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What a Fishing Trip!

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My friend Leon gave me a call one afternoon recently asking if I’d like to get in a weekend of fishing at his camp on the lake and as I’d had a few unusually stressful weeks at work it sounded like a great idea to me. I’ve known Leon for many years and consider him one of my best friends. To my knowledge he’s straight and had never even remotely thought of having a romantic or sexual relationship with him.

Physically Leon is short in stature, only being about 5’2″, and being about the same age as me he’s graying a little too.

Friday afternoon after loading up on beer and bait and such we drove down to the launch as Leon’s camp is accessible only by boat. His camp has all the amenities of home including electricity ever since one of the energy companies ran a power line down the bayou for their needs and allowed the half dozen or so camps on the bayou to tap in.
That evening we sat, watched TV and talked as we drank our beer. Since we had plans of getting out on the lake early the next morning we hit the sack early. Long story short we had a great Saturday fishing and got back to the camp around midday, cleaned our fish, cooked them and ate dinner. We spent the rest of the day drinking beer, talking and watching football.

Towards early evening, after the last game was over Leon stretched then said “I’m going to go take a shower. Need anything before I do?”

“I’ll take another beer” and he brought me one from the refrigerator before heading off into the bathroom which was just off the kitchen.

While he was showering I flipped through the channels to find something to watch and settled on a sports recap show.

About twenty minutes later I heard the door to the bathroom open and Leon called out “bathroom’s open.”

When I’d heard the door open I looked over that way and there was Leon padding across the kitchen area heading towards one of the bedrooms naked as the day he was born. What he lacked in stature he sure made up for in length. Soft he was dangling a seven inch cut cock and as he walked it was just swinging back and forth. In all the years I’d know Leon I’d never seen him naked before so the length of his cock came as somewhat of a surprise to me.

When he went into his bedroom to dress I went into the guest bedroom and got some clothes from my bag to put on after I’d washed. I stripped in the bathroom and while standing under the shower got hard thinking about what I’d seen and although I didn’t cum I did stroke myself thinking about that meat swinging obscenely back and forth. As I stood under the spray pulling on my cock I also used my soapy fingers to play with my ass, stimulating myself. Deciding I’d better finish my shower and get out before I got off I finished washing then dried and went back out to sit on the sofa again dressed in a tee shirt and a loose pair of gym shorts.

Grabbing us a couple more beers from the fridge I noticed when I handed him his all Leon was wearing was a tank top style undershirt and a pair of underwear.

Leon had been flipping though the channels when I came back into the room and as I settled back on the other end of the sofa he landed on an adult movie that was playing. As he had satellite TV at his camp this was not soft porn but the real thing.

The movie was fairly good and since I was charged up from earlier I began to get hard again. Keeping a furtive eye on Leon I noticed that he too had risen to the occasion, the head of his cock just beginning to poke its head through the fly of his underwear.

We talked about what was happening on the screen and after about thirty minutes Leon said “fuck this I gotta jerk off. I hope you don’t mind but I’m just horny as hell.”

I told him “no problem, I’ll probably be joining you shortly myself.”

Leon lifted his ass and pulled his underwear completely off and although his cock hadn’t really lengthened any from his soft seven inches, he was completely hard and what a beautiful thick cock it was too, with a nice big helmet shaped head. He took it in his hand and started stroking it slowly, pulling his fist all the way over the head and then back down again.

I was more turned on by Leon’s show then the porno. I slipped my gym shorts off and although I’m nowhere near seven inches I was every bit as hard as he was and the blunt round head of my cock was already leaking precum so I was very wet.

On more then one occasion I thought I’d caught Leon looking over at what I was doing but just wasn’t sure. Remember I’d had a lot of beer in the past twenty-four hours and frankly was quite drunk.

Whenever I felt the pressure building I’d slow down and back off before I felt the need to cum because I wanted to prolong Leon’s show as long as possible. Taking a break from my masturbation, my six inches would stick straight up from my groin, staying hard and weeping precum. We continued like this for quite a while, sitting on the sofa with my feet up on the ottoman drinking beer, watching porno, sneaking glances as Leon jerked off and jerking off myself….not a bad way to pass the evening.

All the beer must have finally gotten to me because at some point I fell off to sleep where and how I was. In my dream state I dreamt someone was playing with my cock and slowly realized it wasn’t a dream. Don’t know how long I’d been asleep or how long I’d been dreaming it but when I peeked I saw Leon holding my cock and rubbing it. I was hard again and he lightly slid his fingers over the shaft and head of my cock, rubbing a fingertip through the precum bubbling out of my pee hole. I must have given him a reason to think I was waking up as he suddenly pulled his hand away and slid back across the sofa. Damn! Settling back and pretending to fall back asleep it took another ten minutes before Leon slid back over next to me again.

He tentatively took hold of my cock again and after stroking and rubbing me as he had done before for a couple minutes he brought his finger to his mouth to taste my precum. I let him play with me for a few minutes more and then reached over and took his cock in my hand.

He was surprised by this but didn’t move away. He looked at me and after an awkward silence said “hey man I’m sorry, but I’ve been curious about other guys for a long time and thought I’d take the opportunity to feel someone else’s cock.”

I smiled as I played with his cock and said “Don’t worry about it you’re doing fine.”

Seeing I was serious he relaxed and said “since you were asleep I thought I’d take the chance and see if I’d like touching yours. I didn’t think you’d wake up.”

As he continued to hold my cock I asked “Well, do you like touching me, playing with it?

“I’m not sure” he replied.

I told him “look, I’ve known I was bi since I was pretty young and if you’re interested in experimenting I’d very much enjoy sharing this experience with you.”

He’d never let go of my cock as we talked and he continued to feel and stroke me. As he looked at my cock he commented “man you leak a lot of precum.”

With him not knowing I’d seen him do it earlier I suggested “Why don’t you taste it from your finger.”

With some (feigned?) hesitation he did and even went back and scooped up a second taste.

I asked “what’d you think?”

“Not bad” he said after a brief hesitation.

I asked “Would you like to suck me?”

He looked me in the eye a moment then without a word bent over and licked the head of my cock. He licked up the precum there and then took more of me into his mouth. I could tell this really was probably his first time sucking a cock because he did nip me a couple times and while enthusiastic about it was also hesitant.

After letting him suck me for a few minutes I said to him “how about sitting up and letting me return the favor.”

He sat back as I knelt on the floor and for the first time got a good look at Leon’s cock and as I’d said earlier he’s cut and about seven inches hard. His is one of a very few cocks I’d ever seen that was more or less the same length hard as soft. But there was no doubting he was hard now and could feel his cock pulsing in my hand as I knelt between his legs. I stroked him bringing some of his own precum to his piss slit and then leaned forward and took the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head licking up that sweet nectar. Without removing my mouth I took as much of his length as I could, then started sliding my mouth up and down his cock while swirling my tongue around the head at the top of each stroke. Leon was moaning and had his hand on my shoulder as I sucked him and lasted about six or seven minutes before shooting his load into my mouth, which I swallowed.

After about a minutes rest he came off the sofa and pushed me onto my back saying “after that I’ve got to taste your cum too.” He again went down on me and while he did marginally better then the first time I was still pent up from my earlier masturbation and in a very few minutes shot my load into his mouth. He swallowed a bit of my seed but lost most of it when he choked on the first spurt that hit the back of his throat.

After he’d stopped choking we lay together on the floor for awhile.

Leon had my now soft cock in his hand rubbing its shriveled length between his thumb and forefinger and said “I’m glad I finally gave in to my curiosity because I’d liked it a lot.”

Looking up at the ceiling as we lay together I said with a smile “You’re glad? No my friend I’m glad you gave in to your curiosity and hope you’ll want to play around again sometime.”

“Sometime? How about later? How about now?” he asked.

Replying to his implied impatience I said “Whenever you feel you want to, I’d like that.”

After some time had passed we got up off the floor and went to bed only this time to the same bedroom. We slept next to each other and most of the night I felt Leon exploring my body. While most of the night he held on to my cock which would alternately rise and fall, he’d also cup my balls and gently squeeze and release them. His hands would rub over my belly and up to my chest running his fingers through the hair there and over my nipples. I thoroughly enjoyed his explorations and hoped his enthusiasm would hold over to when we both were much more sober then we had been that night and also hoped his curiosity would survive his sobriety.

We arose the next morning, had breakfast and talked some and initially there was a little tension in the air. We discussed heading back out for another morning of angling but as we ate our breakfast Leon said “if you don’t mind what I’d really like is to continue where we left off last night.”

Agreeing with him I said “that sounds great” which had the effect of completely dissipating all the earlier tension.

We finished our breakfast and went off to shower together. Standing in the shower I soaped up Leon’s body standing front to front letting the soap cover both of us. My hands were soaping his back and Leon picked up on it and began to soap mine.

Being somewhat taller then Leon placed his face right in my chest and he had to lean back some keeping my cock against his belly and his between my thighs as he soaped and washed my chest. When I leaned down and raised his face to mine and kissed him he responded timidly at first but shortly with some passion.

I took a step back and turned Leon about ninety degrees to me and began to wash his back working down to his ass but it would be more accurate to say I was caressing his ass then washing it. Pouring more liquid soap into my hand I said to Leon “spread your feet some and bend over slightly.” When he had done so I placed my hand back on his ass and then between his cheeks spreading the soap around. With my left hand I reached down and took hold of his semi hard cock and as I stroked him my right hand ran up and down the length of his ass as I used my fingers to stimulate his pucker. Leon hardened as I washed his ass and he closed his eyes and moaned very softly. I didn’t want to make him raw or cum so I took down the shower head and rinsed his ass, cock and balls.

Leon turned and surprised me when he initiated a kiss then he said “that felt wonderful.”

He took hold of my arm and silently signaled he wanted me to turn around. I turned, spread my feet apart and bent over for him and then felt his soapy hands run over the cheeks of my ass then down underneath to my balls. Dragging his soapy hand back up he ran it deep between my cheeks, his fingers washing me there and toying with my asshole. My asshole having been well fucked over the years was more open then his had been and Leon’s soapy fingers dipped inside me. After a few minutes of this stimulation I stood, turned and kissed Leon again but this time there was no hesitation on his part, his kiss was passionate and enthusiastic.

When we broke from our kiss I suggested “how about we finish up our shower and take this to the bedroom?”

Kissing me a quick buss he responded “sounds good.”

Once in bed we picked up more or less where we’d left off, kissing and touching. I worked my way down Leon’s body towards his cock, licking and sucking his nipples along the way. And as I took his now hard cock into my mouth and lovingly sucked him his balls were in my hand as my head bobbed up and down on him. Later my fingers also reached below his sack to toy with his asshole but having no lube handy I didn’t let my play with his asshole go too far. I didn’t want him to cum too soon so when I sensed Leon was getting close I stopped sucking and asked him to roll over.

Massaging his back I worked my way down to his ass cheeks and then lay down between his widely spread legs and began to lick his cheeks running my mouth down to lick and suck his balls from behind.

Licking and kissing my way back up I pulled his cheeks apart and took my first look at his asshole and is what I would describe as a starburst. You know what I mean, a nice tight round hole with wrinkles radiating out around it. Licking my way up his crack I avoided any contact at first with his hole, teasing him, but finally I began to lick his asshole. I made oral love to him there as if it was my meaning of life and Leon responded to my attention by humping his hips slightly. After eating his ass for several minutes I licked back up his body and lay on top of him and nibbled his ear holding him tightly.

I rolled off Leon onto my back as he turned to me and said “my wife has eaten my ass before but it was never like that.” He kissed me again then moved down my body taking my cock in his mouth and did much better then he had the night before. Perhaps his drunken state had caused his nipping and he was a natural at this because although he still had a ways to go his blow job was fantastic in comparison.

Leon looked up at me and asked “have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Yes” I said and as he took my cock back into his mouth I could see him thinking. I asked “would you like to fuck me?”

Leon nursed on my cock a bit more before saying “I don’t think I’m ready to be fucked but I’d love to fuck you.”

I asked “do you have any kind of lube in the house?”

He shook his head and said “I don’t think so.”

Earlier I’d noticed some hand lotion of his wife’s on the dresser and got up and brought it back to bed and told him “use this.”

Rolling over I spread my legs as Leon poured some of the lotion into the crack of my ass and using the lotion as a lube began to push his finger into my asshole.

I told Leon “add fingers one at a time as I relax and stretch open.”

Shortly he had three fingers in my ass which were really getting to me and after he’d fingered my asshole for two minutes or more I told him “go ahead and climb on.”

He got on top of me and fumbled a little but finally got it in me and while he had a bit to learn about sucking cock he fucked me like a pro. After about five minutes of being fucked face down I told him “let me to roll over.”

When I was on my back I raised my legs and told him “put it back in and fuck me some more.” Holding his cock in his hand he placed it against my still open hole and pressed it into me again then rode me hard. I wanted to lay face up so I could see his face as he fucked me.

He looked down to where we were connected and watched as he sawed in and out. I reached down and took my cock in hand and began to stroke myself as I wanted to cum when he did. Watching his face I could see the pleasure he was having but also could see when he was getting close.

Leon fucked me for about seven or eight minutes like this then began to cum. When he came his cock began to pulse in my ass which caused me to shoot too, my cum spurting up onto my belly and lower chest.

Spent Leon pulled out and fell down alongside me. He laid his arm across my chest and said “Man I really wish I’d have started doing this earlier in life. I just didn’t realize playing around with other guys could be like this.”

I told him “I’m grateful you thought so much of your first time” and added “it was fantastic for me too.”

We lay together for awhile enjoying the afterglow of good sex but eventually we had to get up and when we did we showered together again. It was approaching midday by now and we had to get packed up and headed back across the lake and home. But we talked on the drive home and Leon agreed that he definitely wanted to do it again. Although this happened just a couple weeks ago we haven’t have an opportunity to get together again….but we will.

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Now that was so very hot got even better when they were not drinking beer and tun when Leon fucked him for the first time I was erupting.