had one boyfriend that had liked eating pussy but he was a rank amateur compared to the pleasure Tory was giving her.

“Please, master!” Carey shouted. “Please let me cum!”

“Not yet, little one,” Tory said, putting his tongue into her cunt and drove it deep inside her, making her howl anew.

“Oh, fuck,” the curse escaped her lips almost unknowingly. “Master, I can’t hold it any longer. I can’t hold it. Please, master…ahh…”

“Okay, slave. You can cum,” Tory said momentarily removing his mouth.

In the next instant though, he sucked her clit into his mouth. Carey’s orgasm hit her so hard her legs threatened to give out. He was practically holding her up as he sucked on her super sensitive knob. Carey threw her head back and howled to her release.

“Ahhh…,” she screamed, as the waves of bliss coursed through her body.

“Oh, shit,” she growled, as her orgasm threatened to tear her apart from the inside out.

Tory held her as she trembled like a leaf in his hands. Her 105 pounds was no problem for the much larger and stronger man to hold up as his tongue moved from her clit to her cunt to feast on her flowing juices. He lapped at her sweet tasting syrup as it ran from her hole.

Carey’s head was still back and only, “Ggggh,” escaped as other words caught in her throat. She had never cum this good before. Sure she had given herself orgasms and several times the fast firing boys had actually managed to make her cum. But this was like a whole new world. Her body felt like it had drifted to a new astral plane. The pleasure was far more intense than anything she had previously experienced.

“Oh, god,” Carey finally managed, as she slumped like dead weight in his strong hands.

Tory let her slide down in his arms until she sat on his lap with his huge cock pushing up right between her legs. The huge bright red head stuck above her small thighs. Eventually her eyes opened to look into his steely gray ones. He was smiling at her though.

“That was great…master,” Carey proclaimed.

“Glad you enjoyed it, little one. Now kiss me.”

Carey eagerly kissed him. It was only seconds before their tongues were seeking the other’s mouth. They kissed for what seemed a long time. Carey felt like she was falling in love with this man. He had a strange power over her. It actually gave her pleasure to please him and obey him. She wondered what was happening to her that he could command her like this. She felt like she was his to use anyway he wanted. His pleasure was her pleasure.

The kissing ended when Tory lifted her up so she hovered menacingly over the head of his big cock. Carey looked down to see the mammoth cock twitching with pent up desire. Her mouth instantly became wet and she licked her lips looking at it. She strangely no longer feared it inside her. She had to have it. Please him. Let him impale her on his turgid pole. Let him make her his.

“Put it inside you,” Tory said.

Carey aligned her cunt hole with the head of his cock and pressed down. She had ridden a cock before but this was different. This one threatened to stretch and tear her poor little pussy. The cocks that she had taken were small or average and she had not had sex in two months. The head lodged tight in the slight opening of her cunt. Her legs and his arms held her perched like a bird sitting on a stick.

“Oh, god,” Carey hissed, as the cockhead stretched her opening. “It’s so big, master.”

“Take your time,” Tory agreed.

Carey slowly let more of her weight down on the cock. The cockhead still hadn’t completely entered her. It pushed against the opening making it expand to accept it. Carey pressed down some more when she felt more relaxed. It was starting to hurt but she was determined to accept him inside her. One more push and the head popped past the tightly stretched ring of muscle at her cunt opening and moved inside.

“Oh, fuck,” Carey howled. “It’s so fuckin’ big. It hurts.”

“Go slow, little one,” Tory said.

He had no desire to hurt her or certainly not to do permanent damage to her. However, he had fucked many tight cunts before and knew she could handle him given enough time to adjust. Besides her pussy was squeezing the head of his cock like a vise and it felt incredible as each inch entered her.

“Damn…shit,” Carey bellowed, as the spear she was sitting on pushed up inside her body.

Carey looked down and only a couple inches were inside her cunt. She felt so full. She wasn’t sure how much more of his cock she could take. Tory helped hold her up. He also sucked on her nipples. The pleasureful stimulation to her nipples helped with the pain spreading from her pussy.

Carey settled down once again and more slid up inside her. Luckily she had been extremely wet from all the foreplay and her orgasm. She tried not to think what pain he could have given her if he had just shoved his cock insider her. ‘I might have passed out,’ Carey said to herself.

A bit more sank into her. “Oh, mother,” Carey bellowed.

“God, you’re tight, girl,” Tory moaned too.

“Holy shit! You feel like a telephone pole inside me,” Carey grunted.

“Pull off a little and then push down again,” Tory stated.

Carey did as she was told. When she pushed back down the fullness was intense. She started slowly fucking herself on the huge cock. Only about an inch or two moved inside her at first but eventually more and more eased in. After about five minutes of fucking over half his cock was buried inside her on the down stroke.

“Oh, mother of god,” Carey growled, as his giant dick stretched her completely.

‘Now I know what having a baby feels like,’ Carey said to herself.

A few more minutes of fucking and her pussy began to get used to the massive intruder. It moistened as the pain turned to pleasure. Slowly more cock entered her until most of his cock was inside her. Carey rode him but her legs were starting to tire. Tory sensed this and picked her up in his arms. He carried her to his bedroom still impaled on his big cock. He slowly lowered her to the big bed. He didn’t bother to worry about the comforter as he started fucking her now.

“Oh, god,” Carey moaned, as the wonderfully huge dick spread her pussy wide open each time it descended inside her.

‘He’s going to destroy my insides with that huge cock,’ she secretly worried.

“Damn, you’re tight, slave,” Tory growled.

“Master, your cock feels huge inside me,” Carey moaned.

Tory started picking up speed when he felt she was more relaxed. Her pussy had stretched to accept the big cock. Carey began to feel a delicious sensation in the core of her sex. It started to intensify and spread as he fucked her. Soon she was pushing her cunt up to meet his downward thrusts. The longer they fucked the more intense the feeling grew until she knew an orgasm was seconds away.

“Oh, god! Fuck me, master,” Carey hollered.

“Take my big cock, my little slave,” Tory growled back.

“Give it to me, master. Make your little whore slave cum, please.”

“Oh, fuck,” Tory groaned. “I sure will, slave cunt.”

Tory pumped his cock into Carey until she went over the edge. She howled as he speared her. Her climax wracked her body like a hurricane. She had never felt such bliss. This was even better than the tonguing he had given her before. This was a deep, all penetrating cum that grew from her toes and froze in her brain. She gasped for air as the waves of bliss tore through her. Her mouth hung open in a scream where no sound escaped.

Tory kept fucking her even as she came down off her climax. She barely had time to recover when she felt another approaching orgasm. Tory was fucking her more urgently. Carey had no idea what made her remember this at that instant but she did.

“Master, I’m not on the pill,” Carey moaned.

“Oh, fuck,” Tory howled, as his own orgasm grew just below the surface.

His balls were tight to his body and boiling his seed for release. Now he had to find another place to put it besides inside her. That is unless he wanted to risk getting her pregnant on the first fuck. He pounded into her until she came again. She trembled beneath him with the intensity of a wonderful cum. Her juices soaked his cock making squishing sounds as he fucked her.

Tory went till he knew the end was near. He pulled out of her at almost the last second.

“Suck it, bitch!” he yelled.

Carey may have been a novice at sex but she had done this once before. Her last boyfriend liked to cum in her mouth after fucking and before he came. She slid off the bed and attached herself like a leech to his cock just before he bellowed his release.

Carey had always been able to handle her boyfriend’s discharge of cum. She wasn’t prepared for the deluge of cum about to invade her mouth. The first blast filled the back of her mouth and coated her tongue. The second pulse was every bit as big or bigger and filled her mouth to capacity. She tried to swallow as the third shot out. She managed to get her throat open to swallow the load in her mouth, which she did. However, the third blast caught her with an open throat and shot right down making her choke. She coughed out cum as the big dick discharged another massive load into her mouth. Carey continued to cough until after Tory stopped cumming. Her chin and tits were covered in cum that had spewed from her mouth.

Tory pulled his cock out of the choking girl’s mouth. He looked down at her as she tried to clear her throat and recover. His cum dripped off her chin in erotic ropes of jizz. Her cute little tits looked sexy covered in his sperm. He smiled down at her as she managed to recover.

“You okay?” Tory asked.

“Yes, master,” Carey replied weakly, still gasping for air.

“Lie back on the bed, slave.”

“Yes, master.”

Tory inspected her cunt. It was still gaped open from the recent massive intruder. He could see a spot of blood on the comforter and on the very bottom of her gash. He would have to give her a day or so to heal before fucking her again.

“What is it, master?” Carey asked.

“You’re fine. Just a slight tear. You’ll be okay in a day or two.”

“Oh,” Carey moaned.

She could feel the stretched condition of her pussy. It did hurt a little but it also somewhat longed for the fullness that big cock gave her. She almost wished he wanted to fuck her more.

“Let’s go shower together in my shower,” Tory said.

“Yes, master,” Carey agreed.

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